Kansas defeats Tennessee Tech, 112-75

  • 7 p.m., Nov. 27, 2009
  • Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS

Saturday, November 28, 2009

‘It’s about time’

Taylor busts slump

KU guard Tyshawn Taylor throws down against Tennessee Tech Friday, Nov. 27, 2009 at Allen Fieldhouse.

KU guard Tyshawn Taylor throws down against Tennessee Tech Friday, Nov. 27, 2009 at Allen Fieldhouse.


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2009 KU-Tennessee Tech

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KU vs. Tennessee Tech

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KU takes on Tennessee Tech Friday, Nov. 27, 2009 at Allen Fieldhouse.

A wide-open Tyshawn Taylor accepted a crisp pass from Markieff Morris, elevated high, then hoisted a three-pointer from the left side.


“Once it went in, I said to myself, ‘It’s about time.’ It’s what I’d been waiting for — for so long,” Taylor, Kansas University’s 6-foot-3 sophomore combo guard, said of his first shot attempt in the Jayhawks’ 112-75 rout of Tennessee Tech on Friday night in Allen Fieldhouse.

The shot — which gave KU an 8-6 lead just 41⁄2 minutes into the game — energized Taylor, who busted a seasonlong shooting slump by scoring 18 points off 7-of-9 marksmanship, including three of four from three-point land.

“I knew my time was gonna come. I just didn’t know when,” said Taylor, who had fared so poorly through KU’s first four games he refused to glance at the stat sheet. “I think if I looked at my stats, I’d be too focused on trying to score and make things happen.”

For the record, he had hit just six of 23 shots, good for 26.1 percent — one of five threes for 20 percent — through KU’s first four games.

“Everybody’s had a good game individually,” said Taylor, aware the Jayhawks have had six leading scorers (Taylor, Xavier Henry, Cole Aldrich, Sherron Collins, Marcus Morris, Tyrel Reed) in the first five games. “That’s why I knew my time would come, too.

“I was telling myself before the game, if a three would fall for me early or a dunk, I’d be good. I’d be relaxed, get the crowd into it. I got a couple of those tonight. I was happy,” he added of a breakaway flush off a feed from Reed as well as one off his own steal.

He also skied high to jam one-handed off a feed from Collins in the second half.

“I didn’t get it how I wanted, but that was a great pass from Sherron,” Taylor said of his dunk with 81⁄2 minutes to play. “I’m surprised I caught it. I didn’t think I would at first.”

Another dunk try involving Taylor had KU’s bench laughing ... for the wrong reason. He lobbed the ball way over the head of Xavier Henry, the ball flying out of bounds early in the second half with KU up, 62-33.

“I thought X had more hops,” Taylor cracked. “No, it was a terrible pass, but the defender played it well. He read it a little bit. He jumped as I was throwing it to X, so I kind of bobbled it a little bit. X shoulda caught it still.”

The pass was so awry that Taylor took a peek at the bench to gauge the early reaction.

“He tried to throw a lob pass off the ceiling,” said KU coach Bill Self, who did not bawl out Taylor for the rare error.

“I looked out of the corner of my eye, and they were laughing. Coach (Joe) Dooley and Self were looking at each other, like, ‘You got it,’’’ Taylor said of the two deciding which would yell at Taylor for the mistake. “Coach Dooley said, ‘What the hell was that?’ I started laughing ... (but) not that much.”

Taylor — his airball from three was put back by Cole Aldrich (14 points, 10 boards) to beat the first-half buzzer — also banked in a three-pointer to give KU a 94-57 lead.

“I didn’t call it,” said Taylor, who has banked in a few threes before.

Asked if he leads the team in bank shots from afair, he conceded, “I might.”

“X hit one last game, so he’s coming along. But I think so. Every time I score a lot of points, I hit a bank shot (from three) in the game, so hopefully I can hit more so I can keep scoring points.”

All kidding aside, Self was happy to see Taylor have a good game offensively.

“The lid finally came off for him,” Self said.

For good reason.

“I’d been putting up a lot of extra shots, coming to the gym a half hour before practice,” Taylor said, “trying to get my feel for it. It was time. I knew it was going to come. Now I just have to keep working.”

KU (5-0) will meet Alcorn State at 7 p.m. Wednesday in Allen Fieldhouse.


