Originally published April 6, 2011 at 03:27p.m., updated April 7, 2011 at 12:00a.m.

Tyshawn Taylor, Thomas Robinson to return to KU

More decisions to come

Kansas players Tyshawn Taylor, left, Josh Selby and Thomas Robinson celebrate a bucket and a foul created by teammate Mario Little against Oklahoma State with time dwindling in the second half on Thursday, March 10, 2011 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City.

Kansas players Tyshawn Taylor, left, Josh Selby and Thomas Robinson celebrate a bucket and a foul created by teammate Mario Little against Oklahoma State with time dwindling in the second half on Thursday, March 10, 2011 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City.


Thomas Robinson, who was considered a possible first-round pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, and Tyshawn Taylor, a second-rounder at best according to various websites, have decided to return to Kansas University for the 2011-12 school year.

Robinson, a 6-foot-9 junior-to-be from Washington, D.C., and Taylor, a 6-3 senior-to-be from Hoboken, N.J., made their intentions known Wednesday afternoon.

“This is certainly not any new news to us, but I felt it was unfair for us to make a statement until I got back from the Final Four and visited with them individually,” KU coach Bill Self said.

He was given no reason to believe either player was seriously considering turning pro.

“To be quite candid, we’re still smarting over the fact that we lost in the Elite Eight and were so close to putting ourselves in a position to win another (national) championship. We’re disappointed, but one thing about it, the season is officially over for everybody. Even if we played in the championship and even if we played in the Final Four, the season would be over now.

“With that, it’s a new team, a new season and a fresh start. I’m real excited about these two commitments to putting us in a situation to having great success again,” Self added.

KU now is assured of returning its starting point guard in Taylor, who averaged 9.3 points and dished 4.6 assists per game for the Jayhawks, who went 35-3 and won the Big 12 regular-season and postseason tourney titles before falling to VCU in the NCAA Tournament Elite Eight.

“We had a great year,” Taylor said. “But since the season ended disappointingly, there has been a lot of speculation with fans and on the Internet on what we were going to do. The bottom line is, we’re going to work very hard this offseason and put ourselves in a position to play in that game again and come out with a different result.

“The year was up and down for me, but I feel like I finished on a strong note, and I am ready to carry that momentum into the summer and next year try to have a better season than we had this year,” added Taylor, a Bob Cousy Award finalist who scored in double figures in five of his last six games.

Robinson averaged 7.6 points (off 60.1 percent shooting) and 6.4 rebounds a game his sophomore season.

“This was the most trying year of my life,” said Robinson, whose mom, grandmother and grandfather died during the season. “I want to thank everybody, and I can’t wait to run up and down the court in a packed Allen Fieldhouse next year. I plan on busting my butt this summer to improve my game. I want to take more of a leadership role in us moving forward and winning another league championship and getting to the Final Four.”

The 237-pound Robinson actually plans on adding bulk.

“I don’t know how much bigger I can get, but I’m going to try in the offseason to get bigger. I wouldn’t call it perfect,” he said of his frame. “LeBron (James) is my height, and he’s, like, 250.

“I can add some more weight,” added Robinson, who recorded four double-doubles, including 12 points and 14 rebounds in the Sweet 16 against Richmond.

Self believes Robinson has a tremendous upside.

“I think Thomas has to improve just as much as anybody, because when he plays well, he’s terrific. He can be very inconsistent. He needs to take a step like Markieff (Morris) took this year,” Self said. “His skill set is going to continue to improve. It’s amazing to me the type of year he had considering all of the stuff he went through, just amazing. Hopefully he can play with a free mind and be able to just play as opposed to think and have so many different things going on in his head. He had a great year and will continue to get better.”

‘A great decision’

Jason Smith, who coached Robinson at Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, N.H., is pleased Robinson will be at KU a third season.

“I think it’s a great decision,” Smith said. “Thomas needs to be in position where he earns more minutes and contributes more playing time in college.”

Smith thinks Robinson may have been a first-round pick this year.

“No question Thomas has NBA upside. It all depends on how he fared in workouts,” Smith said of individual workouts with NBA teams.

Smith said he has been contacted by various “agents and runners and NBA people who do background checks” concerning his former pupil.

“More than I would care,” Smith said. “Absolutely it is crazy what is going on in our game. They may call and say, ‘Do you still have a relationship with Thomas? Is he thinking about entering the draft?’ I direct all questions to his current coaches.”

Smith said Robinson never really seemed all that interested in leaving KU after just two seasons.

