Clutch Collins easy pick for No. 1


1. Sherron Collins: Best player in college basketball had 28 points, four assists, two steals and did not turn it over.

2. Marcus Morris: His hot streak continued. He had 22 points, eight rebounds and two steals. In the past four games, Morris is averaging 21.8 points, 7.8 rebounds and shooting .750 from the field.

3. Xavier Henry: Still having trouble finishing and on this night his three-point shot was off because it appeared he was releasing the ball on his way down, instead of at the apex of his jump. But he had seven steals, 12 points and four rebounds, all signs he played aggressively.

4. Cole Aldrich: Had 10 points, four rebounds and made players think twice about shooting near the bucket.

5. Tyshawn Taylor: Had five assists and did not turn it over. Took an ill-advised shot late.

6. Markieff Morris: Hit the boards hard with five rebounds in 19 minutes and scored four points to go with two turnovers and a bad decision to shoot once or twice.

7. Brady Morningstar: Had two steals, three assists and one steal, starting in place of Taylor.

8. Tyrel Reed: Scoreless in 10 minutes.

9. Elijah Johnson: Played two minutes.

10. Thomas Robinson: Still having trouble letting the game come to him, as evidenced by two turnovers in four minutes. Hits the boards hard and picked up three rebounds.

11. C.J. Henry: Had trouble getting around picks.

The Keegan Ratings: Season Standings
1. Sherron Collins (152 points)
2. Cole Aldrich (138 points)
3. Marcus Morris (125 points)
4. Xavier Henry (121 points)
5. Tyshawn Taylor (101 points)
6. Markieff Morris (89 points)
7. Tyrel Reed (75 points)
8. Thomas Robinson (61 points)
9. Elijah Johnson (56 points)
10. Brady Morningstar (45 points)
11. C.J. Henry (21 points)
12. Jeff Withey (1 point)

The Keegan Ratings: Big 12 Standings
1. Marcus Morris (28 points)
2. Sherron Collins (27 points)
3. Cole Aldrich (21 points)
4. Brady Morningstar (19 points)
5. Xavier Henry (17 points)
6. Tyrel Reed (16 points)
7. Tyshawn Taylor (14 points)
8. Markieff Morris (13 points)
9. Elijah Johnson (6 points)
10. Thomas Robinson (5 points)

Notes: C.J. Henry, though he is a walk-on, will be included in the Keegan Ratings.


actorman 8 years, 4 months ago

Huge dropoff after the first two. Out of he meager pickings from the rest, I don't think Brady deserved to be rated nearly that low. He played a solid game and should have been third.

8 years, 4 months ago

I agree - - big drop-off after the first two or three. I don't know if Morningstar should have been third, but there is no way Taylor should be rated ahead of him. Brady had a lot more positive impact on the game, intangibles the stat sheet doesn't show. Also, while he wasn't shooting well, Xavier ending up with seven steals in one game is very impressive.

sshroyer 8 years, 4 months ago

C'mon, give Thomas some love! Behind a guy who played 2 minutes? He may be hyperactive, but his hustle got possession back for KU after a missed shot and Baylor didn't hang onto the rebound. Slow but surely the kid's getting it.

keith horinek 8 years, 4 months ago

you are giving Cole way too much credit. I know he's going through a tough time right now but he was not the no. 4 player last night. Brady was much more of a factor than Cole. IMO.

eastcoasthawk 8 years, 4 months ago

First Marcus was huge and I only see one paragraph in all the articles about his attacking play that showed tremendous heart. As much heart as Sherron had last night. Second, I thought Brady was the only other Jayhawk to bring that kind of intensity to his play. He was definitely 3 or 4 on this list. He was so tight to his man that on at least 3 occasions he smacked the ball out as they were getting ready to shoot 3's and considering the percentage of shots they were making Brady was saving us points. I thought X did a great job of stepping into a passing lanes while we were trying to pressure away from the basket. When they broke past the 2 on 1 he covered 2 players as the ball was entering or preparing to enter the paint. Not sure if that was good coaching or just X using his ball smarts.

Cole making players think twice about shooting near the bucket?? Their guards were making layups with Cole right in front of them.

barchawk 8 years, 4 months ago

eastcoasthawk - You are spot on. Brady frustrated the heck out of his man, and supplemented Xavier's steal numbers by getting in the Baylor guards' faces. Last night it seemed like Cole went after every pump fake, pass fake, and head fake, giving them open looks. He'll come around.

LAJayhawk 8 years, 4 months ago

Agree with the consensus: Brady should definitely be higher. Played a very solid, very intense, non-stat-filled game. He deserves to be on the floor, and will probably start the next game.

And -- just in case anyone out there still has a question about it -- Sherron Collins is clearly the best guard in the country. Hands down. He does so many things for us it is nearly impossible to measure.

While there were still some nagging issues last night, I was generally very happy about a grind out win against a very solid, extraordinarily good shooting team. That team has a hard time missing, so we did other things (i.e. force turnovers) that won the game. Solid outing from both sides. And make no mistake, that was a Sweet 16 team we played last night.

milehighhawk 8 years, 4 months ago

Agreed Tyshawn should not be ahead of Brady.

He does say, interestingly, that Brady had "two steals, three assists and one steal" whatever that means.

Ben Kane 8 years, 4 months ago

i'm going to throw my two cent agreement about Brady. He didn't play much in the second half, but his first half was enough to put at 3 in my opinion.

I also thought Marcus should be number 1. granted Collins had a great game, but he's a guard and gets' the more flashy chances. Marcus played his heart out last night.

Drew Alan 8 years, 4 months ago

The grades agrees with the consensus here... Marcus and Sherron were the clearcut leaders, and the trio of Brady/Xavier/Tyshawn all played different, but equally key roles as supporting players.

Underdog777 8 years, 4 months ago

I agree with Keegan, when Brady played most of his minutes, KU stayed even wtih Baylor. Brady, did not stop the player in front of him nor was he a scoring threat. "Tom please keep calling it the way you see it."

Dirk Medema 8 years, 4 months ago

Underdogg - apparently you missed Brady repeatedly taking the ball right out of the shooters hand. Is that a block or a steal? Either way, it is great D.

Agred with DSmith, etc. The trio could be tied in my book. It's just a shame that they are tied at the #3 spot instead of 4, 5, or 6. Someone else needs to step up along side Sherron & McMorris. Starting the season, Cole and X were suppose to be in between those 2. They at least need to join them for us to be elite.

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