Monday, September 16, 2019

Notebook: KU victory at BC uniquely satisfying for Jayhawks

(Boston, MA, 09/13/19) Kansas Jayhawks teammates Carter Stanley, left, Khalil Herbert, Andru Tovi, and Jack Luavasa celebrate a touchdown against the Boston College Eagles during the second half of an NCAA football game in Boston, Mass., on Friday, September 13, 2019.

(Boston, MA, 09/13/19) Kansas Jayhawks teammates Carter Stanley, left, Khalil Herbert, Andru Tovi, and Jack Luavasa celebrate a touchdown against the Boston College Eagles during the second half of an NCAA football game in Boston, Mass., on Friday, September 13, 2019.


True, the scarcity of Kansas football victories during the previous three years reduces the number of viable candidates, but a couple of key veterans didn’t mind identifying the Jayhawks’ win at Boston College as the most significant they’ve experienced.

Three days after the resounding 48-24 win in Massachusetts, senior safety Mike Lee replied instantly when asked where he would rank the result in terms of the level of satisfaction it provided the players.

“One,” Lee said.

“Just people saying we were going to get blown out by 21,” Lee said of what made this victory feel unique. “People just doubting us.”

Fifth-year senior quarterback Carter Stanley agreed the win felt bigger than any he had experienced at KU, in terms of the potential the Jayhawks showed and what it could mean for the team’s ceiling in the weeks ahead.

“To go off and play another Power Five team like that,” Stanley said of what made it stand out, “and just the feeling we had in the fourth quarter looking up in the stands and seeing nothing but KU fans, it was really special.”

Kansas hadn’t won on the road against a Power Five team since Oct. 4, 2008, at Iowa State. The win at Boston College snapped a 48-game losing skid for the program in that category.

KU is now 7-31 since the start of the 2016 season, when both Lee and Stanley played as freshmen.

“We were just focused on going out, playing the game, playing our game,” Lee said, “and just being more physical. That’s what we were doing. We were the most physical team. The most physical team comes out with the victory.”

Sosinski’s status

The KU offense performed well at Boston College without one of Stanley’s regular targets, senior tight end James Sosinski.

On Monday during Les Miles’ weekly press conference, the head coach didn’t have much of an update on Sosinski’s status for KU’s next game, on Saturday, when West Virginia (2-1) visits Lawrence (3:30 p.m., ESPN+).

“Yeah, I think that HIPAA would not allow me to give too much,” Miles said. “But I think he's somewhere between 10 days and five days out.”

In the absence of the 6-7, 260-pound Sosinski, junior tight end Jack Luavasa caught a 19-yard touchdown pass from Stanley. And freshman tight end Mason Fairchild came within inches of grabbing another TD in the end zone, while finishing with one catch for 9 yards.

Stanley up for weekly award

Stanley’s performance at BC, where he connected on 20 of 27 throws for 238 yards and three touchdowns, landed him on this week’s list of Manning Award Star of the Week candidates.

Fans can vote for Stanley on the Allstate Sugar Bowl’s Facebook page.

Stanley is up against these QBs: Southern Miss’s Jack Abraham, Central Florida’s Dillon Gabriel, Washington State’s Anthony Gordon, Oklahoma’s Jalen Hurts, Navy’s Malcolm Perry, Florida Atlantic’s Chris Robinson and Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa.

Miles on Big 12

KU’s 24-point win at Boston College kicked off a fairly successful weekend for the Big 12.

The following day, Oklahoma trounced UCLA, 48-14; Texas handled Rice, 48-13; Kansas State pulled off a road upset at Mississippi State, 31-24; West Virginia knocked off North Carolina State, 44-27; Oklahoma State won at Tulsa, 40-21; and TCU went to Purdue and prevailed, 34-13.

“I think the Big 12 is making a mark and making a point that postseason there should be a (college football playoff) team,” Miles said on the league’s media teleconference Monday morning.

Only two Big 12 teams lost this past weekend. Iowa State narrowly dropped its rivalry game against ranked Iowa, 18-17, at home. Texas Tech fell, 28-14, at Arizona.

Team of week

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit pegged KU his team of the week after the Jayhawks’ win at BC.

The Football Writers Association of America also named KU its national team of the week.

KU-TCU kickoff

The next time KU plays on the road the game will be readily available for fans in Lawrence.

The Big 12 announced Monday KU’s Sept. 28 game at TCU will kickoff at 11 a.m. and air on FOX Sports 1.


Brett McCabe 2 years, 11 months ago

Side note on uniforms....interesting to see that Miles is keeping it simple. Same hats every game and same home uni’s so far. I like it. I wonder if his message is: it’s not the uniforms...let’s focus on what wins games.

This may be the most intriguing week related to Kansas football in a long while - in terms of on-field activities. If they can earn this win, they will be playing with house money and could legitimately set their sites on something much, much bigger. I’m hoping that the fans show out and bring this team some serious support on Saturday.

Blake McFarland 2 years, 11 months ago

Unfortunately, you're wrong. KU went White helmets, blue jerseys, white pants week 1. Week 2 they went all blue (helmets, jerseys, and pants) and last week they went all white. I would imagine we will either see grey pants or some red this weekend.