“I spoke briefly with him Monday. It was more that his mind was made up, but had a few questions. He wanted to hear from as many people as possible that he was making the right decision. He wants to compete for, and win, a national championship and have a chance to hopefully earn a bigger role next year. He absolutely loves Kansas,” Smith said.

Buddies to be reunited

Robinson is now assured of playing on the same college team with his former Brewster teammate, Naadir Tharpe. The 6-foot Tharpe averaged 14.5 points and 6.0 assists in leading Brewster to a 31-3 record and spot in the national prep school semifinals. He also started at point for last year’s national title team.

“Naadir gets a chance to play with Thomas again. Both are excited about it,” Smith said. “Thomas, like most of our alums, said he would be coming back for a visit to our school this spring (where he and Tharpe can work out).”

Tharpe said Robinson is “one of my good friends. When I committed, he texted me and said, ‘Welcome to the Jayhawks.’ I have a friend at KU in Thomas. We are real close and talk a lot.”

Tharpe, the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council player of the year, scored 10 points and dished seven assists against no turnovers in the recent East-West All-America game in Houston.

“He played very well,” said Smith, who coached the East team to victory.

More decisions coming

KU’s Marcus and Markieff Morris and Josh Selby have yet to announce whether they will return to KU or turn pro. Players have until April 24 to enter their names in the draft. They have until May 8 to withdraw if they do not sign with an agent.

According to, Marcus Morris will be taken 15th, Markieff 19th and Selby 27th in Round One of this year’s draft. Robinson is now listed as No. 13 pick in the first round of the 2012 draft. Taylor is No. 5 and Elijah Johnson No. 15 in Round Two in ’12.


AsadZ 3 years ago

ESPN is reporting that TWINS are entering the draft. Not a surprise though.


jajandera 3 years ago

Twins are gone just announced


Scott Smetana 3 years ago

Hey Twins... D. Williams, Zeller, Hansen, ?Kemba, Tristian Thompson, etc.. are all staying. They're calling your names. Stay one more year and be with your brother, mom, coach, and teammates. Senior year is gonna be a blast... ask Brandon Rush! The collective bargaining will be over, you'll both be lottery picks, and have a national championship trophy/ring to be proud of forever!!

1 - TT 2 - Selby 3 - Releford 4 - Marcus 5 - Markieff

EJ, BMac, TRob off the bench.. wow

37-0 and one of the best year of your lives!!

Please surprise us all!! I know you guys like surprises.


rwhawk 3 years ago

Well, this actually gives next season hope. If Robinson left we were completely done (assuming the twins are leaving). With him, we have some hope, but it will take a big decision from the twins, a big time recruit, or a big time improvement in Withey's game...and I'd bet on the first two before the last! Hope I'm wrong.


knottshawk 3 years ago

Anyone have ESPN INsider subscription? There's a headline saying "Rumors: KU's 2012 roster is taking shape" I don't expect anyone to paste the article here, but what's the gist?


Kevin Huffman 3 years ago

According to, Marcus Morris will be taken 15th, Markieff 19th and Selby 27th in Round One of this year’s draft. Robinson is now listed as No. 13 pick in the first round of the 2012 draft. Taylor is No. 5 and Elijah Johnson No. 15 in Round Two in ’12.

**This is the most aininely friendly to Selby source I've seen thus far.

Chad Ford on's Top 100 has Marcus Morris 25th (NOT 15th), Markieff Morris 28th (NOT 19th) and Selby 44th!!!!...which is even less than it was last week (was 40th then) (NOT 27th!!!)

Tho. Robinson was his highest rated Jayhawk at 21st....still I think if Thomas develops next year like Coach Self said, similar to how much Markieff leapt up from Sophomore Year to Junior Year, he'll be a Lottery Pick and from what I remember hearing that's a huge difference $-wise.


Kevin Huffman 3 years ago

Just my gut feeling that Tho. Robinson back LIKELY means that the Morris's are gone and that he feels like he can get more pub. & elevate his stock by coming back with no longer being in their shadow.....which is likely very true...especially with the lack of depth up front, he'll have to be "the man" along with Tyshawn, McLemore, Elijah & Releford (assuming Selby boneheadedly leaves). Of course, I think we'll have to see some progression from Woolridge & Withey and Tharpe sounds good enough to get some P.T. as well. Now still need frontcourt depth in recruiting.


