Thursday, June 11, 2009

Owens to be inducted in Kansas Hall of Fame


— Former Kansas University basketball coach Ted Owens is one of 14 individuals to be inducted in the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame on Oct. 4.

Also to be inducted is former KU basketball player Paul Endacott, who led KU to national championships in 1922 and 1923; former KU, Emporia and Southwestern track sprinter Gwinn Henry; and former KU football/basketball player Harold Patterson.

Others: Eddie Sutton, Jesse Barnes, Don Calhoun, Orlis Cox, Steve Henson, Ken Mahoney, John Mason, Ken Roberts, Janell Smith and Ken Swenson.


Saguaro_Jayhawk 12 years, 6 months ago

Gwinn Henry has the "honor" of the only man to be head football coach at each Kansas and moo.

jaybate 12 years, 6 months ago

I am only familiar with three of these persons: Ted Owens, Eddie Sutton, and Don Calhoun.

Of the three, I would say only Sutton deserves to be enshrined in a Kansas sports hall of fame.

Sutton is one of the all time great D1 basketball coaches with over 800 wins and he is, as I repeat ad nauseum, the father of the modern "70-Point-Take-What-They-Give-Us" method of play that our very own Bill Self has raised to new levels. Sutton is one of three great Kansas natives that should have coached KU, but did not. The others are Dean Smith and Ralph Miller. Eddie never won a ring and he had a cork addiction, but he changed the game of basketball forever.

Ted Owens? He is a good man. He was a good coach. But KU began a long slow slide into a second tier program under Ted Owens, despite the 20 game/year winning standard, back when winning 20 meant something. Ted was a good coach, but not a Hall of Famer.

Don Calhoun? He made it to the pros with the Pats, but so did Steve Towle with the Dolphins out of the same era and Calhoun wasn't as good of a pro as Steve Towle was. And I do not believer Steve Towle is in the Kansas sports hall of fame. What is Calhoun doing getting enshrined? I watched Calhoun play. I watched my highschool team beat his high school team for the state championship. I watched my high school's best back perform better than Calhoun in the state championship game. My school had a better running back than Calhoun, just not bigger. My school's running back would have been a better college back had he not injured his knee. I admire Don Calhoun. But, unless I have forgotten some of his accomplishments, he's not hall of fame material. Steve Towle, who played at KU, is.

kugrad93 12 years, 5 months ago

Jaybate, I'm guessing Towle not being enshrined might have something to do with the road rage incident a few years ago in which he allegedly attacked a man, putting him in a coma. His NFL career was good but fairly short compared to Calhoun, who played nine seasons in the NFL (and least one more in the USFL) and put up some pretty impressive numbers for a fullback.

Endacott is going WAY back, but KU hoops fans ought to be embarrassed if they've never even heard of him. He was a two-time all-conference player, All-American, national player of the year and a member of the basketball hall of fame. If nothing else, you might have noticed his jersey hanging in the rafters at AFH.

It might not be saying much, but Steve Henson was one of the best basketball players in KSU history and was a major pain for KU in the late '80s. I still remember him drilling ridiculously long 3-pointers against the Hawks at Kemper in the Big Eight tourney.

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