Tuesday, January 12, 2010

KU press effective, but hardly the difference

Kansas defenders Sherron Collins (4) and Tyrel Reed (14) look to trap Tennessee guard Bobby Maze late in the second half Sunday, Jan. 10, 2010 at Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville.

Kansas defenders Sherron Collins (4) and Tyrel Reed (14) look to trap Tennessee guard Bobby Maze late in the second half Sunday, Jan. 10, 2010 at Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville.


Vols' long distance accuracy buries Jayhawks

Tennessee's accuracy on three-pointers — even from its walk-ons — helped sink KU's undefeated season on Sunday.

Kansas University’s frantic fullcourt press forced a pair of turnovers in the final 1:24 of the Jayhawks’ 76-68 loss to Tennessee on Sunday in Knoxville.

“Presses are always effective in a late-game situation where the other team never tries to score,” KU coach Bill Self said Monday, when asked on the weekly Big 12 coaches call if he wishes he’d pressed earlier in the game.

“Think about it. They are just trying to get across halfcourt, so you can gamble and miss and nobody is hurt. Also one of the reasons a press looks good late is because teams are told only to shoot layups. That helped us as well.

“We put ourselves in a situation where we were kind of scrambling. Our team wasn’t in tune. We looked slow. They (Vols) were definitely the quicker team. We probably could have done some things to create some pace and do some things like that.”

Self brought up the subject on his own on Monday’s Hawk Talk radio show.

“If you studied our game, we weren’t turned up yesterday,” Self said, perplexed by the lack of energy. “Our game plan was never to let them catch it where they want to. Our game plan was to deny every pass, every bounce, to get after ‘em.

“It’s frustrating (that KU didn’t do those things). It’s like football ... if you get off to a good start and have success, the train is rolling. You don’t do that and the other team gets comfortable and they think they can play with you. It’s hard to turn it on and off. We didn’t go in with the mindset we needed to be turned totally up like we did against Temple. It wasn’t a lack of respect (for 12-2 Tennessee) but whatever reason. We need to be turned up to have success.”

Twin talk

Kansas University sophomores Marcus and Markieff Morris combined for seven points and eight rebounds Sunday after totaling five points and eight boards in last Wednesday’s 71-66 victory over Cornell.

“Since Christmas, I don’t think the twins have played like they are capable,” KU coach Bill Self said, when asked about the duo on his Hawk Talk radio show on Monday. “I don’t sense a motor. They’re not going after the ball with the same vigor. That doesn’t make them bad players. Maybe they had a bad week. It’s what I’m believing to be the case.

“A lot of things happened in the game yesterday. It was everybody, not just them. The twins know how the staff feels about it and (twins) will do some things to take positive strides in doing things we know they can do. Rebounding, screening, running, being in a stance to me doesn’t take a lot of skill set. It takes a want-to. I don’t think the twins are quite as turned up as they were earlier. They are still good players. We’ve got to get them back to playing the way they were before Christmas.”

Collins led way

Self did not think senior Sherron Collins tried to do too much in Sunday’s loss. He scored 22 points off 7-of-20 shooting and was 2-of-10 from three.

“It was not so much everybody watching him, but no execution. We didn’t play with a purpose yesterday,” Self said. “Because of that, Sherron tried to take over and do some things. To be honest, other than about three shots he took late when the game was over or close to being over, he did a pretty decent job. He got some good looks, just didn’t make them. When you play from behind, it takes so much energy, you have to be so much more precise. There’s little margin for error.”

What about Johnson and Robinson?

A Hawk Talk caller asked for more playing time for Thomas Robinson and Elijah Johnson. Robinson played three minutes against Tennessee, while Johnson didn’t enter the game.

Self said Tennessee using four guards meant Robinson would have to guard a point guard on the perimeter after switching in some situations, which would negate his effectiveness.

As far as guard Johnson ... “We took Sherron out two minutes in the first half and we went up two (points) to minus six. We needed Sherron in there. At least he was a calming influence. The caller is right in utilizing our bench. I agree, but in the situation yesterday I felt we were better with him in the game a little fatigued, than not so.”

Taylor on uptick

Self on the play of Tyshawn Taylor, who had 13 points off 4-of-11 shooting with four turnovers against three assists:

“From my vantage point watching practice and being with the guys every day in the last month, I think Tyshawn is on a big uptick,” Self said. “Yesterday, he played fine until the last four minutes. He had three plays I know he wished he got back where he didn’t use great judgment.”

Next up: Huskers

KU will next meet Nebraska (12-4) at 8 p.m. Wednesday, at Devaney Center in Lincoln, Neb.

Christian Standhardinger, a 6-8, 210-pound freshman from Munich, Germany, made his career debut in Saturday’s 64-53 loss at Texas A&M.; He scored a team-high 13 points off 4-of-7 shooting with a team-best seven rebounds. In 2009, Standhardinger averaged 22.2 points, 8.5 rebounds, 2.1 assists and 1.6 steals over 26 games for German club team Ehingen. He hit 54.7 percent (151-of-276) from the floor, including 40.6 percent (43-of-106) from beyond the arc.

Good workout

Self said the Jayhawks had “as good a practice as we’ve had all year” Monday. “I tell our guys, it’s pretty sad we play harder in practice than in games. Unfortunately it’s the case sometimes. Today was an opportunity for us to get better and we did.”


KEITHMILES05 10 years ago

Taylor with an uptick? My goodness. That is one of the craziest comments Self has made in his 7 years at KU.

kansasbasketball 10 years ago

i agree KEITHMILES05 i would like to see were he sees this uptick at?

Scott Bonnet 10 years ago

Taylor is on the uptick? Wow. I'd hate to see a downturn then. He just had an absolutely wretched game. There is NO WAY Elijah shouldn't have had a shot at some of Tyshawn's minutes.

iahawkfan 10 years ago

Maybe the team noticed in game tape that every loose ball went to UT and decided they should try a little harder in practice

Timmay97 10 years ago

There is no doubt Elijah should be seeing the floor more. For some reason, it seems that Self has C.J. ahead of Elijah on the depth chart anyway. Case and point.....both C.J. and Elijah are far better players than Tyrel Reed. Why Reed sees so much playing time is beyond me. If he's not hitting his shot, forget it. Both C.J. and Elijah are hitting shots just as much as Tyrel is. They need to be on the floor.

As far as I'm concerned.....Elijah is that spark that Sherron Collins was for his sophmore Championship year to KU. The 6th man!

FairgroveJayhawk 10 years ago

Self's comments with regards to Taylor's improvement span over the last month; from his vantage point, watching practices, games etc. I was angry with the loss, wished he would have benched Taylor, but I do trust Self knows what he is talking about. If he is on an "uptick", if Self says so, then he is. He had a crappy game. Self doesn't sugar coat a players progress or lack thereof. He will get the full gain in Taylor's ability.

Can't wait for Nebraska. Another road game which will develop greater toughness for the young guys.

yates33333 10 years ago

Hang in there coach Self. You are a much, much. much better evaluator of talent and bench manager than your critics, especially those in these posts.

John Brown 10 years ago

The whole team looked bad vs.Tenn. Aldrich and the other bigs were simply not in the game. We were not rebounding or establising position.SC scored 22 points off 7-of-20 shooting and was 2-of-10 from three. Tyshawn was not the problem. They barely beat Cornell. I think they are just playing non-peak basketball. Because of the Christmas break, I think that Self boosted training and overwhelmed them. They are off because they're bonking. In other words, its due to 'Periodization'. Lance Armstrong does not train heavily in the month just prior to the Tour du France. He lets his body recover beause just prior he was working out at max endurance levels.

