Wednesday, April 3, 2013

McDonald’s All-American Wayne Selden next up for KU hoops


Wayne Selden drew laughs by entering Monday night’s three-point shooting contest at the Powerade Jam Fest.

Kansas University’s top recruit and only McDonald’s All-American in coach Bill Self’s five-member 2013 class laughed back.


Wayne Selden, middle front row, sits behind the bench during Late Night in the Phog on Friday, Oct. 12, 2012 at Allen Fieldhouse. Selden was one of 24 players selected for the 2013 McDonald's All-American game.

“Nobody thought I should be in it,” Selden said. “When I told people I was in the three-point contest, they were laughing at me. I was like, ‘You’ll see.’ Then I came in third out of eight, and it was on ESPN, so that was great.”

Selden, who will compete for the East squad at 8:30 tonight in the McDonald’s All-American game in the United Center, learned the value of stepping out of his comfort zone early in his high school career.

Following his freshman year, the muscular 6-foot-5, 225-pound guard left Roxbury, Mass., to attend the Tilton School, a New Hampshire prep school which produced Kentucky freshman Nerlens Noel.

The experience has been life-altering.

“I lived in Roxbury my whole life,” Selden said “When I moved out to New Hampshire as an inner-city kid, it was a real difficult transition. But it’s my third year at Tilton, and I love it.

“It opened up my eyes to a lot of things. It has helped me become a better person, helped me speak and communicate better, and it opened doors for me that wouldn’t have been opened in the inner city. College coaches in the gym? There was no such thing as that.”

From a physical standpoint, Selden’s maturation happened naturally.

Easily the strongest guard at this week’s high school all-star festivities, Selden has looked better than his national rankings — No. 12 by ESPN, 13 by Scout and 26 by Rivals — in practice.

“It is a blessing to be here,” Selden said. “I don’t look at it like that. I look at it like I’m going to play my game, and my game will determine how I should be ranked.

“I’m a McDonald’s All-American, and I’m really thankful with all the big names that have come through here and being able to compete with all these great players. Now it’s about stepping forward and being a great college player, not looking back at a high school ranking.”

Self will be relying heavily on freshmen next year, and unless Andrew Wiggins — Selden’s East teammate and the nation’s No. 1 recruit — chooses the Jayhawks over Florida State, Kentucky and North Carolina, Selden will be the highest-profile member of the class.

His demeanor on and off the court suggests he’s ready.

“I feel like I was going to be a leader regardless,” he said. “That’s the role I like to play. Naadir (Tharpe) is going to be the point guard. He is going to lead the team, and he is going to need a wingman to help lead the team. I feel like that should be me.”

Selden averaged 24.8 points, 10.1 rebounds and four assists in a huge senior season.

He admits his reputation as a slasher rather than a shooter is well-deserved but is confident the Jayhawks are getting a complete offensive player.

“I knew that going into my senior year I had to develop my outside shot,” Selden said. “It is all about repetition. I took a lot of threes this year. I had eight in one game. It is all about developing and getting better.

“I do a whole bunch of different drills, just getting lots of shots up. I go from class to shoot, then go back to class. I do that two or three times a day. I really have no life outside school. It is God, family, school and basketball. No effort goes into anything else.”

That’s not entirely true. Selden is currently working on his second school play, and his role has grown exponentially.

“The play is about three guys chasing after one girl,” Selden said. “It’s a small play, 15 minutes. We had to write our own part to make it longer. The last play I had three lines; this one I have 25 or 30.

“My character is a weirdo. He’s a creepy guy, but he gets the girl.”


Gil Ek 1 year ago

I hear that Mason can play some "D". Might get him playing time sooner than many think.


Tony Bandle 1 year ago

Wayne "Seldom Misses" Seldon is a wunderkind that will cement him as the "go to" guy for next season.

Perry "The Designer" will be the Tall Tower of Power down low in the paint.

Naadir "The Warp" Tharpe will be stronger, faster, quicker and more accurate with his passes.

Jo Jo "The Giant" Embiid will shock all of you with his prowess and progress.

Brannen " Mean" Greene was only the Gatoraide Player of the Year in the entire State of Georgia....THE ENTIRE STATE!!!

Conner "The Cannon" Frankamp will rain down threes from everywhere.

Landon "The Load" Lucas will dominate and terminate in the paint!!

Jamari "Semi" Traylor will get stronger, faster, Hudier....we have the technology!!

Frank " The Tank" Mason will be a surprise before our very eyes!!

AWIII will finally be set free to reek havoc on the opposition.


Brett Forreal 1 year ago

Selden sounds too much like Selby for me. Let's hope for a way better outcome.


Jack Wilson 1 year ago

With all the talk on the lineups and playing time for next season, I'm really puzzled on one player -- Jamari Traylor. What gives anyone any thought the that he is a worthy, deserving, and competent starter next season?

