Missouri defeats Kansas, 66-52

  • 7 p.m., Jan. 26, 2011
  • Mizzou Arena, Columbia, MO

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Missouri women cruise by KU, 66-52


— A 15-0 Missouri run in the second half doomed Kansas University’s women’s basketball team in a 66-52 setback to the Tigers on Wednesday in Mizzou Arena.

Kansas was ahead by as many as eight points in the first half, but fell behind in the second 20 minutes.

The Jayhawks committed 21 turnovers.

“You have to take care of the ball and value possessions, whether you’re on the road or at home,” Kansas coach Bonnie Henrickson said after the game on the Jayhawk Radio Network’s postgame show. “You can’t turn it over in this league like that.”

Angel Goodrich made a career-high three three-pointers, and Carolyn Davis scored 17 points to lead Kansas, which fell to 14-6 and 1-5 in the Big 12. Missouri improved to 10-10 and 2-5.

“It was downhill and it was sad to see us go down like that,” Davis said. “We fought so hard. We just need to get our team chemistry back together.”

Goodrich, a sophomore point guard, finished with 10 points and four rebounds, going 3-for-8 from the arc to set new career bests in both three-pointers made and attempted. She also dished out a season-high six assists.

Keena Mays chipped in with eight points and five rebounds for KU. Monica Engelman led the Jayhawks on the glass with seven rebounds and also totaled five assists and two steals to go along with five points.

Missouri’s RaeShara Brown finished with a game-high 22 points, to go along with five rebounds and six assists. BreAnna Brock added in 12 and led the Tigers with eight boards.

The Jayhawks led by a point with 7:33 remaining, but Missouri took control with 15 unanswered points, ultimately taking the game.

“Everyone needs to re-focus,” Davis said. “We can’t get down. We can still make the (NCAA) Tournament. We can still get a lot more wins.”

Kansas shot only 7-for-16 from the foul line.

“To me, it’s about focus and concentration,” Henrickson said of free throws. “It’s about reminding yourself how to shoot it to make it. Free throws are mental and mechanical, but they’re more mental than anything ... You have to find some offense when you get to the line.”

Kansas will travel to Kansas State for a 2 p.m. game Saturday.

“We gotta get that one,” Davis said. “We lost this rivalry game, but we’re going to get the next one.”


LeBo 12 years ago

Really, again! Again, really?

truefan 12 years ago

I am an optimistic person, but this is a telling loss for sure. This isn't losing to Baylor or OU, it's MU and they aren't very good, which means we aren't very good. It's disappointing. I was really hoping this year we could make some progress. Not necessarily top half of the Big XII but at least close to .500 in Big XII play. I hope they turn things around, but I don't have much confidence in that happening right now.

Waylon Cook 12 years ago

where are the supporters now???????????????????????????? probably at home thinking the state of the union was good lol. anyone have candidates?

Dirk Medema 12 years ago

Still a supporter. Still here. Tough loss on the road, especially to a rival, though it is encouraging that they had a significant lead. 0-15 spurts hurt a lot. Maybe as bad is that we now have to go on the road again to the other rival. Stay together ladies, and keep fighting. You'll make it!

KGphoto 12 years ago

Wonderful use of question marks. It really drives your point home.

Well done.

big12ku 12 years ago

Enough is enough Dr. Zenger. Get Bonnie Henrickson out of here NOW. She has managed to suck the competitive spirit right out of the women's team with her blank personality non existent motivational skills and total lack of competence in coaching basketball at this level. How much more are we expected to take sir? It is quite obvious that Bonnie has lost the teams respect. They just lost to Missouri - yes, Missouri. How much embarrassment are you willing to let the university endure before you ship Bonnie's arse back to Minnesota? Hang in there ladies! ,

KEITHMILES05 12 years ago

I am really becoming disappointed in the ability of her teams to win in Big 12. I agree with the above posters.

KEITHMILES05 12 years ago

It has to be extremely irritating to other sports and coaches knowing she pulls down over 500 grand a year and loses consistently in the Big 12. She is WAY over paid for the mediocre product and win/loss record.

