Wednesday, March 16, 2011

President Obama picks Kansas as NCAA Tournament champion


For the second year in a row, President Barack Obama has chosen Kansas as his choice to win the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

Obama revealed his bracket, which included a Final Four of Kansas, Ohio State, Duke and Pittsburgh, on ESPN's SportsCenter program. Obama has Kansas taking out Ohio State in the national championship.

"Kansas has more firepower," Obama told Katz on ESPN.

This is the third year Obama has chosen an NCAA Tournament bracket with ESPN. He correctly chose North Carolina as the winner in 2009, but was incorrect in his choice of Kansas last year.


jaybate 9 years ago

Now don't go getting political on a basketball thread about the man that is going to have to go into Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio and kick some XTReme Neocon ass in defense of the Constitution very shortly. :-)

Go, Mr. President, Go!

Larry 9 years ago

"defense of the Constitution"??????????? Surely, you're not referring to the Constitution of the United States. That's like an oxymoron putting President O and the US Constitution in the same sentence, isn't it?

waywardJay 9 years ago

Larry, not that I'm going at all on a Political tangent.... But do you remember When George W. Bush tried to suspend the writ of habaes Corpus in 2007 ????

For all the times I have heard a Republican accuse the Democrats of trying to destroy the constitution, I have only seen Republicans outright ban the Rights of Individuals ( denying the rights of same sex couples to marry ) , and trying to suspend the protection of Legal citizens who are unlawfully detained.

Those were Republican moves, man.

Remember that the next time you accuse Democrats of destroying the constitution.

Steve Corder 9 years ago

A Wayward man knows not direction

Dan Harris 9 years ago

J-Bate I agree with a lot of your posts but you start this off by saying not to go political and then you let your liberal panties show! Hypocritical much? Oh thats the essence of a liberal right?

Ben Simonett 9 years ago

Obamacare is the most anit-constitutional piece of legislation since the patriot act.

He's is anything but a defender.

100 9 years ago

President Obama got it right two years ago, he's 50%!!!!!!!

Sam Brockert 9 years ago

I don';t really care who he picks, but seriously it didn't work out for KU last year, why couldn't he have picked Ohio State? I think he secretly has it in for Kansas...

Joe Satterwhite 9 years ago

that makes no sense seeing how his grandmother is from kansas....

Sam Brockert 9 years ago

I was only being sarcastic, guess I should have been more clear.

Eric J. Baker 9 years ago

And also his mother, from the Wichita/Augusta area.

Skeetp 9 years ago

One of his major mentors in Hawaii, Frank Davis, was born in Ark City.

dgaskill 9 years ago

The Kiss of Death ! Quick everyone get out their crucifix !

focojayhawk 9 years ago

At least it wasn't Lebron. I noticed last night his picks were on espn. What on earth would we do without ol Lebron and his 2 cents?

waywardJay 9 years ago

We'd have a whole less Crying in the World certainly ?

lee3022 9 years ago

Considering LeBron's last Decision, this one is not threat at all.

Jonathan Allison 9 years ago


I think that everyone should pick KU to win it all.

I definitely did!

100 9 years ago

The other thing I like about Obama's pick is...


This year's squad knows he picked us last year & we dropped the ball against UNI.... Make that chip on our shoulder bigger, Mr. President, now we have something to prove!!!!!!!!

Just like when we were number 1 for a couple hours this year... We learned quickly we have to show up & play those nights too..... Give us something to prove Mr. President!!!!!!!!

Just like Ohio State picking up almost all the final AP #1 votes in the final poll, leaving us with 14 votes, a direct reflection of the home loss to UT when our team combined for zero hours of sleep the night before the game....

Give us something to prove Mr. President!!!!!

Keep talkin' the talk Mr. President!!!!!!

Our boys will be talkin' some talk too!!!!

We've got something to prove to you Mr. President!!!!

We've got our gloves off, a bunch of desperate teams lined up to get their shot......

But we're about to knock down 6 in a row for you Mr. President.....

You talk that talk.....

We're gonna walk our walk!!!!!

"Six games til one helluva parade @ our place.... And a trip to your house to personally say 'thank you Mr. President!!!!!'"

LAJayhawk 9 years ago

"I think Kansas is going to keep on winning. I'm giving them a chance at redemption."

-President Obama

Rock Chalk.

kcglowboy 9 years ago

Great. First Charles Barkley, now Mr. President. Will you guys cut it out, please?

