Originally published April 5, 2013 at 01:25a.m., updated April 5, 2013 at 01:13p.m.

Rio Adams might stay

Guard has second thoughts about transferring; Self says two will meet again

Kansas freshman guard Rio Adams watches second-half action from the bench during the Jayhawks’ home game against TCU on Feb. 23, 2013, at Allen Fieldhouse. On Tuesday, April 2, Adams announced on Twitter that he will transfer from KU.

Kansas freshman guard Rio Adams watches second-half action from the bench during the Jayhawks’ home game against TCU on Feb. 23, 2013, at Allen Fieldhouse. On Tuesday, April 2, Adams announced on Twitter that he will transfer from KU.



Kansas guard Anrio Adams flexes his muscle after a dunk by Kansas center Jeff Withey against North Carolina during the second half, Sunday, March 24, 2013 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.

Rio Adams, who has announced plans to leave Kansas University and was released from his scholarship Wednesday, is apparently having second thoughts.

“I’m going to speak with coach on Monday. I’ve decided to stick it out,” Adams, a 6-foot-3 freshman from Seattle, told the Journal-World late Thursday night.

He relayed that message to the J-W after posting on Twitter: “I’m not going anywhere I’m a Jayhawk for life,” and “I can’t go I love my team too much.”

Adams, who has expressed dissatisfaction about playing time his freshman season, said he’s reconsidered his position on that matter.

“I didn’t get what I expected,” Adams told the J-W, “but there have been other players in the past who have worked hard, and eventually it pays off. The scholarship is still there. Coach said we could talk Monday (when he returns from Final Four). I’m deciding to stay.”

Reached in Atlanta at the Final Four on Friday, KU coach Bill Self said he and Adams would "meet again" upon his return from Georgia.

Anniversary of ’88 title

It was 25 years ago Thursday that a Danny Manning-led Kansas University basketball team defeated Oklahoma, 83-79, to win the 1988 NCAA title in Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Mo.

The ’88 champions were recognized twice this season — at the 115 Years of KU Basketball reunion on Feb. 23 in Allen Fieldhouse and also at the Tulsa-SMU basketball game on Jan. 6 in Dallas. That’s the day several members of the team gathered to be interviewed for a CBS Sports Network documentary on the team that aired March 11.

Former KU All-America forward Manning is head coach at Tulsa; former KU coach Larry Brown is coach at SMU.

“That was neat,” Manning told the Journal-World, referring to the mini-reunion before Tulsa’s 48-47 victory. Brown’s Mustangs later won the rematch in Tulsa, 71-65. “We knew we weren’t the most talented team, but we all were willing to sacrifice for each other. We sacrificed. We played hard. We bought into coach Brown’s system, and we had guys who had great feel for the game.”

The team, which at one point in the season had a 12-8 record (KU finished 27-11), was nicknamed “Danny and the Miracles” — a nickname that bothers team-player Manning.

“We don’t talk every day,” Manning said of the ’88 players and coaches, “but whenever you talk to them, it seems like you talked to them yesterday. That’s everybody.”

Manning agreed to speak to the J-W about the other starters on the team:

Milt Newton: “You know, Milt didn’t miss a shot in the championship game (6-for-6, 15 points), which was huge for us,” Manning said of the Washington Wizards’ vice president of player personnel. “And people continue to not recognize that at times. Milt was someone who persevered. We had a lot of guys come in who played his position, but when he got his opportunity, he made the most of it.”

Chris Piper: “Pipe and I probably talked more in the last five to seven years than I have with most of those guys, but a lot of times it was because we were traveling together,” former KU assistant coach Manning said of former KU radio color announcer Piper, who had eight points and seven boards vs. OU in the title game. “We’d sit together on the plane and catch up and visit.

“He had his ear on the inner-circle of all the different things going on in the basketball community because of his profession (owner of Grandstand Sportswear and Glassware) so we always talked about a lot of different things, and I enjoyed those conversations.”

Jeff Gueldner: “We stay in contact through texting, and he would do camps, and we would talk about different ways of doing camps and our kids and that kind of thing,” Manning said of the Olathe businessman who scored two points in 15 minutes vs. OU.

Kevin Pritchard: “Kevin and I cross paths a lot because of our professions,” Manning said of the Indiana Pacers’ general manager. “Kevin was hurt, and we get him back for the NCAA Tournament, and we go on a run.” Pritchard had 13 points off 6-of-7 shooting with four assists vs. OU.

“Then you talk about Scooter Barry, Clint Normore, Lincoln Minor, Mike Maddox ... When we had our 20th-year celebration (on KU campus five years ago), a lot of guys came back, and we actually went to the alumni center on campus and got together there. That was the first time that most of us were in a room together watching the championship game together, and that was neat.

“Before that time, we all stayed in contact together through everybody else. So-and-so’s doing this, so-and-so’s doing that. Now, there’s more communication. We get email chains going, and we’re texting all the time.”

Selden excels

Future KU guard Wayne Selden scored 13 points off 5-of-7 shooting (2-of-4 threes) with five rebounds and three assists in the East’s 110-99 loss to the West in the McDonald’s All-America game, Wednesday in Chicago.

“Coming out here with all the guys and being able to score a few buckets, get a few assists and a couple rebounds ... it always feels great to play with a great group of guys,” Selden told

He played some point guard during the game and afterward was asked if he’ll play some lead guard at KU.

“If I just keep developing,” he said. “I feel like I can play all three guard positions, and I’m just working on defending all three guard positions right now. I’m just trying to get to that next level.”

Selden and KU signee Joel Embiid will compete in the Jordan Brand Classic at 7 p.m., April 13, at Barclay’s Arena in Brooklyn, N.Y. It will be aired on ESPN2.

Wiggins, Parker compete, too

Andrew Wiggins, a 6-foot-8 forward from Huntington (W. Va.) Prep who will pick either KU, Kentucky, North Carolina or Florida State at a yet-to-be-determined date, scored 19 points in the game. He went up against Duke-bound Jabari Parker of Chicago Simeon, who had 10 points and eight boards.

“Me and Jabari, we are friends, both great players,” Wiggins told the Chicago Sun Times. “I know I’m going to see his face a lot at the next level and the level after that. I consider it a great learning experience. I’m just glad to be here. Going against Jabari is just the best going against the best.”


Hoosierhawkfan 1 year ago

This morning Rio Adams tweets "transferring". WTF???????


coachdooley 1 year ago

"Diario" is gonna be better than that there tyshoon tapir, seent it here first!


eric poncharello 1 year ago

Self already talked with Rio and signed his paperwork releasing him from the team. All the drama and paperwork is in, no more drama so, no more Rio, he should of kept his twitter mouth shut until he talked to Self when he got back from the final four.


