Originally published February 16, 2009 at 04:19p.m., updated February 17, 2009 at 01:03a.m.

Rivalry run-ins

Reed: K-State’s Clemente shouldn’t be punished for hit

Kansas University guard Brady Morningstar takes an elbow from Kansas State’s Denis Clemente (21) during a 2009 game in Manhattan.

Kansas University guard Brady Morningstar takes an elbow from Kansas State’s Denis Clemente (21) during a 2009 game in Manhattan.



Feb. 17, 2009 KU men's basketball

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The Jayhawks are preparing for more conference play this week. Mario Chalmers attended the women's game this weekend, while Russell Robinson made an appearance at the men's game in Manhattan.

Kansas University guard Tyrel Reed, who was recipient of a head slap by Kansas State’s Denis Clemente while boxing out the Wildcat guard in Saturday’s KU-KSU game, doesn’t want to see Clemente disciplined following the incident.

“No. It’s no big deal. No hard feelings,” Reed said before Monday’s practice in Horejsi Center. “The game is over with. There’s nothing you can do about it now. We’re just focusing on our next game.”

The Burlington native said he wasn’t even fully aware Clemente whacked him after the junior guard shot a free throw with 31 seconds left in KU’s 85-74 victory in Bramlage Coliseum.

Reed had stepped in front of the player when the contact was made.

“It happened so fast. I didn’t even know anything about it until today,” Reed said, noting several of his teammates visited with him about it Monday in the locker room.

“It’s over and done with.”

KU coach Bill Self said he saw the tape of Clemente striking Reed, “but I’m not going to comment on that at all,” he said. “I’m not going to do anything. I’m not calling attention to it, but, yes, I saw it. You can’t help but see it if you watch the tape.”

The Big 12 said it was reviewing the incident, as is KSU coach Frank Martin.

“We’re dealing with that right now,” Martin said on Monday’s Big 12 coaches teleconference, asked if he was considering disciplining Clemente, who also was called for a technical foul for elbowing KU’s Brady Morningstar.

On Monday night, Martin told the Wichita Eagle: “I’m in talks with the Big 12 on numerous things. Before I take any action, I want them to be aware of some things that are concerns of mine. Denis is on board with any decisions.”

Self was more upset Monday at an accusation made by publisher Tim Fitzgerald on the Internet version of Sunday’s “The Drive” TV show. Self angrily disputed claims of Fitzgerald’s staff members who said they heard KU players “wishing him (Clemente) bodily harm” and allegedly saying, “Where’s your green card?” to Clemente during the game.

“That flat-out (ticks) me off because that did not occur,” Self said. “We have coaches sitting between players. I am sure that did not occur. That does bother me a lot that anybody would say anything like that, more importantly that anybody would report hearsay like that.”

Self reiterated on Monday’s Hawk Talk radio show that his players did not bait Clemente with any ‘green card’ talk.

“I was on the bench. I didn’t hear anything. We have coaches who sat next to players. They didn’t hear anything. We have coaches sitting between players. They didn’t hear anything. I have a good idea nothing was said like that at all during the game. That is disappointing something like that could be said without being confirmed at all.

“I don’t think Tyrel Reed or Brady Morningstar were the ones out there chatting.”

KU’s Sherron Collins said he didn’t hear any insults directed at Clemente.

“Racial slurs ... that’s not us, not our character,” Collins said, noting he joked with both Clemente and Jacob Pullen during the game.

“The bench may holler when they shoot, ‘Miss it,’ that’s about it,” Collins added.

KU center Cole Aldrich also didn’t hear any trash talk out of the ordinary.

“I don’t see any of our guys doing that,” Aldrich said. “They have respect for players on the other team, respect for our guys and respect for the game of basketball. Between two rival teams, it’s like Duke-North Carolina. Once in a while people just get a little excited because it’s two rivals. You want to beat the other team as bad as they want to beat you. I wouldn’t say it ever got to where anybody (on either team) was really talking at all. Guys on our team are good at talking to each other, encouraging each other on the court.”

KSU coach Martin heard nothing out of the ordinary.

“I’ve got my bench to worry about. I’ve got no idea what’s going on the other team’s bench,” he said.

Collins, by the way, said he was surprised by Clemente’s behavior during the game. He said he enjoyed hanging out with Clemente at past summer Nike camps.

