Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Arthur chooses Kansas

Dallas star says decision came in dream


Darrell Arthur's decision to attend Kansas University was made early Tuesday morning -- right after the 6-foot-9, 220-pound prep star woke up.

After experiencing a vivid dream, Arthur, who averaged 18 points, 10 rebounds and six blocked shots in leading South Oak Cliff to its second straight state title as a senior, rose to his feet with the memory of playing basketball in a Kansas University jersey.

"I prayed on it hard last night," Arthur said of his difficult decision. "It came to me in a dream.

"It was me playing in a game with a lot of the current players, Mario (Chalmers), Julian (Wright), everyone."

So Arthur woke up with a clear head and his mind finally made up after months of debating between his final three choices, KU, Baylor and LSU, as well as a handful of other schools.

Asked if he thought his early morning realization was divine intervention, Arthur said: "I think it was."

"I prayed really hard," continued Arthur, who was supposed to make his announcement Monday at a Dallas YMCA. However, the apparent pressure on picking the school made the McDonald's All American, ranked as the 16th best player in the nation by, delay his decision one more day. But even on Tuesday Arthur had one last change, when he moved his press conference from the YMCA to his grandmother's house.


Journal-World File Photo

Kansas University recruit Darrell Arthur, right, sits with KU signee Sherron Collins during Late Night in the Phog in October. Arthur is ended his lengthy search and picked KU today.

"I'm really looking forward to playing at Kansas," Arthur said. "I liked all three schools, but Coach (Bill) Self was the difference.

"He'll push me hard and I really wanted to play for him."

Arthur said he would make his decision official by signing a letter of intent to KU later in the day.

"I am going to sign right now," Arthur said at his press conference.

Self announced later Tuesday afternoon that he had received Arthur's National Letter of Intent.

"The Kansas basketball family is extremely excited to announce the signing of Darrell Arthur," Self said in a released statment. "`Shady,' as he is nicknamed, was heavily recruited by schools across the country for the past two to three years. His decision to pick Kansas after such an intense recruiting period with many other good choices definitely will impact our program in an immediate way."

Self said Arthur, who joins KU signees Sherron Collins and Brady Morningstar in the Jayhawks' 2006-07 freshman class, will added dimension to a line-up that already is loaded with talent.

"Darrell is one of the premier athletes in America," Self continued. "He has excellent perimeter shooting skills and can certainly score in the post. His athletic ability and shot-blocking should make him a presence defensively.

"His versatility will definitely be a bonus for our team and will allow us to play with more interchangeable parts. Coaches James Mays [South Oak Cliff High] and Jazzy Hartwell [AAU] have done a great job of preparing him for the next level."

Throughout the recruitment, sources indicated, Arthur's mother had favored the KU coaching staff, and his grandmother the location of Baylor, which is in Waco, roughly 90 minutes from Dallas. lists the drive from Dallas to Baton Rouge as a six-hour, 42-minute trip, or 65 minutes shorter than the trip from Dallas to Lawrence.

James Mays, Arthur's coach at South Oak Cliff High in Dallas, has sent players to schools in Texas, including forward Kevin Rogers, who averaged 6.1 points per game in his freshman season at Baylor. Those in the LSU camp, a source said, believed Mays might favor in-state schools.

Mays, however, told the Baton Rouge Advocate that wasn't the case.

"It doesn't matter to me," Mays said. "I want Darrell to go wherever he's going to be happiest. It's not a big thing to me at all."

Until Mike Davis announced way ahead of time his resignation from Indiana, the Hoosiers were considered the favorites. KU then assumed that role.

Then, at the McDonald's All-America game, Arthur told the Journal-World that KU and Texas were his co-leaders. Shortly after that, he told the Dallas Morning News that newcomers Arizona and Oklahoma, as well Baylor, which he always listed, also were under consideration. SMU also was in play for a time.

One month later, in late April, Arthur narrowed his list to LSU, KU and Baylor, where it has remained since.

LSU became involved late. After Tyrus Thomas helped to lead the Tigers to the Final Four and decided to enter the NBA Draft, LSU began pursuing Arthur as his replacement. The next time LSU head coach John Brady sees Arthur play in person will be the first.

Arthur and close friend Scottie Reynolds, a point guard who was released from his commitment to Oklahoma after Kelvin Sampson bolted for Indiana, visited LSU together. At that point, many other schools in pursuit of the players feared they would commit during their visit. They didn't, and it's believed Reynolds has soured on LSU.


Displayhawk 12 years ago

Now, .......All you fence-sitters, Don't do to this kid what you did to David Padgett! Give this kid some support so he'll want to stay here!

justdoit23 12 years ago

Yes!!!!! Jackpot!!!! looking forward to see Arthur in field house!!

Kyle Carter 12 years ago

coach self strikes gold yet again.

wtarush 12 years ago

DA must not have been reading the comments posted here these last several days. Coach Self did it again!

