Originally published January 12, 2010 at 02:02p.m., updated January 13, 2010 at 12:00a.m.

KU guard Taylor says, at times, he’s unsure of his role

Kansas guard Tyshawn Taylor and Tennessee guard Scotty Hopson race for a loose ball during the first half Sunday, Jan. 10, 2009 at Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville.

Kansas guard Tyshawn Taylor and Tennessee guard Scotty Hopson race for a loose ball during the first half Sunday, Jan. 10, 2009 at Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville.


— Tyshawn Taylor, who was a starter last season and is a starter playing similar minutes this season, nonetheless said Tuesday he’s unsure of his role on the 2009-10 Kansas University basketball team.

“We have so many people, so many players, so I feel like I don’t know, sometimes I don’t know how I fit, like what I'm supposed to do,” Taylor said before Tuesday’s practice in Allen Fieldhouse.

“Like Sherron (Collins) is a scorer or X (Xavier Henry) is a scorer. Cole (Aldrich) is our post presence. Sherron is our point guard, so sometimes I feel like I get lost in the thing. I think a lot of guys feel like that.”

Sophomore combo guard Taylor, who averaged 6.8 shots per game last season to 6.1 this year, takes a 7.3 scoring mark (compared to 9.7 a year ago) into No. 3-ranked KU’s conference opener at Nebraska (12-4).

Tipoff is 8 p.m. at Devaney Center, with a live telecast on ESPN2.

“I think when everybody finds out their role on this team and gets ready and everybody gets on the same page, then that’s when we're going to be ready,” added Taylor, who averages 23.9 minutes a game compared to 26.5 last season.

“I feel like it just hasn’t been brought to the light because of our schedule so far. We got to a team (Tennessee) that had good players and maybe shouldn’t have beat us, but got the best of us that day (Sunday in KU's 76-68 loss). Now we know that we’ve got to be ready to play every night. We can’t take anything lightly.”

KU coach Bill Self was not pleased to hear of Taylor’s take Tuesday on players’ roles.

“Well I think Tyshawn talks too much, because I’ve never heard that before, and I’ll visit with him about it after practice,” Self said. “If he’s unsure of his role, then he doesn't listen very good. It bothers me that any player would say that the day before a game, but I’ll address it after practice.”

Later, on the Jayhawks’ bus ride to Nebraska, Self said he spoke to Taylor about his comments. Self had no further comment on the matter.

No official team meetings were held after Sunday’s loss but Marcus Morris said he and his brother were going to talk with Brady Morningstar over lunch at Morningstar's request.

"Me, ’Kieff and Brady actually had a long conversation on the phone,” Marcus said. “Brady is one of my closest friends on the team. He felt he needed to talk to us. All of us need to get our minds right for the Big 12 conference."

The Morris twins combined for seven points and eight rebounds Sunday.

“I feel I had enough energy. I feel I just had a couple bad games, two bad games,” Marcus said. “I feel I’ve not been in my groove offensively. I have to do other things as far as rebounding and playing defense.”

Sherron Collins said Marcus Morris had the best practice of anybody during Monday’s marathon session.

Freshman Xavier Henry wants to improve on a Tennessee game in which he had 10 points off 3-of-7 shooting.

“I haven’t been as aggressive as I usually have been. I shot only six or seven times. I wasn’t looking for it too much,” Henry said. “I’m going to try to keep playing through the team and help the team win.”

Collins has put up 36 shots the last two games.

“I took it not as a personal thing, (but) I just want to win, so I tried to make every play at the end of the game. I have to trust my teammates more, get ’em the ball more,” Collins said.


sdoyel 10 years, 2 months ago

If the kid doesn't understand his role, then he shouldn't be in the starting lineup. I thought TT LEARNED something over the Summer? Geez.

John Sheehan 10 years, 2 months ago

Tyshawn's Role - see Russell Robinson. Marcus - See Darnell Jackson. Markief/T-Rob - See Sasha Kaun X - See Brandon Rush

Put that together and you could become Jayhawk legends...

LAJayhawk 10 years, 2 months ago

That was not a great move. Now I'm starting to question if there are chemistry problems. I can almost feel how livid Self must be through the type on my computer screen....

My guess is Tyshawn sees some more pine time coming up.....

John Sheehan 10 years, 2 months ago

Would sure love to see any loss of minutes from Tyshawn end up meaning more minutes for Elijah and CJ. I think those 2 could've sparked us against Tennessee more than Tyrell and Brady...and I think we'll need them in March.

Hawktacular 10 years, 2 months ago

Someone (Bill Self) needs to put Tyshawn in his place immediately. Anyone catch his salute to the Tennessee crowd after his dunk on Sunday? He doesn’t get it. That’s not Kansas basketball. You don’t talk manure to the opposing crowd based on one good play when you’re losing in the second half. Self is getting ready to teach Tyshawn a lesson. Be quiet and do your part to make this a team, or else. Point plankin’…

tstanlick1909 10 years, 2 months ago

Tyshawn's comments weren't stupid, but airing them was.

tstanlick1909 10 years, 2 months ago

His role on the team is primary ball handler/distributor/slasher. He is the point guard, not Sherron

craigers 10 years, 2 months ago

TT is going to get it from Self. He is a starter on great squad. If he focused on the things he listed, then there would be no question.

Trey Hohman 10 years, 2 months ago

Taylor's new role should be sitting on the bench and watching EJ do what he apparently cannot.

Joe Baker 10 years, 2 months ago

"...Now we know that we've got to be ready to play every night. We can't take anything lightly."

Tyshawn!! You should already know this my friend.

Just play and have fun. Stop thinking so much.

Stop saying crap like this in public.


twinkiehawk 10 years, 2 months ago

Bob Davis before the start of the Nebraska game tomorrow night, "And starting in place of Tyshawn Taylor is CJ Henry."

Jaminrawk 10 years, 2 months ago

Tyshawn needs to look at someone like Derek Fischer in the NBA. Be THAT guy. Not the main scorer or defender, but the glue guy that does what ever is needed. Those guys are very important and until it's his time to be one of the main scorers, it would help his game.

kubmg 10 years, 2 months ago

Several times this year Taylor has come out of a fast break with Collins and one defender. Each and every time the defender comes up on Taylor the ball should dished to Collins for an easy basket. He doesn't. Now occasionally it's two while others it's a foul. Either way Taylor, give the dang ball up to the sure hand Taylor.

Paul Brozik 10 years, 2 months ago

TT is so replaceable and he is about to find that out. what an idiot.

BigGuyDon 10 years, 2 months ago

This just sounds like reporters taking things out of context and trying to make a story. They clearly misrepresented what Tyshawn said when talking to Coach in order to elicit a negative response from Coach. I think it's sad that grown men try to make a living manipulating college kids so they can get a "scoop". Good work LJW.

