Wednesday, February 17, 2010

KU’s Self: Bob Knight not right this time

Texas Tech's coach Bob Knight, left, talks with KU's coach Bill Self before a Jan. 2006 game between Kansas and Texas Tech.

Texas Tech's coach Bob Knight, left, talks with KU's coach Bill Self before a Jan. 2006 game between Kansas and Texas Tech.


Hall of Famer Bob Knight, the winningest coach in college basketball history, angered some Kansas University fans Monday when he said senior Sherron Collins ought to be benched to start the second half of the KU-Texas A&M; game.

Jayhawk coach Bill Self kept his cool when asked about Knight’s ESPN color commentary on Tuesday’s Hawk Talk radio show.

“Well, I think coach Knight is very, very wise obviously in winning games and having a great mind,” Self said. “To be honest, we were not trying to just win the game. We’re trying to win over time.

“I don’t believe in showing guys you don’t have faith in them when things are not going well when they’ve delivered over and over for you. I’d never do that. That wouldn’t be good for our team at all.”

Collins had three points off 0-of-3 shooting and 3-of-4 free throwing with three turnovers and no assists while playing 16 minutes in the first half of KU’s 59-54 victory over the Aggies.

He finished with seven points off 2-of-9 shooting with five turnovers and one assist in 35 minutes.

“If a player has done something from an effort standpoint or playing selfishly standpoint, that’s totally different than benching a guy because he’s not making plays that particular game,” Self said, noting that wasn’t the case with Collins, who is known for giving all-out effort at all times.

“If you know you are going to play him the last five minutes, why wouldn’t you want him out there before then?” Self asked.

Collins in the past eight games has hit 32-of-99 shots for 32.3 percent. He’s made 10-of-42 threes for 24 percent. Junior Brady Morningstar in the past five games has hit six of 22 shots for 27.3 percent, including three of 10 threes for 30 percent.

“I believe it’s going in when it leaves his (Morningstar’s) hand, same with Sherron,” Self said. “Those two haven’t been able to make shots consistently of late. It’ll open up the offense when they are able to do that.”

Proud papa

Sherron Collins indicated on his Facebook page that he’s proud papa of baby daughter, Sharee’ Collins, who was born earlier this week in Chicago. Collins on Tuesday received permission from KU coach Bill Self to return to the Windy City to visit the newest member of his family. Collins also has a son, Sherr’mari, who turns 3 in April.

The Jayhawks, who were rewarded a day off after returning to Lawrence about 3 a.m., Tuesday, were to return to practice today.

A week ago, Self gave the team two days off after a Big Monday victory over Texas. He thought the two-day layoff had something to do with the Jayhawks being stale in Saturday’s win over Iowa State.

KU will meet Colorado at 3 p.m. Saturday in Allen Fieldhouse.

Victories record

Collins, who has a career record of 122-16, on Saturday can tie Raef LaFrentz, Billy Thomas and C.B. McGrath (1995-98) as the player with the best four-year record in KU history (123 victories). Brady Morningstar has also played for KU in this historic four-year span, red-shirting in 2007-08.

Upon further review

Self said KU played well in outlasting A&M; in a low-scoring, physical Big 12 slugfest.

“Watching the game going on live, I thought we were playing so poorly,” Self said. “I watched the tape ... we didn’t play that badly. We missed shots (while hitting just 43.5 percent overall, 1-of-10 from three; to A&M;’s 34.9 percent, 5-of-21 from three). The thing we did poorly was rebound. We took care of the basketball, got it where we wanted it to go for the most part, got to the line. We just didn’t rebound. The last five minutes, we really controlled the game.”

KU was outrebounded, 41-33, but committed just 11 turnovers to A&M;’s 13. KU hit 18-of-26 free throws to the Aggies’ 5-of-11.

Garth’s a good guy

Self said on Hawk Talk that upon returning from Texas A&M;, he finally had a chance to read Garth Brooks’ surprise tribute to Self that appeared in Saturday’s Journal-World.

Country music sensation Brooks lived with Self at the Iba Hall athletic dorm during their college days at Oklahoma State University. Brooks, who was on partial track scholarship, graduated in 1984; Self in ’85.

“He’s a class guy, always has been,” Self said of Brooks. “In college, we based everything on Wednesday night when we’d all gather and go listen to him (at Willie’s Saloon). A buddy of ours printed our own T-shirts. As a joke we wore ‘Garth Brooks World Tour’ T-shirts. He was so loyal to that group. When he made it, that company was the one he signed with to do his T-shirts. He really is a nice guy. And he was a pretty good athlete.”

Would Brooks ever perform the national anthem at a KU game?

“I don’t think we can pull that one off. Maybe if the price was right, he’d do it,” Self joked.


lv_jhwk 11 years ago

Totally unrelated to anything written here, but I was just looking at the upcoming schedule and noticed that three of the five games are set for national tv (one on ESPN and two on CBS). The exceptions: Colorado, which is somewhat understandable, and K-State.

Really?? A game between two in-state teams who both happen to be ranked in the top ten can't get better exposure than the Big 12 Network??

BLITZED 11 years ago

What's the point of having "friends in low places" if you can't even convince them to sing the national anthem at AFH?

kansas22 11 years ago

Congrats on the news Sherron. Class move to allow him to head back to Chicago, although it probably was an easy decision for Coach Self to allow that. Come back with some intensity Sherron. You guys are coming near the end of a season in which KU will claim its 6th straight Big 12 regular season title (ridiculous). Then comes the real season. Keep focused, we are in for quite a ride come March. This will be fun.

James Miller 11 years ago

Sherron needs to pick up the pace. I had three kids by age 22. But he still has to catch me in total kids....8. The ddifference is he will probably be able to afford his.

cobweb 11 years ago

Self is a better coach than Knight ever was. Showing confidence and respect for a key player gets better results than intimidating and humiliating someone. Plus, it's the right thing to do. Self is teaching them more than basketball. He's also a role model. Knight's mind games are obsolete and inappropriate and show insecurity and psychological problems in those who use these tactics.

John Brown 11 years ago

Bill v. Bob, I think Bill has as many NCAA titles as Bobby. His youth prevents him from the victory totals. However, Bill has fewer career losses than Bobby.

Mike Morris 11 years ago

Jb...Knight has 3 NCAA titles, so Coach Self has some catching up to do.

Not that he WON'T catch up, but right now he's down 3-1.


Carter Patterson 11 years ago

Coach Knight has 3 national championships and 5 final fours from 902 wins. He was and is a phenomenal coach. I think that Coach Self's style fits todays player better than Coach Knights and I think that ultimately, Coach Self will have better numbers.

Steve Brown 11 years ago

Some of you must be very young and seeing Coach Knight only in his TTech tenure. In the day, he was the best. That would be like judging Jack from his last 20 years and saying his '86 Masters was a fluke.

Coach had anger management issues sure, but for court coaching had few rivals.

