Kansas defeats Baylor, 81-75

  • 8 p.m., Jan. 20, 2010
  • Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS

Thursday, January 21, 2010

KU motivated by Bears’ snub

Kansas forward Marcus Morris hangs for a shot around Baylor center Ekpe Udoh during the second half, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse. At right is Kansas Center Cole Aldrich.

Kansas forward Marcus Morris hangs for a shot around Baylor center Ekpe Udoh during the second half, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse. At right is Kansas Center Cole Aldrich.


KU survives Baylor, 81-75

Baylor gave the Jayhawks a run for their money Wednesday night at Allen Fieldhouse.

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Sherron Collins glanced over at Baylor’s basketball bench during pregame introductions of Kansas University’s players on Wednesday night in Allen Fieldhouse.

The Bears were nowhere to be found.

They’d raced through the southwest tunnel for some peace and quiet.

“I don’t think it was a slap in the face, but I thought it was disrespectful. You can’t come in somebody’s homecourt and disrespect them like that,” Collins, KU’s senior guard, said, adding, “I went to our huddle and said what they did was disrespectful. I said, ‘Let’s go. Let’s win.’’’

Collins took that perceived slight and used it as inspiration in exploding for a game-high 28 points off 9-of-16 shooting in the Jayhawks’ 81-75 victory. He hit five of nine threes and five of six free throws and dished four assists against no turnovers with two steals in 38 minutes.

“They would probably say it was too noisy and can’t hear,” Collins said of the Bears refusing to watch and listen to KU’s pregame video and stick around for KU players being introduced as starters.

Indeed, that was coach Scott Drew’s explanation, saying the Bears hit the hallway to talk about how they wanted to start the game.

“Every other team sits there,” Collins noted. “I’ve never seen that in my four years (here). If we weren’t ready before, by the time they did that, we were ready.”

KU coach Bill Self, who said the Jayhawks played “great” in persevering against Baylor’s tough 2-3 zone, was miffed at Baylor’s snub.

“We talked about that,” Self said. “That was highly unusual, highly. We would never do that. Maybe that’s their philosophy on how they handle things. I don’t know.”

Self discussed the matter with Drew in the postgame handshake line. Drew informed KU’s coach that Drew wanted some quiet time with his team before tipoff. That’s the same coach who could be heard barking orders to his own players while the Jayhawks were shooting free throws.

It all added some spice to a hard-fought battle that featured a wild one-on-one scoring battle between Collins and LaceDarius Dunn (27 points, 8-of-14 shooting, 5-of-8 threes).

Collins scored 21 points the second half and was nearly perfect in doing so. He hit six of seven shots, four of five threes and five of six free throws.

“He’s the best guard in the country, at least in our opinion,” Self said.

Collins admits he was thinking of his late great-grandfather, Robert, the entire contest, especially down the stretch. Collins, whose great-grandpa died Friday night, hit the baseline to bust a 67-67 tie, shortly after the Bears erased KU’s 10-point second-half lead. He also drilled a three at 1:10 and made one of two free throws at :54, upping a 71-69 lead to six points.

“He pushed me a lot. That’s what he always told me, ‘Keep pushing. Keep pushing,’’’ said Collins, who today will fly to Chicago for this afternoon’s memorial service. He’ll be back Friday to prepare for Saturday’s 1 p.m. battle at Iowa State.

“I hate going to funerals. I have to attend. It’s a close family member,” Collins said.

Collins, who has been coming up mighty big lately — remember his 33 versus Cornell and 22 at Tennessee and Nebraska? — said “yes” when asked if he should be in the discussion for national player-of-the-year honors.

But ...

“I didn’t come back to win national player of the year. I came back to win the national championship,” Collins said. “We’ve got to keep taking small steps, win the Big 12 first.”

KU improved to 17-1 overall and 3-0 in the league. Baylor fell to 14-3, 2-2. The Bears became the first team to shoot better than 50 percent versus KU in 92 games.

“They shot a good percentage, but we also got 15 steals (including Xavier Henry’s seven thefts),” Self said.

Overall, “That was a great college basketball game,” the coach said.

And a great pregame video, he might have added.


Nutflush21 10 years ago

Walking out of the arena during pre-game introductions is classless. Already notorious for his negative recruiting tactics, Scott Drew is becoming a John Calipari, without the success of course.

E4KUJHawks 10 years ago

Scott Drew can say whatever he wants. It was just plain classless. That's it.

Robert Brock 10 years ago

Too bad that the Hawks weren't motivated enough to play the Baylor pick-and-roll a little better.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

No argument, Baylor has good players, but to walk out during introductions at AFH is like a teenage daughter laying on the couch and asking her Mom when dinner is going to be ready and Mom is slaving away with no help from the daughter. Pretty damn rude. I think it carried over into the game because a lot of the Bears, particularly the guards, were trash-talking to Sherron. And their bigs, oh my God, they were whining and bitchin' on every call against them. Keep in mind, Baylor is from the South, so, they don't have the tradition or what to do if you experience success. It doesn't surprise me that they act that way if they coach acts that way, too. They are becoming a Missouri of the South. Could be interesting if we have to play them again in the League Tourney in March!

phogthedog 10 years ago

Mikeandal-Even worse, it was like a lazy teenage son laying on the couch and asking his mother when dinner would be ready! I thought our students were particularly classy, when they applauded the Bears upon their exit from the floor at the end of the game.

jayhawkinATL 10 years ago

I agree, Brock. It didn't look to me like the 'hawks were even the slightest motivated. I would have hated to see the outcome had the 'hawks NOT been motivated!!!

Sean Rodger 10 years ago

Is it just me - but when I watched the game on tv last night in the final three minutes of the game - the students are the only ones getting into it. Did you see Bramlidge the other night? Rockin'. AFH? Crickets?

Just wondering here...

FairgroveJayhawk 10 years ago

Self can be very graceful with his words in any situation. He was in no way graceful with regards to Drew's behavior in his post game comment:

“We talked about that,” Self said. “That was highly unusual, highly. We would never do that. Maybe that’s their philosophy on how they handle things. I don’t know.”

That comment goes deeper than any I have read Self make regarding another program. I forsee Baylor getting all of Self's attention regardless of how good or bad they are. Sucks to be them.

3GJayhawk 10 years ago

If we didn't have Sherron we would be similar to North Carolina this year. He's carried us all year. Let's go ahead and get that mans jersey hung up in the rafters.

Matt Bowers 10 years ago

Watching the game on ESPN2 I could hear through the set someone yelling "box out" or "post up!" I was wondering who that idiot was. Good win.

