Originally published May 14, 2010 at 03:46a.m., updated May 14, 2010 at 03:31p.m.

KU football player dismissed from team after attempted armed robbery Friday morning

Kansas players Jamal Greene, center, Randell Dent Jr., left, and Patrick Dorsey run through a drill in practice on Friday at Memorial Stadium.

Kansas players Jamal Greene, center, Randell Dent Jr., left, and Patrick Dorsey run through a drill in practice on Friday at Memorial Stadium.


KU football player dismissed after arrest

Two former KU football players were arrested Friday morning after an attempted armed robbery.


Vernon Brooks


Jamal Greene

Kansas University senior Jamal R. Greene, 22, a defensive tackle from Kansas City, Kan., has been arrested on charges of attempted aggravated robbery and no longer is a member of the KU football team, according to Associate Athletic Director Jim Marchiony.

“He’s off the team,” Marchiony said.

Greene, a candidate to start on the Jayhawks’ defensive line this fall, was one of two people arrested in connection with an incident early Friday morning.

The other man arrested was Vernon D. Brooks, 23, a former KU linebacker, who played sparingly in 2009 and was dismissed from the team on the opening day of spring practice by new coach Turner Gill. Gill said Brooks had been dismissed “due to violation of our team policy.”

As for Greene, Gill consistently praised the K.C.-Washington High graduate for his play and leadership this spring. However, when the post-spring depth chart was released, Greene was listed on the second team.

Lawrence police Sgt. Bill Cory said Greene and Brooks were arrested after an attempted armed robbery about 1:30 a.m. Friday at Tuckaway Apartments, 2600 W. Sixth St. In a release, Cory said officers were told that two men, armed with a handgun, had entered the apartment and forced several people in the apartment to the floor.

After the two men left, occupants called police.

One of the victims provided officers with a description of a vehicle, and about an hour later Kansas University police stopped that vehicle and took Brooks into custody. About 9 a.m., officers found Greene in the 2300 block of Murphy Drive.

A handgun also was recovered during the investigation, but Cory said no one was injured in the incident at the apartment.

Marchiony said he did not expect Gill to comment.

“The action speaks for him,” Marchiony said of Gill dismissing Greene from the team.

Greene, 6-foot-4, 328 pounds, was a reserve defensive lineman last season, playing in nine games and recording six tackles. In his three years at KU he played in 29 games and recorded 34 tackles. He started eight games as a sophomore in 2008 and recorded 21 tackles.

Greene’s dismissal thins out the defensive tackle position. Juniors Patrick Dorsey (6-0, 273 pounds) and Richard Johnson Jr. (6-3, 283) were listed with the first team on the most recent depth chart and sophomore Darius Parish (6-4, 327) was a second-teamer.

Sophomore John Williams (6-3, 290) and red-shirt freshmen Randall Dent Jr. (6-5, 275) and Shane Smith (6-5, 278) round out the list of existing defensive tackles. Incoming freshman Jeremiah Edwards (6-1, 308) also could compete for playing time at the position.

Caroline Trowbridge, Journal-World assignment director, contributed to this story.


tical523 8 years ago

What a moron. Glad to see him out of the program early though, before summer training and practices, so others will have time to step into his spot. I just don't get it, rob somebody for maybe a couple thousand dollars (and know you will never actually get away with it) or work your ass off and try to make the NFL or CFL for real money and a career. I guess Mangino was right about this kid, no wonder he was always in the doghouse.

Phoggin_Loud 8 years ago

This makes me long for the days of the "Great Chulupa Incident".

Attempted Armed Robbery???


plotku 8 years ago

And what just a couple weeks ago it seems like, there was an atricle about this same kid. How he was working hard, and using the new coaching staff as a time to rededicate and prove that he could play. And then he goes and robs someone? WTF? They were dang lucky they didn't go somewhere with someone who was a gun owner, cause at that point self defense gets ya dead. Use some dam sense! You get to play football for a great university and get an education, and have a chance to do something with your life, even if it isn't football. Christ.

Lone_salina_kufan 8 years ago

Good riddance. Must be a real peice of work. Plus, good lesson for others, don't hang out with guys coach kicks off the team. These guys are pieces of you-know-what, but gotta love the coach taking immediate, strong action.

