Wednesday, March 10, 2010

KU freshman Henry: Buffs’ Burks deserving of rookie honor

Kansas forward Xavier Henry is fouled by Colorado forward Casey Crawford on his way to the bucket during the second half, Saturday, Feb. 20, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas forward Xavier Henry is fouled by Colorado forward Casey Crawford on his way to the bucket during the second half, Saturday, Feb. 20, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse.


Perimeter defense a Jayhawk concern

The Jayhawks have not defended the perimeter well during their two losses this season, allowing their opponents to shoot better than 50 percent from beyond the arc. Kansas will have to play tighter if they want to have a successful post season.

Xavier Henry — who is having one of the best seasons of any freshman in Kansas University basketball history — didn’t ask for a recount after learning he’d been out-voted for Big 12 frosh of the year.

“I respect their decision to make him rookie of the year,” Henry said of the league coaches as well as Associated Press media members tapping Colorado’s Alec Burks the league’s No. 1 rookie.

“He’s a good player. I didn’t get to see him too much because we only played against him one time here,” Henry added of the Jayhawks’ 94-74 victory on Feb. 20.

Henry outscored Burks, 24-17, that day. Burks sat out KU’s 72-66 overtime victory over the Buffs on Feb. 3 in Boulder because of a knee injury.

“He had a good year and there are a lot of good players in the conference,” Henry said.

Henry — he averages 13.9 points and 4.2 rebounds per game overall and 12.3 points and 4.3 boards in league games — has scored 432 points, third best mark of any freshman in KU history. The 6-foot-6 guard from Oklahoma City is 12 points shy of tying Brandon Rush and 64 short of catching Danny Manning, who scored a KU freshman record 496 points in 1984-85.

Burks, a 6-6 guard from Grandview, Mo., averages 16.8 points and 4.8 rebounds a game — 17.3 ppg and 4.7 rpg in conference action — heading into today’s 11:30 a.m. first-round Big 12 tournament contest against Texas Tech in Sprint Center. The winner meets KU at 11:30 a.m., Thursday.

“I want to finish as strong as I started, to play the best of my ability and help the team as many ways as I can,” Henry said, asked his goals entering the postseason. “Since I got here, I learned a whole bunch about the team concept, how to play on both ends. I really grew as a player. I want to showcase all those skills and talents at the end.”

Henry’s 13.9 scoring average ranks third of all KU freshmen, trailing only Kerry Boagni (14.1) and Manning (14.6). He’s tied for third in free throws made (83; record is Darnell Valentine’s 106), third in three-pointers made (59; record is Jeff Boschee’s 79), seventh in field goals made (135; record is Manning’s 209), and 10th in minutes played (852; record is Manning’s 1,120).

The only slip-up he’s had was the first half of the Big 12 season when he scored in double figures in two of eight games. He was a double-digit scorer in seven of the final eight contests.

“Controversies and stuff make you a better player and person,” Henry said. “The way you deal with stuff always helps you out. That definitely opened my eyes to new things. I’ve become better from it.

“I don’t think it was that tough for me,” he added. “I kept my mind focused on doing everything else if I wasn’t scoring that great. I was always feeling productive. There was no point in time I felt I doubted myself or anything. I always felt I was going to come back (strong).”

KU coach Bill Self gives a resounding thumbs up to Henry’s freshman campaign.

“He’s played very well. He didn’t score a lot versus Missouri (seven points on Saturday),” Self said. “A lot is the way Missouri plays and guarded. I think he is on the uptick.”

Henry says he’s feeling no anxiety entering his first —and likely last — college postseason. He remains a solid first-round selection on various 2010 draft Web sites.

“Growing up, I never really looked in the future too much. I just played middle school ball and high school ball and when college came, it came,” Henry said, indicating he never dreamt about March Madness. “It wasn’t a big deal to me watching all the greats or anything like that.

“I think it’s going to be fun and exciting time for the whole team. I think it’ll be a great atmosphere,” he added of the postseason. “We know what we’ve been working on the whole year (what) we’ve been saving up for now. That’s what we are going to put our whole effort into.”

Senior leader Sherron Collins says he has utmost confidence in the frosh standout.

“I think he’s going to play well,” Collins said. “He’s been scoring well, rebounding the ball, getting offensive rebounds, helping us in every area on the floor.”

Henry and Burks, by the way, haven’t been the only freshmen in the league to have productive seasons entering the Big 12 tourney.

