Friday, November 13, 2009

Shoot for the stars

Freshman Robinson aspires to join wall of greatness

Kansas University freshman Thomas Robinson answers questions at a news conference on Thursday in Allen Fieldhouse. The power forward said one day, he’d like to be remembered on the same wall as Darnell Jackson and Mario Chalmers, pictured behind him.

Kansas University freshman Thomas Robinson answers questions at a news conference on Thursday in Allen Fieldhouse. The power forward said one day, he’d like to be remembered on the same wall as Darnell Jackson and Mario Chalmers, pictured behind him.


Self focused on game, hoping for recruits

KU basketball already had one player commit during the early signing period and is hoping for more. Coach Bill Self said his attention is not on the recruits, but rather the team's first official game Friday night.


KU coach Bill Self addresses the media Thursday, Nov. 12.

Thomas Robinson, who says “tradition played a big part” in his decision to attend Kansas University, wants to earn his rightful place in KU basketball lore.

“There’s history here, great players that passed through here. It makes you want to be a part of that, so in 10 years when I come back, I’ll be on this wall hopefully,” Robinson, a freshman power forward from Washington, D.C., said Thursday.

He was standing outside the fabled northwest tunnel of Allen Fieldhouse, in front of a montage of highlights from KU’s 2008 NCAA championship victory over Memphis.

“Mario’s shot is my favorite picture there,” Robinson said of Mario Chalmers’ three that sent the title game into overtime.

Nobody knows whether the 6-foot-9, 230-pound Robinson will ever sink a game-changing shot — or come up with a difference-making block or rebound — in a championship game for the Jayhawks.

His quest for excellence officially begins today when the Jayhawks take on Hofstra University in a 7 p.m. tip in Allen Fieldhouse. It’s the regular-season opener for both teams.

“I’m just anxious to see what it’s going to be like, ready to get the season kicked off, ready to start it, ready to play,” Robinson said.

He had a stellar exhibition season, scoring six points and grabbing seven boards while dishing three assists against Fort Hays State and following that with 17 points, seven rebounds, three blocks and two steals in Tuesday’s 103-45 rout of Pittsburg State.

“I’m not saying I’m used to it,” Robinson said of playing before 16,300 fans, “but I don’t have the jitterbugs any more.”

He has shown no signs of stage fright, already displaying a variety of offensive moves — like the spin move that resulted in a layup against the Gorillas.

“That was D. Manning. That was all D. Manning,” Robinson said of KU assistant coach Danny Manning’s instruction. “I was surprised,” he added of being able to convert off the move. “I was really surprised my feet could move like that.”

He smiled when asked if he even knew what a spin move was before meeting Manning.

“Not with my back to the basket, no,” Robinson said.

His personality has already endeared himself to KU coach Bill Self, who constantly speaks of Robinson’s high energy-level.

“Besides his look — his smile — the thing most attractive thing to me about him is his motor. He tries so hard,” said Self, referring to the eager-to-learn Robinson as a “baby colt.”

“He’s going to make some mistakes, but we’ll have to give him a chance to play through some of those mistakes.”

More about that smile. ...

“I love his smile. I’d say this about all our freshmen. I recruited Darnell (Jackson) because I liked his smile and he had a nice butt, to be honest with you. We knew that it’d be hard to get around him on the post. Thomas ... I feel about the same way with him and Elijah and Xavier,” Self added of fellow freshmen Elijah Johnson and Xavier Henry. “I love those guys’ personality. I think they enjoy the game.”

Robinson is committed to learning from Manning, KU’s all-time leading scorer who led the Jayhawks to the 1988 title and followed that with 15 years in the NBA.

“The moves he’s teaching us makes me feel comfortable. Most of the time I have a good chance of scoring,” he added of when he is fed the ball inside.

“He doesn’t talk to us about his career,” Robinson added. “He just helps us, makes us the best we can be. I’ve seen film. He’s a smart player.”

Robinson has looked so much at home at practice and games ... a reporter wondered if he’s the most game-ready player Self ever recruited.

