Thursday, January 23, 2020

KU cornerback Corione Harris suspended following arrest

University of Kansas football cornerback Corione Harris

University of Kansas football cornerback Corione Harris


Kansas football coach Les Miles has suspended Corione Harris indefinitely following the sophomore’s arrest in Howell County, Mo., this past weekend.

According to Missouri court records, Harris faces a pair of felony charges — one for delivery of more than 35 grams of marijuana or synthetic cannabinoid, and the other for unlawful use of a weapon.

He was arrested on Sunday and spent one day in jail before being released on $7,500 bond.

Miles issued the following statement regarding the 20-year-old defensive back from Louisiana: “We are aware of the charges involving Corione Harris, and have suspended him indefinitely from all team-related activities.”

Attempts by the Journal-World to obtain further court documents Friday afternoon from the prosecutor’s office were unsuccessful. The Kansas City Star reported an affidavit for Harris’ arrest showed that Harris was pulled over on Sunday night after his vehicle cut off another vehicle while merging.

According to the arresting deputy’s report, Harris’ vehicle smelled of marijuana and Harris told the officer there was marijuana in his vehicle as well as a firearm.

During a search that followed, per the affidavit, the deputy found eight baggies containing marijuana, a “large amount of U.S. currency,” a black digital scale and the firearm under the front passenger seat.

This past October, Harris was arrested in Missouri on suspicion of failure to appear, after receiving a speeding ticket in March.

Harris spent time as a starting cornerback for KU each of the past two seasons, after arriving in Lawrence as a touted four-star prospect in the class of 2018.

During his sophomore season in 2019, Harris started six games. He missed the final three games of the season due to injury. In nine appearances this past season, Harris made 15 total tackles and broke up two passes.


Jonathan Allison 8 months ago

very sad when these young people, by making such foolish decisions, waste the opportunity that they've been given to get a college education and play a sport in front of adoring fans at a major university.

Sadly, he likely will never recover from this. He likely at best has significantly lowered the bar of what he will be able to accomplish in life, and at worst could end up in a downward spiral that ends in tragedy. I hope that he proves me wrong.

David Friend 8 months ago

Never recover from this? You realize what he got arrested for is legal in 10 states and the number will grow substantially over the next two years. If he does not recover from this it will not be because he had some weed.

Bee Bee 8 months ago

He wasnt in the other 10 states.

Brett McCabe 8 months ago

David, I don’t think that’s the point. And you left out the gun btw. He’s definitely off the team so now his options are reduced in terms of school and football. If he couldn’t manage those options here, then what evidence is there that he will manage them better somewhere else? And especially now since he will have to sit out a year.

I don’t wish him any ill will but he has just made his life way harder.

Ben Berglund 8 months ago

I would be he is not suspended for more than 4 games. Diversion probably and we all move ahead.

David Friend 8 months ago

Ha. I missed the part about the gun. My bad!!!!!

Dane Pratt 8 months ago

The MJ doesn't bother me. As David said it's legal in 10 states and will continue to increase but the gun is an entirely different thing.

Dale Rogers 8 months ago

Here are more specifics about how the arrest took place and what he was doing. What is not explained is the comment in most articles that imply he was selling drugs. There is no indication that he was selling drugs other than mention of a large amount of cash found in his car. It doesn't say what "large amount" means. Given he is from Louisiana and this occurred two days before classes resume, I then "assume" he was on his way back to Lawrence. Perhaps the cash was spending money to get him through the semester or whatever. This short article has more details:

Dane Pratt 8 months ago

If I was driving with a large amount of cash, a gun and drugs I would be extra careful to avoid getting pulled over. But then he may have been stopped for a DWB.

Richard Andrade 7 months, 2 weeks ago

If a "black digital scale" is, as mentioned in the article, one of the items found and documented in your car by police, along with all the other stuff, I'm going to go out on a limb and say you were selling drugs. Unless he's just really paranoid about the accuracy of the produce scales at Price Chopper and need to independently corroborate.

Jeff Coffman 8 months ago

I'm guessing diversion and he will have no issues

Bill Kackley 8 months ago

Brett, it is not often I agree with you but in this case I certainly do.

8 months ago

suspended indefinitely doesnt mean hes off the team, u morons. where does it say that hes 'off the team'?! silvio was suspended indefinitely how many days ago, and guess what: hes still ON the team. F'g moron brett. RCJH

Brett McCabe 8 months ago

Good comparison. Two different teams and coaches. Two wildly different scenarios. Details, details.

Allin Herring 8 months ago

I have seen this "4star" recruit get beat to many times. The gun charge should be enough to say good bye this guy

Michael Maris 8 months ago

While the charges have been filed, the litigation has not been adjudicated. I sure wouldn't want to have a majority of the posting readers in the jury box. Perhaps, C. Harris purchased in Illinois and was driving back to Lawrence. Yep, he got pulled over for some reason. Let's let the employed Attorney work through the information and negotiate with the County Prosecutors office to determine whether the charges are worth having an actual trial or out of court settlement hearing. But, C. Harris athletic scholarship with Kansas is truly in jeopardy.

Bee Bee 8 months ago

Go to class. Practice. Play games. It's not that difficult.

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