E4KUJHawks 10 years, 2 months ago

I'm not one to go bad-mouthing our players...but Taylor's "not sure of my role" comments are ridiculous. This is KANSAS BASKETBALL--I have no doubt that his role has been clearly laid out for him by Self, the coaching staff, Sherron, etc. I'm not sure what the deal is with Taylor, but apparently he needs to sit down and focus! Go talk to your coaches Tyshawn. Good Grief.

frisbeenation 10 years, 2 months ago

Taylor is nearly as frustrating to listen to as he is to watch. Can't believe EJ didn't even get into the game as bad as Taylor was playing.

We have so many shooters on this team, and he's just not one of them. TT's strength is going to the hole. The guy's offensive identity should be a slasher on this squad. If only he would embrace that, it would create so much for the rest of the team. Quick passes or attack the rim. Other than that his most important role is to defend and pressure the heck ball for the ENTIRE shot-clock (see McBee's late three pointer).

KEITHMILES05 10 years, 2 months ago

Have I not said time and time again the kid needs to be on Ritalin? Seriously now, the guy is likeable and seems to wear his emotions on his sleeve. He needs guidance and some good dosage of Ritalin to help him stay calm and focused. He is oozing with talent and really, really wants to please everybody. He needs some real help and I can see it in him as a person and when I hear him speak. He needs to get focused, be relaxed and calm, and not be in such a rush. I really worry about him because what he said in mikes is a somewhat a cry for help.

hawk_of_ages 10 years, 2 months ago

Wow, talk about making a mountain out of a molehill. I'm really tired of seeing this kid getting scapegoated. He's having a very good season overall -- cut him some slack.

Chandler James 10 years, 2 months ago

Taylors Role:

  1. Take care of ball (bring ball up court, make good passes, no stupid turnovers)
  2. Play tough defense
  3. Slash to basket to create openings (does not mean he has to be the one to score
    the ball as he cant seem to make a damn layup anyways.)
  4. Hit open jump shots.

ku_foaf 10 years, 2 months ago

Hopefully this is just him pondering out loud. I REALLY hope he isn't thinking about transferring. It didn't sound that way particularly, but when someone talented is questioning how he fits on the team...

Jack Wilson 10 years, 2 months ago

Ah, there's hawk_of_ages again. Carrying Tyshawn's jock. I'm sure you could wash his car, too.

There are times when people say things that cause them to lose all credibility and this is it from our Tyshawn Taylor loverboy: "He's having a very good season overall -- cut him some slack."

Yea, good at Wichita St. You should really reassess your evaluations.

Matt Bowers 10 years, 2 months ago

BigGuyDon and KeithMiles05 are both right about TT. One thing that every one of us must remember is that TT is still a young adult in a man's body. He was baited by a reporter, who then took the information, baited HCBS, and now they have a story. At the same time, if you watch TT in games, he seems to be distant on the court, and unsure of what to do. My opinon, which is backed by zero knowledge, is that he was a go to guy last season and over the summer, and now is supposed to put others in scoring positions. That is a hard transition for anybody with his talent to make. He could be the guy on any other team making the ESPN Top Plays most nights and he knows it. Personally, I believe you make him the go to guy off the bench with the following lineup's...remember, this is backed by zero knowledge.

Lineup A: Sherron Cole Morningstar X M. Morris

Lineup B: TT TR Tyrel EJ or CJ M. Morris

To me, those are two great starting lineups. Like I said, I have no knowledge of this sport, just a love of it. Any thoughts would be cool and welcomed.

Rock Chalk

AlwaysAFan 10 years, 2 months ago

Nice salute to the crowd, maybe that could be your role...relaying in signs from the bench.

86finalfour 10 years, 2 months ago

How ironic! Most KU fans thought Self played Taylor too much against Tenn and Self had generous words to describe "Taylor on the uptick" last night. I never saw this coming from Taylor however it's interesting the things Taylor said because I have had similar thoughts.

I was reading a Posnanski article the other week where he was summing up the Royals' debacle over the last decade and he used this quote about baseball managers: “What (Earl) Weaver NEVER used were the guy who didn’t do anything specific, but looked good in the uniform, the .260 hitters with 10 to 15 homers, a little speed and so-so defense.” In using this quote, Posnanski (I'm paraphrasing) is saying perhaps the Royals' front office haven't acquired ballplayers who do specific things but instead have above average players who do a little of this and a little of that.

And I swear I immediately thought of Taylor when I read this. He doesn't really do one thing very well. So after my very long winded analogy here, I'm saying I think Taylor is all flash and little production. Even Reed/Robinson/Morningstar have more defined roles/assignments than Taylor. So good point Taylor -- what are you supposed to be doing on the court? And is this Coach's fault?

I don't think he'll start tomorrow night.

hawk_of_ages 10 years, 2 months ago

Rather than continue trading insults with the classy individuals on this thread, I'll just repeat the facts:

Since Tyshawn was benched about 10 games ago, he has an assist-to-turnover ratio of nearly 4 to 1. That is what I mean when I say he is having a good season.

Those who would throw him under the bus over one bad game, or one ambiguous quote, are missing the forest for the trees.

bringheatwavewheat 10 years, 2 months ago

At the risk of repeating something that's already been said:

Tyshawn, Shut up. Your role is to make the team successful, which probably doesn't include you scoring much or being anywhere close to the star.

You say you've been "playing hard, being a good defender and getting my teammates involved when I can. Take open shots, just doing whatever I need to do..."

I beg to differ. I'm sick of you chasing your tail turning in circles trying to find your man while he's in the process of lining up an open shot.

Don't ask me why I'm typing this like I'm speaking directly to Tyshawn. Maybe it's because I keep screaming these things at the frickin' TV every game.

Time to get a few a** splinters my boy.

kansasbasketball 10 years, 2 months ago

taylor is supposed to be the russell robinson of the 08 title team!!

Derek Conway 10 years, 2 months ago

I agree with a couple people here. I thing HCBS and co. should gather up film of Russ Rob's career at KU and give it all to Tyshawn. Maybe they could even run it by the Dean to make this a three credit hour class for Tyshawn because we could really use another player like that.

And what happened to that four or five game stretch where his stats were something like 24 assists and 2 turnovers? Was that just a fluke? Does he know that we don't need him to go out there and score 30 points? It seems like every time he touches the ball I am thinking to myself, "Wow, the chances of us turning the ball over right now are very high!"

I love the guy to death, and I really think that he will figure out what kind of a player we need him to be for THIS SEASON. Maybe next year his role will change into more of that of a scorer's, but for now, Tyshawn needs to worry less about his swag and more about the teams success.

milehighhawk 10 years, 2 months ago

TT needs to keep his head down and play.

You'd think the issue over the summer would have cleared some things up for him in terms of how things get reported.

He has not learned.

