Originally published May 18, 2012 at 11:50a.m., updated May 19, 2012 at 12:10a.m.

Big 12, SEC have deal for football champs to play

The Big 12 and SEC will have a new football game for its league champions beginning in 2014.

The Big 12 and SEC will have a new football game for its league champions beginning in 2014.


The Big 12 and the Southeastern conferences have announced a deal that will pit their football regular-season champions against each other in a New Year’s Day bowl game for five years beginning in 2014, positioning themselves for the expected switch to a four-team playoff.

In fact, SEC Commissioner Mike Slive all but said it’s coming in Friday’s announcement of the agreement between two of the most successful BCS conferences.

“A new January bowl tradition is born,” Slive said in a statement. “This new game will provide a great matchup between the two most successful conferences in the BCS era and will complement the exciting postseason atmosphere created by the new four-team model. Most importantly, it will provide our student-athletes, coaches and fans with an outstanding bowl experience.”

If one or both of the league champions are selected to play in the playoff, another team would be selected for the Big 12-SEC bowl showdown on Jan. 1.

The move will establish the equivalent of the Pac 12 vs. Big Ten Rose Bowl, minus nearly a century of tradition. Those two conferences have pushed for a new format preserving that matchup for the Rose Bowl, which Slive has indicated he doesn’t favor.

“Our goal is to provide the fans across the country with a New Year’s Day prime-time tradition,” acting Big 12 Conference Commissioner Chuck Neinas said. “This is a landmark agreement between two of the most successful football conferences during the BCS era to stage a postseason event. The creation of this game featuring the champions of the Big 12 and SEC will have tremendous resonance in college football.”

Specific details for the matchup, including host sites, will be announced later.

BCS executive director Bill Hancock has said 11 conference commissioners and Notre Dame’s athletic director will present a “small number” of options — two to seven configurations — for a four-team playoff to their leagues at conference meetings this summer.

SEC teams have won the past six BCS national titles, including Alabama’s victory over LSU in January. The Big 12 and SEC have each had a top-four team in the final standings in 11 of the 14 seasons since the BCS was created, the most of any league. They share the top spot with 14 teams apiece finishing in one of those four spots.

The two league champions have met twice in BCS bowl games since 1998, both in BCS championship games. In 2010, Alabama defeated Texas, 37-21, in Pasadena, Cal., and in 2009 Florida defeated Oklahoma, 24-14, in Miami.

The move is especially noteworthy for the Big 12, which was scrambling to hold itself together just two years ago after losing four teams.

Nebraska left for the Big Ten, Colorado went to the Pac-12 and, as of July 1, Missouri and Texas A&M; will be in the SEC. The Big 12 is adding TCU and West Virginia this year to remain at 10 member schools.

“This agreement reinforces that the Big 12 is exactly what we’ve been saying for some time — a strong, stable, vibrant conference that is at the forefront of intercollegiate athletics,” said Dr. Sheahon Zenger, Kansas athletic director.

Jayhawks coach Charlie Weis agreed.

“What a great day for the Big 12,” he said, “To be matched with the champion of the SEC places the two most successful conferences in the BCS era head-to-head. All Big 12 fans should be happy today.”


ahpersecoachingexperience 10 years ago

Yeah...ummmmmm...I don't think this concerns us too much

Micah Mandy Haase 10 years ago

It may not concern us in the actual game but I am sure it will drive realignment yet again. I am thinking it is going to be a crazy summer for the Big (12)

Phoghorn 10 years ago

Nope, 'cause KU is going to the Big 10 anyway. (from a source). (the source being my neighbor's Yorkshire Terrier).

Travis Clementsmith 10 years ago

I don't understand why you would think that? This will probably net our school and extra 1-2 million over the contract and we don't even have to play in it. It cements our position as one of the four top conferences. I want a competitive football program, but we'll always be a basketball school. The one thing we have to make certain is that we have a large popular stage in which to showcase that program. Saying this doesn't concern us is incredibly shortsighted.

Jeff Kilgore 10 years ago

ahper, you clearly missed the big picture. This is HUGE for KU.

Cmill1221 10 years ago

We have a better chance to play in that game than Missouri.

Cameron Cederlind 10 years ago

I think he meant playing in the game, I heard this news and a buddy of mine said "Oh man, now KU and MU get to play each other again!". Yeah . . . .that's never going to happen. If we happen to win the big 12 at some point in the next 5 years (big IF), there's no way missouri would have any chance at winning the SEC.

Displayhawk 10 years ago

It makes Methzoo look even dumber for bolting! They will never get there in the SEC. They might have had a chance in the Big 12. Oh well, no use crying over spilled meth! RCJH!

rhollinshed 10 years ago

gotmylimitofjhawks....hey wait a minute....are you a jayhawk fan? Who are you relegating to the MWC?

Sam Constance 10 years ago

So how many years of the Big 12 continuing to exist as a major BCS conference will we have to wait until you dumb [expletive] in Misery learn that you jumped from a ship that wasn't sinking?