LAJayhawk 9 years ago

As long as Barkley didn't put money down on us, I'm fine with it.....

jayhawkinATL 9 years ago

Not to mention SI's Seth Davis is on our bandwagon and shouting all the way.

rawkhawk 9 years ago

May this mean a return visit to the White House! RCJH!

Andrew Dunlap 9 years ago

I was at KU during the Ted Owen era. I enjoyed the 88 and 08 victories and I got this feeling we've got another one coming this year! woop, woop!

Joel Hood 9 years ago

Actually, I think he still feels tingly over the phrase "Barack Chalk Jayhawk" that came out in 2008 from the KU Democrats. Kathleen Sebelius gave him one of their t-shirts.

Jeff Coffman 9 years ago

There are Jayhawks that actually like Obama?

Holy cow that is news to me.

tjg1 9 years ago

I was just thinking the same thing. He is clearly not a University of Kansas graduate, just a fan.

Jeff Coffman 9 years ago

You mean there are Jayhawks that actually like Obama?

That is news to me, and if there are I hope they realize it isn't to late to "change".

dukehester 9 years ago

Well Hawks can play above this albatross!!
STILL never voting for that leftist .....NEVER!!!

bad_dog 9 years ago

It's somewhat difficult to give much credence to the opinion of a purported Hawk fan that has "Duke" in his user name ;-)

Jason Roberts 9 years ago

Agreed. A KU fan with "duke" in your name? Please!!!

Phoggin_Loud 9 years ago

Not to pile-on, but there's a UK in the middle of Duke. Yuk!! I feel slimy just writing UK.

Ron Prichard 9 years ago

I always thought it was spelled "dook."

jaybate 9 years ago

It is spelled Dook in jaybates unabridged college basketball dictionary!

jayhawkdonna 9 years ago

I don't have Duke in my user name and I would NEVER vote for Obama or anyone that thinks like him :)

bad_dog 9 years ago

You do however, have the letters "na" in your name. You know, "na" as in "Not Applicable".

waywardJay 9 years ago

Perhaps that's his blue blood title given to him by the rat king Cr....JC.... KR.... Kryrscrewski.

Duke Hester, of Cameron.

hankdog 9 years ago

I think it is an honor that our president has faith in the hawks getting it done. After all he is the smartest man in the world. Go Hawks!!!

shortough 9 years ago

I disagree with the smart thing, but I do agree with the should be honored part

JayViking 9 years ago

Editor, FYI --

This is the third year Obama has chosen an NCAA Tournament bracket with ESPN. He correctly chosen North Carolina as the winner in 2009, but was incorrect in his choice of Kansas last year.

He correctly chosen? There shouldn't be a comma in that sentence either.

Jeff Coffman 9 years ago

He made the comment that the year before he picked UNC and they he is hoping for the same rebound.

UNC - Lost Pick them again - Win KU - Lost Pick them again...and it will be KU cutting down the nets again.

DCSven 9 years ago

Not only an honor that he picks Kansas, but that he talks about the Morri, "being on a mission." He recognizes the disappointment we all felt last year and believes that will be motivating. As for the comments above about politics, all I can say is if we had brackets for politics, you can have your Virgil Pecks and Sam Brownbacks -- I'll take Kathleen Sebelius and Barack Obama in my brackets any day of the week.

John Boyle 9 years ago

Kathleen Sebelius?? Are you serious? HA HA HA that is laughable.

dontcallmedan 9 years ago

Virgil Peck--not laughable in the least.

DCSven 9 years ago

call me when a major national publication selects Brownback as one of the nation's top five governors. She received that honor in her first term. Tick. Tock.

waywardJay 9 years ago


But You know All dem awards are given out by Leftist Democrat whackos..... So you would expect her to win them.... Or so Says Glenn beck.

Dan Harris 9 years ago

Your good at picking losing brackets I guess?

LAJayhawk 9 years ago

The President of the United States has picked Kansas to win the national championship two years in a row. I don't care where your politics lie, that is a pretty sweet honor.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

gchawk 9 years ago

I'd rather have the bookies in Vegas, they seem to have an innate ability to get it right most of the time, and that's not meant to be a political statement.

