Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Report: KU QB Brock Berglund charged with assault in Colorado

Valor Christian quarterback Brock Berglund, right, scrambles away from Steamboat defenders in this 2009 photo from the Class 3A state championship football game in Aurora, Colo. Berglund signed to play football at Kansas University on Jan. 4, 2011.

Valor Christian quarterback Brock Berglund, right, scrambles away from Steamboat defenders in this 2009 photo from the Class 3A state championship football game in Aurora, Colo. Berglund signed to play football at Kansas University on Jan. 4, 2011.


According to a KCTV5 report Wednesday night, Kansas University freshman quarterback Brock Berglund, of Highlands Ranch, Colo., was away from the football team this spring and summer because he was facing assault charges back home.

The report said Berglund, a three-star QB from Valor Christian High who was ranked as the 13th best dual-threat quarterback in the country, has been charged with third-degree assault in Douglas County, Colo., and is scheduled to attend a pre-trial conference.

According to the report, Berglund allegedly threw a punch while defending his girlfriend, who was being harassed. The police report said alcohol was not believed to be a factor.

KU football coach Turner Gill, who returned from a trip overseas Wednesday afternoon, released the following statement regarding the incident: “We are aware of the situation involving Brock Berglund. We are going to let the legal process run its course. We will also handle it appropriately internally here at KU.”

Berglund originally committed to Colorado during his senior season at Valor Christian but later changed his mind and joined the Jayhawks after CU fired coach Dan Hawkins and replaced him with Jon Embree.

Berglund graduated high school early and enrolled at KU last December. He arrived on campus in January and began taking classes but quickly returned to Colorado because of what the university called “personal circumstances.”

At the time, Berglund said: “I am committed to being a part of the Kansas football program and am excited to join my teammates this summer.”

He reaffirmed his commitment a little more than a week ago when he sent a text message to the Journal-World that proclaimed, “100% a Jayhawk.”

Since that time, however, sources have said that Berglund has not been present at voluntary summer workouts and has continued to deal with legal issues back in Colorado.

Players are scheduled to report for preseason camp Aug. 3.

Interactive Timeline

Brock Berglund timeline

Here is a timeline of the events that have unfolded since dual-threat quarterback Brock Berglund, of Highlands Ranch, Colo., first committed to KU.


ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

Big 12 beat writers also selected us 12th in league today. . They know its only a 10 team league but they still went ahead and selected us 12th.

Dan Pawlowski 5 years ago

I suspect it's poor math skills picked up at their alma mater ...Missouri.

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

Not only did they do that, they voted themselves 1st in the Big 10!!!

minipman 5 years ago

i like this.. a qb getting assualt charges.. that means he has some fight in him

GoHawks1 5 years ago

I don't like this. he made a poor decision. Making good decisions is part of being a good QB.

Chris Bailey 5 years ago

Yeah I tend to agree. Kiss his @#$ Brock! I'd have done the same thing! And pretty sure I agree that the guy must have been a complete gongshow. We need a QB with some fight and his team should rally around him knowing he isn't just skipping workouts.

gdkadjayhawk 5 years ago

What about the "sick relative" theory propounded and believed by so many on this site? Is that still in the mix?

squawkhawk 5 years ago

I wonder if he had his cell phone too?

Hammertoe 5 years ago

Atleast he knows how to fight. Maybe he can take on the baskeball team...

roosey 5 years ago

I believe Keegan owes this kid a HUGE apology right about now. Unless he thinks defending his girlfriend is a bad reason to miss out on voluntary workouts.

kevz87 5 years ago

are you kidding. he doesn't owe him anything. but it looks like his column was right. this kid won't see a single down with us, even if he does come in. assult and he's not here yet gill should take back the scholarship.

Matt Kenton 5 years ago

Yes a program like ours should not tolerate such riffraff. Not convicted yet, only charged, give him the boot. A powerhouse like ours has plenty of talent at QB!