“I’m a little surprised at a couple cheap shots he threw. He threw one at Tyrel in the back of his head and elbowed Brady. I’ve never seen him act like that before,” Collins said. “College is different, I guess. I’d never seen him like that.”

Clemente had said after the game his elbow to Morningstar was in retaliation for a Morningstar elbow that went undetected by the refs.

“I didn’t throw any elbows,” Morningstar said. “I’m not trying to get in any arguments with him. I’m defending myself. If that’s what he thinks, that’s what he thinks.”

Morningstar wears boot: KU’s Morningstar wore a boot Monday to protect his bruised lower-left leg. Self said Morningstar would have been able to play in a game Monday had one been scheduled. He should be able to play in Wednesday’s game against Iowa State (7 p.m., Allen Fieldhouse).

Signee breaks bone in hand: KU signee Thomas Robinson recently broke his third metacarpal on his left (non-shooting) hand. The 6-8 power forward from Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, N.H., said Monday night he likely will be out of action a week to 10 days.

Robinson grabbed 17 rebounds in a game last week while playing with the broken bone in his hand. He was unaware it was broken until visiting with doctors about swelling.

“I’ll be back for the playoffs and all-star games,” said Robinson,’s No. 18-rated player nationally.

He’s wearing a soft cast on his left hand.


pbenso 13 years, 3 months ago

Hilarious. Fitzgerald says KU players were wishing bodily harm on Clemente while he was PERFORMING bodily harm to two KU players.

Jake Powell 13 years, 3 months ago

C'mon're kidding, right?

"Say hello to my little friend!"

jayhawker_97 13 years, 3 months ago

calm down, coach Self. no one would believe you would say such a thing like that. don't lose your cool. if it came from KU bench, that would probably come from Robinson! since he was there. just kidding...

hopefully we get to see another matchup against the stray'cats in the tournament. let's beak the crap out of them.

rock chalk!!

Brian Skelly 13 years, 3 months ago

If it did occur then its disgraceful.

But if it didnt, and Fitzgerald is simply reporting hearsay then he needs to look for another job.

Im gonna go out on a limb and say this guy backtracks hard off this. Just a guess.

topekahaig 13 years, 3 months ago

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flsku 13 years, 3 months ago

As with the other alumni - life will provide the punishment. Denis will be working at Kite's in about 2 years.

Dick Murdock 13 years, 3 months ago

Clemente is a punk who amazes me that he is even in college. If you hear him talk (the press conference after their meltdown) you realize that he'd do well to get out of high school with a diploma - let alone college. If he makes it past this semester, KState needs to be seriously examined for academic fraud.

crjuenemann 13 years, 3 months ago

Fitzgerald's comments are lame. Is he justifying Clemente hitting someone?? Don't we tell little kids all the time that hitting someone who calls you a name isn't the answer?? two rights make a wrong now?? I'm not saying the KU bench said anything, but if Fitz thinks they did, it still doesn't make what Clemente did right.

lance1jhawk 13 years, 3 months ago

Tim Fitzgerald... hmm how can I put this.... is a bald, fat, lazy idiot, douche bag. He is an embarrassment to journalist everywhere. KU should pull his credintials for this bit of slander.

Lone_salina_kufan 13 years, 3 months ago

I personally find it refreshing Bill Self reacted in such a way. Don't forget, Clemente transfered to KSU because "he couldn't get along with the coach." Translation: He is a clear attitude problem. Cultural differences at times cause people to react differently, but that was unexcusable. Even if it was said, I hardly believe Tyrel would've been the one to say it. He should be punished by the Big 12. He is a Grade A punk, and deserves a one game suspension.

Bill needed to address what is more than likely such slanderous comments about what Fitz said. It reflects on him, his staff, and players and their character.

hometownhawk 13 years, 3 months ago

I'll never watch The Drive as long as Fitz is on it. Period.

Joe Joseph 13 years, 3 months ago

Only 23 more years until the Kitties get to celebrate in Bramlage again.

