Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mykhailiuk sees action at World Cup

Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk of Ukraine competes during the U16 Eurobasket 2013 first-round match between Ukraine and Latvia at Palace of Sport in Kiev, Ukraine, on Aug. 8, 2013.

Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk of Ukraine competes during the U16 Eurobasket 2013 first-round match between Ukraine and Latvia at Palace of Sport in Kiev, Ukraine, on Aug. 8, 2013.


Kansas University freshman Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk had zero points, one assist, one turnover and one rebound while playing nine minutes in Ukraine’s 64-58 victory over Turkey on Tuesday at the FIBA World Cup in Spain.

The 6-foot-8 Mykhailiuk went 0-for-2 from the field, missing one three-point try for Ukraine (2-1), which next will meet the United States on Thursday.

Mykhailiuk, who at 17 is by far the youngest player in the tourney, has scored four points off 1-of-6 shooting (0-3 from three, 2-5 from the line) while playing two of the three games. He had four points off 1-of-4 shooting (2-5 from line) in his World Cup debut against Finland on Sunday.

“I was calm, but at the same time with my first shots I was so scared... I may not look scared, but my first shot was like, ‘Oh, damn,’’’ Mykhailiuk told in an article at the Web address

“It’s hard because I’m young and physically it’s very hard,” he added of playing against grown men at the Cup and practicing with them for a couple weeks before the start of the event. “But in some ways, it’s also easier because the veteran guys know what they need to do on the court and are in the right spots.”

He was asked why he decided to play college ball at KU instead of pro ball in Europe leading up to the NBA.

“I like U.S. basketball and I want to try myself in the NCAA. It was my dream to play in the NCAA and I think it’s a good opportunity to show what I can do and go to the NBA. My parents told me that it was my choice and my life. They gave me some advice, but in the end I just made my choice.”

Of KU, he said: “It’s one of the biggest schools, one of the greatest coaches. I think they will help me develop and reach my goals more than other colleges. Virginia and Oregon and some other colleges were interested in me, but it came down to Kansas or Virginia.

“For the last years, a lot of good NBA players have gone from Kansas to the NBA. Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid this year, but in the past also Paul Pierce, Mario Chalmers or Kirk Hinrich. I’m really expecting Kansas to help me reach my goals,” he added, indicating his favorite Jayhawk was Pierce.

Asked his expectations for his freshman season, he said: “I think I will try to help my team and earn my time on the court and develop myself.”

As far as whether he looked at college as a “long-term commitment” Mykhailiuk said: “We will see.”

Read the Journal-World’s recent interview with Mykhailiuk here.

Dime considers KU: Malik Dime, a 6-9 sophomore forward from Indian Hills Community College, will visit KU, Iowa State, Arkansas and Washington, according to Brad Winton of

“Dime is extremely active on the glass and moves very well for his size. He sprints the floor very well on both ends and changes the game defensively with his ability to block and alter shots,” Winton writes. “He has good hands and plays well above the rim. Dime will continue to develop his low post game this season and as he arrives at the next level. He has a unique combination of size, length, athleticism and coordination that make his ceiling very high.”


Erich Hartmann 7 years, 1 month ago

Oh..but, but...he could be the "next" Sasha Kaun, or Darnell Jackson. He could possibly turn into a (wait for it...)...Darrell Arthur!, ...if given that magical amount of time under Self's tutelage...Another diamond in the rough (because the shiny, gleaming kind passed us doubt unable to break their link to the endless-loop caliparivision feed...).

Its always "greener" at Kentucky...

Jack Wilson 7 years, 1 month ago

Ah yes, diamonds in the rough. He's "Dwayne Wade", said the "mentor" ....

Or, everyone overlooked him -- even though he played in the Chicago city league ...

Love that stuff.

Erich Hartmann 7 years, 1 month ago

Dime knows how to increase his worth --> call "John from Kentucky"...yuk, yuk, yuk... :)

Ron Sterling 7 years, 1 month ago

From what I understand about Dime, he's courting KU, not the other way around. ISU has offered. KU hasn't. Even so, he's a top 1 or 2 juco guy, so that should translate to something a little better than a low 4-star true frosh. For reference, past top juco players in recent years include Chris Jones (UofL), Pierre Jackson (Baylor), Cleanthony Early (WSU), and Mario Little, so the idea that Dime could be a reasonable rotation player is hardly absurd.

Jack Wilson 7 years, 1 month ago

You kind of answered it there .. if Self isn't pursuing, maybe he's not in the category of guys you mentioned. Perhaps he's more a Tyrone Appleton.

But really, the comparison to low 4 star is probably not relevant for 2015 as there are not guys we're in on in that range -- see our late night visitors.

By the way, I'd rather have top 25-60sih PF (4 stars) out of the gate, than a JUCO guy comparable to Mario Little. Wouldn't you? TRob, Marcus, Markieff, Ellis come to mind.

