Kansas defeats Michigan, 67-60

  • 3:30 p.m., Jan. 9, 2011
  • Ann Arbor, Mich.,

Monday, January 10, 2011

Far from perfect: Jayhawks survive Wolverines in OT

Kansas forward Markieff Morris hugs teammate Tyrel Reed (14) after holding off Michigan for a 67-60 overtime victory on Sunday, Jan. 9, 2010 in Ann Arbor, Mich. Morris had 13 points and 11 rebounds against the Wolverines.

Kansas forward Markieff Morris hugs teammate Tyrel Reed (14) after holding off Michigan for a 67-60 overtime victory on Sunday, Jan. 9, 2010 in Ann Arbor, Mich. Morris had 13 points and 11 rebounds against the Wolverines.


Highlights: KU vs. Michigan

The Jayhawks defeated Michigan in overtime, 67-60 on Sunday, Jan. 9, 2010 in Ann Arbor.

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Michigan coach John Beilein

Michigan coach John Beilein talks to reporters following his team's 67-60 overtime loss to Kansas on Jan. 9, 2011.

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KU coach Bill Self

Kansas coach Bill Self talks to reporters following the Jayhawks' 67-60 overtime victory over Michigan on Jan. 9, 2011.

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— Warts and all, Kansas University’s basketball team enters Big 12 Conference play undefeated for the first time since the 2007-08 national championship season.

“We are definitely not the national-title team, but we have some good pieces,” KU junior forward Marcus Morris said after the No. 3-ranked Jayhawks’ ugly 67-60 overtime victory over unranked Michigan on Sunday at Crisler Arena.

“We definitely are going to try to be that team. We’ll have to see how it goes,” Morris added after scoring a game-high 22 points and grabbing 10 rebounds.

Record-wise, the 2010-11 non-con campaign couldn’t have gone any better for the Jayhawks, who take a 15-0 mark into Wednesday’s 8 p.m. conference opener at Iowa State.

Same story back in ’07-08, when KU went 15-0 en route to a 37-3 season.

Does Kansas coach Bill Self see any other similarities between this team (that hit four of 24 threes against Michigan’s 1-3-1 zone and 35.7 percent from the field overall) and the 2008 champs?

“Not today,” Self said with a smile. “That wasn’t a good team. That was a great team. I think this team we have is a good team with a chance to become really good. But that team had so much experience and knew how to finish games. This team is still learning how to do that. I’ve also got to be careful comparing this team to that team because that’s not fair to these guys, too.”

This KU team, which also had scares in a one-point victory over UCLA and two-point victory over USC, survived some maddening developments Sunday.

KU led by 15 points (25-10) with four minutes left in the first half and 13 (41-28) with 11 to go. The Wolverines (11-5) finally caught KU, 51-all, on a drive to the goal by Darius Morris with :35 left.

Marcus Morris had a chance to win it, but his three-pointer from the corner clanged with :04 left.

“Bad,” Self said of KU’s final possession of regulation. “You’ve got to drive it there. We didn’t have a timeout (to discuss options). Hopefully we’ll get some experience through that. That was an opportunity to drive it. They’re not going to foul. We bailed ’em out by shooting a jumper there. I didn’t think that was very good, but Marcus played well. He did.”

For what it’s worth, Marcus — he and brother Markieff combined for eight straight points following a Zack Novak three that opened OT — figured his three from the corner was money.

“I didn’t think it was good, I knew it was good. I knew for sure I made it,” Marcus stated. “The shot was short. I would shoot it again.”

Is that because he considers himself the team’s “go-to guy” who has to make something happen in crunch time?

“No. Any of us can be the go-to guy,” he said, pointing to his brother (13 points, 11 boards) as an example.

“Kieff’s shot was the game-changer tonight,” he added of Markieff’s three that gave KU a 56-54 lead with 3:41 left in OT.

No doubt Markieff’s trey was huge.

“Kieff makes the biggest shot of the game for us,” Self said.

After the three, Markieff Morris then fed Marcus for a basket and ensuing foul shot.