It's going to be a long quarter-century! ahahahaha

KWufan 13 years, 3 months ago

Here it is plain and simple. Fitzgerald is not acting like a reporter he is acting like a fan. A we had a big lead for 5 seconds and now we got murdered at home, AGAIN, cry baby whine attitude with these comments. I for one am glad he did it, so now we can see how truly classy we are compared to HIS university. And being a man of any intellect, he should have just said nothing to support Denny "where's Gottlieb when you need a comment" Clemente. And what happens? If this were our team, Bill would suspend that player immediately. What's Frank Martin going to do? It will be interesting to see, if he's a man of integrity or another sell out. Frank you know what the right thing to do is. No Clemente next game and all will be forgiven. Oh, yeah, nice schedule with 3 games in 5 days, OKLAHOMA being the last one!!!

kansasexplorer3128 13 years, 3 months ago

If Martin is going to take kids out of the barrio, he's going to have to take some of the barrio out of the kid. Clemente's attitude and "gangspeak" are going to get him in deep trouble in this part of the country. Man up, Martin.

Jerry Cross 13 years, 3 months ago

What is it with guards from other schools. First Miller with NU now Clemente with KSU. I am sure our guards are playing physical but who isn't these days. Bill has learned that you have to be tough and not be intimidated by what the other team's player's bring to the game.

The few upper class men we have left and Bill's coaching staff have proven they can prepare for anyone. If any of our team's players were insulting Clemente, Bill will deal with it. I doubt if it happened though.

merg311 13 years, 3 months ago

Fitz was also the one that reported that Gary Patterson would be KSU's next football coach...then that blew up. Take it for what it's worth...

blowhard 13 years, 3 months ago

Clemente acted like a punk but he'll learn from this episode, he's a good player...Lurch, er, Frank Martin, has a brilliant command of the word "f***" while he chews out his team frequently ...the morale on the K-State team must be bad for them to get consistently bitched out by their warden, er, coach...we're trying to win a Championship which is difficult enough...Bill Self handled this incident perfectly. GO JAYHAWKS!!!

Hawkish4bigM 13 years, 3 months ago

I didn't see it and don't know how Clemente conducts himself. IF he has a problem, he needs to be disciplined FOR HIS SAKE, and the sake of his team. He has to learn that he needs self control.

4jhawks4ku 13 years, 3 months ago

Wow, did everyone see how Brady Morningstar threw that blatant punch in the crotch area? I wouldnt have noticed it till it was brought up by all those enraged KState fans. Jack Harry just reported on the Monday 1000 Action News Channel in Kansas City that a blatant punch was thrown for no reason, which left poor Denis no choice but to retaliate.Funny, but the woman anchor told poor Jack she didnt see it that way at all. I'd hate to meet that Brady in a dark alley I'll tell you that. He is one badass dude to throw a punch on National TV and deliberatly try to injure one of his fellow Big Twelve Players. What choice did Mr. Clemente have but to elbow him under the neck in the throat area and then when he knew he was caught elbow him again in the small of the back?. ( Some might call these sucker punches but thats just me) but of course this was simply retaliation for being punked in his own house, gnomesayn? And then the punk Tyrel Reed, Jeez did you see him purposely throw that elbow and knock the poor lad completely off his feet while the young lad was busy bitch slapping the thug Reed in the face and arms. Reed must be every bit the thug as Morningstar. Surely Brady and Tyrel have made their appointments to visit the young lad Clementes' tatoo parlor next week to complete their image and hopefully that will ward off any sucker punches to the small of the back or side of the head. And poor Denis had every right to sucker punch that thug Tyrel for blocking him out on the free throw line. I bet that will keep the thug Reed from trying to punk him by doing that again. I really feel those thugs Reed and Morningstar let their coach and teamates down and almost ruined their thug image by walking away from a fight and not retaliating like any self respecting K stater would have.

rgale29 13 years, 3 months ago

This incident clearly shows the difference Self and other quality coaches and the many pretenders acting like coaches. Self's kid MM gets a T at Mizzou and with the game on the line, he sits on the bench. Principles!! Martin's kid gets a T and doesn't even sit at the time let alone the rest of the game. Shame on Martin and while it shows no principles it later showed ignorance, when he allowed the kid to be turned over to the media for post game comments. The kid blew his cool, was frustrated and he should have been disciplined and protected from further embarrassing himself. Clemente now is seen as a thug, maybe he is maybe he isn't, but his coach should have sense enough to keep him from embarrassing himself and the program in post game interviews and should never have made any comment until he and the kid looked at the tape so he would know that all he could do was apologize not make up an excuse that sounded like the kid was a high school dropout with a long rap sheet not a fine stat sheet. The elbow is on Clemente, the slap is on Martin as the kid shouldn't have been in the game, and the post game fiasco is on Martin. Even Clemente deserves better than Martin.

cffighter86 13 years, 3 months ago

Some of you people leaving comments are a damn disgrace. You get mad at Fitzgerald for claiming something that most likely didn't happen,because our team has class. BUT then go on to make your own racist jokes towards clemente...good god..some of you all are complete idiots...

yates33333 13 years, 3 months ago

Hopefully the league leadership objectively decides matters of discipline. Thus, whatever an opponent feels should happen should be irrelevant. If not, the league needs some leadership changes.