Andy Tweedy 8 years ago

Many thanks to the coaching staff for booting this kind of idiocy. After all the athletic program has gone through in the last year, it's a good thing that this kind of stupidity was met with no tolerance, even if the kid can play. Here's to a quiet 2010 football season off the field!!!

yovoy 8 years ago

@ salina - you beat me to it. i really think that the spanish "díme con quien andas, y te diré quien eres" (tell me who you run around with, and i'll tell you who you are, in english sort of like "birds of a feather") is one of the main "teachable" things about this incident. oh, that and "mess up like this and you're gone".

i usually try to defend these kids that grew up sort of like i did, and i doubt that i'm done trying, but on this one, i'm not defending him. all because he's hanging out w/ a "known" trouble-maker. dumb.

KEITHMILES05 8 years ago

What a couple of nimrods. Now, instead of trying to have a decent life they will be trying to keep big Bubba away from their handsome bodies when in prison. How decent people can go so wrong is puzzling.

I don't know their families but I bet money they are devastated and horribly embarassed by these guys actions.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

kualuminohio 8 years ago

I doubt if these fools were ever decent. You go and do something like this you have a track record for being a fool usually...

Kevin Studer 8 years ago

Full-ride scholarship to get a free education and play football? Na. Lets go rob some people.


HawkInAL 8 years ago

Hey soobawls, you still haven't responded to my question- Who would you have picked to succeed Mark Mangino as head football coach at KU instead of Turner Gill?

Still waiting.....

fikeasaurus 8 years ago

What a wasted opportunity for these two. It saddens me to think that young men with the talent to play at this level would just give it away. Mr. Gill obviously has the judgment and standards that these two lack. No place for them at KU. Glad no one was harmed.

kualuminohio 8 years ago

These fools should have never been recruited in the first place, We need to raise the standards at KU, no reason to even be messing around with fools like this...

kualuminohio 8 years ago

Exactly, keep the fools away, far away... Havem stay in KCK...

MDHawk 8 years ago

Apparently Soobawls' quote is right...if by monster of a season, you mean nightmare (a.k.a. NO season). I grew up around some significant poverty, and know that people do some crazy things when their backs are against a wall...but when you don't even have to pay for food or lodging, and are given some of the nicest "gear" a college kid could ask for...why? Why throw it away? I'm going to be slaving with my nose buried in various books for the next ten years to make just a fraction of the money you could have made only ONE year from now. One darned year, if you'd have stuck with it!

Sickening. Thank you, Coach Gill, for taking care of this quickly and decisively. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Mike Kendall 8 years ago

My thoughts exactly----glad no one got hurt! I tell you---with what the KU Athletic Department has had to deal with (i.e., Mangino, football VS basketball fight, the infamous Morningstar DUI, etc., etc., etc.--I'm sure AD Lew Perkins knows that the man in charge, Turner Gill, isn't going to accept this kind of BS--not under his watch, thank goodness for that. It is sad that one would waste an opportunity and a scholarship for doing a dumb, stupid thing--everybody makes choices. They made poor choices. I hope the rest of the football Jayhawks took notice what just transpired.

Jonathan Allison 8 years ago

Don't forget about the Jocques Crawford/Ben Lueken incident last year

plotku 8 years ago

I just watched on the news, that these 2 weren't trying to rob anyone. They were looking for someone. I guess they broke into the apts, looking for someone, and when they didn't find whoever, they left. So let me get this straight. . . . . 1. they were looking for someone, and needed a firearm. 2. They were serious enough to break open locked doors. So I may be jumping to conclusions here. . . . . what were they gonna do if they found who it was? Kill them? WOW.

milwaukeeJAYHAWK 8 years ago

Attention athletes: Doing anything with a gun is detrimental to your playing career. You have NOTHING to gain, and so much privelige to lose.

Any questions?

KGphoto 8 years ago

Why the hell was he even hanging out with Vernon?

God I'm disappointed!

Two words. Darius Parish.