Please describe to me the improvement in Traylor from the Michigan St. game in November through the Michigan game in March? None is my answer. At best, slightly marginal. Compare to Tharpe's and Ellis' improvement.

Here's what I see in Traylor:

1] He's undersized. Barely 6'7". He's not big. Actually, shoulders are narrow (compare to Ellis). He doesn't have bulk.

2] He is very low on the skill continuum. But for a couple of nice moves, he showed zero around the hoop as far as the ability to create a shot. He has no jump shot at all. Folks called KY a garbage man, and that was unfair. KY created shots. Traylor shows none of that.

3] He is at best an average rebounder for his size. He did not demonstrate an uncanny ability to get to ball. Non-descript rebounder would be the way I'd say it.

4] He is a good shot blocker for his size. Perhaps his best trait.

5] Folks say "energy" .. in other words, does he hustle everywhere and play with bounce, dive, do the little things. To an extent, yes.

6] His defense is just adequate. He provides no threat to stop a post scorer. His blocks come as the second defender in (nearly every time).

7] Most importantly, a guy that showed no marked improvement from the start of the season.

A question is can he develop? Of course he can. But a player who is a decent comparison is Darnell Jackson. Jackson was much bigger to begin with. But Jackson was more gifted to begin with too (one measure is the eye test, another is the ranking -- Jackson in the 60s/Traylor in the 140s). And Jackson took a few seasons to really be an impact, and his senior year was the one where he shined. Is Traylor really on a better trajectory than that? I doubt it. And we're talking next season.

I notice no one now compares Traylor to TRob, right? That's dead.

Point is, why would we seem satisfied, or optimistic about Traylor starting next season?

Traylor being a key player (starter or off the bench) for 2013-14 demonstrates a huge weakness and hole. Perhaps fatal to what we would like our team to achieve.

After 2011-12, I commented how Wesley should never play for KU from a skill standpoint. Got the usual comments ripping that stance, arguments that he would develop, knows Self's system, was energetic, etc. Wesley did not play this season because we had better options. All Wesley playing demonstrated was a lack of better options.

Traylor is the same thing as far as thought process. Better, mind you, than Wesley .. no doubt. But on a scale of 1-10 on KU standards, Collison being a 10, TRob a 9 .. Wesley is a 1. Traylor is a 2.5.

Traylor playing next season is solely a product of recruiting misses. There is no debate there I would assume. That is nothing to be excited about.


FearlessJayhawk 1 year ago

Does anybody know who is going to be on the roster next year?


Mel Clare 1 year ago

On a side note...............Wiggins scored 19 and Selden 13 to lead the East squad........


Mel Clare 1 year ago

This Selden kid also stated that he wants to learn to be a LOCKDOWN defender in the mold of TRel...............gotta love that at his size! He looked ok in the MacD game last night, hit a 3, grabbed a couple of rebounds, but they were shuttling the kids in and out in groups of 5 every timeout or so. Not much defense! LOL! Jalen Rose also stated that these guys would need to learn to score at the college level becasue theya re use to being faster, bigger and stronger than thier opponents at high school. He also said that the Harrison twins will need to learn a mid range and a floater to score as freshman. Said they wont be able to just run into and dunk the lane they will get pounded by bigs in college!

I really hope ALL this upcoming class stays for 3/4 years. Selden does not sound like a OAD,


yates33333 1 year ago

It looks like Wiggins is going to UNC or Florida State. Here is what he said about playing against Duke's incoming recruit Jabari after the MacDonald's all-star game.

"Me and Jabari are friends," Wiggins said. "I look forward to playing against him in the future. I know I will be seeing his face a lot at the next level and level after that. We are both very talented and we are very competitive and love the game."

I think I'd bet on FSU, but with Kenturky still involved you can never tell. Cal must be a wizard of some sort with the high level recruiting he does.


Hawk8086 1 year ago

New Poster here. Couldn't resist joining the fray. Living in Michigan has made it very difficult to get over the meltdown in Arlington. I'm now only slipping into a catatonic state every 6 hours or so. Time will help. Watching Wayne Selden play in the McDonald's game has also helped. All I can say is.........Wow!. Well.......OK..........I can say a lot more that that. Reminds me of Marcus Smart. Speed, quickness, strength, great....and I mean great, court vision and awareness. Plus, he is definitely the 2nd ball handler that CS likes. Can't wait to see the new lineup in person in November in Chicago vs. the dookies. One more time.......Wow.


nuleafjhawk 1 year ago

This has nothing to do with this article, but even after several days it's still bugging the heck out of me.

If I understand correctly, we (Kansas) were widely considered, by the media and by that actual statistics to be the top defensive team in the nation- NATION - this year, correct?