Here’s a look at a few others:

Texas guard Avery Bradley averages 11.7 points a game overall, 12.4 in league games. He has 66 assists to 51 turnovers. Oklahoma point guard Tommy Mason-Griffin averages 13.9 ppg overall, 16.9 in league action. OU center Tiny Gallon averages 10.3 points and 8.0 rebounds overall, 9.1 points and 7.2 boards in league games. Texas forward Jordan Hamilton averages 10.0 points and 3.7 rebounds overall — 10.4 points and 3.8 boards in league action.


KU’s Cole Aldrich, Sherron Collins and Xavier Henry were named to the U.S. Basketball Writers Assn. all-District Six team Tuesday. District Six encompasses the states of Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Selby update

Josh Selby, a 6-2 senior point guard from Baltimore’s Lake Clifton High, has a final four of KU, Kentucky, Arizona and UConn. Some say Tennessee is still a strong possibility.

“At one time Josh was going to announce his decision when he finished his visits,” Selby’s mom, Maeshon Witherspoon, told “Now we are waiting ’til the Jordan Game (April 17, New York), so we can see how all the teams play in the tournament. It has nothing to do with us being concerned with what Brandon (Knight) is doing.”

Knight, a 6-3 point guard and’s No. 1-rated player, has a final list of KU, Kentucky, UConn, Florida, Miami and Syracuse. Selby is’s No. 4 player.


mojayhawk 9 years ago

Totally agree with drgnslayr.

The League is the goal, and the dollars are there, but one more year of maturing at the college level will make you a better entry level Pro. Hope to see you back one more year.

P.S. Bring Cole with you!

duanep5ku 9 years ago

I'm still laughing at all the KU posters on this site who were calling Xavier a waste of a scholarship this year. To all those critics before that was criticising Xavier, check out the numbers for his freshman year. I hope you feel dumb. X" has the chance to surpass every freshman in KU history in scoring. I would say that either X was pretty good or KU has no history,you decide. I must say how easy it must be for fans to make fun of players on our team. I think some of the critics on this sight might look a little smarter then some of you do. Why not just waite to evaluate a player on his career at Kansas and not just a few games in the season. A players final numbers help you to evaluate the player more then a game or two during the season. OK maybe a few bad weeks for some player's but still a great season by X over all. Xavier I'm glad you came to Kansas and best of luck to you in you're future at KU and on what ever you decide to do next year. Good luck. Sherron critics on here should also take note" how stupid are you?" Sherron makes mistakes "Yes but look at his career at Kansas the wins versus all the loses he caused us" Oh wait the three total loses in 2008 and the National Championship season." Oh before anyone points out to me that Sherron was on a better and more experienced team. Yes he was but KU would have not won the 2008 title with out Sherron period. 2010 is still a work in progress but still a great season no matter what happens in March The big picture 6Th straight big 12 title, Kansas has moved up and may pass NC this year in becoming the 2ND in all time wins. 'Oh wishful thinking maybe but who knows about UK keeping those wins this year down the road. Kansas history is still revolving and I beleive our future looks bright I do agree with all Kansas fans on here though we could use a few more championships banners at Kansas. Go KU

duanep5ku 9 years ago

PS to all the gram er police on this site The above post was done at 5; 26 am so be kind and sorry for the length of the post

KU 9 years ago

duanep5ku............You might consider following your own advice and reserve your criticism of KU fans until after their whole career, instead of hammering us after only 31 games. :-)

kerbyd 9 years ago

It's all a big conspiracy. Kinda like Calipari not getting SEC coach of the year.

Wheatgerm 9 years ago

The thing about looking at X's numbers is, they don't tell you how good a teammate he is. It's one thing to rack up the points, it's another to fill your role and play well as a team. The latter is much more important.

And wondering whether UK will keep this year's wins down the road, yeah, that's wishful thinking. Those guys have the strongest compliance department in the country, for a reason. I never bought into the hater perspective that it was Calipari who got the programs into trouble. Camby accepted inducements from an agent, so that's on his head. And Rose allegedly having someone take his SAT in high school? Sometimes the fault lies with the player. Listen, the Jayhawks can catch UK over time. We're only a game behind North Carolina, I think, so we'll pass them soon, especially if they don't make the NIT (they will, I fear, no matter their record). Then we'll battle it out with UK. Should be fun! Can't wait to see how this year's recruiting battle finally shakes out.

