Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Some at KU weary of goalpost overkill


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What do you think of tearing down the goalposts at KU?

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A remnant of Kansas University's gridiron victory over its intrastate rival was evident earlier this week when a piece of a goalpost could be seen sticking out of the Kansas River near the Bowersock Dam.

KU senior Andy Garner said fans need to get used to the team's winning ways.

"I think it's ridiculous," Garner said about the conduct of some fans after KU defeated Kansas State University on Nov. 18 at Memorial Stadium.

"People need to realize that once you defeat a team a certain amount of times - like twice in the last three years - it's not really that big of an upset," said Garner, of Liberal.

There are plenty of other fans who agree with Garner, said Jim Marchiony, KU associate athletic director. The university's concern is that someone could get injured or killed while tearing off the metal goalposts, he said.

"The fact that a vast majority of the students stayed in the stands and booed the people tearing down the goalposts shows that the education and the urging has helped in some regard," Marchiony said. "Obviously, it hasn't fully sunk in with everybody and we hope it does before the start of next season."

The K-State game was the only time KU fans carried off the goalposts this season. But during the 2005 football season, KU fans tore down the goalposts three times. One of those times occurred after the Jayhawks defeated Nebraska for the first time in 36 years. Garner said he could understand the jubilation after that game.

"That's the type of game you tear them down for," he said. "But next year, if we beat Nebraska at home, I don't think they should be torn down."

When the goalposts tumble, their pieces traditionally are carried off by a throng of students to Potter Lake where they are dumped into the water.

After the 2005 Nebraska game, a few students carried a long piece of the goalpost downtown and north on Massachusetts Street. The students were stopped by a police officer at Sixth and Massachusetts streets and ordered to put the post down. The students complied.

A set of two goalposts cost about $7,000, Marchiony said. KU grounds workers usually retrieve the broken goalposts from the lake. Workers planned to check the river to see if the piece could be retrieved, he said.

In previous years, there were attempts by KU workers to mechanically drop the goalposts to the ground before fans could get to them. Not anymore. The fans turned out to be too quick, Marchiony said. There was still a potential for damage and injury, he said.

Other universities face similar problems with postgame celebrations. When Ohio State defeated Michigan earlier this month, police officers formed a security ring around the goalposts, said Jim Lynch, Ohio State's director of university relations.

"We probably had about 15,000 to 17,000 fans rush the field at the end of the game," Lynch said. "We did have officers protecting the goalposts, and students and fans celebrated on the field but made no attempt to take down the goalposts."


TrueBlue92 13 years, 2 months ago

Along those lines, I can't find the link but to those that rushed the court on Saturday night: Way to give Florida a sense that we think they are better than we are, that it means something to our program to beat their program. It's so far from truth that rushing the court is foolish no matter your state of mind (like drunk, if applicable, is a good reason for anything).

Kansas fans should never rush the court after a basketball game. We should expect to win every game! I watched KU play in the early '90s and a couple of Top 5 matchups between KU and Oklahoma/Missouri (Missouri was even a #1 vs. #2 as I remember) and guess what? We expected to win, cheered the team to victory and went home to see who was next. We didn't rush the court when we put 150 up against Kentucky.

Keep the glory where it belongs and don't share it by charging the court after a game.

Jeremy LeMaster 13 years, 2 months ago

In basketball... we should rush the couirt possibly once each year. However, we haven't had that reason since 1988! Unless we win the championship, act like you expect to win.

Now, for football... for goodness sake...... I am still embarrassed by the tearing down goal posts three times in one season (two on back to back weeks). If we beat a rival like K-State or Miz-who, celebrate by all means! But stop tearing down the goal posts. Nebraska was by far the only game we should have even thought about tearing down the goal posts..... too bad it was the third of those games. The excitement of seeing KU football fans storm the field after a big win was lost after the first game, the second game was too much, the third was downright embarrassing.

At least show more class on the basketball court. That kind of class is what we have to take to the football field if we are ever going to be known as a good football program.

Eric Beightel 13 years, 2 months ago

Tearing down the goalposts - Yes, it is done entirely too often. With success, we as fans, need to expect to win games. We should expect to win some games that we are not favored in. That's what homefiled advantage is all about. If we continue to tear down the goalposts after every "big" win then we lose some respect on the national scene.

