Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oregon prep star dumps Washington for Kentucky


— The wait is over.

On the last day of the signing period for the 2010 class, Portland, Ore., basketball standout Terrence Jones ended a long and unusual courtship with the Huskies on Wednesday night when he reneged on a verbal committed and signed recruiting papers to play at Kentucky next season.

The Louisville (Ky.) Courier-Journal reported that Jones signed financial aid scholarship papers. The Wildcats have not made an announcement.

Losing the 6-foot-9 forward and two-time Oregon Class 5A Player of the Year at Jefferson High is another major recruiting defeat for Washington, the second one to Kentucky.

Five-star prospect Enes Kanter, who verbally committed to the Huskies in November, backed away from Washington and signed with Kentucky.

Jones committed to Washington on April 30 at a news conference at his high school, but spent the next 20 days making sure it was the correct decision, according to his advisers.

His mother, Linda Maisha-Jones, said Jones visited Seattle on Tuesday and spoke with coach Lorenzo Romar.

Jones said he wanted to play for Romar, remain close to home and reunite with former Jefferson teammate Terrence Ross, a UW signee.

Kentucky's attraction, however, overcame everything else. Securing Jones to a recruiting group that had been ranked No. 2 in the country by softens the blow of losing five players, including All-American freshman John Wall.

The Huskies end the recruiting season much like they began it: missing on a prized recruit.

In November, Washington hoped to land Kentwood High star big man Joshua Smith, who chose UCLA.

The Huskies signed Desmond Simmons, a 6-7 forward from Richmond, Calif., junior college transfer Aziz N'Diaye, a 7-foot center from Dakar, Senegal, and Ross.

Jones would have elevated a recruiting class described as "solid" into the top 25 in the country, according to recruiting analyst Evan Daniels.

With Jones, the Huskies would have been the early preseason favorite to win the Pac-10 conference title and many believe Washington was poised to make another deep run in the NCAA tournament.

Last year, UW (26-10) finished in the Sweet 16 and ranked No. 21 in the ESPN/USA Today coaches poll.

The team lost one starter, senior Quincy Pondexter, and two reserves, Elston Turner and Clarence Trent, who chose to transfer.

College basketball analysts rank Washington between No. 7 and No. 23 in preseason polls.

The higher rankings hinged upon the Huskies signing Jones, who is rated the ninth-best senior by ESPNU. He's ranked 13th by and rates him the No. 2 power forward in the country.

Jones averaged 32 points, 13 rebounds, five assists and three blocks as a senior while leading Jefferson to a third straight state championship last season.

He was expected to replace Pondexter in a lineup, but now a handful of players, including Simmons, will contend for the starting job.


BringBackNike 10 years ago

At first you chose UW over KU, and I was fine with that. Now you back out of your verbal with Washington to play for King Grease Ball at Kentucky? I instantly don't like you and think you are trash. I hope we see you in the tourney! This story makes me sick.

Corey Shideler 10 years ago

Well there is a definite benefit to him choosing UK. He will never ever have to study. Because Calipari could care less about academics. He belongs in the NBA, where he sucks (72-112). He is a slippery cheat with no class and no real loyalty. But ESPN thinks he is god.

Dyrk Dugan 10 years ago

i agree. i could handle this, with him staying home and playing at UW.

we got him to visit..and at the time, i said that's all we could hope for. sounds like the kid should have come here from the start...then we wouldn't have had all of this drama.

so now, he shirks the home school.....and picks the salesman. sad.

i hope we play them next HAS to happen...tee he.

rcjh22 10 years ago

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cklarock 10 years ago

When he didn't sign his agreement right away, he left the door open for Calipari, and apparently, Cal was in his ear immediately about "breaking hearts" with his choice. A nice little guilt trip slung by the most famous used-car-salesman in America.

Good luck, kid. I think Washington was probably the better choice, but here's to hoping it works out for you.

ldjayhawk 10 years ago

I am really confused with this Mr. Jones. I hope he can develop his personality and value along the way so that he can make his own decision. Clearly he compromised to many people in this UW/UK sega. I agree with many, that it's sad story in our beloved college bball when someone choose home school for salesman.