Dale Kroening 1 year ago

I know this story is about Rio, glad to see he had a change of heart and would like to see him stay if he's willing to work, and earn his playing time, but Frankamp was impressive in the 3-point contest hitting 22-25 shots. Food for thought, Ive seen many posts about Frankamp and Masons size for a pg being small at 6'0", that may be true, BUT, do you realize the guy who knocked us out of the tourney and won Big1G and National POY is ONLY a 6'0" former 3 star HS recruit named Trey Burke ??? Not saying either of these guys are Burke, just saying lets wait and see them play before saying they will be a liability because of their size.


jayhawkintx1973 1 year ago

Rio will probably see significant playing time next year, even if it's off the bench. Rio will come in when KU plays small, but he probably won't be at the point much unless Tharpe gets injured. That is, if Self agrees to let him stay which I believe he will.


Bewareofthephog Fifety-Five 1 year ago

Response A) He can't change his mind. Stay away!

Response B) He matured a lot in one day.

Response C) Haha! Bowl of cereal/soup!

vote below


Steve Gantz 1 year ago

This I know, 300 posts on the first article about him leaving, almost 200 on the next and now over 300 posts on him maybe returning. Never has so much been posted on for a KU player who has actually played so little!


Kye Clark 1 year ago

I'm a huge Adams fan. For all the reasons ralster (and others) mention. Length, speed, athleticism. Why toss all that away (if you're Self)? Absolute worst case...he still doesn't get PT next year, becomes a cancer on the team and Self has to kick him off. That's it. It's not as if we're in a position scholarship-wise where keeping him would mean that we've closed off avenues to bring in anyone else equally as good or better. Aside from Wiggins (who is a long shot IMO), there is nobody else "better" to be had at this point. And Self has the schollie to burn. So again, worst case isn't really any different than we were a day ago.

On the flip side, the best case is he shows the best qualities of some of the elite guards from KU teams' past.

It's low-risk, high-reward. Hope Self sees that.


mikehawk 1 year ago

Rio at the Tipping Point...dig in, work hard, grow up, learn to understand what Coach is trying to do, and become a man. If the previously mentioned occurs, you can only imagine Senior Night for this young man. We will look back and remember this moment in a player's career, and we will all be in love with him. This kid has great potential. Long and strong, but soft between the ears. So were all of us at his age. In those days we were just young and so stupid we actually thought we were smart. Now, it is all of that with a Twitter account. I've had mixed feelings about Rio all year, but there is something compelling about this young fella. I think he has a chance to be a very good player if he stays and gives his cerebral cortex a bit more time for development. You want to be a Jayhawk for life, then I hope it works out for you when you meet with Coach. He has you where he wants you now. And that is exactly where you need Coach to be...with his right hand firmly gripped between your legs.


ahpersecoachingexperience 1 year ago

Great!!! He's going to talk to HCBS on Monday. Meaning we'll have three more days of Rio Berglund articles discussing if he'll stay or go.


bennybob 1 year ago

Seriously? Am i dreaming?

did i just read a top 15, Mcdonalds all-american say he is focusing on GUARDING all 3 back court positions?

Holy S*it!

Self is going to do amazing things with Selden!


4jhawks4ku 1 year ago

Selden looks better than Wiggins to me. A little shorter but longer on toughness and speed. Give me a tough competitor and team player every time over a me player. But I would allow Wiggins one year as a Jayhawk to change my mind.


hawkmoon2020 1 year ago

Rio - glad to hear you want to stay, and excel as a Jayhawk. I hope you do, because you've got game! However, I trust CS to make the best decision for the team and for you.

Selden - Loved your MDA game, and can't wait to see you perform in crimson and blue! You have elite talent, and will definitely prosper under CS.

Wiggens - Love your "low key" personality and incredible talents. Appears KU isn't in the lead for your services, but I wish you the best regardless. I do think you could tone down your verbal arrogance a bit, and let your skills and results do the talking while playing college ball.

Jayhawk fans - please lighten up on Rio, EJ, etc. Whether young or mature, no one is perfect, and our players go through a hell of a lot to earn their scollie and PT. Gotta love us "arm chair" coaches. LOL


GreatJake 1 year ago

Monday is a long way off. Rio could leave stay multiple times before Monday . Beware of breaking tweets over the weekend. Seriously I wish you the best where ever you end up Rio!


seattlejayhawk68 1 year ago

I think I'll wait until Tuesday to weigh in on this...


702Hawk 1 year ago

Spoiler Alert:

From the pictures on the American Family 3 point contest it sure looks like Fankamp won the competition. Way to go Conner.


4thGenJHawk 1 year ago

Is anyone else nervous about Wiggin's comments?? This isn't the first time I've thought his comments were arrogant to say the least. Do we want "this" on our team??


Ron Franklin 1 year ago

Has there been a study done yet to show which Rivals High Ranking Athletes actually pan out at the next level? Who is projected a number one prior to college, and holds that same designation after school?


Tony Bandle 1 year ago

You all think this is an explosion of posts??

What if the name in the headline was changed from Rio Adams to Ben McLemore!!

I think the LJW server would BURN OUT in a matter of minutes!!!


William Blake 1 year ago

This situation has the potential to work well for us and Rio. Rio reminds me of both TT and EJ... all three need constant attention. That isn't a bad thing. All 3 need strict rules with monitoring and potential punishments for mistakes.

It's called "tough love" and Rio could use a lot of it. The question really is whether or not one of our coaches will make the needed effort to give it to him... and will Rio be willing to accept it.

I'm not sure why, but EJ didn't get enough tough love during his Jayhawk career. Had he received more, we'd be playing this weekend... I have no doubt about that. And the last thing I would do here is slam EJ. EJ will need all the moral support he can get in the future because that Michigan game will haunt him forever. He tried to carry things inside all year that should have been dealt with. All because he didn't want to burden anyone with his stuff. We are all feeling the pain, but we will go on next season and beyond. EJ's world will continue to circle around that Michigan game. Good luck, EJ...

I've said it all along... Rio is worth the investment! He has NBA potential written all over him. But he has such a distance to make up and ultimately he'll have to back up his talk by walking the walk. If he can collapse into a state of total humility he will blossom instantaneously!

Give Rio some tough love and lets see what happens!


Kevin Jenkins 1 year ago

At first I hated this kids attitude and comments on twitter. And watched a few games that he played and decided he wasn't that good. But his playing time was limited. But then I remember my 18th birthday and thought about what I was doing when I was that age. Let him come back if the grades are good and he is motivated. If he shows he can, why not? What were you doing at that age? It is hard to being a great highschool baller and then just sitting-thinking you can help win, but just have to sit and watch. Let us see if he really wants to stay or not. Sometimes when you make a decission and then change it, you second guess that decission. After a week or two we will know if it is what he really wants. I am sure Self has heard all the rumours already.and will need to have a sitdown with Rio on this. But then again if he decides to leave that is okay. We do have the talent and talent coming to replace him... Good luck anyway. Again he is just a young kid and needs to help his future. KU is a great place to start....


