Big 12 realignment Part Deux: Is this really happening?


Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe listens to a reporter’s question during a news conference following the final day of spring meetings on June 4.

Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe listens to a reporter’s question during a news conference following the final day of spring meetings on June 4.

Here we go again. Or do we?

By this time last year, the whole conference realignment mess was well behind us and KU fans — as well as those fanatics from the rest of the Big 12 — were comfortably able to look forward to the upcoming college football season and, in some places, maybe even start dreaming about how successful their hoops squad would be.

This year, although the timing doesn’t quite match up, it’s starting to feel a little like deja vu with a little twist of scary.

That’s right, conference realignment — and more specifically the demise of the Big 12 — has roared to the forefront once again and, this time, there’s reason to believe things could become even more serious than they were last time around.

Not surprisingly, the center of the storm continues to revolve around Texas, one of the most powerful programs in the country which got its way by keeping the conference together last year, retaining all the power and being given the green light to go ahead with the Longhorn Network, which is expected to launch on Aug. 26. I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the commercials.

With Texas all fat and happy, things appeared to be headed for smoother waters and sunnier times. To quote college football analyst, Lee Corso, “Not so fast, my friend.”

Instead of the Longhorns raising the fuss and controlling the agenda, it’s the rest of the league that’s got things going this time around. Most specifically, Texas A&M. The Aggies and Longhorns have never seen eye-to-eye and the feud appears to be raging more out of control than ever.

The Aggies protested the Longhorns’ desire and plans to televise Texas high school football games on the Longhorn Network, something that inspired Big 12 commissioner, Dan Beebe, to step in and speak up.

“Until the members have a chance to consider all the issues and come to conclusion ... no more than one live football game will be televised on any institutional network and no high school content will be televised on a branded member's network.”

Uh oh. Somebody’s not gonna like Beebe getting involved to this extent.

Somebody is, though.

“We are pleased that the commissioner has started to address these concerns, but many questions remain,” Texas A&M AD Bill Byrne said, according to the Dallas Morning News. “These are significant issues for all collegiate athletics as they relate to broadcast rights, revenue distribution and the recruitment of student-athletes.”

The, we’ll call it a disagreement, between UT and A&M can go one of two ways from here. The two sides can work together, show some respect and understanding for themselves and the rest of the conference and resolve this thing in a manner that pleases both sides and ensures the survival and future success of the Big 12.

Or, as some of the rumors out there already have suggested, they can fight like disgruntled siblings and bring the conference to its knees once again.

Only time will tell which path they’ll take. UT athletic director DeLoss Dodds continues to stress that Texas is not trying to gain an unfair advantage here and that the Longhorns are happy and the conference is in good shape.

Again, time will tell. But just as we saw last year, there are plenty of people keeping a close eye on this situation and if some of these people find even the smallest opening, a full-on raid of the Big 12 could be in store yet again. If one were to happen, I’m guessing that, this time, there wouldn’t be much anyone could do to save the conference.

Having said that, there are still plenty of people out there — beyond Beebe and Dodds — who believe the Big 12 is fine and the conference will continue to move forward into a bright, bright future.

The guess here is that this thing won’t linger for long, at least not in the way we saw in 2010. There’s too much at stake for that to happen again. It’ll either be resolved quickly or fall apart just as fast.

Stay tuned... We'll have much more on this story next week from Dallas, when Jesse Newell, Eric Sorrentino and I invade the Lone Star State for the Big 12's annual football media days, Monday and Tuesday.

For those of you interested in reading the latest, here are a few of the best stories out there that, together, sum up what’s going on right now.

• This piece, from The Big Lead takes a look at the conference most desirable programs, in order, should the Big 12 fall apart. Though the Jayhawks are a little ways down the list, you’ll note that KU seems to be in much better shape this time around than it was a year ago.

• Here’s a story, from The San Antonio News-Express that does a nice job of summing up the level of uncertainty the conference is currently facing.

• Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples examines the rest of the country’s vulture mentality in this story from

• And, The Sporting News, one of the first outlets to get the word out about A&M’s frustration, dives a little deeper into the idea of the Aggies and Sooners bolting the Big 12 for the SEC.


ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

In sheahon we trust!


ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

And you guys wonder why I yell, kick, and scream at turner and LETC being hired! Imagine how attractive we would be if we had a decent football team. Every conference would be battling for us. Or how comfortable you would feel if our ad had major ties to a major conference. But we have neither and are looking at a big east at best situation. Yikes!!!