Martin Rosenblum 13 years, 3 months ago

Ah, the idealism that yates33333 brings to this board! Objectivity aside, if a coach has suspicions about a potential powderkeg of a player, HE should address it within the confines of HIS own program and let the rest of the league judge his actions as it relates to their past and future experiences with that player on the court. The league needs to work with the coach if he isn't effective in his role. If the coach and the league jointly have like issues with a scenario that has taken place, they need to mutually find the proper reaction/response and be consistent in their administration. The university also shares some responsibility through the athletic department at some point along the way as well.

Did we ever hear anything about disciplinary action or any other reaction from the Nebraska player, Cookie Miller's runble with Mario Little in Lincoln? That didn't even result in a T.

keith horinek 13 years, 3 months ago

Unfortunatly, if Clemente gets disciplined and has to sit out a game it probably will be tonight against NC Central who is 2-17 this year. you think that will teach him anything?

Joel Hood 13 years, 3 months ago

K-Staters always fabricate the most outrageous garbage about KU. In the late eighties HS friends of mine, who went to KSU, told me that Danny was the biggest coke dealer in town - they were dead serious. We really don't appreciate their hatred of KU. We may see it as a little brother/big brother rivalry, but they don't. They detest KU and will believe anything that makes KU look bad.

cklarock 13 years, 3 months ago

I'm not ready to throw Clemente under the bus. Brady did give him a shot just before Clemente's flagrant elbow to the back -- a fact most of us are pretending not to have noticed. Go back and re-watch your DVD. Brady = smart cheat. Clemente = stupid cheat. Advantage = Kansas.

In a heated game, all kinds of elbows and other cheap shots are being thrown left and right -- that's why Reed knows it's not a big deal . . . because it isn't.

Clemente's problem isn't that he throws 'bows, or that he's Puerto Rican, or that his English is about ten times better than my Spanish, it's that he's just not very subtle. And if he gets suspended for it, I suppose it's his own damn fault, because he's had 3 years now of D1 basketball to teach him how to do these things properly.

Topside 13 years, 3 months ago

clearly the incident between him and morningstar was not isolated. He is showing a pattern of behavior and will probably be more closely monitored by the refs. Proud of our boys for taking the high road. ALso, he better watch it because sometime they will play a team with a horrible record and cross a REAL thug who won't take his little crap. I would love to see it.

Toto_the_great 13 years, 3 months ago

Is there anywhere on the 'net that I can watch it. I didn't see Morningstar's elbow (no matter how many times I watch the play... it looked like tight, tough D to me), nor did I see Reed get slapped.

Blake Brown 13 years, 3 months ago

Actually, it is to our benefit that players like Miller and Clemente have gotten in our face. We grew up against KState and got tougher, a trait we need from here on out. Our youth just got a dose of the reality of what it is like to be Kansas and take everyone`s best shot, be it in the back of the head or otherwise. Controlled agressiveness is a new thing to our personality and one that will better prepare us for the Big Xll and NCAA tourneys.. Go Hawks!!

MyJayhawkBaby 13 years, 3 months ago

After watching the replay of the alleged punch that Brady gave him, I'm not sure if Brady did or not. As much as i want to out right say that Brady did not do it, the video shows a different story. However, if Clemente and Martin make this accusation to the Big 12 and Self, I would guarantee that Self would figure it out. As much as KSUck fans want to claim that Brady did throw that punch, my guts are telling me to trust the kid. My guts are telling me to trust HCBS. Self would not take this kind of crap from his players. if his players are out there throwing punches, that player will have NO CHANCE of playing on a Bill Self team. That said, Self will have the last word.

Tim Fitzgerald pisses me off, as well. You cannot come out and tell anyone that comments were made without providing truth. I'll tell you what. On Saturday, a friend of mine who went to the game told me that he heard the KSUck bench say they were planning on eating a baby after the game. It was their way of making a sacrifice to Satan. This is all based off of what a friend of mine close to the bench said, so it must be true. (BTW, I do not have audio or video, so you must believe me.)