It's hilarious that you all continue to delude yourselves into thinking that...

1) The Big 12 is going away, and 2) That KU would end up in the MVC if it did.

All so you don't have to feel stupid for leaving a conference on the grounds of not feeling respected enough.

Clearly, SEC officials aren't too worried about the Big 12 going away anytime soon. So you either joined a conference that's run by imbeciles, or you are the imbeciles for leaving an incredibly good conference in which you were a major player, to go be a johnny-come-lately in a conference where you want some of their rich tradition in football to rub off on you by association.

BigAl 10 years ago

And still no one misses MU. The Big 12 is clearing out its pond scum and bringing in better schools.

Phoghorn 10 years ago

KU will go to the MVC as soon as the basketball team leaves Allen Field House and moves their home games back to the Lawrence YMCA.

SaltLakeHawk 10 years ago

Careful. I hear Norfolk State has a football team.

ltownatrain 10 years ago

Here's an idea if you don't like KU stop being a troll and get off our message boards.

KUbsee69 10 years ago

Have a hunch ... gotmylimitofjhawks = Stephen Webber.

Dan Harris 10 years ago

Make a BCS bowl game and /or a final 4 then come back and pop off loser

JayHok 10 years ago

The ship may have looked like it was sinking when your school ran away. But guess who put the first and only hole in the ship before it was patched up literally 3 weeks after you left?

Mizzou. Going to ESPN spouting your mouth about Texas, forcing Nebraska and Colorado to get nervous. That was all you. Bragging about going to the Big 10. All you.

Now look at our conferences. Both tier 1 and 2 contracts, nearly identical. Tier 3 which you were also worked up about, is the exact same as the big 12. Alabama could sign a $300 million dollar deal with ESPN just like Texas did. But look at you guys, still complaining about Texas.

I wouldn't cry over spilled Meth---you did this to yourself. That includes making that "we are Missouri" video.

JayhawksandHerd 10 years ago

Boy, I wish I could be in Columbia this fall to watch y'all hang that Final (Sixty) Four banner from the rafters. It should fit in nicely with your Big XII (Tournament) Championship banner and your (non-existent-but-it's-not-fair-we-should-have-gone-not-KU) Orange Bowl trophy. Cheers!

TulsaJayhawk 10 years ago

Dear limited. The future is ever changing, and the Jayhawk football program is on the rise.

ltownatrain 10 years ago

Here's what I don't get. Why create yet another freaking bowl game? The two conferences play each other in the Cotton Bowl each year and the Cotton Bowl has a lot of history and tradition so why not just change it to be between the leagues champions. This makes no sense to me.

Pitthawk34 10 years ago

This game is to directly combat the Rose Bowl. This was a good move.

RoamingHawk 10 years ago

because the conferences can now capture more revenue than through an existing bowl. It creates a more significant conference rivalry game than the Cotton Bowl (which can end up being #4-#5 from each conference).

sgl8888 10 years ago

And the current bowls, even the BCS bowls like the Fiesta in particular, won't be as big of a deal with the potential playoff. Taking ownership of the bowls away from the BCS and the others and the conferences taking ownership is much more appealing for the conferences.

ltownatrain 10 years ago

I'm just a little old fashion and like the cotton bowl and think it would be a great platform for the two leagues. Also it won't be the #4-5 from each conference in the future as currently the Cotton Bowl is either the #2 or #3 from each so it will likely stay that way. I'm not saying the SEC vs Big 12 champ isn't a smart move just that in my opinion it would be cooler as the cotton bowl (which is now played on a national stage at Cowboy stadium anyway). I mean the move makes perfect sense as the SEC and Big 12 have been in the BCS national titles (11 or 14 years) more than any other conferences combined.

Ron Prichard 10 years ago

I think the playoff system and/or this game may actually incorporate one or more of the existing BCS bowls. I read on twitter this may be in conjunction with the Sugar Bowl. Not sure if there is any truth to that. I could also see the playoff games being a couple of the existing bowls. Say PAC 12 champs v. Big 10 champs in the Rose Bowl and Big 12 champs and SEC champs in the Sugar Bowl. Winners play for NC.

I think this is what the other schools are worried about (a.k.a., ACC/Big East schools and independents like ND). This could push further realignment very quickly.

jhox 10 years ago

Good point. I've seen speculation this may finally force ND to join a conference, and financially speaking the big 12 may be a good fit. I'd still put my money on them to the Big 10 but that would not be a slam dunk, because of how the big 12 handles revenue issues. ND could keep a bigger chunk of their own revenues in the Big 12.

If they did go to the Big 10, would the Big 10 bring in a second school, and who might that be? With Missery out of the picture, would they look to the East, or perhaps stay closer to home and look at a certain Midwest basketball power who would be a very strong academic fit? And if they did go after that basketball power, would that basketball power be willing to leave a certain poor, ugly, purple step-sister behind and do what would obviously be in it's own best interest?

baldwinjhawk 10 years ago

Because the cotton bowl was connected to the SEC third sometimes 4th team and sometime the big 12's 3rd place team.

