Originally published December 3, 2009 at 11:55a.m., updated December 3, 2009 at 09:30p.m.

KU announces Mangino’s resignation; won’t discuss amount of contract settlement

Coach, athletics reach buyout deal

Kansas University athletic director Lew Perkins talks with media members outside the Anderson Family Football Complex on Thursday as he answers questions regarding the resignation of head coach Mark Mangino.

Kansas University athletic director Lew Perkins talks with media members outside the Anderson Family Football Complex on Thursday as he answers questions regarding the resignation of head coach Mark Mangino.



Mangino resigns from Kansas

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Mark Mangino resigned from the Kansas football team Thursday, Dec. 3, 2009.

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Mark Mangino resignation

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Kansas University football coach Mark Mangino, whose future with the school has been the subject of much speculation over the past three weeks, resigned Thursday night.

According to a university release, Mangino and the athletic department reached an agreement on a buyout that was less than the approximately $6.6 million remaining on the coach’s contract, though athletic director Lew Perkins declined to reveal the agreed-upon sum.

“We appreciate the eight years that Mark has given to rebuilding our football program,” Perkins said. “He and I have reached a mutually satisfactory agreement that reflects the appreciation we have for his efforts on behalf of Kansas football.”

For the past two weeks, Mangino has been the subject of an internal university investigation into his treatment of players, and multiple players have come forward with allegations against the coach — including verbal and physical abuse.

As part of the coach’s agreement with the athletic department, however, the university will keep the results of the investigation confidential.

For the moment, KU offensive coordinator Clint Bowen, receivers coach David Beaty and co-defensive coordinator/linebackers coach Bill Miller will share interim head coaching duties.

Mangino, who took over as head coach at KU in 2002, finishes his eight-year career with a 50-48 record and led the team to arguably its best season in school history in 2007, when the Jayhawks finished 12-1 and beat Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl. That season, Mangino was named the national coach of the year and was given a contract extension the following summer that made him the nation’s 13th-highest paid coach at the time.

The coach’s resignation comes on the heels of a 5-7 season in which the Jayhawks — a trendy preseason pick to win a Big 12 North title — failed to gain bowl eligibility for the first time since 2004.


LAJayhawk 7 years ago

Also, no African elephants have been spotted outside my window yet.

I'll keep you all informed.

escaped_labrat 7 years ago

This just in!!!! I heard from a reliable source that there is no news conference scheduled at this time, but they said for me to check in with them periodically throughout the day in case there is!

Chad Sandwell 7 years ago

I have had a couple of people tell me that there is a press conference scheduled for 4pm this afternoon. Both in the time since this article was posted....Can anyone confirm or deny?

Jonathan Kealing 7 years ago


We're still hearing no, but we're checking with all the folks who will know and we'll update as we hear. We're just trying to control rumors as best we can.

Jonathan Kealing Online editor

Rivethead 7 years ago

jkealing - If you want to control rumors as best you can, here's an idea: shut down the football board until after the holidays.

That place has went to hell........

Chad Sandwell 7 years ago

Thanks Jonathon,.....Hope this is over with sooner rather than later.....It has dragged on long enough....

Jonathan Allison 7 years ago

that's what discussion boards are for. Rumors and misinformation

Chad Sandwell 7 years ago

So with all that being bout the Phillip Fulmer rumor....I think this would be a great move if we can't get Charlie Strong, who appears to be the leading candidate at Louisville!

yed 7 years ago

Rumors and misinformation?

What in the (two weeks ago Friday press conference that never happened) world are you talking about? ;)

Keep up the good fight, Coach Mangino!

KU_Alumn_2000 7 years ago

I'll give you one more name...Kansas native and ku alumn...Norman Cromwell.

Layne Pierce 7 years ago

Getting Fulmer would be a real coup. Lew wants to hit a home run with this, not only to get a good coach, but to show the world that KU football is a bigger deal than it used to be.

areyouserious 7 years ago

One way to forget about MM and all the BS that has gone on lately with recruiting is to hire Phillip Fulmer. He is a proven Winner, recruiter, and a helluva good guy from personal experience!!

Lew go make it happen!!!!

Mangino_Maniac 7 years ago

Get on with it already... I can't believe it's taking the university years to address these concerns about Mark Mangino. Of course we wouldn't be dealing with this and no one would be concerned if the football team had gone even just 7-5... funny how that works - and pathetic.

