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2020 CB no longer committed to KU football

Kansas University football recruiting

Kansas University football recruiting


A week ahead of December’s early signing period for college football, the Kansas coaching staff’s 2020 recruiting class shrank by one member.

A prep cornerback from Shreveport, La., Tanner Hooker announced Wednesday he is no longer tied to the Jayhawks.

“After a long talk with my family it was best to decide that I should reopen my recruitment,” Hooker wrote in a note he posted to Twitter, in which he thanked KU coaches for recruiting him.

Formerly graded as a three-star prospect by Rivals, Hooker was listed as a two-star defensive back at the time of his change. However, 247 Sports still rates Hooker, listed at 6-feet and 175 pounds, as a three-star talent.

Hooker made his nonbinding verbal commitment to the Jayhawks back in August.

With his departure, KU’s 2020 class stood at 25 members as of Wednesday, a week before recruits can begin making their pledges to head coach Les Miles and his staff official by signing their letters of intent.

The early signing period runs from Dec. 18-20 next week.

None by 1k‼️™️

- KU football 2020 verbal commitments

(Rivals recruiting rankings listed)

• Brennon Scott - 4-star LB from Texas

• Duece Mayberry - 3-star CB from Oklahoma

• Trevor Kardell - 3-star TE from Missouri

• Will Huggins - 3-star TE from Kansas

• Krishawn Brown - 3-star LB from Oklahoma

• Khari Coleman - 3-star DE from Louisiana

• Garrett Jones - 3-star OL from Michigan

• Ja’Cobee Bryant - 3-star CB from Alabama

• Malik Johnson - 3-star WR from Texas

• Caleb Taylor - 3-star DE from Missouri

• Kenean Caldwell - 3-star DT from Louisiana

• Jaylin Richardson - 3-star athlete from Kansas

• Taiwan Berryhill - 3-star LB from Louisiana

• Lawrence Arnold - 3-star WR from Texas

• Chris Jones - 3-star DE from Florida

• Alonso Person - 3-star LB from California

• Steven McBride - 3-star WR from Louisiana

• Tristan Golightly - 3-star TE from Texas

• DaVonshai Harden Jr. - 2-star QB from Kansas

• Luke Grimm - 2-star WR from Missouri

• Nicholas Martinez - 2-star OL from California

• Kyler Pearson - 2-star WR from Oklahoma

• Daniel Hishaw Jr. - 2-star athlete from Oklahoma

• Karon Prunty - 2-star CB from Virginia

• Armaj Adams-Reed - 2-star OL from Texas

- Former 2020 KU commitments

• Keith Miller III - 3-star WR from Texas (flipped to Colorado)

• Kershawn Fisher - 2-star LB from Louisiana

• Keenan Hambrick - 3-star WR from Alabama

• Jackson Stoefen - 3-star OL from Iowa

• Tommy Brandt - 2-star OL from Minnesota

• Juan Jarrett - 2-star LB from Ohio

• Tanner Hooker - 2-star CB from Louisiana


Brett McCabe 1 year, 4 months ago

Prunty gave us four CBs in the class, maybe Hooker was crowded out?

Joe Joseph 1 year, 4 months ago

Genuinely curious here.

Why? Why do so many athletes verbally commit early in the process? Is it due to pressure from the coaches? Like, if they don't commit they might miss out on a scholarship?

It just seems like there's no real reason to commit early like so many do.

I'm not bitter and I wish this kid the best of fortune. I firmly believe kids should make the best decision for themselves and their families and I know that things can change. It just gets real old hearing about this.

Brian Wilson 1 year, 4 months ago

Let me provide some data to think about. From SB Nation:

In 2016-17, the National Federation of State High School Sports counted 1,039,079 high school football players nationwide. The NCAA counted 40,733 players between FBS, FCS, Division II, and Division III. Every year approximately 310,000-some seniors playing football. "Here’s how long their odds are to reach various recruiting ratings, using class of 2018 data from Rivals, if we settle on 300,000 football-playing seniors as a fair estimate.

30 five-stars, or 0.01 percent of the class
380 four-stars, or 0.13 percent of the class
1,328 three-stars, or 0.44 percent of the class
1,859 two-stars, or 0.62 percent of the class
296,403 unrated, or 98.88 percent of the class

Players rated three-stars and up, who make up almost all of Power 5 recruiting classes, are roughly 0.6 percent of seniors playing high school football. No matter what the exact number of senior high school players nationwide is, not more than one in 100 gets any kind of star rating. Most who play in college are unrated recruits filling out lower-division rosters."

This is information to be found online coming from SB Nation and Rivals.

