Friday, May 23, 2008

Mangino’s ‘04 rant hot topic again


So it was a bit calculated, after all.

Kansas University football coach Mark Mangino was in Dallas last week speaking on a panel as part of the National Football Foundation's football forum.

One of the issues brought up was the relationship between college football coaches and the media - which led to Mangino being asked about his infamous 2004 rant after Kansas lost to Texas, 27-23, on a last-minute touchdown.

"I had a reason to do it," Mangino said. "My reasons are such that we had lost some difficult ballgames that year, and our kids after that game were just crushed. I had never been around a team that had been so disheartened about a loss."

What followed was a postgame tirade in which Mangino called out a questionable penalty and accused the officials of favoring Texas because of BCS implications.

"I just warned people, some administrators on my way to the pressroom, what I was going to do, and it was to save the team," Mangino said. "I knew I was going to get criticism for it and take some bullets, but Kansas hadn't had a winning program for many years, we were trying to get it on its feet, we were getting close but just couldn't get over the hump. So I took a bullet for it."

Mangino apologized later that evening and was fined $5,000 by the Big 12 Conference, but the tirade must have worked - Kansas beat Missouri, 31-14, the next week, and hasn't had a sub-.500 season since.

"I learned a lesson that there's other ways to get that done," Mangino said. "But at the time I felt that was the best way to do it."

Texas will play in Lawrence on Nov. 15 for the first time since that memorable day.


Lucky 13?: Preseason rankings will be of great interest to Kansas fans this year, particularly coming off the Jayhawks' 12-1 season a year ago.

It's that time of year, where pundits rushing to be first are coming out with their premature preseason top 25 polls.

Athlon Sports wins the race, ranking Kansas No. 13 about 15 weeks before the season begins. Of course, did a pre-preseason top 25 in January and ranked Kansas No. 13, as well.


Television games: The Big 12 and ESPN released a preliminary list of televised games, and KU is included.

It's old news, though: Kansas and South Florida will move their anticipated nonconference game to Friday, Sept. 12. It will start at 7 p.m. and be televised by ESPN2.

In all, 13 Big 12 television selections were announced, mostly nonconference games. KU is certain to have more conference games televised, but those usually are announced 12 days ahead of time.


Gordon walks: Among those walking down Campanile Hill on Sunday as part of KU graduation festivities was a guy who's already making plenty of money - former KU standout Charles Gordon.

Gordon left school early in 2006 to declare for the NFL Draft. He went undrafted but signed with the Minnesota Vikings and eventually became a fixture on their roster at cornerback. He had 39 tackles and an interception for Minnesota in 2007.

Gordon is a business administration major.


bmcmich1 13 years ago

mvjay,if you're still bitter, count me as still ENRAGED. I was extremely pi$$ed off after that call, and I've been waiting for those clowns to come back to Larry ever since. I have since moved to Chicago, but come hell or high water you can rest assured I will be at Memorial on Nov. 15 to witness the 'hawks exact some revenge for that awful, AWFUL, B.S. call!!

HawkDigestCom 13 years ago

I'd say half-calculated, half pure anger. You should probably mention that sure KU had several other opportunities to wrap up the game, but the phantom offensive pass interference call on CG by a Texas ref standing in front of the Texas sideline negated a first down that would have sealed the game. And before we get into the who initiated the contact debate, watch the defender's feet. He's setting them and going for the hit. Charles is just trying to escape.

dukehester 13 years ago

of course the reason we heard so little about the intentional call against KU was so 'horns would be in BCS is due to tigger and kittie preference of area media. people like jason (witless) whitlock and others are all on the KU bandwagon now but were publicly making fun of MM and the team back then. sucks to be them!!!obtw, great show of being a fine person to Chas Gordon!!!RCJ GKU

Dyrk Dugan 13 years ago

good for Charles Gordon! Kudos to him for getting his degree.And since he was the subject of that ridiculous pass interference call against UT 4 years ago, what a neat tribute to him to be able to walk down the hill.I never understood why that bad call didn't get more attention here in the Kansas City area. Of course, MM's rant was the focus....but that call was terrible!!! Pass interference on a guy that's coming off the line of scrimmage against a defender who had grabbed HIM!!! and then, the flag comes flying in AFTER Gordon catches the ball and starts to go down. (no, i'm not bitter in the least....tee he). I just know, i can't wait for Nov. 15.

Mike Crosbie 13 years ago

I was so pissed as well after "that call" and respected MM for his speaking out, but now the shoe is on the other foot? now we are a winning BCS team and may get a call or two????