Steve Brown 9 years ago

Royce W. has one how many other scholorships do we have to offer...

jaybate 9 years ago

"Hair-Brained Freshman of Year Pick: Alec Burks over Xavier Henry"

Despite PPG, which Alec Burks exceeds Xavier Henry by 3 measly points per game, and does so largely because Burks is the only guy on his team that can walk and chew gum, Henry is much better than Burks. Consider:

X plays for Number 1 ranked, 29-2 team full of NBA draft choices. A plays for 15-15 Boulder Juco circling the cellar in the B12

X scores 3 measly ppg less than Burks, while playing 3 mpg less than Burks on a team with two NBA picks and many good scorers. A scores 3 measly ppg more than Henry, while playing 3mpg more on a team of scrubs.

X is the second, or third scoring option on his team. A is the first scoring option on his team.

X grabs 1 measly rpg less than Burks, while playing 3 mpg less on a team with great rebounders that will be future NBA players. A grabs 1 measly rpg more than Henry, while playing 3 mpg more on a team of guys who can't even block out.

X shoots 41% plus from trey. A shoots 35% from trey.

X is going to be drafted in the first round after his freshman year. A is not going to be drafted in the first round after his freshman year.

All other categories, X is close, or leads, and probably would lead in a time adjusted analysis, except for TOs, where X made a few more.

Are voters on this selection taking stupid pills?

Kye Clark 9 years ago

lighthawk - pretty sure that's all we have to offer, the one being Sherron's scholarship. Of course one or two will free up depending on what Cole & X do. In my opinion they're both gone. On the off chance they both stay and Selby, Knight, or Lamb were to commit, I'm not sure what we'd do. Just guessing but maybe Brady gives up his scholarship. I know it was said before the '09 season that he would do that and that his family would pay his way in the event we needed the scholarship.

Steve Brown 9 years ago


next year we grad. Reed, Brady, Little, Tehan, Buford.

there are some high school juniors that are very fortunate in their timing.

bradynsdad 9 years ago

i am not a fan of the top ten high school players. i know they are the best but national championships arent on their minds, and i dont want the rick barnes attitude here. i like the way self recruits players that stay the course. granted x was the exception but regardless of his recruits i get the feeling we will have the twins, robinson, withey, and elijah til they graduate and thats good enough for me.

KU1979 9 years ago

If X played for the Buffs he would average 20+ ppg. But March (April?) wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

Ann Oneill 9 years ago

Jaybate, I'm not sure Burks earned the honor over X, but Burks has had to assume a LOT more of the responsibility for his team than X has. Aside from Higgins, Burks is the leader of the team, and has really stepped it up for a freshman.

Phoggie_Thinking 9 years ago

X has a better attitude than I ever eXpected. Think he will do well in whatever he chooses and the good thing is so will KU. Let the games begin for the next month. X does well, KU does well and X can do whatever he wants to in April. March is all the matters for now.

Jory Collins 9 years ago

Jaybate, I hope you're being sarcastic. I think Burks is the right choice.

"X plays for Number 1 ranked, 29-2 team full of NBA draft choices. A plays for 15-15 Boulder Juco circling the cellar in the B12"

Has nothing to do with who had the better season.

It's much harder to score when you're the only option as oppossed to being the 2nd or 3rd.

Paul Meyer 9 years ago

There's so much chat about going pro. The reality is the average career for an NBA player is a little less than 5 years.

Article suggestion for the LJW: How about interviewing some former Jayhawks who are just finishing their NBA careers, or just starting. Bet Raef, Vaughn, and Chalmers could provide some interesting insights for some of our current players and readers.

Carpe Diem.

kennethst 9 years ago

I guess they got to throw a bone elsewhere every now and then.

Does KU need to win the Big 12 Tourney to get the overall #1 seed?

jayhawkinATL 9 years ago

I think the 'hawks just need to get to the Big XII final to get the no. 1 overall seed.

jayhawkinATL 9 years ago

Is it just me or does the mere mention of Brandon Knight's name means the Selbys are interested in what he does???

celestep1 9 years ago

Xavier Henry has been a tremendous TEAM player. I think he has surpassed everyone's Great EXpectations in that regard.

