Originally published January 10, 2010 at 02:14p.m., updated January 10, 2010 at 07:47p.m.

FINAL: Unbeaten no more: No. 1 KU falls to No. 16 Tennessee, 76-68

Dejected Kansas players Xavier Henry (1) and Cole Aldrich make their way from the floor after the Jayhawks' 76-68 loss to Tennessee Sunday, Jan. 10, 2009 at Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville.

Dejected Kansas players Xavier Henry (1) and Cole Aldrich make their way from the floor after the Jayhawks' 76-68 loss to Tennessee Sunday, Jan. 10, 2009 at Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville.


Kansas falls to Volunteers

Tennessee handed top-ranked Kansas its first loss of the season on Sunday.

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2010 KU-Tennessee

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GameDay Cram Session: Tennessee online editor Jesse Newell and Journal-World sports editor Tom Keegan take a look at what to expect from the Kansas basketball team's matchup against Tennessee.

KU vs. Tennessee

Box Score

KU scoring — Collins 22, Taylor 13, X. Henry 10, Aldrich 7, Morningstar 6, Marcus Morris 5, Reed 3, Markieff Morris 2.

KU was 23-for-61 from the floor (37.7 percent), 7-for-27 from three (25.9 percent) and 15-for-21 (71.4 percent).

UT was 26-for-54 from the floor (48.1 percent), 9-for-18 from three (50 percent) and 15-for-29 from the free-throw line (51.7 percent).

KU had 16 turnovers to UT’s eight. KU out-rebounded UT, 42-35.

FINAL: UT defeats KU, 76-68

Chism gets the ball on the inbounds, and Self screams for Aldrich to foul him. The big man can’t reach him, so UT takes it upcourt.

And a walk-on wins the game for UT. With the shot clock at one, Skylar McBee throws in an off-balanced, leaning three-pointer over Taylor, and the crowd erupts. Taylor looks to the ceiling in disbelief.

Collins misses a forced three, and UT hits a free throw. Xavier Henry misses the next long one, and UT comes away with the rebound with 17.2 seconds left. The overrated chant starts.

Taylor misses a meaningless three at the buzzer, and Hopson chucks the ball up by the videoboard.

KU is unbeated no more, falling 76-68.

Surprisingly, the UT fans keep themselves off the floor.

UT 71/KU 68 — 1:10 left in 2nd half

KU with another steal in the backcourt, as Chism tried a behind-the-back dribble that was poked away.

Collins thought about taking a tough shot himself, but instead he kicked it out to Morningstar for a three that goes through. Self calls timeout with KU down just three. A “Let’s go Jayhawks” chant faintly comes down from the rafters.

UT 71/KU 65 — 1:18 left in 2nd half

KU gets a stop, but Taylor gets in the air underneath the basket and tries a scoop pass, and the ball is stolen away. Maze makes both free throws after getting fouled.

Collins brings the ball up, but he has it stolen immediately by Prince. The guard misses both free throws, though.

Collins passes out to Reed for a three, but it clangs off the rim. That’s the shot you want if you’re KU. Reed immediately fouls Prince, and he makes one of two.

Collins airballs a forced three, but KU steals it on the next UT possession. Morningstar is fouled on a layup attempt, and that’s Prince’s fifth foul. Morningstar makes one of two.

UT 68/KU 64 — 3:15 left in 2nd half

KU forces a turnover, but Collins can’t get a short shot in the lane to fall.

Following a Hopson miss, Xavier Henry makes a strong move to the rim, drawing the foul and hanging in the air to put the shot off the glass and in. His free throw puts KU down two.

Aldrich with a block, and KU runs the other way. Taylor is fouled on a layup attempt, and two free throws tie up the game. Momentum has swung to KU.

With Aldrich in his face, Maze drops a tough, 19-footer. Taylor turns it over on the other end trying to get a pass over a defender, and Hopson finishes the run-out with an emphatic slam.

Collins drives to the lane, but once again misses the short shot. Marcus Morris can’t grab the board underneath, as it goes off his knee and out of bounds.

UT 64/KU 59 — 5:44 left in 2nd half

Xavier Henry checks in, and Taylor talks to him on the court, telling him not to force it offensively.

Skylar McBee, another walk-on, buries a three. UT is 8-for-17 (47.1 percent) from three this game.

After the teams trade free throws, Taylor confidently steps into a three and swishes it. The deficit is down to five.

Maze drives past Collins for a two. Collins knows he let two in defensively, so he sprints to the other end and quickly knocks in an 18-footer. This much can be said about KU: It hasn’t let UT deliver the knockout blow, even though the Vols seemed on the verge of it a few times.

UT 57/KU 51 — 11:01 left in 2nd half

A UT basket puts KU down nine, but right on cue, Collins drives for two with a foul. He puts in the free throw to keep KU down six.

Just when KU gets something going — Aldrich and Taylor both hit free throws to trim the UT lead to four — Hopson puts in a jumper, then Markieff Morris tosses the inbounds pass over Collins’ head and out of bounds.

Marcus Morris receives a nice pass from his brother, but he blows the easy layup. He’s shooting it too quickly and short-arming it. He gets the rebound, though, and will shoot two free throws after the break.

UT 53/KU 46 — 11:01 left in 2nd half

Two breakdowns defensively put KU in a hole. Maze drives to the rim for two, and he’s fouled by Taylor before completing the three-point play.

The next possession, Markieff Morris is late getting out to Chism, and the big man buries a straight-on three. Timeout KU.

Out of the break, Collins gets free in the corner and drains a three. No scream this time. It’s almost a sigh of relief from the guard instead.

KU plays solid defense, but before the shot clock expires, Woolridge throws in another guarded three. That’s his season-high now with 12 points.

After Reed misses an open three, Woolridge beats all the Jayhawks down the floor, and that’s about the fifth time today that KU has gotten beaten back down the floor defensively. Woolridge is fouled and makes a free throw.

Collins drives and rattles in a tough, tough shot on the baseline to keep KU within striking distance at six.

KU switches to a 2-3 zone. You don’t see that happen much under Self.

UT tries to steal a minute before the media timeout with three walk-ons on the court. Josh Bone — one of those walk-ons — puts in a three. I’ve got to wonder why KU didn’t switch back to the man with such poor ball-handlers on the court.

UT 40/KU 39 — 15:47 left in 2nd half

Following a turnover, Xavier Henry checks out for KU. Morningstar checks in. Xavier just hasn’t seemed like himself the last two games.

KU finally gets it in to Aldrich, and after a few hard dribbles, the big man rolls in a turn-around.

Collins follows with a lob that Taylor slams home for an alley-oop.

Another drive and left-handed layup by Prince. KU is having trouble keeping the UT guards away from the rim.

KU scoring — Collins 10 (3-for-8 shooting), Xavier Henry 7, Taylor 5, Reed 3, Marcus Morris 2, Aldrich 2 (12 rebounds), Morningstar 2, Markieff Morris 2.

KU was 12-for-34 from the floor (35.3 percent), 4-for-13 from three (30.8 percent) and 5-for-7 from the free-throw line (71.4 percent).

UT was 12-for-25 from the floor (48 percent), 4-for-8 from three (50 percent) and 5-for-9 from the free-throw line (55.6 percent).

KU out-rebounded UT, 22-17, in the first half. KU had six turnovers to Tennessee’s four.

One halftime thought

It’s fine for Collins to pick this team up if nothing is going right. That’s what happened against Cornell. Nothing was working, no one was making shots and Collins made sure KU didn’t lose.

It’s a much different thing if KU starts only looking to Collins. This isn’t a criticism of Collins at all for this game — he’s shooting because he’s had to shoot. No one else is looking for a shot.

Though it’s great to give Collins props for a stellar performance, the Jayhawks can’t convince themselves that he’s the only talented player on the court. KU needs the open player to take the open shot to be at its best offensively instead of having everyone wait for Collins to take over.

It sure looked, to me, like that was happening in the first half.

UT 33/KU 33 — Halftime

Two straight steals for KU, and the Jayhawks seem to be picking it up a bit defensively.

Tennessee looks worn down at the end of this half, choosing to take it slower offensively.

After committing a silly travel a few seconds ago, Taylor uses a nice up-fake to get a defender in the air before driving baseline for a quick layup.

Following a UT miss, Collins makes something happen, slicing between defenders before putting in a layup with a foul. Most important, though, was that Collins drew Chism’s third foul. He’s one of UT’s only threats inside.

Kenny Hall gets away with a travel underneath before putting in a layup, but Reed answers with another huge shot, draining a three just before the buzzer to tie the score at half.

Self is still going crazy about the non-travel call after the halftime buzzer, and assistant coach Joe Dooley wisely puts himself between the official and Self to save the head coach a technical.

UT 29/KU 24 — 3:44 left in 1st half

KU’s players look tentative offensively. It’s like they’re reverted to last year, passing just to wait for Collins to do something cool.

Taylor misses a shot, but Aldrich gets the board and puts i his first points of the game.

Scotty Hopson uses a quick move to the rim to get a shot to go in, and Pearl pumps his arms in the air, pleading for the fans to get louder. They do.

Hopson with another burst to the basket for two, and UT has its first lead at 23-21.

Two more free throws by UT, and another drive and two for Hopson pushes the lead to six for the Vols. KU’s bigger troubles are on the offensive end, where it has just five points in the last 6 1/2 minutes.

Horrible foul by Bobby Maze, who bailed out Collins on a desperation three-point attempt with a foul. Collins makes all three of the crucial freebies.

KU 19/UT 19 — 7:49 left in 1st half

Xavier Henry has lost his way offensively. He’s taking all the wrong shots. He drives baseline, then tries a leaning shot that has to clear the backboard before getting to the rim. Poor, poor shot selection.

Renaldo Woolridge banks in a three from the top for Tennessee. Lucky break for the Vols.

Aldrich blows a defensive assignment that leads to a KU foul, and Self is livid. He yells at the big man, telling him to wake up and also to score on the offensive end every once in a while.

And here comes Woolridge. He drains one three, then another, tying the game at 19 and forcing Self to take a timeout. Woolridge’s season-high in points is 11 and his career-high is 14. He has nine so far on 3-for-3 shooting.

KU 16/UT 10 — 11:27 left in 1st half

Tennessee does show press out of the break, but Collins breaks open and beats it easily. He lobs to Cole Aldrich, but the big man can’t finish the dunk. Xavier Henry cleans up the play, though, grabbing a rebound and putting in the stickback with a foul.

Collins drives to open up Tyshawn Taylor, who swishes a wide-open three. It appears to me that Taylor could stand to look for his shot a bit more.

Brady Morningstar hits a baseline jumper, and KU’s offense has been effective while being balanced so far. The Jayhawks get beat to the other end, though, and Aldrich is forced to foul Prince on his way to the basket. The Vol makes both freebies.

KU turns it over on an inbounds pass. That’s one for today.

Prince gets his second foul, but he’ll have to stay in there. Later, he nearly loses the ball inside, but finds the handle just in time and puts in a layup before screaming in the face of Thomas Robinson. Once again, the fans here go nuts.

Robinson uses a nice up-and-under move but misses the bunny. Markieff Morris follows with the rebound and stickback. Shortly after, though, Markieff picks up his second foul.

KU 7/UT 6 — 15:25 left in 1st half

Wayne Chism, who seems to play his best against the best competition, starts the scoring off with a three. Can't leave him alone, as he's a 35.5-percent three-point shooter this season. The crowd erupts. This is KU’s first road game this year where more than 90 percent of the fans are against them.

Sherron Collins settles things once again for KU, swishing a three.

Marcus Morris buries a baseline jumper, but — this is rare — KU gets beat down the court. J.P. Prince is fouled hard, and the UT fans go crazy. It was a hard foul by Marcus Morris, but not a dirty one. The fans shouldn’t be this upset.

After Prince’s made free throw, the Volunteers settle back into a half-court defense. That indicates to me we won’t see much (if any) pressing from the Volunteers all game because of their lack of depth.

3:39 p.m.

Tennessee loves its pyrotechnics. Plenty of fireworks and flames for the starting lineups.

And, I have to say, "Rocky Top" is 100 times better in person than on TV. Seriously. It has to be one of the best fight songs in the nation.

3:35 p.m.

Another slight for Collins. In the starting lineups, he was introduced as, "No. 4, Conner Teahan."


3:30 p.m.

In need of some good publicity, the Tennessee players come to the court through the stands, high-fiving fans on the way down to the floor. I've never seen that in a college basketball game.

3:24 p.m.

Here some notes and tidbits about today's game.

Tennessee's four suspended players combined for 32 points and 14.7 rebounds per game this season.

The suspensions leave Tennessee with 11 total players and just six scholarship players. Four of those players have played 21 minutes or less this entire season.

• UT is 35-2 under Pearl in home non-conference games.

Over Pearl's tenure, Tennessee forces more than three turnovers per game on inbounds plays alone.

Tennessee has outscored the opposition's bench in all 13 games this season. I'm guessing it won't happen today.

In case you're wondering, the patch on the UT players' jerseys is for sophomore forward Emmanuel Negedu, who went into cardiac arrest on Sept. 28 and had to be resuscitated by an automatic external defibrillator. He's taking off this year, and because of his heart issues, his future playing career is uncertain, though he remains on full athletic scholarship.

Jacqui Pearl — Bruce Pearl's daughter — sings the national anthem, oftentimes during the Vols' most significant home games. She sang today (and did a good job, too). UT is 18-5 at home when she sings before tipoff.

• Tennessee forces teams into 20 turnovers per game, but also averages 20 fouls per game. Keep an eye on that, as the Volunteers can't afford many foulouts with their short bench.

2:54 p.m.

A few more observations from courtside here.

I walked over to the Tennessee student section, and UT officials were passing out orange "I Am Bruce" shirts to all the students.

Right on cue, Pearl emerged from one of the tunnels — in white button-down shirt and orange suspenders — to high five those students in the first few rows. It made for a good photo-op for the photographers nearby.

I wanted to get a feel for the "trash talk" that is being hurled the KU players' ways in the pregame, and I received my fill. Two Tennessee students were spreading the news to chant, "Jessica Brown" whenever Collins touched the ball.

Other popular jeers were, "Tubby Collins," "You got whooped, Tyshawn," and, "Our football team would beat you guys up, too."

At one point, Collins came within a few feet of the students heckling him before turning back around to shoot. He looks a bit fired up already, bobbing his head to the music on the loudspeakers while moving his arms to the beat and showing a hint of a grin.

2:15 p.m. CST

Welcome back to the Newell Post Live, coming to you from Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tenn., where the No. 1 Kansas Jayhawks are getting set to take on the No. 16 Tennessee Volunteers.

Well, it happened today. I spoke with a twang.

It was unintentional, too. When pushing the button to an elevator in our parking garage, I asked the nice Tennessee folks around me if No. 2 was the button I was supposed to push.

"No. No. Fa-our," a lady told me.

"Oh," I replied, hitting the four button before saying the fateful sentence. "Then two's na-ott the number we wa-unt, i-us it?"

Immediately, I knew what I'd done without being able to stop myself. Our photographer Nick Krug realized it, too.

It's official: Twangs are contagious. I had always convinced myself somehow that if I moved to the South that I'd never give in to the different talking style.

Yep, I've been here one day, and already I'm talking like the locals.

As for the venue — Thompson-Boling Arena — I have to say I'm impressed by it. The building is much larger than I was expecting it, with one of the highest ceilings on any basketball-only arena I've ever seen. The black seats are new and so are the video boards (I count six of them to go with two ribbon boards).

Tennessee also takes advantage of three levels of donor suites, but all of them are near the top of the arena. In fact, I think it's safe to say that the top two levels of donor suites are higher up than any seat at Allen Fieldhouse. I'm not a big fans of suites and college arenas, but at least these suites seem like they're up and out of the way of the good seats.

I've seen a lot of KU fans in the last two days around town, so it wouldn't surprise me to see 2,000 or so KU fans here today. If we hit capacity of 20,000 or so, though, the KU contingent won't be as noticeable as it was at Temple.

One more thing to watch: Tennessee places some of its students directly in seats on the court in one of the corners. Usually, schools try to avoid this to keep rabid students away from opposing players/referees, but as I'm typing, the students on the court are giving the KU players right in front of them an earful of smack talk.

We'll have more analysis as we get closer to gametime. For now, vote in our poll on the left and also use #kubball on Twitter to have your tweets appear on the left side.

Oh, and, password: phog could be a helpful site for many of you today.


Kent Wells 10 years ago

Hey, Jesse... Thanks for the blog again. Oh, what is the p/w!

I've been to that arena before. It is cool how successful the lady vols have been. Lot less arrests too. The guys haven't been that terribly successful in the SEC, based on the banners, but it is a football school. Stay away from the body farm...

Rock Chalk

KUBuilder5 10 years ago

I would love to see some pics of their building!

Ben Kane 10 years ago

I'd like to see us make a statement today against the weeded and unarmed Vols.

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

I look forward to KU doing alot better against the Tenn. pressure D. Sherron to go off and score 28 against it.

KU 89 Tenn. 64

FairgroveJayhawk 10 years ago

I hope the student section lights a fire under Collins before game time. They will regret seeing Collins ablaze.

Too bad we're not in AFH this year, UT has given any opposing school's student section some serious material.

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

Jesse- Who are the CBS announcers today?

ParisHawk 10 years ago

I see Temple beat Rhode Island in overtime. That will help our RPI, since Rhode Island was n. 3.

Martin Rosenblum 10 years ago

Wells -

Yeah, the body farm is pretty ominous. I think there are some former Florida and Alabama football players there, through some clerical error. May or may not be true, though.

Jesse -

Until "ya'll" comes out of your mouth effortlessly, you're just an amateur!

cffighter86 10 years ago

It seems you got your wish Fairgroave... People are idiots trying to get under Sherrons skin, he is going to make them look like fools.

