Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Open-door policy

Self discusses lineup after suspension of Morningstar

Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self, left, greets Kansas State coach Frank Martin at the Coaches Vs. Cancer Season Tipoff reception in 2009 at the College Basketball Experience, next to the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.

Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self, left, greets Kansas State coach Frank Martin at the Coaches Vs. Cancer Season Tipoff reception in 2009 at the College Basketball Experience, next to the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.



From left, Former Missouri coach Norm Stewart, Kansas coach Bill Self, UMKC coach Matt Brown and current MU coach Mike Anderson visit at the Coaches vs. Cancer Season Tipoff reception in this file photo from Oct. 6, 2009, at Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.

— Some folks have speculated that the first-semester suspension of returning starter Brady Morningstar means a certain slot in the lineup for highly acclaimed Kansas University basketball freshman Xavier Henry.

“I won’t go so far as to say it’s opened the door just for Xavier. I’ll go so far as to say it opens the door for anybody,” KU coach Bill Self said at Tuesday’s Coaches Vs. Cancer Season Tipoff reception at College Basketball Experience, next to the Sprint Center.

“To be honest with you, the door to me was already open,” Self added. “We didn’t come into it thinking Brady was going to start in this position (shooting guard/small forward). We came into it thinking whoever was playing the best was going to start.

“We have one less guy to choose from. Early in the season, sometimes you rely on experience to get you through until young guys get comfortable. Now I think it’s a matter where we will play somebody more than likely in that spot that doesn’t have much experience. We’ll allow them to play through their mistakes and maybe give them a little more freedom, so to speak.

“Xavier is a very talented individual. Whether it be Xavier, whether it be Marcus Morris ... whether we play small ... it could be Tyrel (Reed), Travis (Releford), Mario Little. If it’s four of those five, you are talking about guys that haven’t really played yet, at least in those spots. It’ll be an inexperienced guy out there more than likely.”

Guard Sherron Collins and center Cole Aldrich started all 35 games a year ago, while guard Tyshawn Taylor started 33 games, forward Marcus Morris 22 games and Morningstar 34 contests.

Self was asked more about the Morningstar situation at former Missouri coach Norm Stewart’s fundraiser. Morningstar was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated Saturday morning.

“His status is what everybody knows. He is suspended first semester. He will not play in games. He will not travel. He’ll still be a team member. He will still participate in practice if I see fit,” Self said. “Then we’ll evaluate at the end of first semester.

“I’m very, very, very disappointed, and he knows that, and he’s very disappointed in himself as well. Hopefully this could be a turn of events that obviously isn’t going to help our school, but be a turn of events which helps him personally and puts him on a path where decisions like this are not made in the future. You look back and sometimes you are fortunate when bad things happen because no one was injured. Whenever you are operating a vehicle in a manner in which he allegedly did, then you always feel fortunate nobody was injured. Even though it’s a very (big) negative, I’m hoping this could be a life-changing moment for him.”

Self said it’s been a rough couple weeks since KU’s football and basketball players were involved in a pair of highly publicized scraps by the Burge Union and on campus.

“I’ll be honest with you. I have a hard time to not take this personally,” Self said. “I think it’s a big reflection of me and our program. I know for a fact we’ve worked hard for a lot of years to make sure even if we didn’t play well, people thought we conducted ourselves right. I am very disappointed the action of a few can negate the efforts of many over time.”

He’s still firmly behind his players.

“We have our own problems like everyone else. For the most part they’ve been great ambassadors for this university,” Self said. “The last two weeks I would definitely go the other way and say I’m not proud of their actions, but I’m still proud of our kids.

“I still like our kids. I’m disgusted right now with some things that have transpired. Guys will be punished in a way I feel fit. It’s been a distraction for me personally, but people deal with situations like this all the time. We’ve got to somehow work our way through it and be better because of it in the long run, which I think will be the case.”

Beasley update

Kansas State coach Frank Martin, Missouri’s Mike Anderson and UMKC’s Matt Brown joined Self and Stewart at the fundraiser.

Martin said former Wildcat forward Michael Beasley of the Miami Heat is faring well after spending part of the summer in a Houston rehab center.

“He is as happy as I’ve heard him or seen him since halfway through his freshman year,” Martin said. “That responsibility of becoming a professional ... that’s why it’s so difficult on young kids to do that,” he said of turning pro after one year of college.