100 3 years ago

Quote from Lexington, Kentucky:

"Marcus and his brother don't like Bill Self enough to stay another year. They couldn't even beat VCU. They dont care about a degree. They have no idea what it can do for a person later in life, when the knees cant pull in millions every year. They are clueless, they seriously think an NBA GM can get them on the same team with the way the draft works! Can't wait to smash their little Jayhawk teammates in Madison Square Garden in the Champions Classic and laugh at their ex Jayhawk brothers sitting on the end of two different NBA benches in two different cities crying to their mom on a cellphone. FOE? Ha! Try NBAOE."


eway12 3 years ago

We will always have good post play with Manning. Withey will be a taller, skinnier version of Cole next year who will provide a defensive presence we did not have this year. By the end of next season, Wesley will look like the Morris' at the end of Sophomore season, unpolished with flashes of brilliance. Robinson will punish opposing teams on the boards and will shoot 68% since half his shots will be dunks. It may not be a dominant front-court nationally but will be one of the best in the Big10/12.


Torisen 3 years ago

Just having fun here, but say everyone comes back... say you want to give Marcus, Markieff and Robinson all 30+ minutes a game. That would mean they'd have to play together... starting lineup of TT, Selby, Marcus, Markieff & T-Rob? Say that lineup of bigs is out there for 10 minutes per game, and the rest of the time you have 2 out of 3 on the floor. EJ as a sixth, with TT, Selby, EJ and 2 of the bigs on the floor very frequently. And tons of additional talent pushing to break in and grab minutes.

Don't think it's likely to happen, but it sounds like a fun team to watch!


Sally Presson 3 years ago

I was really afraid T-Rob and Tyshawn were gone, thank you guys so much for deciding to come back, you won't regret it!!! 100 said it all, it's going to be a great year next year, hope we have everybody back!!!


BigTimeJayhawk 3 years ago

Can anyone see TROB having a year kind of similar to the one Derrick Williams had this year? Minus the 3-pt range?


REHawk 3 years ago

Tyshawn, play with the focus and intensity which you displayed after the suspension, and the sky is the limit for your professional future! It is tremendously reassuring to Kansas fans to read that you and Thomas are returning. Without the twins, the two of you represent a solid nucleus on which Coach Self can build another league and endofseason run.


Andrew Moore 3 years ago

Next seasons starters assuming no more commitments:

Tyshawn Taylor Elijah Johnson Travis Releford Thomas Robinson Jeff Withey

key subs: Naadir Tharpe Ben McLemore Justin Wesley (the post is a big-time weakness)

Now, lets think about the scenario in which the twins + selby come back:

Tyshawn, Selby, Releford, Morrii --- Trob, Elijah, Tharpe, McLemore and Withey off the bench. Don't forget we have Teahan and Royce Woolridge just hanging out on the bench.

That lineup smells like a national champion ---> not likely to happen! The more likely scenario is we pick up a few more recruits. Which may or may not include Deandre Daniels and Otto Porter. Daniels is a 3 guard, not a PF. He is a tall shooter (think Jordan Hamilton). Porter is a PF, though a little skinny, he is the more important target in my opinion.

I think we play small a lot next season. Tyshawn, Elijah, McLemore, (hopefully) Daniels and Tharpe in the backcourt and Releford, Robinson and Withey in the frontcourt. Its all speculation but its fun to think about.


RockChalk26 3 years ago

Wow! What great news to start my Thursday!


SaulGood 3 years ago

This is fantastic news on both counts. I was really impressed, like a lot of people, at Tyshawn's turnaround. Thomas will wreak some serious havoc in the paint. I hope he and Withey spend a lot of time working out in the paint for Withey's aggressiveness.

See you on the Naismith floor next season! Work hard this summer!


Martin Rosenblum 3 years ago

This just in.....

I would like to formally announce that I ,Memhawk, am not entering the NBA draft. I will continue in my current status for another year.

Just to clear up any questions.


JHawk74 3 years ago

I think it is good that Selby is in Las Vegas. It may show him that he is not NBA ready and come back to Kansas to be motivated to work hard and get better. He has good skills but very unpredictable. He reminds me of Taylor. Both are very athletic and game changers but never consistent. I would like Selby to return but he is also replaceable. Morris Twins should go. Not sure they will increase their draft status.