All-Time Division I

Coaches by Wins

Coach Schools Wins

1A. Pat Summit Tennessee Women 1,000+

  1. Bob Knight Army, Indiana, Texas Tech 890 (Knight retired with 902)

  2. Dean Smith North Carolina 879

  3. Adolph Rupp Kentucky 876

  4. Jim Phelan Mt. St. Mary's 830

  5. Eddie Sutton Creighton, Arkansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma State, San Francisco 798

  6. Lefty Driesell Davidson, Maryland, James Madison, Georgia State 786

  7. Lute Olson Long Beach State, Iowa, Arizona 780

  8. Lou Henson Hardin-Simmons, Illinois, N. Mexico State 779

  9. Mike Krzyzewski Army, Duke 800

  10. Henry Iba NW Missouri State, Colorado, Oklahoma State 764

  11. Ed Diddle W. Kentucky 759

  12. Jim Boeheim Syracuse 750

Jim Calhoun Northeastern, Connecticut 750

  1. Phog Allen Baker, Kansas, Haskell, Central Missouri 746

  2. John Chaney Cheyney, Temple 741

  3. Jerry Tarkanian Long Beach State, UNLV, Fresno State 729

  4. Norm Stewart N. Iowa, Missouri 728

  5. Ray Meyer DePaul 724

  6. Don Haskins UTEP 719

  7. Denny Crum Louisville 675

David Black 11 years ago

Precisely why I listen to Bob Davis and Chris Piper. I sync my TV to the radio and all is well. Thank God for DVR's.

Steve Brown 11 years ago

soobawls: unique for me to agree w. you. This time you are spot on all three items.

Martin Rosenblum 11 years ago

Now we know what Sherron was doing around May last year - makin' a baby!

Congats to him and his family!

KU 11 years ago

Perhaps the anticipation of the birth of his daughter has played a part in Sherron's recent inconsistency on the offensive end. Now that he has seen his daughter, hopefully his mind will be freer and he can lead this team down the stretch.

Martin Rosenblum 11 years ago

Maybe Chris Gaines could sing the National Anthem at a game. We can probably afford him!

3GJayhawk 11 years ago

I don't think the cooment Bobby Knight made should be taken very seriously. First of all, yes Knight is a great coach but his obviously hasn't converted to announcing for him if you haven't noticed. He does not even know the names of players on KU opponents rosters. He didn't know DASH HARRIS' name on Mon!!! Come on! It takes 5 min or less to learn a roster. That said, why would he know how to coach a KU player better than Self? I'm thinking Self knows Sherron a little better than Bobby Knight does.

This article was a stretch. Slow day at the paper I guess.

Kyle Helmer 11 years ago

Memhawk-Nice! I doubt many people will get that one.

docileboy 11 years ago

Bob Knight coached in a different era when he got most of his wins, there is a lot more parity in the game today, which makes wins harder to come by. I'm not saying he wasn't a good coach. I'm just saying he sucks as a commentator.

Dyrk Dugan 11 years ago

it doesn't matter what an announcer says....i mean, it truly doesn't. now, if he's incompetent, it would matter. but Bob Knight is quite competent.

He may not be the greatest color man in the world, but if he says he wouldn't start a certain player, then it's HIS OPINION.

Bill Self was asked to respond during the radio show, and he responded. He is really saying, "look, i have all the respect in the world for Bob Knight...but i'm the head coach...and i'll coach it, like i want and will." period. case closed. let's move on.

Mike Kendall 11 years ago

3GJayhawk--- My thoughts exactly! You read my mind.

bradynsdad 11 years ago

if bob knight hasnt earned the right to voice his opinion than who has? big deal he thought sherron should be benched, if i remember right self benched marcus now look at him. although knight may be negative he is still brilliant when it comes to the x's and o's in basketball. plus he is the only commentater that doesnt reference kentucky and its players every three seconds, maybe its in everyone elses contracts to do so. lastly self doesnt care about the comment so noone else should.

Rivethead 11 years ago

"But you know what doesn't work? Being your players friend before their coach"

KU Football Coach Terry Allen proved this. Case closed.

Steve Gantz 11 years ago

Knight is a genius and has earned the right to have some opinions on the air. Cobweb, let's hope your judgement on things that matters is better than your opinions on basketball! Sad news too, a baby being born without a father around. (Sorry it's one of my soapboxes)

keeb1211 11 years ago

I can't stand the broadcast on ESPN with Bobby Knight. I seriously can't believe that a guy that has given and received so much from college basketball would not take his job as an analyst seriously. He obviously feels that he is above the game and that he does not need to prepare for games nor does he try to learn how to do a broadcast. They team ESPN has saddled up for the Big XII is an embarrassment. Go to this site if you dont want to listen to them anymore.

rawkhawk 11 years ago

I feel like this is much ado about nothing. I like Bob Knight as a color commentator and enjoy hearing his insight. Of course, that doesn't mean I agree with everything he says....

d_prowess 11 years ago

wissoxfan83, do you mean sad that the baby was literally born without Sherron there? Because from what had been printed in the past, the mother and him are together it is just easier from a support standpoint for her to be in Chicago with family than here in Lawrence where Sherron has school and basketball.
I understand your concern with absentee fathers, but I just don't think that is the case here.

kansasbasketball 11 years ago

would you all rather have dickie v?? At least bob night talks about the basketball game in front of him the whole 40 minutes of the game.

Brak 11 years ago

I don't think anybody is denying that is was a coaching genius and has done alot for college basketball, but some people just weren't meant to transition into commentating after they retire and Bob Knight is one of those guys. As a commentator goes he is very dry and unemotional and as much as I respect his basketball knowlege he still makes comments like, "If you score more points than your opponent in the first half, and you score more points than them in the second half you are probably going to win the game." Plus I think he is getting senile because I've heard him talk on numerous occasions about how he can't understand why a certain player is sitting on the bench, when the whole time the player was on the court.

Thas a great idea Brunswick, I've been contemplating getting a DVR and had never thought of that.

keeb1211 11 years ago

I would surely take Vitale over Bobby just because the excitement he brings to the game. I understand Bobby will forget more than I will ever know about basketball but he brings no enthusiasm to a broadcast. Just listen to how much more entertaining the Big East game sounds with that broadcast team, we all know we have been forced to listen to it while (another sore subject) ESPN forces Big XII fans to miss the opening tip.

hawksince51 11 years ago

I agree with those who criticize the apparent lack of preparation by Knight. And I also agree with those who say he has earned the right to voice his opinion about things like benching Collins at the start of the 2nd half against aTm. Sherron had a terrible first half so it was a valid point even though I do not necessarily agree with Bobby's solution..
One thing for sure--I much prefer Bobby Knight over Dickie V as the analyst for KU games. Bobby is generally positive about Self and KU and other than talking about pheasant hunting near Dodge City does not rant on about meaningless stuff the way Vitale does. And Knight is not biased about the ACC and Big East.

lincase 11 years ago

I like Knight as a commentator, and I feel as if I learn things about basketball from him. I don't like everything he says, of course. However, I do admire him for two things: his programs were never the subjects of NCAA investigations, and he had excellent graduation rates. This was in a different era, but I believe the term "student athlete" meant something to him.

Steve Gantz 11 years ago

d_prowess not sad because he wasn't literally there, sad because it looks like the girl will (I may be wrong) grow up without parents together in a marital relationship. I hope they grow up with a strong family.

swunruh 11 years ago

I like Knight's commentary at times. However, we ALWAYS turn down the TV sound and listen to Bob Davis call the games on radio. He and Piper actually know what is going on...and do a fantastic job.

Tony Bandle 11 years ago

Take your choice...Dick Vitale on HDTV with perfect stereo sound or Bob Knight on a snowy set with garbled, intermittent audio.

I'll take Bob Knight while sitting on a couch with the springs sticking through!!

Sally Presson 11 years ago

Knight is much better than Musburger & DickieV. OR Jon Sunvold. those three need to be gone. Why in the world Musburger or Dickie V or Sunvold think we want to hear about Kentucky, UNC or MU is beyond me, Sunvold sneaks in the praises of MU comparing them to KU. And he probably does other games that way too, I appreciate he's a loyal MU fan, but don't bring that to work. Musburger and Dickie V just talk way too much about nothing. I think bob Knight was a great coach, but Coach Self's approach is so much better. thankfully he's at KU

Bridgett Walthall 11 years ago

Chris Gaines - HA!