“From a preparation-in-life standpoint, it’s a difficult transition. There’s so much expected. You live life a little bit differently. When I said at the time it was a hard decision on him (to turn pro in 2008), a lot of people thought I was joking. It was a difficult decision for him. In his mind, he wanted to stay in college, but he understood he had an unbelievable opportunity ahead of him. He chose to do that (and was chosen No. 2 overall).”

KSU assistant coach Delonte Hill spent some time with Beasley after Beasley elected to enter rehab.

“The first thing Mike said was, ‘Bring me as much K-State gear as you can. I want to be happy again,’’’ Martin said. “That’s what we did. He’s one of us. He always has been and always will be.”


suttonku 10 years, 3 months ago

I really hope Beasley is better I dont think any of us hope for the worse for anyone that plays for Mizzou or K-State...We can hate them in sports or whatever but when it comes to life we should all support them and hope for the best.

Wayward, It seems as though Brady would have been competing for the 3 spot instead of the 2...Interesting that both of our picks did stupid things this offseason but at least it's stil possible for my pick to start opening game and if Tyshawn is not suspended or under any type of punishment, I think he will start at the 2...If not Tyshawn I fully expect CJ to start at the 2 and he could push Tyshawn to start right away. Im all for Marcus starting at the 3 as long as we have the depth at the 4 to play Marcus at the 3. We may have to rotate Marcus in and out of the 3 spot but I think Self is right in the sense that he should ease young guys like Xavier into playing time and I think it would benefit the team and Xavier if he came off the bench to start with and then if he made drastic improvements he could break into the starting lineup and we could potentially go back to starting Marcus at the 4 and getting Marcus reps at the 3...This is such a talented team that you really cannot go wrong with almost any lineup.

Self's comments about the door always being open is a good thing...I mean wouldn't we all love to be a fly on the wall of one of their practices to see the games that they play against each other and the competition? Can you imagine how good their pickup games must be? I mean with a guy like EJ, he gets to practice against the best PG in the country in Sherron Collins and that is only going to prepare him more for the season...And the competition for playing time is what is going to make everyone better...Self not giving anyone, with the exception of Cole and Sherron, a starting job is for the best. You have to make guys compete and whoever is playing the best should start.

lv_jhwk 10 years, 3 months ago

"I have a hard time to not take this personally.”

“I think it’s a big reflection of me and our program."

"Guys will be punished in a way I feel fit."

Over these last two weeks, while many have expressed their anger/embarrassment over the episodes and shared their ideas on appropriate consequences, I've felt all along that we as fans needed to trust Coach Self simply because this obviously means more to him than it could ever to any of us. I couldn't be any more pleased as a Jayhawk to see these words spoken.

Lance Hobson 10 years, 3 months ago

This is a clean kill. Brady is done. The guy is out at 4 a.m. a week into the season, clearly his focus is a million miles away from where it should be. He doesn't deserve to play basketball for Kansas. He was lucky to be on the team to begin with, and this is what he does to thank Bill Self for the opportunity? Despicable.

ParisHawk 10 years, 3 months ago

"He will still participate in practice if I see fit."

This is new and in my opinion admirable. Brady will have to toe the line to even get practice time.

This is an example to follow in any disciplinary action: always have some kind of carrot and some kind of stick, until you get to the point where the only stick left is "bye-bye".

Brady in this situation is a much better object lesson than "Brady done". The more he is around, not playing and maybe not practicing, the more the other guys will be reminded of what is at stake.

Martin Rosenblum 10 years, 3 months ago

ParisHawk - I couldn't have said it better. Great comments!

BTW,wasn't it just great seeing Norm Stewart again? Also, Bill was practicing shaking Mike Anderson's hand and smiling just like he'll do after his two regular season wins and possible conf. tourney win against him this season. Frank Martin's body language showed a little tension, or is it just me?

codybear 10 years, 3 months ago

If Brady had blinked an eye......he would have been out to make the opening for Henry much for any loyalty from Brady...........just put down the red in my arm or whatever is sore so I will ride the bike while everyone else runs and works.....reminds me of the Morris Bros last year...HCBS is win at any cost; makes no difference who You are if You are not the Eight Wonder of the World....its under the bus or out the door.

farnamjayhawk 10 years, 3 months ago

Codybear, there is a big difference between the "blink of an eye" and a DWI. Possible loss of life and ruining lives takes precedence here. Brady will still practice which will help the team get ready for the season and Xavier would have been the starter by Mid-December at the latest anyway. HCBS is genuine in his disgust and he hasn't thrown anyone under the bus...... He's protecting the team, the university and trying to help Brady in the long run.