DocBean 12 years ago

I won't label him King Aurthur yet, but his presence at the post will add the scoring potential that we need down low. Think about it, a team that won the Big 12 title is trading Hawkins and Moody for Collins and Aurthur. We'll be Deeper, Faster, More Talented, and More Experienced - Final 4.

wtarush 12 years ago

Can anyone tell me the last time KU brought in five McDonalds All Americans and a possible NBA lottery pick (Rush) in a two year time period?

hawk61 12 years ago

YIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Altho it's always great to is extra Special!! Congrat to HCBS and his staff!!

dirkleisure 12 years ago

It was "devine intervention"?

Dan Devine?

Bad deal if a Mizzou guy is helping Self recruit...

Bruce Bedene 12 years ago

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markojay25 12 years ago

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legolas1996 12 years ago

What was the name of that recruit that picked KU and then backed out, picked KU again and then backed out again? I'm really glad we didn't end up getting him. But does anyone remember his name?

Brandon Winkler 12 years ago

man that source must have been real close to Arthur that said LSU or Baylor...haha. Good pick up. Next year will be awesome! ROCK CHALK!

cobweb 12 years ago

These guys will mop up Mizzou. "40 minutes of hell" doesn't work against a team that can break a press and get a lot of easy baskets.

jhawk_pirate 12 years ago

Holy Smokes!!!

We shouldn't just be a Top 5 preseason fave but a Top 3 ... gosh, how soon can november come in???

Stacey Harden 12 years ago

I was reluctant but I can say that I am happy that Arthur will wear the Crimson and Blue for at least one year. With no seniors in the 06-07 season, this team could contend and win the championship for two years in a row (if no one left early, which is really wishful thinking). No more excuses, lets see what Self and his boys can do!!

NaptownHawk 12 years ago

Dwight Lewis is the kid who backed out of his commitment to Kansas. He ended up signing with Southern Cal. didn't even have him ranked in the top 150 at the end of the year.

John Brown 12 years ago

I can't wait to see Roy cry and weap like a baby when we beat the c**p out of NC in the final four next year!

DerekR25 12 years ago

jhawk_pirate- I couldn't agree with you more! I wish it was November next month! lol I was already amped about the possibilities next season, but now with the beefed up front line, plus Arthur's perimeter shooting skills (reminiscent of LaMarcus Aldridge), I believe we're more loaded than Texas would've been even if Aldridge, Gibson and co. stayed. And hawk_girl, you're right! No more excuses let's let the boys go to work!!!!!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK.......KAAAAAAAY UUUUUUUUUU!!!!!

bangaranggerg 12 years ago

jbrownjib- unfortuantely although we signed the #2 power forward and #2 point guard in the nation North Carolina signed both the #1 PG and the #1 PF. I think in the one in a million chance we'd get a matchup, which both universities will avoid like the plague, we could pull it off.

Shelly Harshaw 12 years ago

Here's the headline on MSN.COM ...

Arthur spurns Baylor to head to Kansas


DirtyBird 12 years ago

Phog...hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah... you are possible the biggest sucker of all time... and dont ever say "we" again.. were not tiger fans. Dirty Bird bottom line, KU national champions 07 -feathas

legolas1996 12 years ago

NaptownHawk- Thank you. I just couldnt think of his name right off hand. Man I'm glad we didnt get that wishy-washy kid.

Chris Shaw 12 years ago

In response to "WtaRush"... Can anyone remember the last time KU lost consecutive first round games. That's what I thought! Yeah, Self can recruit! He can also get players to transfer (One was that Mcdonald's All-American). The jury is still undecided if he can really coach. He finally has "His Players" since his days at Oral Orberts so we'll find out what he can really do without using other people's recruits. Let's put it this way, he can't afford another first round exit.

Drew Bender 12 years ago

Can you remember the Illinois team two years ago that lost to NC in the championship game. They were mostly all Self's recruits and they lost only two games all season... Ohio State (last game of reg. season) and NC (national championship game)...Im not going to be greedy and say that they will win it all, but they should be a very very fun team to watch next year and for several years to come.

rockchalkjayhawkku 12 years ago

Thankfully Darrel Arthur didn't read (or chose to ignore) many of the posts on this message board before making his decision.

Decade_of_Dominance 12 years ago

You make me laugh Phog. A Mizzou fan talking about the NCAA having the last laugh. Do you really want to go there? And by the way, that team two years ago hardly had the same caliber recruits on the floor we are putting out their next year. Not that you would know anything about high level recruits over in Columbia, and we all know you sure wouldn't know anything about Final Four tickets. How many banners you got hanging over there in the Paige Center? Oh that's right "0" The same number of Final Four's your school has ever seen. MIZ....What a Joke! Just face it deep down you hate us cause you ain't us. You know it, and I know it.....Rock Chalk Baby....