Tyrel Reed (10 points, 2-of-9 three-point shooting) answered a Tim Hardaway layup with a three to give KU a 62-56 lead at 2:37. The Wolverines crept no closer than four after that.

Self didn’t like the way the Jayhawks played overall — “We attacked their zone miserably, that was a miserable display of shooting,” he said — but was fired-up about their play in OT.

He tried to steady the ship during the huddle prior to the extra-session tipoff.

“I said, ‘We just played a bad 40 (minutes). Let’s play a good five,” Self said of his message to the troops. “That’s exactly what we did I thought we competed and played pretty well in overtime.”

KU survived an off night by Josh Selby, who hit one of 10 shots and scored five points. The Morris’ hit 12 of 25 shots; the rest of the team hit eight of 31.

“Last year we played the exact same game the exact same way in Tennessee, but we got beat,” Self said of KU’s nonconference finale — a loss to UT in Knoxville. “I’d rather teach lessons through winning than not winning.”

Of course, he’s pleased his team survived the nonconference slate unscathed.

“I’m happy we won today, don’t get me wrong. I am happy we’re undefeated,” he said. “I don’t think we played to that level, obviously, today. It’s all preparation for your league, and league is far more important than nonconference. People get hung up on records, and I think records are important, but your conference record weighs so much more than this.”


Dirk Andrews 3 years, 3 months ago

Tyrel deserves a ton of credit for his hardwork. He is the best rebounder, aside from TRob, on the team. The Twins could learn from Tyrel.


Steve Kubler 3 years, 3 months ago

I would like to take the win/loss stats out of these posts then let people read them. Then I would run a survey asking what the team's record is for the season to date. I'd guess most would pick 7/8 maybe worse. Here KU is 15-0 one of what 5? undefeated teams in the nation and a lot of posters are picking them apart, spewing hate and discontent.

Yeah, they have a ways to go. Agreed most of the players have had few consistent much less perfect games. Yet they are winning however ugly the games are. I would like to point out one thing. The "cupcakes" as they have been called want to win. Not a single team KU has played entered the game with the intent to lose. In fact playing KU might be the highlight of their year and they spend a month planning for this one game.

I love basketball, playing, coaching, watching, and critiquing. I am sure most of you feel the same way. It would be nice if we could leave the disrespect for some players and the hateful sniping directed at them at the door.

Besides, everything up to now has been foreplay. Things get serious starting tomorrow night.


Paul Rupp 3 years, 3 months ago

No one's mentioning Reed's Sr. composure throughout as a contribution to why we won this game, as ugly as it was. We still have a way to go on the maturity issue/mental toughness with many on the team. I am encouraged we remembered how to play the game in OT after the mass-amnesia of the last 10 minutes. That wasn't a given with M's youthful seizure of the momentum late.


illuminatironin 3 years, 3 months ago

jayhawkinnebr: No need to be a JA. We are all on the same team here. I am sure I am not the only one who is curious why we didn't press. I am just saying they had a young team we could have taken advantage of that.


jhawkr 3 years, 3 months ago

Michigan's defense ?????????

Ok, the zone gave us fits, but only because we couldn't hit shots and refused to drive to the bucket.

Two decent teams shot decent against Michiga. Syracuse shot 42% and Purdue at Mighigan shot 49% and won by 23. That is what we woulda coulda shoulda won by if they actually put together a complete game or close to it.


texashawk10 3 years, 3 months ago

Did anybody happen to look at some of Michigan's stats before the game to get an idea of what the game might look like? Michigan is a crappy shooting team that plays great defense and doesn't turn the ball over much. After yesterday, Michigan opponents are shooting just under 40% from the field and 30% from 3 point range and giving up an average of 60 points a game. Michigan is a great defensive team and showed it on a national stage yesterday. Earlier this season, Michigan held Syracuse to 53 points on a neutral court. If this Michigan team could shoot, they would be a legit contender in the Big 10 and possibly for the Final Four. I will be looking forward to watching the OSU-Michigan game prior to KU kicking off it's conference season to see how much trouble the Buckeyes have with that defense.

