Tuesday, March 22, 2011

KU big favorite to make Final Four with favorable draw

Kansas forwards Marcus (22) and Markieff Morris get the crowd to its feet after a bucket during the second half of KU's 72-59 win against Illinois on Sunday, March 20, 2011 at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Okla.

Kansas forwards Marcus (22) and Markieff Morris get the crowd to its feet after a bucket during the second half of KU's 72-59 win against Illinois on Sunday, March 20, 2011 at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Okla.


Game time info

If Kansas defeats Richmond on Friday, it would play at either 1:10 or 4 p.m. on Sunday, according to KU officials. The time likely won’t be released until after KU’s matchup on Friday.

Those who look at remaining seeds — and only seeds — have to consider Kansas University’s basketball team the overwhelming favorite to emerge as the Southwest Regional’s representative in the 2011 Final Four.

The top-seeded Jayhawks must defeat No. 12 seed Richmond at 6:27 p.m. Friday in San Antonio, and the winner of a semifinal between No. 10 seed Florida State and No. 11 Virginia Commonwealth on Sunday, to advance to the Big Dance from April 2-4 in Houston.

“You can’t look at seeds now,” said KU senior guard Brady Morningstar. “As long as a team is playing well, they are very capable. That’s the key to the NCAA Tournament, playing well. Richmond is playing as well as anybody in the country, it looks like.”

The Spiders (29-7) of the Atlantic 10 Conference have won nine consecutive games and 16 of 18, including NCAA Tourney victories over No. 5 seed Vanderbilt and No. 13 Morehead State.

“Maybe to fans because we are a higher seed,” Morningstar said of some assuming KU’s remaining road to the Final Four will be without any bumps, “but we know as well as anybody you can lose to anybody. In college basketball, crazy things can happen. We’ve got to stay focused.”

No. 2 seed Notre Dame, No. 3 Purdue, No. 4 Louisville, No. 5 Vanderbilt and No. 6 Georgetown all went down in opening week Southwest Regional tourney action.

“I don’t consider any of those games upsets,” KU junior Marcus Morris said. “Those teams that are still playing are good. Richmond is a great team. I haven’t seen VCU that much. They have to be some kind of good. They beat Purdue (94-76). You have to be a good team to beat Purdue.”

A quick look at the three other regionals shows a bit more balance, on paper at least.

The East Regional teams still standing include seeds No. 1 (Ohio State), 2 (North Carolina), 4 (Kentucky) and 11 (Marquette). The Southeast Regional has seeds 2 (Florida), 3 (BYU), 4 (Wisconsin) and 8 (Butler). And the West regional has seeds 1 (Duke), 2 (San Diego State), 3 (UConn) and 5 (Arizona).

“We’ve got a 10, 11, 12 left, but it’s not seeds, it’s matchups,” KU coach Bill Self said of the Southwest Regional contenders. “Those teams can all play. VCU beat Purdue by 18? Florida State by 20 (71-57 over Notre Dame after leading by as many as 23)? Richmond has probably played better than we have so far.

“We saw an 11 seed an eyelash away from beating us in the Elite Eight. We know we’ve got to be ready,” added Self, recalling KU’s narrow 59-57 victory over Davidson during the Jayhawks’ run to the 2008 national title.

KU’s players watched a lot of tourney action on TV in Tulsa last weekend, which helped the Jayhawks gain an even greater respect for the field.

“I watched those guys play. Richmond is a good team. They beat some teams that everybody would lose to,” junior Tyshawn Taylor said of a squad that during the regular season beat Purdue, Seton Hall, Wake Forest, Arizona State and VCU, but lost to Georgia Tech, Bucknell, Iona, Georgia Tech and Old Dominion.

“We’ll come in there well-prepared and play them like we do everybody else,” Taylor added.

Motivation will not be a problem in the Sweet 16.

“It’s the time of year we get up for anybody. It could be a high school team we are playing and we’d be pumped and ready,” senior Tyrel Reed said. “We respect our opponent. Those teams (in region) are all playing well this time of year. That’s a credit to them.”

Richmond is the only team in NCAA Tournament history to win games as a 12, 13, 14 and 15 seed. The Spiders beat Charles Barkley and Auburn in 1984, defending national champion Indiana and Georgia Tech in 1988, No. 3 seed South Carolina in 1998.

Richmond became the first No. 15 seed to knock off a No. 2, topping Syracuse in 1991.

“They’ve had some big upsets in the tournament,” Reed said. “They’ve played very well. We respect them and have to play our best.”


KU’s basketball team will practice from 2:10 p.m. to 3 p.m., Thursday at the San Antonio Alamodome. The practice is open to the public. Richmond will hold an open practice from noon to 12:50 p.m.


JayhawkRock 10 years ago

Anybody that is still playing is a good team. We may have a good draw but its not like any of these teams are going to lay down because we are a one seed.

Richmond has a tough matchup zone that could give us some trouble and if we advance VCU will be tough to guard and FSU is a solid defensive bunch that is pretty darn athletic.