Dale Sprague 10 years ago

Did pride in being a Jayhawk fade over the holidays for some of the players? No pride = No motivation = No performance, IMHO Coach.

Ronnard 10 years ago

Tyshawn has to stop leaving his feet everytime he tries to make one of his "game winning" passes. Everytime he leaves his feet he turns the ball over. He's not the only athlete on the court anymore...the other teams have athletes also.

Dyrk Dugan 10 years ago

Tyshawn IS playing better...totally agree with HCBS. he may not have had the perfect game vs. UT (trying to throw six foot passes over guys 6-6 doesn't work), but otherwise it was pretty good. he had 13 points, which was the only one besides Sherron with more than than 10.

I'm sure everyone here is more knowledgeable about basketball and KU bball in particular than our head coach. I just know it.....i can feel it.

rcjh88 10 years ago

I think Tyshawn is playing better as well. You have to remember that coach Self is basing this off of more than a 5-10 minute span in 1 game. He sees him every day and thinks that he is playing really well right now. I am not blaming the play of late on any 1 person, but if we could get more activity from X our offense would look a lot different. I'm not saying he needs to score 15 a game, but he has to do something to help open up the inside game.

Ron_Kellogg 10 years ago

This is by no means a lost season. I still think this team has the ability to reach the sweet sixteen, maybe even the elite eight. Preseason expectations beyond that, however, were never realistic.

Theutus 10 years ago

Apologists always crack me up... There was no excuse for Taylor staying in the game against UT. He had probably a dozen turnovers, even though the stats don't show it. He cost us multiple crucial possessions when we had momentum and tied the game up or got within 2.

Self screwed up, he had a poor game as a coach. It happens.

For all of you saying "well Coach Self knows best all the time", i hope you suckers don't ever complain about politicians... I mean, they know best right?

On the glass half full side of things, i think Taylor has heart... He just needs to settle down and get his head straight. Even though I feel he should have been yanked for significant minutes against UT, I still wanna see him play and improve.

bradynsdad 10 years ago

two things. did anyone see the louisvill villanova halftime report about ku and tennessee after seeing tennesse in their lockeroom i guess its not hard to see why four of them were arrested on possession and gun charges. second it is amazing to see how quick everyone throws HCBS under the bus after one loss i agree with yates3333. to say he is a good recruiter and not an x' and o' guy is absurd. his record speaks for itself he did in five years what roy couldnt do in fifteen. he has the better judgement than us about his players dont forget he is in probably one of the top ten highest profile jobs in all of college sports and we are just fans.

Matt Bowers 10 years ago

HCBS knows better than all of us, but from the tv screen it seems that Taylor has been a liability for most of this season. If Taylor is going to go out and make freshman mistakes, then why not play EJ? Something is up with Taylor and I hope it is just a sophmore slump. HCBS was right about putting Sherron back in at the end of the first when we went down 6, to calm the guys down, and we went into half 33 all.

I do not agree with the posts about Tyrel. Tyrel has hit so many shots that have saved games for this team, he has the ability to keep his cool on the floor, and he is a scraper.

TR will be outstanding when he learns his defensive sets and I suspect he will be making a lot of ESPN Top Play's before his career at KU ends. The Morris Twin's are the real key to the entire season, because when they play well, they can take pressure off of every other position. Because of that there is a flip side to them not playing well. X is a freshman and plays like it from time to time. Cole has been off, but that will be different come conference. Speaking of conference play, we have a group of players who are fimiliar with conference and know what it takes to be successful. The lack of real competition might have hurt us in the TN game, but there is no lack of understanding when it comes to conference and expectations. HCBS will have this situation under control come Nebraska.

Rock Chalk

63Jayhawk 10 years ago

I hope the KU team members saw Bruce Pearl and the Tennesee players after the game.that bradynsdad mentioned. Bruce Pearl was pretty much laughing at the Jayhawks.

If Cole keeps playing soft the way he has been playing much of this year, he won't even make first team all big 12. He is just NOT the force in the middle that he was last year.

However, coach Self will get the team where it needs to be..

jaybate 10 years ago

Self has a new term for it--turned up--but whatever you call it, he elected to let them go out flat and labor for 40 minutes to find themselves as a team. We know this to be true, because:

a) the Jayhawks played flat; and b) Self and the coaching staff were exhibiting any competitive fury of their own.

The gamble backfired.

Why did he gamble?

He needs his team to get an identity from hardship.

Now it has one.


ObiWan 10 years ago

At least Tyshawn was looking to attack the rim (not the whole game, mind you), which is more than I can say for our bigs. I can recall several times where he read the defense well and went to the hole. It would have been nice if he finished more of them, but I liked his aggressive mindset. The entire team failed at the end of the game, not just Tyshawn.

KUFan90 10 years ago

Self makes it sound like the only minutes avail for EJ are Sherrons. Sorry coach I don't buy it. You can't play Sherron and EJ together?

Jetson 10 years ago

Exactly KuFan90. The caller asked why EJ didn't get any minutes; pretty sure he can play both other guard spots alongside Sherron. Tyshawn played pretty well from the bench earlier in the year, maybe it's time to try that again.

cklarock 10 years ago

It was a bad game -- if anyone here can remember a Kansas team that didn't have bad games from time to time, let me know.

Tyshawn is prone to turnovers and over-enthusiasm, but hardly a bad player.

I second the notion that Coach understands where his players are at better than the posters here (or anywhere), and if EJ can't beat out Tyrel and CJ for minutes, that's because of practices, which none of us watch.

That all said, congratulations to the Vols, who played their hearts out, and special congratulations to the walk-on who hit the game-clinching three. What a huge win for a program on the ropes, and what a great story for that young man.

BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years ago

Read between the lines people. All the "coach speak" over the last two weeks has been an attempt to say KU has too much talent. That's right, I said too much talent.

How so? No doubt this team has depth. But too much is creating a problem. That problem is getting the right 6, 7, and 8 man rotation. Self recognizes it. Has nicely indicated such, "Our guys are not playing to make the other four better". Put another way, too many guys are trying to prove they deserve more minutes instead of accepting what the team needs from them (Cole and Sherron being the exception).

Do EJ and CJ deserve to be on the floor? Possibly. But not if their mission is to come out and say "See here, look at me, I'm good for 16 points". And if that's what you want from your team as a fan, then go root for a Calipari team or a Roy Williams team. I give Xavier a great deal of credit for not going down that road. Has he went too far, too unselfish? Maybe. I see that in some of his passes that look like after thoughts, and result in turn overs.

We bloggers/posters don't get to see what goes on in practice. But I am guessing that most of these games have been a pretty good reflection of practice up to this point. The sooner some guys accept the role they are asked to play, the better.

No doubt, there have been some pretty poor performances. This last game Tyshawn and Sherron combined for 8 turn overs, half the teams TO's. Opposition shooting percentage has sky rocketed compared to what Self and Co. want.

Finally, yes Sunday was disappointing. Some of us may have to buy new TV's because of what we did to them. Would all of you feel better if it were Oral Roberts? Give Tennessee credit. They were quick, they valued the ball, they took away the inside and dared the outside shooters to take it and make it. That same Tennessee game would have bested an overwhelming majority of top 25 teams, it's that simple. And the difference between # 5 and # 25 is smaller than many want to admit.

David Leathers 10 years ago

Theutus ~

What is your profession? Do you get paid somewhere in the millions per year? Most importantly, are you a basketball coach at the college level?

If your answer to that last question is no, there is no point in making a post like you've made this morning. Absurd... Coach Self has forgotten more about basketball than all of us posting on this site combined.