Rock Chalk

Ryan Mullen 10 years ago

My question is why did the hawks need a reason to be motivated. Isn't winning the game and winning the big 12 conference motivation enough. Why would a top 5 team need to motivated by anything else but winning.

areyouserious 10 years ago


Im sure you are motivated every single day you go to work, right?? College basketball is a grind and we cannot expect these guys to play perfect every night. You are being ridiculous if you do. Its easy to see a Baylor team and not be super motivated. However, where does it say in the article that the team was not motivated? The snub during pre-game intros just added a little extra fire. I hope every team does it from here on out. The more fire the better! I have said it before and will say it again that every conference game is gonna be a battle this year with the quality of this league top to bottom.

MIlwaukeeHawkee 10 years ago

Who cares about Baylor's "snub."

The bigger deal is that if the NCAA's were to start this weekend, KU would not be in line to make a run at the Final Four.

The good news is that they play a tough conference schedule & will have the Big 12 tourney to figure out why they look so sluggish.

With the exception of the Temple game, KU has not been able to impose their will on any opponent this year.

That's what good teams do.....

Bob Thompson 10 years ago

I noticed how the Baylor bigs were crying after a foul was called against them. I would rewind and rewatch the play, and the fouls were there. That's when I remembered last year; almost every time the twins would get fouled they would get this attitude. Not this year. They have grown up so much not just in their play, put also as maturity. Thats part of what an outstand coach does for his players.

Jacobpaul81 10 years ago

I love that everyone's talking about a coaching move during introductions (which by the way do get out of hand in Allen) so that he could give instructions, and no one is talking about the fact that we barely beat Baylor in Allen Fieldhouse. We've lost 1 game to a Big XII south team in Allen Fieldhouse and tried to make it 2 last night. Instead of playing a well organized team offense, we once again reverted back to an offense that resembled the let Collins shoot it offense of last season. Most the game, we just stood around and watched as Collins tried to take Baylor on, one on five. Marcus Morris is the one saving grace... but he's also in the position least effected by the Collins show. Ugh. I can't wait for next season when we can run an actual offensive set. We'll be so much harder to defend.

KU 10 years ago

Uh huh......Baylor's a great team, just like Cornell. The same Baylor team went to Boulder and got beat 78-71 last week. There's just something missing with this team. There's not enough intensity on the defensive end and not enough ferocity on the boards.

Joe Baker 10 years ago

Who cares about Scott Drew. He's a KU closet hater!

SC lives for this kind of match-up.

Scott Drew is the strangest coach I've ever seen in college b-ball. He's a quiet sleaze that will smile at your face and then stab you in the back! In other words, not much of a coach or man.

Did you see the exchange after the game between Self and Drew? I think CS told Drew exactly what he thought of the little playground display. This display is like being in someone's house and then leaving the room when they walk in to greet you as their guest.

SC had a great game and came through like a true senior and POY candidate!! Speaking of which, I'm not hearing his name at all from the media. I'm hearing the name of an undeserved and unproven freshman. I'm hearing about Damien James. I think James and Collins should be honored as the two best seniors in D-1 b-ball. They should be the only two in discussion right now. Harangody hasn't done too much at this point. James was non-existent in the ksu game too.

kujayhawk34 10 years ago

As good as X is, is anyone else noticing that we as a team play better when he's not on the court? Morningstar had a great game defending Dunn. The dude was nailing three's for past NBA range with a guy in his face. damn near impossible to defend that. Our pick and roll D was awful at times, as we allowed Acie to slip a couple screens for easy dunks. But gang, let's not forget, last year UNC was the first unanimous pre-season number one team. They too had a rough stretch in their schedule, actually losing their first two conference games (Or two out of three). The one positive thing that came out of this in my eyes was that when Baylor went on runs, we responded. However, the negative is that we as a team do not have that killer instinct to step on a teams throat when we're in the position to do so. Let's hope we're ready not only by tourny time, but by the 25th and Feb 8th when we play UT and Mizzou. ROCK CHALK!!

86finalfour 10 years ago

Great win against a baylor team that caught fire but some other, not so positive, thoughts.

Jayhawkinmullen, yes, why do these players need motivation through disrespect? What will they do if they're favorites in the tourney and everyone lavishes them with praise? This is something that always worries me about Kansas. I can't remember the last time they entered the tourney as favorites and performed to expectations.

Jayhawk_sean, I had the same thoughts about the quiet fans sitting down court side. I think the price of those tickets close to the court is the reason. AFH is one of the best today but you have to wonder if the place rocked more 15, 20 years ago when there were more students court side?

JHawkfan, yes, where is the talk about Morris and also more about the actual game?! Anyone feel like sports journalism resembles gossip news more and more? The sensational, personal and off the court/field stories are the headlines today. Just my opinion and I think this article is another example.

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

This was a very very good test for the Hawks! I was shocked to see so many KU fans "Pre-Game" saying how much they didn't think Baylor was a legitimate foe. I thought people would have learned from the Cornell game, but I guess i was naive to think otherwise. For those that hadn't seen Baylor, what do you think now? I've seen Baylor play 5 times now this being the sixth and they are tough as nails and have a really good chance of doing some damage in the Big 12. Their front line is the real deal and I thought KU did a pretty good job against a more athletic front line.

Here are some things and plays that stuck out for me during the game.

~ Tyshawn Taylor didn't start and hardly played in the first half-Wake up Call? Yes, I do think so as I thought he played well in his 15 minutes.

~Overall-7 turnovers for KU-I would expect nothing less against a zone.

~ Baylor's Zone: Baylor incorporated this zone against the Jayhawks last year during the Big 12 tournament and have been riding this defense very effectively ever since. I noticed some were shocked that Baylor was playing a zone, but if you knew anything about Baylor, it's that they have been playing that defense for almost a year now.

~ KU had zero blocks and got out-rebounded. Baylor had 7 blocks and 8 more rebounds. However, KU picked up 3 huge offensive rebounds in the final 2:30 of the game by X and 2 by Marcus. Those were definitely key in this victory.

~ KU's 91 game streak ended of holding their opponent under .50 percent for the game. Baylor played great and you have to give them a lot credit. They Slipped screens, set hard screens and ran out of bounds plays very effectively. That is what good teams do and Baylor is a good team.

~ Hubert Davis said it, "X needs to give a pump fake when you have a 6'10" inch guy flying at you"! That is what all of us have been saying all season.

~ Scott Drew is one heck of a coach. Anytime he thought KU was going to go on a run, he called a full timeout. His execution and decision making was excellent and his game management was spectacular as he completely had the atmosphere in Allen Fieldhouse completely dead tonight. Kudos to Scott Drew for an excellent game plan and almost pulled off the victory on the road.