Michael Luby 10 years ago

Now the Jayhawks can focus on Richmond. According to kenpom its the 5th best offense and 9th best D vs. the 40th and 48th respectively. So there is balance on both teams but give KU the edge there by alot. KU plays alot faster with their tempo at 69.3 compared to Richmond who plays slow grind it out games at 63.0 pace. If KU can speed up Richmond, it'll be a blow out simply cuz Richmond only has 7 guys that play meaningful minutes. But, if not KU can still grind it out with the best of them. Another edge to KU who has 10 guys that can play meaningful minutes with 2 other options if they need them. Both teams defend the 3 pretty well, and both defend the 2 pretty equally according to Kenpom also. However, KU has the #1 rated 2pt offense. Edge again to KU. Both teams shoot the frees equally, blocks and steals are very similar, which isnt a surprize bcuz both teams are pretty long and equally as tall. Experience for both teams is > 2 yrs with a slight edge to Richmond who starts 4 seniors. The Spiders rely on the 3pt shot more than KU does and KU is great at defending against the 3. Edge to KU. Yet another edge towards KU in the bench. KU uses their bench 32.5% of minutes to 27.3% for the Spiders.
If KU is going to win this one, its going to have to be with absolutely relentless D, for 40 minutes. All 7 of Richmonds main players have an eFG% of > than 50%. That shouldnt be a problem though, considering KU's depth this year. They can just keep rotating the guards on Anderson and the Twins and TRob should be able to do some damage inside. If Reed and Brady and Tyshawn can get open looks from 3pt range and make atleast 38% of them, that will help shred that zone they might throw at KU. But, according to kenpom the Spiders play mostly man and that wont last against KU. They will have to play zone at least some of the time. My prediction for this game; gonna go a bit conservative on the point spread and say KU by 12.

phi4life940 10 years ago

Overconfidence is the reason we lost last year to UNI.

P.S. - I have to say this....KU should win handily just like Pitt should have won handily???? (In reference to your Final Four Pitt pick.

Steve Gantz 10 years ago

I'd tend to think the same way. Last year however I looked at UNI and said, what's the big deal? They hadn't beaten any top 25 teams all year. But everyone keeps saying they're very tough, so I guess we should be ready!

P1ST0LPETE 10 years ago

I like the info listed here except for this part:

"The Spiders rely on the 3pt shot more than KU does and KU is great at defending against the 3."

I don't agree that KU is great at defending the 3. In fact for the last several years, what drives me the most crazy (besides ref calls, and missing bunnies) is the bad 3 point defense. I wouldn't say KU is terrible, but they are far from good. They have lots of room for improvement.

That being said, I was impressed with our 3 point defense in the Illinois game by our guards. They played with a lot more energy on defense than I have seen in a while.

utahjayhawk 10 years ago

Great breakdown lulu. Thanks for taking the time.

jaybate 10 years ago

"Strategic Keys and Counters to Richmond Arachnids"

Key 1: 5 starters averaging between 39.7% and 46% from Trifectastan; that thinly-populated, war-torn frontier of long range bombing where the enemy tends to stand on the perimeter, initiate with ball screens and run cuts off picks, but then kick out to launch treys.

Counter 1: Guard the trey stripe against all players. Beat the ball screener to the ball and double team the ball before the ball screen can be set. Use the 1-2-2 zone press to force Richmond to set up and initiate the Princeton farther from the basket, so treys are taken a couple feet deeper.

Key 2: Two tall, mobile bigs that play away from the basket.

Counter 2: Lots of first half rotations of the Twins with TRob and Little to keep all four fresh to chase.

Key 3: Skinny bigs with no back-ups.

Counter 3: Pound it inside to wear them down. Get physical on defense to wear them down. Substitute to wear them down. Quicken tempo with long sideline passes in transition to keep their bigs running the floor. Wear them down.

Key 4: Like bigs to roam to draw opponent's bigs away from basket.

Counter 4: KU's perimeter players have to board.

Key 5: Like to run their Princeton routines, which take time and timing.

Counter 5: Win the disruption stat. Lots of reaching and stripping all over the floor, because refs will not be calling fouls. Protect on the other end.

Spiders 10 years ago

I've infiltrated your board, KU fans. This post from jaybate is actually very accurate. Seen the Spiders a dozen times in person this year, and you've summed up our team well. We beat good teams, but we don't play teams (except maybe Purdue) with your size inside. That will be a problem for us.....and we don't usually rebound well even against smaller teams. Here's where I would be a little nervous if I were a KU fan -- no matter how much your coach tries to convince your players that we're a huge threat, it will be very difficult for them to not let down at least a little. Judging by this article, they're saying all the right things, but do they really believe it? Honestly, how nervous can they be about playing some small school from somewhere in Virginia? Our best hope is to hang around a while, and hopefully frustrate you a little with our defense. Regardless, we are very excited to be in the Sweet 16 and looking forward to playing one of the best programs in the country.
Cheers from RVA.

ahpersecoachingexperience 10 years ago

Wow! Great post from a fan of another school. The exact opposite of Missouri or Kentucky troll that have been noticeably absent from the boards for the year.

Stay classy Spiders.

LAJayhawk 10 years ago

Or the football trolls who constantly rag on Gill......

actorman 10 years ago

LOL! But good point, ahperse, about the quality of the post from Spiders. One other thing to add: the key is for KU to be hitting a decent percentage of outside shots. The one thing that scares me the most is if we have one of those games where the shots simply aren't falling. Even if that happens, it should be okay to keep going inside to the Morrii, but if it's still pretty close near the end of the game, the pressure on KU will be tremendous.

10 years ago

Welcome to our boards, Spiders. I agree with your insights, and hope our players aren’t saying one thing yet feeling the opposite.

Are the media folks in the Richmond area playing up the possibility of a Richmond vs. VCU match-up for a Final Four berth? How often do you guys play VCU? Is it a big rivalry?

Looking forward to a great game on Friday!