"Self screwed up, he had a poor game as a coach. It happens."

He may have screwed up but, yes, coach Self knows best ALL of the time compared to any one of us.

Joe Baker 10 years ago

Ok...let's move forward and onward, get this dead horse behind us.

Aren't there any sideline stories? I just read a great piece about EJ by Jesse that was interesting. Can we prepare for the next game? Let's let this Tenn game go already!!


Theutus 10 years ago

RockChalkCaliHawk, are you a career politician that has ever served at the national level?

Then I never want to hear you ever criticize a politician for any decision they have ever made, because they have "forgotten more about politics than all of us".

See how that logic works? I could post a dozen more analogies, but something tells me it wouldn't make a difference with you.

I love Coach Self, and I still retain he did a crap job coaching against UT.

Bill Klein 10 years ago

Most everything has been said by now, but understand Self; he insulates his players very well from media and fan scrutiny by not dwelling on them in his post game remarks. We can all be assured that the point is being driven across each of them in the proper setting. Two things: Manning does not appear to be getting CA to want it bad enough, i'd tell CA that every rebound he took in practice from 10 ft in must go back to the basket or he gets on the line and runs. Self's dissatisfaction was evident after the game. Second, what is the plan for "One and done"? stand him on the perimeter and leave him there? is anyone else surprised that he is not part of the offense and they're not posting him up or setting screens for him?

hawk_of_ages 10 years ago

Why does everyone think EJ is the savior? He seems like a nice kid, but what has he done to merit all this praise?

I can't believe everyone so quick to forget all the good games Tyshawn has had this year -- the twins, too. If I see one more fair-weather KU "fan" calling these players "a waste of a scholarship," I'm going to throw up. Get a little perspective.

jaybate 10 years ago

(In the darkness above the scoreboard in an empty Allen Field House after midnight, the ghostly faces of Forrest Allen and Henry Iba materialize looking down on the sacred court...)

Allen: Your boy took it in the shorts down in Knoxville, Henry.

Iba: When ever "your" Jayhawks lose its "my" boy.

Allen: Yes, so what? He is your great grand son. Iba to Parrot, to Eddie, to Bill.

Iba (rolling eyes and coughing to clear his throat): And damned proud of him, you old blow hard.

Allen (looking at Iba with as much fire in his eyes as he used to during games between the two): He lost to the unsuspended remnants of a guns-and-drug cartel team in a place where the locals think basketball is what you play when you can't find an inflated football.

Iba: Don't start on me Forrest Clare! And don't tread on my boy either.

Allen (flames now raging in his eyes): The difference between you and me, Henry, is that I didn't fall for any voodoo philosophy about systems of play. Each year I played a different scheme. Half the years I was inventing new schemes. You and your boy are married to the Okie Baller way. (harrumphing) Hell, I invented Okie Ball before you did. I just didn't keep playing it when the material changed.

Iba: Forrest, you were a genius that way, but you also wasted a lot of time reinventing the wheel the way you did it. There are many ways to skin a cat, but the point is to skin the cat, not find every way under the son to do it. (shoots Allen a castigating look)

Allen (enraged and lunging at Iba): Why you Okie sonnuvabitch! I'll show you what the fight in the Kansas dog is all about!

(Allen's face passes through Iba's as if Iba weren't there.)

Iba: Oh, stop acting like an overgrown kid, Forrest. We're dead. We can fight any more. But believe you me, Forrest, I'd like to give you one in the kisser right now if I could!

Allen (his face returning to its original place above the scoreboard and regaining some composure): We both know I could take you with my right hand tied to my left ankle. Besides, I was just trying to make a point.

Iba: Which was?

Allen: Kansas basketball is about more than talent. Its about more than philosophy and strategy and tactics. And it is certainly about more than want-to. It is about fight. It is about competitive fury. I was a hot head who learned to control it. But it was the fire inside that made me what I became. You know that.

Iba: You would fight a buzz saw with your bare hands, I'll give you that, Forrest Clare.

jaybate 10 years ago

Allen: Damned right I would. I think people forget that about me, when they are busy canonizing me as some kind of grand fatherly old saint that I wasn't. Why, if I could get down on that floor again, that boy of yours would be grass and I would be the combine. You'd see the back side of those custom suit pants of his come flying out like chaff on a Kansas wheat field!!!

Iba: I admit, he may have gotten too clever by half, Forest, but he was in a tough spot.

Allen (harrumphing again): The day a Kansas coach doesn't show the competitive fury of a twister in May is the day I stop showing my face in my own field house.

Iba: He was trying to run the table for you, you old coot, and yet forge a team identity. He thought he could create a crisis by sending them out flat against a team wrecked by suspensions. He played the odds just like I have told all my sons, grandsons and great grandsons to do. You never relied on probability nearly enough and you know it. If you had, you would have won another four rings and reached a thousand wins. You were always more interested in seeing what new way you could figure out to play the game. Don't tell me otherwise, because I was there with that stinking band of yours blowing Jay Jay Jay Jay Jayhawk in my ear every time I came to Lawrence. I know how you were.

Allen (smiling): That's the only reason I put up with you, you old curmudgeon. You don't pull any punches and your mother didn't raise any dummies.

Iba (eyes rolling again): It takes all kinds, I guess.

Allen: God, I do love this game! Even when we lose. There's just nothing else close to coaching it. It gets in your blood and you can't get it out.

Iba: On that we agree.

Allen: So what's your boy gonna do now?

Iba: He's gonna light a prairie fire under these guys' butts and run the table in the conference; that's what he's gonna do; then he's gonna win a ring, while all the hand wringers worry about Kentucky and Texas.

Allen (beaming): Now that's the kind of spunk I like to hear out of you. You know you'd have equalled my total wins, if you had shown that sort of spunk as often as I did.

Iba: Now don't start on me again, Forest. You always have to have the edge. You always...

Allen: That's right, Henry, I'm the father.

Iba: Yeah, well, my great grand son hung the last banner in this barn and don't you forget it.

Allen (grinning devilishly): Don't you think I know that? I'm just an old Jayhawk. I know how to light a fire under an old Okie like nobody's business. And that's what we need more than anything right now. Competitive fury...

(Faces of Allen and Iba fade away)

hawkitup 10 years ago

You guys are ridiculous...go win a National Championship and 5 Big 12 titles in a row and then tell Coach Self how he should do his job. Until then...shut it!

jaybate 10 years ago


Open it.

Kansas is a free state.


jaybate 10 years ago

hawk_of_ages, come to thee...

Well said, sir. There is a tendency among some posters to view players rather the way certain NBA GMs do...on potential, rather than performance. But I guess it is their privilege to do so. I just wish they wouldn't get so testy, when persons point out to them that the object of the game is to win the current game with the guys who can get us a W.

And, of course, if Self actually did spend the season developing all the potential and taking all the losses, these same posters would be having hissy fits about all the losses.

hawk316 10 years ago

For all you Tyshawn Taylor bashers, there you have it from the Coach's mouth:

“From my vantage point watching practice and being with the guys every day in the last month, I think Tyshawn is on a big uptick,” Self said. “Yesterday, he played fine until the last four minutes. He had three plays I know he wished he got back where he didn’t use great judgment.”

Still only a sophomore, Tyshawn is showing steady improvement. Be patient and give him time. This kid is a player.

FreddyinLA 10 years ago

Only way this group of guys wins the Nat. Champ. is by taking advantage of their deep bench and making the pace fast and very uncomfortable for their opponent. Otherwise, the tourney comes down to a 50/50 game, depending on Sherron.