HawkBBall 9 years ago

current odds to win it all:

KU 2/1 KY 4/1 Syr 7/1 Duke 12/1 OSU 12/1

Tim Orel 9 years ago

Automatic qualifier for winning the SE Conference tourney. Not sure if they get in otherwise (and they still may have to vacate) :^)

HawkBBall 9 years ago

Current (3/17/11) odds:

KU 3/1 OSU 3/1 Duke 9/2 Pitt 6/1 NC 12/1 ND 15/1 KY 15/1 TX 15/1 SDS 18/1 Uconn 18/1

gchawk 9 years ago

That's great. But I just read something that said that Ohio State was the favorite. I found that when I googled "NCAA favorites". I like your info better.

Dan Harris 9 years ago

I can't stand Barry but I agree with your post.

RockCaCO3 9 years ago

It doesnt matter which pundits pick us or don't pick us, whether or not you wear your lucky shirt, or your lucky under wear, THIS is the year KU brings the national championship back to Lawrence.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Phoggin_Loud 9 years ago

  • 1000!! Go get 'em, "Hawks!! Bring home #6.

Phoggin_Loud 9 years ago

  • 1000!! Go get 'em, "Hawks!! Bring home #6.

Dan Harris 9 years ago

I'll wear my lucky 88 NC shirt just in case!

tjg1 9 years ago

For those of you who are spilling political ideologies on here, you clearly did not graduate from the University of Kansas. You have no right to post on our website.

dynamitehawk 9 years ago

I am now announcing an exploratory committee for Dynamite 2012. Or as my slogan will read: Twenny Twen Twen Twelve!

I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I am thinking my chances are really good, so I'm putting out a potential list for my running mate and staff:

Running mate: jaybate - because he knows a lot, and I can use the copy and paste method of leadership and secretly play video games and chill while American pours through brilliance.

Press Secretary: kushaw - have you ever seen anyone more plugged and in tune with media?

Chief of Staff: OakvilleJhawk - he's really good at making lists, and lists are important for getting things done.

Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy: Kuwells - mainly b/c I think it would be fun to do drugs with him.

Senior Advisor to the President - 100 - he's really positive and that's nice to have around.

Rock Chalk

maxcrabb 9 years ago

Holy bajesus, you crack me up!

(and you've got my vote)

dynamitehawk 9 years ago

Thanks. I was going to post the entire cabinet, but I actually had some important meetings today. No one was left off intentionally :)

Chris Shaw 9 years ago

Dynamite: This post is freakin hilarious. I would be apart of your staff anyday. Great group of people you picked here. By the way, I've submitted your nomination to the Washingto Post to be published.

dynamitehawk 9 years ago

Already at work - good. Keep Jesse in line.

100 9 years ago

@Kushaw: This post is not hilarious. This is the fabric of genius.

@Dynamite Hawk: I accept. As long as there is an outdoor basketball court during our 3 hour lunchbreaks. As a contractual sidenote, I can't stand yoga unless there is a yoga class for our secretaries on the sidelines of the basketball court we can nod to on our way down the court.

One more thing....

Can I go home after lunch break for my nap?

dynamitehawk 9 years ago

I was actually thinking just a sticky note with a John Wooden quote in the AM. That's all. Done for the day.

P.S. On jaybate's desk though. (see video games and chillin')

100 9 years ago

Dynamite boys....


Looking forward to living in DC.

Although on a sidenote as to what Jaybate was speaking of... One issue that should probably be addressed before invertebrates is vertebrates..... There's a lot of cows & hogs on certain University campuses across these fine United States that deserve a voice & aren't getting one.

Don't get me wrong, the invertebrates deserve a voice too. We might need to hire some more staff for some of these Universities raising furry creatures of any sort.

dynamitehawk 9 years ago

Indeed. I'm a balanced sort of person though. So, let's be reasonable: If we lose to K-State or Kentucky (perhaps Iowa State, but only if they're good) then we enact the "stop doing them farm animals (but if you're retarded and can prove it, that's cool)" act of 2012. Otherwise, if the other teams keep on consistently losing to us, then we should focus on fun things like copperhead ale. :)

jaybate 9 years ago

copy and paste.

I only ask one thing: can we as an administration run around enforcing the constitution on all these anti-constitutional Neocons and Neolibs engineering the coups in Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio. I mean can we try them for treason, or high crimes and misdemeanor, constitutional crimes, or sex with invertebrate animals. If so, count me in!!!!

dynamitehawk 9 years ago

Excellent! Absolutely! If fact let's do this:

"copy and paste.