Timmay97 10 years, 3 months ago

Honestly, who here thinks that Xavier won't start? Regardless of his experience, regardless of his immaturity and age, it's lunacy if he doesn't start and play 30 minutes a game. He will be our most versatile player. And for all we know, he will learn to defend like Brandon Rush did.

You should see huge minutes for Aldrich, Collins and X. Henry. The other two spots will move around. Granted, foul trouble changes the minutes, but all three of those guys will play a ton.

I personally think having Marcus at the 4 is awesome! The guy is versatile for that position and can take most guys his size off the dribble. He just needs to learn how to FINISH!

I do feel for Brady. God knows he deserves a second be able to redeem himself. If Michael Vick gets a second chance, pretty much ANYONE deserves one. Lets not forget how much Brady meant to our team last year. His defensive prescence and hustle will be missed (for the first half of the season).

SDSurferFan 10 years, 3 months ago

Someone please tell me what HCBS means? something, something Bill Self?

My take on Brady. He surprised everyone last year with his consistency, timely shooting, good defense, and number of starts. If he didn't start this year he was going to be a solid player off the bench. That is what we are losing. He has got to be bummed after working so hard this summer.

rawkhawk 10 years, 3 months ago

HCBS=Head Coach Bill Self.

I think Self is showing a lot of class right now. I'm sure Brady will do what it takes to remain an important part of the team, and I expect to see him contribute 2nd semester. I hope I'm right in my prediction: No more off-the-court problems and a historical basketball season. I'm proud to have Self as the KU coach and I think the players will rise to the occasion.

I also wish luck to Beasley...

Scott Smetana 10 years, 3 months ago

Don't throw Brady under the bus. He probably had a 0.09 BAC and been driving home late after chasing a girl in KC and going 1 over the speed limit in a construction zone... doh!
He played awesome for us last season (except maybe the tourney).
I'm thinking this is a huge growing experience for Brady and he'll make a big comeback.

I've always liked Beasley.. wish high school players had to go pro straight out of HS or go 2 years to the NCAA. I think except a rare few, most would head to college. Get well Beasley and get back to Miami to help Mario!

jaybate 10 years, 3 months ago

Wednesday When Reality Knocks...Hard:

} Brady's suspension doesn't open a door. As Self makes clear, it was already open. All Brady's suspension has done is let Self justify going with Xavier's inexperience immediately, which he probably planned to do after a few games anyway. Now, Xavier gets the spot immediately, until he plays his way out of it. Now the team knows it and has to deal with it before the basketballs are even rolled out.

} Self's record with putting huge burdens on freshmen is mixed. David Padgett imploded. It worked with Brandon from the start. Mario Chalmers faltered as a PG, then came on strong at the two his first year. Marcus Morris limped through most of a frosh season as a garbage man four, alternately getting smoked and playing barely adequately. I had hoped we would not have to watch another freshman break in this season. I had hoped Xavier would split time with someone and maybe not even start till December or January. Such was not to be.

} Interesting that Self lists Marcus second after Xavier. He wants Marcus ready to play the three the following year, and so he wants to play him there a significant amount this year. Not good news for Mario Little.

} The other guys on Self's list get minutes only when they go small and the implication is that will be a minority of the time. Tyrell is mentioned at the top of the small list. From this, one can infer that CJ is going to be the top choice as back-up behind Tyshawn at the two, as well as behind Sherron at the one.

} Elijah's name not being mentioned in any positive way so far suggests that a decision to red shirt him has already been made.

jaybate 10 years, 3 months ago

} And if you were Mario Little reading Self's comments, you probably could not help but feel like you were history, like you really were stupid not to have red shirted last year. Little was mentioned at the very end of Self's going-small list, even though Little would be a big at that position. Bad sign for Mario. Mario has probably lost his usefulness to Self, since he won't be a starter and he won't be here next year. Getting Travis some minutes helps Travis next year. Getting Tyrel minutes there does the same. Getting Mario minutes is just a waste of development time...especially since Self wants to groom Marcus for the three the following year. I had some high, apparently too sentimental, hopes for Mario this year. Early indications are I was a sap.