Jesse Newell 10 years ago

@lance1 — Verne Lundquist and Clark Kellogg.

Ron Franklin 10 years ago

anyone know of an online link to watch the game?

milwaukeeJAYHAWK 10 years ago

Is sremhawk going to be showing this one on JTV?

Jesse Newell 10 years ago

mem — I hope I stay an amateur. Don't think there will be y'alls for me.

Brian Powell 10 years ago

ESPN360 is supposed to carry it, and now it's not listed ??

Ben Kane 10 years ago

is that Gus Johnson? He's my favorite CBS announcer

cffighter86 10 years ago

BP2U...Espn and CBS are competitors....

cffighter86 10 years ago

by the way... I grew up in Overland Park and always say ya'll... does that make me country?

Brian Powell 10 years ago

It was listed on 360 before, and there's a link on ESPN for it... but it takes you to soccer :(

I can't believe I'm blacked out way up here in N. Indiana.

Anyone have a link?

RedRed 10 years ago


Read the last line of JESSE N. introduction ... it has the link !!! Duh !!

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

BP2U- Jesse has a link listed at the bottom of his blog

Dan Harris 10 years ago

What's the body farm?

KU- 88 Tenn-72

Chuck Wagstaff 10 years ago

Handling the pressure o.k. so far - I hope our depth (and their short bench) can wear them down.

Brian Powell 10 years ago

my bad - I missed the blue text that makes LINKS STAND OUT :P

Brian Powell 10 years ago

not to mention that link is offline :(

adamjhwkfan 10 years ago

cole is missing way too many dunks

adamjhwkfan 10 years ago

im thinking cole might have a vision problem we don't know about

Mike Kendall 10 years ago


You said: "Purnell's Old Folks Sausage claim to have the softest sausage in America. . . I guess so the toothless crowd can gobble it down, too."

I saw that commercial, too! That was goofy, for sure!

Dan Harris 10 years ago

I forgot that we were going to be subjected to that God awful rockytop chant over and over and over and over and over again!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Is the ball slick, or what? We can't hold onto the ball!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

We need to push the ball more--more up tempo!

Chuck Wagstaff 10 years ago

Jayhawk Paint & Glass in the house.

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

Our bigs are missing lots of bunnies. Thank goodness for the offensive rebounding so far. Cole has got to figure out a way to get the ball in the hole.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

I guess the bank is open on a Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

Poor passing and poor shot selection so far.

lance1jhawk 10 years ago


I started punishing my liver @ 3:25 today

Mike Kendall 10 years ago


The day is young--be careful!

Our offense stinks!

Brian Powell 10 years ago

I think I found the wrong feed... Is this KU??

I hope, I H O P E we can live with desperation 3s with their shot clock down to 1... but where is our offense!?

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

lance1 -

I'm about to hop onboard that train too!

Is it just me or does their crowd boo every single call against them? Reminds me of the crowd over at AFH west.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Like I said, "Our offense stinks right now!" Hope it gets corrected soon.

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

mikendal- I'm at home, and not going anywhere ;-)

watch for poor typing as the game goes on though

ParisHawk 10 years ago

The coach's son gets an assist to Royce Woolridge's brother: you couldn't make that up.

Foul trouble on Prince and Chism, tie after three lucky or last-second threes. This will not last.

Chuck Wagstaff 10 years ago

Foul trouble - Chism, Prince (UT), Markieff (KU) all with 2

Theutus 10 years ago

Ugly offense.... Ugly defense.... Call a timeout and chew some ace coach.

Brian Powell 10 years ago


In a close, tough game, you HAVE to go inside. You HAVE to get foul shots. You have to get them in foul trouble. You have to find an easier way to score.

i.e. what TENN is doing

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Officiating is starting to stink, now!

Theutus 10 years ago

Did Robinson seriously just get a foul called on him for being shoved in the back....

What is the deal with him and officials hating him...

Brian Powell 10 years ago

We look lost. Unmotivated. Nervous? I dunno.. where's the fire? Why don't Sherron take those open 3s?

Joe Joseph 10 years ago

It's called defense. Guard someone.

adamjhwkfan 10 years ago

2 games in a row now we're just walking around with no care in the world..

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

drgnslayr -

You're spot on. How many uncontested layups is that now? pathetic...

kusayzone 10 years ago

We have taken one free that a problem for anyone else??

Brian Powell 10 years ago

Who is coaching them to shoot from the outside every possession?? TAKE IT T O T H E M

justinryman 10 years ago

Stuck at work and can only read online whats going on with's gamecast, why is that I keep ready T-Taylor missed shot, turn over, missed shot??? Why is he in the game right now then?

Can someone fill me in to what is really happening? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Joe Joseph 10 years ago

Wow. Kansas shooting free throws. Amazing.

slow clap for the officials

Ron Franklin 10 years ago

relax. they are shootin lights out, and we cant hit anything. well take this game over by the 30 minute mark.

buckleyhawk 10 years ago

in a weird way i think the collins cornell game could be somewhat harmful in the short run for him...he is looks like he is trying to do too much again.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

sherron missed a wide open 3 for tyrel. I don't like us when he is forcing everything. It seems like everytime he is wrestling with do I do this myself or pass it off.. Our offense works better when we flow through everybody.

justify4me 10 years ago

The problem with this game is the same as all other games: PLAY TEAM BASKETBALL!

This is all on Self. These guys could care less about playing like a team. All they are about is themSELF. That is what happens when a bunch of thugs play street ball.

justify4me 10 years ago

How about getting the ball on the block AND taking it TO the HOLE!

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

Given the way we're shooting from the perimeter, Pearl is smart to go with that 2-3 zone. We better find a way to remove the lid from the freakin basket soon.

Brian Powell 10 years ago

UT is playing Zone- - we have to penetrate. Have to. You don't break a zone by standing around and passing it around - you have to MOVE

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

One and done--no offensive rebounding. Of course, we are shooting terrible, too, so that compounds the situation!

justinryman 10 years ago

So is this street ball that KU is playing and Tenn is playing team ball, or are they taking us out of our game?

Is Sherron trying to do too much and thats hurting us, or is nobody moving to get open? Can someone PLEASE fill me in with facts?? Jaybate, Chuck???

Clarence Haynes 10 years ago

justify4me Don't contribute if you have nothing to say!

Joe Joseph 10 years ago


Kansas is 3rd in the nation in assists per game, I believe.

Hard to call that "selfish" basketball...

Joe Joseph 10 years ago

Tyshawn Taylor does not deserve playing time right now. Get him out of there.

Brian Powell 10 years ago

They're at 47% but they're hitting 3s uncharacteristically (bank shot, desperation shot...). Our fault? The high percentage of layups inside.

We need more hustle on O, in my opinion. Our D will be fine - but now that we're behind, we HAVE to score.

Theutus 10 years ago

Get Taylor out of the game. He's easily been responsible for half a dozen turnovers already.

Put CJ in to replace him.

Brian Powell 10 years ago

GUess my feed is slow.. I agree --- BENCH Taylor. Put EJ in.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

big gamble and backfire by pearl. if we can get chism his fourth early in the second that will be huge.

buckleyhawk 10 years ago

collins to reed. that was pretty. at least end the half on an uptick. need to keep driving and dishing...everyone is right, too much standing around against the zone.

Theutus 10 years ago

EJ or CJ, at this point, i just don't understand why Self is giving Taylor so much playing time over those two.

Taylor isn't that solid on defense, so I don't see that being the cause... And he's a train-wreck on offense. I just don't understand.

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

Collins drive and bucket that picked up the 3rd foul on Chism was huge!!!!!

Joe Joseph 10 years ago

KU is getting destroyed by the dribble and Cole is not blocking shots in the paint. Perimeter defense = poor.

We'll see if Tennessee can keep up the pace in the second half given its lack of depth. I think Kansas will pull away late.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

yet another 3 right before the half by reed!

I would like to see CJ get some time.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Another key three by Tyrel. Tied up 33-all. I would think that foul trouble will be a key for Tennessee. Come on Jayhawks, you can do better!

Brian Powell 10 years ago

Finally mr. clutch timing 3 comes through at the end...

Glad to see Sherron finally put his head down and go inside. That 3rd foul on Chism was needed..

Finally, halftime. Finally get our heads on straight and our hearts in right?

buckleyhawk 10 years ago

the other thing j newell mentioned, xavier henry has lost his way. i sure hope this isn't the proverbial freshman wall (no not john)...even though he has 7 pts, he just doesn't look right offensively.

Ron Franklin 10 years ago


yes. we should be outperforming these guys. fact is tho, were number 1 and every team comes lit up, ready to play Kansas. I'm sure that presents a challenge in itself...when it comes to bringing high energy to every game.

but...this is the first game im not getting to watch this net speed is too slow on this aircard. so, honestly I cannot see what's going on.

Ron Franklin 10 years ago

"aaaahhhh" pet peeve....I meant Kansas should be outperforming these guys not "we"....

MrPilot 10 years ago

justify4me (anonymous) says...

A bunch of thugs? Go away troll.

wolfy 10 years ago

Someone other than Cole has got to get aggressive inside. And if we can't stay in front of these guys on defense, we might have to go zone. Give Elijiah a shot. He can at least match Tennessee's athleticism.

Jim Darnall 10 years ago

Too much standing around on offense. Not setting screens. Everyone except Collins playing very tentative. Our big man is basically invisible defensively and offensively. They best get heads on during half time or it's kiss a victory goodbye.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

sticking with my pregrame score:

KU 85 UT 59

Kent Wells 10 years ago


Your butt better be at the game considering it is only a 4 hour drive!

ParisHawk 10 years ago

Cole is rebounding like crazy, but no blocks against all that driving?

Anybody know where there are some good live stats? ESPN doesn't show minutes played.

Jim Darnall 10 years ago

Hey chuckberry32, are you watching the same game we are?

Ron Franklin 10 years ago

we can expect the Vol's will be outcoached, and expire from exhaustion in the second half.

kusayzone 10 years ago

HCBS knows this is a game of attrition. He had the subs in significantly and Tennessee sees plenty of fouls on them called. The second half should see whether the strategy works or whether we need to go for the jugular in the first half!

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

1st half thoughts:

The intensity is clearly lacking on the defensive end. Too many easy drives in the lane resulting in layups for TN. I noticed that Tyshawn has been burned a couple of times after losing his man. That, combined with some lucky 3 balls and we're tied at halftime. Keep in mind that this is pretty much w/o Chism who now has 3 fouls. Let's just hope Royce can shoot the trey like his brother has been! And what was up with TRob getting a foul called on him after being shoved in the back after a missed FT?

Not sure what to think of on the offensive end. Flat out terrible. We're not playing hi/low. We're not exploiting our clear advantage in the paint. What we are doing is settling for lousy shots on the perimeter after just a few passes around the top of the key. When we have gotten the ball inside we haven't hit the bunnies either. The offensive rebounding has saved us with some 2nd chance buckets. Overall, lousy shot selection.

Overall, I expect the 2nd half to be different. Play more under control and hopefully our depth becomes the difference. Tighten up the D and run the damn offense and we should be ok. Thank you to Tyrel for hitting that 3 at the end of the 1st half to tie it up.

Ben Kane 10 years ago


you watch... Tenn will wear down quickly in the second half.

4jhawks4ku 10 years ago

Get Tyshawn outtta there, his head is somewhere else.... Lets see CJ or Elijah

Chuck Wagstaff 10 years ago

Did the twins have an accident in Chemistry Lab? They seem to have become invisible.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

The one think I still don't undertand is why we don't press more. One would we think with our depth that would be the way to go.

Jim Darnall 10 years ago

Our deffense down the middle looks like a sieve. Cole should be making a difference on their scoring inside but isn't. He seems to be pretty slow footed here lately. I may be too hard on him, but it seems to me he not using his big body the way he should.

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

They need to take care of the basketball and pass, pass, and pass! Get it inside to the big men.

Kent Wells 10 years ago

I agree Chuck Berry. With the talent and depth, I do think it would be a game changer. Maybe like the football team didn't have an onside kick, maybe we dont have a press. Or perhaps it is a coaches preference. Just seems like it would be a great way to spread the minutes.

Brian Powell 10 years ago

looks like Self said at half' 'Hey let's not even complete a pass this half!'

WilburNether 10 years ago

Henry and Morningstar are both utterly useless on both ends of the court, killing us with turnovers, missed shots, poor defense (Morningstar is going to catch cold from the wind generated by Tennessee players blowing by him). We are getting killed at the 3 spot.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

it's not just the not pressing. why are both cj and ej not getting any time? Most of our turnovers are from the 2 and 3 spot.

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

lance1 -

Time to kick it up a notch. This is officially ugly.

kusayzone 10 years ago

4 to's and 4 fouls for KU 0 and 0 for Tenn.????????? Someone doesnt have their heads on straight! KU can not defend the drive because no one on KU drives to the basket in practice. Oh the days of Langford et al......

Dan Harris 10 years ago

We are playing like crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Kane 10 years ago

that last possession just made me sick. Morris had perfect position and taylor doesn't feed him.

Joe Joseph 10 years ago

Tennessee's game plan seems to be very elementary; just drive past the KU defender who is standing flat on his feet.

Amazing coaching.

Theutus 10 years ago

Taylor got 3 fouls and finally came out....

BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years ago

Taylor = liability. Henry = liability. Mornigstar = liability.

In general our guys look like they are waiting for Collins to take over. Come on guys, contribute.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

I think we are getting out-coached right now.

Theutus 10 years ago

Since when did we rely entirely on a broken offense that does nothing but fire up desperation 3's....

This is honestly tough to watch. Coach Self needs to start earning his paycheck, and soon.

Brian Powell 10 years ago

WTF hawks??

I can only hope that Coach told them to get it inside more in the 2nd half. Seriously, what the twang are we trying to do out there??

Take it to the hole! Get THEM in foul trouble. Get US on the line for easy FTs.

WilburNether 10 years ago

Lack of effort rebounding, failure to hustle back on defense, miserable performance.

Kent Wells 10 years ago

I am thinking out my butt right now, but maybe Jesse can post some more fantastic status, but I guess I would expect most of the turnovers to come from the 2 and 3 position. Maybe the 5 if it is Greg Dreiling. I would like to see the kids, but you have upperclassmen (read experienced) and they have to play.

Clarence Haynes 10 years ago

We're not getting back on D. Henry is learning the hard way that it isn't as easy to get to the basket against quality defenders. He'll learn to adjust....hopefully tonight because we need everything to win this one!

Brian Powell 10 years ago

I used to argue X's case for equal with Wall, because the numbers don't lie, right?

But here is the crucial test -- game is on the line, how do you play? Timid or Balls-out?

I've seen X's answer. I mean I don't blame him, he's a freshman. But I know what Wall does in these games...

BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years ago

And sometimes shots just go in, and go in, and go in.

Brian Powell 10 years ago

OMFG someone please post that guys 3PT percentage.!!!!! SEriously, he hits all 4 down in the shot clock? Just our luck

Finally another foul for Chism...

Ben Kane 10 years ago

X is good, but it's pretty obvious that wall is special. sucks for me because i hear about it everyday here in lexington but it's true.

Dan Harris 10 years ago

That was a terrible phantom call on Collins!

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

It's about to get interesting folks.

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

Foul trouble starting to add up. Let's hope these walk ons dont forget who they are on the court. If there was ever a time to turn it on it would be now!

WilburNether 10 years ago

Reed loafs back on defense after bricking yet another 3, fouls. Isn't anyone on this team going to put out some effort?

Ben Kane 10 years ago

well for better or worse it's going to be sherron here on out. My money is on him! :)

Joe Joseph 10 years ago

This officiating is awful. I mean pathetic.

Theutus 10 years ago

How does a guy call a timeout when he doesn't even have possession of the ball... That was stupid.

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

How in the hell did Pearl get that rebound? 1 on 4 and he comes down with it? That pretty much says it all. Ugh...

Brian Powell 10 years ago

REbound with 3 hawks and one young Pearl? Of course we don't get it


Ben Kane 10 years ago

I sure we like to see CJ out there...he could go boschee on tis

WilburNether 10 years ago

Pearl grabs offensive rebound with 3 Hawks standing around him (and I do mean standing, not going aggressively after the ball).

Self goes zone, and what else is he supposed to do when his team has loafed on defense the entire game?

Dan Harris 10 years ago

We look like we are just going thru the motions! Sit the whole damn team on the bench and get some guys in there that will at least give some effort!!

Alec White 10 years ago

Collins the "greatest PG in KU history" as some on this board are suggesting is laughable. He's getting embarrassed by Bobby Maze. Yep, Bobby Maze-best known for his resemblence to Allen Iverson (not for their similar games but their similar looks). How can you label him the best when he is only effective on offense (which is obviously only 50% of the game). He consistently gets blown by players smaller, taller, larger, etc. Defense is how hard you want it compared to offense where reptition and athletic ability are more important. It's disgusting to watch the likes of 6'7 Scotty Hopson and Bobby "I like to blaze" Maze drive right by Collins as he watches them go by. What good is a fancy in-between-the-legs spin move finished with a layup when the Vols just go down court and blow by "the best leader Self has coached" while their on cruise control. Sorry for venting..

Clarence Haynes 10 years ago

Lew Perkins looked spooked on the sidelines!

Kent Wells 10 years ago

UT is just being agressive and playing like they have nothing to lose. They dont really. Actually, Pearl does have them playing well. They've drank the Pear cool-aid. This was the game we were expecting. Just the wrong players. Relax. I know it isn't Cornell, but there is a ton of hoop left.

Dan Harris 10 years ago

This is looking like a huge upset guys if we don't pull our heads out of our ass

Lacy Mohler 10 years ago

Thank you. Finally found a big guy. Sometimes wonder why KU bothers to recruit 7 footers.