duanep5ku 9 years ago

Jayhawkkinati I think the whole situation with the recruits is like this, if Brandon Commits somewhere in the next few weeks. Then Josh will commit somewhere else. It's kinda a waiting game with those two recruits right now. I just don't think they want to attend the same school. So the schools are in limbo once again waiting on high school kids to commit again this year. Wow what a surprise,huh. The one thing about this recruiting class that bothers me the most is Josh Selby. His mom says her son is still only interested in the same schools he visited but now we hear he still might go to Tennessee. I do think if he does not commit to Bill Self that would seem like a huge loss to Self. I mean come on mom if you are involved in your son's recruitment, you would think Kansas and coach Bill Self would provide a better fit for Josh over Tennessee. I also think this kid was Bill Self highest priority in recruits this year. So it would be nice if Josh would commit to Kansas. The best thing for Kansas next year is we have Bill Self, with our red shirts from this year and are current returning players . Whom ever they all may be so KU should still be a good team next year no matter who stays or goes or commits.

Marcia Parsons 9 years ago

I imagine they have been asked if, or at least heard people saying, Selby was waiting to see what Knight was going to do. She was just denying the rumors.

Dyrk Dugan 9 years ago

the commits will come...and we'll be fine. Xavier has been just fine as a frosh....he's grown up a lot.

good article here about KU's title game from '08. i still wish the national media would put Mario's shot in the right perspective...being one of the greatest clutch plays in sports history...and definitely in college basketball history. based on time and score.;coverlist_footer

cobweb 9 years ago

Arthur, Wright and Chalmers all should have stayed another year. X seems to have his head on straight. It's a big decision and no going back if you screw up. Wish him the best.

jaybate 9 years ago


You are joshing, right?

Put X on Colorado and he would have averaged 25 ppg. The team you play on makes a huge difference in how many shots a coach decides to give you. X would have been given most of the shots in Boulder Juco's offense. And defense would have been optional, so he would have had more energy to play offense.

Haven't you ever wondered why so many high scorers play on lesser teams? :-)

Ryan Wilson 9 years ago

I think a great example of why Henry should stay is Blake Griffin last year. Now I realize Blake wasn't nearly as heralded a player a s X going into college and he didn't have a stand out year his freshman season. but like Blake I think if X stays one more year he, as a sophomore will explode as the best player in the nation and go a top 5 maybe even number 1 draft pick. He has that kind of potential.

milehighhawk 9 years ago

Jaybate: It's Hare-brained, not hair-brained.

trueblue9 9 years ago

Blake Griffin is great example of why its a good idea to leave now. He just got paid $5m this year after he was injured. I don't think OK pays that well. I also imagine that he had the absolute pick of what doctor he had working on him following his injury, all on the Clip's dime. None of your are qualified to tell X what to do, just trust that he'll make the right decision for him.

I would like to hear what Chalmers et al would say about staying, but that would take the LJW doing some actual reporting that didn't involve google. I would imagine that aside from Gooden and Juju (and only bc it cost them a potential title), they would all make the same decision.

Amazing that, if we make a final four run. X will pass Manning as leading freshman scorer. Congrats X, the trophy for Big 12 frosh of the year probably isn't that nice anyway, go get some rings instead.

kerbyd 9 years ago

Actually if X wants to talk to someone about how injuries can affect your career, he has to go no farther than to talk to coach Manning.

KULA 9 years ago

What's the guarantee salary per year for a lottery pick? That's what a player forfeits by staying in college another year. What's the average NBA career? 5 years? So you expect a player to forfeit 20% of his potential earnings to stay in college? That's a pretty hard argument to justify, guys. Do the math.

James122 9 years ago

Big time players produce in big time games!! Saying that, the Big 12 tourney is here followed by the NCAA big dance. All of KU greats produced in both areas I listed.

Time will tell who is big time players.., not just saying KU, but throughout the country.

29-2 is a great season with a Big 12 Championship. Now it is time to take it to the next level.

Go Hawks, get the #1 overall seed by winning the Big 12 tourney.

trueblue9 9 years ago

Check out the rookie scale (although this will likely change with new CBA coming soon). If you could guarantee that a player would move up about 4-5 spots, it makes some sense financially to stay in school (he could make up the lost year in gains in the next year). Thats a big IF though, you deal with other players getting better, injuries, regression, etc. However, the real goal is to get through the rookie contract/structure asap, assuming that you are still in the league, and negotiate as a free agent. So in this sense it makes sense to get into the league as young as possible as it assures you more years down the road when you make more.