DRsmith 10 years ago

Ouch. I don't see this being much of a contest most years.

Andy Tweedy 10 years ago

I disagree. I'm betting many years it will actually be a contest between the SEC and Big XII runners-up. That could be quite competitive!

blindrabbit 10 years ago

Do I have to buy one of those bigoted Stars and Bars flags to attend one of these games! Or will marrying my cousin work, or maybe learning "Dixie", what about lowering KU academic standards to qualify. Better yet, learn to speak like Haley Barbour!

Matt Friedeman 10 years ago

blindrabbit -

There are all kinds of bigotry. Geographical bigotry is a kind, as you have shown.

As a Jayhawk who lives in Mississippi (btw - as a Jayhawker I was a Big Eight champ, All-American and participant in the Olympic Trials with three degrees and a Ph.D. from KU) I will attest that your questions concerning requirements will not be necessary. But to catch like Jerry Rice, throw like Archie or Eli Manning, run like Walter Payton and sing the national anthem like Elvis might be exceedingly helpful.

Rock Chalk from the "land of Cotton"...

exiledhawkfan 10 years ago

+1 from a 'Hawk fan living in the beautiful upstate of South Carolina,

mgphill 10 years ago

The "marrying my cousin" part is not exactly bigotry, but it is classless stereotyping/name-calling.

Besides this, however, blindrabbit's characterization of the culture and institutions of the deep south is pretty much accurate. ...regrettably

With the aid of 20/20 hindsight, I am glad we weren't invited to the SEC...we likely would have accepted, which would have compromised our "anti-slavery Jayhawker" identity.

In a way, it seems fitting that Missouri is returning to its roots though.

mgphill 10 years ago

Because I believe in factual support of claims:

...and can anyone actually deny racism?

mgphill 10 years ago

...and can anyone actually deny (the) racism?

JayDocMD 10 years ago

+1 from this Jayhawk in Arkansas

jhox 10 years ago

I'm not a southerner, but I agree t here is a lot of intellectual stereotyping that goes on, and suspect it is mostly related to the accent of people from the south. It is not accurate and not fair. It's a bit like tall men with a full head of graying hair being more likely to move up the corporate ladder because they look the part, even if they have no substance. Someone with a southern accent will have a harder time moving up the ladder in the East, Midwest, or west, and it's often based on inaccurate subconscious stereotypes. It's easy to listen to someone with a proper British accent and assume they must be really intelligent, even if that's not the case at all.

ejlumus 10 years ago

Winner of Cotton bowl plays the winner of the Rose Bowl for National Championship.

Hank Cross 10 years ago

Assuming that all the teams in the conference will get at least some bit of this new bowl money, is it better to split the money from this new bowl 10 ways? or 12 ways? or 14 ways (SEC)? I barely eked out a D in Algebra 101 at Wescoe, but something tells me that the rest of the B12 is not going to be in a hurry to share any new money with FSU, Miami, Clemson, LVille, etc.

lilchefed 10 years ago

Its pretty much a guarantee that the SEC champion will be in the projected 4 team BCS playoff and highly likely that the Big 12 champion will be in the playoff also (but not as likely as the SEC champion) this pretty much puts the #2 teams against each other.

David Meredith 10 years ago

True! Certainly the champs of the SEC will be in the new 4 team playoff... so highly doubt this game will ever pit the true conference champs against each other.

bradh 10 years ago

You're most likely correct, but it does give the 2nd place teams who don't get to the playoffs the guarantee of a New Year's Day bowl. It will also most likely be the best bowl game of the year, assuming the BCS playoffs don't use the bowl system.

Michael Maris 10 years ago

No, no, no, you all have it wrong. This is the way that KU and Missouri get to extend their Rivalry beginning in 2014. LOLLOLLOLLOL.................

John Fitzgerald 10 years ago

Wow! This is great news. Can you guys remember when the Big 12 was on the brink of destruction? I actually thought we would be in a different conference by now. But we've had good leaders that have made even better decisions. Now, we're very stable, and one of the first conferences any team is looking at. I think it's great and with all of these deals and the anticipation of the realignment coming up the Big 12 will now be recognized and respected through out the NCAA. Not that we haven't, but I notice a bit of down playing when we're listed in the media. We will be a powerhouse conference now, and get whatever we please. Great things for KU and it will be easier getting recruits when you have a strong and stable conference.

Tony Bandle 10 years ago

Clemson, Florida State, BYU, Notre Dame....come on down!!!!!!! :)

Ron Prichard 10 years ago

I hear you, oakville. I think this will speed things up significantly. We could be in for a wild summer. The ACC is peeing its pants right now.

LogicMan 10 years ago

There was a rumor of this deal for some time. And it has come true.

Now what about the rumor of going to 14 to 16 teams?