Dear KSUck, please do not act like your s#!% smells like cinnamon rolls and fresh coffee. By pointing out dumb, stupid ass mistakes that players have made, (i.e. the shooting incident or Collins' trouble) doesn't make you better than any of them or negates ANYTHING your players have done (i.e. why isn't Clemente with Miami anymore.) Mudslinging is a two way street so don't start it without some being flung back.

DrPepper 13 years, 3 months ago

I know we hold our players on a higher plain, but I think it is sad that in these comments there are fans wishing Clemente bodily harm and projecting that Clemente is less of a person because his English is not very good or because he came from a place where one's hometown might be called a barrio. I am embarrassed by many of the Kansas fans. In addition, Fitz's antics get compared to a fan's. Pot, meet Kettle. That is my two cents.

RckChalkJeff 13 years, 3 months ago

Big surprise the KSUck media is a joke, just like the rest of their school, fans, town, etc..

jayhawkintexas 13 years, 3 months ago

Sometimes in the heat of the action, things get said or done that a player wouldn't normally do off the court (I kinda remember some things I did or said on the court that I shouldn't have done, even though they were only pickup games). An inadvertant elbow or hack across the arms/face gets interpreted as intentional and the opponent thinks they have to retaliate. That said, Clemente should be disciplined for the elbow he threw in Morningstar's back (and called for an offensive foul for the elbow he threw into Brady's neck) and the slap on Reed's head because they were intentional. He's probably a decent kid but needs to mature on the court and not let the pressure to beat us override his temper.

Toto_the_great 13 years, 3 months ago

found it

I don't believe it is a punch. Please follow me on this... I play a lot of ball and love playing D and feel I can hold my own against someone my size. To me, it looks like Brady was shift his balance as he was being crossed over (decent move on Clementes part). With his momentum shift because of the crossover, and the subsequent collision, I can see it as being thought of as a punch (arm wrong spot at wrong time), but to me, this is not a punch. Besides, the first Clemente elbow happened almost simultaneously with the first elbow (the one to the head).

missKU 13 years, 3 months ago

toto- you can see the video of Clemete hitting Reed here

The one with Morningstar here. Be sure to listen to the commentators, they call one of the KSU players their man and then go on to say how balanced the whole game they have been.

KGphoto 13 years, 3 months ago

Wow! The head slap is just crazy. Who does that? A slap? Haha. Can we please stop calling Clemente a thug? "Thug" implies a certain level of toughness, and tough guys don't have slap fights.

Acceptable names for Clemente: Punk, Douche Bag, Poser, Prag, Bitch.

I am currently using Punk, but I believe he has Prag in his future. You could also use almost any combo of these. Douchie Prag has a nice ring.

Although, he may not even make it to prison. Seeing as how that in the real world that he craves, bitchy bratty head-slaps are returned with hot lead slugs.

justanotherfan 13 years, 3 months ago

On another topic...


Just had to get that out there.

jayhawkintx73 13 years, 3 months ago

Calling Clemente a Punk is directly related to his own behaviors on the court. His stupidity lost the game for Kansas State. He shouldn't only apologize to fans of both schools but to his own team because HE LOST THE GAME FOR THEM. And if the refs had seen other shoves and things by other K-State players then this reflects directly on the coach himself. Its almost like he directed them to bait the KU players into a fight. But the scoreboard shows who the better team is. 85-74 on K-State's home floor. Clemente should be disciplined harshly and the Big 12 and NCAA should investigate rather or not Martin directed these kids to do this crap. Fitzgerald on the other hand, he's a kook job. If you have an opinion, fine, so be it. Clemente lost his composure. Thats on him. Not anyone else. If the refs saw the 2nd one, he would have been ejected and no question that the Big 12 would come down on him hard which they should any way. Clemente is the reason KU created the separation in the game with one really stupid act of stupidity. Kansas State should suspend him for at least 3 games, and then only if he shows an improved attitude should he be allowed to play in any more games this season. When you watch Kansas Football or Basketball, when a kid starts to act like a punk, they get benched. Just ask Raimond Pendleton!

bad_dog 13 years, 3 months ago

Oh the humanity...