The only thing Kentucky stands out from other elite programs is their lowness of standard.

jaybate 10 years ago

"If something looks like a turd, smells like a turd, and steps in like a turd, then no amount of polish can make it not seem like a turd, whether it really is a turd, or not." --Doktor Wilhelm Scheiss, Chairman, Bavarian Institute for Advanced Scatology

Justin Lindsley 10 years ago

Calipari the used car salesman has done it again. I hope the NCAA is keeping a close eye on that guy. I wouldn't want to live my whole life looking over my shoulder to see if I am going to get caught.

orygunhawk 10 years ago

You raise up your head And you ask, "Is this where it is?" And somebody points to you and says "Its his" And you say, "What's mine?" And somebody else says, "Where what is?" And you say, "Oh my God Am I here all alone?"

But something is happening here But you don't know what it is Do you, Mister Jones?

Tony Bandle 10 years ago

Why Calipari will never go to the NBA:

1] He has the ultimate sucker in the University of Kentucky. He will use "the threat" of jumping to the NBA to rework and up his contract EVERY year.

2] The blindly and patholgically committed fans of Big Blue Nation have no conscience and will take victories any way possible. [If any of you so the movie, "The Box" I guarantee virtually every Wildcat fan would open it, thus killing a stranger, if it assured them of a National Championship.]

3] The NCAA is either too weak, too scared, too stupid or all of the above to come down on this slimeball.

4] If he goes to the NBA he's just another suit on the sidelines. At the college level, he is the big fish in a small pond.

5] His OAD program assures top recruits top NBA training, amazing coverage and a minimum of classwork.

Much against the general feeling among most people, fellow posters, I think Mr. [I refuse to call him coach] Calipari is going to be around to irritate us all for a long, long time!!

Jeremy Wilhelm 10 years ago

I mostly agree with you except on one account: Calipari has yet to show he can take his A-list talent teams and make them into national champions. I believe this is mostly due to the fact that he can't coach his way out of a paper bag, be it in practice or during a game... the 2008 Memphis team is exhibit A here. Kentucky fans ran off Tubby Smith (who actually won one for them back in 1998). If Calipari stays true to his form and doesn't win one, he'll be run out of town faster than he can flash that 'winning' smile of his.

RockChalkGuy 10 years ago

Since the author is from the Seattle times, I understand that the primary focus is on UW, however, it's impossible to ignore the elephant in the room. Calimari tampered, cheated, and stole. He's an absolute embarrassment to the coaching profession.

Why is the NCAA allowing this to continue? He's like the Kim Jong-Il of coaching. He's just fine with kicking anyone in the nards and then telling them he didn't do it.

Liars can only run for so long.

100 10 years ago

Apparently the kid won't sign a Letter with UK but he's signed paperwork for a Grant in Aid. Brandon Knight did the same thing, saying his parents said it was "wise", but doesn't understand why. Both are technically available to switch schools if Turgeon or anyone else wants to do to Calipari what he does to others.

gchawk 10 years ago

As Berta on 2 1/2 Men stated: "You can roll manure in powdered sugar but it still ain't a jelly donut"! No matter how good of player this kid is, it's doubtful he'll ever have class. There's no one out there that deserves this kid more than kentucky, he'll undoubtably fit right in. My one big desire right now is that we get the opportunity to play kentucky this upcoming season.

Kye Clark 10 years ago

Oakville - all very excellent points. I'd say there atleast a couple of reasons why he might someday bolt:

1] Money. We know Cal values this above all else, and the NBA can afford to pay their coaches more. Now UK can definitely afford to pay him quite a bit, but maybe some foolish owner throws an absurd amount of money at him. The Nets' owner fits the profile, although its less likely now that they only have the #3 pick in the draft and won't land John Wall. Cleveland could be a possibility. I don't think their owner is all that foolish, but that town needs to do whatever it can to keep Lebron. If bringing in Cal would keep him there, I would imagine they'd back up the Brinks truck.

2] Ego. I'm not confusing this with competitiveness, because I think winning is definitely secondary to Cal. However, he failed in his first crack at the League, and you'd have to figure the guy has a pretty high opinion of himself. Will his ego let him always wonder if that was as good as he could do?