Rock Chalk

Spiders 10 years ago

Thanks....appreciate the welcome. We play VCU annually, though they are in a different conference. Richmond isn't exactly a huge sports town, so something like this (2 teams in 16) is causing the city to go nuts. Though it is normally a heated rivalry, the fans from both schools are really pulling for the other guys (unless we happen to meet in elite 8) because we all view ourselves as the "little guy". Everyone is aware of the possibility of a VCU/UR matchup for the Final 4, and frankly, I think people like VCU's chances against FSU. But KU is no FSU or Moorhead State, so let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. But we'll sure be rooting for it!

Michael Luby 10 years ago

Word Spiders. Thanks for being such a cool fan! Much respect.

lincase 10 years ago

I don't know anything about your team, but I do know that they have some classy fans. Thanks for the post.

cklarock 10 years ago

Great post, Spiders, welcome. As Kansas fans, we know better than most that anyone is beatable this time of year.

Congratulations to your team for getting to the Sweet 16!

Don Hortenstine 10 years ago

For the record, I had Richmond in the Sweet 16 in my bracket. This is as far as I have you guys going.... You're right, if KU lets Richmond keep it close, they have a chance to win.

Hopefully, your coach will stay like Brad Stevens did at Butler and have a chance to build something special.


gchawk 10 years ago

Good post, Spiders, and welcome. We always appreciate post such as yours which displays wisdom and objectivity. I see a very obvious situation with your team, you're not going to sneak up on anyone. You have a good team and a very good coach and everyone knows it. With our past history I truly don't think we'll take anyone for granted, especially a quality team like yours.

jayhawktalk 10 years ago

Like the play style or not, I cannot imagine a fan of the game watching Richmond and not enjoying the experience. From the couple games I have seen this year (tournament), you guys execute at an extremely high level = playing Richmond stupidly and/or without full focus and effort results in a loss.

Can't speak for the team, but, as a fan, I was nervous about this Richmond match up before the Illinois game's buzzer sounded. KU should win, simply due to the athleticism differential, but I am confident it will not be because Richmond beat themselves.

escaped_labrat 10 years ago

Overlooked? Your "Speeeiiiiiiders" are 1-0 in the all time series against us! You beat us in our home last time! Payback time! ;-)

Steve Gantz 10 years ago

Most people don't know this but I looked this up on the internet. A Jayhawk (assumed by all except in Kansas to be mythical) has a favorite food, and lo and behold, it's spiders. They actually help keep the earth's population of spiders confined to some area in Eastern Virginia. In the spring of the year they develop a particularly accute taste for the little arachnids, and in fact are a rarity in the animal world as most creatures and oddly eagles and very strangely commodores are the most arachidphobic of all.

Jared Grillot 10 years ago

I'll admit, I had you losing to Louisville in the Second, but since they weren't there, well done! Enjoy the game, and hopefully you are wrong, and the 'Hawks won't let up for a second.

KansasBob 10 years ago

You're spot on, Spider. Jaybate is one of the best posters here and knowns his basketball inside out.

Lance Hobson 10 years ago

Uh, maybe because Richmond beat a very good team of Self's in Allen Field House to break a long home court winning streak. Granted that was back in the Wainwright days, but it's still fresh in the memory of KU fans.

And there's a reason why they call in March Madness.

jaybate 10 years ago


Thanks for weighing in and acting honorably, something this board thirsts for after having had to deal with so many lurking nobs from UK, Memphis, Missouri, and so on.

We really love basketball here and love talking hoops with all comers that care about the game and discuss it authentically.

Rock Chalk!

johnnyphoton 10 years ago

I don't know if it's "nobs" or "knobs." Either way . . . Awesome. "Lurking nobs." Jaybate, you continue to make me want to read these posts.

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

Spiders: Welcome to the KU Board. First, you've done a great job with your first true post on this great website. Many people make a mistake by coming out with the claws, but you've earned my respect already. Well done.

As for your statement about KU "Letting Down a little bit", I think you may be wrong and here is why.

1) KU has great wins and also some very dramatic and crushing losses in the NCAA tournament. Let's rehash some of those losses.

1985 Second Round Auburn 1990 Second Round UCLA 1992 Second Round UTEP 1997 Sweet 16 Zona 1998 Second Round Rhode Island 2005 First Round Bucknell (Senior dominated team by KU-Crushing loss) 2006 First Round Bradley (All Freshman and sophomores-Learning Experience) 2010 Second round UNI (Crushing Loss-Damn Faroukmanoush)

2) With all those losses above, KU fans and the KU team understand all the drama that comes with difficult losses in the NCAA tourney. Hell, Richmond came to Allen Fieldhouse in 2004 and beat KU by 1 on a last second shot. Don't think we've forgotten that.

3) My final point is that IMO the "Timing" for a Richmond upset may not be in your favor. After the difficult 1990 and 1992 losses, KU went the the Final 4 in 1991 and 1993. After the 2006 First round loss, that same team went on to an Elite 8 and then won the Championship in 2008.

This current 2010-2011 squad (About 82 percent of them) all experienced the UNI loss last year. Not a good feeling at all. 2 of them, Morningstar and Reed, were on the 2008 Championship team. With that said, a majority of this team has felt and expericenced the "Ultimate Low" and IMO no matter how good I think Richmond is and how much I respect your school and program, the "Timing" for a Richmond upset just isn't there.

Spider-Great post and Welcome!

