Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Mangino contract has no buyout

Kansas University football coach can walk away anytime without paying penalty


If there ever comes a time when Mark Mangino wants out of Lawrence, no price tag is going to hold him back.

Details of the Kansas University football coach's new contract were released to reporters Monday, and while most of the 15-page agreement is standard, the fact there is no buyout clause should another program want to hire Mangino away from KU is intriguing.

Not that there's any evidence of that happening anytime soon: Mangino has spoken more than once of his desire to be at KU for the long haul. But many contracts make other schools pay a price for taking their coach. KU men's basketball coach Bill Self, for example, has a $1 million buyout clause. KU had to pay Virginia Tech more than $500,000 to lure women's basketball coach Bonnie Henrickson to Lawrence in 2004.

Athletic director Lew Perkins said Monday he was more likely to put a buyout clause in a coach's first contract following a lengthy search, rather than in an extension after the coach already had spent several years with the program. Perkins added if Mangino really wanted to leave, he wouldn't want a buyout keeping an unhappy coach at Kansas.

Other details of Mangino's contract included a made-over list of incentive payments, which increase in both challenge and value.

The big ones:

¢ Mangino gets $200,000 if KU wins the national title.

¢ For postseason games, Mangino will get $100,000 if the Jayhawks play in a BCS bowl, $75,000 if they play in a New Year's Day bowl and $50,000 for any other bowl.

¢ Mangino will receive a $50,000 bonus if KU wins the Big 12 Conference title.

¢ A $100,000 bonus is awarded to Mangino if more than 40,000 season tickets are sold by Sept. 1.

Otherwise, Mangino's contract is pretty standard, and similar to his first deal signed when he arrived in 2001.

One section is devoted to KU's options should the football program be hit with major NCAA sanctions, but as reported earlier, the wording of that section is not unlike Mangino's last contract. KU is waiting to hear back from the Committee on Infractions on 11 alleged violations committed within the department, including five in football. Mangino said he knew nothing of the violations, and evidence and testimony support his claim.

Mangino is 20-29 in just more than four seasons at KU, and has taken the Jayhawks to two bowl games during his tenure. His first contract gave Mangino more than $600,000 per year, but his latest deal, for five years, awards the coach a minimum of $1.5 million per year.

Victories mean bigger bucks

Some key provisions and perks of Kansas University football coach Mark Mangino's new contract. The deal lasts through Dec. 31, 2010. Annual salary: $220,000 to be paid in 12 equal monthly installments. That's about $18,300 per month. No less than $1.28 million annually for "professional services rendered." That includes educational, public relations and promotional duties, including radio and television shows. Key performance incentives ¢ $200,000 bonus if team wins national championship. ¢ $100,000 if team plays in BCS bowl. ¢ $75,000 if team plays in New Year's Day bowl. ¢ $50,000 if team plays in any other bowl. ¢ $50,000 if team wins Big 12 Conference championship game. ¢ $25,000 if he's named Big 12 Coach of the Year either by Big 12 coaches or Associated Press. ¢ $50,000 if he is named Coach of the Year by the Associated Press. ¢ $100,000 if the number of paid season tickets (including student tickets) meets or exceeds 40,000 by Sept. 1. Other perks ¢ Two top-of-the-line automobiles. ¢ $2 million paid term life insurance policy ¢ Travel, lodging, food and entertainment expenses for Mangino's spouse, children and son-in-law to attend KU football games away from Lawrence. ¢ 50 tickets to each home game; all will be located between the 35-yard lines. ¢ Use of one scholarship suite in Memorial Stadium. ¢ Four men's basketball season tickets; all will be located on the lower level of Allen Fieldhouse between the free-throw lines. ¢ Membership at both Alvamar Country Club and Lawrence Country Club.


brianharold9 13 years ago

Wow! I see he got some pretty good "other perks"

hawkfan4life 13 years ago

DANG!!! I need to change my major to coaching college football, one hardly ever makes it that big in the corporate world.

Derek King 13 years ago

Seriously (sort of), how about a $25,000 bonus for each 25 pounds he takes off (subject to repayment if he puts the weight back on)? He needs to lose the weight, anyway, for his long-term health, so why not throw in a little added incentive?

jayheel 13 years ago

Four basketball tickets? I hope I don't have to sit behind him.

jayhawks71 13 years ago

That is why they call him Lew PERKins. I bet that life insurance policy has a heavy (pun intended) premium attached to it. Not like Mangino can hide his health; I think that giving him incentives to lose weight is preposterous.

Oh and for you who want to change your "major" to coaching football, Division II coaches make a pittance compared to this contract (e.g., 70k) AND they get to teach classes (granted they are typically "theory of football, but still.).

Fred Sherman 13 years ago

It's not in Perkins best odds to put a buy-out clause in his contract. Given Mangion's girth, odds are that Mangino won't enjoy the full "perks" of this contract extension. Its hard to enjoy $1.5 million a year six feet under.