3] Connections. He already has ties to WWW & Lebron, and the longer he coaches at Kentucky the more former players he'll have in the League. So at some point the right combination might come along.

4] Legacy. You can tie this into ego & connections. If at some point Cal decides he wants to repair the NBA portion of his legacy, who better to help him accomplish that than Lebron?

5] NCAA sanctions. While you may be right that "the NCAA is either too weak, too scared, too stupid or all of the above to come down on this slimeball", it hasn't stopped them from coming down on his former schools. He has simply been able to high-tail it out of Dodge. I don't know if he'd be inclined to stay in Lexington if the possibility of post-season play is taken away. If he feels the noose tightening while at UK, he may decide to jump to the NBA, as any other coaching job available to him on the college level would be a step down.

6] Expectations. UK fans are riding high after floundering during the Billy Gillispie years. However, this is the same institution that forced Tubby Smith out, and he had brought them a championship. If Cal fails to get to a Final Four for a few more years, or if he fails to bring them a championship after X number of years, I could definitely see UK fans turning on him, and him tiring of being in such a high pressure situation.

I'm not disputing that Cal is in an ideal situation for him, and that it would take a special combination of things happening to pull him away. If he goes to the NBA and fails again, he would have to return to the collegiate ranks and accept a job worse than the one he has now (assuming UK wouldn't take him back). However, I can see a situation arising where he makes the jump.

100 10 years ago

Icthawk: in some ways, the Jersey owner might be more interested than ever in the Calipari/Wes/Leon/Lebronization of Brooklyn. The reason is precisely that he didn't get Wall so he'll go a pretty poor #3 pick. So it's time for the 60 Billion dollar man to make a splash, or at least a flush so to speak.

Since NJ owner Prokokookpuffov doesn't know anything about American basketball or ethics for that matter, he may as well hire Calipari for 15 billion and see if, for Cal's first "Inside job" for the Russian owner, the squid, using his biggest Worldwide Wes voice, can simply get a moment with Lebron in the PitinoRoom (the WC), the squid can clear his throat to the next stall, saying, "sorry you're out of toilet paper, here's mine, pardon my mess, the stress is catching up to my Largies," while sliding a wad of 10 Billion dollar bills under the table, er toilet, and under-over the NBA salary cap in a quantum-oops where did that 10 billion bucks go kind of way, therefore, WorldWide-Wesheshiring Lebron to Joysee, er Brokeland.

Michael Bratisax 10 years ago

This is exactly the type of player who plays for Calipari and exactly the type of player we do not need at Kansas. Coach Cal and Kentucky are a perfect fit for each other. Hopefully this year will work out as last year's should have; with Kansas beating Kentucky in the championship game.

Kevin Studer 10 years ago

I know Jones is just a kid and bound to make poor decisions, but I for one will be laughing hysterically if Cal and Lebron jump to Chicago this season. No sympathy, kid. Everyone knows what Calipari is. You should, too.

100 10 years ago

I think Terrence is fine if Cal does go OAD at UK. He'll just go to UW. Afterall he won't sign a letter for exactly that reason, he's free as a bird.

jchief40 10 years ago

I don't like Jones for the simple fact he made it obvious by the flat billed caps. Loser.

rges 10 years ago

well i dont know what to say other than... how much money did Calapari give Jones for him to change that commitment? i dont know how much more obvious king sleeze ball Calapari can make it to the NCAA that he is a cheating lying dirt bag that is killing the game. cant wait for him to leave what used to be a first class program run by Tubby Smith and leave it in ruins like he did UMASS and Memphis

Sparko 10 years ago

Ka-ching! Calipari isn't even subtle about breaking the rules these days. This was at least tampering. At worst? Cali-money.

okiedave 10 years ago

Give Jones a break -- lots of choices and he is simply young and inexperienced at wise decision making. Galipari is another matter - once the kid committed, Calipari should have left him alone and allowed the kid to stick to his decision. This ultimately will be a simmering decaying problem next year at Kentucky. Both Jones and Calipari will reqret this -- Jones will regret this decision and feel pressured and Calipari will reap the whirlwind.

BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years ago

Hmmmm. Maybe those people that sniped when he selected Washington could smell the turd within the kitty litter. Amazing what the under-the-table bennies will do.

jaybate 10 years ago

"Thursday Burnt Ends"

} Its official: Terrence Jones wins the 2010 Xavier Henry/Lance Stephenson Award For Most Fickle Recruit this off-season. Bob Knight's "Coaches Fighting Hemorrhoids" organization started the award, after last off'-season's melodramas.

} If Dana Altman doesn't start signing someone pretty quick, Phil Knight is going to have him fired before Alt coaches one game.

} Barry "The Barbecuing Deacon" Hinson has a jaw nearly as square as Bill Self's. Is it called Okie Jaw?

} Danny Manning reputedly is sweating bullets about coaching Zach Peters. Seems Danny M has no protocol for coaching a freshman big with a fully developed physique.

} How many think Terrence Jones will be Cal's first four year letterman?

} Ben Howland has been flying under radar for quite some time now. Either he has been quietly amassing a terrific core class, or he is a Dead Bruin Walking.

} Things have gotten a little too exciting this off season in college basketball. Isn't it about time to bring Del Harris to do some commentary and tone it down?

} I have lately been fighting an urge to compose naked at the key board. I believe this has to do with on-going cloud seeding programs intended to modify the climate, HAARP excitement of the ionosphere, my own adverse reaction to the little known science fiction folk music subculture, and to finishing Vernor Vinge's "Rainbows End." But it may just be getting hot in my room.

} Conference names have gotten kind of boring--very last century, if you know what I mean. In the age of XTReme Muscle, we need more aggressive monikers and, if not more aggressive, at least some more contemporary names. Here are some suggested re-namings for existing conferences.

The Infinitely Massive Twelve (fomerly the Big 12)

The Deindustrialized Ten (formerly the Big 10)

The Oil Spill and Hurricane Stricken South East Conference (formerly the SEC)

The Big Hype (formerly the ACC).

The Big No Where (formerly Conference USA)

The Prison Body East (formerly the Big East)

And many, many more.

(Note: All fiction in this jurisdiction. No Malice in the palace.)

David Hodges 10 years ago

I know people are mad that Jones waffled on his decision and to see him end up a UKrap is disappointing but we all need to remember this is a 19 year old KID. No one makes every right decision, especially at that age. In all actuality KU didn't need him anyway. Would have been another year of too much talent. IF you think about it his punishment for his bad decision is not being given the opportunity to actually develop as a player under a solid coach. Choosing a glorified agent as your coach will only get you to the NBA not actually make you a player thats truly ready to be there. (Obviously Wall, Evans, Cousins, and Rose didn't need any coaching so perfect fit i guess) Anyway point being this kid is 19 and will have to live with his decisions for the rest of his life so cut him some slack.

Motownkat 10 years ago

Wheaaaaa! Wheaaaaa! Wheaaaa! Wow! What a bunch of whinners! I could understand UW fans crying about Jones finally making the right decision to choose KENTUCKY, but why are you guys so bitter! It's not like kansas even had a shot at getting him! All he had to do was compare KENTUCKY's tradition, schedule, players and coach to everybody else and the decision was easy. Remember Lamb, for a while you actually thought you could get him too!. The only reason you have Selby is because KENTUCKY chose Knight! Get use to getting KENTUCKY leftovers and learn how to deal with it! By the way, how is 2012 recruiting looking for you? KENTUCKY's already off to great start. Respect our past, fear our future! Go Big Blue!

jaybate 10 years ago

Didn't you mean: Respect our past point-shaving scandals and near death penalties, fear our future forfeits! Blow Boy Blue!

I thought you did. :-)

tstanlick1909 10 years ago

what is there to fear? Kentucky is a high school all star team. Kansas is an elite D-1 program.

We recruit the same caliber guys you do, but ours stay and develop. Kentucky is nothing under Calipari

KU08 10 years ago

How is 2012 recruiting looking? KU's got a rising star in Zach Peters already committed, while UK's got nobody. Try using your brain before posting comments here. This website is clearly too smart for an imbecile like you.