Theutus 10 years ago

Yeah, there is a lot of game left... But here is the thing: This crappy play and lack-a-dazicle effort is becoming a trend.

Our lack of offensive flow (or offense period) is becoming commonplace against decent teams.

Quite frankly, this is not the #1 team in the nation... And it's disappointing considering all the natural ability we have.

kusayzone 10 years ago

There is no inside presence so we go zone to stop the 3's and they blow us up with a walkon 3-------And the timeout wasnt even a jump ball!!!!!! Strange ref call! Dont give X crap! He has been told who leads this team! Everyone is and they dont drive the lane even if a truck could drive down it because........thats the way it is!

jayhawkboogeyman 10 years ago

The first few games of the year, when we were winning like 100-50, I thought we looked good, but if we didn't defend the 3 we were in trouble. Good example here.

Brian Powell 10 years ago

Problem with the zone is it lets them slow the game down even more

Chuck Wagstaff 10 years ago

We all know what Sherron can do. I want someone else to step up. Anyone else.

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

There is alot of time left in this game... and we are finding out who the real Jayhawk fans are. stupimichael should change his name to fairweather_michael

BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years ago

That's okay. I like that he was going to be aggresive.

tstanlick1909 10 years ago

I'm sorry but the twins are horrible

Dan Harris 10 years ago

4 of our guys standing flat footed and the 1 Vol gets the rebound, PATHETIC!

Joe Baker 10 years ago

KU is flat and Tenn is playing with heart!

KU better ramp it up. They look totally out of sync! KU is beating KU right now!

Theutus 10 years ago

My prediction, we lose today... And rightfully so.

This isn't a team that is playing Basketball. They are playing pick-up, and it's ugly.

Joe Baker 10 years ago

Where's CJ? We need more fire power!!

Brandon Hull 10 years ago

I can only track this game on ESPN Gamecast, but this looks like it's atrocious -- embarrassing, even. Is Cole doing anything besides grab Xavier doing anything besides watch?

Seems like everyone's waiting for Sherron to do something...again.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

finally he brings out the press

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

Shot clock violation saved us from another 1 on 3 rebound from TN. Where's the fire on the boards? Unbelievable!

Joe Baker 10 years ago

Lil' Bruce is taking this game over!

Ben Kane 10 years ago


Please ask at press conf why he doesn't press more when the team is so deep...I really want to hear his answer.

Dan Harris 10 years ago

Not with forced passes like that he won't

Joe Joseph 10 years ago

Bruce Pearl needs to stop b*tching at the officials. Last time I checked, KU has 48 fouls compared to Tennessee's 6.

Dan Harris 10 years ago

Tenn hitting their 3's and we aren't= 1st loss of the season

Brian Powell 10 years ago

Wow 8 minutes to go and we FINALLY start going at them inside

Joe Baker 10 years ago

Tenn will push and foul their way to victory if they have to!

They have 4-5 guys with 4 fouls?

WilburNether 10 years ago

Morris twins look like they're in a daze. Playing like it, too.

Steve Gantz 10 years ago

If I had a dollar for every missed layup.

Brian Powell 10 years ago

Looked like the Morris from last year.

Why is that not a dunk?

Joe Baker 10 years ago

what is wrong with the twins? They can't make squat!

come on guys...take the game over! now

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

The twins are awful and need to have a seat for the rest of the game.

Joe Joseph 10 years ago

I wonder how many layups/dunks and free throws Kansas has missed the last two games. It has to be somewhere in the millions.

Theutus 10 years ago

Who's baling on the team BCRaven? I'm callin a spade a spade.

Just because i predict we lose means i'm not a fan? lol.

If we DO win, it's because UT lost it themselves... It won't be because we deserve it.

And if we keep up this slop play, we'll be dropping a couple conference games real soon as well. Just calling it how i see it.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

taylor misses another feed inside. WTF Bill???

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Andrea or whatever her name is needs to get them more energy.

I would be curious why they've went zone also. It seems weird with the depth we have to try to save fouls by going zone.

At least the foul saved Tyshawn another missed FG attempt.

Brian Powell 10 years ago

7 minutes, game over.

Why? Their 3s and our turnovers, and our lack of desire on offense.

Dan Harris 10 years ago

missed layups, missed FT, blown assignments, throwing the ball away were toast!

Joe Baker 10 years ago

kuwells- the zone is an attempt to control the trey!

Ben Kane 10 years ago

no the zone is attempt to stop the penetration

Theutus 10 years ago

What's the point of controlling the trey, when we'll just let them drive to the basket for a layup whenever they want?

I honestly don't remember the last time i've seen a KU team play such terrible (and lazy) defense.

Philip Garver 10 years ago

Why are the Morris twins on the floor? Neither one have done anything positive today.

Joe Baker 10 years ago

i wonder what the refs discuss during a timeout?

FairgroveJayhawk 10 years ago

I would like to nominate markieff's in-bound pass for the greatest play of the game. .... sarcasm.

Matt Lacey 10 years ago

X is a liability on the defensive end. If he is not scoring, he should be on the bench.

PS stop making passes you don't need to make. That's most of our turnovers.

Alec White 10 years ago

is X really a top 10 pick? I doubt it. Without Sherron giving him open threes I'd say he'd average around 10 a game, not to mention a liability on defense and he brings about as much intensity as I do when I'm heading to the DMV. At least Rush played defense when he was lost in the flow of the offense. I'll blame it on being a freshman because I know he has all the tools and I truly do believe he wants to be great.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

that was way too quick. one and done...

Theutus 10 years ago

There it is, a flash of desire from X. Let's hope he keeps it up.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

sounded like an aldrich scream.

kusayzone 10 years ago

X DRIVES TO THE BASKET!!!! Has he been reading this posting during the game???

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

Here we coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee!

Ben Kane 10 years ago

i don't agree with the announcers... taylor has completed more passes to UT then KU.

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

Taylor leaves his feet with nowhere to go = turnover. That tie evaporated as fast as TT's options did on that play.

Theutus 10 years ago

Taylor, biggest liability on the team, and he gets more minutes than anybody but Collins in his spot....

I honestly can't see a SINGLE reason for it. Not one.

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

Leave Tyshawn at the body farm.... please!

Joe Baker 10 years ago

how can a soph make a frosh mistake? that's 4-5 to's for TT

Brian Powell 10 years ago

how many times in the 2nd half did we come down the floor and turn it over on the FIRST PASS??

I know the high turnover rate, but this is ridiculous.

CAn't even complete 1 pass?!

Joe Joseph 10 years ago

Tennessee has been too good. I would almost feel bad if KU were to somehow pull this one off.

Kent Wells 10 years ago

The zone is an attempt to control the trey? Yeah, that is working... I thought Morningstar controlled that. Is he hurt? I thought he was the lockdown guy. I guess they are too tall for him to guard...

More about the blonde please....

Ben Kane 10 years ago

TT again. Bill i just don't understand. How many turnovers does he have to make before you bench him.

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

Another turnover on TT. Get EJ/CJ in there NOW!

tstanlick1909 10 years ago

This game is over, only Sherron wants to win

Theutus 10 years ago

Taylor, in the air for ANOTHER turnover.

At this point, i'm straight calling Self out for piss poor coaching.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

well we deserve this loss playing like this. I think this one is on bill though.

kusayzone 10 years ago

Somehow Sherron against 5 is a problem today!~

FairgroveJayhawk 10 years ago

I'm going to remain positive: keep taylor's seam no the bench.

Brian Powell 10 years ago

Case in point: Our best player can't even get the first pass off without a turnover!

Gross! We deserved to lose this one...

tstanlick1909 10 years ago

Hopefully we can build on this loss

Joe Joseph 10 years ago


Agreed about deserving this loss. Probably deserved to lose against Cornell as well. Not sure if you can put it on Bill though. KU missed a LOT of shots.

BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years ago

chuckberry32, The turn overs aren't Bill's fault.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

I really think CJ is a better shooter than reed or brady. coach must know somehting i don't.

Matt Lacey 10 years ago

The real question is what does Lew listen to in his headset.

rcaltrider 10 years ago

This is embarrassing! Losing to a team with 6 scholarship players. This definitely is not a #1 team.

Brian Powell 10 years ago

OK, ps- we did deserve to lose it but really? TENN has 4 players suspended and the next 2 with four fouls each midway through the 2nd half.

Really?? MAybe we're the 10th ranked team. Maybe.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

playing him when he continues to turn it over and has a history of it is bill's fault. Do something over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. if you play TT he will turn it over.

Theutus 10 years ago

This loss is most definitely on Coach Self... 100%. Did we have guys playing terrible? Yes. Did Coach Self leave them in the game to continue to play terrible? Yes.

And when we have the deepest bench in the country nonetheless.

I just don't even have the words to describe my disappointment in his coaching tonight.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Somebody said we deserve to lose--I agree--it would definitely help us! But I'm not giving up yet--not after '08.

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

Tennesse wanted this one more than KU wanted it. I hope we can pull it out, but we do not deserve to win this one.

rcaltrider 10 years ago

He doesn't have any other choice but to play TT, Tyrel and Brady are not athletic enough to play at this speed. If this team showed half of the effort of Tennessee they would have wiped the floor with them. Tennessee is not good.

Craig Colgin 10 years ago

Ive been trying to tell people all year that we are way overrated but nobody would listen. Im just being Debbie Downer!!! Hope this finally goes to show that we do not have the Number 1 team, haven't all year, won't all year, and quite frankly we will be lucky to make the sweet sixteen. Texas will absolutely embarrass us in Austin!!!!!

Brian Powell 10 years ago

We decide to play D and press at the last minute of the game?

In games like this I always see a lack of fire and urgency -- until it's too late.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

this team is not as good as the 07-08 team. When stressed we always respond the same way. sherron sherron sherron

but they team did teach me never to give up.

LakeShawnee 10 years ago

Will you all back off the ledge please? Its not over yet.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

I'm not giving up YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years ago

Brady? The dude can hit a three but can't make a free throw to save his life. But hey we'll take it.

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

kuae99- Lew Perkins listens to the Bob Davis and Chris Piper call of the game.

Theutus 10 years ago

rcaltrider so what's your excuse for EJ or CJ not playing? We are more deep at the 1/2 than any other spot....

Yet we play Taylor like he's a "must have" in the game. It's ridiculous considering his play.

Do i want to see him get minutes, and hopefully get his head straight? Yes. Do i think he deserved more than a handful of minutes today? Nope. Not a chance.

NH_JHawk 10 years ago


If we lose it's only 1 game and it's a non-con. It's not like we're going to miss the tourney b/c of 1 game. This could be a good motivator for the start of conference play. With that last 3 from Morningstar dont close the book just yet.


Craig Colgin 10 years ago

Its ridiculous that Sherron is the only one who shows up and actually acts like he wants to be there, The other guys and yes i am including Cole, look like they dont care. Tired of watching this team play!!!

Jonathan Briles 10 years ago

This team never deserved their #1 ranking. They have ONE great player and that is IT. The rest are all good players. I do not respect this team and will continue to not respect this team until they play to their potential. I can respect a team that gives everything they have but no matter how much I love a team I will never respect a person or a team who plays half-A$$. I am truly ashamed of this teams effort. I am a Damn proud Jayhawk and will be until the day I die but this team just plain saddens me. I hope Self can get it together bc this very well is a coaching problem. Self is a brilliant coach but this team does not put out the amount of greatness that they should. It is an effort problem and this team needs to give more effort.

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Sample of live feed of Lew Perkins' headset:

"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me." "Whining is anger coming through a very small opening." "You're only as sick as your secrets." "I am a human being, not a human doing." "Pee-wee Herman: There but for the grace of God go I." "I'm a skeleton because its scary and because it reminds me that I am a human being. And that's okay. That's what I am. And beside, I think it makes me look thinner (a Halloween thought)." "I learned what love is from my parents. Which is that you find that one-special person who was placed on the planet just for you, and then you put them through forty years of living hell."

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Frickin' walkon's 3 was a dagger! Damn that hurts!

FairgroveJayhawk 10 years ago

I"m going to be nice about this: put taylor on the bench.

Theutus 10 years ago

Well, that's that... Pathetic display. We deserved to get blown out of the water tonight, by a sub-par team.

Just pathetic

ParisHawk 10 years ago

Fitting that the last three was defended by Taylor.

Was the fix in on this game? I hope somebody got something out if this.

Philip Garver 10 years ago

We could've used Mario Little today.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Boys, let's get ready for Nebraska! Learn from this loss. Move on and win the Big 12.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

so jesse to questions for bill...

why not press more?

what happened to CJ and EJ?

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

NH_JHawk- You are right on.. All that matters is winning the confrence.

adamjhwkfan 10 years ago

pathetic, really really pathetic. No ball movement, horrible shot selection, no transition defense, nothing nothing nothing.

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Let me be the first to post this:


Ben Kane 10 years ago

played to lose two games in a row now. once happens, two in a row should be on the coach.

Brendan Connolly 10 years ago

This team let Collins down. I am not sure why but it is as if alot of these guys forgot how to play. The one that amazes me is how much Aldrich has dropped off. The game should be about how hard Aldrich was for Tennessee to stop, but he isn't posting well.

Theutus 10 years ago

Coach Self needs to do some looking in the mirror. How do you take the deepest team in the country into a craptastic UT team with 4 scholarship players missing, and then coach your team into the ground.

I'm so disappointed in his coaching that i honestly feel sick to my stomach.

BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years ago

It is what it is. This will burn deep inside the players that want to improve. And in reality we should have lost much sooner. Some may not agree with that.

Brian Powell 10 years ago

Woolridge (TN) season 37% from 3. Today? 4 for 6 including at least two at the end of the shot clock and one was a bankshot.

What was the total # of 3s they made at the end of the shot clock?

rcaltrider 10 years ago

This team will get destroyed by Texas!

tis4tim 10 years ago

Piss poor all the way around. So, how far do we drop? 5 spots? 10 spots?

Rock_Chalk_NYC 10 years ago

Only guy leaving this team next year should be Sherron... All these other guys still belong in college! Pathetic display from coaching all the way down... except for Mr. Sherron Collins! Thank god for him!

Craig Colgin 10 years ago

absolutely uncalled for and embarrassing, no team should ever beat us because they want it more, This teams effort is lackluster and mediocre at best. I will take last years team that fought thru the sweet sixteen over this group of soft whiners that will be lucky to advance that far unless we play teams ranked in the RPI bottom 50 like we have all year. I knew it would bite us, looks good on the record book but unfortunately thats all playing crap teams does for you.

Theutus 10 years ago

I don't think we deserve to be a top 5, and i would say lower end of the top 10.

If Coach Self doesn't start subbing players, i say not even top 15.

BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years ago

Theutus, I understand what you are saying and share your frustration. Tennesse played beyond their norm. Yes we played below. But they were way over what they normally do.

jcsmith 10 years ago

Check the final score Gentlemen.

You just got your a$$'s kicked by a bunch of F***in walk-ons.

Pull your heads out of your a$$'s and play the way KANSAS BASKETBALL is supposed to be played.

PS. Tyshawn...... Transfer already...........

KULA 10 years ago

Coached a great game there Bill! You got the deepest team in the country going up against a team of walkons and you sit back in a zone and play no pressure defense at all. Do you even have a press in your playbook? Does KU even run an offense or is it just try to pound the ball down to double teamed Cole while four guys stand around on the perimeter?

Clarence Haynes 10 years ago

Judging from his sloppy play, Taylor needs to get his swell head together. He's probably listening too much to his buddies in New Jersey and all about his NBA potential. He really needs to better sink in his brain what HCBS tells him. Just wish that he was as much of a team player as Collins!

kusayzone 10 years ago

Final comments! Send the Morris twins back to pre school basketball 101---They were nothing today Tell Cole that if he doesnt have 10 points by half both he and and the starting guards sits the start of the second half. Make Sherron watch the film 1000 times to see how many assists he could have had in this game and made his team passive Sorry HCBS, but if your assistants dont tell you the Tennesee walk ons are the ones handling the ball down the court during the game and you should be pressing the heck out of them, then fire those asst coaches because they are not watching the game!!!!! I dont want the Hawks to peak now! This is a learning curve that builds toward March madness...I just hope some things can change.

Jack Wilson 10 years ago

chuckberry32: "What happened to CJ/EJ?" That is the $100,000 question. That is the key to our season.

Tyshawn turns the ball over two times in a row when we're tied, drives to the hoop and can finish over and over.

I know, the Taylor fan club will come out and defend him; point out the three here, or the steal there. Or use the best logic .. he must be good because Self plays him. Heard it a million times. But I'm telling, this guy is the biggest threat to our success this season. Reminds me of Jeff Hawkins.

And boy, the word stops when Reed hits one 3 against Cornell. A whole article dedicated to that. How about one this week -- "Reed misses big trey."

jayhawkboogeyman 10 years ago

Poor coaching today. After the last 2 games, this is beginning to feel a little like football season .. bloated expectations due to laughable competition early, then crumbling when it counts. I think the loss helps. But we thought the scare from Cornell would help, or the Self rant after Belmont.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

The pressure of an undefeated season is off, now. Time to play loose. Drgnslayr, I don't want to drop out of the Top 10, but losing the Top Spot should be motivation enough. The Nebraska game now looks competitive. We got to have that killer instinct because it is not easy going on the road, as we all saw today!

Hays_Hawk 10 years ago

A good non-conf. loss right before Big 12 play starts. Come on guys, it's not like we were going to go undefeated. This is a perfect time for KU to learn a lesson. All you negative "fans", just chill. It'll all be ok.

Brian Powell 10 years ago

I would've rather lost to a full Tenn team. To lose to them without 4 scholarship players and then with Chism and Price on the bench with 4 fouls each..... Cmon.

Why did we decide to really play D until the last 2 minutes?