Ben Kliewer 5 years ago

When have we had a decent football team? Besides one year, and then we went back to not being decent again...

Stephen Johnson 5 years ago

Seriously dude. get some medication and get over your Mangino crush. you sound desperate

jgkojak 5 years ago

The bad news: we hate the Big East.

The good news: it will be fun going 18-0 in conference every year.

Steve Gantz 5 years ago

You're mistaken if you think that'd happen every year.

Scott Oswalt 5 years ago

Don't you mean you hate the Big East. I don't mind the conference.

sevenyearhawk 5 years ago

... only to lose to yet another mid-major in the NCAA tourney?


yourworstnightmare 5 years ago

NU and CU did well to bolt this conference. The Big teXasII will not survive.

wtfusa 5 years ago

Now we must beg Nebraska to let us in with the Big 10 if we want to be a viable sports school status. They have the tradition, security, and business infrastructure we need!! We can't let the Kansas administration support the Longhorn Network in anyway. It has to be obvious that they want to use at as a way to go independent. Big 12 is looking like it's about to die

haydenhawkco 5 years ago

Whatever happens will happen - just don't grab our little purple brother by the hand and tell the big boys that we are family. Let them grow up and find their own group of friends.

jgkojak 5 years ago

Problem is the legislature and Gov (especially THIS Gov) will never let KU - KSU be uncoupled for a conference. Meaning any conference that takes us has to take our bratty little brother as well.

Now, the Big East probably was KS Basketball enough that they'd take the kitties as well (and as a bonus they get 2 football teams that will be above average for the Big East).

MU maybe gets an invite to the B10- but they could also land in the SEC comfortably (natural rival in Arkansas).

Maybe KU should go Indy? We'd be guaranteed a bball invite every year, and we couldn't do worse in football.

Hammertoe 5 years ago

Did you forget K-State went 13-1 against KU last year in athletics? One win against K-State in Basketball at Allen Fieldhouse is nothing to brag about. Coming in last place in football and baseball....KU has room to grow!

texashawk10 5 years ago

All that "dominance" over KU and yet KU will still be the more desirable option when the time comes. Just pray that KSU alums are still controlling the Kansas government when Texas decides to go independent.

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

While we are talking about the present...How'd that top 5 preseason ranking and favorite to win the big 12 work out for ya!

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

I will however "salute" your performance in the pinstripe bowl

Martin Shupert 5 years ago

Yeah, we could play Notre Dame every year. I think our basketball program would suffer. It's hard to find people who will play a team like KU in the middle of their conference season and we would have to do this EVERY year about 20 times. Joining the Big Ten might make life interesting though.

rob4lb 5 years ago

The best option for KU is a strong Big 12. I suspect this will all get worked out. I think UTis weaker today than they were last year. At least A&M has the guts to stand up to UT. Living in Houston, I can tell you that Aggie alums want to separate from UT and go to the SEC. Look what happens. A&M calls out the inequity of the network and changes are made to where UT cannot broadcast high school games and can only broadcast one game a year (with non-conference opponent) on the network.

I think UT has burned some bridges and has fewer options. The Pac 12 and Big 10 will never give them the power they have in the Big 12. The other option is independence. That could work, but that doesn't necessarily break up the conference. Replace UT with BYU and you still have a viable ten team conference that is BCS worthy.

KU is in a weak position. There is not much they can do proactively. The best alternatives for KU would be a move to the SEC, Big 10 or Pac 12 and none of those conferences want us. The Big East is a desparate fallback option. Look at the TV revenues the conference generates- it is less than half of what the Big 12 generates per team. It would be an awesome basketball league, but as we discovered last year, basketball isn't that important.

Hammertoe 5 years ago

You got it all right. Football is driving the bus of college sports as the revenues far out weigh that of basketball. Well said...

rob4lb 5 years ago

The best option for KU is a strong Big 12. I suspect this will all get worked out. I think UTis weaker today than they were last year. At least A&M has the guts to stand up to UT. Living in Houston, I can tell you that Aggie alums want to separate from UT and go to the SEC. Look what happens. A&M calls out the inequity of the network and changes are made to where UT cannot broadcast high school games and can only broadcast one game a year (with non-conference opponent) on the network.