hawkmaster 3 years ago

KU's post presence will be a big issue next season. Assuming the twins are gone, Withey will almost be a starter by default (unless BS elects to go with 4 guards), along with TRob. I'm not sure why KU had such a weak recruiting class for next 2011 season (only #91 rated PG Tharpe and recent signee #17 McLemore). KU is not ranked in Rivals top 30 2011 recruiting classes, but estimated to be around #45 in recruiting class among all NCAA teams. KU whiffed on most of the guys it went after. There is not much left out there now, the best 2011 recruits have been committed for a long time. Out of the top 150 recruits for 2011, only 12 remain uncommitted (and most of those are guards). KU is still after #9 rated Daniels (6'8", 180 lbs), Duke is now recruiting him hard at the last minute. But if he comes to KU he will not be thick enough to start on the blocks his freshmen year. Lets face it, even if KU lands McLemore and Daniels, these were two recruits that most of the major teams did not want because of attitude, grades eligibility, they are a risk - - there is a reason they were still available this late. Of the remaining 150 top recruits, the only big men left besides Daniels are #84 rated Henry from Dallas (6'8", 195 lb, again undersized in weight and KU has not offered him and is not on his list), #97 rated Otto Porter 6'8, 190 lbs (out of Sikeston, Missouri - list of KU,Mizzou and Georgetown, probably undersized to start next year for KU), #131 rated Hubert out of NJ, but KU is not recruiting him. In the past 8 weeks KU has started recruiting Braeden Anderson hard (6'8", 220 lbs), probably the only guy big enough to start for KU immediately, he is a sleeper and came on his senior year but now has KU, AZ, KY, and others after him (reportedly very interested in KY also). He is a Canadian attending Wilbraham Academy in Mass. He is not rated by, but clear he is a major recruit. That is it pretty much for big men. If KU can land Anderson, KU will have met an immediate need for next year, but without him KU will have to play small next year unless Withey develops over the summer or KU can steal some minutes with last year transfer 6'8" Justin Wesley (brother of Keith Langford who played at KU) playing down low.


fareasthawk 3 years ago

Getting TRob back is the best news of the offseason. We would be hurting in the post w/o him. He's set for a breakout yr. He has the potential to dominate a la Derrick Williams. With one more yr under Manning, it should happen.
The Twins really need to go. I would love for them to stay and maybe playing together for one more year is worth it to them. But their draft stock isn't going to get much higher. Plus, they've done what they needed to do in college (well, minus the degree and NC). They have improved greatly since their freshman yr and done so much for the team. It's time. I wish them well.
I hope TT can play all year like he did in the post season. He was so inconsistent for most of the season and now that we have seen he how he can play I hope he doesn't regress. He needs to nail those floaters. During the year people made references to him playing like Rondo. It's a stretch, but he's shown glimpses of greatness. I'm not sure what to think about Selby. I don't think it's a for sure sign that he's leaving by working out in Vegas. He's just trying to get an idea where he stands. If anything it gets him more familiar with the scouts for the future. I really don't see how any scout could watch any of his game film from this year and think he's ready for the NBA. However, they draft so many people on potential. He does have tremendous potential, but will it be realized? With one more year where he's healthy, plays every game, and is used to the college game he could be great. I think he has the potential to be a lottery pick in the future. I'm not saying he will...but there's potential. If he leaves I am not really sure it will hurt us as a team. We have enough guards. That being said, I do hope he stays and shows us why he was such a high recruit. He needs to do whatever Kemba did last summer.


jmuench 3 years ago

I really find the crap that Marc Spears wrote about the twins being in Los Angeles, quite funny. I follow both the twins on twitter, and Marcus was in Houston for the Wooden All American dinner all weekend when the story came out, and then he was back to class on the fourth. I also have a buddy in a class of theirs and he said that Marcus was in class on thursday So I do not know how Marcus was out partyin' in LA, and then hitched a flight to Houston for the dinner. I think if they do come back, then it will have to do with them having never been seperated before; still I think them coming back is quite a long shot. But, I'm prayin for some good news here in the next few days!


jmartens007 3 years ago

It's funny that Taylor thought he had to make a formal announcement that he was going to come back for his senior season. What else was he going to do? Go and skip his senior season to enter the Draft into Turkey's league? He sure as hell wasn't getting drafted into the NBA this year.


jhawkr 3 years ago

If TRob can stay out of foul trouble most games, he has the true potential to be an all-time rebounding champion. If Taylor improves as much as he did in the 2nd half of the season we are only missing more BIGS at this point for another run. Withey showed zero improvement this year so I know we can't count on him ..............