FSU, GaTech, Clemson, UMd, VaTech, etc., the Big 12's phone number is 469-524-1000; just ask for Chuck.

BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years ago

Hmmmm, I smell BCS involvement. Allow your imaginations to work on this a bit. Big XII and SEC announce this conference winners contest. Now, what happens if/when the PAC 10 and Big 10 announce a similar contest. It would seem that a four team playoff was instantly created if such events fall into place.

LogicMan 10 years ago

"Now, what happens if/when the PAC 10 and Big 10 announce a similar contest."

Um ... it's the Rose Bowl. They've been play it for a while.

Now if the PAC12/B1G and Big12/SEC announce a deal for the bowls' winners to meet in a final bowl game, game's-over for the ACC, Big East, etc. teams on ever being declared national champions.

jgkojak 10 years ago

This will be in addition to the Nat Champ 4-team play-off-

if we take last year:

Let's say they select LSU (SEC) Alabama (SEC) Oklahoma State (B12) Oregon (Pac12)

for the play-off -

Then the B12-SEC bowl would have Arkansas vs. Oklahoma

and the Rose Bowl would have B10 winner vs. Stanford

Bill Skeet 10 years ago

Now what if the new bowl (Big12/SEC) is called the Wine Bowl.

And the winner plays the winner of the Rose Bowl.

Then wouldn't that bowl be the Wine and Roses Bowl?

ba-dump bump

Brian Skelly 10 years ago

For KU its probably not a huge deal -- we wont be playing for it. Of course Id never thought we'd see an Orange Bowl either... so anyways...

This is a GREAT deal for the Big 12 / SEC. I'd be curious how this will affect the next round expansion. This cant be good for the ACC. Marginalized even more now.

It's obvious this was set to compete/compare with the Rose Bowl. It's sorta staggering this hasnt happened sooner, but oh well.

My guess is it'll end up being the Sugar Bowl or Cotton Bowl. Should be interesting.

W Keith Swinehart II 10 years ago

Great news! This creates a terrific football rivalry match and reinforces the power of the Big 12 and SEC. Really something for everyone in our conference to aim for. Sort of a new era Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl. Will it have a special Bowl name? How about POWER BOWL?

Steve Jacob 10 years ago

Remember when the FSU leader had a "pros and cons" list for moving into the Big 12? Well this is a big "pros". But if college football is going to a four champions format for the title (Pac12, Big10, SEC, Big12), Congress will step in protecting the other teams.

Sam Constance 10 years ago

Which is why the four-team playoff won't be slotted by just taking conference champs from four conferences.

The four-team playoff will be selected using a formula, similar to how they currently do a two-team national championship game, that includes voters and computers.

Sometimes these college football officials can be dense, but they aren't idiots--they know that assigning playoff slots to four conference is the easiest way to get the government involved and have the whole system come crashing down around them. There needs to be the illusion that ANY team in Division I-A is capable of making the playoffs/title game or they will open themselves up to the quickest anti-trust lawsuit ever fought.

Marcia Parsons 10 years ago

One of the FSU's president's cons was that Big12 first and second tiers had unequal revenue distribution. I wonder if he is really that uninformed (not to know that is no longer the case) or if he was just playing dumb.

ltownatrain 10 years ago

I think it's safe to assume the timing of this announcement is a power move of sorts on the Big 12's part in hopes of luring FSU and another ACC school or two to the Big 12.

jgkojak 10 years ago

Yes. Right on. And I am sure the SEC had a choice, and chose the B12.

FSU -> B12, when, not if.

ltownatrain 10 years ago

Well I think the SEC chose the Big 12 simply for the reason that the Big 12 has been in 7 BCS national title games to their 8 and statistically is the only conference that is equal to them in terms of strength. Which I think it's going to sink into FSU soon and if not them the other ACC "football" schools are definitely noticing. The Big 12 doesn't need to get FSU first they just need to make the ACC so unattractive that FSU has no choice thus if that means adding Clemson, Maryland, GA Tech or Miami first then so be it.

riverdrifter 10 years ago

Very good news. It strengthens and secures the conference even more. Also affirms Misery and aTm to be the cowardly fools that they are.

squawkhawk 10 years ago

Wow, a lot of Debby Downers on here today. I guess it's not BB season.

Sam Constance 10 years ago

Wow, a KSU troll on here today. Guess it's just a day.

mgphill 10 years ago

Mizzou has much more of a basketball tradition than a football one.

...look it up

jgkojak 10 years ago

This is HUGE. What does this say?

1) This is our version of the Rose Bowl. There are FOUR major conferences and we're with the Pac, B1G and SEC.

2) This is another reason for FSU to bolt- access to this bowl game, which they won't have in the ACC. Its probably a good $3million pay-out.

3) The SEC could have made a deal with the ACC. This says to me they anticipate the B12 partially sharing a geographic footprint with the SEC.

4) Again, the ACC and the Big East are on the outside looking in on this one.

5) You don't think, in 3-4 years, Kansas may be playing in this game?