It may not be much longer until Self decides it doesn't make sense to sacrifice the team & bend over backwards for one player.

hawk_of_ages 10 years, 2 months ago

Nice post, ralster. Good to see a little perspective here.

kufanaddict 10 years, 2 months ago

The poster on this site amaze me. Maybe a lot of you haven't played ball yourself--at any level. But many of you criticize the players personally-- and often without good cause. No, Tyshawn is not playing at our level of expectation, but he is doing some good things-driving the ball, finishing the break, taking care of the ball. What I saw Sunday was a lot of bad passing. Not so much Tyshawn as X man,who just can't seem to make an entry pass to the big men. Even if the Bigs don't score themselves, usually somethig good happens when it goes inside. All these guards need to get the ball inside. First look inside-- then maybe drive vertically not horiziontally(penetrate), thirdly find the right spacing for the kickout. Defense,poor passing and lack of entry passing was the reason we lost this game. Also we win when we get out on the break--we've got to get that going--that leads to most scoring spurts. But foremost our on-ball defense is just not that good!! Certainly not good enough to win the trophy. Everyone is going to have to re-dedicate themselves to defense if they want to get it done... Not any one person--Everybody needs to improve their defense---if they do offense (breaks) will follow... Passing and defense must improve!!.

hawk316 10 years, 2 months ago

Tyshawn will soon learn (hopefully) that when speaking to the media, one must be somewhat discreet.

Ben Kane 10 years, 2 months ago

someone else mentioned the other day that it is no good to peak and january and i think that's something we all should consider.

tyshawn, I totally understand what you are saying and I understand. Probably shouldn't have said it though.

I think the best thing for everyone right now would be more time on the pine and a higher intensity level when on the floor.

Jack Wilson 10 years, 2 months ago

I posted this on another thread --

I think some are missing the point. EJ is the better overall player vs. Taylor. It's not necessarily a turnover here, or a missed rebound there, it's the total package. What does he bring to the floor.

Taylor has played 359 minutes. EJ 125 minutes. The following show the contributions per minute - Rebounds, Taylor 1 every 9.2 minutes, EJ 1 every 6.25 minutes. Advantage EJ. Assists, Taylor 1 every 5.98 minutes, EJ 1 every 4.46 minutes. Advantage EJ. Steals, Taylor 1 every 17.95 minutes, EJ 1 every 17.85 minutes. Advantage EJ. Points, Taylor 1 every 3.29 minutes, EJ 1 every 2.5 minutes Advantage EJ. Turnover, Taylor 1 every 12.82 minutes, EJ 1 every 10.41 minutes. Advantage TT. Fouls, Taylor 1 every 11.58, EJ 1 every 6.57 minutes. Advantage TT.

Add it Field goal percentage, Taylor 44%, EJ 54.5%. Advantage EJ. And 3 point Field goal percentage, Taylor 32%, EJ 33.3% Advantage EJ. And Free Throw percentage, Taylor 70%, EJ 66.7%. Advantage TT.

Those are some numbers. That doesn't tell the whole story, of course. On defense, I'd say that EJ looked ok. Not spectacular. But Taylor has not looked ok in my opinion.

Mike Kendall 10 years, 2 months ago


Nice posts. I totally agree that the training wheels get raised a couple notches come Wednesday night in HuskerLand. Bill Self having patience--probably true. However, a lot of recent posts would say otherwise. Speaking for myself, I haven't lost patience--YET--but that could change if the Nebraska game doesn't have a happy ending! I would really love a GATOR WIN tonight over Kenspanky!!! I'm a Billy Donovan fan for one night, YE HAH!!!

Ben Kane 10 years, 2 months ago

nothing would please me more personally (living in Lexington) then a florida victory. however, it's not going to happen and really matters not at to us.

Marcia Parsons 10 years, 2 months ago

HighEliteMajor: I don't think you can compare the two players, even on a minute-by-minute basis as you did, simply because there is such disparity between the number of minutes they play. For example, you have no way of knowing whether EJ would keep those up those numbers consistently if he played nearly three times as long so that he equalled TT's minutes. Maybe he plays all out, ultra-concentrated for the short time he's in, but who can say how he would do over 25 minutes. Plus, so far his defense is terrible, and that's what is keeping him out. Can't seem to stay in front of his man, from what I've seen. I think he's getting better at it, and as he progresses I'm hoping to see more minutes for him.

jaybate 10 years, 2 months ago

I'm on Ty's side this time, though I sure wish, for his sake, that he had not spoken this way in public.

Basic rule of authoritarian organizations: never give assessments immediately after things have just gone wrong. The leader always feels least secure at that moment and is always most prone to lash out to prove he is in control and to scapegoat someone for the problems he is working behind the scenes to solve.

exiledhawkfan 10 years, 2 months ago

Let me clear it up Ty...your role is NOT to turn the ball over and run your mouth.

CaramelMacchMan 10 years, 2 months ago

I will be disapponted if Bill Self doesn't bench Tyshawn after what he said. I say we give Elijah or CJ a chance.

tical523 10 years, 2 months ago

Tyshawn is not a horrible player but he has not been playing to his potential, he was the MVP of the U19 World Championships this off season. I do think that Bill has left guys out on the court too long when they are not in sync with the game or just flat cold, and he has put some odd lineups on the courts which has made the players confused on their role in my eyes. With TT, BM, and TR on the court at the same time who is the glue guy???? I think TT was in the ballpark with all of this, Bill needs to let CJ and EJ play some minutes, sometimes its good for a struggling player to watch and hear the coaches from the bench. . . TT did start ballin when EJ started in his place. TT needs to figure it out tho, play great defense, don't turn the ball over and let the offense come to you. . . its not that hard at all.

Steve Brown 10 years, 2 months ago

Skylar Taylor let me give you a hand in your mission:

Play tough defense don't get hosed off your feet. Feed the big men. Do NOT turn it over, make crisp passes. Rebound all the time. Get your man to foul out and you don't make silly fouls. Feed the post. Move all the time, especially when you do not have the ball. Feed the post. Help the newbies know where to be on the court. Play quick but don't hurry. PS: Don't talk off message to the press.

100 10 years, 2 months ago

Nothing wrong with starting CJ or EJ. Sherron was the best guard we had in 2008 & he was also the best 6th man in basketball.

Sometimes chemistry works better off the bench.

For the record, I still am having a hard time understanding why Self wouldn't (for a couple trips against Tenn) throw Withey in beside the Coal train.

UTenn had their hands so full with Aldrich, doubling him with their two tallest 6'8" guys! Another athletic 7 footer wouldve forced UTenn to play Cole honest.

3GJayhawk 10 years, 2 months ago

Self should have Taylor come off the bench (start EJ) the next couple games. It would be a win win for all as Tyshawn would have time to see what his role is from a front row seat while EJ would be racking up quality minutes vs mop up duty. Maybe have CJ be the first sub in for EJ too just to make sure that the message is clear. With this team it shouldn't matter who starts at Nebraska anyway. If it does... we are in trouble this year. I'm guessing that we snap out of this funk tonight though!

KU 88 NU 66 "Barbershop" Collins 18pts EJ 10pts

FairgroveJayhawk 10 years, 2 months ago

drgnslayr says: "Some folks are way too hard on TT. I also believe EJ and CJ deserve more minutes away from TT, but people should acknowledge TT's improvements and encourage him to continue to improve. Especially motivating him to raise his hustle level for an entire game."

