Morris twins take top spots against Michigan


1. Marcus Morris: KU needed all of his 22 points and 10 rebounds to escape with a victory. 2. Markieff Morris: Hit the shot of the game, a three-pointer in overtime, and also fed his brother cutting down the lane for a big bucket in OT.

3. Tyshawn Taylor: Had a strong defensive game and finished with 12 points and six rebounds but had a little trouble figuring out how to attack the 1-3-1 zone.

4. Tyrel Reed: Totaled 10 points, five rebounds and four steals, but struggled from the field (2 for 9, all three-pointers) and was beaten badly on defense late in the game.

5. Brady Morningstar: Stood out defensively lending key help on a number of occasions, but old man still hasn’t found his three-point stroke.

6. Josh Selby: Played like a freshman all the way all day.

7. Travis Releford: Sprained his ankle after four minutes of action and never was able to return. Could be back as soon as Wednesday in the Big 12 opener in Ames, Iowa.

8. Thomas Robinson: Had five rebounds in nine minutes, but made just 1 of 4 free throws and had three turnovers.

9. Elijah Johnson: Had a turnover, a steal, two missed three-pointers and three personal fouls in unproductive 10 minutes.

The Keegan Ratings: Season Standings
1. Marcus Morris (117 points)
2. Markieff Morris (116 points)
3. Tyshawn Taylor (109 points)
4. Thomas Robinson (94 points)
5. Tyrel Reed (82 points)
6. Travis Releford (71 points)
7. Brady Morningstar (66 points)
8. Elijah Johnson (50 points)
9. Josh Selby (47 points)
10. Mario Little (34 points)
11. Jeff Withey (33 points)
12. Royce Woolridge (4 points)

Note: Once Big 12 season begins, both overall and conference Keegan ratings standings will be kept to take into account Selby's late arrival into the rotation.


Tam Bui 11 years, 4 months ago

Apparently Marcus was so good, he took the top two spots on your list!!

chalmers2wright 11 years, 4 months ago

So Travis who turned his ankle and had literally no impact on the game (unless you are saying that him turning his ankle was a good thing) was better than Robinson who had 5 rebounds? Don't see how that works out unless you are saying that Robinson had a negative affect on the game.

actorman 11 years, 4 months ago

I'm not sure I would mention Markief's three as a good thing. Yes he made the shot but it was a terrible choice. I remember when Self said that a good or bad shot is not based on whether it went in but on whether it was the right choice.

I still agree with Markief being ranked second for his overall performance, but I don't think his choice to shoot a three at that point was a good thing.

slowplay 11 years, 4 months ago

Why was it a bad shot? He was square to the basket and had a good look. He shoots 3's (.375) better than Taylor (.333), Morningstar (.259) and Reed (.342) and shot a better % than Selby vs. Michigan. It was a big basket.

jayhawksbiggestfan 11 years, 4 months ago

If it was not for Tyrels final minutes, we lose. $points from the charity stripe and assists and a trey. Forgot about rebounds and all. Played the most solid game of all. Yes, we all missed to many threes. Rock chalk. I love em all.

actorman 11 years, 4 months ago

You make a good point, Ralster, about Markief not taking any contested threes, and I don't think it was a terrible choice for that reason. But as you said, it was early in the possession, and that's what bothered me. When we tried to attack inside more we were generally able to get a good shot inside or draw a foul and I would have liked to see them do that a lot more rather than taking so many threes. That's the problem I had with the shot.

keith horinek 11 years, 4 months ago

Thomas Robinson plays better when he starts. He should have started, at least in the second half. Tyrel Reed had a poor game early and Selby was not in the game at all. We were bigger inside and with Robinson the Twins, Taylor and Morningstar we could have dominated, game over.

Greg Lux 11 years, 4 months ago

Time to practice offense again. We have two of the knock-down quickest guards and what breaks down a zone better then penetration. ( OK making 3's - but we didn't ). With Josh and TT we need an offense designed around penetration against a zone. Coach is right ( as usual ) we depend on the 3 far to much. Now its time for offensive practice. You can count on a lot of zone's down the road.

Kief #1 - Marcus #4 ( because he had no business taking that last shoot - He needed to be inside to get a rebound or pass. He's playing Strong forward. Who is going to rebound any late shot miss? If we had been behind Marcus costs us the game. He a great outside shot but not at that time in the game. He belongs inside. I still love the guy but he needs to play his position.

Rock Chalk

kusayzone 11 years, 4 months ago

This team plays with what the other team gives them instead of taking what they want and spitting out the competition....;

Tuskin 11 years, 4 months ago

Why is the Keegan Ratings logo a graph trending downward?

texashawk10 11 years, 4 months ago

I would switch the twins and put Markieff #1. Marcus was very good in the first half, but he contributed almost nothing offensively in the second half and OT other than a few FT's and a couple of offensive boards. I was fine with going with the 6 man rotation for basically the entire second half and OT as T-Rob's mind was clearly elsewhere and EJ contributed nothing but fouls. Releford would've been great to have, but obviously he could'nt play.

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