DCJayhawk0208 10 years, 11 months ago

Six leading scorers in five games? I know that Morris and Henry both scored 19 against Oakland, but not everyone probably does...maybe make a mention of that?

Chris Shaw 10 years, 11 months ago

My oberservations from last nights game.

1) Did anybody see MSU lose to Florida last night? I actually have no problem with MSU as I am a Tom Izzo fan, but it sure does seem like that MSU faithful feel like they should be "Owed" something with their negative comments towards KU. Oh well, they have been banged up with some injuries, but I knew MSU was kind of looking past that game.'

2)Defense-The defense was great last night except in two places. I absolutely loved the intensity for 36 minutes of the ball game. Everybody played with a sense of urgency and the effort was unbelievable. Let's keep that up in the future and tweak a few things. I was a little disappointed with the 8-0 run by Tenn Tech in the middle of the first half where the score was 27-9 and after everything was said and done Tech went on a 11-2 run to close the gap to 29-20. I just think the fellas got the "Cool Syndrome" and started being a little lackadasical with their effort and the ball. No big deal as Coach Self called a timeout and quickly corrected that issue. I just hope that doesn't happen against a more talented team in the Big 12 or one of KU's many tough non-conference games. I was also shocked about KU's rebound advantage. Actually, KU had no rebound advantage as they split 36-36. I know Tech shot a lot of the 3's, but that means the ball is bouncing long and KU's guards aren't blocking out around the arc. 3's equal long rebounds and if we all went back and looked at the tape, I bet that is where a majority of Tech's rebounds came from. Finally, was it me or did Frank Davis look like a clone of Ben Woodside minus the tattoo? If a guy like that is going to score, I would rather see KU push him inside the arc and let him get his points that way. I would rather see the defender get beat and have help inside the arc rather than draining 3's on KU and build momentum for the opposition. Great effort and just a few things to tweak, but it's definitely getting better.

3) Offense-I know KU has played UCA, Oakland, and Tenn Tech back to back to back, but these are games where guys can build confidence. You are seeing it with Reed, Johnson, Robinson, CJ, and even X. 10 turnovers was great to see in the box score, but there is still more work that needs to be done on the offense side of the ball than the defense side of the ball. The ball movement is getting better and it's fun to see guys find the open guy when that ball is being swung around the perimeter and swung cross-court. It really is coming together. I love it! Guys really seem to be playing with one another, which is a great sign for KU. You can tell their is still some indeciveness in a couple scenarios (Like the 3 on 1 and 3 on 2 fastbreaks), but that will get taken care with more "Game Time". All in All it's looking better and better and by the time conference play starts it should be a well oiled machine.

KEITHMILES05 10 years, 11 months ago

This team better wise up and learn to rebound. Being outrebounded by a mediocre team isn't something to be proud of and will come back to haunt them when they play good teams. I just don't understand with our height this year why we can't get in position better.

Chris Shaw 10 years, 11 months ago

4) Sherron Collins-I am more and more impressed with this kid everytime he steps on the court. I wish this kid would stay forever. Where are all those Collins fans "Crying Foul" about Collins trying to do too much last year? I will tell you one thing, "Collins gets It"! He knows he is doing what is best for the KU team at the moment and he is also doing what is necessary for his NBA future. It's not necessarily that Self is holding Collins back, but you can tell that Collins understands that the other guys need to catch up with his ability and the overall knowledge on how this team should operate. It's like Self is doing everything with Collins to Corale him from the public and opposition and when the time is right, Collins is going to be releashed and just take over the game when necessary. I love it and it's a beautiful thing to see. You can see that the way Self is managing Collins is the same way that Collins would be used in the NBA. I know Collins probably feels like he should be, "Doing More", but there will plenty of opportunities to "Do More". Man I love this kid.

5) X-It's great to see this guy maturing. He is playing great and with every game he is building more confidence. Even though he missed the lay-up in the first half that was absolutely fantastic seeing him attacking the rim after that pick up just beyond the arc. X is going to have a full arsenal of moves. He can drain the "3", pump-fake and pull-up for an 9-16 footer, or he is finally attacking the rim when the defense allows it. His IQ really is off the charts. Keep improving and by mid-season we will have something special. Actually, KU already has something special.