How in the name of all that is Holy did the top defensive team in the country blow an 8 point lead in 1 minute and 22 seconds?

OK - I'm done with it now. Probably.


Adam Gerval 1 year ago

Trying to watch the McDonald's AA game. It's probably exciting if you're UK fan, I am again watching Duck Dynasty.


CHEEZIT 1 year ago

They can dunk and block shots but haven't seen much else!!!


GortHawker 1 year ago

I think they need to rename the McDonalds All American Game, how bout "The Kentucky Invatational "


Jeff Kilgore 1 year ago

Embiid is an incredibly skilled kid for two years. I don't think he's a question mark, I think he's an exclamation point, and I think that that's going to happen right out of the gates. Self knows talent and was said to be ecstatic on his signing. But if all the recruited talent plays to our expectations, we might beat the Miami Heat. Just kidding.


Ron Franklin 1 year ago

Looks like I might be the lone wolf on this, but I believe Frankamp or Mason will redshirt. If not, we'll see another transfer. The best defender will play. The other will redshirt. Conner is not going to adjust to D1 as quickly as we'd like, IMHO.

So, I'm a one-man-wolfpack. But will there be two more to join my wolfpack??

  1. Naadir is going to play 38 minutes a game next year. Self will run his PG into the ground before brings in an unstable option. //Mason

  2. Selden

  3. AW3/Greene will swing between 2 & 3 but I read his toughness and D are lacking so, that could potentially be a problem with him getting pt.

  4. Ellis/Traylor

  5. Embiid/Lucas


GabrielMichael 1 year ago

I love this kid and can't wait for next Basketball season... and we can keep doing the big 'W'!


WesternKSJayhawk 1 year ago

I love the versatility this team could have next year. There could be a traditional 3 guard and 2 post lineup:

Naadir/Frankhamp Selden White III/Greene Ellis Traylor/Lucas/Embiid

Could also put some serious shooters out there too:

Naadir Selden/White Frankhamp Greene Ellis

And my favorite lineup....YIKES:

Naadir Selden Greene Wiggins (Can play the four...imagine him getting ball at high post and attacking) Ellis


Gil Ek 1 year ago

Joel Embiid. Nice move at 0:35. Already weighs 240. This guy could be real good.


Adam James 1 year ago

One thing we can't ignore about Bill Self and his coaching philosophy is that he will play guys that suit the best talent in a given year, obviously! For example, AW3 didn't play much this year because Self said we were not a good passing team (ie.turnovers) I really believe that a strength of next year will be passing the ball if you look at all the guards we have that can handle pressure off the dribble and make plays. The only questionable passers may be Traylor, Embiid, Lucas. This is the best team Bill has put together that can handle and pass the ball since Collins was a freshman. Even as talented as we were this year, we were limited by Releford and McLemore, EJ not able to get in the lane at times. The guys coming in will get into the lane and shooters line AW3, Frankamp, Greene etc will be able to get open looks. By the time March rolls around for this team we will be extremely hard to beat. This is going to be a fun team to watch.


AIRCAV67 1 year ago

I'm sure Seldon will be a very good player but I'm telling you nowFrankamp aka "The White Mamba" is a beast, the most under rated recruit in the nation. He will be the top dog next year.


Steve Brown 1 year ago

Can not wait till late night...


oldalum 1 year ago

I just hope we get it together in time to play Duke.


Marshall Ballard 1 year ago

How about an open run and gun...with AW3, Selden, Conner, with Tharpe running the PG and dishing and Traylor and Lucas dominating the boards...every 3-4 minutes...subs and run some more...averaging about 85-90 PPG...and possibly add Wiggins and others into that mix! I am excited to see the team speed and quickness keep improving...#teamhudy!!! Now let's utilize it!


Ralster Jayhawk 1 year ago

Well, poor long-sufferring Billy Self got himself (another) McDAA. A Damien James/Marcus Smart/D.Wade type possibly...(who knows). Will be fun to see a toughening-up of KU guardplay. We do better with multiple attack&handle guards. And each player is different in their decision-making ability, and it usually does get better over time (spent in-system). Selden quoted nationally as saying his Kansas coaches "expect me to defend and slash (attack)". Bring that skillset, bebe! We ready!


jaybate 1 year ago

Post Adams Reset:

Things are shaping up nicely for a "young team." But Self needs one 6-6 to 6-8 high energy guy with a mature mind and body from juco, like Little, or like Kevin Young, to handle the XTReme Game, when the freshman are in over their heads. All of these freshman, except maybe Selden, are going to play worse defense than Ben. So: next year's Jayhawks are almost certainly going to be Self's worst defensive team ever.

The team will be built around Perry Ellis. This means the best defenders that can shoot 40% at the 2 and 3 positions start, so they can stretch it for Mr. Offense aka The Designer aka Perry. Note: defense overall will suck compared to this year's guys.