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

Offense: I thought for the most part KU ran their zone offense pretty effectively. KU got the "I'm Cool Syndrome" with just over 5 minutes to play when they just pushed the lead to 10 points. They jacked three 3 pointers in a row that lead Baylor to go on a 10-0 run in the final 5 minutes. Good thing for Marcus as he came up with 4 offensive boards for the game, but 2 huge OB's in the final 2:30. Baylor's zone did what it was suppose to do and I thought KU did a pretty good job of zone offense tonight. Need to take advantage of those "Seems" though a little more. Again, this falls with X, but I think we've all come to grips that we have to accept that he is not going to take advantage of that this year.

Defense: I thought the intensity was great at the start, but then died down towards the end of the game. Would like to see a full 40 minute intense effort, but it was better than it has been. The atmosphere was dead tonight at Allen Fieldhouse. I blame the crowd and I give the crowd's effort a solid "D" for lack of energy. We as fans want to get all over team for energy yet KU's fans displayed no energy or enthusiasm during great lengths of the game tonight. It's a shame!

The Twins: Wow! Marcus is playing out of his mind and playing well. He really is in a groove at the moment. I've said very early on in the season that I thought Marcus should get 8-11 FG attempts a game and in his last 3 games since the Tennessee loss (He shot 2 of 5 that game) He has shot 7/8 against Nebraska, 7/10 against Tech, and 8/11 tonight against Baylor. That is a good rememdy for success IMO. Kieff is also playing very well and picked up some very big rebounds and put-backs tonight. I love Kieff and Marcus out there together. They seem a little too comfortable at times, but I love their instincts together when they both are in tune. Great job Twins!

Sherron: What else can you say? It's repetitive at this point every game about Collins! Let's all hope that Collins can stay healthy the rest of the season. Seeing him on the floor in pain multiple times tonight has me a little bit nervous about his body holding up. I know he will be fine, but let's hope he stays injury free because where Collins goes is where Kansas goes!

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

Tyshawn: Didn't get the start and did not see him most of the first half. Wake up Call as I sated above? Yes, I do believe it was! I want to give Taylor a lot of props because despite all the flack he has gotten he did not hang his head tonight at all. When Self called his number he was ready to go. I thought he played really good "D"! He did take the easy way out by going underneath a screen when he should have fought his way over the top on one of many Dunn's "3's" at the top of the key. It's okay though because I thought Taylor showed a lot of maturity tonight. I didn't think I would ever say that, but in his 15 minutes he had 5 assists and zero turnovers. Pretty productive night IMO for Taylor. Good job TT!

X: Hubert Davis even said he wants to see X "Pump and Go". I did like his aggressiveness he showed in transition by going to the rack. That was encouraging to see, but the end result made me cringe. He wasn't close on a couple of those lay-ups, but he did try to take it strong so I have to give him credit for that. I was encouraged at what X did tonight even though he's not really shooting the ball well at the moment. Not much you can do against a zone so I have to give him benefit of the doubt tonight. He hit the boards especially on the offensive end a little more so I was pleased to see that type of aggressiveness. Someone had to point this out to me this morning because I missed it in the box score, but X had 7 steals. Hmmmmmm! You don't see that everyday.

Morningstar: I thought Brady played great! He sure was getting his hand in there on Dunn's shots. I also thought Morningstar set a better "Tone" for the start of the game than what we have seen from the Hawks lately. That intensity was what jump started the Jayhawks tonight and that was all because of Brady. Good job Brady!

Cole: I thought he played with more of a purpose tonight and understandably so considering what he has gone through. I thought he did a great job in the middle of the zone on offense. He's got that 8-12 foot shoot working now so I that is fantastic to see. He didn't have any blocks tonight, but I saw for the first time in a while better intentsity. He was taking his moves at guys rather than fading so that was also good to see.

Robinson: I love Robinson, but he cost KU some momentum with turnovers and bad decision making. He'll get it eventually. He just needs to slow down. and he'll be fine.

Johnson: I thought he played really well. He moved the ball effectively and also had a really nice entry pass off a low bounce pass. Johnson is going to be good one day.

CJ: He was in and then he was on the bench. I don't remember anything he did while on the court. I o nly saw him one other time

BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years ago

When I read those stats on Dunn's shooting I thought it had to be a mistake. He seamed to be hitting from everywhere with everything. But overall he was not much different than Collins' shooting stats. The big difference was Dunn turned the ball over, Collins did not.

Some may say KU didn't defend very good. While it could have been better, one has to admit some of those threes were deep and some were with a defender in the shooters face. But KU did have the edge in possessions, free throws, steals. Good thing too, because Baylor cleaned the glass (except when it counted at the end).

One question. The box score indicates KU had zero blocks and Baylor had 7. I guess I don't remember Cole having a block, but none for the entire team?

mwilliam 10 years ago

This is January and not March. Texas has had a couple of close games and lost one to K-State; Kentucky has had a couple of really close games; Syracuse has lost; Villanova has lost; Duke lost again; on and on. But people want to get on here and rag the 'hawks because they have lost one game and in the minds of some they are not putting forth a heroic effort every night. Give me a break. They are getting better every game. Soon HCBS will have his rotation in tack and they will be where they should be at the time. There is a thing as peaking too soon. I see improvement every game; the Big 12 is a tough league, Baylor, in spite of themselves, is a very good team and will be beating some good teams. I'm glad Texas plays them twice and we don't.

It is obvious to me that most of the people with all the negativity have never participated in any sports at a level above elementary soccer where everyone received a trophy regardless of how good the team may have been or the individual players.

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

jacobpaul: " We've lost 1 game to a Big XII south team in Allen Fieldhouse and tried to make it 2 last night. Instead of playing a well organized team offense, we once again reverted back to an offense that resembled the let Collins shoot it offense of last season. Most the game, we just stood around and watched as Collins tried to take Baylor on, one on five. Marcus Morris is the one saving grace... but he's also in the position least effected by the Collins show. Ugh. I can't wait for next season when we can run an actual offensive set. We'll be so much harder to defend."

jacob, I understand where you are coming from, but this game was different than the other 17 games on KU's schedule. Baylor played zone the entire game which no other opponent has done. It would be like playing Syracuse and I really think Drew is adopting Boeheim's philosophy. In a game like this, there is going to be more standing around simply because of the zone. Iowa State on the road and Missouri (40 minutes of hell-I guess) will be good tests to see how KU's offense is coming along. Using Baylor is not a great example unless you're going to talk about zone offense.