I will be digging out the old stereo and hooking it up to the TV for the rest of the season. I'm SO tired of the ESPN analysts - especially Knight. I'd rather hear Bob Davis and Chris Piper, who know the players and aren't so superior that they can't show a little enthusiasm. I didn't mind Knight so much earlier in the season when he was doing more analysis of plays and more or less being objective, but the past few games he has become more and more critical towards the players and coaches, and I don't watch games to listen to a-holes talk smack on my team all night.

phoginnebr 11 years ago

Bobby Knight is ok, thats his opinion like alot of color announcers have maded that I have heard. Its not only him. I would say he has the knowledge and experience to say what he feels need to be said.

sdoyel 11 years ago

I think some Papa time is exactly what Sherron needs right now. Look for him to have a BIG game on Saturday.

Tony Bandle 11 years ago


Did anyone watch the game with Miss. State [abbreviation intentional to reflect quality of play]? Wow..taken to overtime by an unranked team without their best player. The #2 team in America.....NOT!!!

John Wall - talented and cocky, but a charging foul ready to happen. When he stops to pop you've got to close fast and contest his 10 footer.

Demarcus Cousins - Damn quick for a big guy..could give Cole trouble, but maybe double with Marcus. Keep hands up to disrupt his outlet pass. A technical foul waiting to happen.

Patrick Patterson - Wall and Cousins get all the hype but this is the key guy. Will be a tough matchup for anyone.

The key to beating Kentucky is simple. Hold one of the big three [Wall, Cousins, Patterson] to well below their average and put pressure on them for forty minutes.

IF we get to play them, our eleven man rotation will be the key!!

[PS Calimari is still a slimeball!!]

Ray Buckingham 11 years ago

Grew up in Indiana during the Knight hey-days, but you'll never catch me being a fan of his - never cared for his temper and he was well-known for yanking players if he got mad at them for their play. That said, to put into perspective his 902 wins, Self will need to average 25 wins per year for the next two decades to catch him - and will still be looking up to Pat Summit. Despite Knight's faults, I'll admit the guy could coach.

I have a feeling that Sherron's shooting woes of late are directly related to being away from the family and newborn that just arrived. Mentally, that's tough to handle. Congrats on the new arrival, Sherron. Fatherhood is a great blessing, be grateful for it daily.

BeakofLight 11 years ago

...bledsoe is very underatted in so far as the flow of kentucky is concerned...great point about patterson oakville...he makes it virtually impossible to double hard on cousins...they are veeery beatable with a bog-down zone

Jim Pendleton 11 years ago

lv_jhwk - Regarding TV games, the schedule for what games are on what networks is established before the season starts. Of course we all know network locations and game times can be subject to change, but not aware of anything on those two games.

We have all got a little spoiled in this age of more games on national TV. Heck until a few years ago, all the mid-week games were on either Jayhawk TV or Big 12 Network (used to be ESPN Regional or ESPN+), unless you were on Big Monday. Now the conference has a Wed night game on ESPN2, and there is always at least one ESPN/ESPN2 game on Saturday afternoons (two last weekend).

As far as I can tell, the conference schedule had us on Big 12 Network Saturday afternoon games only twice this year (Tech earlier & Colo this Sat), and once mid-week (KSU in a couple weeks). All the other weekday games have either been on Big Monday or ESPN2 Wed nites. In addition, most weekend games have been on either ESPN or will be on CBS.

Would suggest if you are out of town to find a sports bar with the game packages, or you can always try ESPN360. Someone else may have some other suggestions on this as well. Rock Chalk!!

Chris Shaw 11 years ago

Oakville J Hawk: Kentucky is for real and people need to start realizing that they are truly a contender. You are indeed right that Kentucky plays unafraid and has swagger that can be perceived as cocky rather than confidence. Nonetheless, whether it's cocky or confidence Kentucky just plays the game full throttle and that is refreshing to see.

You may not like Kentucky, which I'm not a fan, but they are legit.

My keys into stopping Kentucky

1) You have to stop Wall and Bledsoe in transition. All they want to do is put their head down and make their way to the rim. Until somebody can stop them they will keep doing what works. You have to force Wall left. Yes, wall's dominate dribble hand is his left hand, but he loves to go back right when he can so he can finish with his right hand.

2) Much like KU did to UNC two years ago, you simply man up and get in the grill of Kentucky without showing any signs of doubt on the defensive end. You simply match-up athlete for athlete with Kentucky just like KU did in 2008 against UNC and Memphis. It's amazing what happens to the dribble drive offense when athletes match-up on other athletes. the Dribble Drive isn' as effective.

3) Rebounding-Most of Kentucky's points are off of missed shots and quickly turned into a transition type of game simply because Wall is so fast with the ball. KU did a great job of this against Derrick Rose two years ago in the Championship (Until we went to the bone head Box and 1 on CDR that opened up Rose and he scored 12 points in 6 minutes) and I don't see it being any different against Wall. Wall is a little better shooter from 15-19 feet so you have to make sure you get a hand up.

4) Defensive Rotation-I have to give Kentucky credit because when the defense over rotates to stop Wall, Cousins, and to a degree with Patterson those 3 guys move the ball nicely to get wide open looks from Bledsoe, Miller, Dodson, and Liggins. To my surprise, those 4 have consistenly knocked down big 3's in crucial parts of games all of season. Credit Kentucky on that, but Defense rotation and recovering is going to be key to prevent those other 4 from hitting wide open looks.

justanotherfan 11 years ago

I watched the UK-MSU game last night. Good game. MSU played extremely hard and with a lot of emotion. They really bogged down UK with their zone, and they had the added benefit of a long, quick shot blocker in the back of their zone. However, UK got him into foul trouble (he fouled out with 5 minutes left in regulation) because UK can send their big men in wave after wave. Cousins was in foul trouble last night and still put up a double double. Patrick Patterson had a double double.

The zone can keep Wall from exploiting his defender every possession, but there were still three plays down the stretch where Wall got to use his speed, and each time Kentucky got an easy basket. I think that's the tough thing with Wall. Even if you bottle him up, the one or two times he does break free, he makes you pay. Also, playing zone actually benefits him because he is more likely to turn it over in a fast paced game as opposed to in the half court.

What has been overlooked with Kentucky, IMO, is that Cousins and Patterson are a nasty one two punch inside. Either one could go off for 25. And on top of that, Patterson has really expanded his game. On the game tying play in regulation MSU doubled Cousins, leaving Patterson open for a 17 footer on the baseline. He drained it with no hesitation.

UK showed a lot of depth last night. Besides Wall, Cousins, Patterson and Bledsoe, they have Orton (who made a couple of nice plays while Cousins was out with 4 fouls), Liggins, Miller and Dodson. Ramon Harris and Perry Stevenson (guys who played 20+ mpg last year) are barely seeing action this year. Stevenson never came out of his warmup last night. Harris made a cameo. I'm not sure our depth will wear them down, and their top eight is as good as anybody's top eight. I could legitimately see five of their top 8 playing in the NBA (Wall, Cousins, Patterson, Bledsoe and Orton). Of course, I figure 5 of our top 8 will probably play in the NBA eventually (Collins, Aldrich, Henry, Mc. Morris, Mk. Morris, maybe even Taylor).