IraUlrich 5 years ago

That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! Are you truly serious? Have you ever been in a fight? Probobly for worse reasons....? He's 17 and he swung at a guy harassing his gf. while I dont condone it, pulling his scholly would just be way to extreme.

nuleafjhawk 5 years ago

I believe a lot of us owe this kid an apology. That's what we get for jumping to conclusions without knowing all the details. Brock, my apologies for my less than encouraging remarks the past few weeks.

waywardJay 5 years ago

Don't hold your breath waiting for accountability on Keegan's behalf..... Chances are you will be waiting a long time.

Kevin Studer 5 years ago

Are we all seriously defending a recruit who is in legal trouble? Keegan owes no apology. He questioned the kid's character. Sure as heck looks like a good breaking question right now.

Dennis Mahorney 5 years ago

They are still very young Men. There is alot of time to get things back on track. We hope things come together for you Brock. Good luck with everything.

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

Alcohol wasn't involved but maybe Brock was drinking some of my cough syrup that "l" always talks about!!!

bayareajhawk 5 years ago

I'm guessing he didn't connect on the punch, or he'd probably be facing battery charges instead of assault charges.

Ethan Berger 5 years ago

well we got to get someone to train him.

Lance Cheney 5 years ago

We'll have to bring in John Randall to train him...

waywardJay 5 years ago

Just don't let it be Tyshawn..... Basketball players cannot fight.

WesternKanHawk 5 years ago

Assault in CO means there was bodily contact. Its defined like the general definition of battery. Sounds like he has good aim!

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

Well, he did say he had a little Mike Vick in him. I just wish it was more towards the football side, not the slammer side.

stravinsky 5 years ago

Did you ever see then-QB-of-the-future Kale Pick play?

Yeah... that's probably why.

Besides, getting a misdemeanor assault charge for protecting your girlfriend, in the scheme of things, really isn't a huge deal.

79ictjhawk 5 years ago

+1, I'd be more disappointed in him if he didn't defend his girlfriend.

Chris Bailey 5 years ago

I just want to point out that football players in general are aggressive. If they weren't how good of player would they be??? Athletes in general are not gonna sit back and watch someone take shots at them or their family. I was raised in a family that had 3 state wrestling champs, an uncle that started at Kstate for 2 years in the lates 60's, a brother that wrestled in college and was 3rd and runner-up in state, a brother that player D1 baseball and was drafted and was a state wrestling champ, two other cousins that played college football. I'm the shortest member of my mothers side of the family at 73 inches. I can say without hesitation that you don't $#&* with my family or else you get an a@@ kicking! That said does defending your family or GF make you a bad person? The answer you're looking for is NO! It means you are a team guy and that you will defend YOUR turf. It shows me fire! It shows me heart! What it doesn't show me is lack of good judgement! This wasn't a bar fight that two drunks got into for no reason. This was defending his turf! I applaud it! Kick A@@ Brock!

kureader 5 years ago

You're right. This article, by itself, says nothing about Brock's behavior that concerns me. The fact that there was no alcohol involved only reinforces your point.

FreshAirFanatic 5 years ago

Why is this a bad thing? Raise your hand if you want a quarterback who lets someone else assault his girlfriend. Or anyone for that matter.

Kevin Studer 5 years ago

  1. Nobody said the guy assaulted his girlfriend. If he had, this would not be a case of anything except self-defense. 2. By now, we as KU fans should have learned that when any of our players got into legal trouble, it is a bad thing.

Jeff Coffman 5 years ago

I think the important question is whether or not he used his throwing arm...

irish2255 5 years ago

God Bless him for defending his girlfriend. Who wants a coward leading a football team? I can only imagine the type of people putting him down for this. They are the people wondering why they've spent their life getting walked on.

ahpersecoachlngexperience 5 years ago

Well I'll tell ya what. My girlfriend is driving me crazy. Not only would I have let it happen, I would've paid the guy to take her. Some girls are just mean. Did you hear the doctor's office practical joke she pulled on me yesterday after I took the ACT?!?!?!?? The crazy mutt scheduled me for a doctor's appointment!?!?!? was an in office procedure:)) Negative....I had vaginal reconstructive surgery:(

Now I have stitches in a place I've never seen before. This morning it took me an hour to urinate, five rolls, 32 flushes my poor mom had to plunge. Doctor says I shouldn't walk for a week. Six months until I can get back on my mom's horse Cupcake:(

This vaginal reconstructive surgery has made me think and question a lot of stuff....could Brock have a heart bigger than Justin Bieber?

