Thursday, July 21, 2016

Report: Diallo agrees to three-year deal

New Orleans Pelicans' Cheick Diallo guards Utah Jazz's Tyrone Wallace, right, during the second half of an NBA summer league basketball game, Sunday, July 10, 2016, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

New Orleans Pelicans' Cheick Diallo guards Utah Jazz's Tyrone Wallace, right, during the second half of an NBA summer league basketball game, Sunday, July 10, 2016, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)


Former Kansas University forward Cheick Diallo has reached an agreement on a three-year contract with the New Orleans Pelicans, reported Wednesday.

Terms of the agreement have not been reported. However, indicates “other players who were drafted just before or just after Diallo last month have received at least two fully guaranteed years, along with a starting salary worth more than the minimum.”

Diallo, 19, was acquired by the Pelicans in a draft-night trade. New Orleans sent its 39th and 40th picks to the Los Angeles Clippers, who had selected him with their 33rd overall pick in the second round.

The 6-foot-9 Diallo averaged 3.0 points and 2.5 rebounds per game while logging 7.5 minutes per contest his only season at KU.

According to the New Orleans Times Picayune, “Diallo was the Pelicans’ most consistent performer (in summer league), outshining sixth overall pick Buddy Hield, who has not signed his rookie-scaled contract yet.”

Diallo averaged 10.8 points, 9.4 rebounds and 2.2 blocks in five Las Vegas summer-league games. He had 12 points and 10 rebounds in a 76-69 loss in the Pelicans’ summer-league finale versus the NBA Development League select team.

“He has some skills right now that can translate to the NBA,” Pelicans director of player personnel David Booth said, just prior to summer league to “Watching him in the pre-draft camp and the Hoops Summit in Portland, as well as the McDonald’s (high school) All-American game, the one thing we knew he can do right now in the NBA game is run the floor. He runs the floor like a deer. He’s the first one down on offense and defense. He can block a shot and still be the first guy down the floor. He can get a rebound and still beat everyone. I think his stamina and ability to run the floor, along with his energy and competitiveness, is something he can bring on Day 1 in the NBA.

“I think he was more thought of as a shot-blocker and an energy big,” Booth added of Diallo at KU. “But something we saw was he has a nice left- and right-hand jump hook. He has a decent face-up game. He’s a better offensive player than people give him credit for, and I think he’ll show that in the NBA.”

“He’s been very energetic,” Pelicans summer head coach Robert Pack told “He’s been relentless going after blocks, as well as rebounds. It’s been good for the coaching staff to be able to see his progress over these (summer league) games.”

Svi update: Svi Mykhailiuk scored eight points with eight rebounds and six assists in Ukraine’s 95-73 win over Belgium on Wednesday in the Under 20 European World Championships in Finland.


Brett McCabe 1 year ago

Happy for Diallo - I hope that part of the contract is guaranteed, as suggested, to give him some time to lock in. Best of luck young man!

Jay Scott 1 year ago

How can this be? All the "experts" on this site were sure that he would be out of basketball because he didn't return to school....

Instead he's looking more and more like a mentally balanced Dennis Rodman.

Chris Shaw 1 year ago

KFC, wouldnt almost anybody be considered more mentally stable than Dennis Rodman?

Jay Scott 1 year ago

Other than you and Brett? Pretty much....

Chris Shaw 1 year ago

At least your analogies are spot on today. Couple days rest seems to have gotten you back on track.

Tom Gillaspie 1 year ago

Really hope I meet you in public someday, Jay Scott. You're due for a serious face to face discussion.

Jay Scott 1 year ago

Tommy...are you making threats? That's very illegal Tom.

Are you some kind of professional hit man? Are you a black belt, UFC fighter or a Navy SEAL? You must be a very tough guy to say such a forceful thing online.....

Tell you what. You let me know where and when we could meet up and post a picture of yourself and I'll try to stop by...

1 year ago

Diallo getting 2 years guaranteed shows that the Pelicans see him being well worth the risk.

Brett McCabe 1 year ago

Actually, no one on this site said that. How's Nancy doing? You two still having long, imaginary bathtub conversations?

I'm really in your head, aren't I? You can't go a day without mentioning my name. It's probably how Scott Drew feels about Bill Self. Who's your daddy? I'm your daddy.

Jay Scott 1 year ago

Nobody said that Diallo would crash and burn? Are you that stupid or just that dishonest? Seems like a choice the Hillary follower is faced with too....

It isn't something to be proud of when you're even accepted as a standard for mental instability by another person accused of the same thing. No Brett, you're not in anyone's head, you're the globally accepted metaphor for a complete moron and kook.

1 year ago

It's great that Cheick has signed a three-year deal, and hopefully at least 2 years of that are guaranteed.

But it's ridiculous to compare him to a player who averaged more than 13 rebounds per game in his career, was one of the top defensive players in the game and won multiple NBA titles.

I wish Cheick much luck, but could we not compare him to one of the best rebounders and defensive players in history before Diallo has even played in a real NBA game?

Jay Scott 1 year ago

Comparisons are part of sport. His body type, motor and skills are similar to what Rodman had. Others in the game have made the Rodman observation. Who would you compare him to?

Mick Allen 1 year ago

Cheick's initial success should come as a surprise to no one. He is still a project, but one with a potentially very high ceiling.

Suzi Marshall 1 year ago

Mykailiuk also had 5 TO to go along with those 6 assists and 0 steals. ( He was not nearly as aggressive in this game as the previous games. He did have a couple of nice scoring drives to the basket in his +27 minutes of PT.

Rae Bricil 1 year ago

interesting that his quote does not mention college. almost like Diallo went to the pros straight out of HS.

“Watching him in the pre-draft camp and the Hoops Summit in Portland, as well as the McDonald’s (high school) All-American game, the one thing we knew he can do right now in the NBA game is run the floor.

this is one reason i think kids should still be allowed to declare out of HS--it should be more like baseball--go to the pros out of HS or come to college for 2-3 years min. Granted there are some cases where 1 year helped kids but i think in this case Diallo went from lottery to 2nd round by having to go to college.

Jay Scott 1 year ago

If you were to work his college accomplishments and highlights into the discussion which ones would you start with?

Chris Shaw 1 year ago

Apparently, "he has a nice left- and right-hand jump hook."

Rae Bricil 1 year ago

that is exactly my point--he did not have that many and it hurt his draft stock. not a knock on KU or self but he wasnt really the right fit to play at KU as a freshman. If was he allowed to be drafted out of HS, based purely on "potential" then he would most likely been a lottery pick. Instead he came to KU, probably learned a lot and grew as a player but since he did not get much playing time (due to rawness and "potential") his stock fell and he lost millions.

on the other hand if he were to stick around KU for 3 year there is a possibility that he could have worked his way back to a lottery pick. point being i dont think one and done really benefits college or the NBA.

Brett McCabe 1 year ago

Wayne might also have been a first-rounder out of high school. I do believe that Diallo would have been a lock for the lottery had he stayed for a second year. It was clear to pretty much everyone who watched him play last year that he had tons of raw talent/athleticism. Another year with Self, mastering the offensive and defensive sets, and he could have been a beast. And I think that he would have gotten the millions back.

The good news is that he made it work. To steal a line from Beaty, he earned it.

Bottom line, whether kids come out of high school, overseas or from a campus, there is a limited number of guaranteed spots. After the first-round, it's going to be a dogfight.

Steve Macy 1 year ago

Coach Self must be smiling, he kind of predicted this when he said that Diallo would have the last laugh. Good luck Cheick.

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