Spiders 10 years ago

I hear you....I think there is merit to what you are saying. Clearly, KU is doing everything possible to guard against a letdown game. And yet, human nature being what it is, it still may be tough to do that. Didn't happen to OSU against GMU though, so you just never know. Our guys looked nervous against Vanderbilt, which deep down, I really think was a game they thought they should win. I think they realize this is a different kind of test, so I hope they play with a sense of nothing to lose and no nervousness. That, (and 50% 3 point shooting) would be our best hope. If Harper and Anderson get off to a real good start and play with confidence, that will be a very good sign for us. BTW, went to the Final 4 a few years back in New Orleans. Freaked me out when the KU fans started singing this spooky song 3/4 of the way through the Marquette game. Came to learn about the Rock/Chalk song after the fact.....pretty scary and cool sounding. Also, Syracuse fans were horrible. KU fans just the opposite. Was pulling for you guys.

brooksmd 10 years ago

Spiders, I live in New Orleans and was there in 2003. You're absolutely right about the Syracuse fans. Of the 4 schools there, Syracuse fans were the most obnoxious. Unfortunately the Hawks chose that championship game to have a bad day at the line. But like everyone has said, welcome to the board and appreciate your knowledge and analysis of the upcoming game between our schools. BTW, it's not a song, it's a chant: "Rock Chalk JHawk, KU!" Rather than take up space explaining how the chant came about, check out this link:

Now shake hands and let's get ready to rumble.

brooksmd 10 years ago

Let me re-word my "Syracuse fans were the most obnoxious" comment. I didn't mean to imply the other schools had obnoxious fans but that Syracuse fans were the worse. The Syracuse fans were absolutely obnoxious. All the others were great fans. Even the Texas ones. lol There was a kid sitting in front of us who came in with a Marquette t-shirt on. When he realized Marquette was doomed he stood up, peeled off the shirt to reveal a KU shirt underneath. We all laughed.

KU1965 10 years ago

Very nice link to remind us about the history and tradition of the chant. Thanks for posting.

johnnyphoton 10 years ago

Spiders, I agree with you that the human nature factor has to be guarded against. Richmond has everything to "lose," and they will have an easier time getting psyched for the game. That will be especially true if they hit their shots early in the game. As long as KU sees a Texas or K-State or Illinois stitched into that jersey and matches Richmond's intensity, KU should get an eight to 10 point victory.

Hank Cross 10 years ago

You forgot '95 S16 against UVa at Kemper, before which Ostertag dropped his van on his foot. I probably would also add the Syracuse games because losing to Boeheim at any point is just wrong.

Losses that don't seem so bad with the passage of time: Auburn - Any team with Chuck Person is going to be a threat for a one game upset. UTEP - Substitute Tim Hardaway for Chuck Person and add Don Haskins and it's the same as Auburn.

And Believe It Or Not ---

Arizona '97 - Yes, we were stocked with talent galore, but Zona turned out to be a true team of destiny. We just had the misfortune of catching them in the S16 instead of the championship game. Losing the NC would've been painful, but the loss would not have acquired the mythic status that the one in the S16 did.

ku_foaf 10 years ago

I was just going to say what you said about AZ... I was at that game in Birmingham.

However, I'd say exactly the same RE Syracuse in '03. We lost to a team loaded with talent that wasn't so widely recognized at the time. I was at that game, too.

Losing to the national champ is about 100 notches down from being national champs, but it's all that's left! We lost to NC in '93 and Maryland in '02, plus Duke in '91. At least the ones we lost to beat everyone else, too. We can be proud that lots of times to be national champ, you have to beat the Jayhawks.

baldwinjhawk 10 years ago

Hey JAYBATE, Isn't the best way to defend the princetonian offense by full court pressing and harrassing from the half court line?

jaybate 10 years ago

I don't think a best way has been found yet. Coaches are still looking. IMHO, the 1-2-2 full court zone press that Self tried a few times seems the way to go to me. Your players exert the minimum amount of energy pressing and force it to set up further from the basket once in half court. Used intermittently, it breaks up the rhythm of a Princeton team.

I also think long sideline passes that hurry up the transition, forcing them to run, even if you still run deliberate sets once you get there helps, too.

Basically goosing temp up and down is what the Princeton seeks to avoid and so operates least well under.

Self's take seems to be the above, mixed with just grinding it out and being a man about focusing as long on defense as it takes.

Joseph Kuebel 10 years ago

Guard the trey, and feed em down low!! O fo sho!

yates33333 10 years ago

Many of the tournament announcers, a second rate bunch at best, seem to believe Richmond will upset KU, or they would like to see them upset KU. Don't let 'em Jayhawks. Follow jaybate's advice and you'll beat anyone in the tournament.

Joe Baker 10 years ago

Follow HCBS and enjoy reading jaybate's post.

Marcia Parsons 10 years ago

They may believe it, or they may not. Just drumming up excitement for the game and a bigger audience.

Jeff Coffman 10 years ago

I'm guessing the ones that picked KU #5 in the Big XII. The ones that thought the Big East would have at least 6 teams in the Sweet 16, would have 2 in the Final Four,etc. The ones that had KSU in the Final Four,etc.

I'm sure the ones that had Pittsburg advancing.

It's amazing to me that they are all mezmerized by the fact that President Obama picked 10 of 16 Sweet 16 members. It'd be interesting, but I doubt any of the "experts" picked more than 12 right.