Is his girlfriend really hot AND nice!?!?!?!?

rob4lb 5 years ago

We obviously do not have all of the details, but a pattern of immaturity seems to be emerging. If he is really serious about being a Jayhawk, he would be better off redshirting this year.

GoHawks1 5 years ago

A "pattern of immaturity" with Brock, the people responding to this article, or both?

jayhawk4life59 5 years ago

Does anyone remember the Morris twins shooting people...should have booted them too right? He is 18 years old...its part of growing up...give the kid a break and learn from his mistakes.

Brendan Connolly 5 years ago

I am glad someone else is saying that. I mean what type of immature punk goes and graduates high school early? We really don't need headaches like this. Next thing you know, he will actually want to attend classes and learn at school.

ahpersecoachlngexperience 5 years ago

The details are I'm in severe pain and the doctor told me to get off the cough syrup and take daily estrogen. I haven't filled out the prescription yet but you'll be the first to know.

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

The incident happened in late June. So this does nothing to explain where he was all spring and early summer.

jayhawk154 5 years ago

You really are just a gutless antagonist, aren't you? The fact is that a complaint was filed in late June. That, in no way, indicates the actual event occurred at or around that time. In many instances, when a determination of severity or criminal intent needs to be determined through interviews and investigation, it can take some time to actually file a complaint.

Clarence Haynes 5 years ago

You lack character and maturity and contribute very little to these blogs.

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

A class 3 miss. is like having to many parking tickets. Something is still not right about this whole thing.

fromthatstandpoint 5 years ago

Would you rather have a player that throws a punch to defend his GF or drags her down the stairs by her hair?

gdkadjayhawk 5 years ago

So now we have to choose between those two options? I think not...

Ben Kliewer 5 years ago

An 18 year old kid throws a punch defending his girlfriend. That is something that has never happened before. (Sarcasm font) Sounds to me like this kid's got some pride, some chivalry and some fire in the belly, something we need at KU. I don't get why people are acting like this is something it's not. Has anyone here never thrown a punch before in their lives? I mean, I'm not advocating it, but come on, we're human beings. Stuff like this happens. It's not like he was out getting wasted and beating his girlfriend. If throwing a punch in defense of his girlfriend is the worst thing this kid has done, he's probably in the top 5% of responsible teenagers in the country! I'm reading some of these comments and I'm thinking "seriously people?" There are players who've gone through the ranks of college football and are now playing in the NFL, who should be more seasoned and responsible, doing things a billion times worse than this. There are players at other colleges who have done things a billion times worse than this, and yet nobody cares. But this kid throws a punch, not lands a punch mind you, but throws a punch, and people act like the sky is falling. Next thing you're going to say is that they should take tackling out of football because it's too violent.

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

Full disclosure, I'm actually with most of the posters on this one, just having a little fun. If I had a dollar for every time my head was used to open a door by bouncers or police officers at a bar because I was in a fight from age 18-22. . .

also please note which posters are noticeably absent on this article!!!

Chris Bailey 5 years ago

I do see that 100 is absent but this alter ego also has a split personality as they don't have the same philosophical points we are used to reading from 100. and the bring em in coach gill finish!

rockchalkjjjhawk 5 years ago

Seems like a normal part of the game now. All sorts of folks who like to cause a stir. Find one and head to an opponent's Big12 college town, find out where the main athletes hang out and start coming on to the star up and coming star player's girlfriend. Such an easy way to keep status quo.

troutsee 5 years ago

Big deal.

Gill is handling this correctly.

This means nothing until all the facts come out.