Steven Haag 1 year, 4 months ago

Well look at it this way, we lost a three star, but gained a two star😂😂😂😂

Brian Wilson 1 year, 4 months ago

And you are right....KU doesn't want to go in the wrong direction. From my previous post...there looks to be about 1700 players rated 3 star and above. And if the Power 5 gets all of them that is 65 schools. So that is 26 players per schoool. Of course not all go to Power 5, and some are forced into other schools due to grades. Currently KU has (18) 3-star plus players that are verbally committed. To me that that looks not far off the mark.

And btw, if I were a player and wanted to be noticed by the rest of the Big 12, or the nation, some school like Texas, then I would sign early to a Power 5 and see who wants to try and take me away.

Michael Maris 1 year, 4 months ago

How many of the 2 star players are potentially Preferred Walkon candidates (or, redshirt candidates)?

Austin Lopez 1 year, 4 months ago

Guess the Steven guy forgot Bryce Torneden, Hakeem Adenji, Keith Loneker Jr, and Fish Smithson were all between 2 star and unranked coming to Kansas. I don’t judge a player on the amount of stars next to his name, I judge on what they do on opening day of training camp.

Steven Haag 1 year, 4 months ago

Austin, and all of them combined maybe hit 7 or 8 wins in their combined careers. If that’s success for you and what you want from this program, then you should be delighted. I realize that I have been pessimistic here lately, I guess I was “expecting” Les to be able to land bigger fish. I’m sure this is pretty new to him as well. He could go after 5 star talent at LSU. At Okie State he took them bowling 3 of the 4 years, but he was something like 27-21. It’s not like he dominated. I would sure take 27-21 over the next 4 years, I just don’t know if we can get that done with the recruits we are getting compared to the rest of the Big XII. Guess we will find out next September.

Len Shaffer 1 year, 4 months ago

No, we won't find out next September; it takes more time than that and even as great as coach as Les Miles is can't turn around our mess that quickly.

But by 2021, we should start to see some major progress.

Austin Lopez 1 year, 4 months ago

Well than lets get even deeper between the 2 star recruit vs the 3 star recruit. Tanner Hooker School record (11-1) Strength of schedule as follows. Vs Rayville 4-6 (#216 in state) Southwood 2-9 (#172 in state) Byrd 4-7 (#62 in state) Lincoln Prep 3-8 (#282 in state) Ringgold 1-9 (#300 in state) Magnolia 0-10 (#304 in state) Homer 7-6 (#205 in state) Plain Dealing 5-6 (#262 in state) Haynesville 6-5 (#222 in state) Arcadia 4-7 (#261 in state) St Frederick 6-5 (#193 in state) Ouachita Christian 12-1 (#54 in state) Tanner Hooker played 0 games vs top 50 schools in state. 2 games vs top 100 schools in state. Karen Prunty. School record (7-5) Strength of schedule as follows. Petersburg 5-6 (#119 in state) Hopewell 14-0 (#5 in state) Marshall 6-5 (#206 in state) Wilson 1-9 (#265 in state) Norview 2-8 (#187 in state) Lake Taylor 13-2 (#21 in state) Granby 3-8 (#236 in state) Churchland 10-4 (#45 in state) Maury 15-0 (#1 in state) Washington 4-6 (#154 in state) Lafayette 10-2 (#58 un state) Played twice Hopewell 14-0 (#Ranked6 in state) Played 3 games vs top 10 schools in state. Played 4 games vs Top 50 in state schools. Based off strength of schedule looks like that 3 star you prefer over the 2 star is running from comp while that 2 star is running towards comp. Numbers don't lie. I see why Les Miles dropped the 3 star for the 2 star. I can break down each game if you would like.

Steven Haag 1 year, 4 months ago

Austin, you have much more time on your hands than I do. One was from Louisiana, the other from Virginia. Sort of hard to gauge high school teams from 2 different States. However, if you are so high on 2 star, perhaps Les should go only after 2 star and 1 star. According to you, 3 star recruits are bunk.

Austin Lopez 1 year, 4 months ago

I mean I can break down the national rankings for each school if you would like me to. from the state rankings looks like he played all the cupcakes in Louisiana. Wonder why his coach didn't schedule any non conference games with any of the top dogs in state? Running from comp looks like to me. I just think you should do your research before laughing at a kid for having a 2 star next to his name. Like I said before stars next to someone's name means nothing. It's about the drive of the player and how hungry they are to be great. But according to you it's all about the stars next to someone's name.

Steven Haag 1 year, 4 months ago

Austin, I get it that stars are just a gauge. Doesn’t reflect potential, work ethic or heart. I get that. As I said before, maybe he just needs to go strictly for 2 and 1 star. Look at most of them, they were offered scholarships by mid-major and lower. The majority of them didn’t have ONE Power 5 offer from anybody else. I’m not sure why you are so estatic.

Austin Lopez 1 year, 4 months ago

Your twisting my words, me saying I don’t care about stars reflects anything from a Unranked kid all the way too a 5 star kid. If they can play I don’t care what star is next to their name.