} Bill Self once again reveals just how harrrrrrrrrrrd a man he can be. He can ask Mario Little to sacrifice everything for what is best for Self's career (the team being a surrogate for that) and then relegate Little to an after thought for going small a season later. A player like Brady Morningstar can step up last year and prevent Self in no small part from having an ugly rebuilding year, and then Self can bench him for a semester not only to help Brady change his life, but also to manage Self's public image and to clear the decks for the talented Xavier. Self never does anything for one reason, always three or four. The message is as loud and clear as it can be. Bill Self is a very positive, hard working, and bright guy, but don't expect him to do anything but advance his own agenda, and at your expense, when you are stupid enough to let him (Little), or stupid enough to trigger a need to do so (Morningstar).

} I wonder if the as yet unpublicized facts of the fighting and about the suspicion of DUI will one day make Coach Self's public disgust and responses seem a little over the top, maybe even a little contrived to manage the public indignation. But, if the actual facts of the fighting and suspected DUI should prove as serious as some anticipate, I for one think Coach Self should be taking the fighting and DUI personally, rather than finding it "...hard not to take personally." He's the coach.

Joel Hood 10 years, 3 months ago

After everything that CJ Giles put coach through, I never thought he would throw Brady under the bus. Strikewso - your coment was exceptionally harsh. For all we know, Brady has made one (albeit, really bad) mistake. Everything else has shown that he is a good kid, teammate and over achiever. If CJ got a second (and third) chance, Brady should get one.

I felt all along that Brady would start until about December, then he would become the super sub at the 2 &/or 3. This really puts him behind the eight ball. The other guys now have an much better opportunity to establish themselves early on.

TexasHawk44 10 years, 3 months ago

It is good to see the hamsters are back on the wheels...The season is right around the corner and all of the KU "insiders" posting on this site have roused from their dog day slumber and come out of their holes to tell us all how Bill Self and the University should handle things. Why we even have opinions on how other people should "feel". I am so grateful to be blessed with such pearls of wisdom of bumper-riding experts...

Joel Hood 10 years, 3 months ago

jaybate, why are you so sure Self pushed Little to play last year? From all the interviews I saw, Mario was the one who made the final decision. He came to play D1 ball right away, not sit n the bench. His choice - not Self's.

Coach knew last season was a rebuilding (reloading) year. Wouldn't it have been in his best interest to get 2 good years out of a healthy, veteran Little, rather than 1.5 years out of a less seasoned, unhealthy Little? Are you suggesting that there are other reason Self wants to move Little along? Personally, I think you reading way too much into what Self said, or didn't say.

KU 10 years, 3 months ago

jayhawkerjoel, maybe.....just are reading too much into what jaybate is reading into what Self said, or didn't say. Then again, maybe I'm just reading too much into what you are reading into too much what jaybate is reading into what Self said, or didn't say.

Tribehawk 10 years, 3 months ago

Jaybate, where are you getting your tea leaves?

I trust Bill Self, but on the outside looking in, it does look like he's throwing Morningstar under a bus. It doesn't help the perception when you have Xavier waiting in the wings (or on the wing, perhaps more literally). I'm not trying to justify what Brady did--and perhaps a semester suspension is justified, but then I don't understand why Tyshawn got off so easily. And I don't mean to open up that can of worms again, but regardless of whether police were involved, BOTH likely broke the law based on the reports that I've read. From the outside, it looks like Self has a double-standard based on talent-level. But again, I trust Self, so that means that the view on the inside must be different than the view on the outside--I just wish there was a little more transparency so I could make heads or tails of this.

John Boyle 10 years, 3 months ago

jaybate, usually I fall into a deep slumber before getting to the end of your ramblings, but I actually read this post. Do you personally know Bill Self? You have painted him to be this evil self-serving self promoting monster. That is absolutely not the case. The actions he has taken against Brady are more than fair. The rules tightened after the brawl a couple weeks ago. Brady knew that. He made a bad decision. He is not kicked off the team, he is just going to have to show that he really wants to earn his way back. As far as Little being listed last among the number 3's. It comes down to talent. He just isn't as good as everybody thought he was coming in. This is division 1 basketball, the best and most talented players will be on the court. If you want everybody to have equal playing time, sign up for rec league ball. Back to Bill Self, jaybate you have no right to judge him and his reasons for how he handles tough situations. You haven't been with these guys day in and day out in practices and workouts. He has shown himself to be a man of great integrity and should be treated with the respect that comes with that. Now please go pull out your old English lit textbook and quote some old dudes that no one cares about and leave Coach Self alone.