It is utterly stupid to make a mountain out of this.

GoHawks1 5 years ago

I suggest you tell the DA in Colorado this. They are the ones moving forward with the charges.

Kenny Terry 5 years ago

Hope Brock can take care of legal stuff and report to campus on time

beardwater7 5 years ago

I wonder if the other guy was on the high school basketball team??

jksport 5 years ago

Matt Tait > Keegan, just not larger

Lance Cheney 5 years ago

ahpea- where in the article does it say that this happened in June?

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

Google it. Other articles say it was filed on June 20'something

Matt Tait 5 years ago

That's when the complaint was filed, June 24... Incident occurred sometime before then. Haven't been able to pinpoint exactly when. On the to-do list for tomorrow...

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago








waywardJay 5 years ago

Persy... Did he bite your ear ?

Bob Forer 5 years ago

Even if the kid is convicted, I say give him a pass on this one. So long as it remains an isolated incident, I have no problem with him representing my alma mater on the gridiron.

Scott Smetana 5 years ago

I live next to Douglas County... they are notorious out here for being extremely harsh. Never get caught speeding in between Colorado Springs and Denver... they like to find several violations and charge you over $500. I hope Brock doesn't have too much trouble for something likely so silly.

When I played FB at KU under Mason, many of us didn't even stay around to work out AFTER our freshmen years. Very few worked out with the team before Fall camp. (maybe that's why we were only average:) This kid deserves a huge second chance.

Bob Forer 5 years ago

Even if the kid is convicted, I say give him a pass on this one. So long as it remains an isolated incident, I have no problem with him representing my alma mater on the gridiron.

milwaukeeJAYHAWK 5 years ago

Remember back in the day when throwing a punch was just....throwing a punch? Heck, I've seen worse on the playground when I was a kid.

I wasn't there so I really can't say how bad the incident was, but "third degree assault" makes it sound a lot worse than it likely was.

We are a nation of litigious wimps. Whatever happened to getting into a scrum here and there? Can't a guy throw a punch once or twice in his life without having to go to court?

It's not like being Aqib Talib and having a gun involved, sheesh....

bradh 5 years ago

I've been wondering why he was even charged. It sounds like one side was assaulting his girlfriend and he assaulted them in return. No harm, no foul on either side. It sounds like the kind of assault that should be ignored, separate the two sides and go on.

LAJayhawk 5 years ago

I don't mean to be the wet blanket here, but...

As it sounds, I really don't have a problem with what he did... you harass a dude's girl, you get the fist. End of Story. However, why does he need to be in Colorado? To sit there twiddling his thumbs until he appears in court? I don't think 3rd degree assault means you can't leave the state.... I guess I just don't understand why he has to miss practices by what has been reported thus far.

That being said, I don't know the whole story, so I certainly reserve judgment.

PJ Karasek 5 years ago

maybe his girlfriend was really shaken by being harassed & felt like she was still in danger. I'm not saying it forgives everything, but if it's a serious relationship I can certainly see him hanging around to ease her mind.

justanotherfan 5 years ago

I think it has to do with the fact that he had an ongoing criminal investigation and now has pending criminal charges means he can't leave the state without permission until the case is settled. This is probably why he was able to come to Lawrence during the Spring for a few weekends, but not able to stay.

As for the charge itself, its a misdemeanor. He may get some leniency because he was defending his girlfriend, but that's going to be up to the prosecutor. If it was his first offense, he will probably be ok to report to Lawrence soon, but if he has some past issues (MIP's, etc.) then he could have some problems.

LAJayhawk 5 years ago

That certainly could be a possibility. Another thought is that Gill asked him to go home and get it cleared up. Really hard to say without more information. Hopefully it will be cleared up soon (charge and story). As I said, I'm withholding judgment, but that part seems a little weird with the information given.

justanotherfan 5 years ago

Either one is reasonable. Hopefully he is able to get it settled and be in Lawrence next month for classes.

oldalum 5 years ago

Maybe he had to post bail, and they are being difficult about letting him leave the state. A little payback for decommitting and going to Kansas?