Why did we wait until late in the 2nd to try a different D?

Why did we wait until sometime in the 2nd half to REALLY go at them and go inside strong?

Why we not give EJ a chance? I could totally see him driving through that zone without the turnovers that TT made.

And by 'we' I mean whoever is making the decisions in that game We deserved to lose, yes. But wow we really let them win, with those open layups and turnovers turnovers turnovers. I hope this is one of those losses that we need earlier in the season (although it's not that early) to get our heads out of our holes. TONS of film they can watch on this.

39-1 would be nice, but we have a looooong way to go from the looks of today.

chrisjhawk 10 years ago

The worst coaching of Bill Self's KU career. Sit Taylor and play CJ for crying out loud.....

live4h2o 10 years ago

No reason to be upset with this loss - this team is overrated. They may have the deepest, most talented group of players, but they are not the "best" team in the Country (and depth doesn't do much when you don't use it - like today). If you look at the way this team plays together and compare it with either the 07 or the 08 versions, there is really no comparison. They have a long way to go. Hopefully they will have their together before they go down to Austin. It will either be a great game, or a blowout. I love my jayhawks, but this was bound to happen. I am just glad it didn't happen at home to Cornell.

Theutus 10 years ago

UT may have played above their norm, but that's still not even remotely as good as some of our conference teams will play us.

There is no excuse for this loss. Self coached at sub-highschool level, and the effort put out by the players the he felt "deserved to be in the game", was downright pathetic.

All around, i'm just disappointed in the players (minus Collins) and Self. They should be embarrassed, and Self should apologize to EJ and CJ. I mean, i don't know what else Taylor could have done to say "hey, give one of them a shot", other than turn it over on every other possession.

I honestly just can't for the life of me figure out why Self kept leaving him in... I don't have the words.

Dan Harris 10 years ago

Never like to lose but if this game isn't a wakeup call we must not be the team I thought we were going to be. What's up with not playing EJ 2 games in a row? He must not show Coach Self enough in practice to trust him in games?

Craig Colgin 10 years ago

cshjhawk, I am a jayhawk fan why? Are you another one of these unrealistic, our team is god of all just because they are our team, or what, Why are you asking who i am?

KUWells, check yourself into the nearest psychiatric center, and ask for the padded room quickly 39-1? Thanks man, I needed a good laugh!!!! You gotta play 40 games first, we will be lucky to play 37 lets be honest.

Brian Powell 10 years ago

Any 'fan' is entitled to be 'negative' after a showing like that. Back off, lol

55jayhawk 10 years ago

Don't write this loss off as being ok because we can win the Big 12 and go to the Playoffs. We play like we just did today in the playoffs, this team is going home early! I think our "wall flowers" who think they are so good better learn to go back to the basics. Look at the walk ons we have had and what they did for us and look at Tenn's walk on and what he did, I hate to say it we looked like a pick up game on a weekend afternoon. This team had better quit reading how good they are supposed to be as we really should have lost 7 games ago but lucked out. Today showed our true colors and the crimson and blue was not at the game today!

Dan Harris 10 years ago

Just waiting for Cats to come on here and start throwing his BS around

Joe Joseph 10 years ago

...and that's why I try not to be optimistic.

Christopher Johnson 10 years ago

They hit crap shots.

Our leading scorers won't even try crap shots. Why doesn't Xavier want to shoot the ball in big games? He had a lot of looks he didn't take.

Bee Bee 10 years ago

Our front line is a joke! Cole and the Morris kids are garbage! They have been garbage much of the year! Cole shouldve gone pro because his game has declined! How many more times are we going to see 6 5 guys dunk or lay it in over him? MK and MC are worthless! They miss lay up after lay up and WILL NOT REBOUND OR PLAY DEFENSE!

Tyshawn is just as bad as he turns is over constantly with stupid, lazy passes. This isnt the first game these four have stunk it up!! Cornell schooled them with DIV 2 PLAYERS and Tenn had a couple starters and a bunch of walk ons!

I'd rather see Brady, Tyrel, Elijah and Robinson play a LOT more and the other four sit. At least we ll see some effort and some players that actually want to win!

I m not sure they wouldnt do a better job! It s time to get tough or go home, we dont need you lazy a**es here!!! Clean it up COACH! Send them home if they dont want to play and we ll take our chances with who is left!

Nice job by SC today. He is carrying this team, just like last year!

NH_JHawk 10 years ago


Get your liver prepared for battle Wednesday night. Nebraska is going down!

Brian Powell 10 years ago

"and depth doesn't do much when you don't use it"


We subbed in Reed and Morningstar at the same time near the end there, as if to say 'we give up trying to take it to the rack, we'll just hope to make a few 3s and the end here'

I wanted to see T-rob get in there and rebound a few I wanted to see Elijah get in and drive into that zone Maybe next year?

Brian Powell 10 years ago


Who will lose first? Texas or UK?

Justin Daniel 10 years ago

I don't understand why Self made the decision to start EJ for 2 games and now he doesn't even play. Also Withey has been back in practice for two weeks now and coach continues to play the twins when they make careless errors. I hope coach has some logic behind it b/c I am sure he will be questioned this week. If the team continues to play like they have this week it will be lucky to go 10-6 in the Big 12. Texas, Baylor, Missouri, and OSU were extremely impressive yesterday and ISU, K-State, and Neb. have had their moments this year. Good luck coach and the rest of the team Wed. in Lincoln. Lord knows you'll need it!

dukehester 10 years ago

X as D and lots of TOs....and of course Tyshawn tried to not be out done in TOs

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Hey, Slayer, before you drink all that bottle of Tennessee whiskey (by the way, save for me), the Vols could upset Kentucky, and that would be sweet. Kentucky has to go to Florida on Wednesday--that will not be an easy game for the Wildcats. That's the night we play Nebraska. You know Texas will lose before March. So, we'll be okay, if we can lose from this loss. But if our funk continues in Lincoln, then, I'll be concerned.

Larry Smith 10 years ago

Why can't Cole score against any decent big man?

Dan Harris 10 years ago

It will be intersesting to see how far we drop in the polls. N Carolina loses 4 and is still in the top 10, Duke was 5 with a loss, we better not drop more then a couple of spots but I guess it doesn't really matter at this point

Brian Powell 10 years ago

Oh, also on my wish-list: seeing more than spot-shooting from Xavier. Is this a coaching thing, a 'team' thing, or a personal thing?

Was he scared today playing in that arena?

He looked like he'd rather be at home watching the NFL with a bowl of Cheetos. Even after that one play he had, the and-1. He's sauntering around and rolling his eyes, lol

Alec White 10 years ago

Ten things I've learned about our KU team today... 1. We're a top 10 team, beyond that I'm not sure 2. We would get SLAPPED by Texas if we played them right now 3. We have the potential to be the BEST team, but it's up to Self, Sherron, Cole, Marcus, X, and Tyshawn to how good were going to be. 4. Our superior depth is becoming questionable 5. We're not a lock to win the Big 12, a lock to make the Final 4, or a lock to win any game the rest of the way. 6. Cole and Sherron haven't improved all that much since last season, which is OK since they were sensational last year. 7. We have no true PG 8. X is just average without Sherron on the floor 9. Our focus seems like the 08' team's (not a good thing!) 10. We aren't as good as our fanbase thinks, and much worse than what our players thought we were. Did anyone else see Taylor give the Tennessee student section a salute after his alley-oop? Uh Tyshawn, you were a less than average ball player this day and Scotty Hopson ate your lunch and dessert. And Sherron heaving at the end of the game is worrisome-seems like he's trying to pad his stats a little to me.

I partially blame Coach Self. IMHO, Coach Self is asking Sherron to take over when it isn't necessary and Collins, being ultra-competitive, will happily oblige. I know it sounds weird but maybe Coach and Sherron have grown a little to tight-I know Self wants Sherron in the league more than any player he's ever coached and lately it seems Self is egging Sherron on to boost his scoring with the quotes on this website the past week or two. And I don't buy that bogus that he's our best option at the end of games for EVERY possession. People will say he can put us on his back, but I'd rather do it as a team! And all that weight would be bad for someone with historically bad knees :) I honestly think that he has the same effect as Kobe does on the Lakers (sorry to bring an NBA discussion into the college game). If anybody watches the Lakers regularly, their success depends not on Bryant's scoring average, assists, or rebounds, but simply his ability to read defenses and teammates and knowing when to defer and when to keep the rock. That's why Bryant's the best in the business and why Sherron can be the best in college. The Jayhawks and the Lakers are clearly the deepest and most talented teams in their respective leagues, and every game's outcome depends on how well the leader leads. I'm confident that both Self and Sherron will have this figured out by the end of the year.

Anyone else agree or disagree?

FairgroveJayhawk 10 years ago

stupidmichael, that's not very smart :)

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Just realize that UT was given credit for us getting our act together last year, this loss will resonate. It is almost unbelievable that we lost to them. But what a coaching moment. The will be on fire the rest of the rear.

OK, I can put down the whiskey.

Kip Reiserer 10 years ago

As much as I hate to say it, we needed to lose. A loss at Tennessee is better than a loss at home because before too long that's what we were going to do. I think that Kansas is always a team who plays better when we don't have everyone after us. We got it out of the way going into Big 12 play and I think that we will be much better off rather than playing horrible and pulling out another victory. The Morris twins have to play better as well as Cole. He needs to know what kind of threat he can be to any team in the nation or else he should be looking forward to coming back next year because I don't think he has played to his potential yet. No loss is a good loss, but this can be looked at from many different angles. Rock Chalk!

Brian Powell 10 years ago

Oohhh I like that , drgnslayer.

If Coach 'didn't mind' losing that game, for the right reasons, then that is GENIUS.

Still horrible to watch, but....

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

I say Kentucky will lose first before Texas. That's my vote, BP2U.

jhawkdan42--Let the Wildkitties throw their crap around on us--I think every team that wants to go to the Final 4 needs to worry about themselves, including KU. Kentucky could lose Wednesday night, @ Florida.

Bee Bee 10 years ago


Those were BIG 12 officials. We sucked either way!

Dan Harris 10 years ago

Calm down people Coach will straighten this out( maybe some early morning stairs on in order!)

Clarence Haynes 10 years ago

cragarhawk....I'm very realistic and do not expect the 'Hawks to win all of them, but I do not think that they are over rated! We have talented players that can beat anyone! They need to be focused and play as a team however. That they did not do tonight and that was a disappointment. I just hope that we get our intensity back for Conference and the stretch drive beyond where you think we might finish!

dukehester 10 years ago

X is a freshman that only can score..........sometimes.....not a team player yet.

Larry Smith 10 years ago


Tennessee normally hits about 30% from 3 point range. Coach Self may have been playing the odds that a normally terrible shooting team would cool down. The thing that pissed me off the most was that last crap 3 at the end of the shot clock. Taylor basically quit on defense, or the guy would not have even been able to get the shot up.

Justin Daniel 10 years ago

Mark it down the Big 12 will come down to Baylor and Texas, both have better perimeter shooting and big men than Kansas

Craig Colgin 10 years ago

cshjhawk, im with you, i have the hope, but right now thats about all we got, im sorry but i have felt we were overrated from day 1 and i think that was proven today, potential means nothing, effort means everything, I would rather have less talent and more drive. Thats just me

jcsmith 10 years ago

I'm sorry folks. This one hurts. This one hurts pretty damn bad. You play a team with 6, count that 1 2 3 4 5 6 Fruckin scholarship players. We have the deepest bench in the damn nation, with some of the best damn talent.

You say hostile environment, I say BULLSHMIT. Top teams know how to play in HOSTILE environments. Dont throw that excuse.

Face it. We sucked ass the last two games. Dont know WTF is up with us but we play the way we play tonight come tournament time, we'll be lucky to make it out of the first damn round.

Taylor..... Transfer already......

Xavier, shoot the fruckin ball. Where is all this hype that you supposedly brought with you.

Taylor...... Transfer already.....

CJ, kick your brother in the ass and tell him he stays in college another year if he doesnt get his sh*t together. No NBA team is going to want a magician on their team.

Taylor..... Transfer already.....

Coach, Xavier sits, CJ plays. CJ is fruckin shotgun from beyond the arc. He has proven to be one of your best 3 point threats on this team. How the hell do you not play him when you need that threat on the floor. CJ is sniper from three.... WTF??????????

Taylor..... Transfer already......

Collins, your a god. Your absolutely dynamite. But you cant win EVERY game for this team. This team needs to stop putting that kind of pressure on Collins. I know Collins dont mind, and can handle it, but its not fair to Collins. Not with all the hype of this team.

Oh, and by the way...

Did I mention

Taylor...... Transfer already.....

milwaukeeJAYHAWK 10 years ago

this could be good for them in the long run. maybe now they'll play with more intensity and won't have such a bullseye on them.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

That whiskey is getting to ya, Slayer!

Brian Correll 10 years ago

Not a top ten team! KU has one player who can create and that is Sherron. Unless Cole needs the money he should plan on returning. X should also plan to return and maybe figure out how to get his own shot over someone other than high school kids. Morris twins reverted to last years performance levels. They just are not that athletic. KU will lose many more so get used to it. My prediction, no championship (Big 12 or National) and no final four. KU is soft as soft serve!!

Craig Colgin 10 years ago

damn it!!!!!! I gotta beat the #@&* outta something!!!!!!!!!

the78phoenix 10 years ago

Soft, slow, and lacking discipline. This was a poor effort by our team, and I think ultimately showed how un-athletic we really are. We were getting smoked off the dribble-drive on the defensive end. Then on the offensive end, our bigs can't finish, WHEN they were fed the ball. So then we shoot nothing but 3's, and miss... My question to HCBS is, when are we going to see Elijah Johnson? I can't imagine that he would've settled on 3's. He would have taken the rock to the hole! We needed to get ourselves some high-percentage shots. And we finally started to do that, when the game was almost a foregone conclusion already. I'm just very disappointed by the effort and discipline we showed. I mean, why do we continue to sleepwalk through games? Because it keeps happening, I can no longer blame the players. Self needs to step it up himself, and if guys then don't want to get it in gear, they can sit! Considering we have SO much depth (that we never utilize).

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

drgnslayr said:

Or the best coaching.... lose right before entering Big 12 play... CS always puts effort into winning the Big 12 and has always said that games before league play only have a purpose to teach.

Did you listen to HCBS ealier this week when he said something to the effect of "between the next two games I'd rather lose the non-con versus a conf. game. Our goal is always to win the conference and our season starts Weednesday at Nebraska."

It's almost like he knew we stood a good chance of losing this last game before conf. play. It's a relief to not have the pressure of being #1 and it's also the best motivator you can have just prior to the start of conf. play. I think you're right on the money with what you said.

FairgroveJayhawk 10 years ago

Does Taylor get it? At times his light flickers but in no way consistently. If he tries really, really, really, really really... hard, he can prevent stupid turn overs. But if he tries to have a two demensional game and score as well as provide assists for his teammates, he falls on his face.

It is so frustrating to watch. He has the potential to be outstanding but the lack of mental fortitude to accept the coaching and general challenge to do it. Being head strong works if channeled by the strong head in the right direction. I truly don't know if he'll ever get it.

jhwkfanincali 10 years ago

The only thing to take out of it is at least it isn't football where a loss can kill you......Aldrich and Collins, one of them, if not both, needs to pull a Tebow and have a press conference that will notify the Jayhawk nation that "you'll will never see a team, or a player, work harder to do whatever it takes to make sure this type of play won't occur again until the nets are cut down

DaNeille Dani Davis 10 years ago

I agree that the Morris twins have reverted back to the way they played last year! What happened to their playing with authority in earlier games and playing like the beasts that they are? I say it's time for BS to clear the bench and let the reserves prove that they can play with any of these teams. Afterall, they were recruited because they had the talent to play for KU. So, take out the first 5 and play the next 5 players. It worked for ol' Roy while he was here!

Dan Harris 10 years ago

drgnslayer- bunn it before the Texas game. burnt orange ya know!

jcsmith 10 years ago

Jhwkfanincali, That would be all fine and dandy.

But your forgetting one thing.

Florida and Tebow didnt play for the championship..... We WANT KU to play for the championship...


FairgroveJayhawk 10 years ago

"picking" a game to loose before conference play begins??? ... why make the sec look good? not realistic.

Clarence Haynes 10 years ago

FairgroveJayhawk............Taylor needs to channel his energies!

jcsmith 10 years ago



Take out 4 of the 5 starters.

Sherron is the only one that has held us close these last two games. He deserves every minute.

jhwkfanincali 10 years ago


They did play for the championship the year when he made that was after a loss to Ole Miss I believe, which was my point, it worked for him the year he made that comment

Joe Baker 10 years ago

We all knew this would happen sooner or later. It hurts but this Tenn team is coming off a real emotional high and felt they had something to prove.

Call it whatever you want. KU needs to regroup and forget all this non-sense. They'll rebound, learn and grow from this lesson. Like any team in the nation, they're vulnerable.

B12 Conference time!!

FunEfellow 10 years ago

I agree that we played really poorly today, but I don't think all the doom and gloom is warranted. I do think this team needs to play with more heart--maybe this loss will inspire them?

I also think some players are not playing to their potential--namely Cole. He does seem to be playing worse this year. He seems to lack strength inside on offense. He should be able to muscle his way to the hoop, make the basket, and get the foul. Instead he almost always seems to lose control of the ball.

As far as rankings, I don't think we'll actually fall that far. Texas and Kentucky move up, but I think we'll be third. Both Purdue (4) and Duke (5) lost to unranked teams this weekend. I doubt Nova or WV moves ahead of us.

okiedave 10 years ago

Simple: Tennessee wanted this one more than the Hawks. Tennessee had something to prove and proved it. Hustle and good talent beats little hustle and great talent virtually everytime - especially on the road.