6) Tyshawn Taylor- I was very pleased with his performance last night. His effort was fantastic and you could tell he didn't get down on himself last night. Taylor still had some bonehead plays, but I can live with some mistakes as long as the effort and intenstiy is there. The 2 on 1 fastbreak where he threw the lob-pass over the backboard was pretty bad. I would rather see Taylor taking his signature offensive charge than that lob-pass. Also, second or third possession of the game he drove the lane and tried to dumb it off in traffic and that was a bad decision. He got himself into trouble and didn't have an outlet to get rid of the basketball. KU got the ball back, but that should have been a turnover as well. Taylor is getting better with every game and like I have said this in previous posts that Taylor's position this year is the toughest to figure out because of the "Team Make-up". Taylor is having to sacrifice a little for the betterment of the team, but he is slowly figuring it out. His intensity was great last night and that is a good start. If he continutes to do that than good things will follow.

Chris Shaw 10 years, 11 months ago

The one thing I would like to see Taylor eliminate is "His Posing" or "Brief Posing" after a dunk or fastbreak lay-up. It looks like he looks into the stands or something, but I would like to see that eliminated from his routine. Good job last night Tyshawn.

7)Reed-This kid knows his role and what he needs to do for KU to do well. What else could you want in a basketball player. He is knocking down shots and getting people the basketball. His hustle on that Marcus fastbreak missed lay-up is enough for me to understand that this kid deserves playing time. He does what he needs to do for the betterment of everybody else. That's a capital "U" for "Unselfhish" baby!

8) CJ Henry-I've been a little hard on CJ up to this point, but I finally saw the opposite of everything last night that I have been critical on this year. CJ hustled and he looks pretty smooth out there. I think Self is trying to find a way to get his "Athleticism" and "Maturity" on the court. Self has a tough job in making that happen because EJ also looks very good. CJ looked very good last night and his attitude looked like it was in the right place. It's amazing what getting in the game early on can do to your mental attitude.

9) EJ-Next to X, EJ is impressing me more and more. He is making good decisions and his handles look very impressive. The way he split the defense last night drove just outside the lane and kicked to Sherron Collins for the "3" was beautiful to watch. EJ is understanding his role more and more with every minute on the court. EJ will be a star in the future and I am sure Self has shown tapes of Collins as a freshman. His defense is great and I love his attitude as a freshman.

10)Robinson-He is getting better and better and his defense presence is certainly known when he steps on the court. I still don't like his 17 foot jump shot after a couple of passes. It seems like he is already "Pre-Determined" to shoot that shot before he even steps onto the court. He has done it every game this season and I think he is rushing to get his first shot of the game. He will continue to get better, but like I said during the Oakland game, I wish he would focus defense first and then his offense will naturally come. It seems like he is a little "Tense" on the offensive end to make things happen. KU doesn't need him to force shots. He will be fine once he learns to "Slow Down" just a little. KU needs to shift that motor of his down from fifth gear to fourth. LOL!

Chris Shaw 10 years, 11 months ago

11) The Twins-I saved the best for last because based on maturity alone these two kids are getting the job done. What else can I say. They are doing great and I love it. The only negative thing I have to say about Kieff is I still get that feeling (Even though it is minor) when he pulls up for a 3 at the top of the arc of, "No, don't shoot that..........Yes, great shot"! I hope he becomes consistent with that shot so it will give me confidence about Kieff making the right decision in shot selection. I try not think about last year, but I continually get the 1-9 from the field stuck in my hand from Kieff's shot selection during the MSU game. He shot those same shots as last night, but he missed. I always had the same feeling with Darnell Jackson until he proved to me he could consistently hit that outside jumper. The same is true for Kieff, but he's going to have to prove it to me in a big game before I change my mindset. All in all, great performance by the twins again.

12)Brady Morningstar-Looks like his presence on the first team the last week caused everybody to get a little bit better. Can't wait to get Brady back after the break.

13) How could I forget Aldrich? LMAO! Aldrich had his typical double double and it was completely expected since he wasn't really playing anyone over 6-9. He still missed a few bunnies last night, but I wasn't worried about Aldrich last game and I am not worried about Aldrich going forward. He had a breakout season last year because nobody expected him to be that good. Now, everyone is "Keying" on him and it's taking some time for him to adjust. Aldrich will be fine and I have complete confidence in him. No worries from me about the "Big Fella".

kuproud96 10 years, 11 months ago

So this may be over reading into Tyshawns comments but he worries me a little in regards to having the "team concept". He comes off as an individual who may be thinking about showcasing himself at times rather than just blending in with the team and taking what comes his way. Everyone else seems to really be committed to the team first, all except for Tyshawn and CJ. CJ's attitude was noticeably poor when he entered the game against Oakland. I understand he may be frustrated coming in with mop up crew, feeling like he is a legit starter but there is no way HCBS will promote that attitude (AKA Russel Robinson put in the dog house early his freshman year). Anyone else see that?

