Perry Ellis top Jayhawk in home win vs. Baylor


1 - Perry Ellis: His aggressiveness returned after a brief vacation and he scored 16 of his 18 points and had both of his steals in the second half. He turned a two-point lead into a seven-point one in the span of 21 seconds. Buried a jumper from the left corner, stepped into the passing lane for a steal, took it in for a dunk, was fouled and made the free throw. Taking it up strong, Ellis made 6 of 8 field goals and 6 of 7 free throws and he blocked two shots.

2 - Frank Mason: Did a terrific job of penetrating and was not to be denied attacking the rim. He did a great job of finding teammates after breaking down the defense. Mason made 4 of 5 from the field, 1 of 2 from three, and totaled nine points, six assists, a steal and just one turnover. Mason, a 5-foot-11, 185-pound steel ball of aggressiveness keeps opponents in retreat, teammates in urgency mode.

3 - Andrew Wiggins: Fellow Canadian Brady Heslip made his fourth three-pointer with 8:24 left in the first half. Wiggins started guarding him shortly after that. Heslip didn’t score again until there were less than four minutes remaining in the game. Shaking off a slow start, Wiggins scored 11 of his 17 points in the second half and led the team with 17 rebounds. 

4 - Joel Embiid: He plays so far above the rim and is impossible to stop when lobs are on target. It wasn’t necessarily one of his better games, but still he finished with 12 points.

5 - Naadir Tharpe: He continues to shoot with confidence and has boosted his three-point percentage to .441. He made 2 of 3 long ones and those were the only shots he took. In his past three games he has made 8 of 11 three-pointers.

6 - Jamari Traylor:  Can anyone remember the last time they said, “Why did he take that shot?” after a Traylor shot? He still turns it over, but other than that, his game is rounding into shape. He played 13 minutes in this one, and totaled four points, six rebounds and two turnovers. He again showed he has the ability to score on drives to the hoop. For the season, Traylor is shooting .727 from the field and .806 from the line.

7 - Wayne Selden: His save that resulted in Joel Embiid scoring and Selden sitting on the laps of two Baylor fans was the hustle play of the year for Kansas.

8 - Tarik Black: Sprained his right ankle late in a game in which he delivered two points, a rebound, a blocked shot, a steal and a strong physical presence. After the game, Black said he was fine and wanted to return.

9 - Brannen Greene: Buried a three for the second game in a row and picked up a rebound in four minutes. None of the seven quarterbacks Kansas has used to start football games since the departure of Todd Reesing ever has overthrown an intended receiver as badly as he overthrew one Monday, but overall he’s showing enough progress to believe he’ll be a valuable offensive weapon soon.

10 - Conner Frankamp: Picked up an assist in four minutes, giving him six assists and three turnovers in 90 minutes this season.


Joel Embiid 166

Perry Ellis 154

Andrew Wiggins 153

Naadir Tharpe 131

Wayne Selden Jr. 128

Frank Mason 123

Jamari Traylor 99

Tarik Black 80

Andrew White III 50

Brannen Greene 44

Conner Frankamp 39

Landen Lucas 31

Justin Wesley 8


Suzi Marshall 8 years, 8 months ago

7 Rebounds for Wiggins not 17. Wiggins D, especially on Heslip was great plus it was great to see him taking it agressively to the basket.

This was Mason's best game since Duke. He really looked like a PG with his 6 assist against 1 turnover. His D was pretty good as well.

Reggie Flenory 8 years, 8 months ago

By the time mason leaves lawrence he will be at least a second round pic his game is developing so nicely love how he attack the lane

Jonathan Allison 8 years, 8 months ago

I'm not going to say that you're wrong. But the odds are not in his favor. At his size he has a lot of work to do to prove to GMs that he can compete against much larger players.

To Mason's credit he doesn't seem to have the body issues that Sherron had, and he definitely has the competitive fire to put in all the work necessary to improve his game. His attitude is right and he's very confident in his ability.

Pierre Jackson was drafted, and so Mason can make it too, but he'll have to really separate himself as an all-American at PG in his career at Kansas.

Len Shaffer 8 years, 8 months ago

As incredible as Selden's play was, we shouldn't overlook the fact that he was actually out of bounds and the refs missed the call. I loved seeing it be the number one play on SportsCenter, but also felt a little strange about the fact that they neglected to mention that minor detail.

I suppose it still makes sense to call it the hustle play of the year for KU, because the effort was the same whether he was inbounds or not. And what a mind-boggling effort it was ...

Bernard Gregory 8 years, 8 months ago

It must be a good luxury for Coach Self to have, not knowing who and when to put players in the game. I thought as well as Frank played in the first half that it took a long time for him to get in the second half.But I had no problem with it because the guys that were on the floor were doing pretty well. I do question as how Wiggins end up playing 38 minutes even though I don't have a problem with it, but it seems he is allowed to struggle a whole lot longer than others. I have a suggestion for Wiggins instead of the spin move take one dribble and rise and dunk it on somebody.

Reggie Flenory 8 years, 8 months ago

Or how about stay in school another yr and work on those handles if we can see the spin move commin u know opposing coaches do

Jonathan Allison 8 years, 8 months ago

I agree with these rankings. Mason was great, a couple of his drives were out of control but he was able to finish, and he DID look like a PG. Also I loved the drive and dish to Ellis for the jam.

Tharpe again looked weak against the zone D. He was not aggressive enough with the ball. He needs to attack the paint, or at least push the ball into a spot where he will draw a help defender. I love that he's not forcing his shot and only shooting when the team clearly needs someone to step up and be the scoring boost, and I think that his control of the game has been great in general recently. But he needs to listen to coach and learn to create against the zone. Mason was the perfect remedy last night.

I'm very impressed with Traylor's offensive game. Last year I would cringe when he went to the free throw line. Now I always expect 2 points when he steps up to the stripe.

I'm very glad that Black is OK. That play looked exactly like a play in middle school that broke a bone below my ankle. Another player fell on my leg from behind and over-contracted my ankle. The injury nagged me for two years and limits the motion of my right foot 16 years later

Waylon Cook 8 years, 8 months ago

Kinda wish Conner would have redshirted but at the end of the first half he came in a played some good bball. When you got 4 stars around you you just don't need to make mistakes which he didn't. He gained experience in a real game that you can't in practice IMO.

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