LogicMan 10 years ago

"You don't think, in 3-4 years, Kansas may be playing in this game?"

Go 'Hawks!

april28 10 years ago

I wouldn't write KU out of participating. Assuming that 2014 means the 2014 season with a 2015 game, we have two years before the contest begins to right our ship. Another two years after that and we should be challenging for the championship of the conference - especially if the league goes to a conf. champ game.

The strategic component of this agreement is that the Big 12 and the SEC are trying to take control of the south. As earlier posters stated, I would think that the Florida schools will want to jump over to the Big 12 PDQ or risk getting left out all together.

By creating this partnership, the two conferences are basically saying:'s over.

Terry Sexton 10 years ago

I'd like to see the 'noles & U of L'ville join up. Then maybe Cincy & those guys with the blue football field. Proactive deal is impressive. Looks like the Big 12 is on it like bluebonnet. Hey, that could be the name of the new bowl!

LogicMan 10 years ago

Hopefully slot #16 will still be available for the Cardinals in the new Big 16, but I'm sure there are many great teams from the ACC madly preparing their applications for admission to the Big 12(+4) and the SEC(+2).

Benjamin Piehler 10 years ago

Well, I don't see this leading to any KU/Mizzou rematches anytime soon haha...

ltownatrain 10 years ago

What you mean Misery isn't going to win the SEC in the next 5 years like their meth addled fans believe?

Terry Sexton 10 years ago

My dream matchup is Jayhawks vs Vols for the title. Sister, a KU grad, lives in Knoxville. We'd have us a good time.

Randy Bombardier 10 years ago

This is huge. Wow.

  1. Matches the no. one conference with what we already knew that we are the no. 2 football conference. This makes it official.

  2. Conference teams that were slighted by the BCS will no longer be locked out. Take K-State after loosing to TAMU in 1998.

  3. Once we get to the top tier of the conference it will legitimize our status. If we expand to 12 and have a conference game, this is a huge consolation for the team that lost or like our case in 2007. We won't play VaTech next time.

  4. The revenue will no doubt exceed the other four BCS playoff bowls. This is just another $5M or so per year for the conference. This matchup will no doubt be auctioned off putting us in the driver's seat.

  5. We had had some really crappy match-ups in the BCS. This will ensure a good matchup.

LogicMan 10 years ago

If the SEC really, really wants a third team out of the ACC, and Arkansas is interested in moving over to the Big 16, then I think the gentlemen of the Big 16 and SEC offices can make it so.

I'm for it!

Jeff Kilgore 10 years ago

I have talked to scores of Arkansas fans who would die if they left the SEC. They feel like they're a fit. We blew it in the 70s when the Big Eight didn't come calling. That was a huge mistake.

Robert Brock 10 years ago

LOL. Arky moved Heaven & Earth to get away from UT. Don't expect the Hogs to be "wooed" back to the clutches of the creepy Horns.

KGphoto 10 years ago

In my mind I see Matt Tait feverishly working the phones while hammering out a new blog. Literally sweating in his chair.

So what are they going to call this thing? Surely they won't go with the Sugar or Cotton Bowl. This strikes me as an entirely new marketing project. A new bowl with new traditions. A new name, a parade, the works.


-New Orleans: Dead center and they would throw a helluva a party and parade, They could even kick off Carnival on Jan. 6th, but the "Beads 'n Barf Bowl" moniker might not go over.

-Dallas: The Stadium is built for games like this. However they are probably a little far west and the "Stripper Bowl" is really all they got.

-Atlanta: They have the peach, which would lend itself nicely to bowl name. But association with Georgia Tech doesn't exactly make them logical. Unless of course GTech jumps to the Big 12.

-Kansas City: Perfect. The Heart of America Bowl, and a good reason to build a new Chiefs Stadium downtown. (dreaming, I know)

Matt, hows it coming?

Chris1955 10 years ago

My sinister conspiracy theory loving self, would read into this that this is stage 1 in a comprehensive divide and conquer strategy agreed upon to destroy the ACC Conference. Between the SEC and Big 12 there could be room to grab a total of 8 schools to reach a 16 team conference. If the B1G Ten wished to dog pile on they could grab another 4 teams reaching a total of 16. The total schools up for grab could be 12 ACC teams in perfect storm scenario.

Current ACC Confernce members consist of:

Maryland Boston College Clemson Duke Florida State Georgia Tech Miami North Carolina NC State Virginia Virginia Tech Wake Forrest

With Pittsburgh and Syracuse joining soon

Also, I believe that if this event would occur, it would force a rattled Notre Dame to join a conference, or forever be locked out of BCS football. So, let's presume that ND gets absorbed, so the total of schools available from the ACC becomes 11.

If we look at the three schools (based on football only) that would be least likely to be taken on by the SEC, Big 12, or B1G Ten, I believe that these would be Wake Forest, Duke, and Syracuse. So lets say they are out. I could also envision that Duke drops football to become a BB only school.