Chris Shaw 12 years ago

ESU Jayhawk: Thank you for making my point!!!! Did self coach that team? No. Out of Illinois, KU, and UNC who was the only coach who couldn't coach. All that talent and we've gotten BUed not once but twice now. If the NCAA could they would pit us against Baylor University (BU) in the first round, but they all know Buffalo University (BU) will do the job next year.

Jeremy Bolinger 12 years ago

once again bill self haters in the house.........Ya'll should just shut your damn mouths and support the man, as he is our head coach and you all seem to think that you all could do better jobs............Roy never won a national championship and come close to getting beat in first round with a better team(2002 KU vs. Holy Cross). We were a #1 seed that year and almost chocked, so quit feedind us bs about how he cant coach, he did win league and tournement this year, so shut your mouths!

DerekR25 12 years ago

Such negativity kushaw... Surely you know that Bill self only had those Illinois kids for one year, and I believe they finished in the top three in the Big 10 that year as well. For freshmen, I'd say that Self fine job. Now, look at last season and compare the two...Freshmen...League title...conference championship...When you have the calibur of players that Coach Self is able to put on the court, it's easy to see why Weber was able to go to the Championship game with NC. But also, don't you remember Weber's first year (the one before their title game year)? His team had to turn their season around and make a late run after being very subpar through the first part of the season. I think ESU Jayhawk has an excellent point.

DerekR25 12 years ago

absolutely right notabandwagonfan! Also, don't forget about the absolutely dominant teams of the mid '90's that lost to Arizona in the Sweet 16 (that team was supposed to be unbeatable), or the one that lost to Rhode Island in the second round, etc...Like you said Roy never won at KU and he is the winningest active coach in the buisiness. That's the way the NCAA tourney plays out. Plus, if you followed the MoValley Conference, you'd know that Bradley was without their "big man" and their point (who nailed us) for the first half of the year so it's no wonder they really gelled towards the end of the season. Those losses happen. It doesn't mean a man can't coach. I love coach Self, I think he's done a lot for recruiting and has helped us to play a little more "team defense"

suprise 12 years ago

Ten bucks says kushaw is the same guy as phog.

Why choose now--when they have the least amount of leverage against Self than they've had in a while--to bash him? Just ignore them- or more likely, him.

This just in: really hard to find something negative about KU right now, but phog finding a way . . .

markojay25 12 years ago


Chris Shaw 12 years ago

Did Roy ever lose in the first round? I'm glad Bill Self is starting a new tradition at KU. I love it when people keep making my points crystal clear.

wtarush 12 years ago

KUSHAW Let me get this straight... The reigning Big 12 Coach of the Year "can't afford another first round exit"... Yeah, that is what I read. I remember the first of this last season when simply making it to the Big Dance was just a prayer. I can't believe there is any question of his coaching ability. I don't see the dirt you have to stand on. CS took his team comprised of inexperienced underclassmen and won the Big 12 season and the Big 12 tournament, for Heaven's sake! Sure, I wanted them to go further in the NCAA's, as did 99% of the people on this page. Coach Self gave us one of those unique seasons that won't be soon forgotten and whenever I think of the sting of the first round I look at the miracle he performed during the other thirty two games of the season. Let's broaden our views a bit.

Dale Kroening 12 years ago

Gimme a break kushaw.Roy's teams underachieved oh so many times!Cant remember what year but I recall having several guys that are in the NBA and didnt go very far(Pierce,Vaughn,Pollard,Lafrentz).I think we lost to Arizona or Virginia.You can look at the first round losses negatively,but you have to remember this season was only one that Self pretty much had "all his guys".He is one the best recruiters in college basketball and will get us back in the finals in the next 2 years.COUNT ON IT HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JBurtin 12 years ago

Hey kushaw, Let me make your point a little less clear. Bill Self took a program at Oral Roberts that was the absolute bottom of the barrel in Div I and within a couple of years had them winning quite a few games. Before long Tulsa took notice of him and he took a team that had virtually no tradition before he got there to an elite eight. Then Illinois took notice. Were you ever afraid to play Illinois before Bill Self got there, I wasn't till he whooped our butts in the sweet sixteen and took them to two elite eights in a row. Now he's at an elite school where he can pick up the creme of the crop in athletes, and is steadily building it into his own program. If I was a betting man I'd say success beyond even our high expectations is just around the corner.

But I guess there will always be so-called "fans" who think it's fair to judge the man's whole career on two games.

JBurtin 12 years ago

Oh, I almost forgot to mention shawman.

Jim Boeheim won a championship three years ago. Since that time he has had two first round exits in a row.

I suppose you think he's a bad coach too?

