Selden save worth watching over and over and over...


It's a play that everyone was talking about (and probably still is) and one of the finest displays of all-out hustle I've ever seen in person.

So why not take another look (or 10) back at the spectacular save made by KU freshman Wayne Selden during Monday's 78-68 victory over Baylor at Allen Fieldhouse.

Sure, it appears that Selden may have stepped on the line before making the save. But it wasn't called, it still goes down as a fantastic effort and even the Baylor players were not bent out of shape about the no-call following the loss.

Here's the video replay of the SportsCenter play of the night, along with a detailed description of everything that went into the save from our own Tom Keegan.


Stu Van Gorp 8 years, 10 months ago

Similar to the understated assist by Collins which accommodated Chalmers' signature three, Perry Ellis so athletically deflected an impossible pass back into play for Wayne to catalogue for his legacy, validated as an assist to a smooth shooting Joel. Good play Gentlemen!

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