Given the SEC teams that would/could veto the potential new members, it would seem that Florida State, Clemson, Georgia Tech, would have to join the Big 12 or the B1G Ten. I also doubt that the SEC would really want to bring on Boston College or Miami. BC would not be a first choice acquistion for the Big 12 either due to the geographical distance from other member schools.

Let's imagine that the SEC picks up 2 schools to make the 16 team line up. I see them trying to pick off Virginia and Virginia Tech.

Assuming that Notre Dame goes with the B1G Ten, this would leave them with 3 more acquisitions. I think that they would like to grab Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. If Virginia is not available, perhaps they go for Pittsburgh, Rutgers or Boston College.

The Big 12 could have clear shots at Florida State, Clemson, Georgia Tech, North Carolina State, Miami, for a total of 5 ACC schools. Maybe the Big 12 goes after Louisville, BYU, or Duke for the 16th member (based more on BB than football).

I'd like to see Matt Tait conduct a Realignment conference bracket, in the manner of the March Madness bracket. Folks could register their ideas for how the Big 12, SEC, and B1G Ten settle out. If could be a fun way to spend the summer waiting for football season.

Ron Prichard 10 years ago

That sound the ACC and Big East just heard was the first nail in their coffins. Amazing that only 12 months ago we were worried about the Big 12 imploding and now it looks like it may (along with other conferences) eat up the ACC and Big East. I think the dominos are set to fall again this summer, and possibly very quickly. Welcome to the Big 12, FSU. This also puts more pressure on ND to pick a conference.

Jeff Kilgore 10 years ago

The Domers know that it's inevitable, and to me, it makes sense for them to join the Big 10. I'd rather have more local teams.

My final 6, if I could choose would be this: Miami, FSU, Louisville for the east joining ISU, KU, KSU, WV, and OSU.

The west: UT, TT, BU, OU, TCU, BYU, UH, and Air Force. Why Air Force? I couldn't think of any other team, and a service academy would be nice.

Hank Cross 10 years ago

I'm going contra to the idea that this spells expansion. If anything, it might make expansion more unlikely. If the SEC agreed to this under the present configuration of the B12, there is no reason to add another team that might compete to get into this game. There's also no reason to go into your pocket to pay for new team's share.

Unless FSU can bring an additional $47.5 million in extra tv revenue, it's not worth adding them. Assume the B12 members are each going to get $20 mil in tv revenue. A new member would have to generate at least that amount in new tv dollars to pay for its own share. There is no point in becoming a partner with someone that is going to cost you money.

Likewise, there is no point in bringing in a new partner if you're not going to make money. Let's say each current B12 school wants an additional $2.5mill to admit a new member. That means that FSU would have to generate an additional $27.5 mil ($2.5mil x 11 members) on top of the $20 mil base = $47.5mil. The only school that might be able to bring that to the table is ND. That's what didn't make sense about the SEC adding MU. I expect in the future that the SEC will realize that it made a mistake by going to 14.

Hank Cross 10 years ago

Normally, I take everything CowChip Brown at orangebloods writes with a grain of salt. But this goes along with the idea that the B12 may not be in a hurry to add another pig, nole, or cane at the trough.

"And if total revenue from the Behemoth Bowl, modestly, reached $70 million per year, the Big 12 would be splitting its share - $35 million - between 10 schools, while the SEC would be splitting $35 million between 14 schools (thanks to Texas A&M and Missouri)."

In other words KU - $3.5 mil, MU -$2.5 mil. We win. Again.

poet008 10 years ago

No, the SEC really wants Virginia Tech.

They can't get Virginia Tech without Virginia.

Virginia won't leave ACC unless forced to.

This move sends FSU and Clemson to Big 12, which starts the break up of ACC and gets SEC what it wants.


Jeff Kilgore 10 years ago

But don't you think that the larger picture is the eventual 64-team system? I'm not for or against it, it's just what I read everywhere. Doesn't this overall wave to 64 mean much, much more than a million here or a million there? I desperately want the Big 12 to reach 16 because that ensures relevance, that is, unless Congress is forced to make these decisions.

Brian Skelly 10 years ago

The SEC took Mizzou for KC and St. Louis (more for St. Louis) and A&M for Houston and getting a foothold in Texas. There's logic to that move by the SEC.

I agree that this in itself doesnt automatically create expansion, but your not looking at the gorilla in the room if you think this isnt going to eventually lead to it. What shape or form that takes, who knows. I dont think anyone does really.

They'll be decisions to be made by people in power in TV, universities, boards of trustees and likely some politicking by politicos we could all do without. But change is going to be happening here, and it appears to be sooner than later.

I've said all along that I think we stick with 10 unless there is a school(s) out there that will move the needle. Notre Dame is obviously the biggest fish, but its hard to dispute that 'whats left' outside of the Pac12/Big10/Big12/SEC groupings that FSU would be in the top few schools left. I dont know that this means they'll be heading this way. But its obvious the odds have increased from where they were at 24 hours ago.

