Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Shooting guard Vick to begin KU visit

Kansas University basketball recruiting.

Kansas University basketball recruiting.


LaGerald Vick, who recently decommitted from SMU and is planning on reclassifying from the recruiting Class of 2016 to 2015, today is scheduled to begin his official campus visit to Kansas University.

Vick, a 6-foot-5, 175-pound shooting guard from Douglass High in Memphis, visited Kansas State last weekend. He’s slated to visit Kentucky on Sunday-Monday, with no other visits currently planned. Louisville, Texas, UCLA and others reportedly have expressed interest.

“He has qualified but has not decided on (class of) 2015 yet,” Vick’s AAU coach, Norton Hurd of Team Thad, told

“He’s a really athletic scorer/shooter who can create for himself and others,” Hurd added of Vick, who committed to SMU in October over offers from Georgia Tech, Alabama, Memphis, Mississippi, Providence, Tennessee, Western Kentucky, Auburn, California, Baylor, Indiana, Florida State and others.

Vick, who is currently ranked No. 137 in the Class of 2016 by, averaged 26.0 points and 11.0 rebounds a game for Douglass this past season. He averaged 24 points, 8.0 rebounds, 5.2 assists and 3.0 steals per game for Douglass in 2013-14.

“I’m an all-around player. I’m not selfish,” Vick told the Memphis Commercial Appeal last summer. “I think I’m a 1 or a 2 (in college). Coach (Douglass’ Ted) Anderson helped me out a lot. At first I was just a person who shot the ball. I didn’t like attacking. He helped me out with my slashing ability.”

AAU coach Hurd added to “Offensively he’s one of the most skilled guys in the country, like the 3 or the 2 (position). He’s super athletic. There aren’t too many people in the country (who) can create his own shot like him. He’s like an underrated Malik Newman. If he were to go to Kentucky or wherever fans would be like ‘Oh my gosh, we got a steal. This is a kid we should have taken from day one.’’’

Tickets on sale today: Tickets to the general public for KU’s two World University Games exhibitions against Team Canada go on sale at 10 a.m. today, the KU athletic department announced Tuesday.

A two-game ticket package for games to be held at 7 p.m., June 23 and 26 in KC’s Sprint Center, will be available for $50.

Fans can purchase tickets by calling the KU Athletics ticket office — 800-34-HAWKS — or visiting Sprint Center’s website, Also, fans can charge by phone at 888-929-7849. Tickets also may be purchased in person at the Sprint Center box office.

Tickets for the KU-Canada matchups already are available to Williams Fund members. The World University Games will take place July 3-14 in South Korea. The proceeds from KU’s Kansas City exhibitions, KU announced, will help fund the expenses for the trip.

The two Canada contests will be the first public appearance by the 2015-16 Jayhawks, which will include incoming freshman Carlton Bragg. Freshman Cheick Diallo of Mali and sophomore-to-be Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk of Ukraine cannot play in the Sprint Center games or games in South Korea because they are not U.S. citizens. They are allowed to be managers for KU’s team.

Dickerson available: Florida signee Noah Dickerson, a 6-8, 245-pound senior forward from Montverde (Florida) Academy, has asked for a release from his letter-of-intent, Dickerson tells ESPN. Dickerson, who is ranked No. 81 nationally by, chose Florida over Georgia Tech and LSU last August. Earlier he had been committed to Georgetown.

KeVaughn Allen, a 6-2 senior from North Little Rock (Arkansas) High, who is ranked No. 67 by, also is expected to ask for a release from Florida following Billy Donovan’s departure to the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder.


Chris Shaw 7 years, 7 months ago

Between Vick, Eubanks, and Vaughn...I don't think you can go wrong with any of the 3 based on KU's need at the moment for a third ball handler to help Mason and Graham. You need to sign at least 1 with the 2 remaining schollies.

At the moment it looks like Vick or Eubanks lead for those services since Vaughn won't even make his decision about his LOI release until tomorrow (thurs). I like Mack a lot as well but he's more of a 3 and thats not a direct need.

If Self can get 1 of those 3 guards and just save the extra schollie for 2016 I think that's a pretty well rounded recruiting class for 2015. I just don't see Self signing 2 of the 4 and use all the remaining schollies. If he does i would be quite impressed but I don't see Mack coming here and I don't see Self signing 2 of the 3 available ball handlers. Should be an interesting upcoming weekend.