Big wins that justify goal post removal (in my opinion) 1.) Beating a #1 ranked team 2.) Clinching our first Big XII North title 3.) Completing an undefeated season (unless it is against Baylor or Iowa State) 4.) Beating any of our Big XII South brethren when they are ranked in the top 10 (if it is the first time we've done it)

Tearing down the goalposts after we beat Misery every year gets a bit cliche and detracts from the significance of the truly big wins. It also makes us look like inexperienced football fans - which is a perception I'd like very much for us to change.

areyouserious 13 years, 2 months ago

you people annoy act like everyone expected ku to beat florida, I was there, I didn't expect them to win, it was a big win that our program needed, there is absolutely nothing wrong in that situation, it is not classless, it is support of youngsters who needed it more than any team in the country. It put a shot of confidence in our team............Why don't all you wannabe's become k-state sick of your "too cool to enjoy a big win-attitude"

Marcia Parsons 13 years, 2 months ago

I'd like some clarification on this "rushing the court" thing in Las Vegas. Reports I read said fans waited until after the trophy presentation and then went to the floor to congratulate the players. Others said they rushed the court. I thought the definition of "rushing the court" was waiting on the sidelines for the final horn and then flooding out on the court in hysteria. Where did this come from? It really made me cringe when Billy Donovan called it rushing the court and considered it a compliment. I considered it a fairly orderly way of congratulating the team for winning the tournament and not just for beating Florida. Please, someone who was there, give me some insight.

jayloco 13 years, 2 months ago

areyouserious-I am assuming that since you were there and from your post that you may have been one of the people that rushed the court. I am not really here to judge anyone's actions, but it seems like in basketball, we should never rush the court. We are far too good of a team and have too much history for a rushing of the court after a big win, IMO. Why do people feel the need to rush the court anyway? Enjoy it in the stands with other fans and avoid anyone getting hurt. I don't think you should take this as some KU fans thinking they are too cool. I think some people just think that there is no reason to rush the court. Stay in the stands.

As for football- yes, it is getting old to watch fans pour on the field and tear the posts down. The program and its fans must take the next step and believe that every home game is going to be a W, regardless of the opponent.

coloskihawk 13 years, 2 months ago

areyouserious is right quit acting like you are better than everyone!!!!! All our athletic programs mens and womens need our unconditional support. Most of the people who post on this sight are only Basketball fans and fairweathered at that. Quit your bitching and just root for the Jayhawks!!!!!!!!

kevbo 13 years, 2 months ago

I graduated from KU last year, and never missed a football or basketball game. I am steadfastly against rushing the court of Allen Fieldhouse, ever. But I understand a big football win...big, being the operative word.

Colorado a decade ago was big. Nebraska was obviously big. K-State (two years ago) was big. But never Missouri. Never Iowa State. And from now on, never K-State. It's absolutely ridiculous and a statement that our fans do not respect how good our team is becoming. Granted, our record does not show it (an argument for another day), but our team has been capable of upsets for a few years now. We could have beat Texas in Lawrence, and should have beat a bad Oklahoma team at Arrowhead. If we beat one of those teams at home (when they are ranked HIGH), that would be justifiable.

A note on Allen: It is never justified to touch the floor after a game. I don't care how big the game is. The Texas game a few years ago was a big win, but was tainted after those (mostly freshmen) kids rushed the floor. I hope to never see it happen again. We're above that, and I don't think you "get it" if you say otherwise.

TrueBlue92 13 years, 2 months ago

areyouserious and coloskihawk,

When was the last time anyone rushed the court in Allen Field house and why? And if you didn't think we could beat Florida then I'll assume you are too young to remember that it was not that long ago we were in the Final Four. Two years in a row.

Coloskihawk, put your money where your mouth is, the Williams Fund would love to have you. I do.

TexasAl 13 years, 2 months ago

Wave the Wheat, not the goal posts! Let's grow up and act like Jayhawks not some other small fry organization.

walkdog262 13 years, 2 months ago

This year's football team stunk anyway. There was no reason to tear down any goalposts in a year KU was 6-6 and lost to Toledo and Baylor and Oklahoma State at home. This program is not improving, and it had better soon, because in 2008 and 2009 those pesky Longhorns, Sooners and Red Raiders are going to pop up on the schedule again. Then there's the simple fact that if you can't consistently get into one of the eight million bowls out there, you are not a viable, up-and-coming football program.

brauny 13 years, 2 months ago

What the University should do is prosecute some of the students for trespassing onto the field and destroying university property. I know that there is no way to get everyone, but cops don't get everyone for speeding. They should pick out the ones that were on the goal post first and either fine them or do something. There needs to be an example set so this does not happen again.