KU was "lucky" to win, but good teams seem to get "lucky" quite frequently in close games. I don't want to hear about the refs giving Michigan home cooking, the refs were just plain terrible. Big 10 refs are known for allowing games to get ugly and that creates a lot of low scoring games because of the lack of fouls being called on a consistent basis. Nobody yesterday for KU played good offensively.

Marcus started out red hot going 6-7 or something like from the field to start with and then 1-11 over the last 25 minutes.

Markieff was probably the most consistent player, but didn't get the consistent looks that he should've in the second half instead of Marcus. The three pointers weren't great shots, but he got lucky on one in OT. He should've stayed inside and been force fed the ball instead of Marcus yesterday.

Selby looked like a freshman yesterday, but he's not going to have too of those games throughout the season.

Most of Reed's looks from 3 were good looks, but they just weren't falling.

I thought Tyshawn wasn't aggresive enough yesterday as he seemed to be the only player who could drive to the rim.

Brady had a decent game yesterday, not his best but far from his worst this season.

EJ commited 3 fouls in 10 minutes and put up two ugly 3 point attempts and some of you are wondering why he didn't get more minutes?

T-Rob was clearly not mentally into the game and I don't think anybody can blame him for that. The 3 turnovers and 2 fouls in 9 minutes are a testament to that.

Releford injuring his ankle was a big difference maker late in the game as his strength on offense is slashing and he would've been able to carve up that zone. He needs to be healthy for next Monday when KU plays Baylor's 2-3 zone, Releford's driving ability will be crucial to breaking that zone as well.


jayhawkinnebr 3 years, 3 months ago

Looks like Bill has missed with some of the coaching techniques that has put this team at a disavantage. There have been many calls that have come into question about Bills coaching this year. Maybe Bill will reevaluate his coaching and make some corrections, Illuminatironin.


illuminatironin 3 years, 3 months ago

I apologize if someone has mentioned this already. But, WHY didnt we press yesterday? Their team was mostly made up of freshman and sophmores. You can't tell me that that press wouldn't have had them frazzled.


jhawkr 3 years, 3 months ago

I've waited about 24 hours to think about it, but I am still pissed .......

Who could be happy with a road win against a team that probably will finish in the bottom half of the Big 10 ? The Hawks were on national television with a chance to really shine going into league play.

Other then Reed and Releford, how can HCBS really utilize his game plan or make changes in-game ? The Twins, TT, Elijah and sometimes Selby don't show they understand how to play team ball. Trust me, in a game of playground basketball the Hawks win hands down. The Twins jack up 3's at will and no one is in there to rebound (and yes they make one once in awhile, but who cares). The guards continued to force the ball inside when there wasn't always something there forcing TO's.

Morningstar did show more offense then normal, but in the second half his man (the slow white guy) drove right by him to the hole on at least two occasions with ease.

Why didn't TRob see the floor in the 2nd half ? To my knowledge he didn't play one minute that I can remember in the 2nd half. The Twins weren't exactly tearing it up, especially on the defensive end. Time and time again they stood stock still after a shot instead of blocking out or moving to better rebounding position. They get several rebounds each, but if they would work harder it would be scary what there stats could be. Plus they still miss too many down low simple put back shots .........

Was a 3 point shot by Marcus with the game tied our best option in the final seconds of regulation ? Of course we all know the answer is NO. But for whatever reason at crucial times our offense stagnates out near the 3-point line area and with a lead the Jhawks choose to shoot the ball way too early in the time clock cycle. You work the clock, work the defense and invariably the defense falters somewhere in the 30+ seconds for an easier in close shot.

Selby ......... For a freshman he was due for a bad game and to me he was entitled to that. However, going forward he has to play smarter and better team ball. If you are in High School and one of only two scorers, then of course you keep jacking up shots even when you are cold. But in Div. 1 ball with other good players, you have to say "My shot isn't going in today. May'be I should drive to the bucket more or pass to an open teammate for a better shot."

All in all it was embarassing to be a Jayhawk fan yesterday. The talent comparisons between the two teams weren't even close and being on the road is no excuse. If it is, we are in real trouble. I keep thinking HCBS is seeing all these ills and we will see improved play on the court. I do believe he has, but his attempts to parlay them into game results hasn't been promising. The players have to buy in, but so far I don't see them as a team doing what he wants or even coming close to playing hard, physical basketball for 40 minutes on both ends of the court.