Hopefully, this lesson will take hold through the conference schedule starting at Lincoln this week.

20/20 hindsight -- Kansas should consider pressing and running like the wind the game 40 minutes, wearing out our talented bench and our opponent's starting five.

Philip Garver 10 years ago

I can understand why TT is in for defense. But, when CJ is clearly a better shooter, why isTT in when we go zone?

Bill Shaw 10 years ago

We have played too many cupcake teams and not enough tough ones.

Look's like the cupcake party is soooooooooo over.

duanep5ku 10 years ago

I am not a negative KU fan by nature but I"m getting there quickly. I have to wander what HCBS is thinking right now. He benched TT, earlier in the season for Elijah I know he's young but he is a better option then TT because the other coaches already know that you do not have to guard him TT. Where the hell is Elijah now because even the CBS announcers mentioned today that Pearl does not want his players to guard him at the 3 point range. Sorry he is hurting this team on the court and I have to agree with all the post if we don't full court a team like this we have a huge problem. I have another issue with this team too it's obvious that we need to get another big in the middle that might block some shots. I think HCBS redshirted the better defender's on this team this year and now we have an issue. I think KU can have a good season this year but we clearly need to make some changes now!

Martin Rosenblum 10 years ago

Wells -

I have always vowed to never step foot on that redneck, mouth-breathing campus. Their fans are living examples of why genetics research proves the dangers of inbreeding.

It is only a four hour drive. But, once you get to the Knoxville city limits, your car radio will only play that song from Deliverance.

Imagine the payday the dealers in Knoxville will have tonight! They'll be giving a 20% discount to anyone with a ticket stub from today's game and a 50% discount to any team members. Alabama has their "Roll Tide" mantra. Now, UT has a new one. It's "W'e're Rollin".

DaNeille Dani Davis 10 years ago

With the depth and talent we have, we need to be playing 40 minutes of hell and just absolutely wear out these other teams. These last two games have been way too painful to watch. We really sucked. Thanks to Sherron for trying so hard. Self needs to look at a new starting five. Leave Sherron in and take out the other four. They just proved they lack the heart and desire. I'm sure the guys at the end of the bench could have won this game for us.

edro3111 10 years ago

Hey Folks. Tennessee fan here. First of all, KU is definitely a top team. Tennessee had something to prove to themselves and their fans today and they did it. It could have been Kentucky or anyone else. KU will bounce right back. 22,000 fans in Thompson Bolling arena were right behind the Vols as well. KU is pure basketball and the Vols were lucky enough to get on their game and stay on it regardless of how many players were on the bench or not. Simple as that. It was a great game and KU is a class team. We're pretty hard on our Vols when they lose too but as I said, KU will be back with a vengeance in my opinion. Best of luck the rest of the season from Vol country to KU country! By the way, met a few KU fans and they were great as well!

JayhawkLova7 10 years ago

I can see why you guys are dogging on Taylor. I mean he threw the ball to the other team at the most crucial part in the game, but seriously, you guys are gonna say stuff about X? He's just a freshman! C'mon guys he isn't John Wall, and we don't need him to be John Wall (We do if the Morris Twins don't get it together). But instead of being worried about a freshman that has shown us good playing time, instead we should be worried about the Morris Twins. They don't dunk the ball, they don't rebound, they don't hustle, what do they do? I mean really?

We aren't as good as everyone thought we were at least we aren't yet. Everyone thought that we would be the best team, and we very well might be, later, when it really counts. We will ever be as good as the National Championship team? No way. Some may disagree. But they will only get better as the year goes on, as long as Cole starts getting more aggressive on the offensive end.

CS fault? Ha. Did CS throw it to the other team? Did CS not play well? Did CS not dunk the ball when he was underneath the basket? Did CS not play defense? I mean really people, CS can't play the game for them. In my opinion the Jayhawks just need to get fired up, and play with a chip on their shoulder. They need to play ticked off. That was a tough loss to take for me, I didn't think that they would shoot so well for so long and I'm sure CS didn't either.

C'mon Hawks, I know you can play better. Play with a fire, like every game is important. If you play with heart, then no matter what the outcome of the score, I'll be proud.

Theutus 10 years ago

CS just left the guys in that sucked the entire game... Without so much as thinking about subbing in for some guys who have nothing to lose and everything to prove....

So yes... I actually hold Coach Self more accountable in this game than I do the players... It's his job.

Martin Rosenblum 10 years ago

Edro -

What a nice gesture! I'm guessing your mama was a big influence in your life.

Now, for my response............Bite me!

Get the hell off of our site!

Tony Bandle 10 years ago

Graciousness in defeat is the mark of a true fan: UT was four men down, had their two best players in foul trouble most of the second half and couldn't buy a free throw. They deserved it. if they had had their full team, we would have lost by thirty.

Points of interest: 1] Rare bad game by HCBS - when the walk-ons and 2nd stringers for UT are in, don't fall back into a zone...pressure, pressure, pressure. 2] The sophs looked they were all trying out for "Dumb and Dumber" 3]The frosh had that "deer in the headlights look. 4] Brady and Tyrell when matched against hard-nosed, hustling players just like them but physically stronger will lose out more often than not. 5] Cole is like a lighthouse alone in a boiling sea. 6] Sherron gives it all he can but even the strongest can carry a team for only so long.

Good to lose before comes the treadmill, boys!!!

Steve Brown 10 years ago

Tenn fans are sky high - #1 gets pistol whipped by Vols.

soph slump is alive and well, I don't get the Sports Illustrated mag. yet have to assume our soph were on the cover recently.

Cornell quick sand slumping- into- the- lane defense exposed us big time. If you are going to drive the lane with foes collasping, then have your 'outlet' pass in mind you guys,.geez wheeez

at 6/464 I was feeling fairly well actually..WTF happened from that point. Clearly we don't score when Orange is the predominate background color. Our record at OSU & Texas is weak....

Normally I consume Vodka, never french always russian or polish, however tonight tenn whiskey in support of my pal slyr.

I clearly didn't see these walk/ons giving us greif, as JBate says we have potential yet not much experience except at the 5 and of course our man Master STud.

Why didn't we run waves of 5 men subs every 3 minutes and just run them off the court. It's not been said, yet I have to wonder if EJ has some class completion or grade issues as I don't recall seeing him since 1st semester grades are final, hope I"m wrong.

Texas will likely stumble at Manhattan & Columbia and possible at A&M & Baylor- albiet long shot- so Texas easily could get 3 conf. losses, troulbe is, we'll have 4-5.

From here on out it is about RPI and if we can hold the St. Louis regional seeding, not likely if we play this way. We'll be shipped West or worse into the NE into the teeth of the home Big East clubs.

guessing we'll drop to 6th.

Shuck Cornhuskers: 64 v. 57 Turnovers lose championships:

JHWK 10 years ago

We showed our true colors today when under pressure. If we can't capitalize on inside play against a SERIOUSLY depleted Tenn frontline, we will get punished in the Big 12. Cole is no better this year than last - much to the chagrin of all the punks who voted him POY, pre-season. He may be a lottery pick, but needs to remember why he's here. Clearly, he's not getting any challenge in practice this year from Whithey the Stick. When Hall came in and had his way with Cole and TRob, I was embarrassed for them.

All of you are right: the Twins choked. X and TT play so inconsistently, you'd think they were both Freshmen. Our early season cupcakes helped X keep stats, but it is obvious J Wall is the real deal, not X. He made many of the same bad passes today I remember from early in the season. HCBS must be sad to think he'll need to reteach so much after today. I do agree that CJ should have been in on offense if we were playing zone...especially when they STILL got 3's off.

The energy Tenn displayed reminded me of Memphis. How come we have NEVER played with that energy??!!

I bet Elijah's wishin' he red-shirted. Poor kid. I hope he stays.

I love the 'Hawks, but unless they come with more heart, toughness and desire, this will be a long, disappointing season for a team so rich in 'raw' talent.

A shout-out to Mr. Sherron Collins. What a gamer he is! If he had ONE teammate today who was as unafraid, we would have won. Sad that none of these young men have his cajones...

JayhawkLova7 10 years ago

memhawk- Dude back off. I would much rather have Edro on here then some stupid bored Kentucky fan who doesn't have anything better to do then come on here and trash talk.

So for my response.... Don't be a jerk!

DaNeille Dani Davis 10 years ago

Embaraasing! Disgraceful! A bunch of walk-ons and reserves?? Come on guys! You should be ashamed of yourselves!! I hope like hell you read these comments and pull your heads out of your.....

brooksmd 10 years ago

edro3111...Class post. Your kids were ready and brought their A game. We weren't and not sure what game we brought. Come back and visit anytime and maybe we'll see you in the tournament. Good luck.

Theutus 10 years ago

I'm going to take 1 more post to explain why I feel Coach Self is 100% at fault for this loss tonight, and then i'm gonna move on....

Players have bad games. It's expected. Especially when we are fronting a bunch of sophomores and freshman. Why do we pay a coach big bucks? It's to keep the team motivated, draw up the plays, and substitute correctly.

Tonight? No motivation for the first 35 minutes. No set plays on the offense, it was like watching a terrible game of pick-up basketball. Substitutions? Nonexistent for the most part.

So what the hell was Coach Self doing? Just telling the same 6 guys "Do better!?!!?". Seriously? We're the deepest team in the country, bar none. There is absolutely no excuse for only playing the 6 or 7 guys that sucked the entire game.

Even if EJ and CJ were not performing great on the defensive end in practice, what did we have to lose? Our defense today was high-school level at best. How many times did our guards let UT dribble right past them, into the lane for a layup? How many wide open looks did they get from the perimeter?

I mean, quite frankly, i don't think we could have gotten any worse by bringing in EJ or CJ, we had everything to gain, and literally nothing to lose.

This is my .02 cents, take it or leave it. I love Coach Self, but tonight he was the worst Jayhawk on the court.

Steve Brown 10 years ago

Tenn fans do NOT come onto our site during our blood letting, go visit KY and Calimari probation Cats site.

We should have red shirted DBlock for two full seasons. Miss his heart & intesnity.

HCBS at .8318 wins percentage gets us lots of extra wins, and I"m grateful, tonight and this game prep wasn't one of them. Weak plan, weak execution weak rotations in my book.


tnluv2play 10 years ago

All the comments about our accent are pretty hilarious. How do ya'll pronounce the final score?

babyjay1 10 years ago

Almost didn't come on this site tonight - I knew how hard everyone would be on the Hawks. Really, did we all think the team would go unbeaten? I was incredibly disappointed in their play but it happens to everyone. No one goes unbeaten and frankly, I know HCBS will get them through this. I'd love another NC but there are no guarantees. I do know that Big 12 play will be awsome to watch this year and we will fight tooth & nail to win the Big 12. We always do, no matter what losses we have that make everyone doubt them... Cut the team some slack and get ready for the excitement of the season - Rock Chalk!!!! Now, lose to Nebraska on Wed, and I'll be peeved!!!!

Dan Harris 10 years ago

memhawk-Ku fans are better then that,edro made a class post and you trashing him/her showed a lack of class, leave that for the Mizzu and K-Suck fans,

Jeff Hargate 10 years ago

Oakville, couldn't agree more. Why we did not pressure a bunch of 2nd stringers is beyond me. Why did we go into a zone for more than a possession or 2? Their only offense other than a fast break late in the game was to shoot 3's. We played right into thier hands. I am so sick of the other team dictating the pace of the game. We look soft and rely on good jump shooting to win games. You knew that some guy who has not made a 3 all year would heat up against happens too often. Hopefully this is the loss that turns the light on because the huge jump between semesters when we had unlimited practice time is not happening. We have taken 2 steps back.

Steve Brown 10 years ago

note to who does our future schedule get us more and tougher road games.

If we are going to face road losses let's make them against the best we can find...the sturdy oaks are on top of the hill with the stiffest breeze. Get us more tough games against the best. Go to Big East & ACC.

We play too many AFH marshmellows. Expose us early and often or we won't be ready for conf. play.

avoiding turnovers wins championships: 39-1

rges 10 years ago

First off we pay coach self the big bucks cuz he is a great coach/recruiter. Second Tyshawn Taylor had no business being in that game in the 2nd half. HE has proved to me over and over again in big games he cannot deal with not turning the ball over! He simply tries to be the star an dmake big plays that we dont need. I dont care if he had 11 pts or whatever it was today... on the defensive end he couldnt stop the ball what so ever and he was playing flat out selfish. I would have rather scene Brady, Elijah, of CJ. Take ur pick... you know that EJ is going to play his butt off he maight make some freshmen mistakes but Tyshawn was flat out half assin it on the defensive end of the floor. He got beat on a simple back pic/flex cut that you learn in 8th grade simply because he didnt want to fight through the screen. my last bone to pick is i know that UT was really packin in the lane today but we settled for way too many jump shots. You know enless you are Sherron you arent shootin well so lets beat them up inside they are already in foul trouble you got the best center in the country and 2 of the most imporived players in the country in Marcus and Markieff. Cole as a leader of this team needs to get in somebodys face and say GIMME THE BALL! he is supposed to be an All American!!!!

Janet Olin 10 years ago

Obviously, KU players have been reading and believing too much of their own press. Nobody with a reality check expects a perfect season, but how embarrassing is it to lose to a top-25 team without 4 starters?!?Gut check, guys. This is the challenge to your manhood. Start by playing defense and buying a rebound.Where were you, Morris twins and Xavier Henry?? Sit your azz down, Tyshawn Taylor, you walking turnover. What's up with leaving him in regardless, coach??

GreyHawker 10 years ago

Coach...great guy.....great recruiter.....average at best game he was BELOW average......but at least he didn't slap anybody.......

mbmerriman 10 years ago

sometimes teams lose on the road against ranked teams...even kansas. To put this into perspective, atleast we didn't get slaughtered like 5 years ago at Villanova when we were on top. But we couldn't pull it out like two years ago at USC, GTech. Id put this loss with KSU two years ago, fired up team and crowd, we came out flat, sh*t happens

Dan Harris 10 years ago

lighthawk-@Tenn, @UCLA(no way to know they would be having a down year) Memphis on a neutral court, @Temple plus Cal(at one time top25 ) Michigan plus 4 more tourney teams from last year at home isn't a cupcake schedule

jaybate 10 years ago

I am not joining the KU was exposed choir, or the Self was badly out-coached choir.

KU was easily the better team, though it would have been very even with Smith and Russell playing.

Missing three out of every four treys you take makes you look bad unless you only take one. KU took quite a few.

Your AA PG Collins going 2-10 from trey and no one picking up the slack makes you look bad. No one took up the slack.

Turning the ball over and making bad choices frequently makes you look bad, unless you later do better. KU never did.

Not applying enough defensive pressure to a long, bouncy, and feisty team makes you look bad, unless you do finally pressure them. KU never did.

Not having your 5 capitalize on constant double teaming with dishes to the wide-open 4 (or the wide open someone) makes you look bad, unless you finally do make those passes later. KU never did.

Having your composite 4 unable to dunk, or unwilling to dunk, when wide open, makes you look bad. Ours was unwilling and unable.

Still, if any other team in the USA had shot 25% treys, made the ridiculous TOs and failed to apply defensive pressure, that team would have been blown out by this UTenn team by 25 points.

Self got out-coached first half, because he had not prepared his team for playing against UTenn's match-up/switching zone that Pearl used only sparingly, but decisively. Self clearly had no answer for it and his impact players could not improvise one.

jaybate 10 years ago

But Self came back with a sound scheme the second half. Alley oop and run a second set play to pick up two quick buckets (a 5-6 pt lead); then acknowledge that your PG can't guard their PG and you can't control the paint with Chism pulling Cole out of the paint, and then play the percentages and go 2-3 zone until 5 minutes in the second half.

So KU promptly mishandles the alley oop, and misses the trifecta, while UTenn jumps out to an early lead in the second half.

No matter.

Self sticks to his guns, as a smart coach who has correctly assessed the problem (we're playing lousy and can't hit squat), and the high probability path to victory (a zone to exploit UTenn's lousy trey shooting).

Out comes the 2-3 on schedule.

But UTenn, the 33% trinitarians promptly learn how to pot the triceratop.

No matter.

Self knows the percentages are on his side and knows Chism has three fouls. KU will pull close with the zone and then play through Cole and crush Chism.

Slowly, inexorably, even in spite of KU making a ton of brain dead TOs and choices, KU closes the lead.

Impossibly, the great team that has no business even being close after the display of poor play is not only in it, but seems in position to take the game. Only a terrific coach can even come close to pulling something like this off. His NBA ready body and OAD, is playing as if he is afraid of his own shadow. The only two guys off the bench that won't mistake him into oblivion can't hit a trey. His only big off the bench that won't mistake him into oblivion, can't do anything at all. His great rebounding freshman big can't get boards. His all American center can't score on a guy with 3 fouls. His sophomore bigs, the one's that seemed so promising two weeks ago, literally cannot finish when unguarded. His summer time superstar 2 guard is playing with one arm. His NY Yankee reject, but one time super guard, can't play defense long enough to stay into miss a shot much less make one. Still Self doesn't panic.

jaybate 10 years ago

But finally, the price for playing so few players, especially playing Sherron 38 minutes, comes home to roost when KU begins not just to be cold from trey, but to lose their legs and begin shooting not just misses, but air balls.

But even then the fouling worked perfectly and the UTenn players began choking on schedule at the line.

But if you can't knock them down from outside, and you won't go inside to your All American, because your 4s can't finish on a dish unguarded, finally it is all for naught.

And everyone sits back and says, "Self was outcoached!" and "Self has to play more players," as if Self didn't want to!

And, frankly, Self did not get out-coached even regarding his choice to play through Sherron at the wire.

Cole is not a good enough offender to create and score on a double team. Facts are facts.