Highland76 8 years ago

WOW! Did I miss something? When was the trial? Arrest and conviction are two different things! Not saying that is the case here, but - - - . Do we really "know" what happened here? What was taken? etc. I know I sure don't know the facts, but I guess I am the only one, judging from all of the comments here so far. IF true, it is indeed sad! I guess whether true or not, he isn't with the team any longer. (Tell all of those players out there who haven't committed yet (if any are left) that there is now an opening. Hope we have some young talent who can now step up.


DevilHawk 8 years ago

The accusation alone is damaging enough to the program.

Gill did the right thing in terms of risk-management. Hopefully that will set the tone of the program while he is here at KU.

Highland76 8 years ago

WOW! Did I miss something? When was the trial? Arrest and conviction are two different things! Not saying that is the case here, but - - - . Do we really "know" what happened here? What was taken? etc. I know I sure don't know the facts, but I guess I am the only one, judging from all of the comments here so far. IF true, it is indeed sad! I guess whether true or not, he isn't with the team any longer. (Tell all of those players out there who haven't committed (if any are left) that there is now an opening. Hope we have some young talent who can now step up.


Rick Arnoldy 8 years ago

Where there's smoke, there's fire. Don't put yourself in a position of ever being accused of something and you'll be fine. It's really not that hard.

Rivethead 8 years ago

Usually nothing good happens after midnight.

kualuminohio 8 years ago

I remember pulling up to The Taco Bell and the drive up window was all jacked up, I was like "what the heck happened here." The person taking my order explained the incident... WHERE DO WE GET THESE FOOLS FROM, COME ON PEOPLE... I hope we don't hand out scholarships to these idiots...

Martin Rosenblum 8 years ago

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, what you gonna do....

Apparently, you're not "gonna do it" as a Jayhawk football player!

I would say to Coach Gill, "stick to your guns". But that would be in poor taste, right?

ebizzle 8 years ago

52 weeks ago I was so pumped for KU football, I still am optimistic, but...what a year.

Spencer Goff 8 years ago

So it looks like Mizzou is trying to get to the Big 10, I guess these two figured we needed to take their place as the crime school of the Big 12.

Rick Arnoldy 8 years ago

They're looking to play in the Big House league.

troutsee 8 years ago

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Jack Joiner 8 years ago

This and Turner Gills other actions to clean up the program has a huge impact on recruiting. I know a recruit who who has been impressed with this and has KU very high on his list because of it. Good job Turner!

Steve Brown 8 years ago

recruit character recruit behavior

teach skills

thanks for not trying to recruit skills and teach character. in hiring or coaching, it's up hill.

jayhawk2062 8 years ago

Coach Gill is saying and doing all the right things. Getting some coveted recruits we weren't in on or were behind with and getting the discipline straightened out are making him seem like a really good hire.

But, he will ultimately be judged on wins and losses. I can't wait until September 4th! So, we can get some wins under Turner's belt!

Mark Lindrud 8 years ago

Sometimes you do not know what is in the heart of a man until it is too late. It is unfortunate Jamal Greene had this within him when his life was going well at KU, but there must have been more that most of us did not know about him. Vernon Brooks had already been kicked off the team so we have an idea of some of the people Jamal hangs out with. I hope he learns from this mistake and gets a chance to do right for himself and his family someday.

I understand why TG cut him loose because he is a man that believes in character first. Keeping Jamal after this would have gone against everything TG believes in. Even if Jamal is a player he may hate to lose on the team the coach had to do it for the program and the type of team he is building.

This just shows you coach is a man of conviction and he really is trying to develop the team as men first and players second.

grandpa 8 years ago

It saddens me to see both of these boys ruin their lives. As a Kansas fan, I had kept up with some of the defensive boys that were coming back and I had actually graded some of them last year on their tackles. Although Greene did not have a lot of tackles, he was a big strong boy and he did help make some stops and had a few individual tackles. I thought he had promise to be a starter this year . People can say that maybe he came from a broken home and this is what caused him to make a bad choice. There are other boys on this team who had a tough young life and they are staying out of trouble. If this was a burglary charge, it would be a different ball game and they would probably get a probated sentence. Armed robbery will probably send both of them to the pen. On the bright side, I am looking forward to a winning season this year!!!

Jack Wilson 8 years ago

Guys, this goes beyond "dumb." It never ceases to amaze me how morally depraved some elements of our society are. It is a world I don't understand. And it is a culture that has zero respect for laws, human life, and respect for others.