CRIMSONnBLUE 10 years ago

People need to stop picking apart the little details and focus on the big picture. Coach Self said that Tennessee is closer to having an identity than Kansas and he's right. That identity is a "we can play anybody, we can beat anybody, and even if we don't we are still going to play 100% from start to finish" attitude. Kansas only deserved to be #1 because of their talent and experience, not because of their focus and determination. Rewind to last years tournament loss to Mich St. Every player interviewed said they had a bitter taste in their mouth. Cole and Sherron came back for one reason above all others... to win another national championship. That piece of information and that memory that left a bitter taste in their mouth is enough to keep them motivated all year long and play 100% from start to finish every game. Obviously a good coach will get their team to take it one game at a time and not overlook a single game no matter how easy it appears. But it's not just going over the tape and being prepared to play. It's the fact that mentally they should be treating every game as if it's a national championship game. I don't care if it's against Colorado. The Tennessee game all comes down to one thing... they wanted it more. We played sloppy and the energy wasn't there. When KU got caught napping they realized they needed to launch a comeback they were not focused and ready. It doesn't take a genius to understand that when you play lazy and then try to "turn it on" as Self would say, you end up being frustrated and unprepared for the pace that you are trying to play at.

Jack Wilson 10 years ago

Seriously, I have read the baloney about Taylor on the uptick and the typical "if coach says so it must be true" garbage. First, guys, while I wouldn't want another coach in the country over Self, your argument is not correct simply because "coach Self says so." He is not infallible.

I'm sure Self recognizes that Taylor is not improving much. His words are meant to motivate. He isn't talking for our consumption. He may see Taylor trying to do what he wants, and is trying to inspire that. He may also trying to at some roses to tide of negativity on Taylor. Again, for Taylor's consumption.

The only "improvement" I have seen since EJ started for him was in the Cornell game and that was solely because Taylor shot maybe once. He didn't jack up bad shots. But as I've said so, so many times .. we should expect more of our 2 guard.

And some bonehead said above "at leat he (Taylor) took it to the rim." Well, you can say the same thing about me. Problem is, neither Taylor, nor I, can FINISH at the rim. Taylor can't finish. If it isn't uncontested, the only positive result we usually get is a foul. Most of the time a block or a miss.

Someone say Achilles' heel?

Jack Wilson 10 years ago

".. may also trying to at some roses to tide of negativity on Taylor." Typing too fast.

" .. may also be trying to throw some roses to oppose the tide of negativity on Taylor."

Kind of like Homer Simpson .. can tell what I'm thinking vs. what I'm saying.

Matt1958 10 years ago

Theutus, We criticize politicians because of the way they spend the tax money we are required to send them. We follow and love our Jayhawks because we want to, nobody makes us. People like me know there will be ups and downs, but realize they are all kids and won't do everything perfect. People like you would just rather bitch and claim to know everything. Tell me this, what program would satisfy your inflated ego? Do us all a favor, go be a Mizzou fan. You'll fit right in.

KU 10 years ago

Guys, you can demand the style of play you want to see all day long until you're blue in the your fingertips bleed.

But you have to take into account the kind of coach Bill Self is. He's always going to coach toughness and defense first. He believes you can squeeze the life out of a team with great half court defense regardless of whether you have elite talent or just above-average D1 talent. He believes you increase your possessions and increase tempo by taking the ball away in the half-court. And he's right.

He's going to believe in valuing possessions on the offensive end and pounding the glass with your bigs. He's gonna believe you can grind down a team's will by grinding them into submission in the half court offense.

You don't HAVE a coach that believes in pressing as a full-time (or even part-time) philosophy. You don't HAVE a coach that believes in running and gunning. You don't HAVE a coach that believes you build a team by playing 10 or 11 guys.

You just don't. So get used to it and see what Coach Self can cook up or go become a fan of another team.

hawk_of_ages 10 years ago

Tyshawn's uptick over the course of the season has been well documented, by the LJW and others. It is not even an opinion. It is statistical fact. Look it up.

That does not excuse his mistakes against the Vols, but give credit where it's due and stop throwing KU players under the bus over one lost game. (I repeat, ONE lost game).

"Problem is, neither Taylor, nor I, can FINISH at the rim." I've never seen you play, but I have seen Tyshawn every game this year and last year, and therefore I can say confidently that you don't know what you're talking about.

FreddyinLA 10 years ago

Agree KU, pro coaches change their style on the flight home, college coaches take their style to the grave. Just sayin, thus far into the season I've seen a few big guys outplay Cole, I see Sherron with dead legs at the end of a game from carrying this team. That will be magnified 10Xs in the second game of the tourney weekend. Only significant advantage I see is a deep bench.

Joe Baker 10 years ago

I like EJ and would like to see him play. I don't know all the details. I don't know what "uptick" is all about, but I know the differences between the two guys. I'm no HCBS, but I'd play EJ a little bit more.

TT arrived at KU under some perfect circumstances. He received a nice opp as CS was looking to reload ly. EJ comes to KU like most other players, loaded with talent. TT has EJ beat with experience and pt. TT's shooting seems to be improving, but his attitude is lacking.

I'm impressed with EJ's attitude and the more I hear from him, the more convinced I am that he has a really good head on his shoulders. I question TT's judgement and his indecisive play. For example, how do you run a fast break and travel? This is b-ball 101. His biggest problem is TOs due to hesitation and indecisiveness.

I don't want to bash any player, especially TT. I just want him to play better and smarter. We all want the best for them all. This translates the best for KU!! I like TT and he's just freaking frustrating during some big moments in a game.

bad_dog 10 years ago


If Xavier and CJ had not come here we would most likely have had Lance Stephenson-now at Cincinnatti, instead. While that eliminates one additional player (CJ) from the rotation discussion, I don't know that it would significantly impact the available minutes for EJ as he would likely still lose playing time to Lance and CJ's minutes are only nominal to date. Little or Releford could still be red-shirted.

I do agree with you regarding X. I thought he's looked very tentative the last few games. Your comparison to Rush is spot on, IMHO...

Theutus 10 years ago

I think it's hilarious that i was a Marine, essentially brought up to "blindly follow", and i'm the one who is having to sell a "think for yourself" mentality here.... I don't care if Jesus himself stepped down from a cloud and took over KU basketball... If I think he screwed up, i'll call him on it. This idiotic attitude of "you can't say anything negative at all about our team" is ridiculous. Grow up. Criticism is necessary for growth.

I've still yet to hear a good reason for not utilizing our deep bench.... Not a single one.

At the end of the day, Coach Self will make the adjustments necessary, i think he's a great coach.... I still 100% disagree with him not utilizing a bench of some of the most talented guys in the league.... The pro's: Fresh legs, higher intensity when the players are in, other team gets run down (lesser benches), opportunity for players to show their skillsets/abilities. The con's: a little weaker defense and (depending on the day) less offense.

Here is my question though, on a day when nobody is putting up any offense anyway.... Nobody is playing any defense, no intensity on either end.... Why not pull a few guys and get some fresh legs for a spark? Hell, Roy (yes, i still think he's a good coach too) would have pulled 4 guys at a time for playing as lazy as we did, not to mention the turnovers.... Sherron was the only one putting out.

But by all means, instead of debating the obvious... Call me a Kentucky fan or something... Whatever helps you sleep at night.

jaybate 10 years ago

Tuesday Still Detoxing from the Knoxville Bushwhacking:

} I love it when the board rats get feisty about being 14-1.