100 9 years ago

Wow. So WWW has officially declared as an agent? Is that true? Seems like someone posted that yesterday.

If so it seriously locks the idea of Wall, Lebron & Cal taking off for New Jersey.

He will never have to do another illegal thing in his life, he is set!

And it also puts Cal's dealings in the last few months into that much better perspective (using Lexington & Rupp arena, at least a city venue and not UK's) as a place to have meetings & infuse his next stop.

Man Cal is gonna be one rich dude. Have a new arena in Brooklyn (market!!!). And, finally, Mr. Innocent will be able to breathe for once in his life...

To think without Rose (and strings getting pulled by somebody to even get him on Cal's team) & WWW this would have never happened for Cal. And Wall wouldve never been set up to play with Lebron.

trueblue9 9 years ago


Indeed, he's just going to rep coaches though (if you don't believe he's not already funneling players for money).

However, please explain how Wall is set up to play with Lebron. Most people now consider it highly unlikely that Bron will end up with the Nets now (in fact you can get 30-1 in vegas right now if you want it), and that he'll resign with Cleveland because they can offer the most $$$. Second, the ping-pong balls have yet to drop, so I wouldn't say Wall to NJ is a done deal (or even that Turner is the more attractive pro prospect).

Mike Skiles 9 years ago

jaybate is right on! X had solid stats on a top drawer team - the figures speak for themselves. I too hope he stays one more year, but probably unrealistic given the $$$ just around the bend. Thanks for a great year X - and you truly deserved frosh of year honors.

Jayhawk3 9 years ago

Congrats Xavier on your great season so far. Show them in the upcomming tournaments who is the best freshman in the country.

About the recruits: Yes, it would be nice to get 1 of those great PGs, however with Releford and Little comming off redshirt years, Self will have to redshirt 2 more or lose 2 players just to make room for them. If Morningstar pays his way, that would be 1 spot available for 1 of them, but there is still another to consider before the recruits. This assuming Aldrich and Xavier return. If they leave, it automatically opens those spots up, but we don't want them to leave yet. ;)

Ron Prichard 9 years ago

Jaybate makes a valid argument, but I agree with jc1306. X was definitely deserving, but so was Burks. Heck, he just finished CU's Big XII tourney game against TT with 24 points and 10 rebounds.

Maybe X could have had more points if he played for CU, but he didn't. The fact is, Burks basically carried CU as a freshman. X was our third--and sometimes fourth--option on offense. If X played for CU, we wouldn't be having this discussion because, as Jaybate points out, X likely scores 20+ a game and is the runaway pick for freshman of the year, high lottery pick, etc. But reality--what we often lose sight of as diehard fans--is that X was the third option on the best team in college this year, and he was not expected to carry the load.

My guess is that in draft projections, X is well above Burks, and deservedly so, because the NBA is looking at ability and potential. X's upside is much higher than Burks. But for this year, Burks was more valuable to his team night in and night out, he scored more points, and he definitely deserved freshman of the year.

Alec White 9 years ago

I don't think anybody doubts X is the better player when he's on his game, but winning a conference award requires consistency---which is something that X obviously struggled with early on in Big XII play. I would've had a tough time giving it to a guy who only played well during half of the season, even if he played magnificent ball during that stretch (which he definitely did). Burks may not have had the signature moments that X did, but he was the biggest reason Colorado squeaked out 6 wins in the Big XII (a significant improvement over last year if I'm correct).

As for X going pro, I assume it's a done deal unless he struggles mightily from here on out. He's going to be a top 20 pick at worst and he is the type of guy that will improve his draft stock in workouts. He will impress the scouts with his NBA-ready body, soft-shooting touch, and great attitude. I look for him to sneak into the lottery. We also shouldn't forget that Self redshirted Mario Little and Releford for a reason, to play next year. It would be an absolute disservice to Little if X came back and Little saw limited playing time. Remember, he sacrificed his health last year to make the team better and sacrificed his ego this year to make next year's team better. Self owes it to Little to move on X to the League. And to the people that say X isn't ready.....well, neither are the other 29 picks but money talks people :)

jaybate 9 years ago


You are incorrect in this case. I have long been aware of harebrained and I intentionally use hairbrained. Let me explain.

Harebrained is an old term dating back to old or middle English and refers to someone being silly as a hare; i.e., a rabbit.