The Mercury article I linked attributes Denise's conduct to "a Brady Morningstar high elbow". I've looked at the whole thing on Tivo forward and backwards in slo-mo numerous times. I just don't see Brady's body mechanics acting either aggressively or in a manner that would support Denise's allegations-much less anything that could be characterized as a "high elbow", aside from the neck-high chicken wing Clemente threw first in his attempt to get around Brady, that is. When the whistle blew, I initially thought that is what they were calling-not the elbow in the back.

I suspect the Big XII may ask K-st for their game footage. They shot the game from the opposite side of AFH East than the one used by the network. The back side perspective may give more insight and perspective into whether Brady actually punched Denise. Somehow I doubt it, but if so, you know Self will discipline him.

It will be interesting to hear what K-st fans have to say if the Big XII review clears Morningstar. Yeah, I know. KU has the Conference officials in their pocket along with all the refs and the Orange Bowl Committee and Judge Judy and...

It was also interesting to hear Kevin Kietzman yesterday on 810 talking about Tyrel's "aggressive box out on Clemente" as the reason for the subsequent retaliation. According to KK, Reed moved his rear back into Denise's groin and hurt him. Given Denise has no cojones, that is an anatomical impossibility. Even if that kind of move was injurious to the male genitalia, I suspect you wouldn't see anything like it on the dance floor either.

At least Denise has her respect intact. If only Fitz could say the same.

ku_foaf 13 years, 3 months ago

I didn't see the KU players throwing elbows, only Clemente. Maybe Brady did, I don't know. I recall Archie Marshall, who was the best (or worst) at getting people when the ref wasn't looking ... maybe getting a hothead to retaliate on purpose. I don't know this of course, and I am not accusing Brady of anything.

It is not racial to make fun of a guy's English who grew up in Puerto Rico and went to high school in Miami. It might be rude, but it is not racist. They are taught English from kindergarten through high school in Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans are US citizens, remember? No green card!

My wife is Mexican-American and grew up in Ft. Worth, TX. The pronunciation of people who were born and raised in her neighborhood who spoke English poorly were often the butt of jokes.. And yes, they were taught it at school also.

Growing up in a barrio is no excuse for being ignorant.

MyJayhawkBaby 13 years, 3 months ago

Pleas do not forget that THERE HAS NOT BEEN ANY EVIDENCE TO BACK FITZGERALD'S CLAIM!!! At all. Many posters keep trying to defend what KU "said." Are we Mildcats and completely ignored the lack of evidence provided? As fans, we do stand behind our men and women, and as fans, we have the obligation to chastise a player for doing something wrong. To accuse the KU bench of racism is a SERIOUS offense. Even though I strongly believe that the bench made no comments, if it is proven true(again, very doubtful) we should not condone said words. Racist comments from individuals that represent this university not only hurts them, but the integrity of THIS UNIVERSITY!!! That being said, Fitzgerald's comments are not only a team matter, but a university matter because this effects the school as a whole. Future students, players, and teachers will take into consideration the comments. I hope that Fitzgerald steps up as a man and does whatever is necessary to clear these comments, true or not true. Do it, Fitzgerald, because you have no right to hurt our university in this way for a simple vendetta.

Clemente also screwed himself by retaliating. If he were smart, he would know that the correct response would have been to let the refs, as well as the conference officials, know of what was going on. Not by hitting back. In kindergarten we learned that rule. Clemente should not be berated for where he comes from. KU fans doing this does not make anything better. Instead, we should step up and say racism, in any form, is not tolerated! Racism, in any form, is disgusting, cruel, and ignorant. We should be angry at Clemente for his wild swings, not for where he comes from. we all come from many different places and many different cultures. Our parents came from many different places and from many different cultures. The value of a man or woman is not based on where they came from but where they are going.

KansaKid 13 years, 3 months ago

Tyrel Reed a thug !! Haha. Very laughable.

Hawkin8r 13 years, 3 months ago

I didn't hear it but Kietz is an admitted KSU fanboy, so I'm not surprised he'd throw out any kind of justification possible. I read similar comments from other boards about an "overly aggressive boxout". Hey basketball that's an oxymoron unless you HIT the guy or hold him.

Tyrell's box-out on that play was a text-book example of how to execute one. You put your body on the guy...period. And since it happens on every single free-throw and missed shot, all the players know what to expect. That is an extremely lame excuse...especially when you see the replay.

I think Clemente was just pissed he missed that free-throw shot and he knew they were going to lose so he lashed out at the guy in front of him.