Joe Baker 10 years ago

Dickie Viagra is the greatest mind in college D1 bball

Jayhawk444 10 years ago

"No. 2 seed Notre Dame, No. 3 Purdue, No. 4 Louisville, No. 5 Vanderbilt and No. 6 Georgetown all went down in opening week Southwest Regional tourney action." ... AND No. 7 Texas A&M. Incredible that Seeds 2-7 were all cleared from KU's path for them.

benshawks08 10 years ago

If you are going to go that far you might as well add No. 8 UNLV. Ten over seven isn't usually considered an upset just like 9 over 8 isn't but it is pretty crazy how many lower seeds won just in our bracket.

Steve Brown 10 years ago

Contra argument: our weak SWest seeds are really really good.

milwaukeeJAYHAWK 10 years ago

I'm glad these guys are saying the right things about not overlooking opponents. I hope they really feel it deep down inside. I'm guessing they do after last year's debacle. That has to still stick in their craw....

KansasBob 10 years ago

Ditto. The guys are vocalizing properly. However, its the thought process that counts. Hope they are thinking right as well.

Marc Frey 10 years ago

If we play our ball we win by 14. The "Fighting" Illini were tall and we had no problems with them. Yea, a few blocked shots, but the talent of our bigs won over height. I see the Twins as using this to show scouts what they are made of. They are playing their best hoops right now and each game they seem to be moving up the draft charts. They are on a mission, for KU and for themselves. I like our chances to play for the NC.

REHawk 10 years ago

Richmond is a scary senior-laden squad which pulled off Cinderella performances last weekend. Just as we disrupted the play of McCamey Sunday, let's bore into messing with Kevin Anderson and the Spiders' complete system. Bill Self is becoming a master at scotching the heads of venemous pests. Stay the course, Jayhawks, hellbent on moving ahead. One victory at a time, take no opponent lightly.

Jeff Coffman 10 years ago

People forget that we have 2 seniors and 3 Juniors starting, we aren't very young.

John Strayer 10 years ago

With all the "B" team upsets in KU's past plus the Northern Iowa debacle last year, I don't think KU's problem is overlooking opponents. After watching the slow start to this year's Boston game, I fear the team will come out playing "not to lose" rather than going out and attacking and "playing to win". Seems to me tenativeness and tightness are possibly a bigger threat than what the Spiders pose. Just don't beat yourselves Jayhawks.

texasdochawk 10 years ago

You are absolutely correct...this is KU's biggest threat to lose in my opinion. so far they have played "tight" in the first half of both the Boston and Illinois game.

If we stay loose and "play to win" as you said in your post we will be fine. Playing "tight" and under the pressure of overall number 1 seed last year resulted in our early exit.

justinryman 10 years ago

It's a lose lose situation for our beloved Jayhawks. If you com out on top, you were supposed to. If you lose to a 10, 11 or 12 seed you choked.

I agree with Brady, if you are still playing you are a good team. They said it a few years back that George Mason was in over its head, and they just kept beating teams with higher seeds. last year Butler did it and made it all the way to the final seconds of the turny.

Should the team be confident they can win easily? Yes. Over confident? Probably not. What they need to be is lose, let the game come to them and just play the game. Play like they did against Texas for the Big12 title, like they have in each second half of their past 2 games. I like having a team with swagger, not cockiness, just a swagger and yes there is a difference Virginia.

It showed against Illinois, smiles after great plays, walking away from a bad call, ally oops off the backboard tries. We played fine with TT on the bench,better with him on the floor. So Tyrel wasn't sinking his threes, so the Twins played above the rim. Moving screen after moving screen were thrown at our guards and yet our D never let up or gave into an easy shot.

HCBS is out of Oklahoma now and with those demons off his back, who knows what he will be capable of doing now? Texas treated us great in '08 and gave us "the shot", "Mario's Miracle" and a National Championship.

Kenny Loggins new song, "Game Loose"

Loose, game loose Cut down your Sunday nets Please, Marcus Pull me outta my office Jack, get back C'mon before we attack Wear your blues Everybody cut game loose!!!!

gchawk 10 years ago

Can't say I agree with the "lose/lose" scenario, that's not giving Richmond much credit, and they deserve it. I know what you're meaning, but if you come out on top, that's still a win in my book.

justinryman 10 years ago

I was basing it off of National thoughts I guess, I agree with you. This time of year it's not how you win, it's you win and live another day.

sarahkumari 10 years ago

Does anyone know what time/day the team will be leaving from Allen Fieldhouse?

Justin Lindsley 10 years ago

On paper we have a cake walk. I think we all know it will not be. We had better play our "A" game or face defeat. If we don't make the FOUR now we will not hear the end of it. It is a golden oppurtunity. Lets take it and ROCK CHALK!

Tim Bingaman 10 years ago

I feel like Richmond represents a different challenge that we haven't faced as much.

Obviously we have lost to teams with different styles and almost lost to Davidson. I attended that game in person and it was the least fun game I have ever watched. Unfortunately I think it was due to the "hope we don't choke" mentality, that is very difficult to shake.

Also keep in mind that although we will have the most actual fans, almost everyone else will be rooting for the Spiders. That was the case in Detroit, when I had the locals taunting me because they got caught up on the excitement of Davidson and Stephen Curry.

I feel very strongly that we can come through this bracket and make it to the Final Four, but it will be a greater challenge than OSU, UK, etc. Fans think.

Rock Chalk!

Scott Smetana 10 years ago

I was there.... painful to watch. I agree, the crowd on Friday will be very pro-Richmond, although we will hopefully have a good KU crowd.. including me!

Studogg 10 years ago

I thought Davidson was a 10 seed...

