Thursday, February 27, 2020

Beaty’s lawyers set to subpoena Gassnola for communications with KU

Outgoing Kansas head coach David Beaty waves goodbye to a gathering of fans as he leaves Memorial Stadium for a the final time as head coach following The Jayhawks' 24-17 loss to Texas on Friday, Nov. 23, 2018 at Memorial Stadium.

Outgoing Kansas head coach David Beaty waves goodbye to a gathering of fans as he leaves Memorial Stadium for a the final time as head coach following The Jayhawks' 24-17 loss to Texas on Friday, Nov. 23, 2018 at Memorial Stadium.


Lawyers for former Kansas football coach David Beaty aim to get their hands on communications college basketball recruiting fixer T.J. Gassnola had with KU, a notice of intent to serve Gassnola with a subpoena revealed.

In a memo filed Wednesday, according to U.S. District Court records, Beaty’s law team requested a list of documents belonging to the former Adidas consultant, who was a key government witness in the college basketball corruption trial in October of 2018.

The memo detailed the subpoena will request communication Gassnola had with KU basketball coach Bill Self, one of his assistants, Kurtis Townsend, and KU Athletic Director Jeff Long, among others.

Gassnola testified that he paid the families of players to steer them to KU, including $90,000 to the mother of former KU player Billy Preston and $2,500 to the guardian of current KU player Silvio De Sousa. Gassnola testified that he never told Self about the payments.

Beaty’s lawyers have argued since filing a lawsuit in March of 2019 that Kansas Athletics officials “immediately began discussing what it would take to avoid the $3 million payout” owed to Beaty per his contract, after firing Beaty in November of 2018, and allowing him to finish out the season.

Earlier this month, a U.S. District Court judge ruled that Kansas Athletics will have to turn over evidence requested by Beaty’s lawyers, which included evidence that would show how the KU athletic department handled NCAA violations by head coaches.

Gassnola, whose testimony preceded the NCAA hitting KU with a Notice of Allegations, was sentenced in September of 2019 to a year of probation, including two months of home detention.


Dane Pratt 1 month ago

Didn't the courts deny access to these same records when requested by the NCAA? KU needs to settle this. Nothing good will come out of it and now Beaty is playing hardball.

Brad Avery 1 month ago

Agree. Just pay him. The whole thing has been a sham on KU's part from the beginning and has the potential to become even more embarrassing and harmful.

Joe Black 1 month ago

"$90,000 to the mother of former KU player Billy Preston". Not exactly a true statement. He never played any time in a real KU game. Lawfully he was not a KU player.

I like how Beaty is playing hardball when he should have been fired at least a year earlier and proved he is not major college head coach material. I would think if he had a conscience he would give back most of the money he earned as a head coach, not ask for more money.

Brian Wilson 1 month ago

I don't know Joe, if I were David I would be a Bitter Beaty tooo and want all the money and then some because big paydays are over. Beaty bit the bullet for KU. He took over a roster of 25 returnees and started with basically 45 scholarship players his first year. Beaty had to find 60 walkons just to practice. No one else wanted the job. Both KU and Beaty knew there would be at least 4 years of losing and that the real job was to rebuild the roster while keeping the program alive. So in that vain, Beaty did his job. Beatty gave coach Miles a roster of over 65 scholarship players, and some with pretty good potential. So why is KU is making Beaty into damaged goods. Sometimes I wonder who got into bed with the wrong person, this seems more personal and doesn't make sense. KU appears to be acting harshly. I am not even sure what KU is saying Beaty did that was all that bad. IMO, KU needs to settle. After fired by KU, I highly doubt Beaty ever gets any shot at any head coaching job ever again unless it's at North South Dakota High School. If it were me I would be Bitter Beaty too. Because right now, Beaty is a so called consultant for Texas...and IMO, what that really means is he is he is really out of work, ruined reputation, and needs a job and is going to fight for every penny he can get. KU needs to settle and shut up.

Spencer Goff 1 month ago

Legally that money should have been his from get go and a lot of us are on record saying such. Now it may bleed over to basketball, and the idea that what you turn over does not get "leaked" is not real comforting...

Either his legal counsel is smarter than yours, or you refused to listen to them if they said "just pay him and move on."

Unless you can tie him to Sandusky, Nassar, or Bliss... You probably should have paid him what he was due.

Brett McCabe 1 month ago

Brian showing off the bonafides of his PhD in Revisionist History! Beaty campaigned aggressively for the job, knowing exactly the state of the program and exactly what it paid. Not only was Beaty not a legitimate head coaching candidate at any P5 school in the country, you couldn’t have found a Group of Five AD that would have hired him. In fact A&M wouldn’t even promote him to a Coordinator position.

Then, after realizing he worked for the dumbest AD in America, he extorted a raise out of him, threatening to leave for Texas and unleash the Mighty Beaty Air Raid on the Big Twelve.

Beaty’s career is exactly what he made of it - zilch. Except he was overpaid for making the program worse than when he found it. So, from that view, he should be really happy because there wasn’t another school in the country that would have pace him even a small fraction of what we paid him so that he could destroy the program. Everyone else knew that he wasn’t even remotely qualified to lead any program, let alone a P5 rebuild. Beat is a victim of only his own ego, stupidity and and arrogance.

Mike Hart 1 month ago

Nice, Brett. Another chance for you to Beaty bash. The problem is it is not the issue at hand. Beaty’s competency as a head coach or the stupidity of his hire is not the issue at hand. It’s his CONTRACT. Stupid contract or not, he’s legitimately owed $3MM. Now if KU would like to air their dirty laundry on how they have a double standard with respect to Self and Townsend, then that’s on this KU administration. How quick KU was to self-report on Beaty ... yet AD and Chancellor claimed after 6 months to never even having ANY conversation with Townsend.. instead waiting for guidance from NCAA before even having a conversation with Townsend about Gassnola? Ridiculous. Make it public, KU. Keep fighting boating the man. Let’s air it all.. can’t wait!

Michael Maris 1 month ago

Maybe Beaty should contact J.G. Wentworth Company to see if they can pay him (now).

Jeff Coffman 1 month ago

If only he took this kind of fight to the field; we would have won some games.

All he did by doing this is give KU more delay tactics to file motions to suppress. Remember the key is KU has already paid the money into a third party holding account. It is whether or not it has to be released or not. If KU wants to at any point they can release the funds and the lawsuit goes away. However, they just added another 6-9 months by threatening this piece. Fact of the matter is they aren't getting that information. This could actually start getting into different labor laws that would actually put Beaty in more Jeopardy. You have to be careful with how you treat previous employers.

Mike Hart 1 month ago

How he treats former employers? They are reneging on his contract! How HE.. is treating THEM? Hate him all you want, but it is KU who looks like garbage on this one

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