Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lew Perkins joins USA Boxing board


When Lew Perkins’ time as athletic director at Kansas University ended in Sept., 2010, it was termed a “retirement,” but he hasn’t relegated himself to passing his days playing shuffle board.

Perkins, who resides in Lawrence with wife Gwen, recently accepted an invitation to join the Board of Directors of USA Boxing, the governing body that oversees amateur boxing, including Gold Gloves and USA Olympic boxing.

Asked to characterize his knowledge of the sport, Perkins said, “Zero. I know nothing about boxing.”

He said he will be counted on to help in developing a marketing plan and in other strategic planning areas.

“Everybody on the committee has boxing experience except me,” Perkins said. “They’re looking for someone to help them administratively.”

Perkins said that there are 23,000 amateur boxers in the country, but that’s not the size of the pool from which the Olympic team will find its boxers.

“What’s happening, at least this is my perspective, a lot of the big promoters who promote pro boxing are taking kids at an early age, taking them out of amateur boxing and that’s what’s happening to Olympic boxing,” Perkins said. “That’s something the whole group is trying to figure out.”

Perkins also operates a consulting business, “The Lew Perkins Team,” used by athletic departments. Perkins also serves on the boards of the Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence and Lawrence Country Club, where he golfs regularly.

“I think some people are surprised when a coach or administrator stays (in Lawrence),” Perkins said. “Why wouldn’t you stay here? It’s a great place. It’s a lot of fun. We have a lot of friends here. It’s easy to get to the airport for trips I make for my business. Why wouldn’t you stay?”


Cora Smith 7 years ago

No need to ever mention his name again on this website.

Billy Derringer 7 years ago

Never really understood the whole Lew exaduse, even heard he hired T.Gill to make sure the program failed. Could someone with knowledge educate me why he was pushed out an why people don't want his name mention on this site.

Harlan Hobbs 7 years ago

Billy, Lew was involved in a ticket selling scandal in which he allegedly received gifts from organizations to which he gave KU basketball tickets. Am not sure how much is true and what isn't, but I sincerely doubt that he hired Turner Gill to make sure the program failed. I'm not that cynical.

I do believe that Lew never liked Mark Mangino who was hired by his predecessor. When the controversy arose over Mangino, there was no backing at all from the administration, and Mangino was out. Since then, KU has done nothing in football, and I am sure that many blame Perkins.

Hopefully, we have turned the page with Coach Beaty. I am optimistic about his future and hope that he is successful. It will take some time though.

Bville Hawk 7 years ago

Using athletic department funds to fly via private jet to a basketball game in Columbia, MO was one of the things that PO'd me the most. Running Mangino off was primary, but to act like you're the CEO of a Fortune 500 company took the cake. I think even the TEAM always bused to Columbia. What a conceited, self-important tool...

Suzi Marshall 7 years ago

Nearly everything about Perkins bothers me. He was technically incompetent as an athletic director and unethical in his business dealings. In short, he's a crook and represents all that is wrong with collegiate athletics.

Billy Derringer 7 years ago

Thanks for the info. Seems he abused his AD position glad all has moved on.

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