William Blake 3 years, 3 months ago

Here we go again.... being snubbed by the east coast sports media. Take a look... I guess the story "No. 20 Illinois builds huge first-half lead, cruises past Northwestern" deserves the spotlight but the #3 nationally-ranked team doesn't deserve a story for their overtime victory. Bet we would have had a story if we lost...


Tony Bandle 3 years, 3 months ago

Hey, jayhawkinnebr..I just heard your daughter got engaged to Brady Morningstar!!

All kidding aside and I am far from a being a Brady fan, but I watched closely when he was in and I don't think that whoever he guarded actually scored a point. The cheapshot elbow screen was stupid, however.

Releford being hurt so early may have had more of an effect on the game flow than we all realized. Michigan had no answer for his game.

My only question...with such an advantage in size, experience and strength in the middle for Kansas, why not just dump it in deep every time? Unfortunately, the best passers on the inside happen to be the twins themselves, the "hoped for" targets of the passes.

Still 15-0, ranked 3rd in the country and having the best coach in America just doesn't seem to be enough for some of us. [To be Honest with you all, I had them at 12-3 in my preview seasonal results...shows what I know!!!]


cragarhawk 3 years, 3 months ago

Seriously Dude? You need psychiatric help! Many posters have the opinion that Brady shouldn't play more than 15 minutes for various reasons, but they make solid arguments, and they are mostly respectful in their posts. You are completely brutal when it comes to Brady and you just won't give it a rest. I think there is one thread on here in the last month that doesn't have you bashing Brady. Get off it already!!! Im ashamed to call you a fellow Jayhawk fan and I'm quite certain I'm not alone. Seriously, seek help now!!! Denial can be the undoing of a person, the sooner you admit it the better off you will be!!!


jayhawkinnebr 3 years, 3 months ago

AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! That was terrible. KU play that is. I have said that Ku is overrated and that there, just proves it. Kinda makes you wonder if they can make it into the big dance? Yes, shots weren't going down, but that is no excuse, they looked like they were lost out there. Just a side note: Brady came in about a total of 15 mins and everytime he came in the scoring for Ku dropped and the game got closer. He came in for about 4 mins, st half. The lead dropped some. He went out. Brady came in, in the 2nd half, for about 6 mins the lead was 11 when Bill pulled him out the lead was 5. Everytime Brady came in the game got tighter. No production from Brady at all, ok, 4 points, but many faults. With the whole team having a tough time, why bring a drag? Travis getting hurt didn't help the situation all. Doc Sadler said after the game, he is ready to play KU. Could be a record breakers. Got to blame Bill Self on some of that. Don't mess it up with bringing in Brady until the game is well in hand..


William Blake 3 years, 3 months ago

Almost forgot. Equipment managers earn their money on the road. It doesn't take long before you know if you have a good one or not. Withey's game shoes were at the top of the super-sized sport bag and became soaked during the bus ride because the baggage compartment somehow took on moisture. Let's see... did we pack an extra pair of size 19s?


William Blake 3 years, 3 months ago

  • Part 2 -

Superstitions: Superstitions run out of control on the road. Some players are so bad they should travel with a witch doctor. But most of the time it is just one of those subtle things that affects the entire team. The team is trying to adjust to the game court before the game and the balls aren't dropping. In reality, the game has already started. In the warm-ups the traveling team collects their confidence for the game. Often, it just ain't there! A coach can scream at the guys, read stories from "Red" Auerbach and Vince Lombardi.. and at this point the guys are all watching but their minds have been tainted. Oh yeah... Kieff went to the toilet at the gas station en route to the practice gym. Bet he left it there!

Playing on the road is weird. I think it would make great reading for someone to put together a collection of weird road stories.. from college through the pros.


William Blake 3 years, 3 months ago


"Hey coach! How come we look so bad at Michigan? 16.7% accuracy from the 3-pt line? You've got to get these guys more inspired on the road..."

College basketball is an amazing game. Anything can happen, and bringing a big ranking into another school's gym creates the perfect situation for an upset.