“No. ‘Shady’ was. We’ve not had anybody close to that,” Self said of Darrell “Slim Shady” Arthur. “Shady gave Florida 20 or 18 (points) in his third college game. He did it against (Al) Horford and (Joaquim) Noah out of the chute. I think Thomas will definitely be one of the best big guys we recruited, but ‘Shady’ was at a different level.”

Arthur played an key role in KU winning the 2008 crown. Robinson hopes for a similar impact.

“I was told from the get-go in recruitment, whatever I get I have to work for it,” Robinson stated. “I just feel like no matter where I’m at when I leave I want people to say I played hard.”

And maybe wind up on a wall in the process.


Self, who was clear to not mention any recruits by name, was asked Thursday if he’d be watching ESPNU at 3 p.m. today. That’s when Ames, Iowa forward Harrison Barnes will begin a news conference in which he’ll choose to attend either KU, North Carolina, Duke, UCLA, Oklahoma or Iowa State.

“I doubt it. Tomorrow is game day,” Self said. “I’d be very excited if we get good news from any of the guys we are recruiting, but tomorrow is game day.”

Self stressed Thursday he had “no feel” about what any of KU’s remaining uncommitted prospects will do.

Barnes’ announcement is expected on ESPNU about 3:10 p.m.

Bumps, bruises

C.J. Henry (swollen right knee) doesn’t figure to play tonight. “Yesterday he was able to complete half the practice. I don’t think that gets a guy ready (playing) one day in two weeks. But he’s trying. He’s making every attempt (to play),” Self said ... Jeff Withey (stress fracture, left knee) figures to return to practice next week.

Hofstra facts

Hofstra University of the Colonial Athletic Association, is located in Hempstead, N.Y., and has an enrollment of 12,400. Nickname is Pride. Former nickname was the Flying Dutchman, which was changed in 2004. ... School colors are Gold, White and Blue.


lv_jhwk 7 years ago

"...he had a nice butt, to be honest with you."

TMI, Coach, TMI!!

Chris Bruning 7 years ago

they said on ESPN U that harrison barnes was seen wearing a Iowa State sweatshirt two days ago at his high school......i have no idea where he will choose. But i'm gonna guess not too worried if he don't choose KU because i personally think we have good shots at b. knight or j. selby

Billy Derringer 7 years ago

boy i really miss the B.J.williams or the T.J. Pughs or the n N.Bradfords or any other of the former coaches players that was are 7-8-9 guys on the team--what a breath or fresh air knowing that are coach doesnt waste scollys on players that are just taking up space, bill self u kick azz my friend......

Robert Brock 7 years ago

I doubt that the Hawks have much of a shot at landing Knight (I think he stays in Florida). As for Selby, who knows? Apparently, he is going to delay his decision to the max. We need someone who can run the point so I expect Self will be patient and keep at spot open for him.

FairgroveJayhawk 7 years ago

What a great attitude and a great goal to set.

K_Easthouse 7 years ago

I dunno, Brock, we've been discussing it on the message boards, and I think we'll be fine next year even without a standout point guard in this recruiting class. For guards, we'll have Tyshawn, EJ, Reed and CJ, plus Brady and Releford could possibly pop down to play the 2-spot. All told, I would really like to have Knight, but I think we'll be fine without him or Selby if they decide to go elsewhere.

JayViking 7 years ago

“I love his smile. I’d say this about all our freshmen. I recruited Darnell (Jackson) because I liked his smile and he had a nice butt, to be honest with you."

Only one other person noticed that?

Chris Shaw 7 years ago

I didn't mind BJ Williams and TJ Pugh, but Nick Bradford drove me nuts. N. Bradford was Julian Wright on crack going 200 mph on the court. Besides Jeff Hawkins and Eric Chenowith, possibly the most frustrating Jayhawk I've ever watched.