I think UT has burned some bridges and has fewer options. The Pac 12 and Big 10 will never give them the power they have in the Big 12. The other option is independence. That could work, but that doesn't necessarily break up the conference. Replace UT with BYU and you still have a viable ten team conference that is BCS worthy.

KU is in a weak position. There is not much they can do proactively. The best alternatives for KU would be a move to the SEC, Big 10 or Pac 12 and none of those conferences want us. The Big East is a desperate fallback option. Look at the TV revenues the conference generates- it is less than half of what the Big 12 generates per team. It would be an awesome basketball league, but as we discovered last year, basketball isn't that important.

Jayhawklegacy 5 years ago

This is what happens when you have to cater to Texas! You give them what they want and they will do what they want. If you don't then the B12 is history. Sad to say but maybe it would be better to be in conference where we didn't have to take it in the ***!

rob4lb 5 years ago

I don't think it's working out that way this time. UT tried to push this through and it didn't work. What options do you think KU has? I don't see any.

Dan Harris 5 years ago

Arkansas Memphis Louisville Cinncinatti TCU(REALLY should have tried to get them before they joined Big East) Houston

Need to go after a couple more teams or the Big 12/10 will be gone within 5 years

utahjayhawk 5 years ago

Ark is the only one on your list that has any real earning power. The rest are tier 2 schools at best. The Big XII has been doomed since last year.

texashawk10 5 years ago

The CEO of FedEx has said in the past he will pay any BCS conference $10 million a year to let Memphis in and while their football program sucks, their basketball team is very good and an extra million a year per school would provide a significant amount of funding for 1 or 2 non-revenue sports a year such as rowing or tennis.

Ben Kane 5 years ago

The only thing that scares me about the conference going away is being forced to stick with the kitties which destroys any viable future for us.

Hammertoe 5 years ago

The kitties beat the chicken hawks 59 -7 in football. K-State went 13-1 against KU in athletics this year. Having the worst team in football and baseball in the Big 12 gives ku no leverage. KU is all about one sport- baskeball. Wake up!

Dan Harris 5 years ago

Cameltoe- Yeah and all those confrences are just slobbering over the possibility of stealing the purple pu@@ies from The Big 12! Why don't you win ONE national championship in ANYTHING other then tractor pulling,cow tipping or sheep shearing then come thump your chest!

Hammertoe 5 years ago

you are living in the past. the present is 13 -1 against KSU and VCU embarrassing the over-rated beakers. stock up on kleenex as next year will be the same. great regular season only to fall to some team you will have to google search in the NCAA tournament..... Reality sucks.

texashawk10 5 years ago

If KU athletics are so far in the toilet, why is going 13-1 against them a bragging point instead of an expectation? I wouldn't expect anything less from a fan whose school claims a "decade of dominance" in football in which a conference rival won 3 national titles during that time and played for a 4th and another conference team won a national title and played for another. Reality sucks!

sevenyearhawk 5 years ago

You should worry less about the Purps and more about the idiot running the football program into the ground ...

Texas Tech landed an SEC-caliber coach AND poached the AD from The U - what did Kansas get?


Hammertoe 5 years ago

It's all about football. basketball has no power as it doesn't generate the revenue. The TV revenue for football far exceeds that of baskeball thus leaving KU with a weak hand to play.

hawksince51 5 years ago

I must be missing something because I do not see how a squabble between UT and aTm is cause for alarm. On the other hand, I have never felt that the new Big 12/10 could survive long-term so maybe it will be a squabble like this which will blow the whole thing up. It probably is just a matter of time. And it is sad but true that football is all that really matters which requires that we get our act together in that sport. We do not have time to switch horses again so I truly hope Turner is the man to get it done.

Scott Smetana 5 years ago

Perfectly said. I think this is a bunch of nothing, but feel the league is unstable. We need to add 2 quality teams. I have no idea who that would be.

texashawk10 5 years ago

It's a cause for concern because it's public sign of weakness which will get the commissioners from other conferences looking at how they further exploit the situation to cause the conference to split up and add pieces to their conference.

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

ok hear me out.

are you reading?

i know it's usually turner bashing but this is different.

so please read!

we all know basketball is all that matters but as we saw over the mangino era we would care about football if we were decent. so here is the plan:

Maybe being the big fish in the small pond is not so bad. Think of Cal at Memphis compared to any basketball coach in the big east where they are preseason top 5 one year and under .500 the next 3. Recruiting remains the best in the country because you tell kids to come here and average 25 a night and the team is fresh as a dasiy heading into march. Compared to the 57 day big east mma fight errrrrrr tourney.