Micky Baker 2 years, 11 months ago

The Jayhawks were down 10-0 less than 3 minutes into the game. From that point, KU rolled Boston College 48-14. Carter Stanley was the leader out there and set a tone for the rest of the players. He said, "If I can hurdle this safety and plow over that linebacker, anyone on this team can do that to whoever is in front of them on any play". Really, the way the whole stadium moaned when Carter hurdled the safety to get that first down, it shocked the college football world, at those that who were watching.

But West Virginia comes knocking, and Carter you have an opportunity that might be the biggest one you've had in your life this coming Saturday. If you double down on last week's performance Saturday it could set the tone for the rest of this season. It would be a big deal Carter, and you did it on the road. You can do it in Lawrence too.

The team deserves a solid turnout Saturday. 40,000 plus, and if they do it again Saturday, the next home game better be a sell out!

Micky Baker 2 years, 11 months ago

I don't want anyone to take me wrong here. There were several plays that KU missed in the game. Carter's INT shouldn't have been. I think the receiver should have caught that ball, even though it was a bit high. He had both hands on it. There were two drives where our defensive backs should have gotten interceptions as well. There was also one or two passing plays that worked well for us, but would have ended in TD's on those specific plays if the receiver didn't stop running when he caught the ball. These missed plays could have increased the margin of victory from 24 to 38 or more and could have resulted in KU scoring more than 60. There were mistakes on defense too. All of the mistakes on both sides of the ball are correctable. It is nothing that Boston College forced. They were mistakes on us, our responsibility. Even with these mistakes, it was a break-out performance if they follow it up with something like it with a couple of improvements. I'm going to say right now, if KU plays this Saturday like they did last Friday, KU wins by at least 3 scores Saturday.

Andy Godwin 2 years, 11 months ago

I know that the KU athletics department is trying to drive revenue by getting more fan in the seats but my parents who are elderly (attended KU games for >50 years) can no longer physically attend and are technologically challenged (e.g., ESPN+). The road game against BC game was carried on the ACC network (which is not a station carried by Midco in Lawrence). Thus, these loyal fans have resorted to listening to the game on the radio. Good to see some KU football games (KU versus TCU) on a channel carried locally.

Micky Baker 2 years, 11 months ago

I took my dad last year and they accommodated us. They took us up with the elevator so that he did not have to climb up or down any stairs at all.

Micky Baker 2 years, 11 months ago

I was able to watch the game on HULU. It was worth it. The entire condensed replay is also on Youtube for free. My dad is technology challenged too, but I set up his TV so he can watch the games with the ESPN app, Fox Sports Go, and Hulu. ESPN+ is $50 for the year. Hulu is quite a bit more expensive, but it isn't just sports. It's streaming TV. Fox Sports Go is free. You just have to log in with your username and password that you use to login to your provider's website for your account information. I watched the first game while up in Colorado Labor Day weekend. I sat in a mall parking lot in Pueblo to watch the game. I was on my way to Woodland Park, but I stopped to watch the game on my phone.

Dirk Medema 2 years, 11 months ago

Mickey -Thoroughly agree with your comments except for attendance. I’ve watched multiple programs go through resurgences with fans and even players sometimes commenting on empty seats that they think should be filled. Unfortunately, football attendance seems to lag behind on field performance by about a year. There just aren’t 10-20k fans sitting around with nothing to do for the weekend. They’ve made plans and it’s generally not with other fans for game day experiences. It’s not whether the team is deserving or anything else like that. It just takes time.

Joe Joseph 2 years, 11 months ago

Exactly. The fan shaming is silly. Give fans a reason to show up to the game and they eventually will. One road win over a P5 team will be enough to get a few more people there, but it's not going to sell out.

W Keith Swinehart II 2 years, 11 months ago

Not exactly "fan shaming." Call it a reminder. Request for fan support. I agree that a sell out is unrealistic. But 40,000 should happen.

Micky Baker 2 years, 11 months ago

The reason why I said that if KU backs up last week's performance this coming Saturday, they deserve a sell out the next game, because they do. If they play like they did Friday night, it is exactly what the KU fans have been asking for, isn't it? So when you get it, go get a ticket and go to the game. I know that not everyone can. If I could I would go to every home game, but I don't live near Lawrence but I did make it up to Lawrence for one home game last season which is my first season living back in Kansas for 10 some odd years. The students are already there, why would they want to miss them playing like they did Friday? It is no inconvenience for them and most of them already paid and it won't cost them anything extra. People can buy beer at Memorial Stadium this season as well. There are always tons of people partying around the stadium on game day, even the past few years. If they back up last Friday's performance with an encore this week, plan for the next home game. I personally won't be able to make it. My job deals with grains and we're in corn harvest earlier than expected and I can't get off to go to the game. I am going to try to get there for the K-State game though.

Danny Hernandez 2 years, 11 months ago

well, for any financially strapped Kansas fan, I'll buy two tickets and donate them if you and your guest will show up. We need the crowd

Armen Kurdian 2 years, 11 months ago

So I'm in Alabama this week on work travel. Was listening to the radio in the morning on Monday, as they were talking college football. They were talking about KU's win as the biggest upset of the week in the same segment they were talking about Alabama, Clemson, and powerhouse teams, also mentioning Stanley and the FBWA pegging KU as team of the week.

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