KGphoto 10 years ago

Coaches and Carousels

So Gillespie convinced Lubbock that falling down drunk was a negligible distraction if you can pry the program off sticky cellar floor of the B12. You have to wonder if Bored Bobby will finally ditch Musberger and get back in the game, since he doesn't have to support his failure son anymore, and you can see him squirming in his chair already. Is Oklahoma desperate enough?

Tennessee finally did something right and ejected their girl-groping, meathead coach. Pat Summit wore her most hideous fringed, drapery blazer to mark the occasion, and offered some heartfelt support. "It is what it is". Perhaps they can go from smart to brilliant and snare in-state recruiting savant Josh Pastner.

Anderson stays in Columbia when he had Arkansas on a silver platter. I guess he figured that half-backwards is better than full-backwards.

Larry Brown appears poised for a return. Oklahoma would have him in a New York minute. He wouldn't, would he? Unfortunately for OK, a New York minute may be exactly what Larry gets. The Knicks are flailing and lost. Nobody in the world, outside of maybe Phil Jackson or former Brown assistant Gregg Popovich , could bring all that talent together, raise his former floor general from the dead, and make heros out of mere mortals like Ronnie Turiaf and Tony Douglas. Nobody could shape and sharpen the raw skills of Melo and Amare, into championship samurai swords. Nobody but those three. Phil could make the jump, but not until next year. Pop is welded to San Antonio. Larry cannot be welded to anything or anywhere. Suffices to say, he gathers no moss. I'm guessing his extremely mobile phone will be ringing before long.

Who'd I miss?

Joe Baker 10 years ago

The OU program is beyond the likes of Gillespie. They think their program is a perfect athletic program and a coach like Gillespie is beneath them. They want to hit a homerun with a coach, who? I have no idea who would want to coach this team.

I really thought OU should've jumped all over Gillespie but Castiglione and Boren are a couple of saints. They don't want to soil the OU reputation- LOL Their football program and the men's bball program has been two of the most soiled programs in the nation. Granted, Stoops has done some wonders to bring the fball program to some semblance of a good reptuation. But if you go back to Barry Switzer, the program was riddled with nastiness.

We don't have to mention the men's bball program under Sampson and even Capel's Gallon, Mason-Griffin and Warren's off court classroom behavior have all given OU a pretty bad reputation. Gillespie would've improved their program a great deal and his personal problems are extremely mild compared to any OU crap. Oh well, this is Tech's gain and OU's loss. I think they let the best coaching prospect slip through their fingers because of their self-righteousness. The local sports shows are actually talking up the Tech hire and Gillespie's hiring, as if OU will do better. It's really hillarious sports entertainment down here in Sooner land.

ku_foaf 10 years ago

OU fans I've spoken too said the same about Gillespie. He is tainted in the OU Athletics brass' eyes.

I don't pretend to know, but I'd imagine the KY thing was a pretty bad time in his life. We know he's a good coach and TTU made a good hire IMHO.

I can believe Larry might go to OU. How many more times can a 70 year old move?

Lance Hobson 10 years ago

I hate the "It is what it is" cliche. So unoriginal and overused.

Marcia Parsons 10 years ago

Just getting out of Lexington was probably enough to help Gillespie get over drinking.

Jared Grillot 10 years ago

I know all that Calm Blue Ocean or whatever it is they call it down there would make me want to drink a lot more.

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

Truehawk: I agree with most of your post, but I think Sampson and Capel should be put in opposite ends of the spectrum. Sampson knew what he was doing when violations were being made and Capel found out afterwards in the aftermath of Gallon's, Mason-Griffin, and Warren.

I will defend Capel quite a bit because I think he is a classy coach, but I think he learned the hard way about "Big Time Recruiting" that will definitely help down the road when he gets another shot at coaching.

Honestly, Gallon and Griffin were just "Bad Seeds" IMO. Warren should have left when Blake did, but you saw Warren's true colors when things went south in hand basket with his team. Capel said he had no recollection of the behind the scens activity that was going on with Gallon and based on the reports with the financial advisor that was talking to the family, I firmly believe that stance.

I think Capel did everything in his power to do "Right" and try to right the ship after his valuable learning experience with Griffin, Gallon, and Warren, but it was a little too late when they all departed and he had another rebuilding season in those players abscence. I think those players let Capel down more so than Capel doing anything dirty.

IMO, Capel learned the hard way, tried to right the ship with recruiting and his season, but got the door a season too early. That's just my perspective.

Joe Baker 10 years ago

I have no problem with Capel at all. In fact, I think they should've given him a little more time.

I just can't stand the arrogant azz OU administration and most fans. I'm definitely more at home with OSU fans here than OU. You have to work and live around them to understand my gripe.

Gillespie would've been the next best thing since Billy Tubbs in my estimation. There's rumors they are wanting the UConn women's coach. It's really hillarious.

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

totally agree with you there. I think your feelings about OU are similar to that of NC State.

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

I meant "Similar to mine of NC State".

Kye Clark 10 years ago

Anderson staying at Misery is pretty shocking to me. I think the Arkansas job is a step up, and he had ties there. Maybe he just didn't want to always be known as "Nolan Richardson's assistant", or maybe the money was that much better in Columbia.

Al Martin 10 years ago

Hey KG,

I just want to throw a kudo your way. That post was as fun, snarky, and informative as I've seen around here in a while. Good work!

jaybate 10 years ago

A great post I missed at first. Thanks.

Larry Smith 10 years ago

Spiders, Welcome. Stick around all week and check out the message boards while you are at it.