Road games are tough to win. There are so many factors involved on the road that can affect a team's performance. First... just getting to the location can be a real bear. Long bus rides... long road hours... bad food... not enough water... not enough sleep.... aching bodies from sitting too long...

Then, you arrive at a marginal hotel/motel. The rooms smell like burnt chocolate. The beds feel like mini-trampolines. Everyone is munching down on "road food" (pork rinds, coke, slim jims, etc.). Everyone meets curfew by being in their rooms, lights out by 12... No one can sleep so they chat in the dark with their room mates until 3..

Now it is game day. Coach is anxious to get the team out on the court to adjust to the rims and arena. Everyone loads up and they head to the arena. Problem... maintenance issues arise so their early morning shoot around has moved to another gym. Everyone back on the bus. A one-hour bus ride later and they have a shortened workout at a funky gym. Let's see... one hour there, one hour back... suddenly the scheduling becomes complicated and the extra time needed comes out of the practice session. Oh no.. it's snowing!

Pregame trauma: Kieff lost his iPod. He thinks he left it in his motel room. Everyone is distracted trying to recall the last time they saw Kieff with his iPod.

Pregame warmup: The team has only 1 1/2 hours to adjust to the arena and rims. The light looks strange, the rims bounce funny.. even the playing surface feels weird and balls bounce funny. Ooops.. EJ puked! Must have been the pork rinds.

Meanwhile... the MU team experienced a normal 24-hrs before game time. They know every inch of that court. Everything runs smoothly and all their attention is on beating the 3rd ranked team in America!

  • Part 1 -

kirkhinrichflow 3 years, 3 months ago

To Selby, Tyshawn, EJ... Really woulda liked to see more drives to the basket, its seems like there scared to make mistakes...especially Josh.


Dirk Andrews 3 years, 3 months ago

Jhawkerman has a good point. Marcus and Markieff played great, "at times" yesterday, but then at other times seem completely lost. 2nd half, transition D, the twins are standing around looking at each other as Michigan's guard drives coast to coast, forcing Tyrel Reed to come out of nowhere off of his man and make a hard foul. The little things...Marcus tries to do too much, and it benefits no one. I am confident that Marcus can take over a game, but it hasn't happened yet (points, rebounds, defense, hustle, a complete game). If the twins play for at least 3 to 4 minutes during regulation like they did during OT, we have no OT. Where is the intensity? I thought these guys were tough?
This whole team seems to go braindead for minutes on end. We spend a whole week practicing against their zone, and come out and play horrilbe against it.
With all that said, it was still a pretty good victory on the road. All of this is just a learning experience anyways, and there was definitely a lot to learn from last night. I love this team and it's potential, I just hope we work hard and reach it. Hope Rele comes back soon, we need him.
P.S. The whole team needs to watch and learn how Tyrel Reed rebounds the ball. The smallest kid out there working the hardest...can the rest of the team learn from this?


ku_tailg8 3 years, 3 months ago

I love Coach Self and the Jayhawks. But if I can say one thing, I believe CS has a hard time getting his guys ready to play. The arrogance that this team or any other can just make a run makes me crazy. Every possession is important. One armed passes drive me nuts but we still continue to do them. We lost to UNI last year b/c we felt that we could make a run. Forget that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put a team away early and then worry about one armed passes. Yesterday at Michigan was more of the same. Please, CS light a match under these guys b/c you will be done early on in March. Making us the playoff version of the KC Chiefs. Why these guys can't get up and play amazes me. Very frustrating. Part of that is the Chiefs but they exceeded expectations. Unfortunately your expectations are far greater. So please get these guys playing on the same page.


William Blake 3 years, 3 months ago

Arnold Jacob "Red" Auerbach, winner of 9 NBA Championships, was posed with this question after a poor Celtic performance:

Reporter: "Coach, your guys couldn't hit from the outside or inside. You even missed several layups. What do you do when you can't buy a bucket all game?"

Auerbach: "Win!"