It looked to me that Clemente started unraveling when Marcus stole the ball from him later in the first half. From that point on, he was out of sync (which is good because he started out on fire).

MyJayhawkBaby 13 years, 3 months ago

From the couple times I have met Tyrel, be it the gas station or at my job, Tyrel has always come off to me as a very kind, generous, and respectable person. One time, at the gas station, he held the door open for me when he saw me getting out of my car. With a smile on his face, he said "here you go." Maybe i am biased. Maybe I am diving into fandom, but I think Tyrel is a good, decent person.

MyJayhawkBaby 13 years, 3 months ago

A good journalist would have proof to his statements, else that is slander. and slander is illegal, especially against an institution.

100 13 years, 3 months ago

Remember when the big programs used to play all those preseason games against NAIA schools?

Occasionally a little guy from one of these schools would pop off or take a swing and someone like Scot Pollard, who did nothing to provoke him but play solid basketball. Scot would stop dead in his tracks... And grin back at the little NAIA guy.

We need to handle this the same way. As fans its worth a quick chuckle (not 3 days long) and then we move on and get geared up for our next game. This hitting/ elbowing from a little guy is a non-issue for us.

It's the Big 12's issue, not ours. Laugh and move on.

C'mon LJW, enough of this...Let's hear about Withey.

Not Clemente.

thehawkster 13 years, 3 months ago

Wow justthetip. His proof are his ears huh. Thats the best you got. Well Bill Self said he didn't hear anything with his ears so I guess thats our proof. Why dont you take some of your own advice and "take a step back and be realistic" because you don't know if something was said so dont make it out like there was. Also in regards to your response about someone saying clemente shouldve been smarter and not retaliated how can you not agree with that? So basically you are saying clemente is justified in hitting someone else b/c of what may have been said. Most rational people (not clemente and you) would shrug off what people say to them and not want to fight everyone that may say something hurtful.

bad_dog 13 years, 3 months ago

Hey "JustTheTip". What about Clemente's actions in the Las Vegas tournament? That meltdown occurred only 7 games into the season.

"Clemente, K-State's junior point guard, fouled out after scoring only two points. His frustration was evident on several occasions, including once when an official had to step between him and Iowa's Jeff Peterson."

"I think he was still frustrated, like everybody else, with the loss yesterday," Martin said. "When he picked up those early fouls, he got a little frustrated.

I guess Clemente was still frustrated by the Iowa loss. Apparently everything that happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas, does it?

Even Fitzgerald referred to the Las Vegas incident this week on "The Drive". Note the quote above references "several occasions". What about the basis for his two suspensions from Miami? Hopefully that kind of activity is not "JustTheTip" of his immature behavioral iceberg, or he could become K-state's Titanic if you catch my drift.

In your 3:48 post you refer to Fitzpatrick's proof as his ears and the other reporters that purportedly heard the remarks. FYI, Fitz stated he was "told", not that he heard it himself. Who are the "other reporters" you refer to and where are their on the record statements to back Fitz??? If this was true, you would think they would be taking a number to pile on KU.

As for Collins, what do you base your "thug" comments on? He was cleared of any wrongdoing in the elevator incident, so there is no basis, logically or otherwise to keep up the inane drivel. You sound like a Mizzery fan in the KC Star's online comments. I'll bet you'd take him on the Mildcats team any day. Nevermind, I know, your guards are better...

I agree with several of the other posters above. Move on-nothing to see here. Besides, Martin suspended him for that crucial non-con game tonight. Is that a lesson or merely paying lip service to the problem? Somehow I'm dubious whether that will set him straight. I hope so for his sake. Time will tell.

JBurtin 13 years, 3 months ago

Wait a minute . . . I think I figured it out.

JustTheTip = Clemente

His english is certainly bad enough to support the conclusion. I'm still trying to figure out what the heck "nieve" means. lol

P.S. Why do the dumbest people always choose the most indefensible positions?

canuckhawk 13 years, 3 months ago

I'm going to make an assumption that our players say more than "Miss!" They may even say mean things. Ouch!

If our little bench creates such a hostile environment in that arena, then Bramblage may just be the worst home court in the history of college basketball. They are against their biggest rival (emotional rivalry is what I'm referring to here, not competitive) and yet our bench is so disruptive to Clemente that he basically melts down at the end of the game.