Chris Shaw 11 years ago

One other thought: Danny Manning will draw up a defensive scheme or simply show KU's "Big's" that Cousins will spin almost every time he receives the ball in the post in a half-court set. He likes to spin off of his left shoulder after a subtle fake going to his right. He can spin either direction, but he prefers to off the left shoulder.

He does have good feet for a big man, but his explosiveness towards the rim is a little week. That is why Cousins does so much spinning in the paint. If you can "Sit" on his initial move and not go for his subtle fakes, I think you've completely figured out Cousins in the post. He has terrific size, which is how he pushes you under the rim, but if you can play straight up and not give ground, which I believe Cole has no problem holding his ground, than I think you've stopped 65 percent of what Cousins has to offer.

Jeff Coffman 11 years ago

Knight is a great analyst of the game. You learn a lot more from him about the game and what coaches are thinking than any other anouncer. Let's be honest he is paid to keep people watching, and making comments to draw contraversy is part of his job description.

Dickie V, is a bore, all he can say is "Diaper Dandy", "Go baby", and ACC is the best conference. There is no analyzing of the game ever. Oh wait... he always says "it's time for a T.O. BABY".

I think that what has been bad, is that Knight has been calling like 3 or 4 games of KU in a row.

Clearly Self knows his team better.

Knight has 3 national championships and the last undefeated season with a national championship. He does say some really good things, but goes stupid every once in while.

KU won and that is what matters. Hopefully number 2000 comes against Missouri on their court, that would be so awesome.

tis4tim 11 years ago

I enjoy listening to Knight. Yes, he is dry and sarcastic, but extremely knowledgeable about the game. He also has a refreshing honesty in his opinions and he focuses on the game at hand. He doesn't try to overshadow it, unlike Dickie V.

Knight is also new to the broadcast thing. Give him some time. He'll improve. Like freshman players, he's a bit mechancal right now because he's probably thinking too much about what he is and isn't supposed to comment on, and perhaps consciously trying to keep his emotions and editorializing in check.

I can recall other guys (Troy Aikman and Bill Walton come to mind) being very stiff during their initiation periods too. Both had great success in their respective sports, but, despite their levels of understanding, they weren't exactly naturals when it came to broadcasting. For them it was an acquired skill. Knight will get there eventually.

Redlandsjhawk 11 years ago

So if the price is right maybe Garth Brooks can sing at Allen Fieldhouse? I say since he's an old friend of the coach we give him a discount!

Chris Shaw 11 years ago

drgnslayer: "Great and Exacting call"

I am not being a jerk in anyway, but I don't understand that comment. I was trying to figure it out but I am stumped. Just help me out.

I agree with you that Kentucky's schedule has been a little inferior and they haven't played teams that exhibit the great "D" that you are talking about. However, You have to give credit to Kentucky in some capacity. I mean, you don't get to 25-1 without doing something right, correct?

All I am saying is that Kentucky is one of the most athletic teams in the country (I think a little better even though a little more in-experienced than that 2008 Memphis squad) and they have impressed me with their, will to win. It takes confident players and good teams to step up in crunch time to hit big shots and Wall, Bledsoe, Patterson (Hit that baseline jumper to tie the game), Liggins, and Dodson all have hit crucial shots and especially big-time 3's that put their team ahead or gave them the momentum to finish out the game with a victory.

It doesn't matter who you are playing that is a good trait to have and it's a process that builds confidence which this Kentucky team is borderline displaying cockiness, but nonetheless, it's proving that Calipari's system and madness is working.

milwaukeeJAYHAWK 11 years ago


LOL. Chris Gaines....what a train wreck

5DecadeHawk 11 years ago

KU Athletics may not want to spend the money to hire Garth Brooks to sing the National Anthem, but don't be surprised if Garth performs for FREE some day to benefit Bill Self's Assists Foundation. I'm rather surprised it hasn't already happened.

Alec White 11 years ago

drgnslayer...sorry, but you're wrong about Kentucky and Cousins. Comparing Cousins to the twins last year is wrong on all levels...except for their inclinations to pick up stupid fouls and piss the refs off. Here's one stat that can seal up my arguement--Cousins averages more points and rebounds per 40 min than anyone else in the country in D-1. Now that's efficient! But could we limit his productivity with Cole and Co.? Absolutely, we just need to key in on his biggest weakness: foul trouble.

Kentucky is a legit team that poses as big a threat to our title hopes as anyone else in the country. John Wall might as well be Derrick Rose, and we know he gave us fits in the NC game. But at least Sherron has seen and guarded a similar player before, therefore he could give TT and Brady advice on how to stop him. Eric Bledsoe is lightning quick, but Sherron would have the advantage in that match-up. Dodson is talented but inconsistent aka Xavier Henry, though X has a much higher ceiling and can play at another level. Patterson and Marcus are similar players-same with Cole and Cousins, but I'll give the edge to the experienced players in those match-ups.

Sherron---Eric Bledsoe Advantage: Kansas TT or Brady---Wall Advantage: Kentucky Xavier---Dodson Advantage: N/A Marcus---Patterson Advantage: Kentucky (maybe) Cole---Cousins Advantage: Kansas (maybe)

So in the end, it comes down to who plays better as a team instead of the better individuals, which is why college basketball is the greatest sport in the world. And why I give the edge to Kansas and Coach Self...rock chalk

Kye Clark 11 years ago

oakville - didn't we get taken to overtime by Colorado without Alec Burk, Colorado's 2nd leading scorer? I mean, Miss St. is on the bubble according to ESPN's bracketology (they're in the "last 4 out") but Colorado currently sits 11th in the Big 12. Just saying, it happens. Like HCBS says, you're not gonna bring your A-game every game, but you have to find ways to win where you play poorly. I have no love for UK, but to draw conclusions based on one off game isn't the best way to evaluate a team. We don't like UK fans trolling onto our message boards after every close win by our 'hawks, so it's not all that different to criticize them after they scraped by with a win.

Brak 11 years ago

Drgnslayr - Whoa, calm down man, if you reread the comments nobody has said anything about Coach Knight being a joke. Nobody can argue that he wasn't one if not the best college basketball coach in history, its just that some of us do not enjoy his commentating style that is all. He may be droppin alot of b-ball knowledge, but he doesn't do it in a way that makes me interested. Personally I have always been a big fan of Jay Bilas, even though he is a former Dukie he has been saying all year that KU is his pick to win it all.

100 11 years ago

"The NCAA should be ashamed of themselves. Coaches like John Calipari should be banned from the game. He left a probation & gets a raise & brings his recruits who would have been on probation to a place that still has three NCAA trophies that were paid for by betters, '48,'49, & '51 that for some reason I can't figure out the NCAA has never made a ruling on, taking away or not. What else do you need? The entire team except for Rupp admitted that these tournament games were fixed. And they get to keep their trophies while I get run out of town for throwing a chair & getting mad at a disrespectful Indiana student for calling me 'Knight'. Do I think something is wrong with the NCAA? Well when Kentucky got the death penalty in 1953 for paying players that amounted to losing one scholarship, I suppose that tells you what I think of the NCAA."

-- Coach Bobby Knight

"The NCAA is still mad at Kentucky, so it gave Cleveland state two years probation."