Dyrk Dugan 12 years ago

can't score...the legacy of Bonnie Henrickson's teams is...they can't score. 30 second shot clock forever in womens' hoops...and we can't break 60 points in league games?.....70? dang, that's way out of line. sad...truly sad.....but she has to go.

BallHawk 12 years ago

A special, talented group of young ladies whose talent is being wasted by an ineffective coach. KU needs to buy her outta her contract and move on to someone who can coach in the Big 12. You can see the lost hope and lack of team cohesion since the beginning of the season. It's like they are over it too; and her personality sure ain't gonna bring people together. Get rid of her before this talent is wasted for another year. Love my lady 'hawks, hope they give all they can even if NCAA tourney is outta sight.

Waylon Cook 12 years ago

Ballhawk you nailed it its heartbreaking to see players that we have not getting to win. Complete shame.

Bill Kackley 12 years ago

I have been a supporter of Bonnie but I cannot continue to be after this loss. MU is terrible. Worse than half the non-conference teams we played. To lose to them is unforgivable, she has to go. The AD needs to determine if making the change now will be beneficial to this team, and if so do it now, if not, it must be the day after the last game of the season.

jlparker86 12 years ago

I have been a follower and supporter or Bonnie Ball since she got here, and that has now faded away. I watched as Baylor effortlessly picked us apart as the lady hawks didnt box out, didnt rebound, didnt hustle, didnt guard the perimeter, didnt pass well, didnt shoot well and didnt play like Jayhawks, didnt play like women who earned the jerseys they wore, more like girls who were just introduced to the game, and this has repeated each game since, not to mention the few close ones that we should have won and they should have never been close. I have seen how much talent and heart this team has, why does it always disappear when conference starts? Last time Baylor played in our house we beat them and we didnt just beat them we owned them from buzzer to buzzer. When we played undefeated Nebraska last year in our house, we were the first team to come close to beating them. We have talent. It is there, but we lack the correct coaching decisions to get the most out of the talent that we have. I am not going to call for Bonnie's head, but I would inform her that this will be her last season at Kansas. We need a tradition rich coach, a legend, someone who knows the game inside out. I am talking Lynette Woodard. Now everytime her name is mentioned someone always has to talk down about her, but if I recall correctly she never got her fair chance to coach here. She coached a few games to finish out the season before Bonnie got here, then she was gone. That is not a fair chance considering the length of time that Henderson has gotten. Some background on Lynette, she was the first 4 Time All-American in women's basketball, first female Harlem Globetrotter, an Olympic Gold Medalist, a basketball Hall-Of-Famer, she holds the college women's basketball career scoring record with 3,649 points, she is second in career points college basketball men's or women's (Pete Maravich 3,667), a former WNBA player, she also played in Italy and Japan. So I guess you could call her qualified and overlooked. I hope someone in the atletic department sees this and tracks down this knowlegable athletic specimen, who if I remember correctly helped develop and train the phenom Brittany Griner who plays for Baylor.

kugrad93 12 years ago

Lynette is not even involved in coaching anymore.

jlparker86 12 years ago

Not to mention Lynette won two state titles in high school and was the first woman to have her jersey hung in the rafters at Allen Field House!

Joe Ross 12 years ago

I agree with the above comments. I liked Bonnie when she got here; in fact, I still do. But she hasn't built the program. Nothing personal, but time to go.

Waylon Cook 12 years ago

I am almost positive Lynette said she didn't want to coach anymore anyway? SHE IS NOT THE ANSWER. A great player doesn't mean your a good coach. Usually average players are the best coaches. We need someone to spark some excitement in the program and like I have said it has to be an "out of the box" hire.

KGphoto 12 years ago

Every year I want to believe it could be different. Every year I end up calling for Bonnie's head by conference play. It's just too painful to keep trying to believe in her.