Bucknell and Bradley should be distant memories, just as UTEP and Rhode Island are. Focus on the task at hand.

In the Bill Self era I have only missed one trip in tournament play, the regional in San Jose in 07. Alas, it looks like I will miss the trip to San Antonio. Take care of business and I will be in Houston for sure.

Joe Baker 10 years ago

One game at a time.

Beat Richmond

tis4tim 10 years ago

I think I'm going to have to "zag" in response to a lot of the "zigging" going on in this thread.

I realize Richmond has a hotshot young coach in Mooney and that the team is playing some of its best basketball right now. But in your overzealous praise of the Spiders it seems as if a lot of you are already building up your justification for a possible loss.

While I readily admit that anything in the tournament is possible, until I see it with my own eyes, Richmond is in for a severe beat down on Friday. In addition, I hereby declare that I refuse to budge on this point, or listen to any reason that suggests anything to the contrary.

Rock Chalk...dammit!

Andy Tweedy 10 years ago

I'm no Colin Cowheard fan, but the other day he nailed it... (and I'm paraphrasing) "Nowhere do people get more love for throwing all the facts out the window than during March Madness. If someone picks a huge underdog, they are either on to something or a genius." If we play well, we will NOT lose to Richmond!

ku_foaf 10 years ago

I'm looking forward to attending the game Friday night!

Gregory Newman 10 years ago

Its too many folks thinking as if the Hawks don't have an offense. That 9-man rotation and that tough defensive guard play takes your legs away. Richmond might hang around until 3 minutes into the 2nd half then after that no legs to shoot the jumper because they had to work too hard on defense to stay close.

jayhawkintexas 10 years ago

We had better hit our 3s and play better defense. A transition game wouldn't hurt, either.

Steve Gantz 10 years ago

08 as some have pointed out, had a similar clearing of the way for KU to reach the FF before they had to do their real work.

1988 had upsets paving the way too, Murray St. 2nd round, Vanderbilt, 3rd round and KState 4th round all made it easier than the challenge that Pittsburgh, Purdue and someone else whom I forget may have put up.

Jim Baker 10 years ago

Wake...who? Seriously, Richmond is a good team (and WF is not) and the Jayhawks are gonna have to be ready from the opening tip. I think we look really focused and Self really has his game plan/rotation working right now. So if we take care of bidness like we should, I like our chances. Kick some Spider-A$$, Jayhawks!!! RCJH!!!

Spiders 10 years ago

Just saw that the line is 10.5. That's less than I thought it would be. Been thinking more about this game and I'm going to give you guys one more thing to "worry" about. I really don't think our guys are going to be nervous. We start 4 seniors, and these guys have played some big teams. Last year, they beat Florida, mississipi state, and Missouri (roll your eyes) out of conference and on the road. Point being I don't think our boys will be in awe of KU, which is something I worried about. Now granted KU is no mizz, but this group of seniors has been around the block a bit. Frankly, we were expecting much more this year after a 7 seed in the tournament last year, but had a couple awful losses at home. This team is, today, a good bit better than the 7 seed last year. And with that, I will wrap up my trash talking for the time being. Go Spiders!

WjayhawkW 10 years ago

Pretty sure that KU lost to Richmond within the past 5 seasons.. hopefully that's something that they can remember and use it as a re-match game.

WjayhawkW 10 years ago

Correction- Richmond won, 69-68 (1-22-04) Nonetheless this is the opportunity for KU to beat a team that they've played and lost to.

sf3 10 years ago


TrizzHawk 10 years ago

CHECK THIS.. FOX SPORTS doesn't consider either of the twins a "star"

AND ! they have a link on the page for the greatest upsets of all time and has two KU losses, one being the Northern Iowa debacle.

Dan Harris 10 years ago

That should be a chip on the shoulder, motivational,bulletin board article for the Morris twins.

actorman 10 years ago

"Pretty sure that KU lost to Richmond within the past 5 seasons.. hopefully that's something that they can remember and use it as a re-match game."

KU has only played Richmond once, in 2004, a last-second loss at home. And even Brady hasn't been around that long, so unfortunately none of the players will be able to use their memories of the loss as a "re-match" game. But no worries: I'm sure the memories of the UNI loss last year will be more than enough to inspire them. As others have pointed out, a bigger concern than not taking Richmond seriously is that KU might come out tight.

actorman 10 years ago

TrizzHawk, they mention the Morrii in the article and say they might be lottery picks, so I don't think they're disrepecting them too much ...

Hank Cross 10 years ago

I've no doubt Richmond is worthy S16 team, but they better hire George Mason's caterer to make mcm and mkm's breakfast and hope for a lot of fouls on the on the twins. As long as the twins get it going - KU wins.

Vittorio1224 10 years ago

Richmond is definitely a worthy S16 team; just remember fellas, F.O.E. !!

Martin Rosenblum 10 years ago

Itsy Bitsy Spider trolls: Enter at your own risk! We've got some pretty worthy folks on here who love to exchange opinions and are not afraid to engage outsiders. Just bring your big boy comments and check your "hurt feelings diaries" at the door!

championhawks 10 years ago

I don't worry about the team not being up for this game simply because I believe the UNI loss is fresh in their heads since most of them were directly involved with that loss.

What I do worry about is the fact that they have let BU and U of I stay in the game until about half way through the second half. Then they go on a run and the next thing you know they are up 20. I hope they don't wait for that run to come, believing that it will eventually, and then it never comes. This can be dangerous, give Richmond confidence, and could very easily end up in a loss!