Warren 13 years ago

I remember watching the game and being extremely pissed off about the call. I didn't see anything about Mangino's tirade until the next day. That call would have sealed the game for KU for sure, but KU still had a chance until Nick Reid missed a tackle against Vince Young. I think that is the main reason I was so pissed off about the call. Mangino too, he was tirading for his players.

Brian Skelly 13 years ago

The good/bad of that incident is that KU football hasnt looked back since.They've finally have a bit of a "program" going on. More than anything its just been fun to watch the improvement.Im realistic about this year probably not being as good as last, but a good bowl game isnt only not unrealistic, it should be expected.

JBurtin 13 years ago

mcrozb,I think that's part of MM's point.I've seen KU basketball get more than a call or two because of the name on their jersey. Successful programs tend to get the benefit of the doubt in close games. It's not fair, but it's the reality of refs being human. Only occassionally do you see the refs turn on the more successful program and decide that it's their day to lose. I just think he didn't want his players blaming it all on themselves and losing confidence because of it.Of course there are many other plays that could have sealed the deal, but that mentality is kind of ridiculous. Couldn't it be argued that any other snap in the game could have sealed the deal? A pass could have been intercepted, or a ball could have been stripped and the fumble recovered, or a pass or run that was intended for a short gain could have gone for a touchdown.The fact is that either team could have sealed the deal with any given play in the game, but when it came down to crunch time, Texas got the benefit of the doubt.Now that the shoe is on the other foot, the refs won't simply chalk this up as a loss for KU. Both programs have had success in recent years and, instead of looking at the name on the jersey, whoever's got momentum at the end of the game is likely to get the calls.

KGphoto 13 years ago

Thanks for the levity sevenyearhawk.We have a whole summer to enjoy the best season in KU sports history. Let's not sully it with tears over a game two years ago.Fact is, it's just gonna make this years victory over Texas that much sweeter. T-shirt ideas anyone?

number1jayhawker 13 years ago

I just hope Freeman Johns isn't reffereeing the UT game again this year. He didn't pull the flag out of his pocket until the UT coaches grabbed him and yelled at him to do so. Vince Young then disrespected Nick Reid after the game and should have felt like a jerk when everyone found out Nick had a bum knee and required surgery at the season's end.

jayhawkinATL 13 years ago

Yes, indeed, congrats to Mr. Gordon!!!!Great to see a student-athlete come back to complete his/her degree.

JBurtin 13 years ago

I spotted a fine specimen of the rare sevenyearhawk the other day while driving on 23rd street.The mythical bird was on the phone at the time so I decided not to bother it.

JBurtin 13 years ago

jhawk4life1976,Yes, Vince Young made a great play on us. Exactly the same as he did against many other teams. By saying that you think Mangino's players will be ready for "this one" implies that they weren't ready for that game.I maintain that Mangino's players were ready, played the better game, and as far as I'm concerned won the game. Vince Young's play didn't come until after there should have already been zeroes on the clock. If you give a great player enough tries, he'll eventually make a great play. Vince Young got more tries than his team earned.In the long run that game didn't end up being terribly important, but at the time it was exactly the kind of surprise big win that this program needed. KU went seven and five that year and got a minor bowl game. That game could have put us at 8-4. Even though there's only one game difference 8-4 sounds a heck of a lot better than 7-5. It could have helped us land one or two more recruits that we missed out on that year. One or two guys that may have made the difference between and Orange Bowl win, and a national championship win.I don't think people would still be talking about this game except that it seems like everyone in the nation wants KU to fail at building a football program. We had so many close games in the past few years where we always seemed to get screwed at the exact right moment to take us out of the game. If just one or two of those frustrating games had gone our way then we would already be pulling the five star recruits that still won't give KU a look.The Texas game tops the list of the most frustrating losses, and we've had to sit on it with no opportunity for retribution for the last 3 years.

sevenyearhawk 13 years ago

You gotta love all this attention and interest in KU football ... and it's only May and just a bit more than a month since a hoops title! :D

jhawk4life1976 13 years ago

As much BS as the PI call on Gordon was that day I seem to remember Vince Young running for a 1st down on a 4th and 19 that final drive. However, I think Mangino will definitely have the team ready for this one. August 30th, and for that matter November 15th, can't get here fast enough!

sevenyearhawk 13 years ago

unless you count our basketball team's three consecutive tourney titles - all at the expense of the Longhorns!!! :DI love messin' with Texas!***So we're going to Lawrence today for a wedding, she's a Jayhawk, he's a Longhorn - we got them a couple custom house divided plates for their wedding gift! :D

Jim Jackson 13 years ago

We are going to mess them up at home. We are nasty at home. Rock Chalk!!

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