Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Court date delayed for KU basketball player charged with possessing alcohol


A Tuesday afternoon court date for Ben McLemore, the Kansas University basketball player who faces a a charge of minor in possession of alcohol, has been delayed.

According to court records, Lawrence attorney Al Lopes, also a former KU player, recently entered his appearance to represent McLemore, and District Judge Peggy Kittel granted a defense request to delay Tuesday’s arraignment until Jan. 19.

McLemore was ticketed Nov. 4 after a state Alcoholic Beverage Control officer alleged the 18-year-old freshman was found with a Red Bull and vodka drink at Abe and Jake’s Landing, 8 E. Sixth St. On Dec. 13, McLemore was arrested and posted $500 bond on a warrant after he failed to appear in court Dec. 6.

KU coach Bill Self said after the arrest McLemore did not let anyone know he had been cited, otherwise team officials would have made sure he appeared in court. Self said discipline would be handled internally.

McLemore, of St. Louis, is ineligible to play in games this year after the NCAA declared him a partial academic qualifier. Self also has said McLemore was expected to begin practicing with the team in January after his fall semester grades are turned in.


Hawk007 5 years ago

So, you get arrested now for an MIP? You used to just get a ticket and sent on your way. You actually have to post bail for this? Unreal. Please don't clog our court system up with this crap.

Matt Herrera 5 years ago

"McLemore was arrested and posted $500 bond on a warrant after he failed to appear in court Dec. 6.

He didn't get arrested for the MIP, he got arrested for failing to show up on court on Dec. 6.

Hawk007 5 years ago

My reading comprehension is poor. Thank you for the correction.

LAJayhawk 5 years ago

Ha! Didn't read this before posting below. Now I feel bad for giving a little good natured ribbing..... :-)

Mike Bratisax 5 years ago

Your facts are 100% correct..but why the court appearance? Glad the drinking age was 18 back in the day.

LAJayhawk 5 years ago

I'm guessing, as is the case with any traffic ticket, you either pay it ahead of time or show up in court and dispute it. Clearly he did neither.

Matt Herrera 5 years ago

"McLemore was arrested and posted $500 bond on a warrant after he failed to appear in court Dec. 6.

He didn't get arrested for the MIP, he got arrested for failing to show up on court on Dec. 6.

lothario64118 5 years ago

He got arrested because he didn't show up to his FIRST court date.

LAJayhawk 5 years ago

Reading comprehension is vital.

Mike Bratisax 5 years ago

The failure to show up at court I get. But alcohol? Make him throw it out and give him a warning. Not much 'real' crime going on?

Eric Neuteboom 5 years ago

Hawk, please go back and re-read the article. He was arrested for failing to appear, not for the MIP. He was initially cited for the incident at A&J.

Mike Bratisax 5 years ago

I got that was clearly stated. The failing to appear is by far the more serious of the two. I just think the officer could have given him a break. I guess if that became public, that might be called favoritism so he had no choice but to give him the ticket. Maybe in some instances the players get less breaks than the average student. I just remember the campus and city police being a lot more tolerant when I was there...

LAJayhawk 5 years ago

I don't think it's sweeping it under the rug as much as getting a ticket for an MIP is just really not that big of a deal. Not even kidding when I say that when I was an underclassmen, probably 40% of my friends got one at some point. If the press wanted to investigate those kind of things and report it, they would, but very few people really care. Therefore, it would be a waste of resources.

BMac didn't tell Coach, because he, clearly, didn't want to get in trouble, which made it much worse. When players get the ticket, generally they tell HCBS, who then punishes them in-house accordingly. And, really, that's all an MIP should be: a fine and running the treadmill or stairs or whatever.

Lori Romero 5 years ago

Please explain to me why the basketball players and football players in this town get special treatment. If that was a normal person they wouldnt get a delay for sure.....Ive lived here my whole life and the college kids get away with so much isnt it time they get treated like everyone else

dynamitehawk 5 years ago

No doubt!! I heard they picked Ben in up in one of those KU athletes-only stretch limos, and stopped by The Outhouse and made it rain with special people money for 30 mins prior to booking him. Just kidding, but if he were 'normal person' it wouldn't be on the front page of ESPN either. It's not tough to have a case delayed with proper representation, or without.

ddeenihan 5 years ago

As far as I know, getting a delay is not special treatment. The one time I had to get a lawyer, that was the first thing that was done. And, no I am not anyone special.

itsalwayssunnyinlarry 5 years ago

Same for me. If you are going to contest a charge they almost always postpone it to a later date.

LAJayhawk 5 years ago

Don't sell yourself short. You are a special, special little snowflake.

buckleyhawk 5 years ago

This tops off one of the funnier threads I've read in a while.

Ron Franklin 5 years ago

Loc- not true. We all have the same treatment regarding delays.

Mike Bratisax 5 years ago

The 'normal' student would have been given a warning..

championhawks 5 years ago

Not sure about that... During my undergrad days the ABC was walking around the bars giving out tickets to many underage students

Mike Bratisax 5 years ago

I should have read more closely..didn't realize this happened in a bar.