Robert Brock 7 years, 7 months ago

Vick and Eubanks are not ball handlers; they are scorers who need a lot of work on handling and decision-making. Of the three, Allen is the best at handling and decision-making. He will likely decommit. Whether he reclassifies (or is willing and able) is unknown.

Marius Rowlanski 7 years, 6 months ago

Neither of these players will make much if any impact next season. I would rather see us going after players in the 2016 class unless Self believes he will need bodies as we will be losing several players to graduation and leaving early.

Mark Lindrud 7 years, 6 months ago

If any of these kids are the type that will be here 3 years then a season of growing with the team with some minutes might not be bad so that we are not relying on just freshman the following season. I would be happy with one more wing player this season then save the last scholarship for next season.

Jay Scott 7 years, 6 months ago

Why would a point guard of any ability sign to sit behind Mason and Graham?

Why would Self want to be four deep at that position? (Selden can play it if needed)

None of the player you mentioned are "ball handlers" You make no sense at all Chris.

Tony Bandle 7 years, 7 months ago

Upon further review, I will reverse my somewhat arbitrary position and name Frank as a key starter. I guess I think Devonte is going to make "the Leap" from frosh to soph but forgot that Frank will be better as well. I stand corrected.

I like Chris' idea of giving one and saving one of the last two schollies.That would give us at least three [the extra plus Perry and Jamari a senior?] Heck we may lose Wayne and Cheick as well. Could we have six potential openings? YIKES!!

Luckily, we have no players from the state of Missouri...that's also a foreign country. Trust me, I'm born and live there. :)

Jesse Johnson 7 years, 6 months ago

Yes, Jamari is a fifth year senior next year. So we have 3 seniors next year. It is also likely that Diallo will be a OAD and it is possible that Selden or Svi could enter early. So we will have plenty of schollies to use next year, no need to save any this year.

I would like to see us give both of our remaining schollies this year to 4 year players so we can start developing them in practice this year before we lose a huge chunk of our team and have to rebuild from scratch.

Matt Erickson 7 years, 7 months ago

If we only sign one of these recruits and bank a scholarship that gives us a minimum of 4 next year, but don't forget Diallo will be a one year player (or wants to be) and Svi and/or Wayne could be gone too, although I see Wayne as a 4 year player at this point. This leaves us with 4 to 7 scholarships for next season.

HCBS should try to use both of the open scholarships, preferably one to sign a developmental big man since the front court will be awfully thin next season and the 2016 HS class is guard heavy. A guy like Papagiannis could be a good project if he is willing to play college ball.

I worry about next seasons roster with so much of our front court graduating or going to the draft in 2016.

Jesse Johnson 7 years, 6 months ago

I totally agree. We will have plenty of schollies next year so we should get two developmental players this year, preferably one of the guards we are recruiting and a big man like the greek 7 footer. That would be perfect.

What I don't want to see us do, though, is use the scholarships on low ceiling players who will never really develop into the star power type players we need at KU to win championships.

Perfect examples of 3-4 year players who turned into stars (or at least significant contributors) are Darnell Jackson, Sasha Kaun, Russell Robinson, Cole Aldrich, Morris twins, Releford, T-Rob. Since then it seems we have recruited some low ceiling 4 year player who just aren't as good even after 3-4 years. Examples of those are still on our team (Traylor, Lucas, Mickelson, etc.), and I have total respect for these players and their efforts, they just aren't what we need for Final Four runs. We've also recruited several players recently who leave after one year (Frankamp, White, etc.) the type of players we need as 4 year players but don't stick around to get developed.

Kurt Eskilson 7 years, 6 months ago

I'm not convinced that Lucas is a "low ceiling" player. Self has said repeatedly that Lucas has the potential to be a starter. He played well last season even though he had a variety of injury issues we knew nothing about. When we see a healthy, experienced Lucas play next season, I'm hoping that we'll see the potential that Self has been talking about.

Jesse Johnson 7 years, 6 months ago

Withey is another 4 year player that started out riding the bench but turned into a star.

Aaron Paisley 7 years, 6 months ago

Jeff Withey was a high 4 star top 40 recruit out of HS. Landen Lucas was a 3 star barely ranked recruit. Their ceilings are not comparable as Withey's was much higher from the get go.

Jesse Johnson 7 years, 6 months ago

That is exactly the point I was making in my post. We need to recruit high ceiling 4 year players like Withey, not low ceiling players like Lucas.