To take it into Cole was to say, at Bruce Pearl's insistence, "let the game come down to Marcus, or Kieff, depending on which is in."

But the Twins today lived down to drgnslyr's indictment after Cornell.

It is not at all clear to me in retrospect what has suddenly changed with Marcus and Kieff since Temple, but something has gone wrong. Versus UTenn they combined for 7 points and 8 boards; that when Cole was usually double, even triple teamed. It means the Twins have suddenly lost the ability to score and offensive rebound and finish, when standing unattended. Even last season they could do this. Before Temple this season, they were, as a composite 4, turning into nightly 15-20 pt. and 10 rebound player, even when guarded and blocked out.

Something is rotten in Denmark with the Twins.

Here is what I suspect the answer is: Dunphy figured out what they can't do and after the game, Dunphy and Donohue figured out a how to scheme to neutralize them, while still doubling down on Cole. Pearl watched the Cornell tape. UTenn did the same thing.

jaybate 10 years ago

Still, KU played about as poorly as it could play and still almost won it several times.

And still, even with the Twins problems and Tyshawn's ascent to offensive inefficiency once again, and it was a team loss with

Here are the distilled reasons why KU lost.

1) Trifectation: KU could not hit them.

KU: 25% (season avg. of 46%) UT: 50% (season avg. of 33%)

2) Disruption Factor (strips to TOs): KU could not disrupt UTenn, or handle UTenn's disruption.

KU: 3 to 16 UT: 6 to 7

3) KU refused to play through its bigs, as per Eddie Ball's take-what-they-give-us, even when Chism was all fouled up. Cole got 15 reebs, but that was more a testament to the absence of the Twins, than it was testament to Cole's dominance. He was never able to control the paint himself, but probably could have had the Twins been able to do even what they did as freshmen last year; and

4) Collins went 2-10 and no one took up the slack.

To reiterate, that KU pulled even with UTenn late, rather than being blown out, is a testament to:

a) Self's judicious milking of his team back into contention by playing the percentages the second half with the zone;

b) KU's considerable talent (they kept making big plays even as things were going horribly against them); and

c) the players' exceptional determinations to press on in the face of discouraging results.

To those that have argued that KU needed a loss to get to the next level, I reckon you are pretty satisfied tonight. :-)

To those of us fixed on undefeated champion, we lick our wounds and move forward with you.

This is a good team, but the ongoing mysteries of Tyshawn Taylor and the Twins have to be solved, or this will happen anytime we play a good team and don't hit our treys.

Dan Harris 10 years ago

I think our next 6 games will be a true indicator of how good this team is. Anything less then 6-0 or 5-1 and we will end up with one of our most disappointing seasons in along time.

Jack Wilson 10 years ago

I've been saying it all year. I've been castigated for being repetitive. I've been told that I'm too negative. I'be been told that I'm missing all of Tyshawn's qualities. Now, all I read is EJ, EJ, EJ. God bless each and every one of you, and God bless America. EJ can finish at the hoop. Tyshawn, in a typical display today, can't. Period. He is a turnover machine that has no upside. And I really hope the Taylor apologists can re-examine their misguided ways. Think about. Look at the game again. We should expect more.

This is really easy, and I don't think it's too late. But we may have to suffer a couple of Big 12 losses we shouldn't to let EJ and Robinson go through some growing pains (the growing pains that should have been had in December). If I am coach Self, which I'm not, but I would start EJ at the 2 and Robinson at the 4 the rest of the way. I'd sit Reed for good. EJ and Robinson are among our top 5 players .. 1) Sherron 2) Cole 3) X 4) EJ 5) Robinson 6) Marcus 7) Markieff 8) your guess is as good as mine, but I'm sure all the Brady fans will start crying if he's not there (and don't get all giddy about that 3 at the end like we saw with Reed's last game). Then I'd go with CJ as the third guard, but we know that won't happen. I agree with the "let Tyshawn transfer sentiments above." And it has nothing to do with this game. But he's here and was good off the bench the two game EJ started.

Think about this .. we were playing ZONE against that team. We couldn't handle them man-to-man? And this is our base philosophy, defense first. So where was our savior Brady? Our big stopper?

Run, my friends. Push the ball up the court. Increase the possessions, so we can afford a few blown possessions, and we can absorb some defensive lapses. Then run some more. Everything may not really need to go through Cole. Not working out too well right now.

Big point: Sometimes, less is more. Sometimes, when you force it to the post, you lose that effectiveness. Perhaps ... focus on running, and slashing, and on our guards. With Robinson running too. Then, you pop the post. Second option. Not first. It loosens things up. Opponents know the guards are instructed to not shoot early in the possession, so what do you think our opponents' defensive philosophy will be? Easy.

It's about winning in March. The gameplan is obvious. Isn't it?

Mkultra 10 years ago

It was pretty baffling we would zone (and we never zone) a team with no post play who was shooting 3's on us. If anything we should have overplayed man to man and make them drive in to be swatted by Cole.

Jack Wilson 10 years ago

Jaybate: "This is a good team, but the ongoing mysteries of Tyshawn Taylor and the Twins have to be solved, or this will happen anytime we play a good team and don't hit our treys."

I suggest the mystery will not be solved.

As a follow-up, with Sherron and Cole, we are playing for a title. They're gone next season. As long as Taylor and the Morrises are starting, eating up big minutes, we're on the wrong track which end in Elite 8 or Sweet 16 misery, or worse. Our second round opponent just might be better than Cornell .. maybe?

Janet Olin 10 years ago

C'mon Coach, when is the Walking Turnover, Tyshawn Taylor, going to sit on the bench until he can handle the ball?? Not just for the Tenn. game, but the whole season so far. Frustrated lifelong fan

GreyHawker 10 years ago like the self-appointed expert on this site......your detailed rambling said pretty much what everyone else said (in much fewer words).......KU sucked today and Self didn't help....WOW it didn't even take me 3 posts to say it......shorten it up.....

Dan Harris 10 years ago

Jaybate- I usually skip over your long rants but tonight you were spot on,good job!

KU 10 years ago

I hate to remind you guys, but I said back around Thanksgiving or the first week of December that this team is really pretty much the same as last year, except I don't think we even have the camraderie and team attitude we had last year. Anybody who thought this bunch was going undefeated was blinded by adding X to our roster.

Observations: 1) After the first 6 or 7 minutes when we controlled the paint with rebounds but missed inumerable bunnies, it was like a switch turned off we were done pounding the rock and were conceding that Tennessee's athletic, physical bigs were going to keep us from scoring down low. 2) People are giving Cole Aldrich grief about his game? What's that all about? Aldrich had 18 boards, 4 blocks and was 3-5 from the field with only 1 turnover against a swarming post defense. He's never been a polished "scorer", especially against athletic, physical big men. I thought he battled hard today. 3) People are praising Sherron's game? What's that all about? If it takes you 20 shots (7-20) to get 22 points, you're not having a very good day, especially when you add 4 turnovers to it. He was aggressive. That's about the best you can say for his day.
4) As I've said before, until Sherron bears down on the defensive end with great perimeter defense, the rest of our perimeter players are gonna continue to be satisfied doing the half-hearted waltz with their man for 25 or 30 seconds and hope Cole can bale them out when they give up the drive. 5) Our perimeter defense is just absolutely horrendous. Poor positioning, lack of intensity. We don't pressure anybody. I'm not advocating full court press. I mean half court, in-your-face, make-you-turn-it-over defense. We can't keep anybody in front of us. Any team with players like Tennessee who can drive to the rack will give us fits. 6) K-State's guards, as I have said before, are better than KU's guards. 7) Curious move by Self to go with a zone that let Tennessee milk the clock with a lead for countless possessions while 2 of their best players were on the bench with 4 fouls. We needed to make hay while they were out by turning up the pressure. 8) CJ is a good offensive player, but he's a bad defensive player. His offense doesn't compensate for his poor defense. He's only 6'1 and he gets beat constantly. Self saw enough of his matador defense in 3 minutes of PT today. 9) The twins are not that athletic. They have the same problem with athletic, physical post men that Cole does. Inability to finish around the rim is maddening for guys that are 6'9 and 6'10. If they could elevate quickly and powerfully in traffic, they would be terrific. They just don't have the hops.

This is a good team, but they certainly aren't championship caliber. They still have time to get there, but right now they are pretty much the same team as last year.

Chad Hallack 10 years ago

So here it is... overreaction Sunday! We're no better or worse than we were at noon today. Here's what happened and what we need to do. Very simple things.

What happened... Didn't work the ball inside out on offense, too many turnovers commited, didn't guard well, stood around and watched SC play like we did last year. Not taking enough advantage of our bench. X needs to quit double clutching everytime he goes to the basket, this is two games in a row he's doing a Rush impersonation and disappearing almost completely.

What to do... Get the ball inside, show some intensity on D, NEVER play zone, use more full court pressure (re: bench comment above) and take Tyshawn out of the starting line-up again for a couple games...

wolfy 10 years ago

Not playing Elijiah Johnson, particularly in a game against superior athletes, is crazy. It seems Self has decided the safest path to success is just to add a decent outside shooter with range (Xavier) to last year's line-up and not mix it up anywhere else. This team won't go anywhere that way. We must win with numbers, switching defenses and constant pressure. The 2010 Hawks are nothing like the 2008 team. But that doesn't mean it can't be good. It's time get creative.

tical523 10 years ago

I just love watching Brady Morningstar, Tyrel Reed, and Tyshawn Taylor play basically all game and Elijah Johnson and CJ Henry ride the bench all day. If Brady and Tyrel are not making their threes they are ABSOLUTELY NO threat on offense. On a day when everyone is cold I just don't get it. Brady and Tyrel must just dominate. . . . I mean really dominate in practice. Can anyone tell me why EJ, a five star recruit, does not play? Is there anything wrong that we don't know about?

Jacobpaul81 10 years ago

Against Tennessee: Collins - 7 for 22 4 Bigs - 6 for 13

Against Cornell: Collins - 9 for 16 4 Bigs - 4 for 15

As if it wasn't apparent, if we want to win basketball games, the bigs need to be set up better. Instead our point guard is throwing up too many shots and not setting the bigs up. Ball movement is a major contributor to this. Also ill advised shots. We have got to stop taking threes when there's no one underneath to rebound. We've got to stop driving up the court and launching a three with no one near the basket. Finally, we need to back off the dribble drive, work in double screens with a drop screener like we used to run for Julian and Darrell to get the Morris Twins and Henry free of their defender for the dunk/layup.

Taylor - People are really ripping into Taylor for his passing. I don't see it. He's made some bad passes. But those bad passes were directly related to his teamates not positioning themselves for assistance. When a guard is driving up the sideline into defenders, you need to move your butt towards the middle of the court to create a passing lane. Instead, they are standing around behind the defenders and forcing Taylor to lob passes over the defenders heads, which is leading to turnovers. Coach needs to do some serious work on ball movement. These guys have gotta stop standing around and watching each other.

jaybate 10 years ago

Post Script:

Why didn't Self have KU amped up for UTenn, the way KU was amped up for Temple?

I argued at the time of the Temple game that Self had apparently made a decision to amp KU up for Temple, because he expected UTenn to be in shambles from the probable player suspensions. I argued that he decided to gamble on leaving KU flat for UTenn and instead amp for the first couple conference games. Self takes calculated risks and gambles. Always has. Always will. He lost this time.

He telegraphed as much before the UTenn game, when he said what happens versus UTenn does not matter as much as what happens in the conference.

Self was willing to take a loss versus UTenn.

I don't know why really, except that he thinks running the table in the conference is more important than beating UTenn at all costs.

I guess the old coach side with John Wooden and the faction here that said you played through the non-conference schedule to prepare for the conference, not as something more important.

Self's gamble, it turns out was sound, if not ultimately won.

KU almost beat UTenn, despite a 25% trifecta performance, plus a 3 steal to 16 TO disruption factor.

A labored win against a team he could say was not at full strength would have proven to the team that it is not invincible.

Or as things actually played out, a loss to a team not at full strength makes clear to KU that it better bear down for the conference.

Still, it stings to lose.

KU 10 years ago

Skip his posts if you think they are too long. Some of us appreciate the detailed, well-thought-out comments of jaybate even if we don't always agree with his content.

Hays_Hawk 10 years ago


Sum it up stud! No one wants to read a freaking book on here! Dont' take it personally but when I read your breaks down like this...

25% new and valid information. 25% sh*t that has already been said. 50% nonsense and fluff.


Hays_Hawk 10 years ago

Note to "KU"...

Read my post about jaybate carefully...

If you like reading, then read my post over...and over...and over...

...because you're just as bad!!!

jdenton12 10 years ago

Brady Morningstar over Elijah Johnson???? EJ must suck in practice.... Bill believing Brady is a key to our offense and a defensive stopper is going to be the key to our early exit of this years tourney. It showed against Cornell and now against Tennessee that he is not what Bill believes he is. Conference is going to get tougher and Brady hinders our athleticism.

Tyshawn is so full of himself and makes such huge mistakes at such crucial times. Doug Gottleib mentioned on the radio one day that Jamie Dixon said there is no way he would want him on his team because of his ability to break down the chemistry of a team. I believe he was referring to the Summer 18 & under championship Taylor was the MVP of. Elijah, Tyrel and CJ could be huge benefits down the road for this team and Bill needs to look past Brady for our future success.

The twins have regressed dramatically the last few weeks. Of course they got up for the game against Temple. Cole got at least one facial I can remember and just needs to be tougher down low. Pittman will take his lunch from him and beat him with it. Thomas Robinson needs to play more and understand his role on offense is to pass the ball back to a guard and hit the boards for an offensive rebound...his time will come for points. He can ask Nick Collison about that.

By the way Xavier doesn't show much against the better quality teams.

We are a soft team and need to be more aggressive on both ends of the boards and both sides of the ball.

Please someone on campus, slip a note under Bill's door you hear Elijah is considering a transfer if Brady plays over him anymore.

Ron Prichard 10 years ago

I can't believe how quickly everyone has turned negative on here. No one really believed we would go 40-0 on here, except maybe kuwells. This loss hurts, but not because Tenn was a terrible team. It hurts becuase we played poorly. In reality, it was a perfect storm. Everyone heard all week how Tenn was down to only 6 scholarship players and we were going to plow them. However, they had their first sellout of the year and they were jacked. Their starting five is still super athletic, and top it off with some serious luck on their three-point shooting and you have upset city.

For anyone that is ready to throw Taylor off the team, or tell the twins to go back to Philly, or get rid of Brady or Tyrel, or tell Cole he sucks, go back to your hole. I was totally disappointed by our performance, and I think Tenn wanted it more, but I also think that we were bound to lose one sometime, and I would rather lose to an athletic Tenn on the road than a Bix XII game.

I'll still take our team over anyone elses, and I'll still take Coach Self as my coach. I didn't agree with every decision he made today, but he has made enough good ones for me to give him a mulligan every now and then. drgnslayr, this team is easily a top 5 team. If you don't think Tex, Purdue, Kentucky and others have just as many flaws as we do, you're nuts. I don't mind being #3 or #5 for a while (No way we fall more than that after this weekend). We'll be right where we need to be by the end of the year when it counts.

GreyHawker 10 years ago

HaysHawk...........I love ya man (I'm an old Palco Rooster)............

Mike Johns 10 years ago

tenessee was a zoo - they beat a lot of teams there.
we will get healthy wednesday ... for the next couple days we take our lumps from everyone but i'll take this over losing to the tigers or wildcats.

rock chalk

Chad Hallack 10 years ago

For the record, here's my issue with Tyshawn... He is a good defender for the most part, that's why he's out there. He doesn't handle the ball well, he doesn't shoot the ball well, he doesn't contribute much offensively, rarely feeds the post, and most baskets he gets are on drives. Most of those drives end up with him out of position and forced to pass the ball, which many times are poor passes. Somebody said earlier it's the fault of the other guys not giving him a good passing lane. Well, you can't throw a 7 foot pass over a 6'6" guy, or a chest pass through a guy. He does it all the time. He's had plenty of time out there to understand how to get involved in the offense and how to care for the ball. If he made some great feeds here and there I could tolerate a few bad turnovers, but risk/reward ratio with him is a bad deal offensively, almost to the point of becoming a liability. Good thing the kid can play D.

KIBBYHAWK 10 years ago

I am fine with this loss...We were definitely getting too bighndeaded and selfish..They will come back stronger than ever after this.

hnklbn 10 years ago

I think Coach Self lost this one. Although TT and the Morris twins have done some good things during the past two years, they have repeatedly shown us that if the are NOT "on" in the first five minutes, they will probably not be on for the entire game. Under those circumstances, all three should have been on the bench after the first ten minutes and the 'Hawks DEEP bench and talent should have been given a chance to play. I wonder why it took Coach Self so long to yank Taylor and Morris out of there during the last five minutes of the game? They had butter all over their fingers for most of the second half. Here's to bouncing back and putting it all together in the next two months. Our 'Hawks are going to take a few lumps on the road during league, but were good at least to the 2nd round of the tournament. P.S. I think Lew Perkins is listening to old Styx.

Hays_Hawk 10 years ago


Do I know you? I'm an old Morland Tiger/Hill City Ringneck.


Andy Tweedy 10 years ago

Good lord! I expected some whining, but I couldn't believe it when I started reading. It sure is nice to know there are 100+ posters who are smarter than a coach with an outrageous D1 winning percentage and a national championship to his credit. I'm not saying some amount of criticism isn't warranted, we stunk it up today, but I think the staff forgot more about basketball by the end of the team breakfast than most of us have ever known about the game...even if you were that starting PG on your local Y team. I think it's time to move on...better to lose today than in the Big XII.

Hays_Hawk 10 years ago

...and I married a Palco Rooster by the way!