Nathan Scholl 1 year ago

Whatever will be will be.......


notjustbread 1 year ago

Rio is like a yo-yo. Someone make a rap.


Jack Wilson 1 year ago

Ok, what hasn't already been said?

I will say that I love Adams' game. Meaning his style of play. The dreaded eye test tells me he could be a top tier KU player when all is said and done. He seems to have everything. He's quick, tall, long, explosive .. an "above the rim athlete" as Ralster said above. If I had to gamble, I'd say after four years we'd think of him much better than we do Taylor, Reed, Morningstar, or EJ (if you take the final four run out of the reminiscing with TT and EJ). Just a hunch there. I just see a lot to like from his game and very little not to like.

The biggest thing for Rio is being humbled. He's not humble. He needs to play the game the way coach Self wants it played. Like Chalmers did, like Collins did, like RRobinson did. And kind of like Taylor did. Kind of.

Playing a game that focuses on the team, not on Rio Adams, is the key for the young man, in my opinion. That transformation in perspective may be all that is needed. And this experience, or epiphany, may be exactly the right medicine.

When he sees "team" first, watch out.


4jhawks4ku 1 year ago

I bet Anrio wouldnt have turned down the wide open layup.. He plays harassing defense also but needs more playing time to control his fouling.


amyirenie 1 year ago

I like the kid, but can we get him on a mood stabilizer? Some zoloft maybe? When he's up, he's up, but when he's feeling down, he is not a happy lil jayhawk. I think if he would think before he tweets that would be good for him. It's tough being a freshman with big dreams and sharing the stage. If he would be patient and put his thoughts in to action in practice, then maybe he wouldn't be in this position.


FearlessJayhawk 1 year ago

Rio probably realized staying at KU is his best chance of wearing a ring and getting the kind of exposure the Jayhawks provide.


jayhawklawrence 1 year ago

Success in life is almost always based on making good decisions.

I cannot think of a guard under Self with the kind of talent that Rio has not becoming a professional basketball player.

If you get a degree in basketball under Bill Self, it makes a lot of money. That is a guarantee. Few things in life are as guaranteed as this.


Brett Forreal 1 year ago

Probably wants to stick around for the Wayne Selden show.


Kevin Huffman 1 year ago

Wow! How polarizing is Anrio.

Some of you are like, "Great! Great to have you back."

And others of you are like, "Don't let the door hit your butt on the way out!"

I would contend that the right approach if your self is somewhere in between.

You're welcome back, but we have to have some conditions......whatever those might be.....i.e., no Twitter, a redshirt year, both? academics in order, etc.


JayHok 1 year ago

Thank gooodness for Rio Adams! Seriously helping me take my mind off of the fact that we should be winning a national championship in three nights. All by himself he has me fired up for next year whether Self lets him back on the team or not! His defense will forever be known as the "Soup Nazi". Tthat gif is about the funniest thing I've ever seen. No soup for you when he's playing defense!


Ralster Jayhawk 1 year ago

Someone mentioned above that Rio is close with AW3 and Lucas. It reminded me of Lucas' tweet 2 days after the Sweet16 loss: "As far as Im concerned, next season just started today"...I like his focus! (and he also stood up for EJ's career in a macro sense, which I also loved to see. FOE.). We are looking for a few good men (& leaders).


jayhawkinATL 1 year ago

$20 says Rio is not back after Monday. Self will hear him out and his plea, but will ultimately opt for no more Rio-esque distractions.


jayhawkinATL 1 year ago

Somebody told him that he likely would have to sit out a year, right??? Comical.


Neom 1 year ago

This dude is surely a charactor, both at the sideline with his hilarious moves and at the media creating dramas. KU should keep such a charactor to add some flavor to the otherwise boring offseason with the earlier tournament exit!

I have been watching basketball games for many years, never recall anything like this happened before in here or elsewhere.


TysonHawk37 1 year ago

This past summer, I had the opportunity to meet Anrio, Ben, Nikko and Andrew WIII at a camp for kids. I am glad that Rio may possibly be staying. I was genuinely impressed with Rio's interaction with the kids. He came across very comfortable with them and seemed to genuinely enjoy interacting with them. That impressed me. I'll also say, the kids (mine included) seemed to have had a great time with him and his playful demeanor. While he may have shown some immature actions this year at times, I believe he's a good kid and will mature. I hope he stays.


Greg Lux 1 year ago

Great decision Rio .. You will make a great addition to the team. I love you speed and talent your upside is awesome and your decision to is the same.

Rock Chalk


jaybate 1 year ago

Selden is focusing on defense, so he can guard 1-3. He is a god send.


jaybate 1 year ago

The decision is always the same.

There is a role this guy could play.

Is he likely the best you can get to play the role?

If yes, then keep.

If no, then get better player.

No emotion.

Just a choice.

Let Self make it.



Jerry Long 1 year ago

I trust that Coach Self will make the right decision, but personally, I hope he gets the chance to stay. I made a really dumb decision when I was 19 years old that I would give just about anything to have back. That was 40 years ago. Making stupid decisions when you are young is not uncommon, but it can haunt one for a long time afterwards. I hope this young man doesn't have to look back in 40 years and say, "Why did I do that?" I hope that 40 years from now he can say, "Thanks to a great coach, I got a second chance."


Sam Constance 1 year ago

Anyone who thinks Self is giving this kid his walking papers and trying to make it look like Rio wants out, I think you're forgetting that our backcourt (at least at the PG position) is going to be pretty small next year:

5-11 Naadir Tharpe 5-11 Frank Mason 6-0 Conner Frankamp

Not only does Rio have a year "in the system" over Mason and Frankamp, but he gives us some much needed size at the pg position. Self usually likes to have the option of a big, physical guard in addition to the more waterbug type guards like Tharpe.

If Rio can convince Self that he's matured a little bit and will buy in (and will stop his tweeting), I think he'll be welcomed back. As I noted in my last post--Self may see the change of heart as an opportunity to really instill some discipline, now that he has a bit more leverage over the kid.


GortHawker 1 year ago

One thing I've learned in life is , once a quiter always a quiter, I don't care what Rio says , let him go !


jay381 1 year ago

It has been my experience in business if a manager gives notice and then tries to withdraw it a day or so later his mind and dedication have already left the company. I think the same would apply to Rio. I certainly wish him no ill will and nothing but the best. However, given his prior antics plus the family decision to seek alternatives I think his mind and dedication have already left KU. I have never seen a change of mind work out over time. It might for a short time but over all I would be extremely apprehensive of the end result even if he stays. However, if that is what he and Self work out I wish him absolutely nothing but success in this great basketball program.


Sam Constance 1 year ago

His name is Rio and he dribbles down the floor .

Sometimes he's frustrating, but leaves you wanting more .

And when he cheers the team, his style is hard to beat .

