Monday, June 3, 2013

Air Force assistant joins staff of Kansas women


Kansas University women’s basketball coach Bonnie Henrickson announced the hiring of assistant coach Shay Robinson on Sunday to replace Terry Nooner, who took a similar position at Alabama.

Robinson spent the last two seasons as an assistant coach at the Air Force Academy. Robinson served more than eight years on active duty in the Air Force. While enlisted, he deployed on numerous tours of duty, including three tours in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, spending time as a Weapons Load Crew member on F-16s, as well as Special Operations Senior Command Post Controller.

“We are excited to add Shay to the staff,” Henrickson said. “He will bring tremendous energy, national recruiting contacts, a background in player development and a strong work ethic as a result of his military background. He will work with our perimeter players and with his player development background we are looking forward to the ideas that he will bring to our program.”

Prior to his arrival at the Academy in 2011, Robinson served five years as the assistant director and head instructor at EDGE Training Facility in Orlando, Fla. In conjunction with former Boston Celtic Dee Brown, Robinson managed daily basketball operations while performing individual and team skill-development sessions, camps and clinics. His clientele ranged from beginning players to elite high school, college and professional athletes in the NBA and European Leagues.

A native of Greensboro, N.C., Robinson has also been active as a coach in the past several years, most recently coaching the girls’ basketball team at Viera High during the 2010-11 season, helping the squad win its first district championship while posting a 22-3 overall record. Robinson also served as an assistant coach with the boys’ varsity program at Viera from 2006-09.

“Being from North Carolina, I grew up around the game of basketball,” Robinson said. “One of the programs that I had the utmost respect for was Kansas, and now to think that my career has manifested to the point where I will be walking on the campus and in the storied halls at the University of Kansas is humbling. I’m really looking forward to getting to work alongside Bonnie, Mo (Mahogany Green) and Katie (O’Connor) as quickly as possible.”

During the 2009-10 season, Robinson served as an assistant men’s basketball coach at Brevard Community College. There, he was in charge of guard and post-player development, while assisting with offensive and defensive philosophies. Other responsibilities included recruiting, team film sessions, scouting, academic monitoring and mentorship of student athletes.

Robinson is married to Tonya, who is also an Air Force veteran.


Phil Leister 7 years ago

Dear LJW, please notice how Mr. Robinson refers to our university. You're the only one who refuses to cooperate.

Jim Erickson 7 years ago

It is annoying, but it's not the LJW that is the culprit. They have to answer to "higher ups" who demand the Kansas University.

Kent Wells 7 years ago

Blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah ba blah ba blah. Blah blah blah. Blah blah.

Jim Erickson 7 years ago

Why does Bonnie still have a job? I don't care if the ladies won a game or two more than they were expected to in March... That doesn't mean Bonnie is doing well. Her teams constantly under achieve. She seems like a fine person, but she shouldn't be keeping her job.

Dirk Medema 7 years ago

They haven't under achieved the last 2 years given their personnel. There are plenty of things that are questionable, but MBB has spoiled you if you think they have underachieved.

Jim Erickson 7 years ago

Thanks for the comment... I partially agree (winning 30 a year in MBB has definitely spoiled us all!) but I think we need to remember that we are still a middle of the range Big 12 team when we have the roots of the sport and the best basketball arena in the USA at our disposal. With the resources she has, we should have a top 25 team year after year with a year of contention sprinkled in here and there. That's just not happening under Bonnie.

LakeShawnee 7 years ago

Underachievement and overachievement are curious concepts in sports, especially college basketball.

Is it underachievement to finish seventh in the hands-down toughest conference to play in in the country, but then advance to the Sweet 16 when you aren't constrained to playing the toughest opponents possible? Or is it overachievement to finish seventh in your conference, still receive an NCAA tournament bid, then advance to the final sixteen teams in the country? While regular season results are frustrating, the end result is a curious one.

To contrast: Is it underachievement to finish tied for first in what many believed to be a very watered down conference to play in this year, but then receive the overall #2 seed in the NCAA tournament and advance to the Sweet 16? Or is it overachievement to finish first in the league (again), even if it is in a tie, receive the #2 overall NCAA tournament seed, then advance to the final sixteen teams in the country? While regular season results can be frustrating, the end result is a curious one.

Jim Erickson 7 years ago

I get your point, but I'm doing to disagree... Like I said above: This is the birth place of basketball that also has the best basketball arena around... She has the resources and she has had enough time to bring the Hawks to the top... She has never finished better than 5th.

Mick Allen 7 years ago

Don't limit your review to one year. HCBH has never finished higher than tied for 5th in the Big 12 since she has been here. To compare the mens team's loss to Michigan in overtime, when Michigan goes on to lose a very close game to Louisville in the championship game to KU women's team's blow out loss to Notre Dame[down by 20 at half ] is a stretch. The Big 12 was down this year.Baylor was the only Big 12 team to make the Elite 8 and they got knocked out by Louisville.Until such time as our women compete for a national title, HCBH should be graded on her competitiveness and improvement in conference. She fails both of those tests.

Jim Erickson 7 years ago

Bingo! "HCBH has never finished higher than tied for 5th in the Big 12"... That says it all.

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