Although maybe you are pointing out that there are no top 50 four star recruits left and anyon we get will be a 3 star like Lucas? That could be the case that anyone else we pick up is low ceiling which is very unfortunate. I do think there are a few gems that lerk down in the sub 50 rankings each year that blossom after a year or two of development and hopefully we can use the last two schollies on players like those.

Benz Junque 7 years, 6 months ago

News flash, folks. Not every person receiving a scholarship is going to be a future starter. Good grief. Why have people lost their minds? I blame social media. The most dangerous thing is people having just enough information that they think they know everything. Yeesh.

Glen Miller 7 years, 7 months ago

When you talk about saving a scholarship...... I start getting nervous. Most years, I would agree. This year, I do not and here's why. After next season, we will lose Ellis, Traylor, Mickelson and Manning to graduation. Selden could be gone and if Greene shoots the lights out and improves in some areas, he might bolt as well. Svi, is said to be the most talented player on the roster once he matures and he could bolt with even a half way decent season. If Diallo has a year even close to Embiids break out freshman year, he will leave. Bragg more than likely will stay, but they said he could leave with a good season as well. What does all this tell me folks?? It tells me that our roster could be decimated after next season, like no season before. I'd rather get a kid with that last schollie (if we get one of these guards we want, otherwise 2 will be open) that will be here for a few years and can maybe not play a bunch next year, but get familiar with our system for a year and be ready to roll the following year. I think it's best to fill all scholarships most years in this day and age. Only because there are so many kids leaving school, that it's best to have someone learning at KU to come in the following year. I'd like to see us go after a guard that can handle the ball and score and go after a big that we can develop, because we could be left with Lucas down low and nobody else, depending on how our season goes. I think it's always best to have a few developmental guys with talent that will be in the program for a while like Lucas. I mean look at how far he has come in his time here. It's night and day..... Just my 2 cents.

Jesse Johnson 7 years, 6 months ago

I agree with everything you say except for that last bit on Landen Lucas. Has he improved? Sure. Is he going to be a major contributor like other 4 year players we had in past (Darnell Jackson, Sasha Kaun, etc.) I really don't think so. We need to use the schollies on players with higher ceilings like Jackson and Kaun. Lucas will be a senior next year and he will probably be behind three other bigs (Ellis, Diallo, Bragg) and even then will be fighting Traylor and Mickelson for backup minutes. That's not what we need to use our remaining schollies on IMO.

Kurt Eskilson 7 years, 6 months ago

Lucas will be a fourth-year (redshirt) junior next year – not a senior.

Jesse Johnson 7 years, 6 months ago

Ahh yes, I knew that and mispoke. Thanks for the correction.

Benz Junque 7 years, 6 months ago

I am betting that Self has made similar comments about virtually every rotation player he's ever had. It's coach-speak for "we think he can be better than he is if he works hard and we don't want him to stop working hard so every now and then we have to dangle the carrot of possibly starting out there to keep him motivated".

Glen Miller 7 years, 6 months ago

Say what you want, but without Lucas we do not win the Big 12. He really stepped up in the last part of the season. Was it mostly because he had to play.... yes. None the less, he played well for his skill set. I agree that we would like players with high ceilings, but a Lucas now and then is not such a bad thing. He may not play a whole bunch of minutes, but will provide us with a solid role player the next two years. My point was that when guys are in our system for a bit and stay all 4 years, they typically turn into solid role players and every team needs those.

RJ King 7 years, 6 months ago

And I am so enamored with him for that. We have 13 scholarships. I would gladly fill 4 or 5 of them with kids like Lucas ANY DAY!

Micky Baker 7 years, 6 months ago

If all these guys have good seasons this coming season and we have 4 or 5 guys leave early for the NBA, we'll probably have at least a Final Four appearance and maybe a national championship.

Glen Miller 7 years, 6 months ago

Agreed, we would more than likely have had a spectacular season...... but the point would still be that we'd be losing pretty much everyone and would have little talent coming back. Therefore, I'd like to fill one of the scholarships left with someone who will develop.

Ryan Mullen 7 years, 7 months ago

Why did he decommit? And why would we go after a Larry Brown kid? This seems really strange to me.