I only ask one thing: can we as an administration run around enforcing the constitution on all these anti-constitutional Neocons and Neolibs engineering the coups in Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio. I mean can we try them for treason, or high crimes and misdemeanor, constitutional crimes, or sex with invertebrate animals. If so, count me in!!!!"


waywardJay 9 years ago

Can I get the Head of the FCC ??? I"ve been wanting to change a few things there for many years.

Chris Shaw 9 years ago

Wayward, I'm very curious what your new Avatar is going to be if and when Kentucky loses to Princeton. I've very intrigued.

waywardJay 9 years ago

Unless I can find a picture of John Calipari crying.... I will keep it this way.... Tell me when I will find apicture of John Calpari either doing the macarena, or grabbing his on tookus ever again.

Jacobpaul81 9 years ago

While it's fun that the president is interested, he clearly doesn't keep up on his NCAA Tourney statistics. I like his prediction though.

Steve Williams 9 years ago

im suprised he doesnt mandate a rule where points are taken from the successful teams and given to the poorer ones.

everyone benefits when you share the wealth


Brianna Zaleski 9 years ago

+1 for accuracy

+1000 for comedy. So true, you nailed it!!

Brak 9 years ago

Sounds like somebody is just mad that Obama didn't pick Nebraska to win the NIT.

maxcrabb 9 years ago

I'm taking cosmic's +1001 and giving it to you, with an additional +10,000 once I stop laughing.

KU_FanSince75 9 years ago

LOL---Nebraska lost to Wichita State tonight in the NIT. Freakin' losers!

Phoggin_Loud 9 years ago

Maybe he can put Rahm in charge of "seeing to it" that he is not wrong this year...Chicago style. Just sayin'. :-)

waywardJay 9 years ago

Rahm heard you and will visit you in your sleep tonight to clearify this rumor.

Steve Williams 9 years ago

I bet Biden's final four is 1. The Toronto Argonauts 2. The US womens soccer team 3. Lebron James 4. The color purple

I put my money on purple

bad_dog 9 years ago

Never put your money on purple-that's blasphemy...

Hank Cross 9 years ago

Libya, Japan, Gas Prices, Massive Debt, High Unemployment, etc. And yet, Obama finds time to opine about College BB. Either that, or he's just talking out of his hat. Hopefully he will have even more time in 2013 to really work on his tourney bracket.

ksjayhawk74 9 years ago

Give us a break. What's wrong with a guy spending 5 minutes to fill out a bracket and honoring our Jayhawks?

jaybate 9 years ago

copy and paste.

ksjayhawk74, you are a true American, regardless of what your politics may be.

Thank you.

Hank Cross 9 years ago

If he was filling out a bracket relating to his presidency, it would be Team Big Government over Team Taxpayer every time.

bad_dog 9 years ago

Hmm. 3:51 p.m. post. One of at least 5 today. Aren't you supposed to be working too... ;-)

waywardJay 9 years ago

You know Bad Dog, With out Unionized Labor.... He probably would have lost his fingers for such an outrage of ....gasp.... Typing a comment on his work computer ;)

redlegger 9 years ago

Had you ever considered that he was multi-tasking while sittin' on the Presidential can?

Steve Williams 9 years ago

cmon ,, the man may be a socialist snob, but to give him hell for doing a bracket ( which we ALL have done at work) amidst world crisis.. cmon GOP,, find some better ammo... now if he is courtside at the final four,, then houston we have a problem..(unless he dons the crimson and blue).. bash him on his pipe dream policies, not his 5 minutes of brackatology

bad_dog 9 years ago

or in this case, Barackatology...

bad_dog 9 years ago

Actually cosmic, in this case I believe it's "Barackatology"...

bad_dog 9 years ago

sorry for the redundant post-the initial one didn't show right away-must be the virus Protown refers to below.

Michael Maris 9 years ago

What is the deal with RockChalkTalk website spreading Computer Viruses? I've been to their site 3 times in hte past week (or since the day of Ed Manning passing). Since that day, my computer has been infected 2 times (in 3 appearances) with computer viruses.

So, what is up with that?

Do any of my fellow KU Fans (on here) have any idea if RockChalkTalk knows that their site is spreading Computer Viruses?

jaybate 9 years ago

Wow, this is fun. You guys have opened it up here for political commentary by going political first. I'll play take what you give me here, okay.