Joe Baker 10 years, 3 months ago

Nine more days to Late Night!!

It's all water under the bridge. Let's go to court!!!!

I'm just glad we're deep with talent! Here is where all that deep talent will pay dividends.

I'm enjoying football, but I'm ready for some hoops.

justanotherfan 10 years, 3 months ago

Something else that no one is mentioning regarding Elijah Johnson. This is just speculation on my part, but still...

EJ is an explosive leaper from all reports and youtube exploits. However, he has had knee issues this summer. While I don't doubt that he is healthy now, perhaps with the depth being the way it is, Self is pondering a redshirt to strengthen that knee and make sure EJ's career doesn't go the way of Lester Earl, or the tail end of Keith Langford's career, where they both went from being very athletic to lugging around knees that wouldn't quite cooperate. Perhaps Self has looked at EJ's history and realized that a full year in Hudy's strength and conditioning program will make him better (and healthier) over the long haul.

As for this whole "open door" thing. If X is what X is supposed to be, there won't be any question who should be starting. Simple as that. If he is an NBA ready wing player, he will start from day one because he will be better than everyone else we have at those positions. If he's not, then he may not start, but we may not be as good as I think we will be.

jaybate 10 years, 3 months ago


Please to do us all a favor and fall completely asleep reading my remarks. Thanks in advance. :-)

Jeff Hargate 10 years, 3 months ago

Isn't it Self's job to put the best team on the court? The last time I checked his job was not to babysit some ego-driven high school or JUCO star for a few years. It really stinks that Quintrell and Tyrone had to find PT elsewhere and Mario is going to ride some pine, but at the end of the day Coach Self is the one who is judged by wins and losses...and to a lesser degree graduation rate. I personally have no problem with his actions/comments because being a top 5 program dosen't come from being nice...eventhough his public persona is just that 90% of the time.

jaybate 10 years, 3 months ago


It puzzles me why Coach Self talked about the "door open" thing at all? I can only see three probable reasons:

a) Coach Self has seen Xavier up close awhile now, doubts that he is an NBA ready wing, expects him to have to split quite a bit of time with someone, and so was preparing all for this eventuality; or

b) Coach Self has seen Xavier up close awhile now, believes he is an NBA ready wing, expects Xavier to dominate the three, and he was just spinning to sound fair (i.e., says door is open even though it is a foregone conclusion that Xavier will slam it shut with exceptional play); or

c) Coach Self has seen Xavier up close awhile now, and he just isn't sure how Xavier will perform?

Which do you think it is: a, b, or c?

Or do you have another explanation?

E4KUJHawks 10 years, 3 months ago

Or it could just be reason D.) Coach was asked about it, and then addressed it in his usual cordial manner. ; )

Benjamin Piehler 10 years, 3 months ago

we were going to start brady? im assuming xavier is better. Dont get me wrong, I like brady but I never really saw him as a go to starter.

jaybate 10 years, 3 months ago


I wish every recruit and current team member would take your post and tape it to his mirror during the time he is being recruited, or playing, for KU.

The reality of Division 1's Top 5 programs seems exactly as you suggest. No matter how warm and fuzzy coaches are with parents during in-home visits, and no matter how much they talk about "team," and "being part of a tradition," and being "ambassadors" for a school, and about how many guys graduate, and about how many guys move back to Lawrence to live after their playing days end to be part of the Jayhawk nation, bottom line, a player is as disposable as any employee in any corporation. You are so right: that wonderful, legendary, personable coach is not a babysitter.

Further, many of the alumni and fans that support that coach have absolutely no problem with the coach treating players as disposable commodities, if the coach achieves winning rates and "to a lesser degree a graduation rate" that satisfies them.

"...being a top 5 program doesn't come from being nice...eventhough (sp) his (sp) public persona is just that 90% of the time."--jeffthejayhawk

Your pragmatic realism is so, so, so sobering and clarifying. Top 5 programs must be as not-nice as they have to be.