Eating from an invisible bowl of cereal made of wheat. . .

Oh Rio, Rio don't do anything too rash .

Bill Self's a tough coach and you should expect to clash. .

Don't let frustration tell you that it's time to walk .

Come back to Lawrence and put on that proud Jayhawk.

Personally, I have a few thoughts on Rio:

I'm disappointed, but not at all surprised by the venom and unforgiving attitudes that several on this message board have shared in regards to Adams. I mean, we had a pretty sizeable chunk of fans turn on a guy who just finished a 4 year career of bleeding crimson and blue, and who is largely responsible for our appearance in the 2012 NCAA title game AND our 2013 Big 12 Championship. Of course fans are going to turn on a kid who has only been around for a year and played sparingly while airing his frustration on Twitter. A far-too-large contingent of the KU basketball fanbase has looked pretty freaking ugly over the last week or so.

Personally, I can see advantages/disadvantages to him staying or going. If he goes, it's really just the same thing that we were all expecting 24 hours ago. It will be too bad that we don't get to seem him grow as a Jayhawk and see what kind of things he would be capable of with some discipline and instruction, but ultimately, I want Rio to do what he feels is best for him. I might think that playing at KU is best for him, but I'm admittedly biased. On the other hand, if he comes back, this latest bit of drama may give Coach Self some useful leverage to get through to Rio when it comes to being a team player and fully buying in. "Yeah son, you can come back, but we need to talk--no more Twitter or public airing of grievances, and you're on a short leash as it relates to disciplinary issues. If you do what you're supposed to, you could have a long and prosperous career at Kansas, but if not, it will be a quick hook to the bench, then to the end of the bench with your warmups on, then off the roster completely.

Whatever Coach Self and Rio decide on Monday, I will be fine with it. The kid seems to have basketball talent that needs to be harnessed, and when he's not tweeting frustration about playing time, I really enjoy his infectious and entertaining antics on the sideline. Speaking of which, I posted this in response to someone's comment on the "Rio is leaving" thread, but I spent a good 20-30 minutes laughing at the photoshop glory, and hoped that anyone who is put out about Rio could read this thread and perhaps have a change of heart:


Kyle Neuer 1 year ago

I would like to remind all the haters that Naadir Tharpe had an absolutely wretched freshman year. Tyshaun Taylor had a few lousy seasons. Coach Self's system is tough for guards and it takes awhile for them to "get it". Patience, grasshoppers.


Josh Becker 1 year ago

The best part about Rio staying, presumably, is that he will provide more entertainment on the bench next year when Selden, Greene, and Frankaamp are in the game draining 3's and Selden throwing down monster jams. His hungry face is probably the best bench entertainment in a while. Good for practice, nothing in the 40 minutes he played all season was enough to show his potential or really any necessity for him staying. It would actually be better for the program to show some freshman coming in playing well, and a lot, with a successful season. Good he is staying for making our guys compete against a decent player when we will have extra scholarships left. But temper your expectations people


midwest_muser 1 year ago

This will all boil down to his academics. If they're OK, the rest will be worked out. If not, he's done.


cobweb 1 year ago

Good grief! He's an immature kid. Has it been that long since all of you were 19? I couldn't find my a** with both hands. Cut him some slack.


Ralster Jayhawk 1 year ago

I was pretty hard on Rio, simply because I saw his raw abilities in glimpses, and his bigger-than-5'11-physique--> and we sorely need athletic combo guards, especially ones that have the added above-the-rim dimension (like Tyshawn+EJ last season). IF Rio Adams is allowed to return, he has shown some humility and growth right there, and Im sure Self will make the overall choice: A guard that thinks he's good, wants to play, is 6'3, and has spent a year in-the-program already. Obviously I would welcome Rio Adams back! The maturing process takes time, and sometimes takes a stark moment or two (or three) before the lightbulb goes on. RCJH, Rio--> I hope Self allows you to stay. I like your choice. You play for Self, you gotta be tough in a lot of ways. Take care of business, you will be fine.


741hawk 1 year ago

Fascinating. Now, 14 hours later, there are more posts re: Rio's possible return than were posted in the entirety after he announced he was leaving!


The_Original_Bob 1 year ago

" If Self tries to restrict Rio's use of social media, and thereby Rio's First Amendment Right as a condition of staying, I will be very disappointed in the coach"

No no no a thousand times no. Please take a civics class.


kckuguy 1 year ago

A few days ago Rio said he wasn't going to name the school he was transferring to and now he has had a change of heart. Could it be he is not welcome where he thought he was ? I don't see any new maturity in the kid or he wouldn't be announcing on twitter at midnight he was staying at KU. That sounds like the same Rio that has been at KU all season. I would bet that is the way he was brought up. He sounds to me like he thinks he is entitled to the scholarship. Does anyone not think if there was another school wanting Rio and offering him more playing time that he wouldn't go today or next week ? The world must have revolved around him before he came to Kansas and now all of a sudden he isn't the focus of everyone. He went so far as to get his release after KU waited all last summer for him to even become eligible. I would do just like Self did and wish the kid good luck. Self I am sure doesn't want to hold the kid back, that is exactly what I tell kids that work for me that know more than I do about my business and threaten to quit.


Konkis Dongington III 1 year ago

While I'd be more than happy to welcome Rio back into the fold, I have a hard time believing it will happen. At very least, he's made staying way harder for him than it had to be. I know he's good friends with White and Lucas, so maybe that's what changed his mind, but between his off-court nonsense and having already said he wanted out, he'll have an even shorter leash than he had. So far, he hasn't demonstrated that he's got the maturity level to handle that. I really hope it works out one way or another. Tyshawn worked through it and it's looking like he'll have a decent NBA career, which is what Rio really wants. Can he work through it too? Time will tell.


BPSkelly 1 year ago

Rio's situation -- even here at KU -- isnt all that unique except for the fact that now we live in 24/7 information world. Twitter, Facebook, Blog posts, you name it. Society is 'on' (for better or worse) all the time now.

Even 5 years ago this isnt the viral discussion it is now. Tempest in a teapot. My guess is at this point he's just not cut out mentally for the grind -- yet. We'll see what happens. My guess is that his parents probably told him to suck it up and stay. Just a hunch, no verification of that obviously.

If he's ineligible because of grades he can be run off. Considering how much academic help these guys get it would be shocking to me if thats the case. But if not, he's likely looking at JUCO ball and ending up somewhere else.

If he's actually been released how does the 'coming back' part work? And at this point does Self even really want him back (my guess is that's debatable)?


KUsmoothies 1 year ago

Hope Rio stays. I think he'll be a great player someday if he works hard. Someone has probably already mentioned this but is there any chance that he changed his mind once he figured out UCLA, Arizona, Oregon and whoever else wasn't interested in him?