Agreed 100%

RockCaCO3 10 years, 2 months ago

15 games into the season and he doesn't know his role?! Bull s@#t.

Aligned 10 years, 2 months ago

Boy, am I ever glad that Bill Self and the KU coaching staff are at the helm and not the know-it-all idiots contributing to this board. I believe that if you’re going to publicly ridicule and trash young men on the KU basketball team, who work their asses off every day in practice in an attempt to please so-called fans like you I might add, then you shouldn’t do it anonymously. Please include your full name so that your comments might be exposed to the same scrutiny that you freely give these players.

Mike Tackett 10 years, 2 months ago

When you take the TT story, as a whole, he thinks very highly of himself. We have BB vs FB, we have FaceBook, we have a guy that loves to talk to the press, and a guy that wants to draw attention to himself when we are getting hosed. Impressive resume. I think his type of thinking is a real problem for this team, it's me first and why am I not on Sports Center. He speaks the truth when he says he doesn't know what he doing. That applies on and off the court.

yates33333 10 years, 2 months ago

Remember TT is just a very young kid. He has immense talent. He does like to talk and doesn't know what he should be saying. Self needs to specifically spell out his role, and when TT deviates from it he needs to hit the pines. I think his problem in high school was exactly what his problem is here at KU. Maybe he should have been the redshirt instead of one of the two that were..

Viggo3003 10 years, 2 months ago

The problem Self has dealing with these kids is that he cannot be MEAN or try to discipline them for fear that the player or their parent might complain to Perkins. Be nice and coddle the players Bill Self. Build up their their self esteem and let's not point out the mistakes they make as that will only deflate their self esteem. It is more important to be NICE than worry about wins and losses.

jcsmith 10 years, 2 months ago

I've said it a million times.....

Taylor........ Transfer already.......

KU 10 years, 2 months ago

Lots of good posts. Rather than get into the "EJ should get more minutes" fracus, I'll stick to Tyshawn.

Silly thing for him to say outloud to a reporter, even if he was baited. I think he wants the role of scoring more.

Others have already provided a comprehensive "to-do" list for Tyshawn's job description. Those likening his role to that of RussRob have it right, I think.

Tyshawn could start by ratcheting up the pressure on the perimeter in the half court. If he would just do that ONE thing, his scoring would increase because he would be creating havoc and getting steals and getting out in transition. That's where he flourishes. That's how he can help the team: steal possessions, get the pace faster, create easy buckets.

One of the main differences between the '08 team and this one is that--when they played against really good DEFENSIVE teams that shut down half-court offense--'08 could create havoc out top and turn over the other team to get easy transition buckets when they struggled to score in the half-court. (Assist to ralster for bringing this to mind.) We don't have that mindset this year. We sit back and play safe on the perimeter.

Self said himself the other day he believes you only score 25% of your points by executing sets; the other 75% are scored due to breakdowns and transition and second-chance points. He doesn't put a whole lot of stock in running a lot of sets in the non-con season for that reason. He will start adding sets as we go along and scoring in the half-court will get easier. But we really need to get more transition baskets off turnovers. So Tyshawn.........sick 'em!!

3GJayhawk 10 years, 2 months ago

The whole team needs to watch video of the '07-'08 team. They should seriously watch every single game in full. Then they would know how much better they need to get to make a legitimate title run this year. A LOT better!

And maybe Tyshawn would figure out his role.

SaulGood 10 years, 2 months ago

Tyshawn's performance against Cornell was what really set my teeth grinding. Everyone else is out on the floor going full-bore, trying to get some momentum. Tyshawn comes out to play some summer pickup ball. He practically skipped, hopped, and curtsied his way around the floor. I was happy to see him get subbed out, I was livid to see him come back in again. This guy doesn't get it, and I don't think he ever will. Listen kid, go ahead and declare for the draft - you'll find out that you're worthless. This is the best your basketball career is gonna get with your current attitude.

Tony Bandle 10 years, 2 months ago

National champoinships are won in March/April...not January.

That which pains you, makes you stronger.

kufaninmo 10 years, 2 months ago

you know a lot of people like to draw a comparison to the 08 team, and i can DEFINITELY see why...i mean they won the tournament! but at the same time, this team needs to find it's own identity. maybe instead of people saying tyshawn "needs to play like russell" or things of that nature, we have to consider that maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves just a tad bit. perhaps taylor will be twice the baller that russell was at some point, who knows? sure he doesn't seem like that now, but we also gotta understand that next year this is pretty much his team and i believe Self is priming him for that as much as possible and that has a lot to do with not subbing him in the Tenn game. i want KU to be as good as the 08 team as bad as anyone, but we just gotta realize that they are going to have to blaze their own trail and just play to their strengths, not past players strengths. i would like to see EJ start over TT, but i want that in the same way that i liked russell starting over sherron: sherron was better, but i think EJ's role playing will give us a better on court chemistry then TT won't have as much pressure subbing in after 5 minutes of play.

FSUJHAWK 10 years, 2 months ago

Playing big time college hoops at a place like Kansas is something most of us could never imagine or understand. We must remember these kids have some serious pressure to deal with both off and on the court. I completely understand where TT is coming from. However, I disagree with voicing those concerns publicly although I'm sure the media somehow baited him for their own selfish reasons.

TT, I'm no expert at this but I would say your role is to listen to your coach and essentially do what he wants you to do on and off the court. Keep your head high, respect the game and your opponents, always give it 100 percent and have rember to have some clean fun. You have so much talent and potential so it's only a matter of time before you (and the team) accomplish great things. Now go out there and rock the BIG 12.


bradynsdad 10 years, 2 months ago

ralster took the words right out of my post that was perfect about russ robinson. i do believe taylor still has the ability to become a great slasher.i also believe he might be off starting rotation and get fewer minutes because of this. QUESTION does anyone else think maybe he reads the posts on here put up by ku fans and just thinks he needs to defend himself when he gets the chance?

kufootball19 10 years, 2 months ago

If TT incited opposing crowds once-in-awhile, I could forgive him.

If TT showed true remorse for getting into a public scuffle with the football team, I could forgive him.

If TT had posted inappropriate quotes on his facebook page and reconciled it by cancelling his account, I could forgive him.

If TT learned how to throw a punch without putting his thumb inside his fist, I could forgive him.

If TT said one stupid thing to a reporter, I could forgive him.

However, when you add it all up, it is no wonder people are trashing the guy. He hasn’t exactly earned the benefit of the doubt. All you TT apologists need to realize that he brought this on himself. He was given a golden opportunity to play basketball at KU and learn from the best in the business. With that opportunity comes responsibility. And he has shown very little responsibility.

Joe Baker 10 years, 2 months ago

100- Where is Withey? Is he even on the bench...crimony! He is virtually MIA.

I understand CS doesn't think Withey is ready, but why not give him 5 mins a half. Just mix your personnel a bit. You never know what Withey might do.

I hope TT will learn from all this. I hope it makes him better and stronger. I hope it builds his character as a player...I hope to see my friend on the court!