NH_JHawk 7 years ago

Attitude is something you cannot teach. It's the will vs. skill. After reading the stories about Royce yesterday and TRob today, I feel pretty damn proud to be a Jayhawk right now. Definitely looking forward to witnessing a lot more of that fancy "D. Manning" footwork tonight from you, Mr. Robinson. Self's high-low is gonna show no mercy to Hofstra or anyone else this year. Here's to dreaming of a date in Indy! RCJHGKU!

Martin Rosenblum 7 years ago

So, HCBS and Bob Seger have something in common. They both "...respect the butt.."!

Or, maybe he's a Sir-Mix-A-Lot fan since he "..likes big butts and he cannot lie.."

Then again, it might be Destiny's Child"s "Bootylicious" that he prefers.

Jeff Schartz 7 years ago

Derringer: As much as I liked BJ Williams, and TJ Pugh, those are not the guys that win you championships. RusRob is also a guy like that. They are the catalysts that can get you there, but The Brandon Rush's, Darrel Arthur's, Danny Mannings....THOSE are the kind of guys that put you in the Driver's seat as far as winning a Championship goes.

Chris Shaw 7 years ago

Here is a good link of the Top 5 recruits from Jason Jordan has his predictions on where the Top 5 recruits will end up.

He has Barnes at Duke, Knight at Kansas, and Selby at Kentucky.

Chris Shaw 7 years ago

You know what I was just thinking? If Knight is truly the best basketball player in the class, why not Commit to a school and let the dominos fall from there during the early signing period? I know he is a smart kid and very gifted in the classroom, but if I was that talented on the court, I would sign early and try and get a player from the same class to attend the same school with me. Very much in the same fashion that Kyrie Irving did with Duke. People want to play with good point guards so if I was Knight, I would "Show" my hand and commit early. Man, if Knight would commit to KU, that might help in trying to land the "Rush Spot" we needed or a "Big".

Chris Shaw 7 years ago

Finally, and you don't think EJ and Robinson were a little "Miffed" they were left off the McDonald's All-American game for guys like the Wear Twins of UNC and Peyton Siva of Louisville. I am sure that was some motivation for their offseason regiment.

Chris Shaw 7 years ago

I forgot to mention Dexter Strickland in that list?

Kevin Long 7 years ago

Come on coach!! KU gets enough crap for all the gays. This will be all over the place.

Matt1958 7 years ago

Thomas reminds me of Richard Scott around the basket, but with a much higher ceiling.

thedudelovesKU 7 years ago

christopher walken is a hofstra alum...pointless fact

nocaljayhawk 7 years ago

Anyone heard why Hofstra dumped the "Flying Dutchmen" mascot? Too many SpongeBob Squarepants references?

Kent Wells 7 years ago

Did he say nice butt? Then hard to get around to the post? I had to stop reading. This was turning into another article on tapping very quickly...

Kent Wells 7 years ago

I thought Marist was the Flying Dutchmen. Want that tall kid (Rik Schmidts) the Dunking Dutchman like 15 years ago???

Nice butt. Barf.

Kent Wells 7 years ago

I thought Marist was the Flying Dutchmen. Wasn't that tall kid (Rik Schmidts) the Dunking Dutchman like 15 years ago???

Nice butt. Barf.

Martin Rosenblum 7 years ago

Kuwells -

It's "Tap-fest 2.0"

Where ya' been?

LawHawk2011 7 years ago

Matt1958, EXACTLY! I've been telling the same thing to all of my friends. This kid is the new King Richard, except he's got Richard's body junior year as a freshman. LOVE THIS KID!

Kent Wells 7 years ago

OK, so to save a lot of people a lot of time correcting me.. Marist is the Red Fox (why just one?) and Hofstra was the Dutchmen. Schmidts was Dutch, but played for thr Red Fox. I think he should have played for Hofsrta but that is beside the point. Or in addition to the point. Or perhaps it is the point.

Anyone remember the plunger scene in Ace Venture Pet Detective?

Kent Wells 7 years ago

memhawk. Tapfest. Nice. Even had to bring in some post play on thislast one.