Thanks for one more years guys !!


ny05ks08 3 years ago

I have the uneasy feeling that TT will cost us a game in the tournament, like Collins did in 2010. Hopefully it will just be a feeling...


mispay4ku 3 years ago

:) Great news!! So happy TRob is sticking around; I think he has everything it takes to be a leader. And TT coming back is icing on the already sweet cake! RCJH.


jayhawker_97 3 years ago

absolutely wise decisions, guys!! fans really appreciated what you just did here. we have faith you won't disappoint us next season!!


eslice 3 years ago

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Lebowski 3 years ago

I think almost everyone is WAAAAAAAAY underestimating the role the threat of a lockout is having on recruits' decisions. Players all over the nation are announcing they are staying for a reason. And it's not because they hate money.

If Sullinger and the rest of the stud underclassmen that have announced they are staying are any indication, then I see the twins staying.

What good is a shallow draft class this year going to do if there is no season and no paycheck?


HawkKlaw 3 years ago

I'm glad they'll both be back at KU next season. Tyshawn will bring senior leadership at the point (hopefully he's learned from his mistakes) and TRob will dominate in the paint. That makes losing the twins a little less devastating, if they do go pro. Rock chalk!


ny05ks08 3 years ago

I am so glad TRob returning, not so sure about what TT will be next year, given the instability and poor shooting of him the last 3 yrs. I hope Selby will be back. Anyway, whatever team we have, it will be better than VCU this year, so we should expect them to play into at least FF next season.


redlegger 3 years ago

Tyshawn is the Man!

Words can't describe TRob!

You two are some bad-ass Jayhawks!



kirkhinrichflow 3 years ago

could these 2 persuade the twins for one more run?


Jeff Kilgore 3 years ago

Because of his special circumstance, it's very humbling to see Robinson make this decision. It's also heartening to see the number of Jayhawks here on the board who have put the VCU loss to rest and are excited about next year.

I also agree with one poster above about Tyshawn Taylor's finishing strong. He plays with tremendous heart. Even though he doesn't show his emotions, his hustle is there. Sometimes I think our fanbase misses what he brings to the game.

I know that I am as excited about the future of KU basketball as I have ever been, and that's been awhile. As a boy in the 1960s, I remember getting out of bed before surnrise (in my undies) to fetch the Hutch News to find out late KU scores and other bball scores. I would've gotten dressed, but I was just to excited to know the scores!

RCJH!! Here's to next year!


jayhawkliz 3 years ago

Thrilled T. Rob. and T.T. are staying. Could care less about Selby!


NotWiller 3 years ago

Great, great news! TT made major, major gains in the late season. Props to him and Self's handling of what looked like a volatile but necessary episode. I'm hopeful and positive about his senior campaign, despite being a regular critic in the past.

TRob will dominate. I get goose bumps thinking about him w/ even quicker feet after another off season of working with Manning. Remember how, even in the early season this year, he was just a bit too slow w/ his hands? Hands were twice as fast at the end of the season as they were at the beginning, and I think we're going to see that w/ the feet next year.

Is anyone else looking forward to seeing Releford in action next year? I can't wait!!

My starting 5 is a smaller line up than we're used to, but it would be hella fast: 1: TT 2: Selby (he went to Vegas to gather info, he'll get what he went for, and he'll do the smart thing and come back) 3: Ben 4: Releford (favoring mid-range and longer jumpers over posting up) 5: Trob

This leaves EJ coming off the bench, which I'm not crazy about. EJ did a great job, and I would love to see him play a bigger role next year.

We're definitely loaded on the perimeter.

WITHEY: rock out w/ your #$%^^ out this off season!!! Hudy and Manning are the first two in your speed dial. Protein is your friend. Drills for hand and foot speed are your your destiny!!


FairgroveJayhawk 3 years ago



shinguard 3 years ago

Perhaps there is more to TT than meets the eye. I was not going to be surprised if he decided to transfer. After all, that would have been the logical thing for a person with an over-inflated ego and a self-centered attitude to do. He could have transferred and found a lessor program that would worship him regardless of if he earns that respect. That way he would never have to heard about his own short comings.

As a father of 3, I am always more interested in how my kids react to their own mistakes. Do they ignore them and blame them on something else? Or, do they own up to them and work to improve upon them. What do you do when you get knocked down? ....

Since the suspension, we all noticed a positive change in TT's game. I think he has grown up a ton in the last month. He seems to have learned that when you smell blood, don't try to be a hero. Continue to run the team in manor that got you there.

KU got knocked down in the NCAA all too early. TT spent this whole year getting knocked down (by his own doing - I know). He will be a senior next year and based on his track record of getting back up facing his mistakes, I think he will emerge as a rock and leader.