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

KU:" Uh huh......Baylor's a great team, just like Cornell. The same Baylor team went to Boulder and got beat 78-71 last week. There's just something missing with this team. There's not enough intensity on the defensive end and not enough ferocity on the boards."

I can't tell if that is sarcasm in reference to Baylor losing at Colorado, but I kind of think it is. I just want to point out that Colorado may still lose a bunch of games this year, but this 2010 Colorado team is not the team of year's past. This Buff's team has some really good guards and they aren't going to be the easy out everybody think's up in Boulder. Colorado is getting better. Bzdelik is doing a great job, in spite of his early season personal problems, and Steve McClain (Former Hutch JUCO and Wyoming Coach) is as intense as they come. I think Baylor can get to that "Great" distinction, but at the moment, Baylor is a really really good team.

KU 10 years ago

I was pleased with the way we attacked the zone last night. We got it in the middle of the zone with crisp passes to flashing post players, and Sherron was able to penetrate it. But let's be clear: Baylor's 2-3 zone is NOT Syracuse's zone. It is very soft in the middle and very easy to get the ball in the middle of it. We need our other guards and wing players to be able to penetrate a zone, too. I said before the game I didn't want X, Sherron, Brady and Tyrel to be content with standing around and shooting 3's all night.

I suggested 18 three-point attempts might be optimal. We took 21. The three 3-point attempts we should NOT have taken were right after we built a 10 point lead. Three trips down the floor, three 3-point shots early in the clock--one from Tyshawn, who definitely should have known better, and I think one each from Sherron and X. Our 10 point lead was gone in 90 seconds. These guys need to understand time and possession better than that.

BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years ago


Thank you for adding a voice of reason to this.

To answer your question on CJ when he was on the court; simply put he allowed his man to flash to the wing to hit a three.

I actually thought KU demonstrated some of the best "movement" against a zone so far this year. As you point out Baylor is the only team to go the full 40 in zone. What I saw was there were guys that flashed in and out of the paint near the foul line (twins). The result was some nice entry passes followed by kick outs or dump downs lower in the paint. The other "movement" I noticed was better passing around and over the top of the zone. But then again I am no Billy fudgePacker.

Jaminrawk 10 years ago

Is it just me or does Lacedarious Dunn remind you of Acie Law IV quite a bit? That kid hit every type of shot possible last night, even when well defended. I was really impressed.

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

If I was a coach playing against the Jayhawks and I pulled a Scott Drew this how I would react. Bill Self and the Jayhawks aren't paying for my salary and his opinions don't dictate my W/L record, which ultimately I am judged. My job is to win basketball games and I am going to to do whatever I can to win especially on the road in a hostile environment. I meant no disrespect to the Jayhawks, players, or coaches, but my job is to have our team ready to play at tip. We didn't travel all the way from Waco, Texas to watch a video of the Jayhawks during pre-game. We came to win a basketball game against the Kansas Jayhawks and I was prepared to have my team as focused as possible even if it meant getting them away from the noise so I could talk to my team.

That's pretty much how I would have handled the situation. I know it seems a little harsh, but if I was a college coach I wouldn't give an inch. You never know how long your stay is going to be. I don't need "Fluff" in order to compete.

KU 10 years ago

Baylor is a good team. They are a legitimate Top 30 team. But we did nothing to impose our will on them in our own building last night on the defensive end. Baylor had 20 turnovers despite very little pressure from KU's defense. Their own sloppy ball handling led to most of the turnovers. If they threw the ball directly into the hands of X just 4 fewer times, they may have walked away with a win.

I've said this from November: we are essentially the same team as last year unless we have a big wing that takes us to another level. Marcus's gain in offensive production is Cole's loss. It's not "added" production, it's just redistributed. But thank goodness Marcus has played well on the offensive end the last few games.

Again, it's the defensive end and hustle to 50-50 balls that I'm concerned about more than anything. Some people watch a game and if KU scores easily, they equate that with KU playing well. I guess KU fans were conditioned that way from 15 years of 'Ol Roy. I'll always be in the minority on here, and I understand that. Not everyone puts as much emphasis on defense as I do.

Sean Rodger 10 years ago

86FinalFour - I agree, although - I didn't get to attend my first KU game until about 6 years ago, and have averaged a couple of games a year, but I have yet to attend a game where its just "LOUD". I've read the book "50 Years In The Phog" and stories about how AFH is the hardest place to play. I believe it is (to a point), but as far as being loud and crazy - KSU and MU fans blow it away (I'm cringing writing that). But their fans are loud and crazy. What about Cameron Indoor? WOW! Can you imagine if AFH was like that? Yeesh. But I agree - the students on the end tear it up, but everyone else around the field house need to get louder. I'm like a kid in a candy store when I get to attend games in the phog, but I just wish for once it'd be loud from beginning to end.

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

KU: Like I said above, I thought KU's on ball pressure was at least decent tonight. KU put a lot of pressure out on the perimeter as I thought Marcus and Kieff were moving exceptionally well during the double team's near the sidelines. All that means is that team "D" from behind is moving to their spots quite well and that was definitely indicative in X's 7 steals. X's rotation on the back part of the D was great tonight.

I do agree with you that KU did not handle the pick and roll very well tonight. Their hedging was terrible, but I think Baylor's "Slipping" put some doubt on how to really handle that situation. I think that will get addressed as their was noticeable indecision on whether to hedge or stay with the big.

As for the 50/50 balls, I agree with you "KU". I saw Collins give up on a play in the backcourt so I don't know if he was still hurt, but he could have easily gotten to that ball. I also noticed Marcus or Kieff not go after a ball that seemingly had a lazy bounce on the floor and then went out of bounds on the baseline. I noticed those as well.

Beak 10 years ago

The visitor SHOULD ignore the video board. I wouldnt want my team watching that. It gives KU an early edge. Why give your opponent an edge. A sincere handshake and 'good game' following the final buzzer is all that sportsmanship requires.

Good win against a tough team. I agree with Beck, work on the high pick and roll and slip screen is needed.

(But, I'm no coach).

TexasHawk44 10 years ago

Some of you are real idiots. Baylor is a tough team. That was a good win. Hopefully we grow from it.

Scott Smetana 10 years ago

Of course it's loud at Mizzery/KSU when they have a big game... like us or a top 10 team. Otherwise, their stadiums are quiet and/or half empty. Duh.

KU, I've said this since November, you and soobawls are k-i-s-s-i-n-g in a tree.