ChicagoJHawk 10 years, 11 months ago


They did mention that...“Everybody’s had a good game individually,” said Taylor, aware the Jayhawks have had six leading scorers (Taylor, Xavier Henry, Cole Aldrich, Sherron Collins, Marcus Morris, Tyrel Reed) in the first five games. “That’s why I knew my time would come, too.

Glen Darge 10 years, 11 months ago

I could tell when the players fell into the groove during last nights game against Tennessee. I am glad Tennessee tried to come back as best they could. It makes for better training for our Jayhawks. Good going coach and entire team.

mandomax 10 years, 11 months ago

Definitely saw CJ's bad attitude when he came in with the scrubs. Watching him make poor decisions, silly turnovers, and popping off shots with absolutely no ball movement made me wonder how he thinks he'll ever play meaningful minutes for Bill Self. Guess he should have tried to play against legitimate Div-1 talent before he and X started spouting off about how he was way better than everyone thought before the season. If he truly is, he should prove it in practice and in games by trying as hard as possible every minute, and maintaining a good attitude. Those factors more than anything will get you minutes for Bill Self (Morningstar, DJ, Moody, Hawkins), certainly not whining and showing a bad attitude (Micah Downs, Galindo, etc.)

jayhawkboogeyman 10 years, 11 months ago

CJ looked fine last night. He found the open man a couple times on offense, showed some intensity on defense, and appears to be coming along. He has been hurt so far and is just now finding a role with the team. He did look horrible Wednesday, but he had a solid effort last night. And he is a former professional athlete; he knows that playing bad, out of control basketball is not the way to get more playing time. He will be a solid role player for this team moving forward.

rawkhawk 10 years, 11 months ago

Tyshawn will be fine. I was glad to see him come out of the slump. He will be an important piece of the puzzle this year.

As far as CJ, I see his role expanding...he demonstrates some talent and with game minutes he should get a better feel of the team flow. KU is just very deep at the guard position.

Overall, I like seeing this team progress. RCJH! Beat Mizzou!

VegasJhawk09 10 years, 11 months ago

Personally I cant wait to see KU beat the tar out of Texas Tech this year. We got spanked by them last year in a shocker, and its time for some major pay back!!

Dirk Medema 10 years, 11 months ago

mandomax - I don't believe it was CJ and X that were spouting off about him being the best guard on the team, starting, or whatever. I it was Carl, and a bunch of fans just starting transferring averything he said to his sons. Just like when Carl started talking about them wanting to go to UK. The coaches rush down there only to have the guys say, "How you doin Coach? Why are you in OK? Everythings cool with us."

CJ & X have been fine. It would be understandable if CJ was a bit frustrated in light of all his injury set backs, but the Henrys have shown great character - especially in light of some of the characters around them (near and in the stands).

Dirk Medema 10 years, 11 months ago

I'm with you Ralster. Most teams have plenty of growth left at this point in the season. With the track record of Coach Self, et al teaching D, and the way the guys were moving the ball after just a little Brady-fication, the 'Hawks look even scarier than first imagined.

There are plenty of other good teams, though it is amazing to see many of them falling already. I expect enough of our guys to loose focus, get tired, or whatever in the middle of the 40 game grind to loose to someone, even a much lesser team. At the same time, we have already seen what this team is like when multiple players have slumps (TR & TT to start the season), injuries, sicknesses, suspensions, ..., and yet the beat (downs) go on. All this without our tallest player, best ballhandler/defender, and still a young (tho fairly experienced) team.

honk_for_hawks 10 years, 11 months ago

too early to be talking about texas. I have the game circled on my calendar, but we still have 18 games to go before texas. we focus on our games and texas focuses on their games, and we're talking about a possible #1 vs #2 game of the decade. alcorn state is next. thats all we should worry about.

Joe Baker 10 years, 11 months ago

I agree with hawkboogey on CJ! He is a super talent that is transitioning. I love his maturity, skill, ball control and overall play. He just needs more pt.