I know the revenue would not be the same, maybe even half but how are we spending the money we recieve now? ask bonnie! lets say we go from a conference payout of 17 million to 10*--12. Keep football and basketball budgets the same and reduce the hell out of the other programs. Would you really care if womens soccer went from 3 mill to 300k, if swimming and diving were cut, or the track team had to run without shoes?

Finally, football. Tell me what game you are more likely to go to. Ku vs Lsu or Ku vs BYU. for the longest time all we have asked for is to put a product on the field that will compete. granted the skill level will be different but all most of us want is to go tailgate on the hill with our families and watch a close game rather than leave at halftime! we make a little money on attendance, win (lesser) conference titles, and turner and i walk hand in hand forever.

LAJayhawk 5 years ago

He does post insightful thoughts here and there.... between Adam Sandler quotes and Turner Gill backhands.

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

I feel like "frank the tank" during the debate from the movie old school!

This is a what is best for us now case. Unfortunatly the what could of been is what drives most of my thoughts. Could of had our pick of which conference we wanted if we wouldn't of did things on the cheep.

sevenyearhawk 5 years ago

There aren't enough people on this site who really get the "big picture" ...


Stephen Johnson 5 years ago

I can't believe I'm saying this, but that's a good post.

LAJayhawk 5 years ago

"Keep football and basketball budgets the same and reduce the hell out of the other programs. Would you really care if womens soccer went from 3 mill to 300k...?"

I'm guessing Title IX of the Civil Rights Act would take issue.

Otherwise, well thought out post. The only problem with moving to a mid-major is that we probably lose our head basketball coach.

ku11 5 years ago

let's just replace NU and CU and go after louisville and cincy from the Big East.

rob4lb 5 years ago

How would that solve the current problem? Neither school is even the most popular school in their respective cities. We would probably end up with less revenue if either joined the conference.

justinryman 5 years ago

Well since the leaders of the great State of Kansas think that KU and ksu should stay together, perhaps they should recruit Wichita St to join them in a new conference? They could call "The Wheat Conference", and all games would be sponsored by Wheaties.

Or they could go with the "Harvest Plains Conference" with all games being sponsored by Great harvest bread.

The ever so easy "Sunflower Conference" and David Sunflowers could sponsor all games.

Probably throw a hand to Iowa St. as well and then it could be the battle of Vet schools when KSU and ISU play, or the battle of farm land???

Kirk 5 years ago

Dr. Tom and Nebraska are looking less stupid every day....

onlylookin2score 5 years ago

I hope the Big 10 invites KU, KSU and Mizzou. Otherwise we'll be doomed for Confrence USA I'm afraid

Manginosspeedo 5 years ago

Dr Tom looking like a genius right now. At least A&M is standing up to the Longhorns. Too bad we have to piggy back KSU with us. That is a heavy load to carry. COunt out the Big 10. Looks like Big East is only good option and next best is Conference USA.

LAJayhawk 5 years ago

I never thought they looked stupid.

Just traitorous.

itwasthedukes 5 years ago

Looks like attaching your future to others is a bad ideal. I can't wait for national health care!

bigjay83 5 years ago

You mean when you turn 65 and you are covered by Medicare?

Oh, right, that's the "acceptable" national health care.

Ben Kliewer 5 years ago

Oh no! The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Let's all drink this big batch of kool-aid. Idiots.

Pbbut 5 years ago

If DeLoss Dodds is happy, I can think of nine other ADs that probably should at least get a kiss.

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

Or maybe the PAC 12 could make a little push? This is all about tv's and they are trying to develop a network. Adding a school like ku would give them the entire kc market and reach into some of the bigger Midwest cities.

Remember that in order for a conference to pay us 20 million a year we have to make 20 mill a year. Which is why the big 10 or sec will have no interest.

tpatt 5 years ago

I hope that if we are lucky enough to get invited into the Big East or another conference of some relevance, that we don't have to say that we have to bring KSU with us, then we'll end up in the Missouri Valley or some crap. I don't see Brownback allowing KU to leave his precious K-State to accually fend for themselves

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

Best news ever if the big east comes calling...we would be the early game on big Monday!!!