Regardless of the way this season turns out, I'll remember the wins/roses along the way, enjoying pretty much everyone on this team improve by the week. I'm not sure our most improved player from last year isn't Collins.

gchawk 10 years ago

mwilliam, very well stated. There is an incredible amount of parity in the Big 12 this year, that's obvious from the various victories/losses within the league. BEAK, you also bring up a good point. As a former player in college, the "games" take on an entirely new meaning than they did in high school and and coaches do coach in their own style. Every time I see the video during our introduction I always glance down at our opposition to see if they're watching it, and more times than not they are, and I just think how intimidating that must feel to them. Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of Scott Drew, however he's done a pretty admirable job turning a program around that was in total shambles.

jchief40 10 years ago


Who the heck is "SC"? lol - don't screw that up.

KU 10 years ago

On a note we can probably ALL agree on: has projected North Carolina's record (through the regular season) at 16-15. It would just tickle me if UNC missed the NCAA tournament this year.

In a quote after last night's game, 'Ol Roy said his freshmen will be good eventually, but he doesn't know if he can live through this season. Dad gummit!

Ben Kane 10 years ago

It sounds like most of think that we should just blow everybody out. That is completely unrealistic, though it is fun when it happens.

Before Self even made his comments I thought this was a great game. X was playing with intensity on both ends and Marcus just keeps delivering, his effort on the boards really saved the game towards the end.

I was actually very satisfied overall with our play in the game with the one exception of letting them go on like a 10-0 run to tie the game again. That stuff can't happen. If we had just closed them out then we win by 25.

KU 10 years ago

If UNC continues to struggle and KU takes care of business, it's possible--but highly improbable--that KU can get to the 2,000 win plateau before UNC. If is right, both schools should hit the 2,000 win mark the last week of the regular season.

Chris Corley 10 years ago

Collins using the snub as motivation is brilliant!

Now teams know that if they go back and hide in the tunnel, KU will take it as disrespect and come out guns blazin'.

Collins set a president. Now coaches have to pick their poison:

  1. Sit through the video and allow their team to become intimidated

  2. Hide in the tunnel and incur the wrath.

Love it.

Physically. Emotionally. And now, mentally.

Collins has you beat before the opening tip.

The #4 jersey: Raise it.

Chris Corley 10 years ago


It's a long season. You have to use whatever you can. Collins sees the the team is in a rut. Would you rather he found nothing to rally around and we would have lost last night?

Also, really like your name and avatar. Love that SNL sketch. You have good taste, my friend.

jhawkd 10 years ago

TexasHawk- Although I agree with you, calling people idiots says a lot about yourself. There is no need for that here. We all want the Jayhawks to be the best!

  1. I am not sure why there are so many people that think Baylor is terrible. This is not their football team. They are a team that is going to the tournament this year and they will probably win at least one or two games.
  2. I felt we played very well most of the game. Any team that has a decent zone always gives us problems. Baylor starts three guys over 6'10'', so their zone is expanded even more. It makes it very difficult to pass around. However, KU did an excellent job of getting it inside/out.
  3. I LOVE Self's decision to start Morningstar. He is much more consistent and you know what you will get from him. It makes us start with SC at the point which is great (three assists on the first three baskets of the game). Added to that it brings TT off the bench where he can bring his energy.
  4. If Marcus can keep up this kind of play, we will be so much harder to beat. It will some of the pressure off Cole down low and both players will be that much better. Aldrich needs to be patient, right now every team is setting up to not let him beat them. They are doubling, and sometimes tripling, him at the post. He needs to keep kicking it out and he will get his chances.
  5. Does anyone else think that Robinson is going to be like Kenyon Martin? He is a freakish athlete that once he slows down and polishes his game he will be a monster!

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

10point: Good post!

KU: I don't think KU can beat UNC to 2000! Although that would be sweet! KU is still 9 games behind UNC 1987 to 1996. Kentucky is suprisingly at 2006. Wow!

I didn't think Kentucky would be holding onto that lead like they have. I thought originally that KU would pick up the 7 games that KU lost last year to UNC this year, but they have already picked up 5 games and KU has played one less game than both Kentucky and UNC.

I originally thought KU could pick up 5 games on Kentucky, but at the moment I don't know if KU will do that. KU is going to have to win the Championship and pick up an easy 2 or 3 wins on the Road to the Championship for my prediciton to hold true. Two years ago KU picked up 12 games on Kentucky and last year KU picked up 5 games (Credit UK with 2 NIT wins-LOL).

I do agree with "KU" that I would love to see UNC miss the Big Dance and go play in the NIT. There definitely is a possibility of that happening considering UNC has now lost 2 consecutive home games. A couple more quick losses and UNC definitely becomes in the danger zone. However, I think if UNC even has 12 losses that the NCAA committee would find a way for UNC to make the tourney. It's unfortuantely IMO going to take 13 or 14 losses to keep UNC out of the dance. Isn't that disgusting to think about?

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

jhawkd: Good comparison using Kenyon Martin about Robinson. I haven't heard that before. I think that is spot on! Good Stuff!

Vardar3285 10 years ago

You people are some negative SOB's. I have never seen a more negative fan base.

We won a game against a team who was making unbelievable contested shots from everywhere on the court. What many of you don't realize is AFH is a shooters gym. The intimate environment really helps shooters.

The only thing to be worried about after this game is continued poor play from both Cole and X.

pburgstu 10 years ago

You all are a JOKE, Scott Drew is a better X and O''s coach and considering the players he has brought to Baylor I would say given the opportunity a better recruiter. Self relies on Players and nothing more.


bradynsdad 10 years ago

i agree you dont have to watch the video but not to even stay for the home teams introductions? why should we even introduce them? its called class, and for the coach to yell while were shooting free throws is awful. i learned that is bad sportsmanship my first year of playing.

STLJHawk86 10 years ago

Got to agree with the minority of posters that point out Baylor has no obligation to watch our pre-game video. Most visiting teams and commentators indicate it is intimidating. So if I was a visiting coach why would I allow my team to be intimidated right before tip-off. The pre-game festivities and video should fire up our team and our crowd; any other consequences (i.e. intimidation) are icing on the cake. I do not agree that visiting team taking actions to minimize the difficulty of playing on the road (avoiding intimidation - not watching the video) is equal to being classless. I don't know Scot Drew or much about him and maybe he does have character issues but refusing to allow his team to watch an intimidating video does NOT make him classless or a bad guy, in fact, it might mean he is smart. And if the tables were turned, I would hope the Bill Self would do the same thing rather than risking a loss.

Vardar3285 10 years ago


you sir are dumb. your post wreaks of jealousy. to say someone is a better x's and o's coach when they have a blatant losing record against the other coach is laughable at best.

What does Lew Perkins have to do with anything?