} The loss has one benefit that is indisputable. Self no longer has to coach to try to run the table. He can go back to trying to build a team to peak in March; this means he can amp the team more often and not worry about taking a trailing loss here and there, as result. It also means he can leave CJ, EJ and TRob in a bit longer some games. Pursuit of perfection is a girl dog.

} You can bet the coaching staff is "turning up" the team as we speak. Love that little Eisenhower-esque Selfism. :-)

} Doc Sadler, get your corn shuckers ready for the beating of a life time, unless Self takes one last stab at team identity formation and gives you the secret sign to work X over for an entire game, the way he had you give the business to Cole last year in the first NU game.

} I hope Self gets himself "turned-up." I miss the Bill Self ready to chew the head off a ref, or an opposing coach. I miss the Bill Self poking individual players until they are ready to fight him. Captain Self, we didn't go through "boot camp" and "getting better week", so you could be Coach Sensitive about the "uptick" in Ty's game. Come out and challenge him to play like a man even with his bad arm. Shoot, coach, you used to chew on Sherron when he only had one wheel!

} I agree with KU that Self is not going to make any drastic changes of scheme during the season, even though I think its pretty clear the material doesn't fit the scheme. Self has been one of the phenoms at fitting puzzle pieces together to build teams, but he guessed wrong this year that Xavier was so good that he would not trigger the same problem that Mario Little caused last season. With Sherron and Cole operating out of a hi-low, this is a down the middle team, even if Paul Pierce were out on the wing. I do think we may see more of Xavier at the 2 to try to minimize the dampening of the down the middle dynamic. It is silly to waste Xavier in the role of Brady Morningstar, even thought that is the only role that really makes this down the middle team run properly. Self has to get more races out of his thoroughbred. X is like all great horses. He's gotta run, or he atrophies. Right now, he is atrophying.

jaybate 10 years ago

} Perhaps the most important positive fallout from the UTenn loss will be an admission on the team's part that:

a) starters can't play 30-38 minutes and be effective at the end; and b) it is incumbent on the subs to "get better" so Self can play them more.

Self can't play them so they get better. They have to get better so Self can play them.

} This time of season, young guys get discouraged about PT and start thinking and talking about next season being their year to shine. This is code for: I'm a victim of numbers and I'm giving up trying to crack the line-up till next year. We saw this explicitly in The Prophet's interview with Newell apparently dating to Tuesday a week ago. You can bet Thomas Robinson and C.J. Henry are thinking the same, though they have the saavy not to say it. The problem is: Self kept these guys eligible this year, because each has a small piece of what this particular team needs in March, if they would just keep "getting better" and quit giving up and coasting for next year. Frankly, they are going to cook their gooses for next year, if they don't keep getting better this year and give this team what Self thought they could. We saw the same phenomenon last season with Quintrel Thomas and Ty Appleton. Those guys translated their disappearing minutes into wait until next year, instead of get better now, so I can give Self the small PT that he actually needed from them. As a result, Q is in Vegas and Ty is nowhere. EJ, CJ and TRob need to understand that the reality is they have to "get better" just to give Self 5 minutes a half, which Self and the starters desperately need to make this dog hunt in March. Cole got the message as a freshman and though he played rarely, he was ready when the moment he was being kept around for arrived...mad storking Psycho T in the semi finals for ten minutes, when the experienced bigs got fouled up. Cole kept getting better even though he knew there was no chance to play big minutes. And because he did, he was able to make a key contribution to the '08 team winning the ring. EJ, CJ, and TRob have to understand this. If they could just get enough better to give 5 minutes per half, there will come a time in the Madness when they will make a decisive contribution that will be the difference between the team winning it all and coming up short. No team becomes a champion without its bench making decisive contributions in the tourney. So far, Self has not been able to convince EJ, CJ and TRob to keep getting better.

tical523 10 years ago

. . . . . so Elijah Johnson only subs in for Collins huh? I didn't know that it was not an option for him to sub for X Henry, Reed, Taylor, or Morningstar. I was so excited to read that a caller asked about EJ's playing time but the answer from Coach confused me I guess. I don't know why having two 5 star, scoring-guards on the court at the same time is so terrible (actually three if X is in also), it doesn't matter that EJ is only a freshman in my eyes; freshman aren't the same as they used to be. I wouldn't really care about the playing time of EJ so much if the other guys were clearly performing well, but it is just not the case. I really hope we look better tomorrow night!!! Rock Chalk

Jack Wilson 10 years ago

hawk_of_ages: Son, you clearly haven't been watching the games close enough. Put on your skirt, grab your pom-poms .. it's a better look for cheerleader.

As just recent examples, there were two straight times Taylor took it to the rim in the second half against Tennessee and no finish. He was fouled on the second one .. kind of. Taylor misses nearly everything he takes to the hoop when anyone is contesting it. He hit some garbage fall way on a drive against Temple that was just a bad shot, as the defense rotated and stopped him. He just threw it up. I have re-watched the games looking for this.

This stuff with Tyshawn has been going on since he stepped on the floor last season. He stutter steps up the court, can't handle the ball in pressure, can't create his own shot, makes poor decisions time after time, though fast is poor in transition, is an average defender (see the walk-on's 3 over him vs. Tennessee as just a small sampling), cannot make reliable passes to the post, and is selfish (see his comments after his 19 point game saying "I finally got mine" paraphrasing; and the stupid *!# salute; of course, he was point man for the issues with the football team. I won't even get into his idioc comments after that). Reminds me of Hawkins from the 05-06 season with his style of play and negative impact on the team while on the floor.

Your comment further above about folks thinking EJ is the savior and forgetting what Tyshawn has done for us .. tell me, what has Tyshawn really done for us? How is he really a better contributor now than at this point last season? And on EJ, I think there is a recognition that his upside is much higher. There is no denying that. I believe we might actually lose a game because of EJ if we play him 25-28 minutes now. But I believe the payoff with that experience will be worth it in March. There is a belief, I think, among many that we don't see a Final Four with Taylor in his current role. Now, off the bench, 12-15 minutes per game .. sure. EJ has Mario like talent, and I am saying it right now, he'll be Mario's equal when given the chance (less the shot in the tournament, of course).

And Ralster, your agreement with hawk_of_ages is a bit puzzling .. given your apparent rationality on other topics.

Theutus 10 years ago

HighElite, i agree with you to an extent... Although I'll give Taylor the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his personal behavior off the court.... I think he is just a young kid from the ghetto that needs to grow up... that's partially what college is about though...

Also, i wouldn't say his impact is 100% negative for us. He's a hell of a player (when his head is straight). My argument is that he shouldn't stay in the game when he is obviously mentally falling apart.

Truth be told in the clutch, I don't want him in the game period because at this point he's a liability.... Sure hope he becomes more consistent in the future though cause he's a weapon when he's on his game.

Vic Janeway 10 years ago

Coach, everyone here keeps telling the same story....TAylor MUST sit.

Craig Lang 10 years ago

I don't understand why there are so many harsh words for Tyshawn. He and Collins played harder than anyone else out there. Yes, he made mistakes, but so have many KU sophomore guards before him. I don't see how taking him out and putting in freshmen guards, who are more inconsistent than he is, will solve anything.

Vic Janeway 10 years ago

Coach, everyone here keeps telling the same story....TAylor MUST sit. And the HUSTLE isnt there for most of them!

Matt1958 10 years ago

Theutus, I won't debate the "obvious" with you since you're obviously so intellectually superior to everyone, Coach Self included. We will all wait with baited breath, your analysis of his coaching prowess after each game. We know your qualifications to "call him out" are above any reproach. Get over yourself.