Spiders 10 years ago

Here's my latest inflammatory fodder for my new KU friends. But first, I have really enjoyed the comments on this board the last 24 hours and the warm welcome to my earlier posts. I have a strong suspicion that I would have been treated much differently on the Ohio State or Syracuse board. I'm starting to rethink our keys to victory. Clearly, Harper and Anderson have to play well -- without that, we're dead. But if those guys can deliver, I'm going to shift my attention to Darius Garrett. He's the skinniest big man you'll ever see, but an athletic freak. He is one of the best shot blockers I have ever witnessed, but he'll have to conjure up a way to contain your big men. No small task when you weigh 175 pounds, but keep an eye on him early. He was the spark in the comeback versus Vandy, and we really need him to come up big. If he gets flattened early, bad for us. Also, everyone thinks they should be a higher seed than they really are, but I really believe Richmond is underseeded. This team is basically the exact same team as the 7 seed last year, but we only lost a guard. I'm not saying that changes things dramatically, but I really think the KU fans, at the least, will be surprised with the athleticism of UR. As I've noted earlier, this core group has beaten some very good teams, but we've never played an elite team like KU, Duke, or OSU. So that is a mystery to us in Richmond. We know we can hang with the 4 or 5 seeds like Purdue, Vandy, and Florida. Frankly, not really sure what to expect from a 1. I assume it's a big difference, but how much difference? How much better is KU than, say a Purdue or a West Virginia?

Martin Rosenblum 10 years ago

Have you watched KU play? You do know that we won the NC with Bill Self at the helm, right? Well, he's still our coach and we're on a mission to repeat with a different lineup. #1 seeds are vulnerable. But, after winning the Big 12 regular season title as well as the Big 12 tournament, we can talk the talk and walk the walk.

You are a breath of fresh air to us on this site. We're used to the kind of "visitor" who comes here to trash KU and to pontificate about the superiority of their team, often without any reasonable or factual input. Usually, it's just a jealousy issue. Virginians must have more class!

Martin Rosenblum 10 years ago


Usually, a "visitor", such as yourself will come onto this site to trash KU and to insinuate that their team is far superior. We've gotten used to this. You are obviously above that and are a breath of fresh air here. Virginians must have more class than say, Kentuckians

Your curiosity about how KU stacks up against some of the lower seeds in this year's tournament will become obvious to you in a few days. We aren't the Big 12 regular season and tournament champs by accident. We're on a mission to repeat as National Champs. Bill Self is even more resourceful this year than in 07-08 and has a toatally different lineup. Don't forget, we won the NC on the same floor that we'll be playing your team on Friday night. May the best team win!

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Sun spots, nice! Sun spots, nice!

Martin Rosenblum 10 years ago


I didn't think anybody would notice. Dddddamn yyyyyou!

mjprcjh0314 10 years ago

I don't post here alot but read the boards alot, (love jaybate's posts by the way) and am huge huge jayhawk fan, born and raised in southwest kansas, but I can talk to your first sentense as a KU Jayhawk fan living in Ohio State territory, that travels to Syracuse all the time, I gotta believe that Ohio State boards and Syracuse boards would treat you with a warm welcome, the only haters I have run across is Duke, UNC, and Kentucky fans, and I think most of those haters are because they are jealous!! Oh, and I hope this is not a close game and that KU dominates from start to finish, but I think it might be a close hard fought game that could go either way, rock chalk go jayhawks!!!

Hank Cross 10 years ago

Spidey - Picking up on what Ralster said, the twins are the most unique weapon in college BB. They instinctively know where each other is at and what they are going to do. They are especially lethal in the high-low game. No team as of yet has found an answer for them. What typically happens is that once teams realize they have no counter to the twins, they slack off the others which leads to open 3 pointers and a blow out ensues.

I have to give love to Virginia, though. Some of my ancestors lived in Colonial Amelia and Charles City Counties. Other distant cousins served in the original Richmond Howitzers, so this is one Jayhawk who has never had anything with John Brown's picture on it. (A big picture of him is waved at Allen Field House during the Missouri game).

Roger Tobias 10 years ago

Game times:

I just looked at the CBS schedule. I guess when you are paying a gazillion dollars for the rights, you can schedule the games any time you want, but man, can you believe some of those starts? 9:45 p.m. in Newark. Do they actually think the game will start on time? OSU and UK may be playing at 1:00 a.m. local, Saturday a.m. Long time to wait to play from when the day starts.

mjprcjh0314 10 years ago

Ok completely off subject here, and even though the only thing I care about right now is KU beating Richmond, as far as basketball world goes, but as a Kansan living in the Cleveland area, just was thinking that the Cavs have two top 10 picks in the draft, could those be used on Marcus and Karkief? Just sayin ... that would be kind of cool, maybe one way they could play together in the league! Anyway, first things first, lets get this game friday and advance rock chalk baby!!!

KGphoto 10 years ago

0% chance of Cleveland spending 2 top 10 picks on a player rated around 10, and another rated around 20. They'll take the best players available.

There is even less of a chance they will draft a player named Karkeif.

actorman 10 years ago

An interesting thought, mjprcjh, but I don't think it's going to matter because I think they're staying. If KU wins the championship they may go, but otherwise I think they'll want one more shot at it together. On the other hand, if there was some kind of guarantee the Cavs could give them, like if they could make a deal to have the two picks be back to back, who knows? One of the biggest reasons they're likely to stay is that they know this could be their last chance to play together, at least until they become free agents.

Of course, the possibility of a lockout may enter into it too ...

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