Lots of work travel the last three of weeks. Only minimal time for the occasional smart assed comment.

I can smell your avitar. I was in Charlotte a couple of weeks ago. Their BBQ sucked!

Chris Shaw 7 years ago

kuwells: I live in Charlotte! Where did you go for your BBQ? I have the ultimate place for you for your next visit. It's not BBQ, but it's called Price's Chicken Coop! It's probably the best known fried chicken place in the Southeast.

As for BBQ, there are only a couple places you can go to get "Good" not "Great" BBQ.

KANSTUCKY 7 years ago

Shut up! Let's play some hoops!

Chris Shaw 7 years ago

One other thing! The Charlotte observer has been covering the Barnes situation nearly everyday and it's 2.5 to 3 hours from Durham or Chapel Hill. How come the KC Star doesn't have any news coverage or an article about the Barnes decision today? Good Grief!

Kent Wells 7 years ago


Damn, if I would have known then, I'd have let you buy some fried chicken for me! I love fried chicken. Ever do Strouds in Kansas City? It is damn good.

Thank you for the recommendation. I will check it out next time, and let you know in advance!

Chris Shaw 7 years ago

Just got my ESPN Full Court package, I have the Direc TV sports pack with ESPNU and Fox Sports and I am ready to go.

Pam McCormick 7 years ago

Hofstra changed from the Flying Dutchmen to the Pride due to the fact that the Flying Dutchman was a slave ship. Unofficially the men are Lions and the women are Lionesses. As Paul Harvey used to say, "now you know the rest of the story."

jaybate 7 years ago

Dear Online Editor and Gary Bedore,

Bill Self has said this could be a special season for KU basketball.

IMHO, has until now shown commitment to reporting on it in a way that recognizes the importance of what may be about to transpire. Retaining Nick Krug has indicated a commitment to documenting a special season with a special talent. Even small changes, like moving the box score to a .png file linked upper left, where it is, at long last, easy to find, show signs of professional commitment to creating the best sports journalistic portal possible in time for this special season. Refusing to sweep pre-season problems with fighting and DUIs under the rug also helped get this potentially special season off on the right foot, because doing so: a) amped the integrity of; and b) reduced the likelihood that some piece of news might arise in coming months to further mar this special season.

But I am disappointed in the writing and editing of a paragraph in this story by Gary Bedore, my gold standard for small media market writers. It evidences none of his usual high standard of craft. It also evidences no sign of an editor having been a good team player to Mr. Bedore. It does not do justice to this potentially special season.

"Self, who was clear to not mention any recruits by name, was asked Thursday if he’d be watching ESPNU at 3 p.m. today. That’s when Ames, Iowa forward Harrison Barnes will begin a news conference in which he’ll choose to attend either KU, North Carolina, Duke, UCLA, Oklahoma or Iowa State."--Gary Bedore

The first sentence stinks. It is awkward. It has a split infinitive. There is no comma after "Thursday" and before "if." (Note: a comma may not have been technically mandatory there, but it would certainly have helped readers' eyes manage this gobbledly goop writing.) It also is an agglomeration of phrases that makes readers struggle to comprehend something simple.

The writing is everything Gary Bedore's writing rarely is. It is awkward and garbled. It is as if Gary Bedore had switched places with Gary Bedore Prime in an anti-matter universe and Gary Bedore prime had written in exactly the opposite fashion of the Gary Bedore I read and admire. It is as if Gary Bedore and his editor said, "Aw, screw it! Who cares whether or not this could be a special season? Let's skip editing this lousy graph, post it, and go to happy hour."

jaybate 7 years ago

Further, the second sentence is an overblown fragment. We can tell this in part, because it begins with "That's." Journalism Hell is full of reporters that thought they could start with "That's" and achieve complete sentences. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to see Gary Bedore rowing the ink-stained River Styxx of sports journalism with "That's." To wit:

"That’s when Ames, Iowa forward Harrison Barnes will begin a news conference in which he’ll choose to attend either KU, North Carolina, Duke, UCLA, Oklahoma or Iowa State."-Gary Bedore

That's what?