-- Jerry Tarkanian

Steve Yeakel 11 years ago

Bill is a great, great coach, I would not trade him for anyone, but here is one thought for him. There is a difference between toughness and getting unnecessarily worn out. We don't want Sherron and Brady and others to get worn out down the stretch and in the playoffs, that happened a lot last year when Sherron would be so exhausted down the stetch that he could not make the big plays. Those guys would never complain, they are too tough, but Bill needs to use his great depth and find the right balance in practice and games to give them enough rest to be at their best during games and the crunch times of games, same for all the starters. To me, that could be a plausible reason why the shooting percentages have come down since we went to the 8 only rotation. and with Tyshawn playing so badly so often, leads to extra minutes for Sherron that are wearing him down. Working in Elijah, and Thomas and/or Withy, for more productive minutes on a more consistent basis, can keep us fresh enough to have more of a hammer, and get the shooting percentages back up. Go Jayhawks!

ku_foaf 11 years ago

That comment illustrates why Knight is a controversial character. That is his style, complete authoritarian. If you were going to play for him, you knew that going in, and you knew you were getting one of the best basketball coaches who ever lived, period. Others have different styles. I do agree with comments that this style was failing Coach Knight in the last 15 years. The big time players with the big time egos didn't want to play for him. If they did, I guarantee he'd never have been fired at Indiana!


It is no secret Knight always considered Kentucky the Evil Empire. Ever read "Season on the Brink" about Indiana in the 85-86 season? He competed with them for players in the region, and considered them completely corrupt. KU people used to say the same kind of things. I recall comments about Sam Bowie and furniture for his mother! There was a BIG investigation by a journalist during the time Eddie Sutton was the coach. Remember the "$50 handshakes?" He won a Pulitzer prize. No real action against Kentucky. They made Sutton a scapegoat, when it appeared to have been going on for years before he got there. Who knows if he was aware of it.

kuclay 11 years ago

Gotta agree with lv_hawk about the KU-KSU game not being on national TV. ESPN brought frickin' GameDay to Man-not-so-happenin for the first game, but they didn't pick up the broadcast for the game in AFH?! Silver lining: at least this way we won't have to wait for the last 20 seconds (AKA 10 minutes) of a Big East game to end to see our game! Congrats to Sherron, though I think he's getting a little George Foreman-ish with the kids' names. Hopefully he brings home another piece of NC net to give to Sharee' (Sherr'mari's already got one).

rawkhawk 11 years ago

Great quote, 100. One of the reasons I like Bob Knight and dislike Calipari/UK. UK is a good team this year, but I think KU has a slight edge with experienced players and a better coach. On top of that, I see KU's potential to be higher than UK. The Jayhawks have yet to fully blossom as a team...

100 11 years ago


I missed all of that but I did run into a KY fan in NY who saw my shirt and called us the dirtiest.

I said why?

He listed a bunch of reasons....

I said you're talking about FB violations from two of our worst decades ever in football.

He said, "oh"...

I told him we're sorry Larry Brown paid for a recruit to see his grandma's wedding & we knew Roy took off leaving a relatively small violation dangling.

Also we knew Roy would give a graduation gift for awhile & that got cleaned up by the NCAA (like a dad giving 20 bucks in a graduation card).

And Darnell Jackson with the booster, we all knew about that & Darnell paid his time & had to pay back.

And that Danny Manning played high school basketball in Lawrence...


My point is, I haven't had time to see what Kentucky people did (the apparent attack on our site), but I can tell you if they did they need a reality check.

We've had a respect for this program over the years except for the quite obvious cheating that began in the 40's that the NCAA never really ruled on until giving them practically "the death penalty" in 1953.

Bring these guys back -- it does sound like we were blind sided with misquoted FB violations from 25 years ago (grades etc) & Kentucky people left our site cracking up.

Sounds like it's Kentucky's version of the antlers. The entire nation, though respectful of Kentucky's record, has also known for years what goes on there.

And that's why, coaches in the know who have been through the trenches (like Knight) do think there is something wrong when an NBA all star who never went to college is brought into Calipari's new lair in Kentucky by nonother than shoe magnet & SAT cover artist for Rose (Rose's test taken on Detroit) WorldWide Wes during the summertime.

Weeks later Lebron is talking about getting traded to New Jersey or New York, whoever gets the #1 pick because he wants to play with John Wall. Now he's visiting Lexington on a biweekly basis?

And the team is now wearing uniforms designed by Lebron's company, midseason nontheless!!! What!!!!???

And Pitino turned down the rumors that he wanted to go to New Jersey as had been reported that a college coach from Kentucky is interested in the New Jersey job if he can have a partial ownership of the team???

Are you kidding me!!!?

This is all happening too fast -- to me there's no way in the worldwidewes John Calipari would take off for the Nets after one season at UK. I think even he would feel guilty about this & would have to go to a Psycho ward for years if he indeed did something crazy like this.

But the thing is, if he feels nuts, his pay would double. That's right -- double. And that doesn't even include sponsors & ridiculous circus events tied to having Lebron, John Wall & Calipari on the same NBA team, with two of them being part owners & able to make new national halfcourt line commercials on a weekly basis.


100 11 years ago


Now Lebron to Jersey? Wall to Jersey? Calipari to Jersey? I really don't think any of this could happen...

But it really makes me wonder why Lebron keeps coming to Lexington...

It makes me wonder why WorldWide paraded him around the campus for the first time that beautiful September afternoon in Lexington...

And it really makes me wonder how much amounts of crazy money Lebron, John Wall & Coach Calipari could make together in New Jersey.

It would be it's own evil money making (winning if they could sign a big athletic big man) Enterprise, with more power than Mike Meyers had in Austin Powers.

Tony Bandle 11 years ago

icthawkfan316...I understand your point but what I was trying to say was last night's game illustrated the season-long tendencies of UK and thus crystallized the options for KU.

Just as a fan of basketball, it's a shame these Kentucky kids aren't going to stay togehter for three or four years....they could develope into a truly awesome college champion. Unfortunately, that would also require attending class which rumor has it that several have chosen not to this semester.

All though Kansas has held the top spot 11 out of the last 14 weeks, Kentucky is the media darling and perceived Number One. How strange that in a head to head match up at this moment many would say KU was the underdog!!

86finalfour 11 years ago

brunswick, I know radio is ahead of TV so what website do you use? Thanks, Mickey

Helen Gross 11 years ago

Is that Bill's body guard in the background? When KU plays KST

it's never on a decent station. Unless u can get Big 12 Network you r out of luck


FairgroveJayhawk 11 years ago

It was a bummer mississippi state students through bottles on the court last night. But, during the post game interview I did get a funny vision of what Calipari is going to look like when the NCAA comes crashing down on him if all the illegal hype is true.

100 11 years ago


There's no way in the world Calipari's wife will let him go to Mississippi again for a college basketball game, where bottle throwers are laughed at instead of arrested.

NBA security & police would never stand for that & neither will Calipari's wife.

hammerhawk 11 years ago

Knight is an excellent example of the pot calling the kettle black. What a joker he as an announcer. UK has absolutely nothing on KU. Roy's boys are going down the tubes. Go Hawks!!!!!!!

Arley 11 years ago

Aside from his temper tantrums, Bob Knight was a great coach, and he is the best College BB commentator I've heard in many, many years.

However, you've got to stick with Collins. He is going to go down as one of the very best Kansas University basketball players of all time and, assuming he didn't need a breather at the time, you DO NOT want your best player sitting on the bench.

BB shooter aren't always "on." Some days your body is just a tick off its usual level of functioning so you miss shots and make some turnovers. The thing is, Collins can AT ANY TIME hit four in a row and set three guys up for dunks and open three pointers; but, he can do none of that sitting on the bench.