Micky Baker 7 years, 6 months ago

SMU is under the gun from the NCAA for violations in the basketball program. What makes this situation unique is that it partially resulted in academic fraud at the high school level of players that committed before the class of 2015 and 2016. There was a major investigation in the Dallas School District that affected a couple of SMU's players. SMU is located right in Dallas. SMU also had been put on probation starting in 2011 for two years. There has not been a meeting with the committee yet. If there are infractions, this is a second offense which would result in 5 years of probation and lost scholarships. This is probably why he decommitted. The kid should get a shot somewhere else where there isn't that cloud hanging over the program.

It's too bad that Larry Brown came after the first set and it seems that there is someone on the inside at SMU that keeps doing this and SMU needs to find out who and terminate them and ban them from access to campus. DISD fired a dozen athletic coaches who were cheating and SMU recruits kids from DISD High Schools.

Ryan Zimmerman 7 years, 7 months ago

Is it odd that someone ranked so low would reclassify? Typically the guys I would think that reclassify are high rated, highly touted, etc.

Aaron Paisley 7 years, 6 months ago

The 2015 class is considered a pretty weak class overall so reclassifying into the 2015 class is likely to move someone up the rankings.

Benz Junque 7 years, 6 months ago

If Kentucky and Kansas are interested in you then you jump into those spots as soon as possible. They may not be as interested in him if he stays in Class of 2015.

Rodney Crain 7 years, 6 months ago

Hopefully we have learned to not enter a season with open scholarships, or wait till the Spring/Summer to fill out our class for the upcoming season. Waiting for 1-2 top ranked players to sign in the summer is fine. This running after recruits who suddenly appear this late in the process is risky and not the way to build a solid class year after year. To add one to fill out a class, sure, to need one, not a good idea.

With so many players realistically leaving after next season we need to begin filling out our class early not put so many eggs in the Spring/Summer basket. Next season if we are unable to get 3 players in the early signing period we have to review our approach and reset how we recruit to ensure we are not chasing as much so late in the process.

Shouldn't we be focused on our team and next season, not wondering day after day what top 100+ recruit who is shaky academically or looking to make his 3rd commitment to a school chooses? Right now we need two of these more than they need us. Not a good place to be in so close to June.

Matt Woolley 7 years, 6 months ago

"This running after recruits who suddenly appear this late in the process is risky and not the way to build a solid class year after year."

11 straight... Golly gee we are so inconsistent. ;)

And personally, I'm pretty happy to be chasing guys this late in May. It's much more entertaining for me than it would be if we weren't!

Also, question. If we are landing top 100 recruits in mid May, what's wrong with that? It's not like we are signing 2-star guys or something. Still have 4-star recruits coming in.

Rodney Crain 7 years, 6 months ago

With respect Matt you have no idea what you are talking about.

Thanks for your short sighted reply, but if you think this is the way to remain competitive, chasing year after year, explaining to you why this is foolish is a waste of my time.

Keep posting please I would love to see what brilliance you come up with next.

Matt Woolley 7 years, 6 months ago

Rodney, with no respect, you are the clueless one here.

I was just joking with you the first part, and the last part I wanted you to actually defend your point with an actual objective fact which I have never seen you do. Where are the numbers that support your argument? Because I'd love to see them.

Look around. All the blue bloods have been scrambling for guys. We aren't alone. Duke, UK and UNC have all had to be unorthadox this year.

Rodney Crain 7 years, 6 months ago

Well Matt wish I cared.

The facts in recruiting are staring you in the face if you were paying attention. Which you obviously are not. I could list all of these for you but I just don't care to bring another poster up to speed who has no clue.

You mean bluebloods like Duke, #1 class, KY# 2 class, MSU?, NC, IN, all of those bluebloods are not scrambling the last 3 years. They are trying to fill out their class which was my point.

You can line up with the other greats who post here, we are AOK RCJH on we go.

Or you can take an objective look at how we recruit and ask a question on our approach.

Matt Woolley 7 years, 6 months ago

Duke signed 6 guys and still only have 11 Scholarship players. A couple of the scholarship guys are 2 star players...

UK signed 4. And still only have 10 Schol players. Thats including a walk-on they put on scholarship.... Scrambling worse than us. Not going to be anywhere near as good as us though.

UNC. Nobody top 50. Nuff said. Preseason number 1, but talk about bare cupboards.

MSU Has exactly what you would describe as your ideal recruiting, but just lost a huge peice in Swanigan and signed an Unranked player.

Did you really want to bring up Indiana? I mean theyve been successful lately...

Lets throw in UCLA then. Oh wait, why?