Your mentioning Quintrel and Tyrone in this thread also appears on target. If those two young men had had your post taped to their mirrors during the times they were making their decisions about whether or not they should risk going to a Top 5 program and getting lost in the numbers, they might well have gone elsewhere. Recruits need to wake up to the fact that even though coaches from Top 5 programs get desperate from time to time, and need to fill gaps temporarily with lesser players available at the last minute, those coaches did not get to be the heads of Top 5 programs by not being willing to replace lesser players, when better players became available a year later.

It is apparently a not-nice world out there in Division 1, especially in the Top 5 programs, and the recruits and players need to be reminded of it constantly by your post, so they are not hurt by it.

Thank you for doing recruits and players the service of writing it up.

canuckhawk 10 years, 3 months ago

The punishment situation with Brady can't be separated from the fighting incident. It may be that Brady blood-alcohol level was only a fraction over the limit but the fact that he was out that late (or early) at all and over the limit means that the basketball team looks undisciplined and irresponsible. That reflects directly on Self. True. But what harms Self's image also has a number of negative secondary effects on the program and university.

Brady is a solid basketball talent. He has greatly over-performed. I remember that many of the comments last year had Brady as a solid fixture on the bench. Besides his family and friends, Brady blew us all away.

Now is were I try to get into Self's brain and forecast his intentions (pre-DWI). I don't think that Self would have rewarded Brady for last years performance by giving him more pt this year. But Brady earns his pt by performing in games and by working hard in practice and conducting himself in a professional manner. As such, Self uses him to motivate the other players toward a work ethic standard that he doesn't get if his only calculus is talent. Of course, they have to perform on the court as well, but Self is going to start and give minutes (especially early in the season) to players that work their butt off in practice, play defense, and conduct themselves well. I'm thinking of when he started Steve Vinson in order to motivate Chalmers and crew. This season, Brady was going to be his standard for work ethic and professionalism. If X and others didn't take practice seriously, play defense, or follow the rules, then Brady would routinely take their minutes until they fell in tow. Brady's recent fall means that he doesn't perform that role anymore. That is a big hit to the way Self tends to shape and motivate his young prospects.

You take all this together and I'm a little surprised that Self didn't come down more hard on his "role model".

TexasHawk44 10 years, 3 months ago

Hey, we are now getting into people's brains! We better make a newsreel!

kubball99 10 years, 3 months ago

Jaybate - While I certainly agree with some of the points you made in your earlier posts, to state that "a player is as disposable as any employee in any corporation" is a bit of an overstatement. First of all, Coach Self is expected to win. Yes, along with winning basketball games, he is expected to make sure his students athletes get an education, but his job is to win basketball games. The University expects it and you the fan expect it. In order to do that, Coach Self has to put the best players on the court. You can't honestly say that if we won 10 games this year with Brady Morningstar, Quintrell Thomas and Tyrone Appleton running the show, the administration and the fans would be content with that kind of performance. The other thing to consider is that these are student athletes and Kansas University is paying for their education. If the value of an education is greater than their desire to play basketball (in the future), then this shouldn't be an issue. Let's be honest, while Brady Morningstar, Quintrell Thomas, and Tyrone Appleton are good basketball players, they are not going to have an NBA future. Think of players like Aaron Miles, Keith Langford and Wayne Siemen who played at KU. All much better athletes and basketball talents and all of them have struggled to make a successful career in the NBA. Coach Self has pressure to do so many things as a coach at KU: win basketball games, uphold the image KU, and make sure his athletes get an education (just to mention a few). Given how other coaches such as Rick Pitino or John Calipari have handled situations recently, I am certainly commend Coach Self in how he has handled himself with the recent events and throughout his time at KU.

rawkhawk 10 years, 3 months ago

Deep breaths...everything's gonna be OK...

waywardJay 10 years, 3 months ago

Sutton.... IF we are mobilizing a 4 man army for the post ( x, Mario, Brady and Marcus )..... i think self might have tipped his hand a little.....

I recall something Jaybate said about 3 weeks ago.... about the only thing he can do is put bodies on the floor and play an uptempo style of sutton ball.... something that has never been done before.....Think about it....