I hope...hope is a good thing.

Here's hoping for TT's continued development!! (holding glass up for TT)

kufootball19 10 years, 2 months ago

By the way, from a basketball perspective, I completely agree with Ralster’s reasoning. TT deserves patience for his on-court struggles. Very few players can reach their potential as a sophomore. But fans respected RussRob more because he kept his mouth shut and didn’t act like an idiot at every opportunity. By his senior year, RussRob was a fan favorite. No matter how much TT improves, he will never have that label.

canson 10 years, 2 months ago

After the way several of the starters have played in games this year it appears Taylor is not the only one confused about his role... Hard to see so many don't seem to be going all out or making good decisions. It has the makings of a short post game season unless they "learn" or should I say "earn" the right to be mentioned in the elite teams....

Brett Arnberger 10 years, 2 months ago

TT's bad play has to be from his bum thumb after getting roughed up by the FB players. Right...??? Not because he just sucks...Right???

Scott Oswalt 10 years, 2 months ago


Maybe if you played better you would be more certain of your role. You played pretty decent for a stretch of 4 or 5 games, but have struggled recently. Where is the TT I watched on the Olympic team???? If you want to see your PT drop, keep running your mouth. 1st the fight, now this......

And on another note, how many layups has Marcus Morris missed in the last 3 games????? Probably 15 or so......

Dunk the ball BRO!

Hopefully the Tennessee game was a wake-up call, because if we continue to play this poor, it will be a long season in the Big 12. Everyone is hungry to beat us, so we better BRING IT!!! They need to bring the intensity they had vs. Temple. If they do that, no one will beat us.

DocBean 10 years, 2 months ago

Gary Bedore should be FIRED for this story.

He took Tyshawn Taylor's quote completely out of context and didn't quote his full statement. He didn't talk about how Tyshawn said the team is loaded with talent, (so at times he doesn't know "his role" on the court) and he's willing to do whatever it takes for the team to win.

He also didn't include the question to Tyshawn; which was a leading question.

He's obviously trying to take advantage of a kid that's willing to talk to the media for a story which is blown out of proportion.

I expect more from the Lawrence Journal World when it comes to their coverage of student athletes.

Gary Bedore should write a follow up story, that shows the entire interview, because they played it on the radio, and it didn't sound anything like this story makes it out.

milehighhawk 10 years, 2 months ago

Is Tyshawn Taylor turning into Larry Johnson?

Ryan Wilson 10 years, 2 months ago

Coach Self said it best. "Coaches talk about a ‘good loss.’ There is no such thing. We want to win every game and all that stuff, but if winning camouflaged us getting better? Then we’re better off to have this happen so we can start getting better now."

So rise up to the challenge Hawks. If you want to be immortalized in photos in the tunnel of one of the most historic college basketball arenas you need to buy in to what coach Self wants you to do. You need to knuckle down and sacrifice like the 08 guys. If you do this you have the potential to run the table come march.

Please don't let Kentucky or Texas go win a championship. That would be far too painful to watch.

justinryman 10 years, 2 months ago

His role is to NOT turning the ball over, NOT taking bad shots with 24 seconds left on the shot clock, NOT dribbling around and missing an open Big in the paint his Role is being a team player like the other guys that he is playing in front of.

KU basketball is a team sport, not an All*Star team where showing off and being flashing is a good thing. It's time for someone on the team or the coaching staff to step up and have a little chat him and set hime straight, and quickly before it becomes an issue within the locker room!!!!

Rock Chalk from Omaha

planohwk 10 years, 2 months ago

Stop looking so lost on defense, stop jumping up in the air and then looking for someone to bail you out, do your salute when make a steal and then punch on someone, not when someone else kicks the ball out to your "cherry picking" a**, and most of all, shut your trap. The "east coast" sophomores have been the most disappointing part of the season so far. Especially TT, who has as much talent as anyone on the team.

Self4Prez 10 years, 2 months ago

If TT's comments were taken out of context, this is a non-story. If they weren't, the kid is a moron. How can he NOT know what his role is? I'm guessing Self preaches what everyone, both individually and as a team, needs to do before each game and during each practice.

AsadZ 10 years, 2 months ago

I was impressed by TN officials on not allowing fans to storm the court after beating KU. That was a classic act. However, for their store to sell this T-shirt, is crude, and not very classic.

On TT, looking at some of his comments on FB and reading his quotes, I have come to a conclusion that he wants to get attention. He is very talented but he is selfish. He is a great athlete but does not always bring it on court. He is a different player when the game is on ESPN versus games on local Jayhawk network.

I am not sure if KU coaching staff can change his attitude. Hopefully he will learn to stay away from controversy.

Kye Clark 10 years, 2 months ago

AsadZ - I agree that's pretty classless by Tennessee to print up shirts for a regular season home win, no matter who it was. And it's not like Tennessee is some mid/low major conference school, they are a ranked team in a BCS conference! I guess when you're Tennessee and your football team is in shambles and the basketball team just lost 4 scholarship players you have to find reasons to celebrate.

hawkward1 10 years, 2 months ago

Start CJ - let TT and Elijah fight for second most minutes

FreddyinLA 10 years, 2 months ago

He knows his role, just doesn't fit his game very well. TT's a slasher who can make lay-ups from multiple angles using the glass. How much has that happened this year? His strength is not feeding the bigs when the defense is set.

Won't win the title without TT. HCBS pick up the pace. Cole isn't all of a sudden going develope Simien type post moves to be a go to guy. His strength is altering shots, sweeping the boards, and outlet passes.

Vincent Patterson 10 years, 2 months ago

If I'm Nebraska, I gotta believe a nice arse-whoopin is coming to Lincoln tonight. I imagine the energy/intensity we play with tonight will be similar to that of the Temple game.

TyShawn - Stop opening your mouth man! I actually can see why you might be confused at times while Bill is getting his rotation figured out, but talk to him (HCBS) about it, not the dam media...I'm sure he will be more than straightforward in telling you exactly what he expects from you EVERY SINGLE GAME! As for tonight, I tell you what he is expecting you to do, keep that dam bench from flying up in the stands and hittin' folks! LOL

jaybate 10 years, 2 months ago

Wednesday in the Garden of Problems and Causes:

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer German philosopher (1788 - 1860)

First the problem...

Ty clearly has hit the nail on the head this time, regarding the problem facing him and the KU team. He says he and several guys are fuzzy on what their roles are and that the UTenn loss exposed the confusion. Judging from nagging performance problems at the 2 and 4 spots, the bulk of the confusion must lay at those spots.

In speaking up, Ty P.O.ed his normally unflappable coach. Fans have hit the roof. The media seized on it the way they do anything that might cause a fecal storm capable of attracting eyeballs and triggering clicks. All of the above never happen in sync unless truth is spoken.

And if we did doubt Ty, we have Coach Self's post-UTenn assessment that the team has yet to establish its identity; that is coach speak for: my team hasn't jelled yet, guys don't get their roles yet, but I'm not ready to admit the buck stops with me.