Remember, if the big 12 dissolved and it's every conference for themselves it's more than likely that the big 10 and acc reach to the big east to grab a couple of teams. So don't feel comfortable with the big east safety net.

Ben Kliewer 5 years ago

Well, Kansas is going to be left out in the cold, and they'll probably just shut the university down. There, problem solved. (More sarcasm font)

DCRick 5 years ago

I think the Big East might do well to have 20 basketball teams (two 10 team divisions). If I were them I would invite KU, KState and Baylor, all of whom would serve as good additions to their basketball brand. It would also give them 11 football teams, some of which (Pitt, WVa and UConn) can be pretty tough, but others we might be able to beat. I agree the revenue will be down in the short run, but it would be better revenue than any realistic alternative.

And would I ever love to see the J's kick Georgetown in DC every few years. Send the Hoyas home crying.

Geekinout 5 years ago

Again, I really wish we'd get away from anything that has to do with Texas other than recruiting. Big East! Every basketball game, win or lose would be awesome! We'd be more tournament tough ready for basketball and football would be more interesting.

Brad Avery 5 years ago

KU should premptively announce Kansas is fed up with all the conference gymnastics and quickly bolt to the Big East, if they will still have us.

Manginosspeedo 5 years ago

Nebraska and Colorado were not stupid. TexASS is in this for themselves. If their network would have been able to pick and choose what high school games they showed from around the country they would have had a huge recruiting advantage, not that they need one. Look at the Huskers deal with Big 10, they get an extra $12,000,000/year over Big 12 deal. All schools split the revenue equally in the Big 10. TexASS bullies the Big 12 for their lunch money. Smaller budgeted schools like KSU, ISU and Colorado could not compete with the huge difference in sports revenue. Dr. Tom was smart when he didn't want TexASS in the then Big 8. They are a powerful cancer that won't stop destroying conferences. TexASS needs to go independent and then add TCU, BYU and CSU to get back to 12 teams in the conference. Those schools would expand the geographic footprint and lessen the loss of Tex, Neb and CU. Big TV market and I think the conference would be successful in multiple sports and share revenue.

kureader 5 years ago

Tait demonstrates, again, how to write a sports article. I didn't like the content, but the article was well done ... good content, reference to other articles from people with different perspectives, and an idea as to when we'll get more information.

This is why I still read LJW.

As for Texas ... they're an arrogant, self-absorbed, greedy bunch, and they love to push people around. They probably think THEY"RE the ones getting screwed by having to split Big 12 revenues at all!

As for A&M, you can't blame them for squealing when Texas TV tries to carry non-Texas University sporting events ... like high school sports in Texas.

As for KU, I agree with a previous poster. KU and K-Straight are a "package deal". This really limits KU's options.

Let's hope this thing resolves itself soon.

texashawk10 5 years ago

The Big 12 will be dead before time comes for the 2016 TV negotiations unless the Big 12 is able to get back to being a 12 team conference and that means going back to a 12 or even expanding to a 14 team conference and adding teams that don't necessarily add TV sets, but add schools that have donors with deep pockets. SMU, TCU, Houston, and BYU would be nice additions to the Big 12 from both a competition and financial standpoint and would make the primary broadcast rights contract become even more valuable in 2016 than it would be at this point. BYU could join only in football and both basketball programs to keep travel costs down for the other programs, but they already have a nice fanbase in the KC area and could fill up Arrowhead for a game against KU, KSU, ISU, or MU. SMU has a very wealthy alumni base, Houston has a very large alumni base, TCU football is becoming a national power and could seriously compete for titles in a 12 or 14 team Big 12. Splitting the conference wouldn't be that difficult either, one division would essentially be the old SWC and the other would basically be the old Big 8 plus BYU.

Should the Big 12 dissolve (the more likely scenario to me) would see UT go independent once they find a home for their basketball programs. A lot of the non-revenue sports already compete in other conferences so this wouldn't be a big deal. A&M, OU, and possibly OSU depending on which school controls the state government at the time (only reason why Baylor got to be in the Big 12). As for the other schools, the Mountain West could become the big winner from the Big 12 dissolving. They are losing TCU and bringing in Fresno St., Nevada, and Hawaii after this season. Bringing in Kansas, Kansas St., Missouri, Iowa St., Baylor, and Texas Tech gives them a 16 team conference for football that should be good enough to get AQ status pretty quickly which makes this an attractive situation for football. You would have divisions that would be split east and west with the west including Boise St., SDSU, UNLV, Nevada, Fresno St., Hawaii, CSU., and Air Force with the east including Kansas, KSU, MU, Baylor, TT, UNM, Wyoming, and ISU In basketball, there would 15 teams because Hawaii will be in the Big West for all other sports besides football so you would have to do a Big East type unbalanced conference schedule. A basketball conference with KU, KSU, Missouri, Baylor, SDSU, UNLV, and New Mexico would not be a cakewalk for KU to win every year either.