You see where I'm getting at? You aren't bringing me up to speed. You're stuck in 1980's recruiting when players stayed all four years, nobody transferred and the graduate rule wasn't even heard of. Why fill a scholarship with someone you don't even want on your team and just isn't top talent?

Scenario: We don't sign anyone. We have an amazing year and lose Perry, Wayne, Svi, Bragg, Diallo, Traylor and Mickelson. We would have 9 Scholarships available. We would STILL return 4 quality starters and be able to piece together a very good team between a grad transfer and top level freshmen.

Rodney Crain 7 years, 6 months ago

LOL you actually just proved my point, you have no clue what you are talking about. Thanks Matt!

Alex Resnik 7 years, 6 months ago

Give it a rest Rodney. Just because Matt doesn't agree with you doesn't mean he doesn't know what he is talking about. He brings up some good points to your argument about blue bloods and you have no legit response?

Benz Junque 7 years, 6 months ago

Rodney, with respect, it is you that is way off base here. Kansas didn't just CHOOSE to go into the season with unfilled scholarships. Exactly what was Kansas supposed to do to fill Frankamp's scholarship after he transferred two weeks before the season began?

We don't NEED to fill either spot. We have a loaded roster for next year and we are in on a ton of good recruits for next year. We could comfortably go into next season without filling either spot. If your general level of anxiety promotes that to a problem then that's on you.

"Shouldn't we be focused on our team and next season, not wondering day after day what top 100+ recruit who is shaky academically or looking to make his 3rd commitment to a school chooses? Right now we need two of these more than they need us. Not a good place to be in so close to June."

So close to JUNE?!? What the heck do you think the team needs to be doing in JUNE that requires so much attention? The coaches aren't even ALLOWED to work with the team right now, nor for most of the summer. Good grief, man. Quit trying to make such an issue of nothing. KU is looking to fill a couple of back end of the rotation spots. Who CARES when they do it? I would guess that more preseason Top 10 teams for next year have openings left than don't. Relax, man.

Rodney Crain 7 years, 6 months ago

Benz with absolutely little respect for just about anything you say,

I have a valid point. We are chasing way to late in the recruiting process the last few years. If we are scrambling again next year, I hope we review our strategy. To go into the season with an open scholarship is risky, period end of sentence.

If you think we are loaded you might want to give Coach Self a heads up since he is apparently telling SG recruits right now we need an impact player on our team. Wait thats right you don't care about what is happening you like to live in the past, or the rose colored future. Sorry I was just stating an opinion on something reported here. Looks like we are not just filling out our roster with no regard to when. I guess the coach thinks we need to fill at least one of those spots or else he would be sipping a drink with a tiny umbrella.

As is often the case you misunderstood a simple clear statement. Since I was talking about recruiting, (where was anything about practice or working with players mentioned?), it would be nice, as related to my point, to be done with recruiting for a change in April. Instead of again chasing, as per coach it appears, an impact player close to June. What is so hard to understand by that statement???

When you get the power to tell people what to do on here, will be the day when this site closes down for good. I will state my opinion, and let you lightweights take swings at it.

Relax man you see you just like me, a guy on here giving his 2 cents.

Benz Junque 7 years, 6 months ago

We aren't chasing. We are filling our last two spots. If you don't understand that there is recruiting to be done outside of the typical windows then that's on you. Part of recruiting now is after the end of the standard late signing period when players are transferring or decommitting because of coaching changes.

In the past we had all our scholarships tied up earlier with players that frankly, were a waste of a scholarship. We have had end of the bench players transferring away from Kansas just about every year in Self's time here.

Quite frankly I am THRILLED that Self is more aligned with the times and not signing dopes early just to be done with it and has schollies left later in the cycle to offer to players that have better odds of sticking at Kansas than guys like Wilkes, Doyle, Adams, Thomas, Lindsey, Galindo, etc...

And what do you think Self is going to tell these guys? That we're fine without them? What kind of idiot do you think he is? OF COURSE he is telling them what they want to hear to get them to come here. Come on, man. You're more intelligent than that.

You whine that Self isn't modernizing himself and catching up with the changes in the game. You need to follow your own advice and realize that with the increase in transfers and coaching changes that there is a much higher volume of higher quality players available at this time of year than ever before. It's you that's living in the past when you request that Self get his recruiting done by April. This is how things work now.

Tom Jones 7 years, 6 months ago

Recruiting is really rocket surgery to Ben and Rodney, alas.