Now for the cause...

Roles are understood inadequately when they are either communicated inadequately, or defined inadequately, or delivered to someone too stupid, or noncompliant, to grasp them.

Ty seems sufficiently smart to receive the signal, if a bit lacking in guile. Ty's performance to date gives no indication of an unwillingness to try to adapt to the role Self says he has assigned, especially with the stick of losing the role of starter. Further, Self is on record as having said Ty has performed credibly the last month or so. So: we have to reject stupidity and willful noncompliance as probable causes of role-vagueness in Ty's mind.

jaybate 10 years, 2 months ago

Could it then be that Coach Self has communicated inadequately; that he has lacked signal clarity? While signal clarity is always a potential cause of vagueness, Coach Self has made unequivocally clear that he has painstakingly defined Ty's role to Ty, and everyone else's role to everyone else, too. Self also has a history of communicating rather clearly with players. So: it probably can't be that the communication has failed, because Self has communicated inadequately.

That, my dear Watsons, leaves an inadequately defined role communicated clearly to a willing, but now increasingly confused listener, as the only logical deduction.

I know, I know, Self is an exceptional coach with a good staff and historically he is quite good with Xs and Os.

But as Holmes noted repeatedly, when one has exhausted all of the possibilites, the one remaining possibility, no matter how improbable, has to be the answer.

My hunch is that Self has defined the 2 position's role, especially, in a way meant to make accomodations for Xavier at the 3, and that this role definition, though workable in the abstract (i.e., it distributes more shots to the 3, etc.), somehow does not in fact work on the floor.

Self confronted a similar problem last season, when he endured Brady at the 3 mostly in hopes of surviving until Mario Little could take the team to the next level. But when Little arrived, Little, even when playing well, disrupted the good chemistry of the team's down the middle game. Eventually, Self resigned himself to Brady at the 3 and let the team be what it could be.

But Self went out and landed another tall, athletic 3 in Xavier and promptly plugged him in this season. And though KU is 14-1, KU has looked just about as out of sync this year as it did last year with Little at the 3; the chief difference being Xavier is healthy and a better trinitizer than Little.

Oh, Self did make one small change. He turned the 2 into a pure glue position, essentially the equivalent of Brady at the 3 last season, but with more bringing the ball up court. Make the second pass. Feed the post. Guard the best perimeter player on the opposing team. Make few TOs. Slash and/or spot up only when absolutely wide open.

jaybate 10 years, 2 months ago

Tyshawn evidences no misunderstanding of how Self has defined it. He has adapted well enough for Self to play him 30 minutes in KU's toughest game to date--UTenn.

What Tyshawn really seems to be saying is: the role itself may work off Broadway, but on Broadway, it just doesn't play well. And all the fine tuning Self is doing of the role does not alter the fact. And Self has been fine tuning the two; i.e., varying what he expects out of Taylor. Sometimes its few shots. Sometimes its eleven. Sometimes its get assists and don't make TOs only. Sometimes he's supposed to slash, too. Other times not.

But, again, what Ty seems to be saying, and out of the mouths of babes unpleasant truth often doth flow--is: the role ain't workin' against the good teams, coach, and I'm getting confused by the fine tuning that isn't solving the structural problem.

Frankly, if Self had said what Tyshawn said, everyone would be nodding in agreement.

It would be accepted as being self-evident.

Eventually, it will be.

Ty has just learned a valuable life lesson.

A little truth goes a long ways.

A lot of truth strips everyone naked.

Coaches, especially in winter time, like their clothes on.

Remember this lesson, Ty.

It will serve you well.

msthompson37 10 years, 2 months ago

Tyshawn is EXACTLY correct. All of a sudden EJ is sitting and Brady Morningstar is playing more minutes? Seriously? OH and btw COLE ALDRICH is a DEFENSIVE threat not much of an offense and we continue to waste time getting him the ball when X should be driving and shooting 3's. Sorry folks truth hurts.....

Kye Clark 10 years, 2 months ago

I think TT has a little bit of a reason to be confused, or atleast let me say that I am a little confused as to what his role is. He was being shuffled in and out during the final minutes of the Cornell game. Regardless I'm sure HCBS told him it was a foolish comment to make to the media. That should really be the end of it.

As for the bashing he's taking on the message boards, there's plenty of that to go around. TT did not play well last week, but who did? Sherron had a good game against Cornell. That's about it. Overall, I don't think a one of the players improved last week. Many took a step back. Sure that was a herculean effort by SC to carry us against Cornell, but in many ways that game was worse than the Tennessee game. You figure that's a home game against a team with no players on athletic scholarships and they just squeeked by. And while it was nice that Sherron's play kept our home winning streak intact, it may have been more detrimental than beneficial. It gave the players the sense they could stand around and watch Sherron do his thing, and probably fostered some of the distrust issues from last season that Sherron had. Cole continues to be a presence inside on defense and rebounding, but he has to demand the ball more and become a scoring threat. Period. The Morris Twins are in the witness relocation program. Brady, Tyrel, and TT couldn't guard anybody aside from Brady playing good defense on Whittman the last 8 minutes or so of the Cornell game, and aside from Tyrel's big three pointer against Cornell ("that's my job", followed by a 1-5 3PA @ Tenn.) no one shot particularly well. Maybe X needs to watch some John Wall highlights to get him motivated again, because right now he's all too content to stand at the 3 point line, and this team needs much more from him if they are to be as special as we all hope and believe. None of our other freshman get enough minutes to significantly evaluate their progression (or lack thereof). As soon as they make a mistake, HCBS yanks them out and they're often done for the night, which I don't understand, because there certainly has been enough poor play lately to spread around the bench time. (Please do not confuse that statement where I "don't understand" with claiming to know better than HCBS. That is not what I'm saying). It's pretty clear to me that if we are not hitting 3s this team will continue to struggle until they play better team defense, take better care of the ball, and more aggresively pound the ball inside.

Camry94 10 years, 2 months ago

Did anyone hear the TOTAL interview? At the end he said he will do whatever it takes to help the team win. I think they should have printed everything he said, not just a part of it. He never said anything about "his role"

Kye Clark 10 years, 2 months ago

In defense of TT, here's a bit of a modified post from a previous article. I think fans are being a little over-critical of his play. He played very well in the Temple game (granted everyone did, but he was 3-4 from the field, 8 points, 5 boards, 2 assists, and played great defense on Fernandez). In the last 8 games he has 37 assists and 10 turnovers. I'm not saying he's playing great or anywhere close to his potential, and I agree we should get more from the 2. Problem is where are we going to turn? Brady says he likes coming off the bench, and for all the good he brings to the team he is not a 30+ minute guy on a championship team. Tyrel? He's not a starter-quality guy either. Elijah still has too much to improve upon before being ready to contribute significant minutes against quality opponents. The same can be said for CJ. Maybe here's a different way to look at it. As I said, Tyshawn has 37 assists and 10 turnovers over the last 8 games, and has played significantly better defense over that span. Now he only averages about 7.4 ppg, but would you take that from a point guard? Now look at Sherron, he has 37 assists and 22 turnovers over that same span, while averaging 16.75 ppg. Would you take that from a 2 guard? I think that's a fair way to look at it, that while traditionally the point guard takes better care of the ball and sacrifices his own scoring while the 2 guard is more prolific in scoring the ball but does not post the same gaudy assist-to-turnover ratio as the point guard, but for this team the production is reversed. Remember TT only averaged 10 ppg his senior year of high school, so scoring production isn't something that comes naturally to him. I think that HCBS knows what he loses in that area with TT he makes up for with SC. So Tyshawn had a couple bad games against Cornell and Tennessee. As I've stated, not many played well over that span. Sherron was 1-12 against LaSalle and finished with only 5 points. Surely had Tyshawn jacked up 12 shots against Cornell he could have gotten 5 points.