I do admit, however, that the A&M game was not Mr. Collins best game; but then the whole team looked like they were sleepwalking in the first half, couldn't make layups, and had their feet glued to the floor. It's a good thing for fans to remember that whole teams can have off nights when they're out of sync. Nobody's fault, it just happens sometimes.

The big guys didn't seem to me to be blocking out any body on the defensive boards so A&M got WAAAAAAYYYYYY to many close in rebounds. But, the good news is that Bill Self and crew will get the details ironed out.

Steve Brown 11 years ago

docile: Bob Knight coached in a different era when he got most of his wins. are you serious?

an era where it was tougher not easier back then. players stayed for 4 years on all teams so even average teams once in while had experience and they played much fewer games so getting 25 wins annual was much tougher and for some of his career no shot clock so mediocre teams could hold the ball for a 38-42 game like done against Wilt so don't know how dominating Coach Knight teams were in the day, in part because this guy could coach lights out of everyone else. 70-80's KY paid players and Indy followed the rules.

you don't have to like listening to him that is subject to opinion but whether he was one of finest coaches in history of the game is not disputable.

Tony Bandle 11 years ago

The ONLY advantage of living in St.Louis in the middle of Tigerland is that the Big 12 Network comes in loud and clear!!!

Final Home games:

Colorado - should win even if top five in rotation didn't play Oklahoma - Stop Willie you stop the Sooners..they're a mess right now Kansas State - tough game but it's senior Night and Sherron will NOT allow KU to lose on his night....since he is the only Senior.

Holy Diploma, Batman, I just realized we only have one Senior!!! God, can you imagine how tough we would be if everyone came back!!!??

Apologies, I digress. My point is that we will have an excellent chance to break the consecutive streak record next year based on our early scheduling pattern, you know, let's take a trip to the bakery and get some cupcakes:} Don't yell..I'm only kidding!!

Still we could push that sucker over 70!! That's four seasons...imagine going four years, get a Bachelor's Degree and never see your team lose!!

jaybate 11 years ago

"KU Still Beats Contucky with a Stick:"

I am always astonished by the fear that grips KU fans contemplating other teams, what with KU holding a 25-1 record and most of the aces in terms of what elements are needed to win rings.

Why KU Is So Tough:

  1. KU can and will play you any way you want, so they eliminate your advantage in dictating tempo, scheme, and level of violence you wish to dictate. This leads to close games with PrincetonThey beat you at your own game, which first disorients, and then demoralizes opponents. Opposing coaches don't know what to do next, once they get their way and things are not going right. Hence, KU holds a psychological edge in every game it plays, whether or not KU has more or less talent.

  2. For extended periods, KU will play through almost any player on its team, where it finds match up advantage and a willingness on the opponent's part to let that player try to beat them. KU under Self will relentlessly pick away at a match-up advantage until it cracks and the other team compensates.

  3. KU has more experienced players than any other top team.

  4. KU plays superior defense, unless an opponent enters a transition game and KU starts focusing more on scoring in transition than on half court pressure defense.

  5. KU has the best combined (1)bigs, (2) shooting forward and (3) guards in the country. KU is the only team in the country that can play you even at any two of the three positions and beat you with only one of the remaining three, plus an edge in the Disruption Statistic (steals:TOs).

6) KU's bigs are good enough that they can battle almost any other bigs to a stalemate in rebounding in the paint (even rebounding +or- 2 reebs) with more shot altering by KU.

6) The only way to beat KU, when it comes to play, is on a poor trey shooting night in which an opponent gains a sharp edge in the Disruption Statistic, shoots a higher FT percentage, and finds away to force KU away from relentlessly picking away at match-up advantages.. Anything less, and KU wins. Period.

jaybate 11 years ago

UC Strengths:

UC has no strengths KU cannot at least stalemate with defense, size, toughness and depth, so we don't have to worry about their strengths.

UC Weaknesses:

UC is brimming with weaknesses. I have just chosen the biggest ones.

Trey Shooting:

UC shoots treys less accurately and, not surprisingly, less often.

Team/3ptAtt/% KU: 482, .396 UC: 453, .366

UC shooting is not as simple as UC are bad shooters, but they are clearly not as good as KU at trinitizing and KU is in a severe shooting slump presently. However, the KU slump will end shortly and KU will trend back up to 40+% shooting, thus widening the advantage KU holds. Only UC starter Patterson and 13 minute man Liggins average 40%. Liggins, at 48%, like KU's Tyrel Reed, has to be dogged when in, or he hurts you by altering momentum, but he can't strip like Tyrel, so KU holds the advantage here, too.

But UK has several 38% trey shooters, which means they are fairly good, maybe even very good shooters. Why do I say this? We would expect good trey shooters in the Princeton on Roids to shoot less well than KU shooters, because UC shooters are take lot of contested treys coming off ball screens, rather than KU's wide open looks for trey shots. KU will only take as many treys as you give them open looks. UC shoots the ball screen trey as a core part of their offense. KU's superior defense inside and outside will force UC to take more contested treys, not less, and so KU will hold an even bigger advantage over UC.

jaybate 11 years ago

Disruption Stat: UC's stat is

KU: 224/322 =.696 UC: 188/395 = 476

UC is just exceptionally disadvantaged here. Their guards Wall and Bledsoe just aren't great defenders. At least they don't work at defense, as their anemic steals number indicates. Because UC does not apply intense pressure, and KU does, UC will struggle more on offense to do what it likes than will KU.

Wall and Bledsoe also still don't protect the ball worth a hoot, while KU keeps getting more and more under control on ball protection.

And this disruption statistic does not reflect Cole's blocks and shot alterations, which would almost certainly tip disruption further in KU's favor. But I've decided to leave it out, because shot alterations are not counted yet in stats, even though its probably vastly more important than blocks.

If both teams play to their averages, KU can probably win handily just on Disruption Advantage alone.


jaybate, how can you say UC is weak in rebounding, when they are outrebounding their opponents +11 compared with KU's +7? Simple, UC's primary means of winning is huge rebounding advantage plus fatiguing opponents with Princeton on Roids and greater size. Not gonna happen against KU. KU and UC rebounding will be about even, because of all the bigs both teams have. KU can match up size wise every where with as much, or more depth, except at the 3, where UC has an extra 6'7" player, but even there Marcus can always be shifted to the 3 when necessary and still have bigs at the 4. Still jaybate, how can you call rebounding a UC weakness? Anything you depend on heavily that can be taken away, is a weakness waiting to be exploited. Take away KU's rebounding edge, and it just morphs like an amoeba into beating you in another way. UC is going to lose most of its edge when it can't blow KU off the boards. KU loses far less edge not being able to blow UC off the boards, and KU retains its superior defense.

Conclusion: Even after a season of maturity for UC's freshman, they still don't defend as well as KU, they still don't disrupt as well as KU, they still don't protect the ball as well as KU, they still don't trinitize as well as KU, and they still will be helpless when they can't dominate the boards vs. KU. On a good shooting night, KU wins handily, by say 15. On a bad shooting night, KU will turn it into a grinder, and rely on defense, disruption, and FT shooting to win. The defense never rests.

Mike Kendall 11 years ago

I did see the Kentucky/Mississippi State game last night. I like the broadcasting team of Brad Nessler and Jimmy Dykes. They did an excellent job. The Bulldog fans and students---oh my goodness---talk about poor sports!!!! Those who were guilty of throwing debris should be banned from ever going to a game ever again!!!! Dykes said he appreciated the passion that the Bulldog fans showed but in the end, really put a "black eye" on the game itself---that's too bad. Someone could have been injured or hurt.