I'll think about a political response and get back to you.

Yeeeee hawwwww, I love playing take what they give us. :-)

LAJayhawk 9 years ago

:-) Oh, but there is so many places you can go.

And I was hoping to get some work done today.....

gchawk 9 years ago

Something tells me that I wouldn't want to get into a political debate with you, a political discussion perhaps, but not a debate!

milwaukeeJAYHAWK 9 years ago

Barack Chalk Jayhawk!

Much Obama love for the Hawks, what's not to like about that?

hawk_of_ages 9 years ago

His father was from Kenya. His mother was from Kansas. He's just as much Kansan as he is Kenyan.

Ben Simonett 9 years ago

Go away.

People like you make the rest of us intelligent anti-obama people look bad.

The man is a united states citizen, get over it.

Gregg Gibson 9 years ago

So now I suppose if Kansas DOESN'T win the national championship, Obama is going to call a press conference to say that KU acted stupidly....

KU_FanSince75 9 years ago

Obama picked KU again for the NC? Darn, I guess there goes my bracket. That's who I picked, too!

LOL---thanks, Mr. Prez.

jddehoff 9 years ago

What I hate about this article is that it brings politics into the discussion of our jayhawks and I hate politics because it's a bunch of control freaks who make 50% of the country hate the other 50% . Plus its just another distraction for the team

JBurtin 9 years ago

+1000 Most intelligent comment on this entire article.

Anyone with an ounce of intelligence should realize that the balance between personal freedom and government guidance is what makes America a successful country.

Extreme right = Feudalism Extreme left = Communism Continuous quest for balance = America

KU08 9 years ago

I think it's pretty cool and interesting. Thus, I clicked on the link. Go Jayhawks!

Jayhawk5152 9 years ago

I would feel better if he had selected any other team than our beloved Jayhawks!

vd 9 years ago

He also picked the freedom fighters in Libya. The NCAA tourney will be as influenced by his pick as the outcome in Libya. Stand on the sidelines and cheer, like a real leader.

hawk_of_ages 9 years ago

Right, he should invade Libya... then Tulsa, then the rest of the NCAA regional sites. If only the neocons were back in charge again.

Martin Rosenblum 9 years ago

"Yes we!"

-intellectual property of memhawk

CasperCorps 9 years ago

The president doesn't know a thing about how to lead a country but he knows basketball... Priorities....... now off to vacation he goes so he can dodge questions about all the chaos in the world right now..

Kye Clark 9 years ago

What a bunch of losers whining about political ideologies the day before we kick off our title run. Or whining about Obama taking time to do this. Or whining about all the people picking us. Hey, random fan, did you pick KU to win it all? You did? Oh great. How dare you pick them! You probably picked them last year too, and look how that turned out! Guess that will just be one more thing for them to overcome - you random fan and your cursed pick!

Jonathan Allison 9 years ago

doesn't matter if you wear red or blue. As long as your rooting for KU!

Although, most everybody in Allen Fieldhouse will be wearing blue, so if you wear red you'll stick out a little bit.

hawksince51 9 years ago

I could care less which team he picks. I assume it has more to do with his Mother being from Kansas than anything else. Frankly, I think he should not be showing up on TV on ESPN given the situation in Japan and the Middle East. And, I would feel the same way if Bush had done so under similar circumstances.

hawk_of_ages 9 years ago

There's always a crisis situation somewhere in the world. That doesn't stop you from posting on college basketball fansites.

Kye Clark 9 years ago

You mention the situation in Japan. Maybe if you had watched the video on ESPN of his picks you'd know that the first thing he does is direct people to a website that has a variety of organizations to help the people of Japan. As for the situation in the Middle East...there's been turmoil and chaos in that region for thousands of years. Do you really think anybody can solve their problems in the amount of time it took Obama to fill out a bracket?

More to the point, everybody is allowed downtime. What about doctors? There's always people sick. Should doctors not be allowed to have any time of their own, any life of their own, because they chose to become doctors and have some obligation to never take a minute to themselves when that time could be spent helping others?

Rick Arnoldy 9 years ago

Chill, folks. Do you think you can work 24 hours a day for four years straight? In case you didn’t notice, his hair has turned gray already. Everyone deserves some down time, some family time, some fun time – even if you didn’t vote for him.

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