It was entertaining for a while, but the same post over and over has become tedious.

Rodney Crain 7 years, 6 months ago

Tom as is often the case you have made a silly post that typically does not make sense. I would give you the benefit of the doubt that you just made a mistake with your words on purpose as one of your mostly miss the target pot shots at a poster, but who knows with you anymore. You rarely hit the mark with one your many clever comments.

If you meant Rocket Science, ok that makes sense, if you meant Brain Surgery ok that makes sense, but I have no idea what rocket surgery means. Again maybe you meant do that but I think you have shown repeatedly that you just are not that clever.

Thanks for trying but alas again swing and miss.

Rodney Crain 7 years, 6 months ago

Ah Brett another brilliant poster. So glad you decided dip deep into your bag of nonsense.

Where do you get off telling anyone, I mean anyone, what to post or how many times someone gets to post it? What possibly can you think gives you that power? Since you did not disagree with my post you must agree with it. So thank you for supporting my comment. Not sure if you agree with it why you have an issue with seeing it more than once. You do the same thing...

Tom Jones 7 years, 6 months ago


These are the posts that keep me reading your stuff, RC. Keep up the good work, buddy.

Benz Junque 7 years, 6 months ago

Eh, what? Tharpe transferred the beginning of May and Frankamp transferred the end of October. We didn't really have many opportunities to fill those slots before the season began.

RJ King 7 years, 6 months ago

I’ll take these 3 or low-4 star players in a heartbeat, simply because in the coming years they will be bigger sophomores and juniors who know the system. Being one of the youngest teams in the country has not been an asset for us in March.

If any of these kids available now can develop and improve . . . fantastic! If they don’t pan out, it creates an opening for another who might. Grab them if we can, and let the chips fall.


Mason (JR) Graham (SO)

Selden (JR) Greene (JR) Svi (SO)

Ellis (SR) Traylor (SR) Bragg (FR)

Mickelson (SR) Lucas (JR) Diallo (FR)


Mason (SR) Graham (JR)

?Selden (SR) ?Greene (SR) ?Svi (JR)

?Bragg (SO)

Lucas (SR) ?Diallo (SO)


Graham (SR)

?Svi (JR)

?Bragg (JR)

?Diallo (JR)

? = likely or possibly gone

Rodney Crain 7 years, 6 months ago

I agree with you RJ having a mix of players is best. Which is why it is strange that we have not signed early many of the top 50-100 talent availble to go along with the later period signees. We seem to be chasing some questionable recruits late now.

A few comments, I think Selden has peaked. I think Frank, Devonte and Svi can improve for next year. I am not sure Svi will stay past next year if he cannot crack the rotation. He could stay to get an education, but I think he will play overseas not here in his JR. year. Diallo has OAD written all over him unless he gets injured. Bragg may be here 2 years. Greene, Selden, Lucas all here 4 years no doubt. In the next 12 months we will have a lot of openings to fill I beleive. I hope we get an early jump for next year. Cuboard is not bare but it is not full either.

Benz Junque 7 years, 6 months ago

LET IT GO. Kids make decisions when they make decisions. It's not KANSAS that is choosing to sign later. We're filling back of the rotation spots, not starting spots. And these are still kids ranked in the Top 150. Not exactly "questionable recruits." I think you might be getting a tad bit carried away for dramatic impact to prove your overdone point.

Rodney Crain 7 years, 6 months ago

Benz you know when you say someone should do something it actually makes me think the opposite is true, like the Summer of George on Seinfeld.

If you say we should not comment because Benz the almighty has spoken, why by golly I think I will do it again and again and again. Especially the same subject.

Talk about being overdone, Give it a rest will you?

Benz Junque 7 years, 6 months ago

Take your own advice and stop living in the past. Recruiting continues beyond the late signing period now. With the growing number of transfers and coaching changes, there are a lot more really good players available at this time of year than there ever were before.

Ten years ago, if we were still recruiting in May then I'd agree with you that we were scrambling. Now, we are smart to have two spots open so that we can be a player in the transfer and decommit market. There are more good quality players available now than ever before. The guys we are bringing in to visit now have a much better chance to be guys that produce for KU down the line than the guys we used to have as end of the bench guys.