I have seen Kentucky struggle against a zone defense twice this year. Last night and the loss at South Carolina. I wander if Vandy will slap a zone on Kentucky this Saturday? Very interesting!!!!!

100 11 years ago

Imagine to be the first blogger to start a "speculation site" on bringinging Calipari, Wall, Lebron & WorldWide to New Jersey?

Talk about bookoo advertising money coming in for an easy to maintain $10 site, -- the daily work being basically adding simple quizzes once a day about which big man should be added to the Nets...

One employee. $20,000 legal advertising $$$ pocketed by the time the NBA draft comes around & the NCAA has laid the hammer on Calipari.

Anybody need rent money?

Steve Gantz 11 years ago

Ralster, thanks for the email! I pried the remote from the wife and teen daughter to see the end of the UC(Thanks Jaybate!) -MSU game last night. Really bugs me. MSU gets the ball with 30 seconds or so, score is tied. They dribble and pass around the perimeter, stop me if you've seen this before, and then one guy tries to go one on one, has to force up an awful double clutch 3 point shot which of course is nowhere close. Overtime. How many times have I seen teams suddenly totally forget how to play offense and tell one player to go one on one to win a game? I didn't really care about the outcome that much except that it's fun to watch a top team lose.

Joe Baker 11 years ago

Oakville- Most of the Sooners here in OKC think we'll torch them by 30-40 pts. I just learned too that Gallon is suspended, Pledger or Fitzgerald are both coming off of suspensions (see OSU game). Warren is barely there to play. OU is all but done right now. I don't know whether to laugh or show sympathy. Capel is trying to find a tourniquet. The bleeding is profuse in Norman. They are in Boulder tonight and still no answer for their disasterous season.

CU is the same as OU only better. Burke had 27 v. Fizzou and 17 v. ksu.

KSU- I hope your prediction about SC is right. I hope he will use the night as a motivator, head straight and school ksu again as a B12 in state rivalry.

OSU- If we play our game, the Pokes should hang their lassos. We'll have to stop Anderson and we'll stop OSU. Pilgrim should be handled well inside. Muenelo can be streaky.

FIzzou- Well, let's not have the same game we had last yr in Columbia!

Rock Chalk Beat CU!

Joe Baker 11 years ago

Oakville- Most of the Sooners here in OKC think we'll torch them by 30-40 pts. I just learned too that Gallon is suspended, Pledger or Fitzgerald are both coming off of suspensions (see OSU game). Warren is barely there to play. OU is all but done right now. I don't know whether to laugh or show sympathy. Capel is trying to find a tourniquet. The bleeding is profuse in Norman. They are in Boulder tonight and still no answer for their disasterous season.

CU is the same as OU only better. Burke had 27 v. Fizzou and 17 v. ksu.

KSU- I hope your prediction about SC is right. I hope he will use the night as a motivator, head straight and school ksu again as a B12 in state rivalry.

OSU- If we play our game, the Pokes should hang their lassos. We'll have to stop Anderson and we'll stop OSU. Pilgrim should be handled well inside. Muenelo can be streaky.

FIzzou- Well, let's not have the same game we had last yr in Columbia!

Rock Chalk Beat CU!

Joe Baker 11 years ago

I have no idea why this posted twice!! LOL


jaybate 11 years ago

I suppose this may border on the none of my business, but is the mother of this baby the same as the mother of the first baby? Has Sherron cemented a relationship with this woman, or has he had another child with another woman? I raise a child with one woman. I cannot even comprehend raising children with multiple mothers involved. My ego can barely survive one woman being right all the time. Oh, my gosh, what would it be like having to agree with two women all the time? :-)

phi4life940 11 years ago

Does anyone know if Sherron is married!?!?! I'm just curious.....also curious about the questions jaybate right above me has presented. I hope it's just one baby mama....cuz once he goes to the NBA it would suck to have TWO baby mamas trying to get at his bread! All else aside.... I love sherron. He's the man and jayhawk fans will forever love him!

jaybate 11 years ago


Self has a fun job this year in some ways, because the talent level seems to allow him always to find something the players can take away from an opponent.

But I increasingly think one can distill Self Ball to this: Self schemes play to win the Steals/TOs ratio, play for stalemates in most postiional match-ups, exploit one or two positional match-up advantages, stalemate or lead in game aspects (rebounding, inside shooting, FT shooting), get an edge in trey shooting and either separate by 15 or grind it out.

Tony Bandle 11 years ago

Jaybate..I hear you..I've had three wives that were always right but at least they were in consecutive order!!'s's alright :} :}

If KU doesn't get the Midwest regional in St.Louis, I'm going to plant myself on the exit ramp off I-64 into downtown St.Louis and hit every Kentucky car with red and blue dye-filled water balloons!!!

jaybate 11 years ago

"Some Ways You Know CU Is Improving:"

Leap from 12th to 11th place in B12 has reduced Bzdelik assassination rumors on conspiracy web sites.

Buffalo mascot now regularly in heat.

Coors Event Center now more touristed than Mork and Mindy house.

Fewer CU students hanging themselves in the Dark Horse Tavern after games.

Fewer CU students stepping out in front of semis in the Eisenhower Tunnel after games.

Fewer CU students jumping into the Royal Gorge without bungee cords after CU games.

Fewer CU students seeking to investigate Washington child prostitution rings so they can wind up with lead head a la Hunter S. Thompson after games.

CU is actually beating a few cupcakes now.

More and more students believe the Princeton System actually biases the underlying randomness in the universe in favor of CU.

Losing closer.

100 11 years ago

Speaking of Mothers...

I seriously would become the biggest New Jersey Nets fan.

Could you imagine? It's auto championships & worse yet, it's completely legal!!!


Thx for asking:

  1. NCAA-- $ under the table to players, great for high school kids, bad for Calipari, tough for Cal to continualy hide from NBA-- $ under the table -- this is great business -- it's an advance, otherwise known as a signing bonus! And everybody finds out about it, there's nothing to hide from.

  2. Coaching NCAA -- Cal runs an NBA stylewhich works well if a team has superstars & can play together for 4 years. Unfortunately his stars leave after a year. NBA -- Cals system would work great if he has Lebron & Wall on the same team. Now he has to find a center & amazingly his average defensive schemes work wonders in the NBA!

  3. Courts, NCAA -- bottle throwing is allowed at cheaters NBA -- bottle throwers are put in prison. Cal wouldn't have to worry about being a cheater considering paying NBA players is legal.

  4. Fans -- the entire NCAA fanbase minus Kentucky despises what he has done to college basketball recruiting. NBA -- every coach, player & fan would want to play for Calipari whose slick ways are perfectly marketable & legal in the NBA. Plus who wouldn't want to play with Lebron & John Wall, as well as be marketed alongside the marketing machine of the holy trinity of Lebron/Wall/Cal whe picking up championships.

4.a. NCAA tests. Well, Calipari.... Hahahahaha!!!! NBA -- "are you nineteen?"

  1. NCAA ring -- kind of hard to get when you break the rules every year & your stars run away to the NBA. NBA ring(s) -- pretty much automatic. Cal has become essentially best friends with Lebron. If Cal accepts the Nets job offer, watch out. Dominoes will fall everywhere. Lebron wants to play for Cal. Lebron wants to play with Wall. Lebron wants to win championships. Cal wants to coach both of these guys for more than one year. All want rings. All want access to major marketing. New Jersey is the golden gate

  2. NCAA money -- well Cal you're lucky the horseracing guys ponied up a few extra $ for you to get you out of certain probation in Memphis. We should thank our lucky Roses. NBA $$$ -- this is a flat out ridiculous number to think about if Cal, Lebron & Wall all end up together next year in Jersey. The marketing possibilities are unheard of. Remember that $90 million dollar deal Lebron signed with Nike? He will be laughing at that check in a couple years if these three are tied together. I firmly believe that's why Lebron has been in Lexington so much. He knows he can build a champion all by himself. And make them all three very very rich.

