Sunday, June 24, 2018

Class of 2019 target Jeremiah Robinson-Earl headed to IMG for senior year

Kansas University basketball recruiting

Kansas University basketball recruiting


This past weekend might have been all about former college basketball players learning their fate and preparing to make the jump to the NBA, following last Thursday’s NBA draft in Brooklyn, N.Y.

But there also was a significant piece of news regarding potential future Jayhawks that surfaced, as well.

Class of 2019 power forward Jeremiah Robinson-Earl, ranked No. 14 overall in his class, told analyst Eric Bossi over the weekend that he would play his senior season at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla., instead of finishing out at nearby Bishop Miege, where he has played his past three seasons.

Robinson-Earl, a 6-foot-9 athletic forward who has continued to add weight and strength throughout the past few months and is up to 235 pounds, is believed to be one of KU’s top targets in the 2019 class. He is coming off of a two-week stint with USA Basketball, where he played for KU coach Bill Self on the U18 men’s national team that won a gold medal at the FIBA Americas tournament in Canada.

Self’s Jayhawks have had plenty of success with big men from IMG. Current Jayhawk Silvio De Sousa and former KU glue guy Jamari Traylor also played prep ball at IMG.

During his days at Bishop Miege, Robinson-Earl helped lead the Stags to three consecutive Class 4A state titles, averaging 22 points and eight rebounds per game as a junior. The move to IMG likely was made to expose Robinson-Earl to tougher competition and help him transition to college basketball a year from now.

It remains to be seen whether moving farther away from KU’s campus will hurt the Jayhawks in their attempt to land Robinson-Earl, and it’s not yet known when the five-star prospect hopes to make a decision about where he will play his college basketball.

Many recruiting analysts believe Kansas is the leader for Robinson-Earl, and his recent stint playing for Self — and winning — probably did not hurt KU. But North Carolina and former KU coach Roy Williams, who recruited and coached Robinson-Earl’s father, Lester Earl, at Kansas, is believed to be a formidable contender for the new IMG prospect’s services.

“It is cool having an offer from one of the coaches that my dad played for,” Robinson-Earl recently told analyst Corey Evans. “He has offered just six or seven in my class, so it is an honor to get an offer from him, one of the best coaches out there.”

Arizona, UCLA, Wake Forest, Notre Dame, Iowa, Kansas State, Oklahoma and Virginia all remain in the mix for Robinson-Earl, who recently told Evans that he was eyeing a decision sometime this winter or early next year.

Evans describes Robinson-Earl as “one of the few bigs that can have a half-court offense run through (him), his hands, footwork, feel and energy each can be categorized as elite.”

Robinson-Earl will spend the rest of the summer playing with the under-17 Run GMC AAU program based out of Kansas City and he figures to take plenty of the lessons he learned while playing for Team USA with him.

“It has been insane,” he told Evans. “Going against some of the best players in the country, some of them older, some in college, it has just been crazy going against some of the best of the best, along with learning from some of the best coaches out here.”


[''] 2 years ago

So much for the inane drivel about the Miege coach coming to KU in a package deal with Earl. NEXT!

Craig Carson 2 years ago

KU recruits all over the world..this kid moving to FL is a non issue..if he's gonna come to KU, it wont matter where he goes to HS at

Robert Brock 2 years ago

KU hoops will be fine whether it gets JRE or not.

Craig Carson 2 years ago

true, but it would be pretty cool if he walked in his fathers footsteps and dawns a KU Id like for Self to secure some good recruits early in the recruiting process..the KC area, especially in the Kansas side, isnt known for producing top recruits..kinda feels like KU has an obligation to snag any local kid that shows that much potential

Jonathan Allison 2 years ago

Kansas... UNC... Sounds like he's got some good options.

IMG is an Under Armour school.

John Brazelton 2 years ago

If he was coming to Kansas, he probably would have stayed in Kansas City. He'll end up at North Carolina or another big-time program instead.

Gerry Butler 2 years ago

I don't believe that for one minute. - It's like the article says the big reason he is leaving is to expose himself to better opposition, You gotta give him credit for that. He has won three state titles in three years anyone knows that the overall major college talent here in Kansas is sparse - -not trying to bag on Kansas but it is what it is. - -If Earl wants to improve himself get even better then he needs to play against stiffer competition plain and simple. I think there are some people that is trying to make a mountain out of a mole hlll His time with Coach Self during the games can only help. Coach Self showed him that him and Matthew Hurt could play on the floor at the same time , I seen multiple times where they were both on the floor and looked to me like they were both having a pretty good time playing together. Let's not try and make more out of this then what it is

[''] 2 years ago

Why would he stay at Miege playing against marginal competition when he can play against the country's top players and get exponentially better and have the option of coming back to KU? If he has the option to play at IMG he'd be a fool NOT to take it. By your logic John, KU would never sign a recruit from outside KC.

Len Shaffer 2 years ago

The distance from Bradenton, FL to Chapel Hill, NC is about 700 miles. The distance from Bradenton to Lawrence is about 1000 miles. Are you seriously saying that now that he'll be playing ball in Bradenton, he'll be thinking, "Gee, I would have gone to KU after this year but that extra 300 miles makes it way too difficult???" Seriously???

Dirk Medema 2 years ago

JRE will definitely end up at a big time program and it won't matter where he plays his last year of HS BB. He could just as easily come back to KU and play for Coach Self as play for anyone else anywhere else.

We've seen it before. Wasn't it Wiggins that was surely going to FSU because of his parents and then.

Lawrence McGlinn 2 years ago

Who pays for this? Under Armour? Amateurism is a joke.

Marius Rowlanski 2 years ago

There's too much money and not nearly enough oversight.

DeMarcus Addison 2 years ago

Silvio and Jamari both went to IMG......if he wants to come to KU he will come

Ben Mantooth 2 years ago

UNC is likely a legit threat in this recruitment.

Marius Rowlanski 2 years ago

Of course, it is considering Lester Earl's relationship with Roy.

Harlan Hobbs 2 years ago

This is a good move for Jeremiah. He will step up his level of competition, which he needs to further the momentum he gained from his stint recently with Coach Self in the international competition.

If KU's team this year returns more to the power game that Coach Self seems to prefer, it should enhance the probability that Jeremiah will eventually pick KU. Of course, Roy Williams will always be a formidable recruitment contender based upon his relationship with Lester Earl.

Marius Rowlanski 2 years ago

I'm just glad that we have the talent and personnel this season to go from a guard-oriented offense or back to the low post power game.

I agree with your position on Jeremiah. IMG will make him a better player and that he will play in Kansas.

Most likely.

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