WrightOn30 12 years ago

Ok, the comments about Phog and KUshaw need to stop. It has been said a few too many times that they need girlfriends and that they are loser mizzou fans and what not. Who cares. They try and agravate you and they do. So responding just encourages them. So, how bout we just stop telling them the same crap over and over, ignore them, and continue with our lives. Rock Chalk. Welcome home DA.

Chris Shaw 12 years ago

okay now Jburtin: First of all you need to get your facts straights. You're absolutely right about Oral Roberts. He turned that entire program around. Then it goes all downhill from there jburtin. You remember Tubby Smith? Bill Self took Tulsa to an elite 8 and a sweet 16 with all Tubby Smith players. Do you remember Lon Kruger? He also took an Illinois team to the same elite 8 and sweet 16 with Long Kruger players? Do you remember Roy Williams? Roy Williams left Bill Self the Surf & Turf dish and he managed to throw away the entire dish just to get his way. Transfers, allegations, and first round exits seem to be a common theme. Let me also remind you that someone else coached his players to an NCAA final and another someone managed to win a championship with someone else's players. Coaching is the last thing Bill Self does

Chris Shaw 12 years ago

Boheim is a proven winner with two schools under his belt in his coaching career. I think boheim has been at Syracuse 30 years now. His record speaks for itself. Let's see here Oral Roberts 4 years Tulsa 3 years Illinois 3 years Kansas 3 years That's a heck of comparison.

JBurtin 12 years ago

First of all, Boeheim is an older guy. Self has had several jobs because he was climbing the coaching ladder to what he refers to as his dream job. Which I fully expect him to stay at for many years to come. My point with Boeheim was that you can't judge anyone's career on a couple of bad games.

Secondly, when you first posted you were saying that he was recruiting well but couldn't coach well. Now your telling me that he took those teams deep in the tourney with other people's recruits. Implying that he coached them well but couldn't recruit for himself.

Which is it?

Last, he has had two first round exits with A) a team of four seniors backed up by freshmen and B) a team of nearly all freshmen and sophmores. Neither one of these teams was exactly your prototype of what a national championship team typically looks like. For realistic fans both teams had early exit written all over them. Sure some of the reason both of those teams had some youth was because of transfers. I attribute that to Bill Self being a hard-nosed coach that expects alot from his players. Some guys just can't handle the pressure of his high expectations. For those who do handle it, they will become athletes that will not be afraid to compete when they go to the next level.

All I'm saying is that with good recruits I believe he is capable of taking teams deep. You are more than welcome to believe whatever you want. Just don't forget to bring a ladder to tournaments of the future. It will make it easier for you to climb up on the bandwagon when Self has a chance to show how good a coach he really is.

JBurtin 12 years ago

By the way everybody. kushaw cannot possibly be the same guy as phog. Desipite our difference in opinion. He can at least carry on an intelligable conversation.

latinlab 12 years ago

oh...the coach...ok. Sorry I only watch March Madness.

wtarush 12 years ago

Well said, JBurton. Somehow kushaw was able to completely dodge the fact that, although this last season was bookended by two first round losses, BS still made Big 12 Coach of the Year. kushaw, I wonder who the Big XII would have voted coach of the year after the Bradley game... Let me give you a hint. !!!BILL SELF!!! I guess it is a safer bet to negate a coach and harp on his impending failures because it seems only one coach each year does not fail.

cobweb 12 years ago

Dont worry. Self can coach. He took Tulsa to the Elite 8 with a roster of nobodies and rebuilt Illinois to the National Championship game for his successor. He got the guys to play his defense last year. Now with a little more offense and experience, look out. Take a little longer view. You guys are like day traders.

legolas1996 12 years ago

And dont forget he took KU to the elite 8 and was just an overtime away from going to the final four. So that proves there that he can coach. And now he has proven over and over and over and over again that he is one of the best recruiters in the country. Roy Williams just wishes he is half as good of a recruiter that Bill Self is. And you cant forget that Roy won the Title using Matt Doughrety's recruits.

Chris Shaw 12 years ago

It's just a matter of opinion and I'm not completely sold on Bill Self yet. I think he is a little slow on decisions and in game decision making. Going back to Self's first year I don't think he handled Graves situation very well. Padgett should have never started from day one. Graves should have started. Did he have backage, yes, but not every player is the same and others are more sensitive than others. You have to know that as a coach. Jeff Graves had potential after his 16 point 16 board championship game and had the opportunity to build off that, but Self wanted to win over fans right away by playing Williams recruits. One other thought, I totally disagree on our walking the ball up the court against bucknell two years ago. You don't play slow down basketball when you are superior athletically. Having played college basketball I understand that, but I'm not sold on Bill Self yet. Just a matter of preference and opinion. One last thing, I am from Kansas and huge KU fan and I live in Charlotte, NC. Try listening to sports radio everyday to hear about Duke, UNC, Wake, NC State. I go insane and that's why my comments might seem insane to you.

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