The Jersey fanbase is actually pretty good sized. A lot is up to Cal's wife. But man, give Cal part ownership & double his salary & Nets will take over the entire NBA for the next decade.

I would seriously root for them in the NBA because it's legal!!!!

jaybate 11 years ago


Yes, yes, yes, exactly. And once you have children, well, then either they become exponentially more right, or we become exponentially more wrong, or both!

On the other hand, there are benefits to agreeing with a woman. :-)

CoolDoc_Jones 11 years ago

Enough about Bobby Knight. Get rid of Musburger. He's the one who truly annoys me.

Jim Pendleton 11 years ago

oakville - LOL, I would be happy to join you on that off ramp with the water balloons for the UK fans. Of course, I will probably be crazy enough to travel somewhere else that weekend to watch the Hawks. Will have to wait until Indy to drop those balloons either off an I-65 ramp, or out of a hotel window as they come into town, assuming they even make it that far.

kuclay - see my earlier post today on reasons for TV situation for the CU & KSU games. TV schedule is set before season.

fairgrovejayhawk - Totally agree about the Miss St fans last night. I have to say I am concerned that if this stuff continues as it has in a few places this year, the NCAA may step in some day and put some restrictions on schools allowing food & drink to be brought in from the concourses. I realize you are only talking about a few bad apples, but if it keeps happening, who knows? Not saying places won't be allowed to sell stuff, but they make you consume it before coming into the seating area from the concourses. Heaven forbid we would ever see that kind of thing happen here. Person would probably be banned for life, and loss of points?

Let's see a strong effort these next two games, get the regulars some rest, and get some of the other guys on the floor. Rock Chalk!!

Philip Bowman 11 years ago

Vitale???? He is the worst. Constantly sucking up by name-dropping players and coaches that aren't in the game on TV. Then, he can't say "this," "the" or "that" but instead pronounces them "dis," "duh" or "dat." Maybe he was once an expert on the game but now he is (and has been for a long time) a bore with his silly, loudmouth "baaaaby!" etc crap. With Knight you get his considered opinion, maybe not correct, but true opinion. I never liked him when he acted out his anger and took it out on players. But compared to Vitale, any day.

Blake Post 11 years ago

Blame it all on my roots. I showed up in boots, and ruined the mildcats purple-tie arrair...

jaybate 11 years ago

jaybate news service (jns):

Dateline: Somewhere on the road to the Final Four

Slug: Should Knight color his hair?

jns stringers in Beverly Hills, CA report there is a lot of debate among hair stylists about whether or nor its finally time for Bob Knight to color his hair.

As a service to college basketball sports broadcasting, jns is conducting a survey about what Bob Knight should do with hair. Vote for one of the following:

a) Denzel Washington black b) Angelina Jolie brown c) Julianne Moore Henna d) Paris Hilton blonde e) Dick Vitale bald f) Stand pat

Vote early and often so jns can advise Mr. Knight before March Madness.

Note: This is The Special Season. No detail is too small to think about in pursuit of a ring.

BCRavenJHawkfan 11 years ago

Okay, this just makes no sense. Monday night ESPN cannot find it within themselves to cut from Nova/UConn, with Nova down by 10 and under a minute to play with 50 timeouts left, to the start of #1 Kansas vs #23 Texas A&M. And tonight they cut away from ND/Louisville ready for OVER TIME, to go to Texas vs Missouri. Go figure.

100 11 years ago


It makes sense. John Calipari runs ESPN. He chooses what the audiences will see.

KU08 11 years ago

On an unrelated note, I just watched the end of the KSU-Nebraska game on ESPN360. I must say that KSU fans are terrible unless KU is playing. Maybe the speakers on my computer are bad (they are), but the fans weren't making any noise for such an exciting finish. When Nebraska had the ball to take the game into overtime or possibly win, shouldn't the fans try to make some noise? Also, the fans seemed awfully quick to leave. No applause, no chants, just put on your coat and leave.

kschoenhofer 11 years ago

go to lets get rid of them two on monday nights and hopefully do something about missing the first 7 minutes of the games on monday. the big 12 is getting screwed. tired of hearing about the big east

jhokfan 11 years ago

A petition? Seriously. Whoever started it needs to stop acting like a little girl. You don't like what people say then go back to Homerville.

FairgroveJayhawk 11 years ago

100 - Lets hope Calipari's wife forbids him from entering the great state of KANSAS as well. Last night was the first time I've heard Calipari talk. He really lived up to the hype of car salesman as I have heard. It will be interesting to see what the off season has in store regarding possible ncaa violations.

jayhawkjim80 - Rest assured... AFH will serve water, pop, tea, gatorade and whatever the house feels appropriate for years to come. AFH has some classy folks.

Proud papa Collins! Congratulations. We'll all look forward to seeing your little ones on the AFH floor when their time comes.

Jack Wilson 11 years ago

The game Saturday will be a 25 point blowout. Mark it down. Bet the over (assuming it's under 25). Guys tired of hearing this close game stuff. 84-59. Keep an eye on Kieff .. thinking he is ready to bust out a bit.

Martin Rosenblum 11 years ago

I've met Calipari's wife, Ellen. She is a rather small woman in stature but gives the impression that she could be a major ball-buster. She and I shared a conversation shortly after she got back from San Antonio when KU beat Memphis. I was trying to be my usual self and made a remark about how stressful it must have been for Cal and her to be dealing with the letdown of losing the game. She knew that I support KU and not Memphis. I don't remember if she actually said anything in response. But, I'll always remember the look she gave me. I remember feeling physically threatened just by her expression.

okiedave 11 years ago

Yips, has a team ever gone from the #1 spot to the depths of mediocrity than Texas? Austin newspapers claim that Texas is the deepest team in the nation. What's up with that?

okiedave 11 years ago

Yips, has a team ever gone from the #1 spot to the depths of mediocrity faster than Texas? Austin newspapers claim that Texas is the deepest team in the nation. What's up with that?

kvskubball 11 years ago


The thing isn't that Garth wouldn't be willing to do something like that for Coach Self, but Garth isn't exactly a KU fan...he's an OSU that is why 'the price would have to be right', not because Garth needs the money, or would make Coach pay a ton to do it, but that it might help him overcome the aversion to doing so FOR KU...chuckle...I think it would be very steep, he's a BIG OSU I don't think it would happen. If Self went back to OSU, Garth might be willing to do it more than once, for free!

Steve Brown 11 years ago

HEM you ought to be right, but our first 7 rotation have some prejudice going against Mr. Teehan & co. ')

Seems they want to insure no remote station cuts away from a blowout game so they keep them too close for comfort.

just sayin'

KURocksChalk 11 years ago

KU WILL win the NCAA championship, so you can relax now Sherron. I like competitive play. I think intensity is different. Intensity means that you are tense. I say play loose and with the knowledge that this is a great team and KU will most definitely win it all. Bank it!

Nick Cole 11 years ago


go to it. sign the petition. get these old balls outta' here.

cobweb 11 years ago

Self isn't an insecure control freak bully like Knight who treated players like lab rats. He probably locks his wife out of the house when her dinners aren't up to his expectations.

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