Monday, October 22, 2018

Beaty will ‘look at who has the best week’ at QB for KU

Kansas quarterback Carter Stanley clutches the ball as he prepares to throw during practice on Tuesday, April 10, 2018.

Kansas quarterback Carter Stanley clutches the ball as he prepares to throw during practice on Tuesday, April 10, 2018.


It remains to be seen whether Peyton Bender, who played every snap at quarterback for the Kansas football team at Texas Tech this past weekend, will retain his starting job for another week.

KU head coach David Beaty, when asked Monday morning on the Big 12 coaches media teleconference about the state of his program’s QB situation, didn’t endorse Bender, Carter Stanley or Miles Kendrick as the starter.

“We continue to compete at all of our positions. And we’re going to continue to do that from this point going forward,” Beaty replied. “We’ll look at who has the best week and make a decision going from there.”

In his fifth start of the season — also his first since the Jayhawks’ Big 12 opener at Baylor — Bender struggled throughout the first half in a 48-16 loss at Texas Tech, finishing 18 of 41 through the air, with 221 yards, two touchdowns and an interception.

Neither Stanley, the starter in KU’s previous two games, nor Kendrick, who has yet to play since suffering a shoulder injury at Baylor on Sept. 22, appeared in the 32-point defeat, the team’s worst margin of the season.

With the competition seemingly open ahead of KU’s home matchup with TCU (3-4, 1-3) on Saturday, Stanley, who was yanked quickly after a rough start at West Virginia on Oct. 6, leads the team in completion percentage (72.3), having connected on 34 of 47 throws for 304 yards, with three touchdowns and one interception.

Bender, who has played the most among KU’s QBs, despite being rotated in and out of the lineup during games earlier in the season, leads in passing yards (902) and touchdowns (eight). He has completed 87 of 155 throws (56.1 percent), with two interceptions.

Kendrick came in off the bench in each of KU’s first four games and has completed 11 of 19 passes (57.9 percent), for 100 yards, with a touchdown and no interceptions. Kendrick also has 47 rushing yards on 16 carries and a TD.

Opposing defenses have sacked Bender 15 times, Stanley six times and Kendrick once.

Beaty on administration

Since Jeff Long took over as KU’s new athletic director this past summer, the widespread speculation surrounding Beaty’s job security has grown.

Now 5-38 in his three-plus seasons as the Jayhawks’ coach, and 1-30 in Big 12 games, Beaty was asked Monday, at 2-5 on the year and 0-4 in the conference, what he’s hearing from the administration and how he’s feeling about working for a new boss, in Long.

“I tell you what, I have complete and total trust in our administration,” Beaty said. “Those guys have done a terrific job of taking care of business when it comes to their end and answering the questions and the needs that we have on our end. They’ve been very supportive. That’s one of the things that I love about working here. And really, under Jeff, that guy wants nothing more than to be able to give what our players need to be successful and that means giving coaches what they need to be successful. So he’s been — he’s done everything that he can every day to help us become a better team.”


Phil Leister 2 years, 1 month ago

"And really, under Jeff, that guy wants nothing more than to be able to give what our players need to be successful..."

Oh, the irony.

Jeff Coffman 2 years, 1 month ago

With one more loss, Beaty will cement himself as the coach with the lowest winning percentage in KU history assuming this is his last year.

I once thought it was a given this would be his last year, but I thought after game three of last year, his time was over. After going 1-11 last year, I didn't think there was a way that he would get another year. With all of his thoughts of the administration removing obstacles and helping the student athletes, I'm not so sure Long is going to rush to anything anytime soon.

I must say that I'm a big fan of separating from Beaty; however, I do think that Long has to have someone lined up. I think of Nebraska a dozen years back when they had two or three coaches turn down the role publicly, they still haven't fully recovered from that and I would like a smooth transition.

Dirk Medema 2 years, 1 month ago

Interestingly Carter has been sacked more often per pass attempt (1/8) than Bender (1/10). I would not have expected that given the perception at least that Carter is more mobile.

Sarah Reagan 2 years, 1 month ago

Wonder if that’s due to play calling? Can you somehow break the stat into sacks per run vs sacks per pass attempt?

Doug Stahler 2 years, 1 month ago

Well #94 on OSU was NFL starter quality and that was Stanley's game. So that ruins that stat as a good comparison.

Edward Daub 2 years, 1 month ago

I'd Walk a Mile for a Miles Kendrick Start (and Finish).

Kevin Robert Fest 2 years, 1 month ago

Let's just expect this the rest of the season. Bad o line play, bad qb play, questionable head coaching decisions and multiple blowouts. Beaty fired at end of season.

Brett McCabe 2 years, 1 month ago

So, using Beatys logic, Bender did the best in practice over the past two weeks. Then, in the game he performed poorly. Perhaps, Coach Beaty, your practices aren’t good for evaluating performance or for preparing the team for success.

Jack Hoff 2 years, 1 month ago

Gosh. I sure do feel bad for some of these players who have had to suffer through this crap. I like Beaty, he is a great guy but man he just needs to go. Just let him go and have Bowen take over. He did a good job last time. Still wish he would have gotten the job four years ago instead of Beaty. I do feel bad a bit for Beaty as well. He is a good guy and does mean well for the program. He's also a good recruiter all things considered. Just a poor in game coach and that unfortunately is the most important aspect. Feel for a guy to be constantly called an idiot, moron, useless, etc. Everyone is upset but it is just a game in the long run. He'll get fired but gosh I can't imagine anyone is more frustrated than he is. Hope they can knock off at least one BIG 12 foe this year.

[''] 2 years, 1 month ago

What this story fails to point out is....that Beaty has NO CLUE what a good QB looks like. Clearly.

Barry Weiss 2 years, 1 month ago

Beaty sounds lost every time he answers any question. Just mush is all you get.

[''] 2 years, 1 month ago

Anybody else notice that Beaty wasn't using any play list or charting like ALL the top OC's do - college HS & Pro? He was just using quick hand signals and did them over and over -- I bet he had 6-7 plays in his head and just regurged those. That is what my HS coach did -- but we ran an option, and had a handful of plays. Again - proving Beaty needs to go back to the HS ranks.

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