I agree that for certain big wins, rushing the field is okay, but tearing down the goals needs to stop completely or we will be the next school in the news for having a fan get paralyzed or killed from getting trampled or hit by a falling piece of the goal.

As for basketball, I am just shrugging off the Vegas deal to A) excited fans, B) alcohol, and C) beating the #1 team for the first time in quite a while. Something like that would/should never happen in the fieldhouse.

TrueBlue92 13 years, 2 months ago


Regarding the clarification you asked for (which I thought was an excellent point), I emailed Jason King of the Kansas City Star. In his article he stated: "A small portion of the approximately 4,000 KU fans who made the trip to the Las Vegas Invitational stormed the floor. Not only were Jayhawks' fans plentiful in number, but they were also boisterous."

Here is the text of the email I sent: "Hello Mr King,

Referencing your article: ansas/16104622.htm

"A small portion of the approximately 4,000 KU fans who made the trip to the Las Vegas Invitational stormed the floor. "

There is a solid debate going on about this type of activity. As a person who was THERE, can you tell me if "stormed the floor" means:

1) Immediately after the game 2) Immediately after the trophy presentation

There appears to be some confusion on this point.

Thanks for your time! "

Here is his reply: "Immediately after the final horn, although it wasn't like it was the whole KU section that rushed the court. Only a couple hundred fans - most of whom were probably drunk.



Just so we're Apples to Apples on the discussion at hand.

Eric Beightel 13 years, 2 months ago

How quickly you all forget. In 2003 - after Collison's standout performance of 20+ points and 20+ rebounds which brought Dick Vitale to his feet to applaud Collison after he had fouled out of the game - KU fans stormed James Naismith Court to celebrate the victory over Texas. It was a huge game for the Big XII and nationally but it, in no way, justified the storming of the court. I was pissed then: and I'm pissed now. Stay off the damn court. Except in Vegas when you're drunk and may have just won a grand or more on the game, then you can storm whatever you want.

TexasAl 13 years, 2 months ago

If you want to be on the field or court, play ball, join the band or lead yells. Otherwise, stay off!

Migady 13 years, 2 months ago

You all have gone soft. Remember being young, DRUNK, and excited? Do you remember the FUN in college? Yes, you might not have done this way back when, but this current generation hasn't ever seen a good KU football team. I am glad they are excited about winning games. I am happy to rub our victory in KSU's face after we win.
I thought it was hilarious that CBSsportsline tagged a picture of KU tearing down the posts, "KU fans, as usual" Make it a tradition... Win a game, tear them down. It's funny, fun, and demoralizing to the other team. Also, since when do we do we give credibility to a student from Liberal, KS?

actorman 13 years, 2 months ago

It would be an incredibly stupid--not to mention dangerous--tradition to tear the posts down after every game. I say that as someone who admits to having participated twice in tearing down the posts as a student -- once when we beat #3 OU and once when we beat Mizzou to knock them out of a bowl game.

But the number of times KU fans are doing it now has gotten to a ridiculous level. It is encouraging that a lot fewer fans participated in it against KSU, so hopefully the novelty of it is waning. The fact is that there have been times when fans have been hurt by falling goalposts, and if something tragic happened at KU we would never live it down (so to speak).

One clarification: TACityHawkFan, I like your comments, but the NU game was the SECOND time fans tore down the posts last year, not the third. The first one was against Mizzou, and the third one was against ISU to clinch the bowl birth.

areyouserious 13 years, 2 months ago

TrueBlue92 and jayloco- I was at the game in Vegas, I did not rush the court, it was actually a very mild rushing of the court. The game had ended, the players were jumping up and down, and the fans were going nuts, it was a Final 4 Atmosphere (which im not too young to remember, I was at the last 2) People are making a big deal out of this, you have to understand the arena setup, anybody could walk onto the court after the game if they wanted too, its not surrounded by press tables and score tables around the ends. I completely agree about Allen Fieldhouse being need for it ever!!! But this was Vegas and the students were allowed to drink in the gym, what do you expect, it was a big party and a big time college basketball atmosphere. No harm done!!!!

p.s. why do we cut down the nets after a national championship???

kstrebor 13 years, 2 months ago

Stay off of the court and the field period. Act professional. I still think they sould have 200 German Sheppards or Rottweilers waiting in the wings. Fields of play are for players not spectators.

drum1984 13 years, 2 months ago

I never understand tearing down goalposts. "Yes, we won!!! Let's demoralize the other team by destroying our own property!!! Let's ruin our playing field to celebrate our victory!!!" It's embarrasing, and unbelievably ignorant.

