Montell Cozart shakes off illness for effective outing


Kansas quarterback Montell Cozart (2) has nowhere to go as he is surrounded by Rutgers defensive back Kiy Hester (2) and linebacker Steve Longa (3) during the third quarter on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015 at High Point Solutions Stadium in Piscataway, New Jersey.

Kansas quarterback Montell Cozart (2) has nowhere to go as he is surrounded by Rutgers defensive back Kiy Hester (2) and linebacker Steve Longa (3) during the third quarter on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015 at High Point Solutions Stadium in Piscataway, New Jersey. by Nick Krug

No. 1 - Montell Cozart: Burning a 104-degree fever Friday and curled up on the training table in the fetal position, a couple of hours before the game and sniffing and talking with cough-worn vocal cords afterward, Cozart came off the bench in relief of Deondre Ford to play one of his better games. He completed 13 of 18 passes for 193 yards without an interception or touchdown pass.

No. 2 - Tyrone Miller: The true freshman forced a fumble and quickly recovered it and several of his 11 tackles were made on running plays to go with a few that occurred after he played loose coverage.

No. 3 - Tyler Patrick: Receiver produced his second consecutive strong game. He executed an excellent double-move to get open on a 33-yard gain just short of a touchdown. Had three catches for 70 yards.

No. 4 - Tevin Shaw: Played well in his New Jersey homecoming with 10 tackles, seven of solo variety.

No. 5 - Jordan Shelley-Smith: Tends to go unnoticed until he throws an important block on a run, which for an offensive tackle generally means he’s doing a nice job of keeping edge rushers away from his quarterback.

No. 6 - Schyler Miles: Consistently does a solid job of playing through knee pain. Was largely responsible for Rutgers punting with two big plays on same set of downs. He shed a blocker to stop a ballcarrier and two plays later broke up a third-down pass.

No. 7 - Ben Goodman: Horse-collar penalty on third down kept Rutgers from punting on a drive in which it went on to score a TD, but other than that, Goodman had his typical active day, getting into the backfield often and making seven tackles overall.

No. 8 - Corey King: Squaring into shape and looking quicker than in past weeks, Miami transfer made five tackles, one for a loss.

9 - Tre’ Parmalee: Receiver knows how to get open and has nice chemistry with Cozart.

10 - Greg Allen: Alertly intercepted a pass in the back of the end zone. Seemed to eager to bring the ball out of the end zone, with Rutgers tacklers draped on him. Maybe they should have let him out of the end zone and tackled him at the 1 or 2.


Ke’aun Kinner — 19

Montell Cozart — 13

Tre’ Parmalee — 12

Tyler Patrick — 11

Ben Goodman — 10

Schyler Miles — 10

Kent Taylor — 10

Tyrone Miller — 9

De’Andre Mann — 9

Fish Smithson — 8

Ryan Schadler — 8

Tevin Shaw — 7

Marcquis Roberts — 7

Darious Crawley — 7

Jordan Shelley-Smith — 6

Damani Mosby — 5

Steven Sims Jr. — 4

Corey King — 3

Matthew Wyman — 2

Nick Bartolotta — 2

Joe Dineen — 2

Greg Allen — 1


Max Ledom 4 years, 4 months ago

How is the only guy who scored us points not on the list? Kinner? Really, Tom?

Suzi Marshall 4 years, 4 months ago

Really over-the-moon about Tyler Patrick's play. Having seen him play almost every skilled position in HS on both offense and defense, I absolutely knew he'd be a major factor for Kansas. Also happy to see other underclassmen like Miller stepping up.

David Kemp 4 years, 4 months ago

And 6 guys on this list are part of a defense that gave up over 500+ yards to the 6th worse team in football? My we are kind

Erich Hartmann 4 years, 4 months ago

I'm sure people are sick of the phrase "baby steps", but with all the departed seniors (with 3-5 NFL players among those departed), this season is all about getting guys experience, reps, and actually finding out who can actually play at this level. And just like the Rush, Chalmers, RussRob analogy about them being a lot better as juniors than they were as frosh, same concept applies here.

Not only do we have a new coach, but he is also facing the natural cycle of rebuilding due to the tidal wave of seniors that left.

Kinner is a GLARING omission from the list. As the O-line gets better, everything about the offense should get better. The defense is absolutely missing its NFL level linebacker and the 2 NFL DBs we had. And I do think Cummings is a better passing QB than Cozart, although Montell may simply turn the corner very shortly (we hope), as he is a junior...

Erich Hartmann 4 years, 4 months ago

The most glaring weakness on this team is the run defense. That is likely a result of inexperience and a steep learning curve for the unit due to the departed seniors.

Tell any opponent to run a misdirection play, and the cutback goes for almost 10yds every time against KU. Its a miracle they didn't score in the 30s or 40s against KU.

But experience is a great teacher, and I hope many of these players can be part of a solid KU football team in 2-3 more years, as it sucks to lose, and have a losing season. They'll be better, bigger, stronger, smarter...and we hope Beaty can add more quality to the roster.

And for God's sake, despite how bad Bowen's defense is getting gashed right now, we need coaching stability almost as bad as we need better player talent...So lets not make any changes for a couple of years until we see what Beaty's relationship-building type of recruiting can do for our talent pool. Better Jimmies/Joes almost always give you better-looking Xs/Os. (Gotta have weapons before we can use them...and a QB/RB/TE/WR need an Oline to make their dream plays a realistic possibility...ask Dayne and Jake).

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