texashawk10 5 years ago

Another plus for the Mountain West is that they already have their own TV network setup and inviting Baylor and Texas Tech would allow them to keep access to the major Texas markets along with adding Kansas City and St. Louis which would make the Mountain West network be carried in most major TV markets west of the Mississippi River which would be a pretty attractive carrot to dangle in front of the lesser Big 12 teams that won't get to asked to join a current BCS conference. Should Okie St. not get to tag along with OU to the SEC, the bring OSU and leave ISU to join C-USA and add the OKC TV market as well to the Mountain West network.

blackhawkjayhawk 5 years ago

The solution is simple: kick Texas out of the league, replace them with TCU, Memphis and Louisville. Good conference, nobody who thinks they are bigger than the conference and we all move on.

Benjamin Piehler 5 years ago

Last summer, I legitimately thought I knew what was going on with the conference realignments.... but after TCU went to the Big East, I decided I have no idea what is going on. I could give you conjecture as to what I would think would make sense, but apparently it doesnt have to be a logical connection at all.

I don't see the current system working for long. if another realignment occurs, I just hope we land alright. If TCU can go Big East.... I suppose we could land anywhere.

Steve Williams 5 years ago

Hello, Big East, this is Kansas,

KU v Georgetown, Pitt, Notre Dame, UCONN every year

Sprint Center and Madison Square Garden vs, Syracuse, every year

nuff said,,

nuleafjhawk 5 years ago

Welcome to Life 101, Ladies and Gents. Stuff happens that we don't anticipate or necessarily like, but we deal with it. IF any changes are really made, it won't matter who goes where and when, Kansas will be fine. I am a big fan of Kansas football, but the realist in me knows that we are not a football school and will never be a consistently good football school, no matter what conference we are in. I hope Coach Gill makes me out to be a liar, but history shows that great football is not where our strength lies.

As far as basketball is concerned, we're always going to be at or near the top of any conference that we're in. It's not going to effect recruiting negatively and it would probably improve our chances in a lot of areas.

Does anyone remember when we were still the Big 8 conference and the uproar that ensued when the rumor of these alien forces from Texas wanted to take over the conference?? The talk was very similar to the talk we're hearing now - all gloom and doom. Well, it hasn't been that bad of a ride - in basketball - 12 conference titles, 8 conference tournament championships and 1 National Championship. As far as football is concerned there were also some good years, including 4 bowl appearances (3 wins, 1 loss) one of which was the 2007 Orange Bowl win over Virginia Tech.

We don't know if anything is going to happen at all, regardless let's not over-react, knowing that in the end things really aren't going to be much different than they've ever been. We will continue to dominate in basketball and have our up and down years in football.

Jeff Coffman 5 years ago

I would hate the Big East...there has to be a better solution.

I think also this is blown way out of proportion and nobody is leaving.

Remember we more than doubled our money and bolting to another conference doesn't get us any more.

Ludwig Supraphonic 5 years ago

I hope the Big 12 can survive. The alternatives are exceedingly lame IMHO. I love college towns where the local U is the biggest game in town. I live East coast and would occasionally trade South Carolina weather for the frozen tundra around AFH to see the Jayhawks live. Yeah, I may be geographically closer to a Big East game. The Jayhawks don't belong in DC or NY other than for an occasional Madison Square Garden road trip or a treat for East coast alumni. Do you really want a steady diet of inner city schools playing somewhere off campus in half-filled generic field houses or stadiums. (Yeah, I know we still have a track around our field). Alumni, think of your road trips to Stillwater, Norman, Manhattan, Columbia. More importantly. how many students really are so well financed that even one NY trip is feasible. I know UConn, Louisville, Syracuse et al are good basketball competition. What Big East football opponent gets you fired up? Do these really seem like college rivalries? Seems more like an NBA developmental league.

riverdrifter 5 years ago

"As for KU, I agree with a previous poster. KU and K-Straight are a "package deal". "

Please cite to me where this is chiseled in stone. Where is this mandated? The KU AD needs to have it made clear to him that this is NOT the case and if he's not on board with it, terminate him.

kureader 5 years ago

Unfortunately, I believe our AD is a couple levels below the decision maker on this one.