I once saw Dr. John Bremner's neck vein swell to nearly twice its typical sclerotic size, and counted at least six sudden capillary breaks in his already Rudolph-like nose, when a green student wrote similarly.

Oh, and there is no agreement in tenses between "That's" and "will begin."

In a competent sentence, in a sentence worthy of this potentially special season, in a sentence worthy of the Gary Bedore I have come to read and respect, in a sentence not composed by Gary Bedore Prime from an anti-matter universe, "That's" would not be capitalized. It would be "that's" and it would be preceded by a semicolon and a phrase that "that's" would refer to. It would be this way so that meaning would be certain, reading would be effortless, and no one would think, "that's what?"

Or better yet this Gitmo-fragment and its torturous phrasing, would be broken down into several sentences and allowed to function as a serviceable paragraph.

"Self was asked Thursday, if he would be watching ESPNU at 3 p.m. today, when Ames, Iowa forward Harrison Barnes would announce which school he would attend--KU, North Carolina, Duke, UCLA, Oklahoma or Iowa State.

"Observing NCAA rules, Self took care not to mention any recruits by name, and said,"..."

I know Gary is a workhorse that writes a lot of column inches, and I cut him some slack occassionally, as a result.

I value Gary Bedore's bedrock-solid, understated writing and reportorial technique in our age of McWriting for McJournalism, but...

The paragraph referred to above is not worthy of him, nor does it suggest the online editor was doing his job.

Come on, fellas, this season could be a special one.

We need you at your best.

Rock Chalk!

Martin Rosenblum 7 years ago

Wells -

Are we going to the world of BBQ again?

We were told to "..shut up-lets play some hoops!" earlier. Priorities must vary in some people's lives. BBQ is an obvious priority in ours, right?

I'll be in St. Louis next week for the KU - Memphis game. I've seen a place called Pappy's Smokehouse. It looks like like as close as I'll get to what I'm used to. Any comments would be appreciated.

jayhawkboogeyman 7 years ago

I really hate to get into this, but jaybate is nitpicking about the writing, so I have to put my two cents in. "Self, who was clear to not mention any recruits by name, was asked Thursday if he’d be watching ESPNU at 3 p.m. today. That’s when Ames, Iowa forward Harrison Barnes will begin a news conference in which he’ll choose to attend either KU, North Carolina, Duke, UCLA, Oklahoma or Iowa State." The split infinitive is not cool, and careful would be a better word than clear, but really the rest of it is fine. Self, who was careful not to mention any recruits by name, was asked Thursday if he'd be watching ESPNU at 3 p.m. today. Great. It was would be crazy to put a comma after Thursday. Completely superfluous and incorrect. That's what? That is when...boom, temporal clause. That's = that is. That is. Why would "that is" agree with the verb of the subordinate clause? "will begin" has nothing to do with "that's." Harrison Barnes is the subject of "will begin." So, most of jaybate's gripes about the sentence are not good criticisms.

Sorry for posting something this stupid; I just couldn't resist. Can't wait for 7.00 tonight!

Ron_Kellogg 7 years ago

Among my many pet peeves is the Hat Ceremony. Regardless of whether HB signs with KU, I hope he does not subject the fans of the various schools he is considering to yet another HC.

Chris Shaw 7 years ago

Damn, I sure am glad that I am just a blogger and not a journalist. When my kids go through their english courses, I will point them in the direction of Jaybate and Jayhawkboogeyman! Can you imagine this conversation with my son........

Son: Dad, can you help me with my homework?

Me: Sure Son, what kind of problems are you having?

Son: I am not quite sure how to properly place an adverb?

Me: Well son, an adverb answers questions like "how," "when," "where," "how much." Ask yourself if the word is answering one of these questions. Identify adverbs in a sentence by looking for words that end in "ly." This is only one step in finding an adverb. Some adverbs do not end in "ly," and not all words ending in "ly" are adverbs. Check to see if it answers one of the questions above first.