Theutus 10 years ago

Matt, when did i claim to be "above any reproach"? Obviously i'm not the only one with the opinion to utilize our bench or sit Taylor when he commits numerous mistakes.....

So once again, i'm going to ask you to point out where I'm wrong.... Why should Taylor STAY in the game when he's turning the ball over repeatedly....

Off the subject of Taylor, why should EJ/CJ NOT get in the game at all when the rest of the team is playing poorly? Please answer with something other than "coach knows best" and i'll gladly have a friendly debate with you over our differing opinions.

Also, don't you find it a little ironic that your calling me out because you apparently feel that I "think i know everything", but on the other hand your essentially saying "Just follow Coach Self, he can make no mistakes, he knows all".

Maybe it's just me.

David Leathers 10 years ago


No, I am not a politician that has ever served on any level, nor do I have plans to be. The only difference between the question you asked me and the question I asked you is the fact that you were the one criticizing the head coach. It just so happens that I thought that was a little absurd and never in my life have I critivized a politician, because for 1.) They have forgetten more about politics than I'll ever know, and 2.) I'll leave that kind of thing up to people like you who care.

I just don't think you've bought into Self's year-to-year plan. If you've ever read any of Jaybate's posts then you might understand it a little bit better. If you've watched enough of the games every year you might even understand it a little bit. Self knows how to coach, how to motivate his team, and most importantly, he knows how to get his team ready for one of the toughest conference schedules he's ever faced.

Sit back, relax, and please, enjoy the ride!!!

PS- I was not intending on offending you, but I didn't know marines could be so darn sensitive.

Tony Bandle 10 years ago

Jiminy any of you guys work for a living? I want your jobs so I can post all day!! :} Fun Stuff!!!

Theutus 10 years ago

I don't read Jaybates posts... When i see his name, i scroll down to the next post (which is actually usually like 3 or 4 posts down). Just personal preference... I can't stand all attempts at coining new phrases, his imaginary "Jaybate Press" or whatever it is etc, it's just annoying to read in my opinion.

Also, apparently Self didn't know how to motivate his team against UT... He even admitted to as much. As far as me being sensitive? Apparently supporting your case/argument is now considered "sensitive" in your book? It's probably a good thing you live in Cali.

Matt1958 10 years ago

Theutus. No, maybe its me. After living through the final two Owens years and having a loosing record in both of them, I have been giddy about everything that has happened since (7 FF's, 2 titles). I get a little defensive sometimes. Sorry.

hawk_of_ages 10 years ago

Tyshawn since his benching earlier in the season has a nearly 4-1 assist turnover ratio. This is what we mean by "uptick." If Elijah can do better, then by all means play him instead.

I assume those of you who believe Elijah is better than Tyshawn have been sitting in on practices; if not, you don't know what you're talking about.

Theutus 10 years ago

Matt, we can agree to disagree on some decisions... Such is life. We both just want to see the hawks succeed. Rock Chalk brother, let's hope KU comes out swinging with some fire in their hearts tomorrow night!

David Leathers 10 years ago


I'm so sorry, you just scared me for my life. I really hope now that I didn't offend you. Please Pfc. Theo, don't hurt me. I understand if you want to, and I won't be hard to find. I'll be the one nerdy white guy out here shaking in his boots.

This will be the last time I offend a Marine.

Jaybate's posts are actually a great read. I used to not like his posts either, but have read a few since and now I'm hooked.

Self did know how to motivate his team against UT he just chose not to do so. He let his team try to motivate themselves in order for them to establish the identity.

We are all Jayhawk fans and I love you all... including you, Theutus.

Theutus 10 years ago

Hahha, after reading my comment it does kinda sound like i was implying some sort of physical threat.... I was actually implying that California is full of "sensitive" people, who cry and whine about everything... (I lived there when i wasn't deployed).

Regardless, looking forward to tomorrow, and hopefully a team with some motivation.

jaybate 10 years ago


Self made up his mind very early that he was not going to play two-platoon, full court pressure ball a la UTenn (before the guns and bongs suspensions) and Fizzou. We know this, because he redshirted Releford and Little. From that point on, he hasn't had anywhere near enough experienced talent on hand to do it consistently.

Instead, he has chosen to play to minimize mistakes at all costs. KU's TOs per game are much lower than UK, or Texas, if I recall correctly. KU's only loss came in a game where it made a lot of TOs and couldn't create any TOs. He's 14-1 with this choice. Could he be 15-0 doing it your way and not redshirting Releford and Little? Maybe. But he could just as easily be 14-1 and not have Little for next year, and have a year less of Releford.

Self may have considered playing two-platoon for awhile before Withey and CJ got hurt, Brady got suspended, and EJ and Thomas Robinson proved to be very foul and TO prone.

I also suspect Self decided his impact players--Cole, Sherron and Xavier--could be much more dominant in a half court offense and defense that full court.

On the run in a full court game, Sherron is just 5'10" tall. In a half court game, Sherron weighs 210 lbs and can bull his way through most PGs, and he shoots 42% from trey.

On the run in a full court game, Cole can give you a lot of quick outlet passes, but he does not have the lungs to play 30-35 minutes the way he can in a half court game. Self decided he'd rather have 30-35 from Cole when needed in half court sets, than 20-25 from Cole and 15-20 from Thomas Robinson. TRob's play so far vindicates him. Again, it might have been different had Withey not gotten stress fractures.

On the run in a full court game, Xavier can get you a lot of lay ups, but be so tired that his already suspect defense becomes utterly unacceptable. In a half court game, he's got a great trinity, can add boards (over what Brady could grab), and his defensive liabilities can be masked with a lot of help. I think you could make a case that X could play either way, but I think Self probably accurately judged X's defensive limitations and the ability of defensive help in the half court to mask some of them.

jaybate 10 years ago

Should Self be playing EJ and CJ and TRob more?

Answer: of course, if they can play without excessive fouling, defensive failures and TOs. But not if not.

Bottom line: the problem with your argument that Self should be playing EJ, CJ and TRob more is that it:

a) assumes they are better than their play so far indicates;

b) assumes Self must be playing favorites instead of the best players; and/or

c) assumes Self is too stupid to know that EJ, CJ and TRob could play effectively.

These are odd things to assume.

They are hard sells to a thinking fan.

They are like your attempt last year to convince thinking fans that Sherron Collins was killing KU.

Americans are taught to swallow a lot of hooey for sure. And Americans swallow a lot of hooey, for sure.

But Kansas basketball fans are not the typical American.

They are going to look at the TOs, fouls per minute played, and defensive lapses, of EJ, CJ and TRob and they are going to say, "Dang, I wish these guys would clean up their games, so they could play more minutes. They've got a ton of athletic ability. Wouldn't our team be a heck of a lot better off, if they did clean up their games so Self could use them? Then we wouldn't have to watch our starters get too tired to jump shoot with 3 minutes to go."

Finally, if you are going to argue more playing time for CJ, EJ, and TRob, make a valid statistical argument for them, instead of just saying they ought to play because they "look" better and because KU is getting tired at the end of games.

Everyone knows it is best to have a backups for each of the one through five positions on the floor that can play ten quality minutes every game--five the first half and five the second half--to keep the starters fresh.

If you would just produce the stats about TOs, fouls, and defensive failures that support your case, then everyone, including me, would be with you and asking for Self's head.

So: produce the numbers.

Theutus 10 years ago

Jay, how am i supposed to produce numbers for guys who don't even get a shot to play....

I can however say this, just watch the UT game. There is a 5 minute stretch where Taylor basically can't do anything right. Anything. He had lost his cool, and pretty much anyone who was watching could see it.....