Ron Sterling 7 years, 1 month ago

Of course I'd rather have another Ellis over another Mario Little. Who'd say otherwise? But let's say we get one of Bragg/Zimmerman/Diallo, the three big guys we're really serious about. If we get one of them, is Dime a reasonable guy to back them up? Obviously no one wants this guy to be our top target, but I also wasn't cursing the day Hunter Mickelson transferred, and I'd expect Dime to compete at about that level, ie good bench player. I'd also expect him to be better than Landen Lucas, for instance.

My other point, though, is that it wouldn't be unheard of to find a good player out of the top 1 or 2 juco guys in a given year. If we're being honest, wasn't Pierre Jackson a better pg than both Naadir Tharpe and Elijah Johnson? Whether or not we're pursuing a low 4 star guy (below 60ish - 100), I'm just thinking in general, a top juco guy should perform about as well as any given player that was ranked in that range as a freshman. Little would be on the disappointing end of that spectrum. Early would be about the best you could hope for. Jones is probably close to the middle (and he was a top 50 guy that couldn't make the grade).

Jack Wilson 7 years, 1 month ago

You said it would translate to a "little better" than a four star freshman. That I substantially disagree with.

Sure, we could get lucky. And we could sign an unranked player and have him turn into Derrick Williams. Same odds on JUCO guys.

We are talking percentages and likelihood of something happening. There are always exceptions to the rule. Personally, I'd rather gamble all day on the Frank Mason's of the world, vs. the next supposedly great JUCO point guard (Pierre Jackson is one, but how about all the others that go down the drain). Tell who the next Pierre Jackson is? Right, we don't know. It's a potshot. Percentages. And I'd rather have Mason for four seasons than Jones for two, but if Mason flames out like Tharpe, I'd probably change my mind. But it's the percentages and the best way to add players to your program.

Personally, I struggle to see how this guy would surpass the guys we have who have been in the system -- Lucas, Traylor, Mickelson. But then again, admittedly, my opinion on the guy is a generic one, and not one related specifically to his skills and/or abilities.

Also, on EJ, he proved his value at the 2 spot his junior season. A spot he should have taken over the year before, and should have occupied through his senior season. In hindsight, miscast as a PG.

Ron Sterling 7 years, 1 month ago

Actually Jack, I said a "little better than a LOW 4-star true frosh" (below #60 for the sake of argument), and really, I'm talking about 1 or 2 juco players a year, and specifically the one that is ranked at the top of the list. Dime is supposed to be the best juco player available for 2015, just like Pierre Jackson was in his class, Early in his class, Jones, and Little etc. That's a far thing from saying every juco player has a chance to be a low 4 star guy or even just the top 10 players do.

So who is the next Pierre Jackson or Chris Jones? Probably Malik Dime. No, he's not a point guard, but he's the number 1 juco prospect just like each of those guys way. If we're playing the percentages, like you suggest, that's about what you could expect from Dime. But don't take my word for it. Here's a link that compares top 100 freshmen and top 10 juco players for offensive rating and basically says the he same thing:

According to this, a top 10 juco players from 2007 thru 10 were a little bit better than the lower ranked 4-star guys, and not nearly as good as the high 4 and 5-star guys. By your rules, your logic, playing the percentages, I'd expect Dime to do about the same.

Jack Wilson 7 years, 1 month ago

Ron: Thanks for the link. I think you are reading the article and data the way you want to read it a bit. But I probably am too, with my references below.

Very importantly, though, what I think you aren't recognizing is that the Juco player is only present on campus for 2 seasons generally. Further, the comparison is the performance of a top 10 Juco guy vs. a freshman. That does not compare the future performance of that freshman. The data compares a Juco transfer (junior) to a freshman.

As noted in the article, "But do not let the positive outcomes for those players cause you to be overly optimistic about Louisville’s Chris Jones. Because for every Pierre Jackson, there is 2012 #2 JUCO Nurideen Lindsey, who posted an 83.8 ORtg before transferring out of St. John’s."

Further, the article noted a 23% attrition rate in stating a big issue is just getting JUCO guys to stay on campus. As stated in the article, "... unfortunately, a number of players near the top of the JUCO rankings have bombed badly." Of course, high school guys coming to campus bomb too.

But I go back the investment. You're getting a short term guy, high attrition rate, with top 10 guys flopping as much as they succeed. I like rolling the dice much better with a top 50-60 coming fresh to the program.

Another good point made in the article (if I'm reading it right) is that the JUCO guys going to places like "Texas Tech and Marquette" have different success rate. I read that as comparing it to a place that is a higher tier school, much like KU, though that reference was a bit hazy to me.

For my money, a guy like this doesn't appear to be the type of guy to come in and beat out any of our back ups for P.T. The comparison in the article to freshmen -- here we have Lucas (3rd year in program); Mickelson (2nd year in program with 2 prior years of college experience); and Traylor (4th year in program). If we need a depth guy, or a stop gap, maybe I would be more likely to bite.

Again, I appreciate the link and the discussion. You've made some excellent points.

Cameron Cederlind 7 years, 1 month ago

Mykhailiuk just injured Kyrie Irving. I'm not saying someone paid for the hit but . . .

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