Highland76: You are exactly the problem with our society and why you should never be in a leadership role, anywhere. Don't you think Gill got the facts .. perhaps even from Greene? A trial, and being found guilty by a jury, is for the legal system and jail. It has nothing to do with how coach Gill runs his team. I can guarantee you I'm not keeping some piece of #@!& like that around waiting for the conclusions of the legal system. KU football can't wait around for a legal ruling, and doesn't have to. If it turns out this guy is completely innocent, mistaken identity, or whatever, then he is yet another casualty of the legal system .. that is very rare. But KU football can't bet on that absolutely miniscule possibility.

hellarockchalk 8 years ago

Well goes to show that you can take a kid out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of a kid! Nuff said......

Jack Joiner 8 years ago


That is what is called profiling. Many fine men have risen from the ghetto because of athletics and have been positive contributors to society. There are failures from all walks of life, not just the ghetto. Nuff said......

Rivethead 8 years ago

Based on the timeline report.....I have to wonder if Brooks and Greene are still "friends".

Brooks was arrested at 1:30am in his car. Greene was arrested at did the police know where to find Greene? Brooks was talking.

Michael Leiker 8 years ago

Where is the blame for Gill here? He walks in and 5 months later dudes are running around town with guns? Maybe just a touch of blame is in order.

KCHawk81 8 years ago

You're absolutely right. Let me be the first to state publicly that Coach Gill's policy of distributing handguns to players has to end by next semester at the latest. At the very least, Turner should be required to follow the dudes closely--running, preferably--to make sure they're not taking their guns with them unless they'll definitely need them during their normal town-running activities.

Michael Leiker 8 years ago

Right, that's what I said. If you don't see a link between a more lax coach coming in and this stuff starting up 5 months later take the blinders off. Not calling for Gill's head though (any more than I have typically been). Time will tell.

KCHawk81 8 years ago

No--I'm completely agreeing with you. It's just like when Coach Gill's lax attitude lead to Mario Kinsey's "rule-breaking" and subsequent dismissal from the team. Or when Coach Gill's lax attitude lead to John Randle's arrest. And then his other arrest. And then his other arrest. And then his other arrest. And then his other arrest. And then his other arrest. (Is that six yet?) And then, somewhere in there, his dismissal from the team. Darn that Turner Gill!

tical523 8 years ago

Yeah, because in five months you completely change someone's attitude, values and beliefs???? I am not a psychologist but I doubt it anyway, it takes time to work with kids to get through to them. It also takes time to recruit kids who you believe are positive, high character kids. Jamal Greene was in the doghouse under Mangino as well. Wouldn't you agree that Coach Gill is even more pissed than any of us are for the image of the team?

KCHawk81 8 years ago

Or when Coach Gill's lax attitude emboldened Markeiff Morris to shoot someone with an air rifle from his dorm room. Or when Coach Gill's lax attitude made Tyshawn Taylor comfortable enough to injure himself in a fight (involving Coach Gill's undisciplined football players) and then write a facebook post about it.

Just to be clear, did you ask for a touch of blame for Bill Self? Or for Mark Mangino? Are you saying you prefer Coach Self's "boys will be boys" approach to discipline, or Mangino's "no more than one or two aggravated assault charges" approach to discipline, to Turner Gill's "the news about your arrest and the news about your immediate dismissal from the team will be under the same headline" approach to discipline? I suppose I should "take my blinders off," though. (I like horse-racing, too! Did you watch the Preakness?)

gardenjay 8 years ago

Does any of this remind anyone of students at KU? Because, to me, this is WAY off of what a typical college campus life is like.

KUAD is allowed to run a professional sports franchise without giving these kids, children in a lot of ways, a realistic chance to better themselves with a college education. Football runs them into the ground, that's the 'sport' of football.

I am a football fan, but I just think more needs to be done to help these student athletes achieve a better life, even at the expense of performance on the field or court.

gardenjay 8 years ago

Sure, there is individual responsibility involved. But clearly these players did not see very much in their future. If KUAD pays for coaches that represent KU, and they recruit these players, I feel KUAD has a responsibility to stand behind these players and not just allow them to be ostracized, and even blame just the players if they screw up this badly.