Kye Clark 10 years, 2 months ago

Excellent analysis Jaybate. I think what I would say is this. You tailor the game to accentuate your strengths. Self doesn't have a star player at the 2 anywhere on this roster. Maybe EJ or CJ could develope into one, but I can only guess that they are not ready for prime time yet. This team has stars at the 5, 3, and 1. So maybe the real problem is not that the RussRob glue position at the point has been moved to the 2. Looking at the last couple of games, it's that we have only been getting star-quality production from the point, whereas at the 5 (Cole) and the 3 (X) we have not, atleast not lately. Now if we start getting the production we need and/or expect from those spots, could this team contend for a championship with the 2 being a glue position? IDK, but without a true star 2 guard I guess we'll find out.

PAHAWK1 10 years, 2 months ago

Great posts by a lot of you. Is anyone worried about the last sentence from his quote? Who else is not clear of his role?

“We have so many people, so many players … sometimes I don’t know how I fit [or] what I’m supposed to do,” Taylor told reporters before Tuesday’s practice. “Like, Sherron [Collins] is a scorer. X [Xavier Henry] is a scorer. Cole [Aldrich] is our post presence. Sometimes I feel like I get lost in the thing. I THINK A LOT OF GUYS FEEL LIKE THAT."

kstrebor 10 years, 2 months ago

Plan A- You put the round ball in the orange hoop thingy with the net hanging on it attached to the big glass deally. If you can't make that happen, then you pass the round ball to someone in the same color shirt that you are wearing and they will try to put the said round ball in the orange hoop thingy with the net hanging on it attached to the big glass deally Don't forget that you are given only 35 seconds to accomplish this. If Plan A isn't working for you, see Plan B.

Plan B- Pester the living dookie out of the guy's wearing the other colored shirts, there should be 5 of them on the wooden floor the same time you are on the wooden floor. Take the round ball from them if you can, if you can't, then make it super hard for them to get the round ball in there hoop thingy with the net hanging on it attacked to the big glass deally If they (the guys in the other colored shirts) miss getting the ball in the hoop thingy, it is okay at that point to try to get the ball (it's called rebounding) and proceed again with Plan A.

This is the role of all 5 guys wearing the same colored shirts on the court, on both teams.

Carolyn Hunzicker 10 years, 2 months ago

T.T. is wayyyy to full of himself........needs some bench time for his butt

jaybate 10 years, 2 months ago


A friend with a gift for getting to the essence said the season mostly hinges on The Twins.

He believes Self schemed the team for them to combine for 15-20 pts. and 8-10 reebs per game.

He says Sherron gets his 15 usually.

He says Xavier gets his 15 usually.

He says Cole gets 15, or 10 if double teamed.

He says Ty is supposed to get 10 and can do that when his wing heals.

The twins get 15, or if Cole is doubled, then 20.

That's 70.

or = 70 equals win.

< or = 70 equals lose.

drgnslyr's significant other is clued into the 70 point thing also.

I am too, as I started calling half court Eddie Ball 70 point take what they give us a couple of years ago.

But I have overlooked how crucial the Twins are in the formula.

Why are they so crucial?

Because they have to be able to get 20 between them when Cole is doubled.

Cole is mostly doubled.

Therefore, they mostly have to get 20.

Sherron, or X, exploding for 25-30 occasionally does not change the basic formula.

Ty, or Cole, falling a little short occasionally does not change the basic formula.

Through my friend's lens, The Twins composite actually has to score the most night in and night out.

When they disappear, and Cole is not doubled, Cole has to explode for their lost points and more.

When they disappear, and Cole is doubled, someone has to beast for double their average to compensate.

If no one beasts, we are prone to lose.

jaybate 10 years, 2 months ago

Obviously, you'd like to see Sherron, Tyshawn and X share the load on those nights, but with Tyshawn's bum elbow, he can't shoot a lick from outside and so they take away all his slashing. That leaves Sherron and X. X has suddenly developed some shyness around legitimate D1 defenders. This defaults to Sherron. Sherron produces most, but not all of the time.

The big question is: why are the Twins disappearing, when Cole is doubled?

How can they not be wide open almost every time down the floor?

Who is responsible for not getting them the ball every time down the floor that an opponent is doubling Cole?

Get someone, anyone, capable of defending, not making TOs, and of potting the trey, into the game for 30 minutes to feed the Twins until the doubling of Cole stops.

This has to become the equivalent of Star Trek's Prime Directive.

Or are the Twins unable to dunk when unguarded?

This is why Brady called a meeting with them.

Brady is going to be given the job to do exactly this, unless Tyshawn makes it happen.

Self's meeting with Tyshawn will go something like Patton meeting with a struggling captain in the field.

Get the ball in the Twins hands every time down the floor, now, or I'll get someone in here who will!

Final question: why hasn't Tyshawn been putting it straight in the Twins little hands every time down the floor that Cole is doubled?

I predict tonight you are going to see the Twins fed relentlessly if Cole is doubled. And I predict every guy at the 2, who fails to do so, will go straight to the bench. I don't know if Brady will start, or Ty, but I can tell you this. If either guy fails to feed the Twins, he is gone. And the first guy who can feed the Twins consistently stays. Tyrel, CJ and EJ will get their chances next. And if they don't hurt the team with fouls and getting burned on defense, while getting the ball into the Twins every time Cole is doubled, they will start the rest of the season.

Self has to be at fish or cut bait time on this problem of not getting the ball to the Twins, when Cole is doubled. It has to be humiliating to him. Even high school teams can do this.

For the Twins part, if they get the ball and don't combine for 20, Withey is coming in whether he can play a lick or not.

The heat is on, now.

And Ty just lit the burner.