GreyHawker 10 years ago

Played for the Roosters thru '73....only guy I can think of that matches your credentials (initials were BT) Big boy that owned the paint..........of course that was a veeeeerrry long time ago.....

jaybate 10 years ago


You are one of those unfortunate persons that is cursed to look at words, rather than read and understand them. I feel sorry for you, but teaching you to read is not one of my responsibilities here.

MrPilot 10 years ago

edro3111 (anonymous) says...

Your team played very well today, sir. I tip my hat to you.

That said, I have every confidence that Coach Self will right the ship and after this bitter taste of defeat, our guys will play with renewed energy and passion going into Big 12 play.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

jaybate 10 years ago


I'm just curious why Brady will lead to an early exit this season, but not last? You don't really explain that statement, perhaps because it is too nonsensical. Nevertheless, if you try to explain why Brady helped the team to the Sweet 16 last season but will lead to a first or second round exit this season I gotta hear.

okiedave 10 years ago

Did any of you really believe that K.U. would go undefeated this year? How many times has the national championship team gone undefeated for the year in the last 40 years? Good Grief, you lose a game on the floor of a very good team and everybody is freakin out.

Hays_Hawk 10 years ago

Yeah, I haven't been around quite that long. :-) I'm an '02 graduate of HC and an '06 grad of FHSU. My wife's father and his father own the old paint house. My father-in-law still paints and owns the two story home next to the post office. His initials are PB. Mine are BH.

By the way, if any of you are annoyed by this non-ku related chat...get over it! It's better than reading a bunch of posts from the fair weathered cry baby KU fans on here!

Jeff Hargate 10 years ago

If anyone remembers we had the same problem against UCLA in the 2007 Elite 8. Thier length and athleticism turned us over all night. UT's long arms were in passing lanes all night forcing bad passes. Xavier's entry passes from his chest turned him into 5'10'' instead of 6'6''. Our style of play, or more to the point, defense, needs to be stepped up to increase the pace of play. I wish we played half as hard as Tennessee does.
To watch Self stand...or sit there taking it was hard to watch. He is there to coach, but also to motivate and he did neither today. He usually rips Tyshawn a new one for playing the way he did. I agree with Jaybate in that this one could have been pre-determined or less prepared for. Why, I have no idea, but it is the only explanation I can come to terms with. Everyone has bad days so lets chalk it up to that and hope they get back-to-business on Wednesday.

JayhawkLova7 10 years ago

People say they we are selfish, now for some reason I see the complete opposite. Thats not our problem. Our problem is that we settle for perimeter shots and shaky defense. From halftime I thought we might lose this game, and we did. Sherron can't always be our saviour. What gets on my nerves is that the Morris twins are both head cases, throw the ball out of bounds one play, and then go up weak to the basket? Taylors problems aren't as hard to fix as the twins. All Taylor needs to do is, take a deep breath and use the fundamentals he has been taught. Taylor is going to be good, he's fast, athletic, and not a bad shot. Passing? Not so good at, but distributing the ball will come, hopefully. The Morris twins problems. Slow, lazy, and they just don't play with any fire at all. Not saying they can't turn it around, they just better do it soon.

What we really need is that one player, besides Sherron, that gives it his all everytime. Like Mario Chalmers. He was always my favorite player even before he hit the big shot, I mean his freshman year he was my favorite player. Why? Because he talked, because he had that chip on his shoulder. He had that swagger that not very many players had. If we could have given Brandon Rush half of Chalmers confidence then Rush would have been an even better player. Or a player like Russell Robinson. Great distributer of the ball there. I really think that EJ can be good. Hopefully we can see soon how he matches up with better guards.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk

jaybate 10 years ago


My how you get impatient and wad your panties after a loss.

I don't owe you the sweat off my you know whats much less a Cliffs Note for your lazy arse.


Hays_Hawk 10 years ago


Ahh see! You can make a short, simple, to the point post! I'm proud of you. You're growing!


Mike Kendall 10 years ago


Good post--I agree with you on some points.

Mcgirl--I guess you might be a new poster, or, I guess maybe I hadn't noticed your posts before, but, whew. . . . pretty brutal. The one that says, "I hope like hell you (I'm assuming you mean players/coaches) read these comments and pull your heads out of your. . . . ." See, this is what turns me off, sorry Jayhawk Nation. Hey, it's one game--damn glad it wasn't in March, when it counts for real. So, we got a lot to work on. The game itself, was pretty brutal, and just think, Jayhawks almost pulled it out. There were a lot of mistakes, missed shots, turnovers, etc. I am sure Coach Self will admit that he was outcoached, which he was. Tennessee, including Coach Pearl, had their backs against the wall, and they were the better team today. He coach his team better than Coach Self. We have a very important road game at Lincoln on Wednesday. Life on the road in the Big 12 is tough. Correct me, if I am wrong, but in all of the Big 12 contests this weekend, all the home teams won, except for one. My point--let Coach Self work his magic. I'm anticipating the Jayhawks will come out fired up for the Nebraska game. And, if we play with a passion, like the Temple game, then, it will be a good win. So, we got humbled. It does a team good, sometimes. You learn from it and move on. Win, lose or draw, I am a Jayhawk supporter 'till the day I die. Got to be positive, though. It would be neat to get Tennessee again in the Tournament, but I don't think it will happen. Good luck Wednesday, Jayhawks! RCJH!

GreyHawker 10 years ago

Jailbait.......the only curse I suffer is reading your rambling posts. Obviously, you seem to think you have some kind of intellectual supremecy over all the rest of us!! I appreciate your opinions just don't want to have to spend an hour putting up with your BS. And your intense sensitivity only shows you suffer from low self-esteem on top of your other issues, such as simply making a point!!! Now how do you like that from a guy who doesn't know how to read...........

jaybate 10 years ago


I think college basketball was so weak this year that KU had a very good chance to run the table and win the ring, probably the best since 1976.

I don't think this year's team is anywhere near as good as the '08 team.

But the talent and experience level is so low this year in D1 that KU just towers over it in terms of experience and quality players, good 5, skill players, trey shooting, etc.

I think Self thought he had a terrific chance to run the table. I think that's is why he treated all of the games prior to Temple, as if they were practice games. He wanted to shorten the season, and peak in March. I think he gambled and lost on UTenn. He's a gambler. He was willing to take a loss if he had to, but he was not going to amp the team up regardless and risk playing the first conference game flat.

Such is life.

I suspect KU will run the table in conference.

I still think they are the best bet to win it all, unless Tyshawn and the Twins wind up stuck in their current problems.

Rock Chalk!

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

LMAO! I think it's funny that "The Sky is Falling" for some Jayhawk fans. This was a pretty simple game to pick a part.

1) 27 3 point attempts when KU averages 16 per contest. Why did KU settle? It's not like Tenn had depth or anything! LOL!

2) Collins is the only one on the team who can create for him self or others. X is suppose to be that guy, but all he does is stand around the perimeter like Reed and Morningstar and show-off his NBA body.

3) I agree with a couple of posters above in that I initially thought X was going to help in the "Creating" and "Slashing" department along with his shooting prowess. There isn't an ounce of "Slashing" in X's game. Games like this is where you wish had a guy like Lance Stephenson on your team to be able to create with Sherron. X is a great shooter, but KU's success is going to live or die by the capability of X being able to "Slash" and "Create" when he has exhausted all other options.

jaybate 10 years ago


I repeat, you can't read. You can only look at words. And you are obviously not smart enough to operate a Page Dn key to save your foolish, pitiful self from my posts. I want to help you, but I am not licensed to prescribe Aricept. Capice?

Paula Unseth 10 years ago

Sherron cannot continue to carry this team on his shoulders!! Come on guys, man up and quit expecting someone else to pull through!!! Sherron is gone after this year,,,there is way too much talent on the team for endings like this!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago


You're too funny!!!!!!!!!!

duanep5ku 10 years ago

memhawk your post sounded more like a whinny UK fan the Tenn fan came on this site and posted a classy post. I think your post lacked class

Dan Harris 10 years ago

j-bate-your letting Hays and Greyhawk get under your skin tonight!

Hays_Hawk 10 years ago

Jaybate's originality scale...

...Morning - IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII .......Noon - IIIIIIIII .......Night - IIII ........Now - I

Give up while you're...umm...ahead? Yeah, yeah...I may have put a little thought into this...but at least it was original and to the point!


Chris Shaw 10 years ago

I also agree that KU has no shot at running the table in conference. I have predicted 3 more losses for a 4 loss #1 seed KU team entering the tourney.

FreddyinLA 10 years ago

This team, playing this style will not win 6 games straight in Mar/Apr. Every one is starting to look around again this year, waiting for Collins to shoot. Offense will get very stale as the year progresses. X doesn't even look at the basket for most of the game. Brady looks to have improved since last year, can't say that for the rest. Collins needs to lose about 15 lbs. Looks like he will fall down when backpeddling. Don't know if he can touch the rim now.

KU's strength is depth. Need to play 10 guys, 96 ft, full court press and trapping. No reason to run offense through the bigs, will either lose the ball or miss the shot.

3 turnovers in the first half by UT. That hard to do just running your offense against NO defense. Need more cowbells, I mean traps.

That said, love the kids. All try hard and represent the university well. Wouldn't trade them for any other team.

HCBS, change your style. If your going to recruit all these kids, then play them.

GreyHawker 10 years ago

JailBait........thank you Mighty One......for allowing us mere mortals to share a brief moment with some one so talented as you.......we are indeed honored......and will never post again so as not to interfere with the chosen one..........Always a Jayhawk but you can eat sh@t........

Martin Rosenblum 10 years ago

Get real.

When have you ever gone to the boards of a team that we just beat to cheer them up and offer condolences?

Better yet, when has anyone ever seen a fan from a team that we just beat come here to say nice things to us?

I know I can be cynical. But, I know Tennessee fans, some of my relatives (in-laws) are TN fans, some of my friends are TN fans. We've all been punked! Subtlety is lost on some folks. If it walks like a hillbilly, it must be a hillbilly!

Duane Peschka 10 years ago

THE ONLY TWO PLAYERS, TONIGHT, THAT PLAYED WITH HEART AND SPIRIT WERE COLLINS AND AT TIMES, COLE. NO ONE ELSE QUALIFIED. NOT ENOUGH TEAM CONCERN. NOT ENOUGH ELECTRIFIED TEAM CHEMISTRY. NOT ENOUGH REAL QUALITY PLAYING ABILITY. NOT ENOUGH TOP(and LOW) QUALITY COACH'S DECISIONS. TOO MANY PLAYERS WITH WEAK ABILITY ARE EXPECTED TO PERFORM AT TOO HIGH A LEVEL. Brady, slow, not able to create, poor rebounder. Tyrel. slow, doesn't follow or understand the flow of a game. poor defender. out of position too too many times, The twins can not dunk on a FISHER-PRICE GOAL, can not shoot lay-ups. NO defense, halfl-baked rebounding. Do not comprehend the flow of game., X Henry, not creative on offense and certainly my Golden Retriever can play better defense that him, too much standing around, not aggressive, TTaylor, totally out of his realm. doesn't understand the team concept. Very Very POOR defense. Too lackadaisical about taking open shots., CJ Henry, a shooter, but nothing else. EJ, raw raw raw talent, but needs to play because of his athletic ability, SELF. poor poor poor game plan, poor subs pattern. playing the wrong people at the wrong time. spread an attitude of mediocrity and no intensity to players. With a full team and Tenn, only a half team why was the tempo so slow? Tenn had less players but outhustled and out ran KU. POOR, POOR, POORLY PLAYED GAME AND , JUST AS WITH CORNELL, IT SEEMS TO BE COMING THE NORM, INSTEAD OF THE EXCEPTION.

Dyrk Dugan 10 years ago

bottom line: until our D improves, then we won't reach the sweet 16, let alone a Final 4, or even a Big 12 title.

Granted, two games ago vs Temple, we stuffed 'em in a bag. but the last two games, these teams basically got whatever they wanted. UT today, threes and dribble drives....Cornell, threes stickbacks and layups.

We have lost it defensively. i wouldn't ordinarily say that after one game...but two? that's not good. if we don't see vast improvement over the rest of the season...then this team will get an early exit in the dance.

and it's rather surprising to see frankly. we had all the gawdy defensive stats....and to get lit up like this two games in a's rather unsettling. and these are not the best teams we will see.

and with a Self coached team, it starts with D. everything flows from it: fast break, working together on offense...the whole bit. I expect us to all over the Shuckers on Wednesday.

champs528808 10 years ago

Ok, everybody needs to turn in their tickets, the players need to turn in their uniforms and the coaches need to schedule vacation, because the season is over. COME ON PEOPLE!!! With all of the stupidity and ignorant comments, I don't even know where to start - but I'll start at the top. Back in April 2008, HCBS could do NO wrong. How? He won 'you fans' a title, but once he loses a game, you're ready to get rid of the guy. That makes perfect sense - to an idiot. To the players that have been mentioned, EJ probably doesn't play because of practice habits or that Self doesn't trust him enough yet. You know, all those great things you saw at Late Night occurred in a glorified practice, which is really a dunk contest and party. X didn't play well today because he's now playing players that are close in speed/quickness. It ain't Tennessee Tech no more. Cole was extremely soft today, and I don't want to hear about all those rebounds - several came with no one else under the rim and TENN didn't have size. The twins haven't been a favorite of mine since they've been here - kind of have the mental makeup of Keith Harris. Tyshawn is a walking turnover and maybe needs to go back to the bench for another wake-up call. Finally, for those of you who don't like long posts, you're probably the ones who make comments throughout the game. Try shuttin' down the computer or phone and watching the game as a fan.

jaybate 10 years ago


While I thought KU had a reasonable chance to run the table, because the talent and experience levels are down at the ankles this year, you have totally brought into focus the essence of this team and its problem.

When all is said and done, it is last year's team, plus Xavier, plus no new team personality/chemistry yet.

(Note: my hopes for Withey were either ridiculously over optimistic, or undermined by his stress fracture. Other's hopes for Thomas Robinson were ridiculously over optimistic. Self's desire to play nearly error free ball has marginalized The Prophet. C.J. has never made the commitment to defense necessary to play for Self and realize the benefit of his J. Frankly, if C.J. isn't willing to commit to defense he ought to quit right now. I am a huge fan of C.J.'s and believe he, along with X, could become the guys that take KU to the championship level. But he isn't doing it. Treys are not enough.)

Adversity, actually physical violence, produced the chemistry and personality of last year's team.

This year's team, and Cole in particular, have yet to be beaten to a bloody pulp physically the way Nebraska and Chigan State pounded the team and Cole. Nor has Cole really been humiliated by anyone the way he was by the Arizona post man. While this is good for Cole, the team is not being driven together this season.

I hate to say this, but for this team to jell, Self may to give his pal and Okie Baller Mafia man Doc Sadler another signal to rough KU up again. In particular, Self may to have to ask Sadler to rough up Xavier. Xavier has to learn the lesson Cole had to learn. Its near war out there, if you're going to play to win, and not just shoot treys.

Until Xavier has been blooded, and his team mates have had to come to his rescue, or be shamed by not having done so (as was the case with the team letting Nebraska bloody Cole last season), this team is not going to develop into a real team. It will always be the sum of its parts, rather than greater than the sum of its parts. Because of all the talent, that would be very good...very like a lot of Roy's teams. But not a great team, not one of Self's band of brothers.

jaybate 10 years ago

I have hoped either Xavier would be so good that a blooding could be avoided, or that Self would find another way to forge the team, but there just is no easy way it seems.

The team all respects Xavier, because he is a great raw talent. But no one owes him anything and he owes them nothing. He's nice. They're nice. But there is no devotion born of common hardship. No brotherhood. No sempre fidelis. The team, except for Sherron, is playing pretty much like guys who will not be here next year. They are good players. They have done all the things the coaches and Hudy have asked them to do. They are fulfilling the roles they have been assigned, and because they are quite talented, and have not had many tough opponents, they have been winning. But not with the kind of fire and fury they displayed last year starting around this time. The team needs to take on Sherron's ferocity and competitive greatness, not just free ride off of it.

This team is not one for all and all for one. It is not under siege. It is a bunch of very good players playing at 7/10s, sometimes 8/10ths.

This KU team has not left it all on the floor once yet this season.

Everyone on the team increasingly understands Xavier cannot do everything he was supposed to be able to do as a frosh, good though he is. He can't get to the rim. He can't create. He can't lock down. He is just a very good trey shooter (so far) and a better player than Morningstar. Next year, or the year after he would be the player they need now. But he is not, so far, the great third star this team needed to get to the next level.

And, as a result, now the team is kind of turning on him. They are following Self's lead and saying, "Looks like its back to down the middle with Sherron and Cole. The kid can pop treys, but the rest of his game is actually a little weaker than Brady's."

And Xavier is trying to fit in and say, "Okay, I'm jumping after this season. If all you want is for me to pop treys, fine."

Something has to break the ice on this team.

Something has to fuse the parts into a new whole.

Sadler sicking his dogs onto Xavier the way he did onto Cole last year would probably do it.

I just hope there is another way. I hated seeing what happened to Cole last year, even though it helped him mature into a remarkable player.

But Xavier is a suburban kid just like Cole.

Xavier did not grow up in the projects the way Sherron did.

Part of what I saw in the UTenn game was a great suburban player not sure he wanted to get into the near war on the floor with the guys willing to take anyone down--a suburban kid saying I can finesse my way around this stuff.

And he probably can finesse his way around this season and glide onto the L.

But KU can't become a team, especially not a great team, unless he joins the near war, unless his band of brothers embraces him and he them at the level of survival.

Cole had to go through the fire.

Xavier probably must, also.

7texdude 10 years ago

27 3-point attempts? That is ridiculous. Get the ball inside to our big guys. We have the best big-man rotation in college basketball right now and we are jacking up 27 3s. Huh? How about kicking the ball back inside instead of shooting those "wide open 3s?"