Hoosierhawkfan 1 year ago

"Rio and Coach Self will make a decision next week"? Rio made his decision and CS made his. I don't think Coach wants to sign back on for more drama. If Self tries to restrict Rio's use of social media, and thereby Rio's First Amendment Right as a condition of staying, I will be very disappointed in the coach. I think the team has had enough of all this distraction. Let's move ahead!!


FL_Jhawk 1 year ago

Rio saying he was a Jayhawk for life was all I needed to hear for me to welcome him back.

I think Rio just grew up a bit. Sometimes we don't now how much we miss something until we see it walking away from us. It may be that Self won't let him back, but if Self sees that Rio has really made that step and really wants to work hard for KU, then I hope he does. Maybe Rio will have to redshirt a year as penance, which actually might be good for all, I don't know. If there are academic problems, it will give Rio a chance to catch up while still contributing to the team.

Bottom line, if Self lets him back, I think we should welcome back this "Jayhawk for life", a young man who will undoubtedly bring fun and excitement to KU BB.


sunbake 1 year ago

Wiggins wants to be the best, so for him to be that, he needs to go to UNC and compete against Parker with DUKE. To be good you have to play the best and that is what Wiggins needs to do. With problems between Adams and Self, Adams needs to go to a better fitting place. This has been going on for quite some time. Not getting playing time has been a down fall with new recruits coming in, they are not developed and worked into the team, as we have seen with Johnson just to mension afew. Johnson sit on the been when Morningstar was on the floor and wasn't producing anything, while Johnson could have benefited greatly for future playing time. It is real sad to see a program run this way.


Max Ledom 1 year ago

I've said this for a while now. Rio is the next great one. This is destiny. What a Jayhawk.


woodscolt 1 year ago

These guys are young kids when they are brought in here and people need to quit judging them like they don't or can't grow through some indecision. I know Self isn't tolerant of any or everything they do but being a kid, he should be. I think that he realized that the grass might not be greener and this might be his best shot even if he has to earn it. However, he will have to prove that he is capable of being a team player and that means not attracting so much attention to himself. He needs to disappear from the media and do his talking in the classroom and on the court. Elijah (T-rob,Releford,twins,Withey) didn't see much playing time his freshman year and this years team was his. (He was asked to play out of position and that wasn't his fault and he would have been great as a two guard) Come on back and go to work Rio. We need guards and it is wide open for you.


Ethan Berger 1 year ago

Sounds like one of the seniors went and paid him a visit. And my money is on EJ. Regardless, if he stays good, if not well best of luck to him.


The_Original_Bob 1 year ago

"There's a difference between wanting to transfer and talking about it, to actually being released from your scholly and told good luck."

Right here. Saint Self does this every year. Shuttles off kids that won't play and making it sound like it was the kids' idea. It is quite brilliant how he does it. Pitino and Cal should take lessons.

Rio is gone. Saint Self doesn't want him.


Tony Bandle 1 year ago

Possible conditions for reinstatement:

Greatly reduce the social media, red shirt 2013-14 [Wayne may be a yet undiscovered OAD and with Wayne, AWIII, Naadir, Frank, Conner and even Evan, why waste a year when you can grow physically, emotionally and BBall IQ wise and have three more years] and, finally, work your a$$ off.

PS Take over as the locker room "Dance Master" with BenMac's departure.


pepper_bar 1 year ago

Self rarely seems to hold players accountable for their poor choices. I consider it very likely that Self will allow Adams back on the team.


Michael Maris 1 year ago

In the end, it is now up to Bill Self as to what Anrio future will be at Kansas. I'm sure if the decision is to allow Anrio to stay at Kansas. The Twitter issue will be fully addressed both past and future.

In reading yesterdays article about it being a Family decision, the message was conveyed as if Anrio had spoke to his family and they all came to a mutual decision that it would be best for Anrio to transfer back closer to home. But, in the midst of that article, it was clear that Anrio had not yet spoken to his family at length about the decision to transfer.

If Anrio truly wants a good opinion on the situation, he should speak to Rodrick Stewart about transferring away from Kansas. After all, the Stewart family has a role in Anrio life. Is Rodrick unhappy or ecstatic about his decision to leave USC and transfer to Kansas. I'm sure that Rodrick will inform him that life at an Elite Program and having the ability to be a member of a special team is a lot more enjoyable than the experience that Rodrick had at USC. I commend Lodrick for sticking it out at USC. But, Rodrick can always look at Lodrick and smile while he holds up the Championship Ring into the glowing sunlight.

But as I stated earlier, it is now in the hands of Coach Self to make the final decision. I entrust that Coach Self will make the right decision in regards to the Anrio ''Rio'' Adams situation.


5to6 1 year ago

I trust Bill on this one. I hope that it works out well for both KU and Rio. I'd love to see it turn out to be a redemption story with a positive ending.


Steve Yeakel 1 year ago

Rio and Bill will make the right decision next week. It is hard to be a star in high school that has to pay your dues and wait your turn to be successful at the next level. But Travis and Jeff and many others have shown that KU is the place to do that. Bill can help you if you are truly a one and done guy, and can also give you the help you need to succeed at the next level if it takes you more time to develop and grow to get there.


Joe Baker 1 year ago


Seriously, it's his decision and it's between HCBS and Anrio Adams. He stays and has a great season in a year or two, this board will sing his praises. He stays and has a down career, this board crucifies him. I'd rather error on the side of caution and stay. I'd take my chances on a decent opportunity than jump ship into a worse situation.

Work it out Rio. Half the board supports you either way. No pleasing the masses whatever you decide. Whatever you decide, get focused and get your game face on for the next three years. Listen to HCBS and you will be successful.


Tony Bandle 1 year ago

Blame it on Rio....or not.

1] EVERYBODY deserves a second chance. Including myself and every one of the posters on this site, because I am betting that at one point in all our lives we would have been screwed if we weren't given that mulligan.

2] To all of you who have shown a positive reaction to Anrio's postiton, even if somewhat guarded, well done. Maybe he has read the positive comments on this site . 3] To all of you who expressed a negative, please look in the mirror. Isn't Kansas Nation about family and when talking about true family, isn't forgiveness and patience required?

4] I understand your frustration [I'm sure not playing tomorrow contributes to it]. Anrio is almost undergrad Tyshawn-Lite. Take the high road and see what one poster noted, this may be a moot point if Bill says see ya......I hope he doesn't.

5] And finally, I've gotten quite fond of invisible corn flakes!!


milehighhawk 1 year ago

If Rio already received word from Self they will talk Monday--assuming Rio doesn't change his mind prior to that meeting--I think it's safe to assume he's back.

I think it's also safe to assume we will be hearing far less from Mr. Adams through social media after Monday.

I'm pumped about both scenarios.


Jack Wilson 1 year ago

Mentioned this last night on another thread -- a name to add as a possible KU target: Josh Davis from Tulane. 6'8" power forward. Led Tulane in scoring at 17+ ppg. Is immediately eligible.