Justin Carlson 10 years, 2 months ago

I would like to leave TT out of my thoughts and focus on the guards and HCBS. Many of you are like me and use the DVR and re-watch the games numerous times. Last night I looked at the game from the 4 min mark (64 tie) Cole touched the ball ONCE in the last 4 minutes........... and that touch was an def rb. WOW what the hell HCBS lets abandon any sort of offense and give the ball to the selfish guards #4 #10 and #1 and let them create against a team that has the athletes to stay with us 1 on 1! Great game plan! Right now Brady, Tyrel and EJ (because he is a frosh) are the only 3 guards that won’t over dribble and over shoot the ball! Yes I agree if it wasn’t for #4 in the Cornell game we lose! But that game created a complete game plan mess and yes TT needs to shut-up but I feel he opened a box that needed opening clear back to the Memphis game in St. Louis. HCBS has not fixed it. He was just fortunate enough the 3 guards (SC, TT, XH) made shots in the rest of the games, and then they decided to play a little team ball because they got their points. This team individually is MORE athletically gifted in the guard spot than in 2008 HCBS needs to tonight develop an 8 – 9 man rotation and let the selfish players sit the bench and ultimately transfer. Everything I have heard and read that “everyone jumps out and speaks at a loss!” But folks lets be real when we don’t make shots we are selfish. When the team is tested we become selfish. Not a very good time to have problems with Kansas Basketball coming into the strongest and most balanced Big 12 ever!!

ParisHawk 10 years, 2 months ago

"Sherron is a scorer or X is a scorer. Cole is our post presence. Sherron is our point guard..." If Sherron is the scorer and the point guard, not much left for the other guy to do.

I think "sometimes I don't know my role" means: when Sherron goes into "Never mind, I'll do it" mode, TT doesn't know what else to do but watch, and that bothers him (and others). I say there's a bit of truth in that and Sherron admits as much.

Still, lots of things TT should never, ever do again: - complain to the press - say something to the press he didn't say beforehand to the Coach - bring other players into it - let problems on offense hurt his defense. No excuses on defense.

As others have said, Sherron doing a Cornell is just treating the symptom, not the disease. Doctor Self, stat...

Kent Wells 10 years, 2 months ago

I don't understand my role as a fan well enough to post a response.

Should I be supportive of TT and assume that it is OK for him to think this but he should have kept his mouth shut, or do I hop on the play more EJ bandwagon.

I don't understand why Self didn't sub someone in to spark the team. It was like the Alamo out there. Why didn't we press? We have the athletes to wear teams down. Surprise them once and a while with a press. We lay back and set up a defense that stood there and let guys drive past them to the basket. That strategy did not work!

Tam Bui 10 years, 2 months ago

What we're all waiting for (besides TT shutting his motor mouth) is the game when EVERY PLAYER is having a bad day (including Sherron), and TT steps up to lift the team to a victory, or even a near victory. That would be nice.

Eric TheCapn 10 years, 2 months ago

Tyshawn, your role is to play basketball to not turn the ball over for once. Bill, your role is to not put Tyshawn in the game for 30+ minutes when he can't seem to play basketball.


Steve Brown 10 years, 2 months ago

my to dop list at `0:48 had nothing about scoring..

TSkylarTaylor your mission on Jaymie Dixon under 19 league was different than your mission can and will excel at both yet know they are not the same call to arms.

Become that combo RussRob + BRush replacment and the very BEST TT you can be with great poise and smile have fun play hard, make crisp passes, defend like your mother's life depended on it....and you will own our hearts, the HCBS trust and another ring... if you are jealous of X scoring then drop it, you are soph more is expected from you than him, like be smart, and defend.

tashe2 10 years, 2 months ago

I have followed KU basketball for many years.. I am a HUGE fan.. I even have a KU basketball tattoo.

Tyshawn frustrates me SO much.. He does stuff that I see highschool baskteball players do.. He does not take care of the ball, he doesnt look for the open player EVER.. He is horrible in transition.. He cant finish.. I dont know how many times I have seen him miss a layup this year.. Brady, Elijah, C.J, Tyrel all are better basketball players and more importantly team players than Tyshawn.. I hope we dont see him on the court at all tonight, or the rest of the season if he doesnt change his pathetic ways! This is a prestigeous program and we dont need players like Tyshawn representing us.. He doesnt even act like it bothers him when he does the stupid things he does.. I wouldnt be one bit upset if Tyshawn transferred out.. I have never not like a KU basketball player, like i dont like Tyshawn.. I hope Bill chewed him out good for the 3rd grade girl comments he made.. Blaming his poor efforts on somebody else or that he doesnt know his role.. B.S!!!


Blake Post 10 years, 2 months ago

way too many comments

let's get down to it

I would like to revenge the football game in monumental proportions, so

Kill NebrASSka dead.
I hate them bugeaters

tashe2 10 years, 2 months ago

I want to apologize for my comments earlier.. BUT not to Tyshawn.. to the other KU players and fans.. Tyshawn just frustrates me so much.. we are such a good basketball team and program that i cannot stand for a punk like Tyshawn to say and act the way he does.. I.E saluting the crowd on his worst game of the year..

On a positive note, I could not be any happier with how the Morris twins have came along, how X has stepped right in and is a threat everytime he touches the ball.. How great Brady is playing, how cole is keeping his head down and working hard.. I like how Elijah looks when he gets in, he is a STUD.. Thomas Robinson is going to be amazing.. KU basketball is looking good for the future and I cannot wait..

But I would like to see Tyshawn taken out of the rotation for atleast the rest of January.. let him prove he wants to be on this team and will work to earn his spot back..

Forever live KU basketball and Bill Self leading the way.. What a great leader we have in Bill!!!

yates33333 10 years, 2 months ago

There are some really good posts in this report in addition to Jaybates expected outstanding comments.

David Howell 10 years, 2 months ago

Nice idiot fodder for the masses .........

Doesn't know his role, or where he is at ? A good reason for drug testing in my mind.

But, at least he had an excuse. What about the Morris twins or Xavier ? Xavier didn't belong on the court most of the night against Tennessee. We are done playing cupcakes Xavier ............. Drive to the bucket instead of camping on the 3 point line all night long.

Kye Clark 10 years, 2 months ago

Jaybate - interesting theory. I'd agree there's some merit to it. When I pointed out that we have star quality players at the 1,3, & 5 I was using it to illustrate some points regarding how you had analyzed the role of the 2 guard. The one position not in that conversation is the 4. As I stated in an earlier post, the Twins have been MIA, so it's no surprise that we played maybe our two worst games of the year last week. I will admit to not knowing what is the bigger problem, the guards not getting the bigs the ball, or the bigs not getting good enough position to warrant a pass. Regardless, I will pay attention to your "basic formula" throughout the year to see how it holds up. Certainly seems to so far. Granted we didn't lose the Cornell game even though the starters + Mk. Morris only got 65, but for a home game against a team that gives no athletic scholarships a mere 5 point win scoring only 71 total points is about the equivelant of a loss, at least in so much as it applies to the formula.

Jack Wilson 10 years, 2 months ago

This lengthing thread reminds me of the Xavier, Lance, stuff in the spring.

Ralster just hit it on the head. This team is only marginally better than last year .. X is the only new contributor. But, hope is we're better in March. 60 days to grow.

Hoping Tyshawn comes out and has a great game tonight.

doctorWho 10 years, 2 months ago

This guy thinks he is the 2nd coming of Allen Iverson - and neither the thinking or the being would be a good thing.

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