I want more and more consistency from TT. He'll have a game like this (OU in Norman ly) and then come out next game and be totally flat. I see CJ taking some mins away from TT b/c TT is much like TRob. CJ is biding his time and HCBS will utilize CJ to get TT's attention.

The defense went to half speed in the second half. It was not the pick and break from double teams by hedging the screens. We went a little soft in the second half and it showed with their runs. We've got to break those runs and prevent teams from 8-10 pt runs by double teaming the ball. The ball wound up in their shooters hands way too much! Our D will improve greatly with BM coming back as the D specialist on certain shooters.

100 10 years, 11 months ago

And now for the....

"BROTHERLY LINEUP": (only used when Self really feels like his starters aren't "in sync", sort of what he did with subbing his five starters against TenTech for 3 minutes, a great idea by the way, the same thing Roy used to do & it always rebuilt team chemistry in a heartbeat)

The "B.L." :

  1. Cole Train
  2. Markief
  3. X-Man
  4. Marcus
  5. CJ

There's nothing like brothers playing on the same team together -- it's like they have six eyes on the back/ sides of their head & a few extra roving ones on their knees & elbows. Always knowing where the other will be (especially twins). It would be a nice experiment for a couple minutes if nothing else.... I noticed CJ gave X quite a nice dish the other night, a great brotherly sign which got me thinking about the Brotherly Lineup + cole (the BLc).....

And let's quit shying away from the truth here -- all of us have seen Kief & Marcus with their tricky passes to each other on the few occasions they've been out there together (last season).... extra special stuff twins have goin' on... something most of us just don't understand...

It's like having ESP...

"Extra Special Passing"....

otherwise known as....


Assists, assists, assists!~!

As most have said above, it is pretty apparent that CJ gets it & will get much better with some game PT (& yes that injury he is just over, so some patience from us is a good thing). Very mature look in his eye. Just from the little I've seen him play, it appears very clear that he really wants to run the offense properly -- he knows the key is ZERO turnovers, boxing out & tough D...

He "gets it" & his body control is so important to being a zero turnover machine that we need at the 2....

I'd love to see CJ 10 minutes into the game sometime & see he just blend into the flow & keep the ball moving.

Man this is a special team this year -- how many NCAA teams can even ponder the idea of having a walk-on be a future NBA player???

"Passing Wins Championships"


Jack Wilson 10 years, 11 months ago

This game was a complete mirage for Taylor, against perhaps the worst team we'll play all year. And five of his points were on b.s. shots, like the banked in 3. And he had only 2 assists, playing 24 minutes .. 2 assists. That is a joke from a two guy. Elijah had 4 assists in 13 minutes.

Taylor, from the KC Star Saturday, "My team's been playing so well. Everyone's had an individual game so far. I know my time was going to come, and I hope it continues."

That is his mindset. "My time .." He was saying he finally had a game, referring to his points, and his shots. The assist-turnover ratio thing he mentioned is just to sound good. You can tell by the way he plays.

I'm telling you, this guy is going to kill this team. He can't pass, he can't shoot, all he thinks about me, me, me. And very importantly, he is not a reliable ball handler.

Please someone explain to me why I'm wrong.

Joe Baker 10 years, 11 months ago

Elite- I understand your point and can understand how you are justifying your position. You may very well be right. I see a kid with some issues that tries to force himself into plays. But Collins did a lot of that too and we watch him grow right before our eyes.

I think he can be dangerous. I know he's eager to please which is my concern for his play. I think he needs some small attitude checks. He needs to be completely honest with himself this season and allow his game to come naturally. I do think he'll force too many plays, not so much selfish, as it is immaturity. I believe he has talent and potential, but it doesn't matter if you don't let your coaching staff/teammates teach and channel that potential.

The only consolation in this is we do have EJ, CJ and Reed to step in at any given time. We will have BM (off court issue aside) back with so much needed experience and sharpened talent. I think TT is much like SC was and may not reach his "potential" until second half of junior or even his senior year. I hope SC and BM can mentor him. We'll see just how smart, intelligent, eager, teachable TT really is in the coming days!! I was a little worried but HCBS will make him or break him in the end. It's TT's choice? I would trust CJ or EJ in the 2 spot this particular year. Give CJ time to learn the Selfless O and he'll be our next SC!!

Also we have Knight, Selby and now Beal to hope for too!

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