Brian Wilson 7 years, 6 months ago

Players that don't grow up indoctrinated or as legacy to their dad are smart to wait. Why go to MU when you can go to KU? Especially if your not guaranteed to start. Once legacies sign and early jumpers go pro, recruits can see if they will have the opportunity to play. This doesn't happen until after March madness. Right now, it looks like KU could use a backup SG that will get 5-10 min/game. And big time minutes if someone is hurt. There is also opportunity for a 7'0" Center to play some minutes learning and helping of defense. IMO, we will get one of each.

Its crazy for KU to intentionally save any scholarships. We send way to many players to the pros to try and predict the future, plus, college basketball in general has too many injuries, too many academically ineligible players, as well as discipline issues. All it takes is for 1 or 2 players being in the place at the wrong time.

Aaron Paisley 7 years, 6 months ago

Saving 1 scholarship isn't a big deal and a lot coaches do so on a regular basis. Coaches typically like to have 1 in the pocket for a midseason transfer, like how KU landed Jeff Withey. If a team is suffering from injuries, academic, or disciplinary issues to the point where depth becomes an issue, that team was likely having a bad year to begin with.

Also, with KU's current roster, there's nothing but garbage time minutes left so any player that comes to KU is going to come in knowing they aren't seeing relevant minutes barring injury next season and are there to move into the rotation in 2016-17.

Brian Wilson 7 years, 6 months ago

You don't need a mid season transfer if you get a good recruit to begin with. So, IMO, you don't intentionally leave a scholarship open, It just happens when you don't sign a player you want.

You are correct, there is nothing but garbage time left. Maybe 5-10 minutes for a backup guard. Which, is the reason why no of these guys have signed with us yet.

If anybody has a Scout account please check on Tevin Mack. Apparently there is "Big News" related to Mack and the Longhorns. Insinuating, KU might be out.

Rodney Crain 7 years, 6 months ago

I agree Brian.

Stating that it is fine to have an open scholarship is an excuse, not a stratergy.

Matt Woolley 7 years, 6 months ago

Spot on Aaron. No need for 13 when the odds of the no. 13 ever playing meaningful minutes is slim to none. Worst case scenario we return Lucas, Greene, Mason, and Graham next season. Still 4 VERY serviceable players. One grad transfer and 3-4 Fresh have us at a top 10 team again easy in 2 years

Then people worry about 3 years from now. Solid pg with Graham still here. Odds are we'd have 3-4 sophomores. 3-4 Freshmen. Still a top 25 team...

Micky Baker 7 years, 6 months ago

Saving 1 scholarship isn't a problem in my view either. Our biggest question mark after struggling down the stretch from behind the arc is perimeter shooting and Vick would help provide some stability there. With an extra guy who can knock down that shot, it would allow Greene or someone else to get the rest they need when injured. After Greene was injured, he never recovered but might have if he had fully healed from it.

Aaron Paisley 7 years, 6 months ago

KU will for sure lose Ellis, Traylor, and Mickelson, most likely lose Diallo, and there's a good chance Svi will be gone as well. KU will return Mason, Graham, Selden, Greene, Lucas, and Bragg in 2016-17 along with anyone else that's signed this offseason. Those 6 are a good nucleus to start with and would be a good starting 5 and bench guy with either Graham or Greene. A combo and big should be the targets. It really doesn't bother me if Self saves a scholarship for 2016 and only signs one more player this year. The 13th player isn't going to play anyway this year and with what's left, he would be someone that gets recruited over anyway and probably forced out at some point. Also, the 2016 class is generally considered a stronger overall class than 2015 is so the odds of filling that scholarship with a better player is a lot higher next season.

Rodney Crain 7 years, 6 months ago

I disagree.

We need developmental guys, our coaches speciality, in the program now so in 2-3 years when they are ready, we can plug them in and get contributions. There is no reason to sit on a scholarship for the second year in a row, in the hope that somebody drops out of the sky. It is risky. KU should be able to put together a full recruiting class.

Benz Junque 7 years, 6 months ago

But then we have to listen to you call those developmental guys "questionable recruits" so there really is no pleasing you.

I am sure that Self will fill the remaining two spots. At this point there are some nice possibilities out there. What players develop into is anyone's guess so we'll just enjoy the process and see how it works out.

Micky Baker 7 years, 6 months ago

Benz, he doesn't get it. He refuses to.

Rodney Crain 7 years, 6 months ago

Benz again with the perfect comment... wait no just a bunch of bologna again.

Actually there is a way to please me; have most of your recruiting done by the end of April if not sooner, finish the season strong and make a respectful showing in the NCAA tournament, and never play WSU.

