Saturday, November 3, 2007

Rush cleared for contact, scrimmages on Friday

from Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook


About 350 high school, junior college and small-college coaches attending Bill Self's Kansas Basketball Coaches Clinic, watched with interest Friday as junior Brandon Rush reached a new milestone in his comeback from June 1 ACL surgery.

He scrimmaged with full contact.

He looked good at the 21â2 hour workout, both slashing to the goal and shooting jumpers while also fighting off screens chasing Mario Chalmers on defense.

"Brandon did do some contact stuff today. He's cleared to do contact at this time, but it's limited. He's still some time away from playing (in a game)," Self said. "I thought he looked OK. His timing is off a bit."


jayhwkroks 14 years, 8 months ago

Take your time BR. We don't want any set backs. Can't wait to see the team at full strength. On another note, go Jayhawk Football!!!!!!!!!! RockChalk Jaychawk, KU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ralsterKUMed95 14 years, 8 months ago

Logic would seem to say that whenever Brandon is cleared to play 100%, he will do so with a vengeance. Because he lost a year of $$, because there are "questions" and "uncertainties" about his knee, because he knows everyone wants he (&Darrell) to be a goto guy; and he knows he has to dispell all that in a solid manner, thus setting himself up for that high-lottery pick we/he feel he deserves. I would like nothing better not only for Rush, but for KU also, to see him continue his solid defense, deadly 3pt shooting (NO slump here, just way too consistent), and penetrate+finish at least as well as Langford did= very high lotto chance. I would surmise that the only thing I would add to his game is that ability to get to the rim with authority, more so than he showed the first 2 years. I am sure he is well aware of what he has to do--and I'm just stating the obvious for the sake of discussion. Good luck Brandon!

lee3022 14 years, 8 months ago

Raister I am sure you didn't mean it to be that Brandon is all about draft and money but I would like to add that his attitude from his freshman days to now has shifted immensely. He has learned valuable lessons about teamwork and help defense that will serve him well at the next level. What has changed even more is I sense he is enjoying being in school at KU. It is not all about business for him. He is having fun with his teammates and bonding. I like to think that NBA teams want to draft KU guys because they are fundamentally sound and basketball smart as well as for their talent. Being an unselfish teammate is a big part of the evaluation as well.

ralsterKUMed95 14 years, 8 months ago

Well put--certainly I hope, as an alum, that he IS enjoying KU for everything it has to offer him, degree or no degree (at least on a conventional timeline). I have indeed read Self's statements about Rush enjoying school. I recall some concern about academics very early on (his frosh year), but it seems Brandon has not disappointed anyone in that regard, and my hat's off to him as he obviously has taken care of business. My angle is just that it is clear he is moving on to the next level, and an improvement in his game (to match the consumate team player he already has proven), should enhance his pro appeal all the more...and I think KU will reap our own benefit from his efforts on the hardwood.

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