On Adams, it's just very odd how the clear frustration that has built up with the kid this season can somehow be changed by a one day reconsideration. But when the light bulb goes on, maybe it is goes on. We'll see how this plays with coach Self.

I see tons of potential in Adams. But remember, a roster at Kansas is a battle for scholarships. There are 13, but there are battles inside that 13. Winners and losers of the battles determine transfers. Adams staying may impact Mason, Frankamp, Greene, and White for three years, Tharpe for 2. Selden likely for at least 2. Think about that. Let's say we have a 5 man perimeter rotation (and Self was content with a 4 man rotation this season). You can't get around the numbers. That's 7 bodies with no other adds.

Again, we'll see how Adams' supposed reconsideration here plays with coach Self.


Kevin Huffman 1 year ago

I'm thinking it's 50-50 that Rio's back.

I'm actually thinking that it's 100% that Self will let him back.

Problem being - I'm thinking that there'll be "a catch". Redshirt next season. Take the time to mature, get the schoolwork down, etc.

He'll still get to practice, improve / hone his skills, etc.

Look at the good it did Releford. I know it was forced but I think it did a WORLD of good for Ben & Jamari too. I think they'd've only been shells of what they were this year if they'd been enabled to play last year.

Then we get a combo. G who maturity-wise & school-wise is MUCH further along (a JR. by schooling) but only in his 2nd year of eligibility.

He'd've had to lose that year in transferring anyway. By his 3rd year of eligibility then in '15/'16 he could start and really make a name for himself.

I think another bit of why he's reconsidered is that I think that he sees that he could play the "2" and that Selden may very well be another OAD.


Beate Williams 1 year ago

In the article he says the scholarship is still there and that CS said we will talk on Monday. If what he says is true, it would appear CS left the door open, realizing there was a possibility of a change of heart on the part of Rio. I could be reading something that is not there, but guess we will know come Monday evening.


Erin England 1 year ago

I don't have any doubts that Self will let Rio back. This isn't a CJ Giles incident. So, he changed his mind? Which I think was a good decision on his part. Self and his staff recruited Rio because they know his potential and how he can fit on this team.


REHawk 1 year ago

Holy effing moly! Speaking of miracles, by comparison Rio has just converted the teenage Tyshawn Taylor into an earlier image of rocksolid and dependable Perry Ellis! I knew this kid was quicker than greased lightning, but didn't envision his striking so suddenly via multimedia. Hell, ESPN probably has changed Holly's travel agenda to track down Bill Self and stick to him like glue until this comedy plays itself out. Which could take all of five seconds. Whatever the outcome, it sure takes my mind off that Sweet 16 collapse. Someone posted, "Rio, we hardly knew ye." No truer words were ever uttered.


Martin Rosenblum 1 year ago

Please release me! I want to go somewhere else to get more PT! Conner is coming! Tharpe will be the next EJ, not me! My family helped me decide not to stay!

Oh, never mind....I guess I could stick around (just to see what happens).

Please! Call a Waahhh-mbulance cause this is a wreck!


Steve Gantz 1 year ago

I had the fortune of enrolling at KU in 1985, not really knowing much about KU's great hoops history. Watching Danny play for the three years I was there was fabulous. Sitting behind the north goal a couple rows back gave me a seat unbelievably close to the action.

I don't remember the game or even which season, but I watched Danny grab a rebound and throw a length of the court bounce pass, threading the needle between two defenders, hitting a now nameless Jayhawk in his hands for the layup. My behind the goal seat gave me a perfect view of how good that pass was. It was a play I'll never forget.

The championship was the icing on the cake of my time at KU, I've only been back to KU once since, but I'm forever a Jayhawk! Every time the team loses in the NCAA, I still rest on the thought that during my senior year we were the champs! A great memory indeed.


edmondjayhawk 1 year ago

If he comes back great...if not, I'm fine with that too. If I'm HCBS, the first thing I would tell him is that he's on a short leash as far as complaining about playing time via twitter. That doesn't do anybody any good. Not good for team chemistry and IMO, not good publicity for KU basketball.


William Blake 1 year ago

This is what I posted at 2am last night, after Rio posted on Twitter:

I'm doubtful that means Rio is staying. Scholarships are one year contracts and even if he meant that statement it doesn't mean he'll get an offer for another year.

If he does mean it, and if CS is willing to give him another year, there will be definite rules imposed forcing him to limit his social media. We've been down this road before. I know how CS dislikes players expressing too much through social media.

Players getting attention through social media has become a gigantic problem throughout sports... from pros to junior high. The PR risks blow off the charts. And what about the focus of players being redirected from their sport to social media? In the broader perspective.. electronics in general are creating big time problems.

If anyone in here doesn't see the problems existing from social media, video games, texting, phoning, music, TV... try contacting any coach and ask them if there is a problem. I know the problems are huge in pro ball. You'd think pro adult athletes would take their jobs serious and would be responsible... guess again.

I have plenty of respect for good coaches today. Their job is tough... keeping players focused must be a real bear. And in the case of student-athletes... what about their school work?

I'm pretty sure most of us in here pay a price for being here. I know I get more done after March... and before November. And I limit most of my electronic consumption to Hawk ball. I still have a clamshell phone that takes about an hour to send a text. No one knows when I have a bowel movement or what I had for lunch.

Maybe I've become an enigma... or maybe I'm just old!


dihrdhwk 1 year ago

Jump on The bus Rio...THIS IS KANAS! Not Missouri, Not Kansas State, Not even Witchta St....You just can't make people believe You Don't want to be HERE,, Tweet it, The say Oh, haha haha :. i Was j/k.. I'm sorry. time to learn from Your mistakes Mr. PreMadonna. RCJH...OLD SCHOOL STYLE!


Steve Gantz 1 year ago

I know he's young, but I hope Self teaches him a life lesson and doesn't let him back on the team.


nuleafjhawk 1 year ago

You've got to get up pretty early in the morning to pull one over on me - I've got this thang figured out now !!!

Rio wants to stay and play another year with BEN !!


Robert Brock 1 year ago

Self likes intense basketball practices and Rio could bring some tough on-ball defense to force Selden and others to sharpen up. Meanwhile, Rio needs to learn to dribble-drive without turning it over, improve his shooting, understand the game (decision-making), etc.

AND the kid brings some amusement to the bench. NOBODY can eat soup like this kid!


Kevin Huffman 1 year ago

I'm not going to be one of those to begrudge him changing his mind & I be it will never surface as to what EXACTLY changed his mind. I'm thinking that Elijah & Naadir may have been able to talk to him AFTER he'd made that announcement and offered up WHY he might want to reconsider and that if he BOTH was patient AND put in the required work he would flourish - likely even more than them (again, guess on my part) and maybe that made him feel like Naa "had his back" or something.