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

Just an update in recruiting! Apparently Josh Selby doesn't have KU and Zona as his leaders. Selby's Mother quickly came out saying the other information was false about Zona and KU being the leaders in her son's recruitment.

Man, just when you thought KU caught a break this happens. I still think KU has a pretty good shot at landing Selby, but this definitely puts us all on edge a little bit more. Here is the article:

Thomas Michaud 10 years ago

Some good observations and some opinions (i.e. KU, SoooEballs (isn't that what they say down on the farm?), and a few others) that I keep trying to avoid ... I think I read them hoping they actually find the other half of their brain up their as..anyway ... Baylor was hitting shots that were amazing -- defender in their grill or from deep. While you could say defense was as intense as it could've been, many times the shots were just dropping despite the effort. Baylor didn't shoot over 50% because of lack of effort on KU's part; Baylor (for some players) found a zone/rhythm that was tough to defend. There are nights the opposing team will find "any" shot (see Tenn.), and you hope your team does as well (don't see Tenn.). Fortunately Collins and Marcus Morris had a great night, with support from others at (inconsistent) times. KU's best possessions came from working the ball around the perimeter, then dribble driving or passing to the interior and finding an inside shot (ref. how they built the 10pt. lead) ... They lost the 10pt. lead by 1.) being sloppy with the next two possessions (cutting the lead down to 6) and then settling for outside shots on the next three (effectively erasing the lead). The final few possessions were a combination of good interior plays and hitting the big shot from our most consistent outside shooter (Collins). Baylor nearly caught lightning in a bottle (not to say they aren't a good team, but at times inconsistent (ref. game against a Colorado team that did unbelievably well in the second half) with shooting (Acy, Dunn, and (a lesser extent) Carter (many of his assists were outstanding). This is a team that DESTROYED Oklahoma and (away) at Arkansas, and beat a very good Oklahoma State team as well. KU did well ... for much of the game (heck, 51 points in the second half!) ... and would have beaten a team (not shooting so well) by 20 or 30 on any other night (or Baylor without Dunn) .. or by 15 and had the subs play a bit as well. But Baylor did extremely well tonight and is a serious threat to any team on any given night. This game was good -- not sloppy, like the previous (1st half against TTech) -- and good to know KU can survive even when everything is thrown against them (and seems to be nothing but net). Bravo Hawks!

rockchalk80 10 years ago

kustrong (anonymous) says...Watching the game on ESPN2 I could hear through the set someone yelling "box out" or "post up!" I was wondering who that idiot was.

That idiot was the Baylor coach.

GilbertAZ 10 years ago


You sir I like. Finally someone on this site who gets it. We do have the most negative fan base I have ever seen. As for pburgstu, what the hell do they teach at that school to make you think Scott Drew is a better coach than Bill Self?

Vardar3285 10 years ago

It's true if this team does not win every game by 25 the entire KU fanbase has a melt down.

I spend most of my time over at Phog where people have a little better handle on reality. Something about brings out all the crazies. The message boards here are also a joke its almost like a junior high click. If you are new you are automatically assumed to not know anything.

okiedave 10 years ago

If this snub motivated K.U. and since the score was 30-30 at halftime, it is scary to think how far ahead Baylor would have been at half-time had there been no snub. Baylor came to play.

Marcia Parsons 10 years ago

Some visiting teams watch the video, others huddle with their coaches on the bench and ignore it. Leaving the arena was pretty unexpected. The excuse of wanting a quieter place to talk to his team was pretty weak. What vital information had he saved for the last one or two minutes that he hadn't already covered during the week's preparation? Maybe he couldn't stand the idea of seeing a video of Darrel Arthur in a KU uniform.

2xhawk 10 years ago

I was too tired to reach the remote last night, so I watched the game with no sound. Had a heck of a time -- it was a great college basketball game. I must be getting old -- my level of appreciation/enjoyment of the regular season seems to be enhanced the more I can put aside thoughts of what this or that means for our post-season chances.

I thought KU won on willpower and good execution -- they appeared to play with complete confidence and never got, as CS says, "sped up".

Question: Is there a protocol for pregame behavior? From the sound of CS's remarks, he clearly thinks Drew did something wrong. Are there some unwritten rules here that all head coaches share? Or does CS just not like Drew, and this is an occasion to vent some irritation?

KU 10 years ago

Vardar......I haven't seen anybody complaing about not winning by 25, so you might want to take your straw man and go back to the Phog site.. In fact, I projected only a 13 point win before the game last night--81-68. I haven't mentioned the scoring margin in any of my posts today. I've simply voiced my concern that we aren't a particularly good rebounding team and we don't play with enough intensity on the defensive end.

What more motivation did KU need than the fact that Baylor had knocked them out of the Big 12 Tournament last March? What more motivation do you need than playing a Big 12 game? The argument that you can't get up to play good defense night in and night out without external motivation disturbs me. I dare say it's an excuse. Offense will come and go with streakiness, but your defense should be a constant.

FLJHK 10 years ago

Not only is it a given that the #4 jersey will soon hang from the rafters in AFH, the guy deserves to be knighted. His will to win is even more incredible than his immense natural talent and work ethic.

Sir Sherron Collins. Greatest Jayhawk cager since Sir Danny Manning.

Larry Smith 10 years ago

I agree with a lot of the posts here about the fan base being so negative. I just don't get it. Not every game is going to be a 25 point blow out.

People complain about our defense. Yet, this is the first time in 92 games the opposition broke the 50% shooting barrier. We still lead the nation in average margin of victory. On the year we allow only 36.3 FG %, the last 3 games (including the 52% last night) the average is 41.8. Is this really that horrible? some people will complain that our intensity or energy is not high enough. I could care less about energy, I care about effectiveness, and let me tell you, this defense is pretty effective. Just because KU does not run around hacking and slapping and flailing does mean they don't play "intense" d.

People complain about the Offense being out of whack, or a buch of standing around, or ineffective or no real sets. Yet we still average 85 points per game. 84.7 the last 3 games. Top 2 in the nation in offensive efficiency. top 6 in shooting efficiency as well as shooting %. And again, we lead the nation in margin of victory.

Every game is not going to be 100 - 40. But apparently, if its not, there are many fans out there who will not be happy.

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

jayhawk 86: I don't think a lot of posts here are being negative. Yes, there are a select few who are negative, but what I think you preceive as "Negative" is actually very thoughful insight and analysis by many of the posters on this thread.

What do you think a coach does when he or she breaks down film and watches the tape with his or her team? They critique, criticize, teach, learn, and compliment on everything that happens on that tape. I love the game of basketball and I try to look at things as a coach would percieve things on the court. I don't know if you were talking to me or not, but I'll go ahead and defend the many posters who give thoughtful insight to the areas where KU could or should be getting better as a team.