Randy Bombardier 10 years ago

I was all for the 10 team conference being here a few years but it is beginning to look like we don't have the luxury of seeing how it will work. If the ACC is going to get picked apart we have to be there too. No more missed opportunities and I definitely don't want us playing wait and see while all these deals are being done behind the scenes. Too risky. My heart says stand pat but my gut says too risky. We were too close to having to join the Big East or worse. Make the pitch and see where it goes. I am not crazy about 16 but if it has to be, so be it. Would like to get a few teams that we could beat.

JayHok 10 years ago

Looks like Mizzou and Kansas will play every year in football afterall.

Randy Bombardier 10 years ago

By the way, I like the conference helmet. It'd be kinda cool to wear that in the matchup with a nice Jayhawk on the side just below the BigXII, or BigIV or BigVI.

JayHok 10 years ago

The 25% of Missouri fans who actually wanted to go to the SEC have to be kicking themselves. Apparently---unlike the Mizzou board of directors---the SEC commissioner had a few words for fans on a national platform who have recently misunderstand the power and stability of the Big 12---

"A new January bowl tradition is born,” SEC commissioner Mike Slive said. “This new game will provide a great matchup between the TWO MOST SUCCESSFUL conferences in the BCS era and will complement the exciting postseason atmosphere created by the new four-team model.”

I've asked this a thousand times but I must ask again---What kind of meth was the Mizzou board smoking the day they decided to leave their conference of 105 years?

Jeff Kilgore 10 years ago

Mizzou couldn't have seen this arrangement coming. Man, it's MU karma. This continues mediocrity for the next decade.

JayHok 10 years ago

Jlilgore--- I totally agree. This has to be about the worst press MU could have. They have absolutely nothing they can say now when trying to explain how they started the nervousness in the Big 12. When the commissioner of the SEC declares something to this magnitude about the Big 12, Mizzou fans have to be throwing up in their mouths. They just lost all of their tradition and thanks to this quote from the SEC commish, also their pride.

Terrible day to be a Tiger.

Curtis Stutz 10 years ago

I think Stanford was ranked higher than Oregon last year right? So it would have been LSU/Bama/OSU/Stanford in a playoff

B12/SEC would've been KSU/Arkansas just like the Cotton Bowl was, so basically this game would've bumped Michigan/VaTech out of the Sugar Bowl and put KSU/Arkansas there, making it better for both the B12 and SEC but worse for the Cotton Bowl losing those teams

Rose Bowl/Pac12-B1G still Oregon/Wisconsin

In general this may not change a lot, it's a nice move for the SEC 'cause they can count on a 2nd place team at the worst playing a 1st/2nd team from the B12 in a bowl, rather than bringing in someone like Utah to the Sugar Bowl from time to time. Also it takes a high profile matchup like the Cotton Bowl and puts it in their territory at least some if not all of the time. For the B12 it looks good, I don't think it changes a lot, but it gives the conference the appearance of more strength. Also a team like KSU that finished 2nd and didn't make a BCS bowl will basically be cemented in this game which is kind of a BCS bowl replacement. Same thing for a team like Arkansas last year, 2 SEC teams already in a BCS

(in response to jgkojak above but didn't want it completely hidden)

Jeff Kilgore 10 years ago

So, it looks like our new commish has it on the ball. Because the SEC is the premiere conference in football, their agreement to play the Big12 does a heck of a lot for our league. Now, schools looking to realign see an extra reason to join. It makes the Big12 look bigger and better.

I take one day off of the daily KU basketball/Big 12 possible additions, and this happens! Maybe if I stay off a week, I come back and see that we have added Miami and Notre Dame!

JayHok 10 years ago

The thing is it always has been a powerful conference. Only when Mizzou got rumors swirling two years ago did anyone nationally stop to wonder.

The SEC and the Big 12 have all together played in the BCS championship game 16 times. 9 for the SEC. 7 for the Big 12.

These have been the two most powerful conferences since the BCS began without question. Mizzou tried their hardest to get people to forget that. But the SEC commish has come through for us, putting Mizzou's opinion in it's place---as a lie.

Everything is equal now in both conferences thanks to the interim Big 12 commish.

Jeff Kilgore 10 years ago

Yes, we always have been a power football conference. I guess I feel letdown over the past six years because I remember a time in the 70s, 80s, and 90s when Big Eight championships were a lot more frequent than they have been in the past 12 years.

mgphill 10 years ago

What's great about this is that it implicitly (and correctly) establishes the Big12 and SEC as the top football conferences, and the Big10 and Pac12 as lesser conferences.

JayHok 10 years ago

I really do feel for the Mizzou fans today who wanted to stay in the Big 12--which was 75% of them. What a terrible wake up call for the others.

Everything they feared has come true---and certified by the SEC commish's quote, which has to make this pain even worse.