Doug LeMoine 3 years, 3 months ago

I can't be glass-half-full here. For the last two weeks, Self has given every indication that EJ and TRob are critical to the rotation. I happen to agree with this. The only question around their roles has been: How will they react to a real test? Well, we had a chance to find out yesterday, but HCBS went to (what amounted to) a six-man rotation for the last 10 mins. Why not take a page from Coach Izzo and use these early games to battle-test your guys? Does anyone really care about January losses? I'd much rather invest in March wins


Greg Lux 3 years, 3 months ago

Anyone who doesn't think Marcus thinks of himself as the " go to guy " is nuts !!! Marcus ego is far bigger then his ability to make great decisions. I guarantee you Marcus saw the Josh headlines in his head as he released that last 3 point shot. My question is WHAT is he doing out there with 5 seconds left in the game?? .. Why isn't he posting up for a rebound or pass? He's playing the 4 or 5 .. We have guards for those shots. I love the twins but their efforts are like the temps in Kansas. Sometimes up and sometimes way down. I watch the game and shake my head at times. It's no wonder we play like a backyard pickup game at times. We don't respect our roles and try to do too much. I love these guy but they need to wakeup before march.

Rock Chalk


gdkadjayhawk 3 years, 3 months ago

Completely agree with kjohnson's comment about composure. I watched the twins' reactions to fouls called on them and committed against them carefully and was pleasantly surprised.


KU_FanSince75 3 years, 3 months ago

162515-----I think I mentioned something like that last night. Saturday was not a good day for Kitty Kats. K-State, Missery and Kensucky all lost. Sunday was bad for the Chiefs---you can't blame that one on the fans. Wichita State finalized the evening by losing to a good Missouri State team in Wichita. BTW, Steve Woodberry (sp) is an assistant coach for the Bears. All the major teams in Kansas lost, except for the Jayhawks. Throw in the upsets in the Top 25 and I consider the Jayhawks win at Michigan a very fortunate win. Just a thought. . . . Missouri State really impressed me. First time I had seen them play. They remind me of last year's Northern Iowa team----sorry, Jayhawk Nation! Like Jaybate, I call it like I see it.


jhwkfan162515 3 years, 3 months ago

Seems to me that we were the only team along the I-70 corridor to give anybody anything to smile about. Kansas State blew a big lead against Oklahoma State and lost. Missouri got owned by Colorado. And of course, the Chiefs got pwn3d by the Ravens. Kansas was the only team along I-70 to come away victorious.


kjohnson 3 years, 3 months ago

My wife always criticizes me for blaming the refs when KU plays poorly. I know, I know. But, in this case, I believe that KU played poorly because of the biased refereeing. For example, the last four possessions of the first half were stymied by the refs stopping KU and giving the Wolverines unwarranted opportunities to score. we should have been up by 20, but were left with only a 7-point lead. Then there was the time in the second half when one of the Morris's was creamed on his way up to a dunk, and they called a foul on him. Even the announcers were aghast at the blatant call.

It was simply hard for the Jayhawks to maintain their composure and to get any momentum with the refs clearly being homers. Fortunately, for some unknown reason though, the refs finally let off in overtime, allowing the superior Jayhawks play their game.

Self has to feel good, though, about the players keeping their composure, with has been a point of emphasis.

Ken Johnson (KU MS '70)


TenaciousD 3 years, 3 months ago

Through these "ugly" wins, coach Self is simply trying to allow them to learn on the court. There are only so many learning opportunities with as many cupcakes on the schedule as teams have these days.

This Michigan game is exactly how he wanted the game to come out. Close in the end, on the road, with every possession magnified in importance, and creating those "anxious moments" that he talked about in his pre-game speech before the North Carolina game in 2008.

Coach Self is a master at making his players mentally tough. These "grind it out" games are part of that process. He lets them sink or swim in some of these situations without too much coddling from the bench. But, in the end, he gets the right players in the game together to pull out the victory just in time.

These are brilliant tactics from Coach Self and bring a team together while providing situational experience to draw upon later in the year. It's hard to watch at times, but good for the team.

Keep up the great work, Coach! Rock Chalk!


yates33333 3 years, 3 months ago

The rims at Michigan reminded me of YMCA gym rims in the fifties. Some Missouri Valley teams also had tight rims. The rims clunk and affect your confidence.


doctorWho 3 years, 3 months ago

Surviving this road game on a night with such poor shooting is a positive sign in my opinion.