Alan Halvorsen 13 years, 2 months ago

Why does drinking always have to be an excuse for doing something stupid. Using that as an exuse just makes it even more embarrasing for our U! Don't let the students off that easy. If you are going to drink, save it for you'r frat. parties. Go to the games with a clear head. If not for yourselves, then for the rest of us, who just want to see Ku win, period.

amyleigh1221 13 years, 2 months ago

I thought this article was about football? whats the point of bringing up basketball? we rarely ever rush the court in basketball b/c we are the University of Kansas. we EXPECT to win. now with the vegas one thought we were going to win. all comentators were like oh FL will win no doubt. but they didn't. since we were in vegas and it was without a doubt a huge win, its ok that a few people went on the court. but if the game was at AFH, that would be a diff story. dont EVER rush the court at AFH. the only time, if ever, we should rush the court in basketball is if we win it all again...and thats only because its a huge thing to accomplish.

football...stupid. dont tear down goal posts. they cost too much and its just stupid. against nebraska, thats was ok. it had been so long since we beat them and we didnt just beat them, we killed them! but at the same time, im sorry. the university is being stupid. hire people that are trained to take the posts down in 3 seconds. everyother big school has them. why not us? oh wait "because the fans are too quick" ahaha are you kidding me!! if we have fans that can make it from the student section to the goal posts in 3 seconds, put them on the track team! give me a break...

Saad Saifeddine 13 years, 2 months ago

KU basketball fans should never rush the court! Tearing down the post is immature and dangerous!

Todd 13 years, 2 months ago

Good grief people, give it a rest. Regardless of your age, nobody is going to listen to the postings of this site no matter how much they may make sense. The people that want to tear down the posts are going to do so. Let them do so. The numbers of people doing it have dwindled, so sooner or later it will become old hat and people will only do it when it is more acceptable.

And the basketball thing is being blown way out of proportion. It was a small portion of the crowd and from what I've heard the exits were at floor level anyway so some of the people might not have even been KU fans, but could have been people looking just to get on TV. And I was at that game against Texas and the number of people on the floor was 50 at most. Out of 16,300 I think that's a small enough percentage that I'm willing to live with only that number of people being fools.

William James 13 years, 2 months ago

Its Manginos fault because he is fat and he beats all these schools that Terry Allen would have lost to 50-3. Fire Mangino!

HillbillyHick 13 years, 2 months ago

I sat courtside for this game and first of all.... I want to give all the props in the world to the die hard (True Blue) KU fans who went to this Game!!!!! those of you you who were there know how truly special it was in the Orleans Arena and in the casino afterwards!!!

As for you couch potato idiots who just want to say something negative... how can you insult the 6000 fans that traveled half way accross the country to support there team???? The fans at this game did nothing but make our fan base look amazing!!!!


P.S. those of you there know that there was really no storming of the court.... maybe 20 people and the rest went out durring the trophy presentation..

William James 13 years, 2 months ago

Hey clown, I wasnt there because I went to a game that actually mattered. Me and my MUCK FIZZOU shirt went to Columbia, Missouri. Dont call me a couch potato for having my priorities straight. Another clown said it was a great weekend for Jayhawk nation. Does he not care we were embarrased on national tv by Mizzou? Look at Ohio State, #1 in football, #1 in basketball. That is what Kansas should strive for.

seattlehawk_78 13 years, 2 months ago

Most schools just rush the field and take the goal posts down. I think carting them off to Potter is a nice touch and makes for a great tradition. I suppose some discretion should be applied so it doesn't lose its novelty and appeal. I think beating Mizwho on the last game of the season is justified. I don't care if we beat them 100 consecutive times we should take the opportunity to rub their noses in it. Clinching the Big 12 North justifies the tradition as well.

As for basketball, the only time fans should rush the court at AFH is when we clinch a conference title.

kcarod72 13 years, 1 month ago

KU football has come a long way, and the tradition for fans should be to stay in the stands and leave the posts alone. IF KU was to take down a top 10, then, ONLY then, should the goal posts be subject to the torture of forced removal. It was uncalled for and I was waiting for those uprights to come down on some poor fan that had nothing to do with them coming down. IT ALMOST HAPPENED!! As for rushing the court in basketball, AT NO POINT should a fan be on the hallowed court of basketball. James Naismith Court is the HIGHEST court in basketball and only those who are chosen to perform on it (as well as those who have credentials) should be on it. STAY OFF THE COURT and stay off the football field!

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