It does take courage for TT to come back after all his mishaps but I can tell he feels like he can be the leader we all hope to see.

Congrats TT we are proud of you!


lhohman3 3 years ago

TRob is going to lead the Nation in rebounding @ 16.5 per game. Last year he was # 3 Nationally in both Offensive & Defensive Rebound Percentage.


Tony Bandle 3 years ago

1] Regarding the twins, has anyone asked Angel? Something tells me she may have something to say about whatever her boys want to do. 2] A previous poster asked for a starting line-up: Easier said than done but I'll give it a shot. TRob and TT for sure. Travis after a good summer's workout. Since I have seen him play, Ben-Mac will surprise you all [if we can get him to actually be a little more selfish and dominate.] That leaves either Withey or Daniels if he comes. 3] I am sure all of you can come up with any number of variations. 4] Then again, let's go guard- TT,Elijah,Josh, Ben-Mac and TRob. :}


kufan10 3 years ago

Great news guys!!! Now lets at least talk Selby into comin back... the kids got outstanding potential and I'd love to see him live up to it, and then head out and make his money! Maybe the morris twins too if they haven't got all their stuff bought for em in LA, which I'm sure they have... Haha, Thanks again, and can't wait to wo watch next year... RCJH!


weegee 3 years ago

This makes me ecstatic.


Phogz 3 years ago

Good job TT and TR!

Excited to watch you guys for another season!


Jocelyn Kennedy 3 years ago

Yay!!! Woohoo!!!! Yippeeeee!!!! Wise move, men. T-Rob's my hero and I was just waiting to see what decision Tyshawn made to see how mature he is. I have every confidence both will work hard this summer and make us all proud next year running up and down AFH!!! Can't wait!


Steve Gantz 3 years ago

Now if TT can visit a shrink during the offseason so his head is right. Glad about TRob, really thought he needed another year. As for the Twins, I think they're gone, but maybe this will inspire them to come back and change the bad memories of UNI and VCU.


Ashwin Rao 3 years ago

I won't mind if the Morris Bros decide to leave. They did their share (Thanks, BTW), and somehow, even though we won games, we were not the usual Kansas side while they were in the team. It is nice to have a chip on your shoulder, but first order of business is to win games the right way. We were into so many distractions (mugging players during games, verbally attacking opponents before and during the game etc... I am not blaming Morris Brothers solely because that spread to others as well, including Morningstar). I agree that this is a competitive game, but good teams, with talent don't resort to those tactics. I am very excited with what the next year will bring us. With TROB & Tyshawn back, and with a true PG... we will be hard to beat!


treed14ku 3 years ago

I thought Bonnie was going to get fired. Did any of you see the women's national title? The two star players for A&M were from KC. Bonnie can't even recruit her own backyard. Zenger needs to get it together.


treed14ku 3 years ago

I thought Bonnie was going to get fired. Did any of you see the women's national title? The two star players for A&M were from KC. Bonnie can't even recruit her own backyard. Zenger needs to get it together.


Krohnutz 3 years ago

I'm stoked now baby.

Have to say that TT was probably the most improved of any player I can remember, and it sounds like he and TRob are stoked for next season.

Off topic, I just jogged home from work for like the first time in what feels like seventy years. I think I coughed up a lung somewhere. But this news made it aaaaaaall better.


Robert Murphy 3 years ago

If the twins were half as smart.


GabrielMichael 3 years ago

Great news guys! We are thrilled to have you back!

Now call your buddy Josh and tell him' we are getting the band back together'!!!


Robert Robinson 3 years ago

These are my favorite type if players. No offense to the Morris twins, Aldrich and so on, but the guys that stick around and keep suiting up in the crimson and blue are what I love about jayhawk basketball. I don't blame 20 year old kids for leaving for millions but remember guys, these are the best years of your life. Take as much in as you can. Its very easy to go from college hero to NBA zero.

That being said. Thanks for the commitment to your team and your fans fellas!


Dyrk Dugan 3 years ago

excellent news! they sound like they're very committed....TT was outstanding after his's kicked in...and TRob just needs to develop consistency....but with all he went through this year, it definitely is a tribute to him, to have as much production as he had.

now, we just need the twins to commit to another more year of more year to get to that Final 4 and a chance for the title!

Go Jayhawks!


guithawk 3 years ago

When you all are thinking about next year don't forget we have Conner Teahan coming back from his redshirt year. We are gonna win it all next year.