Dee Shaw 1 year, 4 months ago

Shocking. Shouldn’t be a surprise.

Brett McCabe 1 year, 4 months ago

Austin, that is some impressive posting.

Of course, the best teams land the best recruits. So, the argument from people like Steve is that - all you have to do is go out and beat OU and Texas and Bama and Clemson for the best recruits. Simple. Why doesn’t everyone just go do that?

This year, there were four new coaches in the Big 12. The average star ranking for their recruiting classes is as follows: 2.76 WVU. 2.71 KU. 2.58 TTU. 2.5 KSU. Each of those coaches were recruiting to far better programs than Les Miles. Better situations. Better facilities. More recent success. Everything? Better.

The question at KU is not whether you can compete for 4-star kids. It’s can you identify 2 and 3-star kids with more talent than the bottom half of the Big 12? Can you manage your roster? Can you develop depth? Can you develop players? Can you fill holes better than your competitors?

I can’t tell you that Miles is better than the other coaches. I can tell you he’s won a National Chempionship - which no coach in the conference has done at the FBS level. I can tell you that guys like Aquib and Chris weren’t 4-star guys. Nor was Jacorey.

When Kansas hires back-to-back coaches that no other P5 team in the conference would hire, and both of them are exactly as bad as you would expect them to be, then finishing 8th in the conference in average player ranking is pretty good.

And bad-mouthing players who committed their careers to KU football is a really bad look.

Steven Haag 1 year, 4 months ago

@Brett. I’m not saying that at all. KU will most likely never get a 5 star unless they totally flip their fortunes and win the Big XII. I do expect a couple of 4 star and almost all the rest to be 3 star. A quick look at the BIG XII, minus Texas and OU. Numbers are 4 star, then 3 star: TCU 3/10 OSU 1/16 Tech 1/17 WV 1/14 KSU 0/21 Bay 2/11 Nothing earth shattering here, although none of them have any 2 star and we have 4 or 5. Numbers were real similar last year as well, yet we only had 3 wins. Do you contribute that to the other teams having better coaches.....or better athletes? If the answer is they don’t have better coaches and our coaches are some if the best.....then you better recruit better athletes, or you can expect the same results. That’s the point I’m trying to make.

Lastly, some of these teams have recruited between 13 and 21 kids. When all recruits are in and signed, expect KU to be 9 or 10 in the Big XII in terms of recruiting

Brian Wilson 1 year, 4 months ago

You guys are in LA LA LAND!! Read my earlier post in this thread.

On average, for the Power 5 there are only 26 players to recruit that have 3 Stars plus. Many of those players will end up playing outside of the Power 5. Schools like Alabama and Clemson are the only ones that can completely fill their rosters with a complete list of 3-Star plus players. There are not enough rated players to go around.

This is why all BIG 12 schools end up with an average player rank in the 2's

KU currently has 18 players with one being a 4 Star player. In any normal year that puts KU's class in the Top 40. Which is not too bad when you look at how bad things have been. Now it is time to tweak and improve and maybe sign a couple of higher ranked players and to switch out some players for better players. I can only guess but there are probably one or two players we are keeping in our vest pocket and not letting the cat out of the bag until signing.

Michael Maris 1 year, 4 months ago

Looking at the 2019 signing class, a ☆☆ WR out performed a ☆☆☆ WR. Andrew Parchment being the ☆☆ rated WR. Ezra Naylor being the ☆☆☆ WR.

Glen Miller 1 year, 4 months ago

Steven Parker was our lone 4 star we signed last year and I'm not even sure how much he saw the field this season. Parchment was an afterthought and was our best receiver. We brought in the top rated JUCO QB and he barely played. Our best Linebacker, Dru Prox was unranked and a running back out of high school. We brought in a 5 star receiver by the name of Charlot and what did he do for us in the 3 years we had him? I could go on and on. Stars are just opinions for the most part. I think Miles knows what he's doing better than any of us do.

Michael Maris 1 year, 4 months ago

Steven Parker appeared in the minimal allowed games in order to keep his red-shirt season in tact. Which, I love that rule change,it gives incoming freshman same game time exposure and coaches the ability to see what the respective players need to work on to improve the players for the next season.

Steven Haag 1 year, 4 months ago

@Glen. Yep, the higher stars didn’t pan out based upon their star ranking. Glad we got who we did. I’m looking forward to watching KU play in a New Years bowl game......wait, they aren’t? Ok, then I will watch them play in that “lesser” bowl game.....wait, they aren’t? Dang it, how many wins did we have then? Oh, 3. Then with all this great talent, we surely finished higher than the other Big XII teams that had those highly overrated 3 and 4 star recruits? Oh, we didn’t? Still in the cellar? Well let’s keep on trucking, I’m all in.

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