I have always liked the aural robustness of harebrained, but found the reference to a hare wanting. I' have had rabbits for pets, and I have hunted wild cotton tails and jack rabbits, etc. and never found any of them even a little silly...quite wily in fact...and nearly as quick as gnats on meth. Thus, persons who use the term harebrained are using a pretty lame word in terms of reference.

As a responsible wordsmith, I had no choice. I had to quit using harebrained (which I have largely done), and re-mint it as hairbrained in order to keep using it with the kind of vigor and sinew and accuracy of meaning that many English insults are justly admired for possessing.

I am, of course, hardly alone in doing this, as anyone that was not hairbrained would know. :-)

For your sake, I use "hairbrained" to refer to someone with a brain case full of hair, not brains. Used this way, it is vastly superior to harebrained in every way.

Dictionaires will catch up as always to the living language "getting better."

Nevertheless, I am grateful that you are at least reading closely enough to try to find my faults and help me "get better."

Eventually, you will catch one and improve me. :-)

Until then...

The defense never rests.

Rock Chalk!

jaybate 9 years ago


You make a good case. I want you for my lawyer next time.

But I would still argue that selecting a guy primarily because he scores more points is unenlightened.

Further, I think it is encumbent upon our own self-interest to advocate hard for Xavier, because great players like him are often talked into going an playing at second rate programs like Contucky and Cal, because Cal and his ilk will give guys like X 20 pops a game just to get them. And guys like Cal will tell them, "Yeah, you could go to KU and blend in to the team and your team would have a great season, but you will never get any publicity for it and that will hurt you down the line when you are trying to get into the L."

As Jayhawks, and as good basketball men and women, we cannot in good conscience let great players be steered away from KU because they can't even earn Player of the Year in the conference, because of how much talent we have. Great players should come and play with other great players and great coaches to optimize their game and to learn the most about how to play and win at the game that they can. To encourage this, we have to struggle to educate the voters on Player of the Year that they should not make their selections based on naive and narrow statistics that do not take into account shot distribution and minutes played and quality of teammates and so on.

We have to do this in order to get any more Xavier Henrys.

Every recruiter out there starting yesterday is going to be telling Brandon Knight and Josh Selby: don't come to KU. Look at what happened to Xavier, a bonafide first round choice. He disappeared into the team framework and didn't get the pub he deserved.

The defense never rests.

Rock Chalk!

Tony Bandle 9 years ago

In the long run, it may benefit Kansas more if Xavier does go one and done:

It sets a precedent. It adds another facet to the already shiny diamond of KU's storied program. It a recognition of the changing nature of college it or not. It will put more Jayhawks in the NBA, now a criteria important to the five stars. It sets up the opportunity for sure OADs to reconsider and decide to stay on their own. It will keep the program on top where it belongs.

Do I like it?....Hell, no!! Can I live with it?....Hell, yes!!

Ron Prichard 9 years ago

Jaybate, my response to your argument would be this:

Yes, X became part of a team, but he was still a first round draft choice (I think most realists would agree he is gone after this year). Oh, yeah...he won a National Championship, too (thinking positively!!). Sure, Selby, you can go to Tennessee and run and gun and make it to the Sweet Sixteen during your one year in college, or you can come to KU, home of the 2008 and 2010 National Champions, and score a few less points but help KU win its third NC in the last four years. You tell me where you are going to get more exposure? The choice is yours. Oh, did I mention that there are currently nine (including D. Jackson) Jayhawks playing in the NBA? And every day you get to talk to Danny Manning--heard of him?--about life in college and the NBA.

I'm not sure how sarcastic your comment was, but you actually nailed my profession.

Again, I'm not saying X isn't worthy. I'm just saying Burks was deserving of the award, and--like the diplomatic and gracious comments from X--I can't fault the voters for choosing him over X based on their performances this year.

100 9 years ago

It benefits Wall because WWW have already spent the entire year together (if WWW represents him).

WWW is already tied to Lebron.

And Nike.

And Cal, only by friendship.

And Brooklyn is loaded & ready to buy Lebrons jerseys.

And a Russian billionaire is buying the team who wants Cal due to Lebron & Wall kinship.