I certainly don't take as much pride in being a graduate of KU with the way this has all been handled over the past few weeks, or more importantly not handled over the past few years.

Chad Sandwell 7 years ago

I would have no problem with Nolan Cromwell as OC. He had a heck of a year at A&M.

KU 7 years ago

4caster.....Cromwell did indeed have a great year at aTm. Probably the most improved offense in the Big 12, isn't it?

mdfraz 7 years ago

Who the hell is Norman Cromwell?

JayCeph 7 years ago

Breaking News:

Nothing to report on the KU football front

Also -

The United States is at war... with terror, drugs, and poverty.

Check back frequently for any further future developments of things that have no discernible shape.

Kent Wells 7 years ago

I heard Gary Gibbs is flying on a jet to Lawrence to be introduced as the 147th head football coach at KU.

Dyrk Dugan 7 years ago

the news is, there is no news. one of these days (weeks, months) our football program will be rid of this huge, dark cloud hanging over it. only Lew can blow it away...and maybe he'll go right along with it.

Kent Wells 7 years ago

Animal Farm was a good book, but I don't see how being an author qualifies Cromwell to be a D1 football coach...

hirschtodd 7 years ago

Rumors are swirling about Brent Venables refusing to be next Head Football Coach at KU unless Kevin Romary is fired. Venables sees Romary as a threat for Best Hair.

chicagoeddie 7 years ago


mdfraz 7 years ago

wells, don't you mean Orwell?

Xavier4three 7 years ago

So did you all watch the basketball game last night?

Set em' Up Jacks sure does have a big azz screen. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (crickets in the background.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (my post made about as much since as this article)

Xavier4three 7 years ago

.(more crickets in the background).

gchawk 7 years ago

kuwells. Unless you're joking, the author was George Orwell. mdfraz. Look on the ring of honor at Memorial Stadium and you'll see Nolan Cromwell's name. He was an awesome player from Ransom, Ks. aka Ransom Rambler.

Joel Hood 7 years ago

KU_Alumn_2000 (anonymous) says... "I'll give you one more name...Kansas native and ku alumn...Norman Cromwell."

Did you mean Nolan Cromwell?

I get confused too sometimes. Guess I'm getting old, just like Donny Manning and Daniel Valentine. Just having some fun with you KU_Alum... ;-)

DocBean 7 years ago

I've got my fingers crossed for Jim Harbaugh.

Jeff Hargate 7 years ago

My favorite was when announcers would call Drew Gooden Dwight Gooden. I would love Harbaugh...Captain Comeback! That would be a lateral move for him, though...unless we opened up the checkbook...bigtime. His wife is from the KC area so maybe????

mdfraz 7 years ago

Hey gc, I didn't ask about NOLAN Cromwell, I asked about Norman Cromwell. And yes, I was asking wells about Orwell.

Xavier4three 7 years ago


LJW has been at this low for a while now.

Bottom feeding as ussual.

This has become the nature of journalism in general the last decade or so.

Jonathan Kealing 7 years ago


Part of our job is to knock down rumors. Several media outlets in the area have reported a 4 p.m. press conference and we're just letting our users know that — as far as we know — no press conference has yet been scheduled.

Jonathan Kealing Online editor

Steve Brown 7 years ago

May or may not be head coach material but I just watched highlights of A&M play texas on the weekly Big 12 showcase and the Nolan C> offense looked outstanding.

2 for 1 bring Nolan and Turg back as Self associate.

mdfraz 7 years ago

No problem. I meant it as a joke in the first place, and it blew up to something else that it didn't need to be.

And KSA and Xavier, you guys haven't spent any time on other media outlets or message boards today have you? It's been a fairly widepsread report that there would indeed be a press conference today at 4. I'm not necessarily an LJW backer, but in this case, this article is appropriate IMO.

4jhawks4ku 7 years ago

Thats Norman Rockwell isnt it. Ex quarterback and illustrator

jhokfan 7 years ago

In other news, man does not bite dog.

Harbaugh would never come to Kansas. It would be a lateral move at best. He'll wait it out in Palo Alto until Rich Rod gets fired.

Nolan would not be my first choice but I would be okay with him. My parents were students when he played and said he was an awesome athlete. Starting DB his freshman year and switched to QB his junior year. To this day are confused why it took so long to get his name on the ring. Met him at a street fair in Seattle when he was a Seahawks assistant. Really nice guy, seems very humble.