Sherron, EJ Tyrel TYshawn, CJ, Travis X, B, Mario Marcus Marcus, Kieff T rob Cole, withey ( after december ) Trob....

All motored, all getting EXTRA condiitoning.... of course losing brady's experience

and not having withey until december have both hurt this idea.....

Another thing i noticed, if we are talking about Marcus moving down to the 3 ..... who will take the 4 from opening day ???? Has my darkhorse player earned some pt, T robinson ????

These are just thoughts i noticed.... the only real specificas bill is offering take it with a grain of salt

Joel Hood 10 years, 3 months ago

soobawls - seriously? you're trolling, right?

Kevin Long 10 years, 3 months ago

Let it die! It's still football season and we are 4-0. Coach Self is the best thing to happen to KU in a long time.

BigGuyDon 10 years, 3 months ago

Jaybate- you forgot option 4) Self has continually motivated players throughout his coaching tenure here by never giving guys the job but forcing them to earn it. In nearly every case, talented younger players have had to unseat less talented, experienced players who do it the "right way". Only in the case of Rush did a player immediately get handed his starting job, and that I would submit was due to lack of any alternative, not preference or early promise. The message boards are littered with complaints about Self starting Hawkins over Chalmers, Moody over Wright. And there are accompanying comments from Self about how nobody is guaranteed a spot littered everywhere.

Not sure who "soobawls" is, but you've got a long way to go before you hit reality. As to the ridiculous ideas of "double standards", I think that's crazy. There two sets of rules, those before the fight and those after. The expectations were clearly defined after the fighting incidents and they were expressed to the team as zero tolerance. Brady disregarding those changes can be seen as nothing other than a slap in the face to Coach Self. His punishment, which could have been worse BTW, had nothing to do with prospects for starting or playing time for him or any other player. And your description of Taylor's involvement in the fight is completely offbase. Do you work for Fox News?

kucourtsider 10 years, 3 months ago

Anyone heard the recent news about Markieff Morris getting into a car accident about three weeks ago while in Scot Pollard's vehicle? Kevin Kietzman is giving birth to a cow about this on 810 right now. This should be fun.

suttonku 10 years, 3 months ago

Markieff Morris could start at the four but look for T Robinson to push for it...Look, HCBS is not going to say what the starting lineup is because 1. he may not know right now and 2. He has to keep the competition up in his practices...He may let a couple of players know what they need to do to get more minutes...Honestly though, how much do starting jobs really matter on this team? They will be rotating in out in every single position and a lot of guys will get their shot to get more minutes...Personally Im all for Self making guys earn their spots, including Cole and Sherron, but who knows? It seems like Self is loyal to a fault at times.

100 10 years, 3 months ago

Bill Self absolutely made the right call on Morningstar & Taylor -- the only coach in the history of the NCAA that would have handled it differently is Jerry Tarkanian.

He would have given Tyshawn $500 for the casinos for all the "great" publicity.

He would've given Brady a mercedes & a lifetime supply of Jack Daniels.

Great job Coach Self -- we appreciate your difficult decisions. Both punishments are seen by the overall fanbase as absolutely correct, looking out equally for the athlete, the team & the public image of KU. Thank you for handling this well.

All coaches across America are dealing with this same problem of a lack of morality in the formative years of computer raised children who have graduated from their parents home -- we are not alone, & in fact, it is quite the opposite. Eighteen year olds everwhere are waking up 5 hours late today with no job having never had a real conversation with Grandma or Grandpa about "right vs wrong". Let's hope if any of us meet them today their iPods are out of batteries so we can say hello & perhaps take them to lunch to have a "real" conversation about what it means to be here.

The best we can do, as memhawk pointed out the other day is provide our kids with the best mentoring possible.

In Self's own words, this has been difficult. But I must say, this type of thing has the opportunity on each @& every weekend to happen on any given campus -- the fact that they happened on the most peaceful campus in America was shocking to all of us -- but probably, in some ways, lucky.

Lucky for the future. If a demon is sleeping under your house would you prefer to know the demon is there so that you can quietly train your Army while a reasonably powerful set of bombs, bows, arrows & boobey traps are being shipped to your house?

Or would you prefer to be shielded from the information that at night a demon sleeps just inches below your sound asleep baby back ribs while your nightgowned mom cooks Ramon Noodles in the kitchen, innocently listening to "Sex Talk" on her iPod?