KU_Alumn_2000 5 years ago

Ya'll need to lay off the guy. If somebody harrasses my girlfriend they're gonna get a freaking fist in their mouth too.

It will be interesting if Gil punishes him. My guess is if Gil thinks he's a stand up guy with good character...Gil will let this go with just a one on one heart to heart...especially since he's hasn't really been with the team much.

kureader 5 years ago

"If somebody harrasses my girlfriend, they're gonna get a greaking fist in their mouth too".

... Yeah, I guess. For me, it kinda depends on which girlfriend. I can think of a couple that I wouldn't have taken a punch for.

Dan Harris 5 years ago

Of course I agree with you that there are a couple of your girfriends that I wouldn't stick-up for either!

jhox 5 years ago

Let's just hope he doesn't get some CU grad judge who is ticked off that he decommitted from Colorado.

Dyrk Dugan 5 years ago

this definitely changes things. and the LJW again does us a disservice by not printing the full story. when did this incident occur? when is the next proceeding? it sounds like it could be a quick fix, but who knows? every jurisdiction is different.

I just can't wait until the first practice and Mr. Berglund is there doing drills. and then we can talk about football.

Steve Gantz 5 years ago

Gives new meaning to dual threat QB

KGphoto 5 years ago

Or is he now Rivals #1 rated triple threat QB?

Steve Gantz 5 years ago

Always good to be #1 in something!

jartiv 5 years ago

Yea we don't know the story behind the "assault." For all we know, the other guy could also be facing "assault" for the same altercation. He's young, seems privileged, and will probably get off on probation.

As far as taking back his scholarship??? How many full scholarship athletes have we let wear this uniform that also faced legal trouble? Are you kidding me? This sounds like Brock is fitting in as a Jayhawk.

squawkhawk 5 years ago

Yeah, this exemplifies the sad state of affairs with KU athletics.

rockchalk_dpu 5 years ago

From the Colorado Staute:

(1) A person commits the crime of assault in the third degree if: (a) The person knowingly or recklessly causes bodily injury to another person or with criminal negligence the person causes bodily injury to another person by means of a deadly weapon; or

(b) The person, with intent to infect, injure, harm, harass, annoy, threaten, or alarm another person whom the actor knows or reasonably should know to be a peace officer, a firefighter, or an emergency medical technician, causes such other person to come into contact with blood, seminal fluid, urine, feces, saliva, mucus, vomit, or any toxic, caustic, or hazardous material by any means, including but not limited to throwing, tossing, or expelling such fluid or material.

Based on the facts in the article, it would seem Brock falls under the first portion of the statute. The statute provides for a $50 fine with 6 months imprisonment, an additional $750 fine or both a fine and jail time. I think it's all a little overblown based on what we currently know, but we need to see more facts first. Hope this all clears up and he can move forward.

squawkhawk 5 years ago

This kid is just another head case that we don't need at KU. He has already demonstrated a lot of immaturity and very poor decision making. He has isolated himself from his teammates and already has a God complex. If you think this is good for KU FB you're an idiot. This is exactly what KU doesn't need. I'd respect Gill for yanking his scholly now and giving it to someone who will appreciate it and who deserves it. This kid should never see the field in a Jayhawk uni. If he does, it just goes to show how desperate KU FB really is and what a poor coach Gill really is.

jartiv 5 years ago

Desperate KU FB? We're desperate for a win... but these things aren't unique to KU. We have to remember, that these freshmen are only 18. He didn't kill anyone, he just made a mistake.

God complex? If anyone is playing God here, its those of you who are making comments like this. Who are you to judge at this point? We don't know the kid, we don't know his intentions. All this time people were saying this and that about why he wasn't here, that he was self centered or something. WRONG, clearly he was dealing with legal issues - this happens. And you want to blame Gill for something that one of his recruits did? How do coaches have control over that? At one point Mangino had 3 different players facing charges of rape. Before the whole scandal, we respected Mangino for keeping "thugs" in line. I think we've seen Gill already kick a couple players off the team for misbehavior. You're saying he gets your respect if he kicks players like this off the team? He gets my respect if he changes players like this into players that deserve to be on this team.