Jeremiah Jefferson 5 years ago

I bet all the evidence gets convienently lost as a result of the delay which will result in a dismissal and this guy like all the other hood rat KU players will never face the consequences of being an idiot.

Phoghorn 5 years ago

Dismissals can happen for a variety of reasons and they have their rightful place in our justice system. If an otherwise law-abiding citizen makes a dumb mistake (or two in this case) in which there was no victim, and shows that he has learned from his mistake, then I am okay with a dismissal. If the DA believes that the person does not deserve a criminal record over it, and believes that a dismissal is warranted, then that is good enough for me.

Yes, Mr. McLemore made a couple of mistakes. Yes, he is now charged with a pair of misdemeanors. I get that. Does he need to show up to his court appearance? Yes. Does he need to be honest with the court and the DA? Yes. Does he deserve to have his entire future destroyed over it? No.

Steve Gantz 5 years ago

I'd be more impressed if you knew Charles Bronson personally, which is what I thought your message had said when I first read it. Trying in my mind to make the Charles Bronson connection to Kansas basketball, never made the connection!

Ludwig Supraphonic 5 years ago

Organized sports are too complicated. . Return to shooting fish in a barrel.

rwhawk 5 years ago

Is a catfishturkey a crossbreed (for definition see your family tree). And please clarify what you mean by being a hunter of named animal. Shooting to kill? Looking for love?

jhox 5 years ago

I think the days of athletes getting special treatment from the Lawrence PD and court system have passed. Now they probably get worse treatment than the general public, in that something that nobody outside the family would know about (if this were a non athlete) is now in the headlines for everyone to see. But that probably goes with the territory. It has its pluses and minuses. The local fame probably lands you a lot of girls and free drinks at the night clubs, but you pay for it when something like this transpires.

Scott Morgan 5 years ago

An 18 year old with a Red Bull and vodka. If we spend a dime of our tax money litigating, it's 10 cents too much.

Jeez Louieez, Self should run his butt off and remember he probably did the same thing. Did any of you folks?

buckleyhawk 5 years ago

Never. I was (unfortunately and only for that year) an Amaretto Sour man.

Glad to get that off my chest -- that was embarassing.

LAJayhawk 5 years ago

Hey, we all have our skeletons.

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

Now worries Chances are I bought you a crown and peach shot at the hawk.

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

La, if you say zima and jolly ranchers I'm never going to talk to you again!

dynamitehawk 5 years ago

As a freshman, I was charged with public profanity for saying the F word in front of a peace officer. Red bull was not invented but jungle juice most certainly contributed. My F bomb was in reference to a question regarding if I was driving anywhere. $68 fine, and a huge lesson learned in life: only get arrested if it's funny... But always pay the bill.

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

I got a ticket for public urination. I peed out my 5th floor window in the towers right when an officer was walking by.

REHawk 5 years ago

Duh, wull, I wuz huntin catfish wun night ant this durnd turkee leept outta the butches and made me pee ma droors!

Kc Ticketguy 5 years ago

Again..To everyone saying this is no big deal that this kid got an MIP and blew off the court date. Take a look at this.

buckleyhawk 5 years ago

Thanks Brandan Esq. for making me go to your blog.

Since young Ben already has "lawyered up" for such a serious charge, it looks like Diversion will be in store. I'm not too worried about it.

Kc Ticketguy 5 years ago

Geez...Sorry if I'm throwing my two sense in on a message board. I guess I'll just keep my opinions to myself. I mean nobody wants to go on a message board and have to read other people's opinions...that would just be crazy talk.

Sean O'Daniel 5 years ago

Keep your "two sense" to yourself "in on a message board". Also, read your blog for mistakes before posting it. Thanks.

begin60 5 years ago

I smell southern justice. Judge Peggy Kittel is no moral paragon, but with KU grads it's best to hold low expectations anyhow.

Cantkeepagooddudedown 5 years ago

This is one of those things that someday.. sometime... this won't even be a citation. It shouldn't be at all. 18 is the age that a child officially becomes an adult in this country. He could get drafted... his parents no longer have ANY say in what he chooses to do. He's gotta get his own insurance. The list things that change at 18 go on and on and on. Calling a 18, 19 or 20 year old living away from home, paying his or her own rent, going to fight for his or her country.... a "minor"... just doesn't make sense to me. The arguments about safety and responsibility are out the window as well, because a 21 year old drinking legally is not one ounce safer or more responsible than a kid 2 years younger drinking illegally.

and kcticketguy... that's wonderful news in your whole blog about how all mclemore screwed up. And I'm not denying he did by not going to court. But the essential point here is that this is ridiculous a hypocritical law... and he should have never been here to begin with. All those negative consequences are because of something that shouldn't even be a crime. Every police officer that I know and probably every single politician drank before they were 21. Me and a vast majority of people chose not to obey it.... even the people who make and enforce it.

Greg Lux 5 years ago

In a small town like Lawrence I find it almost impossible that the athletic department had no idea of this kids arrest ... Something smells.. Get it together young man you have a great future ahead of you don't keep screwing it up please...

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