Ludwig Supraphonic 1 year ago

College is a great place to learn delayed gratification. I hope Rio learns. Wiggins sees college as a one year "level" before the payoff. I understand that's how the system is set up for a gifted few. I don't really see a purpose in the OAD NCAA requirement. Of course, I'm a KU fan and Bill Self's teams are unlikely to benefit from players who view college as a one year audition.


Ron Franklin 1 year ago

Shameless Repost:

"They'll stone you when you're trying to be so good.

They'll stone you just like they said they would.

They'll stone you when you're trying to go home.

They'll stone you when you're there all alone.

But I would not feel so all alone.

Everybody must get stoned."

--Bob Dylan


Ron Franklin 1 year ago


You should feel blessed if Coach Self lets you stay.

You will not find a better education.

You will not find a better coach.

You will not find more tradition.

You will not find more impassioned and caring fans.

And if you want to know how much we can love you, just ask Jayla and Thomas.

There is no greener grass.


tis4tim 1 year ago

Wow. What an interesting development regarding Rio. I'm still not sure what to make of it. Part of me says "Welcome back" and part of me says "You made your decision and now you have to live with it". However, he's young and it's not like he waited a week to change his mind. Everyone operates on a different schedule and some take longer than others to "get it". He might have figured it out in the nick of time.

The critical part for me is the quote,

“I didn’t get what I expected,” Adams told the J-W, “but there have been other players in the past who have worked hard, and eventually it pays off..."

This seems to indicate to me a kid who does now gets it and really understands what it means to be a part of KU basketball. I hope that is the case and it's not just someone who read the message boards after his initial decision and now is choosing to stay because he doesn't want to upset the fans. Frankly, he needs to be selfish here. It's his life and it would be better for him to leave if it ensures his happiness. He shouldn't concern himself about what others think.

If he goes, great. If he stays, great. I just hope if he returns he works his tail off to get better and be the player most of us think he can be.

Interesting decision for Bill. Fool me once ...


akgjenkintown 1 year ago

I for one would be happy if Anrio returns. However the decision is now in Self's hands. It happens all the time when you think it will be better elsewhere and when you look carefully, you determine that you already are in the greenest pasture. I have no problem that after reflecting and looking at options that Rio wants to remain a Jayhawk. As I posted before, a Rio Adams with one year of Self style basketball under his belt is better than an unproven but talented freshman. Rio can play lockdown defense and that is a huge upside for a team losing so much. The rest of his game will come with maturity. I hope Self lets him return. Certainly, puts Self in the driver seat about following team rules to the letter.


DanR 1 year ago

We took Glen Mason back after he took the Georgia football coaching job, didn't we?


jhawkinsf 1 year ago

Coaches have accepted some pretty high profile jobs, only to change their minds a couple a days later. Didn't Billy Donovan do it a couple of years back? If they can do it, so can Adams (as long as it's OK with Self).


Mel Clare 1 year ago

Kids will be kids...........If he is able to stick it out and Self allows him to continue at KU, then no one on this board will be bashing him if as a senior he is averaging 13 a game with 5 assists............Tharpe is the leader along with Ellis, Rio will be a good backup next year and his JR year and when Tharpe is gone he will be the PG. Frankamp is a shooter and short, Mason is a bulldog and tough but short..........we have seen in this tourney what happens to shorter PG against length.

He is a kid.................let it play out, may be in the best interest of all parties involved.

(Unless of course HCBS has found a 6'9 230 pounder that can rebound and defend in his hip pocket waiting on a schollie..........;-) JK!


nugget 1 year ago

Drama queen. Attention getter, etc. KU you will be great with or without him. I'd think his teammates and coaches want someone that has their act together, which he obviously does not and is showing us so in public.

But then, yes, he is 18-19. I'd say he has some apologizing to teammates and coaches if he's going to be let back in and then he needs to buckle down and find out what makes KU basketball great.


David Black 1 year ago

Wiggins-Parker..we are great players and best friends! He is going to NC. Not sure we need that ego at KU. Rio..good luck and stay off twitter kid. Teams win and we have a lot of good parts.


Jaminrawk 1 year ago

People need to calm down. Russell, Darnell, and Travis openly talked about nearly leaving KU. It's obvious all of the guys on the team liked Rio a lot. He has a lot of potential and this late in the recruiting process, I'm not sure they would fill his spot with any quality anyway. Give the guy another offseason and I'm sure he will contribute much like many of the other guys the rode the bench in year one.


April13 1 year ago

Every time Selden speaks, I like him more. Every time Wiggins speaks, I like him less.


Andy Tweedy 1 year ago

If Coach says he can stay, I'm all for it! I imagine he's spent more time with Rio than anybody on this board, and knows what he's dealing with.


NebraskaJayhawk 1 year ago

By his comments, it sounds like maybe Releford got in his ear and made him see the light. I mean this kid has talent. All you guys wishing him to be on his way are insane. I do think there should be some stipulations should Self decide to let him stay on. One of those stipulations would be no twitter for at least all of next season. That would be a good starting point to see if he is mature enough to undergo what it takes to become a crucial and relevant player on a great team. I for one would like to see him stay.


GabrielMichael 1 year ago

I'm glad he is staying... He has lots of upside. A lot of Jayhawk greats thought of transferring after their freshman year didn't go as planned.

Rio is an emotional guy but this will help him appreciate his opportunity more...

Rock Chalk Rio!


Yonatan Negash 1 year ago

Great news Rio. With the right mindset, hardwork and dedication you will excel in this system. Now, I just hope Rio and coach can work things out. If accepted back, I can assure you, Rio will be tested to the limit and be on a tighter leash. This whole experience must be a learning experience for Rio and I believe it will be. I am hopefull, things workout because Rio needs Kansas more than Kansas needs Rio. The fact of the matter is, the institution is bigger then any individual.

As for the fans, some of you continue to say horrible things about this kid. You have forgotten, this is a 19 year old kid, who is obviously stuggling to find himself. But hey, I'm sure those bashing Rio, had it all figured out at 19 years old.

To the true Jayhawk fans, I hope you continue supporting this kid as he will need you every step of the way. At the end of Rio's journey at Kansas, he will reflect back and appreciate the love you show him and the difference you will make in his life.


Stu Van Gorp 1 year ago

Maybe Rio finally got a chance to see the CBS gem "The Miracles" . Watching that piece of KU history in HD with Danny's commitment to come back to win a NC could inspire even Ben to want to come back. Keep the faith kids!


hotrodm 1 year ago

If Self lets Rio stay.....Things will be tough for Rio, is Rio tough enough to handle coming back?


nuleafjhawk 1 year ago

Darling you got to let me know Should I stay or should I go? If you say that you are mine I’ll be here ’til the end of time So you got to let me know Should I stay or should I go?