The football program - that is KUAD spin doctors - need to take more responsibility. They ask student athletes to catch a football and risk life-long injury at every play for the glory of KU. The offer of tuition, room and board seems cheap for that service. It takes a very special mentality - one I sure don't have, and I contend that most fans never really understand what it's like to have their head banged until it buzzes every game. You might find the best players with that mentality come from ghettos. How do you know? What if that mentality needs a lot more support than Joe Poster or Joe Fan? It would be part of the cost of the game, then.

My belief is that Turner Gill is a great coach, who has the onfield and life experience to NOT blame the players, and bring what resources he is given to them. I bet that he has empathy for these kids and understands the system portion of the failure here. KUAD needs to support him. I hope that perception is right.

Martin Rosenblum 8 years ago

Think back to the situation at Univ. of TN in January with those basketball players. Was Bruce Pearl personally responsible for those guys, including at least one senior, acting like morons and getting caught with a gun, weed and an open bottle in a car that was not registered to any of them? Of course not. Was Cal personally responsible for the fights that his players got into at the clubs they visited or the domestic violence that occurred between one of his players and the girlfriend? Of course not. Was Coach Self personally responsible when Brady Morningstar was arrested for DUI? Of course not.

To suggest that a new football coach had any personal responsibility for players actions off campus on a team that he inferited, even before the first official practice, is ludicrous and ignorant.

gardenjay 8 years ago

But look at it this way: Rivals thinks it's OK to recruit people from troubled pasts - so do you, then you put them on pedestals - then you cut-em down. People that think that is OK could be in high school, in a protected environment or just ornery. But in a life you typically see different sides of things with time, and develop empathy for life situations. Remember that about 3% of males are now behind bars in the U.S., highest imprisoned per capita in the world, yeah! (that was sarcasm); and that while you were rooting for your athletic heros your fellow males trended downward and are now less educated than females.

Who says there is no responsibility for the players? Not me. Also, if you actually read what I wrote, I happen to like Coach Gill, who was hired by the same KUAD that doesn't spend enough money on the college athletes it USES for its athletics corporation, a coporate resident of our nice college campus. If it wants to see athletes from troubled pasts succeed, it needs to work really hard or recruit differently. My view is that KUAD needs to take responsibility for Coach Mangino's recruits as well as Coach Gills recruits. They have the resources, not the coaches.

....and could you not be a b-ball fan for once on this thread? It really isn't hard to come up with similar football examples of thuggary.

Martin Rosenblum 8 years ago

So "thuggary" is limited to basketball? The very nature of the differences in perception between football players and basketball players relative to physical and criminal misdeeds is not purely stereotypical, it is factual. Sure, the number of players on a football team vs on a basketball team would skew the statstics somewhat. But, converesly, when an incident occurs by a basketball player, it is magnified because there are fewr players on a team. However, research would reveal a long history of incidents being commited by football players through the decades. It hasn't been until just the past couple of years that anything controversial has been made into news from college basketball players, and those incidents were made public because they were so rare and atypical.

gardenjay 8 years ago

Hello, my exact point. Thuggery is not limited to b-ball.

Recruiting african americans is relevant to both sports, and comes with the following odds: one in nine will be behind bars from age 20 to 35. How sad to have so many posters ready to jump down the throats of these people with pasts that they do not understand, and hard choices they did not experience. Pasts so bad they felt they had no future, one even while attending KU for free.

As far as the U.S. legal system goes, most westernized countries in the world find it appalling. Canada has one sixth the number of prisoners the U.S. has - next door! I see a lot of profit from the legal profession and prison system, profit which shamelessly wags the dog. It solves no problems, unless you think prison helps solve crime. Does it, overall? Many criminologists cite statistics that show the harsh U.S. legal-profit system may have actually caused an increase in crime.

When it comes to sports at least, it is so much more expensive to all of us to have the effort put into legal fees, incarceration and imprisonment, all of which WE pay for, when WE could pay for rehab, more tutors, and the necessary constant attention to a known problem at the time of recruitment. This approach is inexpensive in comparison, and shows actual compassion and empathy.

gardenjay 8 years ago

(correction: Canada has one sixth the number of prisoners per capita)

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