Son: I still don't get it!

Me: You know what, why don't you just go ask this guy named, Jayhawkboogeyman, and he can tell you all about adverbs.

Son: Jayhawkboogeyman?

Me: Yes, Jayhawkboogeyman!

Son: Jay Hawk boog ey man?


LMAO! I had to copy from the internet the actual proper way to use an adverb so for those of you who actually thought I was intelligent for about 30 seconds..............Well, good thing for the Internet and guys named JAYHAWKBOOGEYMANNNNNNNNNNNN!

Chris Shaw 7 years ago

DRGNSLAYER: Don't mess with us! You think so? I've watched a million times as well. Is that what your gut is telling us? I sure hope you are right man! If you have this much confidence and this actually comes true, I very well may just fly back to kansas City and take you on a shopping spree to Wal-Mart for a whole new 25 pack of Undies because I think you will have crapped your pants enough if this is indeed true. I love it! I hope you are right man!

Dr. Robert s. Mosser 7 years ago

Jaybate needs to read some of his posts. I have often wondered if he took English 101.

Ron Franklin 7 years ago

which clip are you referring to dragon?

Joel Hood 7 years ago

Sorry folks, to me it sounded like Bill did not expect to get good news from HB, or he would be watching this afternoon.

BlownJay - play the video cliip near the top of this story. You need to wait a little bit before Self alludes to today's signing.

Ron Franklin 7 years ago

nooo way dragonslayer- your totally off. i'll play poker with you anytime. Self knows HB isn't coming to play here.

Scott Smetana 7 years ago

KShaw.. good job getting all ready for the season with the TV packages.

However, I feel more ready as I have just booked my hotel rooms in Salt Lake and St. Louis for the Regionals!

If we lose Barnes, at least he's going to be at a good college, not playing for Calisleezy. If we don't get him, I hope he stays in the Big 12.

NH_JHawk 7 years ago

kushaw -

How much does the sports pack cost? I'm definitely going to get Full Court again (around $99 as I recall from last year), but feel that ESPN is pretty much nickel and diming people by not providing access to ESPN U via the Full Court package. I only see 1 game (UCLA) on our schedule that's on FSN and 2 games (Nebraska/ISU) on the U so I'm wondering if the cost is worth it. thoughts?

Joel Hood 7 years ago

2:55 They are prepping for the HB announcement on live stream - putting out Univ Logos for him to draw from (the Jayhawk logo is 5 years old - arial font). This is totally lame - nothing but a cheesy hat ceremony. Blech...

Ron Franklin 7 years ago

ku isn't within reach...its unc or duke. NOOOOOOO

kshaw04 7 years ago

In previous years, I've just paid for the games I want to see on Full Court instead of paying for the full season. I thought their website said the daily rate was $16.95. I usually have to walk the cable provider through what ESPN Full Court is and such, but they eventually get it. Before I decide what I'm going to do this year, does anyone have a link to the schedule of games that will be on Full Court.

The game tonight appears to be available on ESPN 360 online. Hoping it works at home.

Chris Shaw 7 years ago

And Harrison Barnes Chooses.....................................................

Chris Shaw 7 years ago

I think the cost is worth it! It's an additional $5.99 for the Fox Sports, ESPNU, and 3 or 4 other channels for the "Sport Pack". Considering what I would spend at a bar for every game. I think it's completely worth it.

And Harrison Barnes Chooses...................................... Still Waiting.......................

Chris Shaw 7 years ago

Why Doesn't ESPNU list the schools alphabetically instead of Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, OU, and UCLA. What about Iowa State? Did they totally forget about them?

NH_JHawk 7 years ago

problem with ESPN 360 is that it's only available on certain Internet Service Providers and unfortunately, Comcast isn't one of them. So I'm locked out of 360.

Last year I paid $99 for the entire season of Full Court and it provided like 8 or 9 KU games + hundreds of other games from around the country, which is great if you really love watching college hoops (and I do). If you're paying roughly $17 for individual KU games then you might be better served to sign up for the whole season since it's probably equally as cost effective plus you get all the other games.