I want Taylor to get minutes, and he should probably start over EJ/CJ, but at that point, i still see no argument that says EJ/CJ shouldn't have come in....

And you also bring up season stats like it's the say all/end all. They aren't, not even close. When the entire team is playing with no heart, and no motivation... We need to consider pulling those who are weak, and putting in someone with fresh legs and something to prove.

That's my opinion on the matter.

Theutus 10 years ago

Just for the record, I would rather see Taylor lose some minutes based on his playing rather than his comments to the press....

But it looks like he may have just shot himself in the foot. See the recent article about him "not knowing what his role is".

I hope a comment out of context doesn't land him on the bench. Even if I do want to see EJ/CJ get some more minutes.

Theutus 10 years ago

Ralster, seriously? Now you are mis-quoting me (out of context to say the least), just to push your argument.... To quote myself: "I still 100% disagree with him not utilizing a bench of some of the most talented guys in the league....".

Once again, it's OK to disagree with someone that you respect. I still believe Coach Self is a great coach, i still respect him as a coach..... I simply disagree with this decision.

It's OK to have an opinion that doesn't fall in line with whoever it is your following... Without it your just another lemming, walking off a ledge.

Hays_Hawk 10 years ago


Dude, what is wrong with you! You need a day job badly man. People getting on here and making one or two line comments is one thing. You get on here and type paragraphs upon paragraphs of nothing. At first you really annoyed me but now, to be honest, I feel very sorry for you.

  • Hays_Hawk

Theutus 10 years ago

Agreed Ralster! On a positive note, i have a feeling we'll see some real fire in the twins tomorrow.... I read that Morningstar called a meeting with them... Gotta love the leadership and respect the teamates have for each other.

jaybate 10 years ago


You have no idea how important what you say to me truly is. You are my role model. I tell everyone I know: there is this board rat named Hays_Hawk that really has it all wired. Hays_Hawk is my man. He is my guru. My immaculate mentor. He has the Urban Dictionary memorized. He doesn't need toilet paper. He writes like an angel singing in heaven. He maketh me lie down in green pastures. His head is like an enema bag that is full of rain. ;-)


BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years ago

Oh geeze, let it be game time, Please!

Hays_Hawk 10 years ago


You're stealing comebacks from greyhawk and you don't even realize it! Nice try though...

:- I

okiedave 10 years ago

OakvilleJHawk - Nobody on this blog is smart enough to hold down a full time job. But at least when people ask what we do for a living, we can tell them we are sports editors or basketball commentators for the University.

Jack Wilson 10 years ago

I think some are missing the point. EJ is the better overall player vs. Taylor. It's not necessarily a turnover here, or a missed rebound there, it's the total package. What does he bring to the floor.

Taylor has played 359 minutes. EJ 125 minutes. The following show the contributions per minute - Rebounds, Taylor 1 every 9.2 minutes, EJ 1 every 6.25 minutes. Advantage EJ. Assists, Taylor 1 every 5.98 minutes, EJ 1 every 4.46 minutes. Advantage EJ. Steals, Taylor 1 every 17.95 minutes, EJ 1 every 17.85 minutes. Advantage EJ. Points, Taylor 1 every 3.29 minutes, EJ 1 every 2.5 minutes Advantage EJ. Turnover, Taylor 1 every 12.82 minutes, EJ 1 every 10.41 minutes. Advantage TT. Fouls, Taylor 1 every 11.58, EJ 1 every 6.57 minutes. Advantage TT.

Add it Field goal percentage, Taylor 44%, EJ 54.5%. Advantage EJ. And 3 point Field goal percentage, Taylor 32%, EJ 33.3% Advantage EJ. And Free Throw percentage, Taylor 70%, EJ 66.7%. Advantage TT.

Those are some numbers. That doesn't tell the whole story, of course. On defense, I'd say that EJ looked ok. Not spectacular. But Taylor has not looked ok in my opinion.

jaybate 10 years ago


As preface, I enjoy reading your posts. You have a strong, clear POV on many things and aren't afraid to stand alone. Right there you have me on your side and willing to think about what you post. Inference: I am disagreeing but not dissing.

Next, the "how can I produce stats, if Self won't play them" argument is at the very core of everyone advocating for more PT for EJ, CJ and TRob and worth addressing.

First, EJ and TRob got significant minutes against cupcakes and produced unfavorable numbers. It taxes my logic to conclude they would perform better against truly tough teams.

Second, CJ started getting minutes and "looking" good with his 61% trey, but his fouls, defensive lapses, and TOs have not improved in the minutes he has played. Frankly, CJ is in the same bind Brady and Tyrel are in. Self only wants Brady, Tyrel and CJ to hit some open treys and not hurt the team while on the floor. He doesn't want CJ to be the 4th option. Self doesn't need another impact player. If you notice, when Brady and Tyrel begin to miss their treys, or have defensive lapses, their minutes fall promptly. Yet no one cries Brady and Tyrel could produce much better numbers, if only they were given more minutes. You do agree that a coach should pull a glue sub quickly in a close game, when he immediately fouls, makes TOs and gets burned, don't you? I guarran-dang-ty that CJ would be playing the most minutes of the three, if he didn't hurt the team immediately on hitting the floor. Why? Because he's shooting 61% from trey; that's why.

Check this link to look at CJ, EJ and TRob's numbers. They actually do have some game numbers. Self is not making his decision entirely on practice.

Rock Chalk!

jaybate 10 years ago


You're back-pedaling. Man-up, or forget it.

100 10 years ago

Mark Kriegel from MSN/Fox sports took a cheap (fair) shot at John Calipari today. It's an article about Pete Carrol taking off from USC due to NCAA investigation.

It's on MSN. Don't have link offhand but it's likely an easy search.

The entire nation seems to know how Calipari builds his teams. How long do we have to wait for NCAA to publish their current Calipari investigation results (as I recall Rose matter was being investigated for a full year before Calipari conveniently took off & took another job for twice the money, & magically, a week later the NCAA let everyone know, oh by the way, Calipari has been investigated for a year, oops, he already left... nevermind, oh, I guess we'll punish somebody, I guess it will be Memphis, not Calipari).

Perhaps we'll get a report from the NCAA by May?

jaybate 10 years ago


Thanks for the data. Now, let's think logically about it.

EJ built his numbers mostly against cupcakes.

Tyshawn built his numbers against cupcakes and noncupcakes.

Inference: if their numbers are similar now, then EJ's probably would have been significantly worse than Ty's had EJ had to play against the noncupcakes.

I know Ty has not played well for stretches and he has likely Twittered himself out of the starting line-up, but the fact is Ty has been asked this year to be the glue Brady was last year and his numbers have fallen, as expected, but he has been getting the job done much of the time. He guards the best opposing perimeter player much of the time. He is probably quite resentful of Xavier and of having to be glue, especially when he spent a summer as a U19 star. And now he is being squeezed by Brady, who is basically a better glue guy with a 42% trey gun to boot.

Still, the talk about EJ being the logical replacement for Tyshawn doesn't wash.

Self tried it and got a dose of reality against cupcakes.

The logical replacement for Ty, if Ty were to be replaced, is Brady.

But I don't think even Brady is good enough to unseat Ty.

When Ty gets well, if he doesn't blow everything with a moping attitude, Ty will be the same lightening quick do it all guy he was before the elbow injury and Self will make Ty's defense and speed be the deciding factor on playing him.

But if Ty blows it with a mopey attitude on Twitter, Brady is going to step in and he's not going to make any mistakes and he's going to make the second pass and shoot 42% from trey and probably fit better with Xavier and Sherron than Ty does.