Greg Lux 3 years ago

The Lord works in mysterious ways .. Now let's see if he has another special gift for us

Rock Chalk


tomkeegslovechild 3 years ago

Glad T-Rob and Tyshawn are coming back... we are still in trouble unless we get some depth down low. We need D. Daniels and maybe a juco big to help out.


jayhawkbymarriage 3 years ago

Great news! Thanks T-Rob and TT. I would love to see the twins back but it is unlikely to happen. I am anxious to see if Selby can do more than he did this season. But wonder if his Vegas workouts and such will put him at risk for another suspension. We need him all season or not at all. If the twins were already out and about possibly on an agent's dime in California, as has been reported, they are already done.

No matter what I am a Jayhawk fan! I trust HCBS will put together a great team.


sreigle 3 years ago

Excellent! Two good "keeps" that will represent our University well!


MimiHawk 3 years ago

Another year of watching T-Rob - THE best looking man in college hoops !!!


Troll_or_AntiTroll 3 years ago

How come nobody's listed a projected starting 5 yet? I love it when you guys do that.


KU_alum_2001 3 years ago

TRob and TT, thank you! You can rest easy knowing that Jayhawks everywhere will be in your corner again next year with far better support than any other program's fans.

As for the Morris Bros, I believe they will leave and the wording above would suggest that... BUT...



Sullinger has said he'll stay; Hamilton and Thompson have said they'll stay; and now Zeller and Henson say they're staying so...

anything is possible. I mean I still doubt they stay but... After all, they'll be the Top 2 picks in the draft at the rate things are going now. Ha ha... but seriously, who thought that Sullinger, Hamilton, and Henson would stick around??? It does kind of suck, though, because if we lose the twins and other teams keep their stars, it's going to make it that much more of an uphill battle next year. Then again, UNC, UT, and OSU aren't mid-majors so maybe we'll be just fine. Sighhhh....


woodscolt 3 years ago

There isn't a guard in the country we could bring in that would be more valuable to us than taylor. There isn't a better big (than Robinson) available in the country . Selby is just praying that he can do well in workouts and improve his stock into the first round. Bet the thought of coming back to KU after his disastrous year is terrorizing to him. The twins are long gone. They are just taken care of some business before they say farewell.

Only thing that would change things is if the NBA has a lockout. The timing on that will be bad. Won't happen soon enough to make a difference.

Hawks will have less depth but will put a formidable 6 or 7 on the court. Withey needs to have a morris twins summer or he will just be a good role player but not a force. Gohawks


PhogAdvisory 3 years ago

I'd be lying if I said I didn't do a little computer-chair-dance when I read the headline. No real surprise about TT, but I was a bit nervous about TRob, given his family situation. Glad to have them both back and already excited about next season.

Now guys, for your first off-season workout: get some FOE magic goin' and talk the others into sticking around, too. It's bad enough that we're losing our Kansas guards, don't make us lose our twins, too!

In other news: Approx. 191 days till Late Night. XD


Justin Carlson 3 years ago

Sweet T-ROB is the center of this team points rebounds and emotional leader!!

TT will have is best year yet!!!

And by the way, HEY BILL CAN Travis Releford play next year? I was just wondering if you could find a way to get him in the rotation now that we got rid of 3 seniors you felt like you had to play all 3 even though TR should have played in front both BM and ML!


SNOWWIS 3 years ago


I have a HUGE Man-Crush on T-ROB. I have been waiting on this news all week. He is going to be a major stud this year.

Tyshaun was looking great at the end of the year. Keep working on that drive and dish TT.


Kevin Studer 3 years ago

With TRob, plus the wings and backcourt we'll have next year, this will be another great year!


KEITHMILES05 3 years ago

These two young men have grown up to be men's men. I'm proud of them! TRob has gone through so much this year it's difficult to understand how he has continued to go forward. Bless his heart.........AND.....Tyshawn has had his problems but tackled them head on to the point of learning the hard way and being a man again. Keep on going guys!


BCRavenJHawkfan 3 years ago

Please forgive me regarding what I'm thinking about all this "news'. Those thoughts involve Julian Wright.


jhwkfan162515 3 years ago

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misfire 3 years ago

A great nucleus to build on for next year! Thanks, Tyshawn and TRob!


lhohman3 3 years ago

TRob's dedication to KU given the year he's had is akin to Bo Kimble's Left Handed Tribute to Hank Gathers. My prediction is that he will be a TOP 5 Pick in the next NBA Draft if he plays like he is capable of --- and Tyshawn will be a late-first rounder.....Best news I've heard all week. COME BACK SELBY!!!! WE NEED YOU TOO!!!!


justinryman 3 years ago

This is great news not only for KU fans but for coach Self, Thomas and Tyshawn. This team will grow with them leading it and they too will grow from it being around the program one more year.