It's about team basketball and we have a bunch of guys thinking about the draft order and where they fit in. One loss is not a bug deal, but they've got to start to playing like a team instead of 5 individuals.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago


Just heard HCBS's post-game comments. Interesting. Self said that "he didn't really know what kind of team Tennessee had coming into the game. I don't know if we have a team." OUCH! I guess the truth hurts! What this tells me is that Self will get it figured out--if he has to kick some you know what or start playing those who have sitting more--bench the starters, or whatever.

jaybate 10 years ago


So you can read when it is commentary ridiculing the heck out of you, just not when its about hoops. You are light. Tiny one, I don't doubt for a second that you know more about eating excrement than just about anyone. Enjoy! ;-)

jaybate 10 years ago


The short and simple get short and simple. Its the Tao, man! You are being schooled without even knowing it.


champs528808 10 years ago

For those who frustrated about losing to a depleted roster - what would have happened if the had a full compliment of players? A bigger beat down. We could not stop dribble penetration - that's why we went zone - NO ONE could guard. Forgot about Brady and Tyrel - people wonder why they play - maybe it's because they have earned the trust of HCBS and maybe because they do what they're asked during practice and games!! No one seemed to be complaining 96 hours ago when Tyrel hit the three against Cornell and Brady's defensive stop at the end of the game. But then again, 'you fans' seem to have that short-term memory thing mastered.

4jhawks4ku 10 years ago

Tyshawn Taylor has been extremely lazy on the defensive end, a terrible passer and a selfish player. His shooting is average. Walking the ball up the court irritates me to no end. Taking bows for one shot is not a team player. Elijah Johnson needs to have game experience and wont get it sitting on the bench. Coach should be able to teach Elijah to play defense. We need another player who can take it to the hole and shoot or dish. I think Travis Releford would have played well in this game as far as defense and going to the basket. Jeff Withey needs some experience too. Maybe this would have been a good time to aclimate him. Xavier is definitely not pro ready. Maybe not starting him would help. He needs a lot of work on defense and getting his shot. Two or three years should help. Cole needs to get tough and learn offense or he's not pro ready. And we'd better learn to be a team in the next three games.

duanep5ku 10 years ago

To Jaybate the all mighty are you being reduced to name calling on this post with other Kansas fans that do not agree with your ramblings. Jaybate if you are now making fun of other KU fans It does sound like maybe your suffering from an inferiority complex O great one.

Scott Smetana 10 years ago

Wow, just watched the game on DVR and then painfully read through some of these stupid posts.

-Amazing how a few think Self is an idiot, especially Theutus.
-Amazing how so many think EJ or CJ is so much better than Taylor, having seen them play about 2 minutes of quality time each. Taylor has big time speed and is quickly learning how to control it.
-Amazing how crappy the Twins are playing, not helping Cole down low at all

Tenn is an average Big 12 team that played way above their potential tonight and we almost won. Chill out. I'm not worried about anything except for the twins right now. Self will get this defense ironed out in the next month.

MemphisMachine 10 years ago

can't win 'em all guys. Good luck in conference play.

temjay 10 years ago

Wjhen will Xavier learn the college game is much more than just standing around. Does he even have a floor burn?

He's not diving for loose balls and he;s not hitting the offensive glass.

And his body language tells me he's pouting about something.

BigOrangeFan 10 years ago

I've been reading all these whining, complaining comments. You Kansas people make me laugh. You just won a National Championship and you're questioning your coach? Your team got outplayed, out coached, and out hustled. You should be happy you even stayed close, we sucked shooting foul shots, if we had been hitting them, it would not have been close. As for talent?.....Tennessee has a lot of high school all Americans on this team and it was really deep before the mess last week. So, we had to use some bench players, but guess what, they were high school all Americans too. You bunch of cry babies deserved to lose. I think I'll laugh myself to sleep.

jaybate 10 years ago


I am about to do what is called inverting a problem. I know the inversion runs contrary to your point of view on Brady, but give it some thought and respond. If nothing else, it should get you thinking even more.

When I look at the minutes played for the UTenn game, it is conspicuous that Brady played the least he has played recently. Your thought is probably that Brady just wasn't athletic enough to play more, lacked that extra gear that C.J. and E.J. possess, and shouldn't have even played the minutes he got. C.J., or E.J. should have played more.

But what if Brady played too little?

Last year with Brady playing 35 or so minutes vs. an arguably much better UTenn team, KU won a game in the 90s.

This year, playing a much inferior UTenn team, with Xavier playing 30 minutes and Tyshawn playing 30 minutes, Brady only played 15 minutes and KU lost the game in the 80s.

What if Self played Xavier so much to get his offense (but X only scored 10 points) that KU's defense suffered more than KU gained on offense?

What if Brady should be starting and Xavier should be subbing?

Or more likely IMHO, what if Self played Tyshawn about ten minutes too much? Tyshawn was very inefficient offensively, yet again. He was 4 of 11 from the field and committed 4 TOs.

What if Self had given ten more minutes of Tyshawn's time to Brady?

Against Cornell, Brady played 25 minutes and KU eeked out a win on Sherron's back. What if KU is just a much tougher defensive team with Brady playing big minutes and more able to gut it out in grind it out games, especially against athletic teams?

If KU wins with defense and uses impact players to control the offense, perhaps Tyshawn and Xavier were the real problems and Brady needs to be playing more, rather than less.

KU struggled last year whenever they brought Little in at the three, because he took away from the down the middle game, even during the games when Little scored well.

jaybate 10 years ago

What if Xavier is doing the same thing? But what if he scores so much against the cupcakes that it doesn't really show up until KU plays against the athletic opponents--the opponents X can't get more than 10-15 the hard way against.

Or what if Tyshawn is undermining the down the middle game against all opponents, because his injured wing makes him shoot 30% from trey most nights, and go 4-11 versus a jumping team like UTenn, while making 4 TOs?

I understand your thinking. Ty, Xavier, CJ, and EJ are all very athletic. So: it seems logical that they would be more apt to be able to perform against the really athletic teams.

But what if Ty, Xavier, CJ and EJ actually wind up costing KU more against the athletic teams than, say, Brady?

What is happening consistently with Ty and Xavier is that they look great against the cupcakes and unathletic teams (much as you say Brady does, too), and then see their stats drop fully by half or three quarters against the athletic teams.

Now consider Brady.

Since Brady is never scoring much against the cupcakes or the athletic teams, there is no drop off in scoring and there is much less drop off in the rest of his game vs. the athletic teams than there is with Ty and Xavier.

What if Ty and Xavier are the problem? What if they really can't subordinate to the role of glue, as well as Brady could, on the one hand, and on the other they just aren't anywhere near good enough to be go-to guys against the athletic teams?

What if the issue is not Brady versus CJ and EJ?

What if the issue is Brady should start and Self needs to start looking at playing CJ and EJ more and Tyshawn and Xavier less?

It might be a huge shot in CJ's arm to start taking minutes away from his glamorous brother. He might start playing defense the way Self wants it played and CJ is a higher percentage trinitizer than X.

Or, alternatively, if Brady started instead of Tyshawn, Self could rather easily trade off back-up minutes between Tyshawn and Elijah, because Ty and Elijah are both not very efficient offensively, when asked to score against athletic teams, and Elijah would be much the better trinitizer in comparison to Tyshawn. Elijah, if he gets to where he can defend consistently, might actually beat out Tyshawn as a sub until Ty's arm heals and Ty can get back to 36% trey shooting. Either way, Self gets a 42% trey shooter back in the lineup and his best perimeter defender on the floor for a lot more minutes.

I know its counter-intuitive, but we're just exploring things right now, so go for it.

jaybate 10 years ago


Yours is the kind of opining I can take to the bank--one that has failed!

BigOrangeFan 10 years ago

Point taken, but let me give you some context that the announcers did not stress. Sure, Tennessee played 3 "walk-ons" but the little white guard who hit two big 3's had scholarship offers from mid level schools all over the country, but he chose to walk on this team. Bone, a "walk-on", transferred from Southern Illinois so he could play for Pearl. The only true walk-on was Coach Pearl's son. McBee was getting major minutes before the fiasco last week, and 3 of the 4 will be coming back at some point. Pearl is a great motivator and he has turned a once door mat into a national power. With a top 5 recruiting class coming in next year, watch out. It's only going to get better.

One other point, with so many players vying for playing time, it was hard for the guys to get into a rhythm, now with fewer players, the ones that are left are getting more time and they're more comfortable on the court. The suspensions may have been a blessing in disguise. You can have too many good players

I was hoping that Tennessee would keep it close today, I had no hope that we would actually win, but with this team and this coach, I have now learned to never count them out. Kentucky better be very careful.

7texdude 10 years ago

Guys, it doesn't matter who is playing outside, the guards are not getting the ball inside enough. Both Brady and Tyrell took as many shots (5) as Marcus and Cole. Throw in Sherron's 22 points on 20 shots and Tyrell's 4-11 game and it shows you how lopsided it was today. When the ball goes inside, it comes back out and then never goes back inside again.

I guarantee you coach Self will drive this point home in practice. But KU will get plenty of chances against zone defenses in the future. I hope they move the ball better and get it inside more often in the coming weeks.

Don Everett 10 years ago

WOW, what a bunch of complete morons and idiots. KU lost a game. Big deal. It only matters what happens in March/April. No one will ever go undefeated ever again. KU hasn't played to their potential and no one really has the ENTIRE season. There is not one single person on this board that thought KU would win the 2008 title, let alone the 1988 title. If you say you did, you are full of you know what.

KULA 10 years ago

Can anybody out there explain Bill Self's "offense" to me? I don't see anything like a "play" being run. How can you have a hard time scoring against a bunch of walkons when you've got 5 or 6 or 7 guys on your team who are gonna make money in the NBA?

KULA 10 years ago

jayhawkdon-I thought we'd win in 08. The only people who didn't were the TV analysts (except Jay Bilas) and those who listen to them. We had more talent from top to bottom than any other team. We had 7 guys who'd had 20+ point games that year.

HawkfromHays, I agree partly--Self's a good recruiter, but his idea of coaching seems to be to roll the ball out to his recruits. I am so sick of watching this lame "offense" of 4 guys standing around on the perimeter while Cole battles 2 or 3 guys for position down low. Then when he can't get open, he comes out and sets a pick & the guard tries to drive to the middle. But guess what? That "play" has been scouted to death & the defensive big just switches & forces the dribbler out to 25 ft at the top of the key and guess what? The play didn't work--AGAIN!!! Get an effing clue Bill! If you don't know anything about basketball offensive plays, hire an assistant coach who does. And if you're gonna hang your hat on defense, how about running a GD press & wearing down an opponent with your effing 12 man rotation. And is Withey injured? Can someone tell me why he's not playing 4 min. a half like Cole did when he was a freshman? Can anyone out there explain any of this to me? I'm listening.

Martin Rosenblum 10 years ago

BigOrangeFan -

You are the fan that I appreciate. Coming here is a rather brave thing to do as you have done. Your comments are balanced with truth and the cold facts that we here all are faced with. Thanks for not being one of those guys who only wants to taunt and belittle. If you are a Vols football fan, I know you've seen ups and downs recently. More downs than ups, in fact. So, you can be objective in general. Thanks for not resorting to subtle sarcasm. We'll all be pulling for the Vols to beat Ky even by one point!

I concede, there are decent people everywhere.

Chad Hallack 10 years ago

Bill Self - 16 years as a head coach with a .729 career win % and .821 at KU. 9 Conference titles, 4 conf. tournament titles, elite 8 appearances with 3 different teams, a final four and a national title. 7 coach of the year awards. 51 straight home wins and his teams have held opponents under 50% shooting in 89 straight games.

Don't be so emotional and start with the whole "sky is falling" crap. "WAH! We're not very good! WAH! Our coach sucks!! WAH! Jaybate is stupid!!!" This is what people that listen to pundits, entertain pipedreams and lack an understanding of the game (let alone a season) say when their over-inflated expectations replace reality in their minds.

We've got a great coach and really good team. We just didn't play well, simple as that. It's going to happen over the course of 40 games. This loss will pay dividends down the road. So just stop the Coach Self sucks and he blew it garbage... just stop it! Tards...

Steve Brown 10 years ago

Slayr: hope you're wrong about TT & Twins, yet recall they said while in Philly they need to see their old pal the barber, even though they just had Larry town haircuts.

Start Brady. Anyone recall our walk on was it Moody as jr. getting his minutes over more athletic newbies as he knew what to do on the court. History repeats.

jdenton12 10 years ago


I say Brady is not an answer and could lead us to an early exit in this years tourney because of our option to be more athletic with Elijah Johnson. Yes we won against Cornell, but Brady's guy (#20 I think, can't remeber his name) bombs away. Tyshawn was sent in by Bill to guard him and Brady said no (article in the KC Star)...the guy missing the last 3 is not because of Brady's stingy D, it's because you can't make all the shots you take..the guy had a decent look. It's a smoke screen if you will that the guy missed while Brady was "guarding"him.

Last year, Cole had a triple double against a team that had no major bodies down low. North Dakota St. Sherron carried us like he did against Cornell...not going to happen every night. Lesser quality athletes on the opposing team and other people to step up. I know we were young, and now we have Xavier and the twins appear in spurts to be better than last year.

I am simply saying that against quality teams to name a few (Michigan St/UNC/Syracuse/Texas/FUMU, Brady's athleticism doesn't match up as well as Elijah Johnson's. It's more than Brady against Tennessee, but I don't see a problem with giving EJ some minutes to give us a spark on the defensive end leading to some easy transition buckets.

Overall this teams needs more tenacity and passion to be the best that's on the floor against every opponent...that's what we get from each team because of who we are!!

Chad Hallack 10 years ago

Read a post from a kentucky fan on Said that, "it sucks that KU will end up taking a #1 seed from deserving team after they roll through the paper tigers in the Big XII..." and that "the SEC should get 8 teams in the tourney"

I just thought it was funny!

JayDocMD 10 years ago

I will be the first to say we have the best coach in the country and I hope he's here 20 more years, BUT... Coach Self should include himself as part of the blame for this loss. While I agree that everyone seemed to play soft ("paging the Morris Twins") the game plan was should have included picking up the pace. We should be pressing, utilizing our depth and wearing down teams, especially teams as short-handed as Tennessee.

Also, Tyshawn needs some serious bench time. He seems to me to be regressing. Not saying EJ is the answer, but let's end the charade and start Morningstar already, with bumps in p.t. for CJ and Tyrel.

Finally, and most frustratingly: How do we not let our pre-season first team All-American big man take over this game down low? A bunch of sub 6' 9" players/walk-ons can limit his touches that easily? He should have had a 20+ point game. When Sherron's not hitting his shot, and X looks like a deer in headlights, Aldrich has to be the man and demand the ball -get in peoples' faces if you have to. Be a leader. When the score was tied at half and Chism had three fouls, I just knew we would find a way to pound it in to Aldrich. That should have been THE focus at halftime - and maybe it was. But if so, Self got outcoached by the snake-oil salesman in the orange sportscoat.

Hays_Hawk 10 years ago


Your incoherent rambling doesn't make you sound smart man. It makes you sound like a dumb***.

Now judging by your attitude and demeanor on this website, this can't be the first time you've heard that. So take my advice...if you have strangers, not just your friends and family, telling you that you're acting like a jack***, then odds are it's true.

Of course nothing I'm saying will get through to you because you're just "one of those people." God help you.

jaybate 10 years ago


So you've been two months without affection.

Three months without someone telling you they love you.

Six months without the truth.

I can help with the truth, but not the rest.

Pg Dn


jaybate 10 years ago


There is a difference between wishing something were so and having to live with the reality of the situation.

I want to believe you that EJ and CJ playing more could take it to the next level.

Coach Self no doubt wanted to believe you against the cupcakes, when he played The Prophet and lately when he has tried C.J.

Bill Self has always loved the long, athletic impact-players and has always tried to play them,

Self has always said he wants and recruits impact players.

But here is where reality keeps playing out.

In practice, where the right to enter a game is made, EJ has lost his chance to get a call and CJ has won a chance to get a call.

But in games, both have performed poorly.

Coach Self and I are with you. We want EJ and CJ to play so well in practice that Self jumps them up the depth chart and they start.

But they aren't that good.

Next best is that Coach Self (and I) want EJ and CJ to play some fill minutes at glue positions.

But they keep playing poorly the minute they enter.

This is the reality that you have to accept in order to get beyond the frustration about Coach Self (and me) that you are feeling.

They aren't that good, or they would be playing.

jaybate 10 years ago


Calling poor old jaybate stupid?

It is like being called bad at reading, or geography, by Dubya.

It just doesn't carry much weight. :-)

Chad Hallack 10 years ago


Good God, man... I was actually paying you a compliment, It is, in fact, others that have been, in essense, calling you stupid in here the past few hours... along with the other dumb things they are saying. Read the context, it is very clear what I was saying... Maybe they were right after all. ;-)

Hays_Hawk 10 years ago

A few things...

  1. His comments might as well be jibberish because they don't make sense or amount to anything even resembling a normal human thought.

  2. As much as he accuses others of not being able to read or understand what's being said...he sure has a tough time forming proper responses...even when he gets a compliment!

  3. Everything I've said about him on here has been based on his posts. Then he comes back with some crap about people not loving me? Hmm...ok. I'm fairly certain my wife, two kids, and the rest of my family love me plenty friend. Once again, pulling nonsense out of your arse while trying for the life of you to sound intelligent. FAIL

Once again, god help you my man.

p.s. I've done my best to impart some wisdom on you. Obviously it's a lost cause. This is my last post in regards to this topic.

Note to site admin: Add a feature that allows the ability to hide the bull****, err, I mean posts made by certain individuals.

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