I know many only want to focus on the perceived negative posts, but you should also focus on the positives and compliments that have been dished out on this thread. Keep it up KU fans!

AsadZ 10 years ago

pburgstu: After reading your post I laughed. At first I did not even want to comment on your stupid post. Firstly, you are contradicting yourself by saying that given the opportunity Scott Drew is a better recruiter and Self relying on his players. Have you looked at Bill Self coaching record? In addition to being a good recruiter he is an excellent X and O coach. 5 Big 12 Championships and a National Championship? If you truly believe that such high level consistent performance is possible only with good players, you are very much a naive person on college basketball. HCBS is one of the best coaches, if not the best coach in college basketball.

AsadZ 10 years ago

“I didn’t come back to win national player of the year. I came back to win the national championship,” Collins said.

This is pure class from Sherron. I am really proud of him.

PAHAWK1 10 years ago

How about giving some props to the "Wine and Cheese" crowd for sitting on their butts for 37-38 minutes? Only the student section was vociferous.

Larry Smith 10 years ago

kushaw, I was definitley not referring to you. I guess I am just tired of hearing the same old thing.

We are too soft We don't play intense D Our offense is stagnant We can't impose our will If brady is playing it means we must not be FF material Why is this game even close We aren't a good rebounding team

It goes on and on and on.

It seems to be the same complaints after every game win or lose. God forbid there is a loss, then they really come out of the woodwork. And a lot of people make generalizations that may apply to one game or one situation, and make it seem like it is the case for the entire season.

basty 10 years ago

KU, wasn't that kenpom's prediction? It was pretty close to that wasn't his exact prediction. I mean, I'd give you credit except you've already dropped his name today. You're either a genius or a thief. I can't blame you, he's the best there is.

PAHAWK1 10 years ago

Jayhawk86, I agree with you. I have read a few negative posts, too. By the way, I like your list of negatives.....I would replace "we and our" from the first four items by "the twins".

E4KUJHawks 10 years ago

It was still classless. Scott Drew used it to motivate players, and ended up motivating Sherron and Self instead--and I'd throw McM in there too. I used to cheer for baylor when they'd play conf. schools, but screw 'em now! That's my final answer!

KU 10 years ago

Jayhawk86.......Playing without intensity on the defensive end doesn't matter......until you lose. By then, it has become a bad habit and you learn you can't "turn the switch" anytime you want. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that you better make a habit of playing as hard as you can against the cupcakes and the good teams so when you play a really good team or have an off night on the offensive end you don't get stung by a lack of intensity. You can play lackadaisical against average teams and have good "efficiency", your be-all-end-all of performance. Your efficiency isn't going to be as high against the really good teams, so you need an edge. Intensity on defense seems to be one of the ways you can gain an edge.

basty...........Looks like Ken Pom predicted 81-65. Pretty close to what I predicted.

PAHAWK........Vociferous.......nice word. I wish we would play vociferously on defense.

Larry Smith 10 years ago

I would say holding 91 staraight opponents under 50% is pretty consistant.

Theutus 10 years ago

Jayhawk86, i personally don't care about the score at all... I wouldn't care if we won by 1 point every game...

Actually, I don't even mind if we drop a game now and again. What I do care about? Playing with intensity for all 40 minutes. Playing smart basketball, the way KU has throughout history.

When we have huge lazy lapses in defense, no driving or cutting on the offense (we hit these 10 minute streaks where we just look lost, and only throw up 3's after the clock runs dry) etc.... That's just not KU basketball.

The score doesn't matter, hell I wouldn't even care if we lost as long as we played with all heart and left it on the court.... Think Jerod Haase.

My issue with this team is that they just cruise on by until the 2 minute mark in the second half, then realize "oh crap, we could lose" and start playing with intensity. We are deep enough that we should be sprinting and putting out 100% of the time and just running teams into the ground. Not just playing to our opponents ability and then trying to out sprint them in the final 10 meters.

That being said, i think we ARE improving... It's just a slower pace than I had hoped...

That's not being a negative nancy, it's just a common sense observation.

RckChalkJayhawk08 10 years ago

This whole thing is being blown way out of proportion. While it does seem classless, it is not that big of a deal at all. Scott Drew was trying to limit the disadvantage his team already had being the road team in the Phog. I am guessing Drew has plenty of respect for our Kansas team. Our guys should have plenty of motivation for this game anyways. Like I said, I am sure Baylor respects us, but they do not owe us anything simply because we are Kansas. They were trying to snag a huge victory for their program. It was great game overall; Baylor better not slip up and miss the tourney as they have a very tough stretch of games coming up. ROCK CHALK.

100 10 years ago

"I didn't come back to win National Player of the Year. I came back to help us win the National Championship."

-- Sherron Collins

"Do I think a team can go undefeated? Absolutely. People think I'm crazy, but first somebody has to believe. It would be neat. I'd love to be the first person to go 40-0."

-- Coach John Calipari

kureader 10 years ago

Baylor's Athletic Director is Ian McCaw ... his email address: No one cares if the opposing team watches the pregame video. If I were a visiting coach, I probably wouldn't want my team to watch it. But actually leaving the arena during the introduction of the opposing team is really disrespectful. I've never seen this happen before in any venue. The Baylor AD and the Head BBall Coach should get their butts chewed. I'm glad the LJW mentioned it today. I wondered if it irritated Self and our team as much as it irritated me ... guess it did. And it wasn't a particularly smart strategy, anyway, by the Baylor Coach. It just fired up the KU fans and players, and it will haunt him in the future whenever he plays KU. Classless.

Tony Bandle 10 years ago

Even the biggest Kansas haters of all time, Norm Stewart and Billy Tubbs wouldn't think of doing such a thing.

In a way, Drew actually insulted his own team....translating his actions...."hey you guys, I don't believe you have the inner mental strength to handle a psychological onslaught be our opponent. I will protect your fragile psyches from this exposure."

What a total tool!!! Baylor seems cursed in their search for a coach with class!!!

kureader 10 years ago

You've got to wonder what the Baylor Head Coach was thinking. Opposing arenas are always full of loud fans and students. Does he plan to leave the arena in Austin before the Texas team is introduced? How 'bout before the other 15 away games? Maybe he wanted to make things louder by encouraging "boos" from the KU student section? Go figure.

Spencer Goff 10 years ago

I have one question in regards to this year's team:

What happened to the alley oop dunks?