Offensively, there is reason for strong optimism.

1 Naa will get better (an honest 37-38%) from trey and penetrate as needed. TOs drop sharply. Frank and Conner will bring penetration and shooting, respectively. Frank will probably be much more ready for D1 speeds. Conner's "sneaky speed" and springs require testing to see if they translate.

2 With Adams departure, Selden gets the 2. A juco backs up, or AW3 swings.

3 AW3 and Brannen battle it out. AW3 gets it on experience, initially.

4 The Designer, then Traylor.

5 Lucas, then Traylor, then Embiid.

Selden has to be a great defender out of the box the way Brandon was, or we are likely looking at 20-15, even with Jamari, or Lucas, becoming solid stoppers inside.

Our best case next year seems 26-27 wins.

If Self were to win 30 games next year, then either Embiid would have come on like Wilt Chamberlain, or Self would be investigated for using H.A.A.R.P. in Gakona to mind control opponents into submission.

Next year will be another great chance to watch the master puzzle builder fit the pieces together. The pieces appear to fit perfectly. But they appear to need a year of development to work effectively.

Still foresee slim and none with Wiggins.


Ralster Jayhawk 1 year ago

THIS is the player that Rio Adams was afraid of. A beast combo-guard at the 2position. Notice how Wayne sees himself "helping" Naa and the team.. This is so awesome. People come back here and post your opinions after the McDAA game tonight!!!


Michael Luby 1 year ago

Shoot guys, its way to early to tell who is gonna start and who isn't. Its fun to speculate but that's pretty much all we can do right now. Who knows, maybe Frankamp will blow the coaches away with his ball handling skills and get the back up PG spot ahead of anyone else, Or it could be something else entirely. Im psyched to find out!! Those guys will be super freakishly athletic and incredibly young too. Youngest team since 05-06!


REHawk 1 year ago

I'm not counting out Frank Mason. He's a player with something to prove. Frankamp and Greene should come in with something to prove, too, having been left out of the McD's lineups. Here's hoping that all 5 of our current recruits come in with clean Twitter sheets and a desire to buckle down for serious work, right from the first of June, not having to hang until midAugust for ClearingHouse review. Selden sounds like a man.


COHawk10 1 year ago

I'm thinking Frank will be the backup pg as well. I think we want Frankamp in the corner bombing away. I'm thinking Frankcamp and Selden battle it out for the 2 spot, and Conner may play some limited pg as well. Remember, Self loves multiple ball handlers out there too.


Steven Mathew 1 year ago

Now that Rio is gone, is Frankamp gonna be the backup PG?


bennybob 1 year ago

Tharpe is going to be a good player next year, but how awesome would it be to have Seldon running the point?


jhox 1 year ago

I'm anxious to see tonight's game. I hope Wayne gets a lot of playing time. The Kentucky and Carolina guys generally get the bulk of the minutes in these games.


Jonathan Andrews 1 year ago

I love him already. GO WAYNE!

Also, Andrew, I hope you're watching who could be your teammate next year. Come to the Hawks!


Jay Dogger 1 year ago

I'm glad he's into acting/theatre. It indicates he's a bit more well-rounded and may actually enjoy the school part of being a student-athlete. Hopefully, anyway.


Adam Tyler 1 year ago

I am absolutely enamored with Seldens potential! He looks like a monster guard, ready to dominate the college game. I hope his game resembles Marcus Smart's because the impact may be necessary with a younger squad. His leadership skills are already shining through and he seems like a very humble individual. These are rare characteristics to possess as a freshman who has yet to step on campus, especially one who was as highly-rated and celebrated in high school.

Wayne Selden, welcome. Now let's go get that 10th straight Big 12 Championship so I can forever remember this DECADE OF DOMINANCE!!!


Michael Auchard 1 year ago

Dude averaged 25 points and 10 rebounds and he's 6'5"? Way early, but that reminds of D-Wade so much. Maybe a bit thicker, but I'll need to see him play in games instead of highlight films to be sure of his game.

Anyway, we're going to be dangerous from outside late in the year once Tharpe, Whit3, Selden, Greene and Frankamp figure it out together. Tharpe demonstrated, in my mind, that he was better at driving to the bucket and then kicking back out to the wings than Elijah was. I'm betting Selden has this skill as well. I'm also betting that Selden can finish better at the rim through traffic than any guard we had this year.

Selden has the type of body that should also allow him to bump around inside the paint area like a pinball and get some good interior passes off/get fouled a lot.

Pretty excited for this guy. I think our cadre of guards/SFs next year will be the best in awhile after some seasoning. I'm just upset it's so far away.


Rock Chalk 1 year ago

Some good news! Really looking forward to having Wayne play at KU. He sounds like a great person, as well as an amazing player. Onward and upward!


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