I don't buy it. From the game I watched, Bramblage was into it. There was no way that our bench got into Clemente's head. It was the game and inevitable loss that shuck him. KSU homers are trying to protect his psyche here, but the fact is that Clemente couldn't handle the pressure and he let his frustrations out on two of the guys that are the least likely to return his gesture with a fist in the mouth. The scouting report is out on Clemente, he is not emotionally tough. Refs are going to be watching him closer and opposing teams are going to harass him more relentlessly. My guess is that things don't get easier for Clemente from here out.

Matt1958 13 years, 3 months ago

Clemente claimed "I got my respect" by elbowing a guy in the back? What kind of ghetto, gang banger, crap is that? Sounds like something a convict on the TV show "Lock Up" would say. I remember when KSU would put class guys like Mitch Richmond on the court. What's happened?

bad_dog 13 years, 3 months ago

No JustTheTip, I meant "logically", something you are apparently not familiar with.

Oh, and BTW, it's"naive", not your pathetic hooked on phonics version, "nieve".

As for Collins, he wasn't charged with any criminal offenses because there wasn't any evidence to support them despite the fact the issue was investigated by the KU police and KBI. Likewise, the plaintiff in the civil suit dropped the matter after the KBI indicated there wasn't any evidence to support her allegations. He said/she said and she couldn't meet the burden of proof. Apparently the phrase "innocent until proven guilty" doesn't mean anything to you, but given the quality or lack thereof in your posts, I'm not surprised you either ignore it when convenient or just haven't heard of the concept.

Just so you know, the above paragraph was about legal matters not logic . I don't want you to get confused again.

Don't want to discuss Clemente's history, I see. I'd also like to know how Clemente could have heard anything from KU's bench given all the noise in AFH East. The only time it quieted down was late in the second half when the outcome became clear and the fans stormed the parking lot.

Feel free to keep up the inane drivel. I suggested above we all move on, but you apparently just can't let it go. Whatever.

JayHawks2008Champs 13 years, 3 months ago

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JayHawks2008Champs 13 years, 3 months ago

Ok, enough with all of this racial sh*t. He's a punk. This shouldn't have happened, but because K-State let their lead go at the end of the first half it's their falt. None of our players did anything to Denis or any other K-State player. That's it!

optichawk 13 years, 3 months ago

Come on, don't you realize how smart kstate fan is? They convinced Clemente to take the fall by drawing attention away for some silo tech idiot that made a fake cole aldrich voice mail message and was stupid enough to post it on youtube, exposing the lameness of the purplepussies to the world.

It was all part of a diabolical plan...that went horribly wrong!

Denis Clemente: Bring your power towel to every game (to cry in like you did after the beatdown at AFH-West on Saturday)!

Ron Prince: Bring your...oh wait, you are not there anymore after KU beat kstate's arse on the football field.

Sorry folks, I'm out of power towels (but that was one of the funniest youtube vids I have seen): (218,700 views can't be wrong)

optichawk 13 years, 3 months ago

Bad_Dog, you are directionally challenged but otherwise you are dead on. And yes, that jerk's name is Fitzgerald (Fitzpatrick, Fitzsimmons, whatever...he's still huge). He still can't get his colleages to step up and corroberate his story.

bad_dog 13 years, 3 months ago

My bad optichawk. You really can get to Manhattan/Bramlage by going east. You just have to travel 27,000 + miles to get there that way.

I'll try to do better next time ;-)

bad_dog 13 years, 3 months ago

Oh please "Tip" cite the "multiple times" Sherron has been in trouble. If that were true, then he should be charged and if guilty, convicted. That would be both logical and legal-don't want you to get confused again but I can only do so much. You can't cite specific examples because they don't exist-no matter your closeted sexual preferences or how long you research.

You probably only "know" what happened on the elevator with Sherron because he turned you down, right?

And no, I didn't need to research the Earth's circumference. Some of us actually both learned something while in elementary school and graduated.

Keep calling me names and I'll have to go cry to Frank Martin. Perhaps I can learn some slapping techniques from Denise Clemente. I'd rather be the person you're so scared of than a hate-filled homophobe like you. What's next on your list of hate names-Nazi, Muslim, Socialist or "gasp" Gayhawk?

You know I was wrong above when I corrected your spelling of "nieve". You're more of a "Summer's Eve" type aren't you?

Bye, bye sweetie. I'll try to do better next time-just for you ;-)


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