Benz Junque 7 years, 6 months ago

Oh, my. You might want to get in touch with how recruiting works these days.

Tyler Capone 7 years, 6 months ago

I think we need one of the 3 simply because our shooting guard position is pretty inconsistent. You mever know what Vick or Eubanks could do, we already know about Selden and Greene.

Tony Bandle 7 years, 6 months ago

Can't all of you take a bit of criticism as a legitmate argument to your position as opposed to every comment you disagree with is a personal attack? This "seventh grade at recess" bickeriong and name calling is really getting old and makes this site look childish and foolish.

Almost without exception, the posters on this site are hardcore fans that are both articulate and clever, yet that goes by the wayside once everyone starts crabbing at each other.

I'd like to believe we all are on the same side and want KU to excell [trolls excluded of course]. In no way am I trying to be the posting police...just try to have a little more respect for ther other guy, that's all I'm saying. Thanks.

Rodney Crain 7 years, 6 months ago

Ain't going to happen Tony, not when the personal attack starts way before there is even an arguement made. I do not think anyone cares about looking childish and foolish any more. If they want to play in the mud, I don't mind it at all. They are goldfish in the ocean to some of the folks I deal with everyday. I would prefer they keep the disrespect out of this but some of these folks don't even know what that word means.

Benz Junque 7 years, 6 months ago

Some of your highlights just from this thread:

"With respect Matt you have no idea what you are talking about." "Well Matt wish I cared." "Benz with absolutely little respect for just about anything you say," "Tom as is often the case you have made a silly post that typically does not make sense." "Benz again with the perfect comment... wait no just a bunch of bologna again." "Ah Brett another brilliant poster. So glad you decided dip deep into your bag of nonsense."

People disagree with your points and the first comment out of your mouth is a personal attack on them. Are you really unsure why people have a problem with you?

Sorry but you simply aren't right. Wrapping up recruiting as early as possible is NOT the best way to go about things any more. It's best to have your core rotation wrapped up as early as possible but it's best to still have a few scholarships open late so that when guys decide after the end of the season to transfer or decommit due to coaching changes etc... then you can look through the available options and chose guys that fit your needs.

Does the long list of transfers of end of the bench guys that we landed early in the process not show that your desired model isn't the best approach?

Benz Junque 7 years, 6 months ago

Have you looked at the number of really good recruits that are available thanks to decommittments and transfers the last few years? You can say I am wrong all you want but the recruiting world has changed and there is no denying it. I am glad to see Kansas starting to adjust to it and having some scholarships left to pick from better players.

Thanks god we had a scholarship left late when we landed in Class of '08 when we landed Tyshawn Taylor in late April. We could have had two scholarships had we not made the mistake of signing Tyrone Appleton, a 3 star PG in February. Wasted schollie.

Another early signee? Class of 2010's Royce Woolridge, another 3 star player who we signed all the way back in May 2008 and who was also a complete waste that prevented us from having a spot open for a better player that might have actually done something for us.

Our earliest signee of Class of 2011? Nadiir Tharpe. Enough said

2012 appears to be your favorite recruiting season as we wrapped up all our spots in the fall period by filling slots with Ellis (great) and then Landen Lucas, Zach Peters, Anrio Adams and Andrew White. AWESOME! I cannot imagine who we left on the table thanks to having three three star players wrapped up early!

2013 earliest signee? Conner Frankamp! Yippee! Thank god we had one open late when we got Andrew Wiggins.

RJ King 7 years, 6 months ago

Love the specific examples Two! I wish all posts would reference such info. Obviously the recruiting thing can work both ways, but you've made an excellent case for the why the sky is not falling.

Sam Constance 7 years, 6 months ago

I remember when participating in the comments section of this site used to be fun.

Amazingly, the change to require real names has somehow coincided with the environment on here becoming more toxic.

I don't know why I continue to come back. Guess a part of me hopes that interesting, thoughtful debate will have returned.

Benz Junque 7 years, 6 months ago

It was the arrival of Rodney pissing in everyone's Cheerios that spoiled the enjoyment, not the arrival of the new naming convention.

Rob Byrd 7 years, 6 months ago

Crain, you just need to get over yourself already. It is the exact same drivel from you regardless of the subject, you've always got the same basic complaint. And as far as you giving your two cents worth, if you're getting paid two cents for your opinions you're being overpaid by at least 75%, so by this time you should be paying back in dollars rather than pennies!

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