Not withstanding the recent success that KU has enjoyed on the football field, Mangino's obesity is an embarrassment to KU.

fletch 13 years ago

capitalization and line breaks aren't your strong suit

The_Twelve 13 years ago

Now staff, Why don't you try some investigative reporting and tell us how all this is going to be paid for??

Several years ago KUAC couldn't even find money to keep men's swimming and tennis. How things have changed...or have they? KUAC still tells student leaders that they must ante up for programs...

jayhawks71 13 years ago

And I don't think I should waste one more second reading anything Marion has to say. And, I won't. Mindless buffoon.

ncmike1 13 years ago

good work if you can get it!!!!

JJHawq 13 years ago

i wonder who underwrites that life policy........ is the premium more than the face value?

JBurtin 13 years ago

I can't believe what I'm reading. Just a couple of months ago I was reading post after post of mindless idiots ripping into Lew Perkins for not paying Mangino enough to keep him around. I told everyone to calm down and allow the contract negotiations to finalize before judging our AD. Now he gets the contract that he deserves and I have to endure post after post of mindless idiots complaining about how much we pay him.


$35 dollars per ticket times 30,000 season tickets equals

$1,050,000 dollars

times seven home games equals


Note that this figure does not include Williams fund donations given by people like myself to get better seats


student tickets


money made from concessions


money paid to us for going to a bowl game.

Not to mention the free national exposure that athletics gives to a university to help lure new students.

Yet morons like Marion think that a state university is SPENDING money to have a football program.

Perhaps Marion's education didn't teach her enough to realize that football is a major part of what funds a university and makes it possible to pay ANY of the professors. Yes it's a business, this is America, what in the holy hell is wrong with running a business in America to fund something as important as higher education?

Show me a physics professor who can pack in fifty thousand students to watch him teach at $35 per class and I will show you a physics teacher making 1.5 million a year. As it is, most physics professors aren't going to bring that much money into a university and if you start paying people more than they can bring in to your business you go broke. Does this seem like a terribly complex concept to you?

If you don't like football, FINE, go watch iron rust, paint dry, snow melt, grass grow, and mountains weather!

But from my perspective it looks more like the activity you enjoy most is running your mouth like an idiot without ever doing the math.

P.S. To anyone who thinks that Mangino's weight is an embarrassment to the university. I'm much more embarrassed at your prejudices and apparent inability to look past the outer appearance of an individual.

I'm ashamed to have to call you fellow Jayhawks.

lionhawk87 13 years ago

Why didn't they include an ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET in his contract. I bet that would keep him around longer.

It's great that one person can make that much money per year... as long as they are around enough to enjoy it. I love Mangino, don't get me wrong, but he is definately a "WALKING HEART ATTACK" just waiting to happen.

bulldawgs 13 years ago

The all you can eat buffet would be the football training table.

seattlehawk_78 13 years ago

I'm not sure if I understand you Marion but it sounds like maybe you don't care for football.

If you're looking for sympathy you've come to the wrong place.

seattlehawk_78 13 years ago


For those who are dismayed by Mangino's weight, you're ugly and no one makes a big deal about it so life has evened the score.

By the way Karma King, if you can't comprehend Mangino's paycheck, pick up an Econ 101 text and look up the principle of supply and demand. He and a small minority of people comand that type of compensation for the specialized skills they possess and is proportionate to the revenue they generate. It may seem unjust that you're tax subsidized salary is miniscule in comparison but for whatever reason, more people are interested in a frivilous, meaningless football game than quantum physics.

JBurtin 13 years ago

Well said seattlehawk_78

I would assume that the 1.3 million that karma_king brings in is probably earmarked for some sort of research. I quite certain that the people who gave him the grant didn't intend for him to pay himself the entire 1.3 million and save nothing for doing the actual work.

In other words, karma_king isn't bringing in 1.3 million in profit, most of the money will have to be spent to complete whatever study is being performed. After the expenses, he is being paid in proportion to the PROFITS he brings in.

Mangino, on the other hand, is bringing in enough money that there is far more than 1.5 million dollars in actual profits. Whatever is not spent on upholding the football program can then be dispersed throughout the rest of the athletics programs as most of the other sports will not turn a profit.

As seattlehawk_78 pointed out, Mangino's skills are very specialized and he would be hard to replace with an equally talented coach if he decided to leave. So from a business standpoint, the 1.5 million a year is just an insurance policy to make sure the football program remains profitable.

In business you have to spend money to make money. In the case of the business of football, the right coach is the most important ingredient to making money.

P.S. I seriously doubt that anyone dumb and classless enough to use an insult like phucking assklown could singlehandedly bring in 1.3 million a year in grants. He is probably a small part of somebody else's large research project and is trying to make himself look important by claiming that he is bringing in that money. Personally, I wouldn't hire this idiot to be a fry cook.

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