KU_FanSince75 3 years, 3 months ago

Hey, Jayhawk Nation------feel fortunate. This past weekend, both State teams lost (Kansas State & Wichita State). It was a bad weekend for the Top 25. A majority of ranked teams lost. Yep, we played crappy. The best coach in America called out our guys and said, "You played a bad 40 minutes. Now, let's play a good five!" In the back of our mind, I was thinking, if we could have somebody just get us over this hump! And that happened.

If this was the NCAA Tourney, this would be a great win! You only need six wins to win the NC. Look at the Davidson game in '08. That wasn't a pretty win. But darn it. Here I go----indirectly comparing this team with the '08 team. It is not fair to this team. I just hope we learn from it and move on. And we try to improve overall, as a team. Rock Chalk---go get Iowa State, fellas!


kcglowboy 3 years, 3 months ago

Off subject a bit, but kudos to Gary Bedore for making this story about the team effort and reducing the Phenom coverage to the simple "KU survived an off-night by Josh Selby ..." The overload of Selby coverage was to be expected for a FEW games, but it dragged on a bit long in most media outlets. I enjoy Josh as much as any fan, but had grown weary of the media overkill. Maybe we (that's the collective "we") have everything back into perspective now, recognizing that this talented and exciting 19-year-old is, in fact, just one important part of this talented and exciting team.


actorman 3 years, 3 months ago

Well said, lv_jhwk.

I thought it was interesting that Self referred to Markief's 3 as the biggest shot of the game. As I mentioned in the Keegan ratings, I thought it was a terrible choice at the time. Of course I'm glad it went in, but I thought it was typical of the poor shot selection through most of the game, when they took too many threes rather than attacking inside more. I guess Self didn't think it was such a poor choice or he would have said so.


overseashawk 3 years, 3 months ago

lv jayhawk is LV Vegas or Leavenworth?


lv_jhwk 3 years, 3 months ago

Glass half full: pulled out a win against a determined group on their home court. Glass half empty: barely won against a mediocre Big Ten squad.

Glass half full: double digit win in regulation with usual shooting. Glass half empty: double digit loss in regulation if UM has usual shooting.

Glass half full: looked good first 16 min -- tough D, patient O, 25-10 lead. Glass half empty: looked bad in getting outscored 41-26 the rest of the game.

Glass half full: got a win despite worst performance to date. Glass half empty: its these outings that result in first weekend tourney exits.


KUFan90 3 years, 3 months ago

Thankfully Michigan stupidly dropped the zone in OT and bailed us out.


yovoy 3 years, 3 months ago

“Bad,”... “You’ve got to drive it there. We didn’t have a timeout (to discuss options). Hopefully we’ll get some experience through that..."

Damned skippy we didn't have a timeout. We had 3 timeouts up 4, in the double-bonus, at 1:56, :43 later we had NONE. We came out after the one at 1:56 and turned it over. We come out after the one at around 1:30, make a bad pass, and have to call timeout to avoid a tie-up. We play it in after THAT (our last) timeout and jack up a catch-turn-and-shoot 3 w/ 11 seconds on the shot clock that draws air. We acted like we didn't know how to play against a zone. No one just instinctively tried to attack the center of the zone: neither with nor without the ball.

The comment makes it sound like we were willfully not attacking the zone, and like there was some crazy reason we didn't have timeout. There was a reason alright.

If our corner shooter sets a pick on the lowest defend on ball side after the ball swings to that shooter, and our big slides to short corner we have shots there all day. Didn't look like that was addressed in the T.O. at all. We didn't pass the ball very well agains that zone, but we didn't act like we'd ever seen one, nor like we had any idea on the basics of tearing it to pieces.


Otownhawker 3 years, 3 months ago

How do you beat a zone? Drive into the lane where there are 5 guyys waiting?

Tell you what, when u win a national championship then you can criticize somebody but until then, shut up


KULA 3 years, 3 months ago

26 three point shots? Wow, great offensive game plan against the zone, Coach.


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