Sheahon, make a statement on your first day. Cut bait with Bonnie and move on. I just can't take it anymore. Do it now so that everybody knows it's because we lost to Mizzou. Let everybody know you won't stand for that. It might just be your everlasting stamp as AD.

Kansas should be a dream job for any basketball coach. Don't just look at women coaches either. Look at everybody. Find the next Geno!

I'm dying to buy my wife a women's basketball jersey. Maybe a Carolyn Davis #21, or a homegrown Jackson #33. I bet lots of people are. Big $$ Sheahon. But how could I do that to her now? It would be embarrassing. Bring in a winner and start selling the women's game.

(By the way, do you realize the only women's basketball jersey available at the KU online store is #4? We don't even have a #4 on the team this year. What the hell is that all about? At least you could sell a #31 Woodard jersey.)

KGphoto 12 years ago

Actually Zenger, you should call Don Fambrough into your office for a long visit. Make sure everybody sees him walk into your office. Then shoot the bull for awhile and when you come out, with your arm around him, call a press conference and fire her with Don standing behind you, cursing Mizzou.

I'm looking out for you Zenger.

slowplay 12 years ago

Is there an assitant coach who is capable of running the program? It's a lot more than what happens on the floor. On the positive side it will allow Zenger to put out some feelers about who may available and be brought in immediatly after the last game of the season.

big12ku 12 years ago

Good luck to the ladies against K-State. They are going to need it. Even with all that talent, Bonnie's system is designed to fail: coaching and decision making, game time management, line-up rotations, game strategy, motivation, player development, etc. etc. you name it Bonnie has consistently come up short in every area.

And watching Bonnie on the sidelines she seems to want to control the teams every move and has taken away their ability to think on their own. Basketball is a game of strategy by the coach but it also requires the players to be able to make decisions on the court if the opposing team takes away the intended game plan. It also appears that Bonnie has a leash around the teams throat in terms of the players being able to play "nuts out" in your face basketball. Why not, all the other teams seem to have no problem taking it to KU.

I have not seen one game where the girls appeared to be focused but relaxed and played naturally where they were not worried about facing the wrath of Bonnie Henrickson for deviating from her game plan - a game plan that has them 1-4 in the Big 12 and not one NCAA tournament appearance in her tenure at KU. Each one of the players made it to the Big 12 because of their abilities. Sit your arse down Coach and let them play. Its not about you Coach its about the team.

Win or lose ladies you have my support.

selfsboys 12 years ago

does anyone know the whereabouts of neil dougherty? i think he could be an excellent coach in the women's game. he's a kansas guy and understands the tradition of basketball at kansas. since we're thinking outside the box, how about wayne simien?

KGphoto 11 years, 12 months ago

Neil Dougherty is a North Carolina guy. He played there and coached there.

jlparker86 12 years ago

For all we know Lynette may not be done coaching. We all thought Farve was done playing but look at what he does every year. I dont care if it isnt Lynette, but if we do not make the NCAA this year and Bonnie is still the coach there is a very very slim chance that I will renew my season tickets next year. I love my hawks but something has to give

jlparker86 12 years ago

hey we could always hire Roy Williams, after last years season and the way he is coaching this year he might be lucky to be back next season...haha

Tom Shelton 12 years ago

jlparker86, the same coach beat Baylor two years ago and almost beat Nebraska last year , as you said, she is coaching Kansas this year. Bonnie did not forget how to coach, so be patient, the winning will come soon.

jlparker86 11 years, 12 months ago

i have been patient since she got here, but when game after game i see players physically and mentally not prepared to play and out there on the court not hustling, not rebounding and just flat out not playing with any heart or effort it makes me irritated

Waylon Cook 12 years ago

so we beat baylor 2 years ago and ALMOST beat nu last year? what the hell does that show? btw the baylor win was the same week they lost at least one maybe two players and didnt have griner.....

jlparker86 11 years, 12 months ago

yes they didnt have griner yet, and they had ONE player out. they were a top 5 team. What it shows it these teams didnt forget what we did to them, and bonnie didnt have her team mentally or physically prepared when we played them this season.

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