You want to talk about what is bad for KU FB?? It's an awful fan base. It's that wishy washy fan who wears his Hinrich Jersey at the homecoming game, and while he's out there camping for his KU-Mizzou voucher, he's also the first to say "well, we're a basketball school." We have the kind of fans that are just as ready to cheer "You let the whole team down" at either team on the field. The kind of fans that shout "boos" at their own players. I say this to our fans: WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANY FOOTBALL PLAYER EVER WANT TO PLAY FOR YOU? The truth is they don't.

We can only hope that our own athletes take our over the top criticisms as fuel to get better. If we ever want to bring in those 4 and 5 star athletes, we're going to have to start becoming a better fan base.

KCHawk81 5 years ago

Once again:

"I'm a K-State fan."

  • Squawkhawk, November 20, 2009, 4:44 p.m.

KU_Alumn_2000 5 years ago

Squawkhawk - do us all a favor...get off your high horse and go jump in a lake.

kureader 5 years ago

... or, out of a speeding car.

Kenneth Hillman 5 years ago

Wow this thing is getting blown out of proportion. Brock, good for you for defending your girlfriend. Handle your legal business and get to campus asap. I can't believe popping somebody who is messing with your girl creates a legal situation (if that is what happened).

There really are some sallies on this board. Take back his scholarship? He fits in with the other law breakers? He deserves a second chance? Wha tha.....???? You guys saying this are so soft it drives me crazy. (if the info above is correct) This is why Brock is dealing with legal issues is because of the softies in our society and the litigious nation were in now...ridiculous.

Go play with the blue ribbon you got for getting last place and if somebody hurts your feelings sue em.

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

How about Turner saying he'll let the courts deal with it. I'd would of thought he would of went with the "gods plan" take.

Jayhawker111 5 years ago

Off the internet ...take it for what it is worth!!

Brock was not dating the girl at the time of the incident. The other party suffered a significant injury. The girl was not being harassed. She was with a long time family friend who she dated prior to Brock. The charge mentioned is not the original charge. Brock could have accepted a plea and received probation but declined. The berglunds have retained the attorney who handled Kobe bryants rape case. Question is who started it. DA thinks it was Brock . I Happen to be very good friends with the boy who was injured and his family. Very powerful people.

Trial will be in 12-18 months.

KGphoto 5 years ago

Paging Matt Tait! Paging Matt Tait!

Chris Bailey 5 years ago

So they were fighting over the girl? My guess your friend got his a@@ kicked! I'm guessing if had won we wouldn't be hearing about this at all. So a puss gets beat up and instead of taking it like a man he gets a lawyer!

jartiv 5 years ago

daddy was probably the lawyer

movethechains 5 years ago

The "significant" injury was so "significant" that the kid who was hit did not miss a single day of lacrosse practice after the incident, did not miss playing in a single lacrosse game after the incident- and in fact selected his college on the basis of him continuing to play the sport in college.

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

Obviously you guys know the deal, come on give us the dirt!

irvan moore 5 years ago

i think i'm gonna like this kid, might be my new favorite player

KU_Alumn_2000 5 years ago

jayhawker111 - how bad was this guy hurt ?

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

I've never seen a kid go from least favorite to my favorite jay hawk (why does iPad do that<--) off all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New slogan for Brock:

If ya ssssssmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll what the Brock is cook'n

dtownhawkfan 5 years ago

more thugs=more wins

lets get him back on campus!

rob4lb 5 years ago

Regardless of the situation, he has become a disruption on a team that can ill afford any disruptions. It may not be at all his fault, but this is not what a team as fragile as KU needs at this time.

KGphoto 5 years ago

Let's wait until he gets on the field before we decide if the team needs him or not.

rob4lb 5 years ago

You can't deny that this along with his entire tenure with the team hasn't been a distraction. Maybe it is just bad luck, but something does not seem right.