Glad to see things looking up.

Jayhawk For Life (J.F.L.)


irussell 3 years ago

So glad to have you back for another great season! You give your fans so much!


bradynsdad 3 years ago

I think with all the love the jayhawk nation showed trob this year he felt he needed to come back as a thank you. With the twins probably leaving Taylor knew he would be the voice of this team. Lets hope he makes even bigger strides then when he came back from suspension. I would like to see the effort he gave during the Texas title game everytime on the court.


Thomas Michaud 3 years ago

There's a good score for Self and the team as a whole ... not recruiting a homerun, but a huge score nonetheless in returning experience and to be mentors for the incoming recruits.


jayhawkinATL 3 years ago

Welcome back, guys!!! TRob - may you truly have an enjoyable college experience next so deserve it!!!


Jeremy Bolinger 3 years ago

Way to step the F up and finally be a leader Taylor. I love the comment he made about being pissed off. You can tell this team next season, as well as coach Self, will play with a huge chip on their shoulder. Good Lord I wish late night were tomorrow. This would be awesome!


Dickless Head 3 years ago

Great news. I think Selby is gone but I still think the Twins are coming back. Preseason top 3 next season.


blackhawkjayhawk 3 years ago

If I were the Morris twins......return for your senior year and win an NC.....make a package deal with a European team for 1 or 2 years - live large, travel overseas, see the world....return to the NBA post-draft and negotiate another package your money....pick a great community in which to play and the dream


bg_duck1 3 years ago

Man I thought Tyshawn was going to the draft for sure


JRandall 3 years ago

Some Great News.. Thanks TT and TRob.


BewareOfThePhogOnTheWater 3 years ago

This is great news! We are really happy to have you both back next year. Can't wait to watch you in AFH and the tournament. Rock Chalk Jayhawk F.O.E.


Fred Davis 3 years ago

I'm happy for both of these young men, and while I think most expect T-Rob to be even more of a beast next season, the real question is what kind of Tyshawn are we going to get next year. If he keeps his head on straight, the kid could have a special year... But I think we've been asking for a full season of a level-headed Tyshawn for three years now... Maybe the fourth year - after getting embarrassed by VCU on National TV - will be the charm...


kltbadboyz 3 years ago

Thank goodness TRob will be back. If the twins leave, the team needs to build around TRob. Josh Selby would be a fool to leave. No one has been drafted first round shooting 37% fg. He needs to learn a lesson from TRob.


Jacobpaul81 3 years ago

Selby won't leave. Markieff and Marcus will not hurt themselves with one more year of college. If anything, they could improve their draft number. It's still very likely they will return, especially with this announcement. Add Releford, EJ, Royce and the new recruits, and KU will enter the season #1. If Marcus or Markieff or both jump, that just opens up another spot or two for Bill to recruit bigs. He already has 2 spots to fill and a list of 7-8 players he's trying to get to fill them.


hawksfan08 3 years ago

Call me crazy but I think the way taylor finished the season, if he keeps his head on (big if) he can contend for all big 12 honors. And robinson will obviously improve even more under Manning.

The twins not being mentioned in here, and Trob saying he's assuming a leadership role makes me think they're gone.


KUlancer 3 years ago

Really glad about this decision, even if it's not a surprise. I'm excited to see how Tyshawn performs next year, considering how much he improved after returning from suspension. TRob will be a monster - good opportunity to polish his offensive game and (somehow) get bigger. RCJH


d_prowess 3 years ago

I think this means the Twins are gone. They would have announced together (FOE after all) if they were all staying. The twins probably announce their entrance in the draft tomorrow so Taylor and TRob have their day in the media today.


Hank Cross 3 years ago

Great news. Even if Selby leaves, there are still the fixings for a S16 team if we can get another big.


DXJhawk 3 years ago

Great news - I think both players have a chance to play themselves into decent draft positions with great years. Definately want to see TRob succeed with a monster year.


Mark Wooden 3 years ago

Thanks Thomas. You have had to become a man way to soon in your life. You are the rock that this team needs next year.


phog 3 years ago

did they get a pay raise ?


John Sheehan 3 years ago

Solid - T-Rob's statement says it all about what to root for next year.

TT has chance to be special if he plays like he did after suspension.


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