Wayne Seymour 10 years ago

First, I am a fan and have been since 1944 when KU got beat in the finals of the Big Six tournament and went on to with the conference with a 10 -0 record. I remember Charlie Black, Otto Schnellbacher, Ray Evans played on that team I think Coach Self is an excellent coach and well cut for the KU basketball. But his criticism of Coach Drew the Baylor players for not staying for the KU introductions should not have been made. Did he want the Baylor players to sit on the bench and clap for each KU player and to listen to all the other stuff that is said about KU basketball? If I was coaching, I would not want my players to listen to all the things about KU basketball just before the game, it could make them feel what they are doing there if that team is that good. When one talks about motivation, not sure that this worked, especially since the Hawks needed a little luck to win. But still hope they win the conference and the NCAA.

GilbertAZ 10 years ago

If you want to get a really good breakdown of KU basketball, go to the Kansas City Star website and click on " upon futher review" . This guy breaks down the game really good in my opinion.

Mark Wooden 10 years ago

This team needs to be SELF-motivated, not motivated by what the opponet does.

panalytic 10 years ago

I saw a few comments about the crowd, so I thought I would let everyone know that the crowd was great last night. I was at the game and it was very loud and intense in AFH. I've been to several games this year and it is clear the crowd has picked up intensity for the Big 12 games.

Infidels_I_keel_u 10 years ago

I would like to know what it takes to motivate "generation Y" kids mentally. I think Bill might be trying a little psychology with the "snubbing" to help with the lack of motivation. It could be useful if they face Baylor again this year, maybe create a mini-rivalry. It seemed to have worked with Sherron. And Baylor did knock the hawks out of the Big XII tournament last season. I'm for anything that works.

Krohnutz... I agree. Anybody else wondering what happened to the alley oop dunks?

BleedingCrimsonAndBlue 10 years ago

As a current student I would agree that the crowd has gotten more and more into it as the competition has gotten better and better. I remember reading a comment after the Iowa State football game this fall from an Alumni saying how the students 'didn't appreciate' the football that we were getting to watch and were taking it for granted. I think that the alumni take our great basketball teams for granted. They are just used to watching the basketball team win and keep on winning (not a bad thing), Judging by the amount of students at AFH this morning for the lottery, the student sections will be rocking and rolling on Big Monday when Mizzou comes to town. I hope the Alumni can do their part in helping to continue to make AFH the hardest place to play in the nation.

Jack Wilson 10 years ago

This is what I've been talking about all year. Tyshawn Taylor should not be starting. Coach Self doesn't play our starting 2 guard for all but the last minute of the first half (and when he's in during the 2nd half, same old TT). All you folks have that been defending Taylor and the decision to start him all year need to re-examine that (and many of the defenses were "Well, coach Self knows best"). Now coach Self doesn't start him .. again. After he didn't start twice in December.

From day one, the best player should have started, Elijah Johnson. This is easy. He would have suffered through his growing pains, and matured under fire, and we would now have a better player now than we have in Tyshawn. We might have 2 losses as a result, instead of 1. Or maybe 3 ... but who cares? We would be better and we would be better positioned for March.

Second point. Soobawls said it way up the line. Morningstar is not a staring 2 guard on a championship team. Morningstar has his place and value, off the bench, but a championship team needs more at the 2. Again, Morningstar has his place on this team, but please, not as a starter.

Jack Wilson 10 years ago

Infedels/Krohnutz .. on the lobs, no one to DELIVER them. An under-appreciated skill.

Clarence Haynes 10 years ago

At 63-53, we had a chance to blow that game wide open!. Our guys thought that they were going for the jugular by putting up quick 3's. Instead they should have run set plays that would have given us a much better chance for scoring. I.E when we begin to play under control in those situations, we'll blow opponents out by 20 or 30.

David Leathers 10 years ago


May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits and may your arms be too short to scratch. Have a nice day :-)

bayareajhawk 10 years ago

I'm stunned that people think Drew's decision is worthy of criticism. That is definitely something I would consider if I were bringing a team into Allen Fieldhouse. Do you ever watch the opposing team during the intro video? I do, and it's amazing how many of their players are ignoring their coach and watching the video board. Drew made sure that didn't happen.

I have a lot of respect for Coach Drew. He went into a nearly impossible situation and has worked miracles. Unless people have specific examples of his supposed "character issues" they should stfu about it.

chriz 10 years ago

Anyone know where I can see video of Self's post-game hand shake with Scott Drew?

gardenjay 10 years ago

This article implies that it is useful to find disrespect in your opponent, and implies that motivation seems to be key in winning these Big 12 games.

Therefore, when KU plays on foreign courts, I suggest the following:

1) Wave and shout 'HELLO!!!' across the court to your opponenets during pre-game to your opponents. 2) Try not to foul your opponents on purpose. If you do commit a flagrant foul and realize that you did so, offer a sincere apology. For example, "Sorry Man, I've been trying to work on some of those issues", or "Man, I have been having a bad day, really sorry it is coming out on you like this" 3) Drink from cups with home team logo on them. 4) If opponent make an awesome play, whole team leaps from bench and offers applause 5) Make it really clear whenever possible that no sarcasm is intended by your team's unorthodox actions listed above

kufan89 10 years ago

wow! I don't know of any other team team that's done that. Very disrespectful!

KUGreenMachine 10 years ago

I think everyone's forgotten about 2008. We slid through the regular season schedule sometimes lacking motivation. However, we found a way to win. It became clear as that team entered the post season that they were playing for nothing else but to win the NCAA tourney. Here we are currently with a top five team that has said all along they are here to win the NCAA tourney. Aldrich and Collins came back to win the NCAA tourney. X came to our school to win the NCAA tourney. We are doing every thing we can to fast forward to the post season. It makes perfect sense why they wouldn't be motivated for every Baylor, or Cornell, or even a depleted Tennessee team. They want the season to come to an end so that they can play in what they came back for...a national championship. You can not tell me that you believe that a lack of motivation now, means a lack of motivation in the post season. That would be crazy. Brady, Aldrich, and Collins will step up and show the team the leadership they need come tourney time, and I know theres no way they won't be motivated. So, I'd say cut them some slack as they grind through the toughest conference in the country. A win is a win this time of year....

Eric Schneider 10 years ago

If we're the favorite to win the National Championship, and we need motivation like this, then we're in trouble. I seem to remember being all over the national news this fall because some of our guys felt "disrespected." Drop the street mentality and play ball.

4jhawks4ku 10 years ago

Nobody said they needed it for motivation. They might have used it but they didnt need it. You'd like to see the Hawks just appear in the last minute before the tip when we play them in Whacko next year, but we have more class than that. You dont have to watch the short video, you dont have to applaud the other team when they're introduced, but you dont walk out either.

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