KU_Alumn_2000 5 years ago

I wouldn't overreact about this just yet.

The media loves this stuff...and will try to make a story out of what may be nothing. Lets see what happens before thinking that this is the end.

Laurence Cooley 5 years ago

i think the mountain west is a better plan for us. i think we will be able to compete more in football, we will own the bball league though, so that might not bode to well for us, but all in all, we would be more competitive in all sports and everyone will be happy. plus with the addition of better teams (if they take ku, ksu and mizzou) they would have a comference championship game and probably get the vacated aq spot from the bigXII. we could still be a bcs school and get the money left out there from the missing bigXII. it could all work out for us, but if it comes down to leaving ksu in the dirt, we have to be ready to do that. we can still play them in non-con games and get the rivalry alive (and do the same with mizzou) but we dont need to have the mentality of "both of us or none of us". that is just not good for business or the school. also, we are a member of the AAU, so other conferences might be attracted to that (since that is how nebraska got in the B1G). right now, i am thinking colorado and nebraska look pretty smart getting out when they did, but i am still upset that they jumped ship. i guess it is about the time for every school for itself.

Larry Smith 5 years ago

So, let me get this straight. A&M is unhappy because Texas was planning on showing High school games on its channel = the conference is breaking up. Thats a bit of a leap don't ya think?

texashawk10 5 years ago

A&M fighting with UT will not be what undoes the Big 12 although it could be the drop of blood in the water needed to bring in the sharks from the SEC to start taking another serious look at A&M, OU, OSU, and Missouri. The more like reason for the Big 12 breaking up will be Texas. Once they get their network established and find homes for their other sports programs (basketball, baseball, softball, and volleyball mainly), they will no longer need the Big 12 and will bully their way through the state government to go independent in football and leave the Big 12 to rot away as the other conferences pick up the pieces.

jhox 5 years ago

Much concern over nothing. The Texas legislature would never allow one of their own to break up the conference. It would not only affect UT and A&M, but also Tech and Baylor. This is the same legislature that forced Baylor into the conference when it was being formed. They will not stand by and watch the conference implode.

My guess is that MU or OU would be the teams more likely to upset the apple cart. If MU ever did get that invite into the Big 10, they're gone. If OU suddenly decides they can't compete with Texas' money and exposure, I could see them bolting to the SEC.

Until one of those things happen, the Big 12 isn't going anywhere. Let A&M get their crying out of the way, and make their threats. The state of Texas will never let them go to the SEC. Texas can't go anywhere either, because no other major conference is going to let them have their own network. I think the Big 12 is on firmer ground than they've been in a long, long time. If OU can't get their own viable network going, or if Notre Dame gets serious about joining the Big 10, then I'll be more concerned. That would signify another Big 10 expansion, which would likely involve a couple of more teams, and MU may be in the mix then.

rob4lb 5 years ago

I disagree that the Texas legislature would intervene if A&M wanted to go to the SEC. It almost happened last year. At the beginning there was a lot of talk from the legislature and governor about keeping the schools together, but when it looked like it might happen, the law makers stopped talking. The governor is a former Aggie yell leader and I imagine he would support any decision the university made.

I would like someone to confirm or deny that any realignment with KU would require a package deal with K-State.

texashawk10 5 years ago

The reason it almost happened last year is because the Big 4 all had invites to other BCS conferences and weren't going to be left out in the cold. Right now it would be less likely because Tech and Baylor would have find homes somewhere as well and there is no chance the PAC 12 or SEC bringing those two in without getting Texas or Oklahoma at this point.

As for KU and KSU, it will all depend on who's in power in Topeka when everything happens. If Topeka is Jayhawk friendly at the time, KU would have a much easier time being able to separate from KState. If KSU has the power in Topeka, then KU and KSU will be a package deal and if that's the case, KU could kiss any chance of the Big 10 being interested goodbye because of the academic requirements that KState does not meet.

Austin Bergstrom 5 years ago

High school sports televised on a university network? Sounds like this would have to be an NCAA violation or at the very least should be! Whats the NCAA stance on this if anyone knows?

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