We've always had good interactive outreach programs at KU & the best problem solvers & alumni support in the United States.

Alas in so many ways I'm glad this lack of values, morality & mentorship has been made so apparent to all of us Jayhawks.

Because this is America we're talking about & Lawrence can, as we've always been before, the first to step up in a positive way guided with words through the heart -- these kids really need our help.

Because in Lawrence when buildings get burnt down by Demon we take a deep breath, gather some limestone & build them back up even stronger than they were before.

All over America kids are crying. But what a great place to start, in Lawrence Kansas, where rules do mean something & the heart of it all is carried in our veins thanks to a man named Dr. Naismith who brought everything that is good about being a human to Lawrence Kansas, the home of the Jayhawks.

kucourtsider 10 years, 3 months ago

Update - The vehicle apparently belonged to Tyshawn Taylor who purchased it from Scot Pollard. We'll see where that takes us.

schrephawk 10 years, 3 months ago

"bring me as much k-state gear as you can"

Do they let them have bon fires in rehab now?

Mike Young 10 years, 3 months ago

Delonte Hill belongs in rehab with Beasley. Didn't he get a DUI celebrating K-State's win over KU?

John Randall 10 years, 3 months ago

No, it isn't just you. I, too, think Frank Martin always comes off as tense in public. I also admire him a great deal for handling his position and himself so well considering his (young) age and (lack of) experience as the "head man." It is perfectly normal for him to be a little 'uptight' and he seems to channel that very well into positive approaches for himself and his team. The way he fell into the position of head coach of a competitive team in a premiere conference left all of us wondering how well or badly he would handle it. After two years, my grade book shows a B or B+, and I was always known as a tough grader.

John Randall 10 years, 3 months ago

"""If Brady had blinked an eye......he would have been out to make the opening for Henry much for any loyalty from Brady...........just put down the red in my arm or whatever is sore so I will ride the bike while everyone else runs and works.....reminds me of the Morris Bros last year...HCBS is win at any cost; makes no difference who You are if You are not the Eight Wonder of the World....its under the bus or out the door."""

Your idea here reminds of an incident in my youth when I went to court for reckless driving (playing 'ditch-em' with classmate). My father (head coach) had to miss football practice to appear with me in court.
After court, the other boy's father told mine, "I'm sure it's the first time your son did this (his was a regular in court). It's just too bad he got caught." I've never forgotten for a minute Dad's reply, "I hope to hell it's the first time, and I'm damned glad he got caught!"

Coach Self wants Brady to live the greatest life possible, and he knows that giving him a break he doesn't deserve will not help him do that. He wasn't any quicker to suspend Brady in this situation than he would be to do the same for any of his players who needed it -- including Xavier, Cole, Sherron, McM, MkM, Ty, Ty, etc.

You are completely out of line when you portray Bill Self as the same sort as Calipari, Huggins, and others.

Tony Bandle 10 years, 3 months ago


1] BM's suspension for the first semester....eligibility time lost or not?

2] Am I wrong to think that Brady's "carry over value" from last season plus his off season regime was anything but a win/win situation for HCBS?

[Improved BM pushes X to excel to earn start at 3- X wins by overcoming challenge, BM wins by being better than X, HCBS win/wins because now he has two warriors at one spot.}

3] Is anyone on this site naive to think Top Echelon Division One Basetball is merely collegiate sports?

4] 100 believes Condor and Withey will be on the court at the same time. Is this insane or is ingenious?

5] Put your money where your mouth are...what is your prediction for KU's overall record and what level in the playoffs will we be?

All responses will be held in complete secrecy with the results revealed next April during the net cutting party!!!

Tony Bandle 10 years, 3 months ago

1] I'm guessing time lost. 2] NO 3] Yes [I also believe in Santa C. and the Tooth Fairy] 4] Ingenious [if it works], insanity[if it doesn't] 5] 37-3 [there's a reason it hasn't been done in 34 years]/Cuttin' down the nets!!

FairgroveJayhawk 10 years, 3 months ago

Oakville 4- Condor and Withey together?, ingenious against the right team. Unstopable if Withey has good hands and Taylor has learned to make a better inside pass.

Morningstar will make the suspension a positive for himself and the team. Absolutely. Self is winning regardless due to the number of weapons.

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