I'll miss Mizzou. Glad Kansas won't schedule them---it would have been automatic major recruiting/publicity tool given to them for free after they privately and publically got big 12 members frazzled and nervous, such as Colorado and Nebraska.

As much as I feel for some of their fans, I really hope fellow SEC members take note of what Missouri really did over the last 2 years to it's own conference.

Jeff Kilgore 10 years ago

Agreed, Never schedule MU in anything. Or NU or CU.

newmedia 10 years ago

A third place league finish may give the Hawks a shot...

bradh 10 years ago

Looks like a playoff system to me. Have the Big 10/Pac 10 champions play in the Rose Bowl and the Big 12/SEC champions play in the Champions Bowl and if either team is in the top 4 the winner of the bowl game is in the Championship game. Odds are good the Champions Bowl would always submit a team in the Championship game and if the other conferences start voting the way the SEC votes (your teams first and downgrade the other conferences teams) it is likely the Pac 10 and Big 10 will provide the other team in the championship game. You'd have to scramble if these bowls didn't provide both sides of the championship game, but most years they would.

okiedave 10 years ago

Back in the 50's and early 60's, there were three teams who were annual football bottom feeders -- Kansas State, Oklahoma State and Nebraska. They were considered easy wins for KU every year. I reject the pessimistic attitude that KU will never rise to the top in football. KU has all the ingrediants -- beautiful campus, campus, the best looking girls in the midwest, great town, one of the best football facilities in the nation (if you ignore the stadium) -- just need a coach who can recruit and coach -- I have hope.

Jeff Kilgore 10 years ago

Couldn't agree more. The view from Memorial Stadium is second to none--the best in the Big XII. Now, move the big scoreboard to the north end, allow the hill to be visible again and bring a team to KU so good that those on the hill will be there because there's no place in the stands.

How about that?

Brak 10 years ago

I'm confused because our meth addicted former rival keeps telling us how we are going to the Missouri Valley Conference, but I just can't imagine why the so called football power conference known as the SEC would make such a deal with an unstable conference. Maybe they will eventually sober up from the koolaid and realize that their school's administration has no clue what is really going on but then again I've never known a Mizzou fan with meth mouth turn down free koolaid.

JayHok 10 years ago

Plus from Mizzou's perspective---on top of the national embarrassment of this agreement---it's the words uttered by their future SEC commish exposing everything Mizzou has been saying publically as a lie.

All 3 tiers are the same now between both conferences thanks to the Big 12 commish. Terrible, terrible, terrible weekend to be a Tiger. Their claims have been exposed by their own SEC commish. Now they finally have to shut up---put their tail between their legs---and go clean up their Meth labs.

Josh Galler 10 years ago

Big 12/SEC matchup I feel is the END of Big East and ACC Big 12 adds 6, Big 10 adds 4 and SEC adds 2 SEC adds Virginia Tech and NC State. Big 10 adds Virginia, Syracuse, Duke UNC Big 12 adds FSU, Clemson, Pittsburgh, Miami, Louisville, Notre Dame

LogicMan 10 years ago

Momentum is building. The Big 12 must go big! Give 24 hour offers ASAP to:

Florida State Georgia Tech Clemson North Carolina Virginia Maryland

Let them know of the other offers, and the selling point of keeping the core ACC institutions together in the Big 12 East, along with WVU and ISU.

And if any don't accept publicly, let it be known that Notre Dame and Louisville will get the slots.

The SEC should at the same time make offers to Virginia Tech and NC State.

Part of the unwritten deal is that all eight will vote to disband the ACC, thus eliminating the exit fees. But then negotiate with the remainder of the ACC to not vote to disband if they waive all the exit fees and let the teams go on July 1, 2013.

Brian Skelly 10 years ago

Logic... I dont think there needs be any 24 hours offers --- other than us following this would love to see some results sooner rather than later.

While this doesnt assure anything, its hard to envision this not being an raid on the ACC waiting to happen. Not just Big 12, but Big 10, and SEC. There's no assurance of this of course, but the stripes are certainly being painted on the road. Problem or concern is no one wants to be the bad guy 'poaching'... so the schools are going to have to do the leg work. It does seem like its a merely a matter of time.

While its true this alone (SEC/Big12 Behemoth Bowl - chip brown induced) doesnt 'do' anything, its hard to envision these 4 conferences now NOT doing more amongst themselves with far less B.E. and ACC input, especially football related. Sure those leagues will still exist in some forms. The question is what? Hard not to see more 'bowl' cooperation on the lower levels between these 4 conferences too. I dunno. Maybe thats just me.

Just as an aside, what if the Big 12 / SEC thing turns into some sorta scheduling agreement like the big 10 / pac-12 has -- certainly no assured, but it would start to make sense if there's more inclusiveness between the 'big 4'. Make the first week of the season a Big 12(14 or 16) vs. SEC 'challenge' to kick off the year. Hello marketing dollars. Of course, maybe they wouldnt want the tougher non-con games. I dunno. Just thinking aloud.

Get your popcorn folks. It's going to get good.

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