Originally published February 16, 2009 at 11:49a.m., updated February 16, 2009 at 01:32p.m.

KU ranked 18th in coaches’ poll, 15th in AP; MU leaps to 10th, 11th


After splitting games at Missouri and Kansas State last week, the Kansas men's basketball team fell from 16th to 18th in the latest ESPN/USA Today coaches' poll.

MU, meanwhile, jumped from 19th to 10th with victories over KU and Nebraska.

Oklahoma was the only other Big 12 team ranked, staying at No. 2 behind Connecticut.

In the AP poll, KU actually moved up a spot from 16th to 15th. MU moved from 17th to 11th, while OU stayed at No. 2.

ESPN/USA Today coaches' poll

1.Connecticut (30)

2.Oklahoma (1)

3.North Carolina


5.Michigan State



8.Wake Forest



11. (tie)Marquette

11. (tie)Arizona State











23.Utah State



AP poll

1. Connecticut (66)

2. Oklahoma (4)

3. North Carolina (2)

4. Pittsburgh

5. Memphis

6. Michigan State

7. Louisville

8. Wake Forest

9. Duke

10. Marquette

11. Missouri

12. Villanova

13. Clemson

14. Arizona State

15. Kansas

16. Xavier

17. Gonzaga

18. Illinois

19. Purdue

20. UCLA

21. Butler

22. Washington

23. LSU

24. Syracuse

25. Dayton


Dyrk Dugan 11 years ago

we didn't drop too much....that's ok. MU jumped too much probably...however, all those schools behind them lost last week, or even lost more than once.

they may be 6th or 7th when we play them March 1....dang, will that atmosphere be charged up in Allen. can't wait for that game.

Scott Smetana 11 years ago

I hope our newbies have developed a taste for the Mizzery fans. I hope we show them no mercy at Allen and win by 40.

Michael Auchard 11 years ago

They went up that much for a two point, buzzer-beater win AT HOME!?!?!

Wow. That's ridiculous. Their shellacking of Nebraska couldn't have been THAT impressive.

On the other hand, us only dropping two spots seems fair.

jhawker_87 11 years ago

I can handle Missewwww being at 10 for two reasons: -It will help our overall ranking and seeding in the tournament when we beat them in the fieldhouse on March 1st. -Their time as the "suprise team" from the Big XII is over, they will get everyone's best shot (like KU regularly gets) for the rest of the regular season.

CaramelMacchMan 11 years ago

This is just wrong.. Mizzuo top 10... No way!!! i dont believe this..

kumax77 11 years ago

Mmmmm... no accounting for taste is there?!

I seriously doubt this will last long. While I think Mizzou has done well of late- I really don't see this team standing the test of time.

See you on March 1st, tiggers

emjhawk04 11 years ago

How in the he!! is Duke still in the Top 10? They've lost 3 of their last 4 games and still in the top 10?! Ridiculous.

Scott Smetana 11 years ago

If Mizzery is worthy of being a top 10 team, that means we should have a good chance at the Final 4. I see a big drop off the year in NCAAB after the top 8. We'd beat Mizzery 9 out of 10 times.

Michael Auchard 11 years ago

At least we're still 15th in the AP...

Michael Auchard 11 years ago

On another note, it sucks having a coach I actually respect coaching at Missouri. What's with this? They couldn't find one more slime ball out there in all of the world of coaching!?! This guy's actually classy! The world just doesn't seem right today in college basketball.

OCJHAWK 11 years ago

This is a wide open year with not a lot of dominant teams. Great for a scrappy young KU team coming together for March. RCJH

Tony Bandle 11 years ago

Unless Texas pulls a major upset this weekend, the standings should read OU 12-0, KU 11-1, MU 12-2. Then within 12 days all three leaders play each other, either home or away. This will pretty much set the course for the conference championship.

The good news is that our fate is still in our hands. KU wins out, no one can stop us!!!

Brennan Keller 11 years ago

oh and by the way KANSAS is predicted a #3 seed in the west bracket against #14 seed Weber St. check out the rest of the bracket at espn

Scott Smetana 11 years ago

Yahweh, I agree. Mizzery has a pretty good coach. However, if he's got half a brain, he'd move on to a plethera of better coaching jobs.

Blake Brown 11 years ago

Duke #9. The Dookie V factor. Power of ESPN. Im surprised Georgetown is out of the rankings with all of the East coast bias. Syracuse hangs in. A team we should have beaten. Mizzous schedule is easier until the tourney and will probably finish highly rated. A team we should have beaten. Let`s win out and add to their missery. ROCK CHALK!

ku98 11 years ago

emjhawk, I agree with you. It is ridiculous. Duke has actually 4 of their last 6, and their 2 wins are at home against UVA (who's terrible) and at home in OT against Miami. And yet, they are still in the Top 10... My a$$!

Milhawkee 11 years ago

Duke's RPI is still 5, down from 4 last week.

Kansas' RPI is still at 12. Missouri's at 13.

Matt Bowers 11 years ago

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Jake Powell 11 years ago

I love it! It's all setting up perfectly. Let Jail University have their pomp & circumstance. Let 'em climb in the polls & get a big head. We'll lie here like a snake in the grass. Then comes 3/1/09 at the fieldhouse........the day of reckoning.

Adam Evans 11 years ago

I really can't wait for that game in Allen. Did anyone else catch the end of the game when the mizzou fans gathered around the exiting KU players taunting them? I have a feeling Missouri is going to be in for a shock to see how our guys respond...on the court. Cause like Collins said, we have a lot more class than anything people try to make us out to be.

imzcount 11 years ago

Yes jayhawker_87, if they're still ranked above us maybe we should storm the court after we smash'em too eh? ...Just jokin.....

100 11 years ago

Wow. We would have jumped to 7th or so if we couldve handled the MU pressure D. Or made a free throw at the end. Or attacked that weak full court press instead of picking the ball up. Or get a hand in the passing lanes on that last sloppy bucket.

Oh well. A good lesson learned just like that OSU loss last year (although I don't remember OSU jumping into top 10 simply by beating us).

If our players are still upset about that lame MU loss, there's one thing they can do -- win out. Every game our one loss team wins will tick that MU 2 loss team off that much more.

Better yet, if we win out, we'll win the conference (and possibly grab a #2 seed)

Rock Chalk

Cody Stumma 11 years ago

Wait... weren't we 16th in the AP poll last week?

jhawker162 11 years ago

Granted missou beat us in there house, but they lost by 30 in manhatten. NO team should be in the top 10 when losing buy 30 just a few weeks ago! At least we are competitive on the road!

FairgroveJayhawk 11 years ago

miz, giz, jiz, wiz... whichever fans they are, they better enjoy it while it lasts.

jhawker_87 11 years ago

There is only one time where storming the court is acceptable at Allen Fieldhouse and that is on nights like Apr 7, 2008.

rockchalk80 11 years ago

Memphis is not the 5th/6th best team in the country.

jayhawkinATL 11 years ago

Yep, we kick Misery's arse in The Fieldhouse on March 1st...that's a given!!! The higher their ranking at the time, the better.

100 11 years ago

We need to work on breaking presses. It's fools gold, a weakness for MU. But we have to make it so...

Attack, Attack, Attack!!!!

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