The Clash, 1982


DRsmith 1 year ago

Reading these comments compared to the ones on yesterday's article about him leaving crack me up. How quick of a change. Does it really matter in the end? If KU is counting on Adams to get any significant minutes, it is going to be a long year.


doolindalton 1 year ago

Takes me back to the summer of 2001 when many gathered in Memorial Stadium to hear Uncle Roy tell us, "Ahm stayin'." after he and Wanda took their secretive "last" emotional tour of the campus and past the Chi Omega fountain. How could I leave all of this, Roy wondered? So he told the 20,000 or so who gathered in the stadium to hear his decision that he would retire as a Jayhawk and Dean Smith would just have to go out and find himself another coach,. And all the KU fans were happy and relieved. And we drank free coca cola. It was, after all, his favorite drink. What a night because Uncle Roy was stayin' ! And we all lived happily ever after. The end.


guithawk 1 year ago

I Like Rio. It would be better for him to stay if he wants to play next year. Second thoughts are party of life and if he wants to change his mind then I understand. I think we just be fans and watch. It is his life and our entertainment.


Robert Lofthouse 1 year ago

Let your yea be yea, and your nay be nay.

He makes his decision to leave, then talks with Coach.

He makes his decision to leave, then says he needs to talk with his family.

He makes his decision to leave, then changes his mind, announces his change of decision, and now he has to talk with Coach.

Someone said it earlier, "kids these days".

What does this say about his on court decision-making? Didn't we just go through some of this?


yates33333 1 year ago

You realize how young these players are when things like Rio happen. My question would be whether this type of antic hurts the team. If he stay will he be a demoralizing factor on a very, very young team? Not knowing the circumstance beyond what you read in the newspaper, I would not take him back, but there may be things happening that would make me change my mind.


Hawk8086 1 year ago

I think it would be great if he stays as long as he has the right attitude. He does have very good athletic ability and skills that just need some developing. We'll see how it plays out when CS returns. As far as the haters go.......sadly, they exist on every schools site. A friend of mine is an IU grad. He says that if any recruits read the comments on their board, nobody would ever go to IU.


Jack Jones 1 year ago

I, too, am pleased to hear that Rio is reconsidering his decision, and hopefully will be returning. He obviously has the talent ~ look who recruited him to Kansas University. The maturity that has/will come as a result of this past season and these past several days, will prove to be extremely valuable as his basketball ~ and life~ careers progress.

My money says that he will be a significant factor in the Jayhawk's continued success, as we complete the "Decade of Dominance" in the Big 12 conference.

Oh~ one more thought~ Please don't hold your breath on Wiggins. As history shows us, we don't really have much success in recruiting these #1's thru 5's one-and-done'rs ~ thru absolutely no fault of our own. These kids have been told over and over just how great they are ~ with justification ~ and they really can only see themselves wearing a Duke, a Kentucky, a North Carolina or a Louisville uniform. The "east coast eyeball exposure factor" vs Lawrence, KS/Kansas University is too bright a light in these 18 yr. old heads.

But that's plenty OK with me. We've proven year after year that we can more than successfully compete with any other college basketball program without them. Our incredible list of Head Coaches ~ combined with our unmatched tradition of winning ~ far outweighs the loss of any OAD. Our coaches ~ present company prime example ~ can take a group of 2-3-4 star players and mold them into a TEAM that can defeat anyone on any given day/night ~ 2012-13 team prime example. Last game not withstanding ~ this year's team won game after game down the stretch when it was a "must win" situation. We'll be just fine.


KULA 1 year ago

I'd be very glad to see Rio stick it out. I think he could be a great talent for us. Wouldn't be surprised if Bill makes him redshirt if he wants to stay.

And I hope Rio doesn't read all the haters on this board. These are the same guys who hated Tyshawn Taylor, who only managed to win 127 games in four years as a Jayhawk. Some of these clowns would turn on their own mother if she missed a free throw. But not their father figure. They'd just say missing a free throw was part of his master plan and he's a genius.

Welcome back Rio--glad to have you. But not without a little tough-love, which I'm sure Bill will provide.


Billy Derringer 1 year ago

wiggins on seeing parker alot at the next level then again at the next level .....sounds like he is going to be in the ACC an don the UNC jersey...either way i dont care. how damm hard is it to pick a damm school already, what a media hor.


klineisanazi 1 year ago

He still doesn't get it. Tweet before you even talk to Self? And how has his competitive and academic situation changed in the last 48 hours? It hasn't.
Kids these days.


Jay Dogger 1 year ago

To be positive, if Rio and HCBS decide he should stay, he would be a better guard than anyone else we could pick up at this late date. I'm not going to sweat it either way.


Kent Wells 1 year ago

Honestly WJL, I think that the '88 team deserved its own article. It shouldn't be linked up with this nonsense.


Kent Wells 1 year ago

Apparently someone has spiked this kids invisowheaties. I'm not a big fan of soap operas, but this one is a fixin' ta get interesting..


duanep5ku 1 year ago

It's the final 4 weekend, and no KU. So I guess we might as well have something to read about,to keep us going. The Rio soap box continues, just kidding but seriously Rio good luck and I hope it works out for the best. I do hope the faithful Kansas fans will cut you some slack and give you a break, if you do stay with Kansas. Good luck Rio


Steve Zimmerman 1 year ago

CRAP! WHAT KIND OF BS IS THIS? I REALLY HOPE YOU'VE LEFT THE CAMPUS. If the scholarship has already been released, that means KU won't even try to keep him in the team. He's not our priority. Does this mean we won't get Wiggins? Shucks.


KEITHMILES05 1 year ago

That is not true. He HAS spoken with Self. Just read the article from a couple days ago. It is obvious he is not up to par on his studies as well as athletics. Self said it.

This will be interesting to watch to see how Self handles things. I agree it was not a good move on Rio's part to be talking to the media prior to Self.


David Hall 1 year ago



docnchg 1 year ago

What limited playing time Rio had looked pretty good to me. Having second thoughts about leaving is just a reflection of some frustration and most of the better players have had some time with frustration. RIO STAY. There will be playing time this coming year. Two years of coaching withe CS will show and you will be glad you did. Whether you play professional ball or want to coach the upside of staying in a premier program is huge.


Sarah Carr 1 year ago

I hope he stays, works hard, and becomes even more of a fan favorite! It sounds like he grew up a bit in the last 36 hours. Come on back, Rio!


Bill Skeet 1 year ago

Wow. I think Rio should have learned that it's better not to surprise your coach through the media.

I'm a fan of his.. he has potential.. but more to learn on and off the court.

It will be interesting to see how Coach Self handles this.


MimiHawk 1 year ago

I am glad he's decided to stay... I hope it works out that he can. RCJH Rio. I know I made a few bad decisions when I was his age, and would love to have another chance to make a better choice.


ljmhawk 1 year ago

I've been a fan if rio but honestly he needs to go...sorry but you just can't get released from your scholarship and then less than 36 hours later decide you want to stay...he needs to go.


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