Chris Bailey 10 years ago

So Motownkat,

Did you actually graduate from UK or are you another typical Calipari Slime ball convert? Josh Selby saw the writing on the wall and chose Kansas because he can develop into an even better player under coach Self and his staff. I have nothing against UK, my little brother graduated from there. I hold a doctorate from KU and hold academia in high regard. How about that guy you call a coach? How many of HIS players graduate? How many of his players are paid to play? How long before he bolts and UK is left in the wake of his debacle picking up the pieces and sorting through their share of the Calipari NCAA violations? Trust me they are coming! No one can recruit that well! And don't give me this UK tradition crap Tubby Smith didn't attract that level of talent nor the amount of players to play for “the tradition”. Oh and I forgot we seem to have a pretty good tradition at KU! 5 National Championships I'd say we hold our own year in and out! I hope for UK's sake that he stays because when he goes it will be sad times on campus as the NCAA slaps the hands that fed the slime ball!

Jack Wilson 10 years ago

Getting past Motownkat's pro-Kentucky spin, he's right, we should all respect Kentucky. I think we do. Who doesn't respect Kentucky and their history? One of the greatest programs of all time.

That is what is so puzzling. Kentucky sold out for immediate gratification. It's like using steriods or someone using crack cocaine. Short term gain or short term high, and who cares about the future (or the repercussions). I/we do not respect Calipari, his methods, his ethics, his history. Kentucky sold its soul because it was performing below its standards and wanted a quick return. When that occurs, when there is no foundation, or if the foundation is built on sand, the house will eventually crumble. It is just a matter of time.

Choose a coach like Bill Self, or Roy Williams, or Tom Izzo, or Jim Boeheim, or Mike Krzyzewski .. you have character, you have a foundation, you have a program and a coach you can be proud of.

Choose the dark side, choose Calipari, and sure, you will have success. But at what cost? The house of cards will fall. It's not a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when."

David Hodges 10 years ago

Is it just me or are UK fans the only people that decide to troll around and post incitefull comments to messageboards? This to me just proves that the future coach of Lebron and the Chicago Bulls is truely a perfect fit at Kentucky. His caliber of class and dignity are right in line with the UK fanbase that continues to visit us here.

Alan Williams 10 years ago


when UK's 'leftovers" is the rivals #1 ranked player...i'm ok with that...Selby is better than Knight

KY_Cats1 10 years ago

As per the usual, another story about the Wildcats here on this site. It is like clockwork. The Cats do something big and a lesser program website picks it up. We in Big Blue Nation again thank you for your support!

The top recruiting classes in 2009, 2010, and already for 2011. Coach Cal again proves he is the greatest coach and recruiter in the game today. All other coaches bow before his greatness. Add that to the greatest program in NCAA history and the future is so bright for the Cats that all the wannabes can only hate.

Haters hate and winners win. Keep on hatin' haters while UK continues to rule the college basketball world.

Go Big Blue!!!

tstanlick1909 10 years ago

I don't remember Bill Self bowing to Calipari after the 08 championship game, yeah, don't remember that at all. I remember Calipari showing everyone just how badly his teams are coached during real basketball situations.

I'd like to see you justify your claim that Calipari is the best coach in the country. Players that go to his school leave the same as they came in. He has never developed a player in his career. He uses dirty recruiting to get kids to come in, lets them do what they want on and off the court without any regard, and ships them off to the NBA so he can get the next year's crop.

Enjoy your recruiting battles that you win, because they're pretty much the only thing Kentucky has to hang their hat on at the end of a season. That, and that oh so coveted SEC crown.

KU08 10 years ago

Greatest recruiter - absolutely (if you overlook his methods).

Greatest coach - laughable. Come on, do you really think a guy who only has two vacated final fours to his name plus a lousy NBA career is the "greatest coach... in the game"?

No one here hates Kentucky, just its coach, although hate is a pretty strong word. I just love to hate Calipari.

mojayhawk 10 years ago

Aw gee. We're so in awe of you cats.

P.S. Say hi to worldwidewes for us.

Lance Hobson 10 years ago

I don't get it. First UK fans rail on him for not picking them, now he changes his mind. UK has got to be doing something very shady here to be stealing guys away who have already verbally commited.

VegasJhawk09 10 years ago

Jaybate! You are freekin hilarious! Course you probly know this. Thanks for entertaining in your own special way!

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