Jhawk59 5 years ago

Guy just jumped a notch in my book. Hope his teammates pat him on the back for this.

Jayhawker111 5 years ago

The assault doesn't answer why Berglund left Lawrence for Colorado as the "alleged" crime happened months after he had already left Lawrence for Colorado.

If the kid would have stayed enrolled at KU for spring/summer none of this would have happened.

jartiv 5 years ago

You mean you don't understand why an 18 year old would get jealous enough over a girl to leave school and go home?

okiedave 5 years ago

Brock was certainly justified in defending his girlfriend from being "harassed". The issue is -- was a punch reasonable required in order to stop the harassment? If so, congradulate him on the dismissl, red shirt the kid and welcome him as a great asset to the team. If not, let him know that the one year probation will not change the course of his life, then red shirt him and welcome him as a great asset to the team.

Chris Bailey 5 years ago


Matt Tait 5 years ago

Been on the phones all day trying to find out more information. Gonna take a while (at least a few days) for the Douglas Country Sheriff's office to process our request for the police report and even then they might not be able to release it.

What's more, a couple of lawyers I spoke with said the fact that the arraignment happened on June 24 (so we think) but the charge was filed on April 9 (so we think) was not all that odd. Although arraignment is usually the first thing that happens in these cases (after a charge is filed), the lawyers said the length of the investigation determines the time between the two and in some cases that's can take months or even years.

We'll keep plugging away, but finding out accurate info on this is not as easy as dialing 1-800-Tell-Me-What's-Up. Unfortunately! The key word is accurate. That's why we didn't run anything before and that's why we won't just slop stuff out there now.

Stay tuned...

Dirk Medema 5 years ago

You need to become an editor so you can stop all this research and just slop, err, I mean write opinion columns.

Chris Bailey 5 years ago

Ah the avitar experiment! Think I found KSucks new mascot! The koolaid man! OH YEAH!

Chris Bailey 5 years ago

Oh this is great! I work with a Kstate fan. What a perfect fit. I can see it now the koolaid guy running through a wall when they score a TD.

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

Your avitar also resembles the shape of most KSU women!

Chris Bailey 5 years ago

Yes I agree ahperse! Hey I have pic at home that would be more fitting! It's off the girls of the big12 calendar the last chick is a 1/4 tonner from KSU!

jayhawkintx73 5 years ago

If he was protecting his girlfriend, and gets charged for a crime for that, there is something wrong with the law in Colorado. I'm just saying, even if it is against the law and it was my girlfriend, I'd go to jail for protecting her. There isn't anything morally wrong with what he did. The law, however, is immoral.

Ludwig Supraphonic 5 years ago

Wow! Not a basketball article. It's not clearly the coaches fault and we haven't lost yet. 142 comments. This is Bizarro World.

ahpersecoachlngexperience 5 years ago

Maybe it's just my vaginal reconstructive surgery talking here....but I think Brock must be a really really really good quarterback to get 142 comments for protecting his girlfriend?!?!?!?!?!

actorman 5 years ago

"Brock was not dating the girl at the time of the incident. The other party suffered a significant injury. The girl was not being harassed. She was with a long time family friend who she dated prior to Brock."

WTF??? If Brock was "not dating the girl at the time of the incident," then how can she be with someone whom she "dated prior to Brock???"

Hello, consistency!

actorman 5 years ago

"Matt Tait > Keegan, just not larger"

Another nonsensical comment. What exactly did Tait do wrong here?

Larry Smith 5 years ago


Tait is greater than Keegan

No one said Tait did anything wrong

Funhawk 5 years ago

Calling 1-800-Tell-Me-What's-Up! Matt Tait is fun.

Ethan Berger 5 years ago

If this happened in Texas, the file would have been thrown away, and the kid accusing Brock would have been thrown in jail just for messing with a Texas High School qb.

bad_dog 5 years ago

Really atl? Did you expect anything different from ahpursecarryingexperience?

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