Sunday, November 19, 2006

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Hundreds of Kansas fans rushed the field as the clock hit zero, with some boos scattering across Memorial Stadium at the action. Both goal posts were torn down and taken out of the stadium up toward Potter Lake.

KU fans have stormed the field five times the last three seasons after conference victories.

¢ Though opinions differ among team members, KU coach Mark Mangino is of the belief that KU's biggest rival is Missouri, not Kansas State.

"I'm not hung up on this rivalry thing," Mangino said. "We're playing our rival next week."

Players were asked their opinion afterward.

"If coach says Missouri, it's Missouri," cornerback Aqib Talib said with a smile. "We look at it as both. It's Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri. We want to be the best team out of the three."

¢ Jon Cornish stands just 112 yards shy of breaking Tony Sands' single-season record of 1,442 yards. Cornish had 201 yards on 25 carries against Kansas State on Saturday, bringing his season total to 1,331 yards on 235 carries.

"I could walk to it," Cornish quipped about Sands' record.

Cornish was KU's first 200-yard rusher since 2001, when Reggie Duncan had 227 at Texas Tech.

¢ Talib's first-quarter interception gives him six this season. He also had two pass breakups.

¢ KU's 23-game streak without allowing a 100-yard rusher came to an end on Saturday, as K-State's Leon Patton had 14 carries for 102 yards, including a 44-yard touchdown run in the second quarter.

¢ Kansas State defensive back Joshua Moore was carted off the field near the end of the third quarter after accidentally clothes-lining teammate Chris Carney on a near-interception of a Kerry Meier pass. The game was delayed 10 minutes while trainers gingerly attended to Moore.

A team spokesperson said after the game that no information was available on Moore's condition.

"I don't have any information about that," KSU coach Ron Prince said. "Obviously, I'll be as anxious to hear as anyone else."

¢ Cornish lost a fumble in the third quarter, only the third time he has fumbled all season in 235 rushing attempts.

¢ KU assistant coach Mike Mallory addressed the Kansas team Friday night in the wake of former Michigan coach Bo Schembechler's death. Mallory was an all-Big Ten linebacker who played at Michigan for Schembechler, who died Friday at the age of 77.

"One of the things Mike touched on that Bo said before big games is, 'You should try to leave your mark,'" Mangino said. "Some of the seniors left their mark on this game."

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2006 KU-KSU football

¢ Before the game, KU honored 17 seniors, many of whom were part of Mangino's first recruiting class in 2002. Appearing in street clothes was linebacker Eric Washington, whose career ended after a head injury earlier this season.

¢ KU left guard Bob Whitaker started his 47th straight game, his final at Memorial Stadium.

Mangino said Whitaker rolled his ankle near the end of the game, which didn't help his health considering he already is playing with two bad knees.

"He looked like a frog on crutches," Mangino quipped.

¢ Representatives from the Fiesta, Insight, Texas and Independence bowls were credentialed for Saturday's game. In addition, scouts from five NFL teams were on hand.

¢ Attendance was estimated as 51,821. The game was declared a sellout Thursday, and the estimated figure is the largest total estimated in Memorial Stadium history.


ohjayhawk 13 years, 2 months ago

I should state that the above comment is sarcastic. Why on earth would the Fiesta Bowl scout two teams who, at best, could finish 7-5?

LivedinLawrence4Life 13 years, 2 months ago

I think it would make more of a statement and be a much classier win if the students expected KU to win and left the goal posts in place. Rushing the field and tearing down the goal posts gives K-State the satisfaction of knowing that we didn't expect to beat them!

filmhawk 13 years, 2 months ago

i agree ohjay. a little curious. i can only think that k-state's win over texas made the feista people think they should catch their last game.

as far as the goal posts are concerned - i just flat out think it's fun to do. i've torn down some posts in my day, and, k-state's recent owning of us is still a good excuse.

ohjayhawk 13 years, 2 months ago

filmhjawk, i just realized that, until we beat K-State yesterday, they still had an opportunity to win the Big 12 North. So, if by some fluke they beat us, won the North and won the Big 12 championship game, that would have put them into a BCS bowl. I guess the Fiesta would want to check them out because of that.

filmhawk 13 years, 2 months ago

when i moved to kansas in 1988 - the ksu/KU football game was called the "toilet bowl."

i'm happy to think somebody somewhere cares about that game.

we've all come a long, long way.

Lance Hobson 13 years, 2 months ago

Yes, let's keep it that way! We really need to get a bowl game, it would be so disappointed to be left out, especially considering all of the close games we blew this year.

BTW, awesome AF flyby before the game.

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