Some advantages to having a KU man but my guess is Lew will go with someone with more cachet.

MitchumMan 7 years ago

"Jim Harbaugh, decked out in Stanford gear recently landed in Kansas City this week to recruit. While there has been no official word from the University of Kansas on its program, it didn't take long for people to ask Harbaugh about the Jayhawks job."

I didn't get to read the article, but I'm guessing Harbaugh is NOT coming to KU. Just a guess though...

Steve Brown 7 years ago

Always liked Norman Rockwell's saturday evening post covers, didn't know he could coach. with that ever present pipe, likely he wouldn't yell at our boys.

LJW file freedom of info act to see and publish the report and IF a govt. institution from what I know you have good grounds to get it before it is oooops deleted from the hard drive..

Chad Sandwell 7 years ago

The fact this is taking so long to pull the trigger is very frustrating. The longer we wait...The less chance of getting who we really want. Tomorrow being Friday, you would think Lew wouldn't let this thing sit over the weekend, especially given that Lew will likely be in Los Angeles for the Mens and Womens Basketball games this weekend. I would think that since 810 sports was so very wrong about the press conference today. Hopefully it will be tomorrow. Maybe Lew has just been dotting the i's on Mangino's termination and crossing the t's on Phil Fulmers new deal! One could only hope!

vmwskywalk 7 years ago

Rockwell...didn't he write the Geico song? You know, the one that plays everywhere Mangino goes.

Kent Wells 7 years ago

I always feel like somebodys watching me...

Kent Wells 7 years ago

OK, clearly when I posted the Cromwell thing about Animal Farm I was having some fun with the Norman Cromwell post. I had two options, make a play on Norman Rockwell or do George Orwell. I didn't think anyone would know the Saturday Evening Post guy, so... Well. You know..

Lets try this again...

Norman was a good illustrator, but I don't see how being able to draw a traditional family thanksgiving meal qualifies him to be a D1 football coach...

Chad Sandwell 7 years ago

A post on is saying press conference at 11am tomorrow or there abouts. Would make sense but again that is what another website is saying. Like all the other details with this story, probably not much to it!

rastameta 7 years ago

There is a lot more smoke to the Harbaugh fire then people realize. I am not saying he is going to KU...just saying there is smoke.

Carter Patterson 7 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

hardwick15 7 years ago

Why the hell would you post slant info on here. That is a premium board. Keep it to the paying customers Carter.

sayers48 7 years ago

Forget all of these other guys...we need to focus on hiring Knute Rockwell...

Brandon Avey 7 years ago

I disagree with hardwick, keep the slant info coming carter.

Lance Hobson 7 years ago

This is stupid, I can't believe they're going to fire him over this nonsense. He's got us winning, what else do you want? Also, no elephants on the beach in Hawaii.

Brett Marsteller 7 years ago

Keep it coming Carter. Hardwick get a life.

booze_buds_03 7 years ago

KCTV is broadcasting outside the football complex right now. They say players meeting and Lew Perkins is in the building. No word on Mangino.

Brett Marsteller 7 years ago

Breaking news.... Mangino wont return next year as Kansas Coach. ESPN

Chad Sandwell 7 years ago

Joe Schad is reporting that Mangino is out and a Team Meeting is scheduled for tonight!

Hawk1969 7 years ago

Was Harbaugh in KC recruiting????

OCJHAWK 7 years ago

Too convenient for Harbough to be in KC recruiting the day MM is asked to leave. I really liked Mangino, but this year was no better than the bad years, except with talent not realized.

Harbough is one of the top coaches in the country so we could do worse. I do think if we go that way it will be a short stay.

okiedave 7 years ago

Bring Fambough back. Do you think Hadl and Sayers might have a year of eligibility left.

Steve Brown 7 years ago

Nolan's name already on the wall, he played LONG time in NFL, (isn't that what recruits want to hear) and he is a Kansas stud.

That A&M Offense looked mighty salty against the longhorns.

since his dad was illustrator for the post, we would have well drawn out plays for thanksgiving, no more 14 second three play calling for a safety.

Steve Brown 7 years ago

Lew seriously put coach fam on the search committee. If coach Fam looks into the candidates eyes and asked them why they want to coach Kansas and if he says it is a go, then I"m good with it, as long as his folks don't live in Missouri or have Ron Princes' agent.

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