It's a 25% chance. But if NJ gets it, watch out.

okiedave 9 years ago

If it is any consulation to X, Henry had 52% of the vote and Wall and Cousins combined had about 47% (Georgia kid has 1%) of the Louisville, Kentucky newspaper poll for national "Freshman Of The Year". The newspaper finally stopped the opinion poll that was embarrassing to Wildcat fans when Henry more than doubled the votes for Wall and Cousins.

jaybate 9 years ago


Not sarcastic at all. You just showed you knew how to construct an argument and I acknowledged it out of respect. This skill is no longer taught outside law school from the BA level on down, so it is always refreshing to find someone with the skill. Did not necessarily this you were a lawyer.

jaybate 9 years ago


For KU's recruiting, I hope X jumps, because it would help with recruiting other OADs.

For KU's title hunt next season, I hope he stays, because with him were are almost a lock.

For X's development as a player and person, I hope he stays another year,to develop one more non-offensive dimension to his game, so that he enters the NBA a star with some experience as the first scoring option and a Hudy-ized body. He looks strong now, but he really isn't. By next season, he will be all man.

For X's financial security, I hope he jumps now.

Fortunately, its not my call. :-)

jaybate 9 years ago


Thanks for the update. It was just a hoot to see how little people in Lu'vull care about Wall and Cousins.

Dan Harris 9 years ago

Kula- I did the math based on X being projected a number 15 pick this year he would be paid around 10.3 million over the next 5 years vs 17.9 million IF he was the number 5 pick next year. Would he be taking a gamble by staying,sure but not because he couldn't get back the 20% but he would be risking a possible injury.

VegasJhawk09 9 years ago

I agree with you Jaybate. X does seem like the obvious choice for rookie over Burks. I think he might actually decide to stay and play one more season with his brother regardless of the outcome this year. I wont blame the guy for going pro though. Ok this is off the main topic but still its KU.

posted Nov. 28 - originally, this is the road to the NCAA championship. Im basically copying the ranks of the top ten, adding their offensive and defensive ranks according to the AP, plus now Im adding # of players averaging over 15 min per game, # of those averaging 45% or better from the field + how many come close to it and how many average 10 points or better per game + how many come close to it within 3 pts/ game. Then finally Im adding the Kenpom ( offensive and defensive rating of each team AND the average years of experience. Its complicated, I know but it seems to work for me as far as trying to predict the final four teams and who will come out on top. I am slightly biased toward the Jayhawks but I didnt pick them to win it last year, they have a great great chance to do it this year for the 2nd time in 3 years.

1 KU - 5th / 49th , 8 , 6+2 , 4+4 , #2 , #5 , 1.43yrs

2 UK - 16th / 91st, 7+1 ,6+1 , 4+2 , #21 , #14 , 0.85yrs

3 'cuse- 7th/103rd, 7+1 ,6+1 , 4+2 , #10 , #16 , 1.65yrs

4 Duke- 20th/36th, 7+1 ,4+4 , 3+4 , #1 , #3 , 1.99yrs

5 OHst- 28th/19th, 5+3, 4+3 , 4+2 , #12 , #22 , 2.01yrs

6 Prdu- 97th/23rd, 7+1, 5+1, 3+2 , #38 , #4 , 1.86yrs

7 Wvu- 57th/76th, 6+1, 4+2, 4+1 , #7 , #28 , 1.78yrs

8 NMx- 36th/127th, 7 , 3+3, 4+1 , #24 , #72 , 2.40yrs

9 KSU- 14th/177th, 6+1, 5+1, 4+1 , #22 , #21 , 1.69yrs

10 'Nova- 3rd/252nd, 7+2 , 5+3, 3+4 , #8 , #56 , 1.59yrs

Notes : Question, when was the last time that a team won the NCAA with offensive and Defensive ratings greater than 20th over all? The past 5 years that I can remember, each team that has won it all has been in the top 15th over all in both categories. The only two teams that have close to that right now are KU and Duke with Syracuse & Kentucky not too far behind. Another thought, KU's '08 team with Chalmers, Robinson and Collins off the bench in the back court were the best in the country and they were loaded with seniors that year too, something they lack this year but, they are very talented, deep and balanced. Do they have the experience and the killer instinct to win it all this year? That is a concern of Coach Self, and us all...

I am going to make an early prediction of KU Syracuse Kentucky and Duke for the final4. Elite 8- those four plusOhio St, Purdue, KSU and West Virginia with MSU as my sleeper. 2008 was the year KU won it all, can they do it again this year? I think they have a great great chance.

Ron Prichard 9 years ago

VegasJhawk--you're going out on a limb with your picks!! The four #1s and probably the four #2s with a top 15 team as your sleeper? That's crazy talk, man!!

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