Because Self just wants the fewest mistakes possible out of the two this year, as he wanted the same out of the 3 last year.

jaybate 10 years ago


No one should be sitting, you flipping dip stick.

If you put EJ in for TT, you get more TOs, more fouls/minute, and a guy who gets burned guarding the guards on cupcakes.

Question: are you able to feed yourself?

jaybate 10 years ago


You gotta be kidding me!

Thank heavens Coach Self can tell the difference between Tennessee Tech and Memphis, Tennessee Tech and Cal, and Michigan, and UTenn.

Self has never let EJ play more than a few minutes against a legitimate D1 team for a reason. EJ ain't ready for prime time.

Self used EJ to pressure Tyshawn into taking over Brady's glue role. Were it not for that, it is doubtful EJ would have even gotten the starts he got.

Question: can you feed yourself?

okiedave 10 years ago

Is anybody watching Kentucky running Florida all over the floor on the Gator's court? Kentucky playing like wildmen on steroids. Florida is struggling to stay in the game. Hate to say it but Kentucky is scary good and running Florida into submission.

David Leathers 10 years ago

bhann (anonymous) says... "Jaybate, u r so big on the computer! Would like to meet and settle this like men since u want to act like one on the computer? U name the time and place I will glad to bring u into manhood."

Haha... This is just pure madness. We sound like Raiders fans instead of Jayhawks. Everyone go get their black and silver face paint and drink a whole 30-pack to yourself before wobbling yourself through the gates.

bhann ~ Jaybate is good at getting under the skin. Just brush it off...

Jaybate ~ you silly guy, you... be nice ... "No one should be sitting, you flipping dip stick."

Besides you telling me to take a laxative, I've never seen a blast directed right at somebody.

Hays_Hawk 10 years ago


Calm down man. Jaybate has real "issues". He's probably a 16 year old sitting at home on mommy and daddy's computer trying to find something to fill his day since home school let out early. Arguing with this guy is honestly like arguing with a brick wall. He makes absolutely no sense so getting an acceptable response out of him is completely out of the question. If I had to guess, I'd say he has a little a.d.d., o.c.d, and real self esteem issues. So lets cut him some slack.

  • Hays_Hawk

Jack Wilson 10 years ago

Jaybate: I do get it. Another thought is when someone plays regularly and gets in the flow of the game, they will do even better. A lot of this is subjective, though. I agree with your thoughts on what Self wants. My point is I disagree on that approach, in this situation.

I am firm that EJ is the better player .. and I don't think it's close. He needs to get the minutes so that he will be comfortable when it counts. The idea is not whether EJ is a ready for prime time guy now, or consistently better than Taylor now (though I think he would be). As I have been very consistent with, if we sacrifice a game, or even two, because we bite the bullet with EJ now, it will be worth it in March. However, the point of no return is closing in. If EJ doesn't get the minutes soon, he won't be ready. I have been consistent in my belief that Taylor is selfish and not necessarily a team first guy. Today's comments don't dispel that.

It seems that this "being ready" deal is way overrated. Five star guys go to other schools, play, and flourish. The task is to make him ready, and getting him ready. And the task is to win a national championship with this team.

I think coach Self has played it conservatively with his rotation .. not taking major chances on EJ and Robinson, like he might if this wasn't an out of the box title contender, because he felt he could win it all that way. The question is whether his gamble is correct.

Personally, I wouldn't roll the future of this team on guy like Taylor. One last point .. and I've harped on this, too. Ball-handling. Taylor is not reliable. That is why Brady (Tyrel) at the two won't work against a fast team, pressure team. Taylor is better than those two against pressure, but EJ is easily the better man for that situation.

Joe Baker 10 years ago

okiedave- Yeah...I saw most of the Fl and uk game!


jaybate 10 years ago


Don't you find it just a little absurd to propose to fight over a noncontact sport? :-)

KULA 10 years ago

Taylor DID play well. Despite a few turnovers, at least he showed some agressivness going to the hole--something our vaunted "X-man" seems to have no interest in. This team needs dribble penetration BADLY. If Self isn't going to draw up some kind of play to get the big guys open while the defense collapses on them, then its up to the perimeter guys to drive and make something happen. If X wants to hang around the 3pt line, then let TT be the second option. I've been watching this lame a$$ Bill Self offense since Aaron Miles tried to pound it in to Wayne Simien with the same sorry results. Come on Bill. Everybody in Division I has figured out how to defend your lame "offense." I watched Kentucky tonight and they'd wipe our sorry a$$ off the court with the offense we run now. If Self doesn't come up with some kind of offensive scheme quick, we'll be looking at a repeat of '05 & '06. If anyone out there can explain Bill Self's offense to me, I'm still waiting...

KULA 10 years ago

How gutless that Self lets undermanned Tennessee dictate who he plays (Tenn. played 4 guards so he couldn't play TRob). Then why the F didn't EJ get off the bench? Grow a pair Bill! You got half a dozen NBA players on your squad--you dictate the pace of the game! Pathetic coaching.

KULA 10 years ago

Self's logic on the press is pretty weak. That doesn't stop Duke & Mizzou from using it effectively. And they don't have 10-12 man rotations. Self is wasting the talent on this team.

Helen Gross 10 years ago

Where did the "Cookie" man go? All it said was that he transfered. Why? Was he asked to leave? Or did he just go somewhere and crumble?

Steve Brown 10 years ago

If Sherron came out of the game a few minutes and we go from up 2 to down 6 then maybe the result had been different if the folks left in the game were shuffled up and it wasn't so much totally that Sherron was out, but more importantly who was also joining him on the bench....

In college BB talent is king, but talent is trumped by experience.. I wouldn't have predicted this yet I see more not less zone in our future... this league is so tough and so balanced the road wins are going to be very precious.

Shuck some corn: 79.62

jaybate 10 years ago

Self cutting Ty's PT tonight by starting Brady, EJ, or CJ, means little unless one of them can suddely get the job done. Otherwise, such an act is window dressing.

The KSU game will tell where Quantum T stands with Self.

When the tough guys threaten your W&L statement, who do you rely on then?

Vincent Patterson 10 years ago

KULA, I agree. I was very dissappointed about Self's assessment on the press. Only works late in the games my azz! His team is so ideal for using the press at times with all of that depth and athleticism. It's not like it has to be our base defense (like MU), just utilize every now and then throughout the game. You have the luxury where foul trouble really isn't a problem for you, which is why most teams don't like to press in the first place.

I've doubted Bill's coaching before though and he's proven me wrong a few times, but if he tricks this year off simply because he doesn't utilize all of the weapons he has at his disposal, that is a pure reflection of poor coaching philosophy and stubborness, because talent/or the lack thereof definitely isn't the issue this year!

jaybate 10 years ago

Question: Will NU try to rough KU up this year the way they did last year?

Hays_Hawk 10 years ago


Greyhawker and bhann, you guys are going to love this. I figured out why blabber mouth types paragraphs and paragraphs of ridiculous nonsense on every article that is posted on this site. Check out these comments made on his profile...

sdoyel (anonymous) says... jaybate, you should join up on the message boards.... We'd love to have your thoughtful insight.

jayhawker_97 (anonymous) says... dude/dudette, you should work for espn...!!

NO WONDER!!! These two should be shot, drawn, and quartered for giving this jack*** the big head he has. It all makes sense now...

An a.d.d. o.c.d. eccentric with a keyboard and too much time on his hands...along with a couple of ridiculous compliments (probably making fun of him) is a recipe for disaster!!! And that disaster goes by the name "jaybate".

God help us all.

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