I've had same problem with the Comcast people here in NH. They're like "what is Full Court...." pathetic...

vmwskywalk 7 years ago

That's why I switched from Comcrap to Direct TV.

NH_JHawk 7 years ago

kushaw -

I'm assuming you mean $5.99 per month? if that's the case then I'm on it! thanks for the info... sorry to hear you live in the heart of UNC country. Lots of Tarhole fans here in New England too though. ACC country...

Kent Wells 7 years ago

Glad I read this. Now, I, know, what, a, split, infinitive, is. Well, actually, I, don't, but, I, now, have, a, good, exapmle.

I hope I didn't make no spelin erors.

Mem: this anti BBQ contingency has me stumped. Must be vegetarians.

Chris Shaw 7 years ago

He Chooses.............................................UNC???????????????

Chris Shaw 7 years ago

Out of all the schools, I wish it wasn't Roy Williams and UNC! Yuck!

NH_JHawk 7 years ago

vmwskywalk - Amen to that! Does Direct TV offer internet service?

Ron Franklin 7 years ago


srump23hawk 7 years ago

nh _jhawk,

I have comcast as well and I get espn 360 I would think it would be the same in all states. Might be worth checking out if you haven't already called them

tstanlick1909 7 years ago

The midwest is Kansas turf, Roy Williams is pathetic. We'll have to punish you if you can make it far enough in the tournament for us to do so.

This isnt a serious blow to us

NH_JHawk 7 years ago

srump23hawk -

Really? If that's the case then that's a new deal between Comcast and ESPN. Last year that definitely was not the case. Thanks for the info. Will definitely check it out.

vmwskywalk 7 years ago

NH - No internet with Direct TV. That's the downside.


Steve Brown 7 years ago

Harrison Barnes is class act, would have loved having him.

Hope we get to play him in a few March tournaments. Give him the Hansborough love hug.

Self: says he recruits 'cause he liked his smile. That's right come to Kansas and have fun, let the game come to you and enjoy every moment. We do and will continue to get our share.


Roy: nice addition Barnes is 1st class.

JayhawkCasey 7 years ago

Imagine the hatred Duke fans are going to have for him now. Those will be some interesting games to watch next year. Best of luck Harrison, you would have made a great Jayhawk.

jayhawkboogeyman 7 years ago

kushaw- jayhawkboogeyman really feels like an idiot bringing all this up on a sports blog, especially on game day. But the boogeyman has to learn Latin and Greek to become an archaeologist, so I know more about grammar than any person should ever have to know, so I couldn't resist when jaybate brought it up.

kshaw04 7 years ago

For those with comcast, if you go to the ESPN 360 site to watch a game, Comcast is one of the providers listed in the dropdown menu. The info on the page says your provider needs to be one the ones listed in the list. I'm planning on watching tonight and if Comcast doesn't have it I am sure I will be calling them. I also heard they are going to be offering ESPNU later in the year in Seattle...Finally!

Martin Rosenblum 7 years ago

Wells -

I don't think they're anti-BBQ, just type A's with more concern about grammar and literary skills than the finer things in life, like a good rack of ribs. I hope this post doesn't get removed for using the word rack.


jaybate 7 years ago


I could mince words, but what's the point.

Your taste is in your arse. :-)

jaybate 7 years ago


Latin and Greek. ;-)

Matt1958 7 years ago

Good win tonight. OK, OK, I'm finally buying into the X hype. Sometimes being wrong can be wonderful. All the Freshmen look good. (I still like my wife's butt better than any of theirs) I really love the change I see in the Morris twins. We are going to be TOUGH!

Kent Wells 7 years ago

Mince onions, not words.

Mem: Maybe you could change your avitar to a nice rack?

Martin Rosenblum 7 years ago

Wells -

I wonder if an avitar could get "removed" on this site?

I think I'll keep the current one. It keeps me grounded for some reason. Kind of mouth-watering, don't you think?

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