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President recognizes KU at Rose Garden

President Bush stands with members of the 2008 NCAA men's national basketball championship team from the University of Kansas, Tuesday, June 3, 2008, in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington.

President Bush stands with members of the 2008 NCAA men's national basketball championship team from the University of Kansas, Tuesday, June 3, 2008, in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington.



Jayhawks at the White House

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The 2008 national championship Jayhawks went to Washington, D.C. to be honored by President Bush.

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Bush addresses the Jayhawks


Self-made Champions

The Lawrence Journal-World looks back at the men's basketball season of 2007-2008, in which the Jayhawks claimed the NCAA championship title for the first time in 20 years and its third ever.

Reader poll

What is the most significant honor for the Kansas Jayhawks' national championship basketball team?

  • The cover of Sports Illustrated. 18% 95 votes
  • The downtown Lawrence parade. 28% 149 votes
  • A visit to the White House to meet the president. 38% 198 votes
  • The Memorial Stadium "welcome home." 14% 77 votes

519 total votes.

— Nobody - not even the leader of the free world - knows just how rich the soon-to-be-professional members of Kansas University's men's basketball team will strike it.

But none other than President Bush himself is sure at least some of the Jayhawks will be rolling in it.

"I wish those of you going into pro ball the very best," Bush said in a Rose Garden ceremony Tuesday recognizing the Jayhawks for their 2008 national championship. "Some of us are going to be out of work soon. I may be looking for loans."

Though such remarks come as much from Bush's speechwriters as from his heart, KU coach Bill Self couldn't help but be impressed to meet the president on a more personal level.

Self recalled being awakened by the president the morning after the national championship, after Self had celebrated well into the wee hours. Bush congratulated Self and the Jayhawks and invited them to the White House, urging them to do so quickly before graduation and the lure of pro ball split them too far apart.

"I could tell : I don't know if you could say the president is a regular guy," Self said, "but he's as close to one as possible."

Bush affirmed that impression Tuesday.

After the Rose Garden ceremony, Bush gave the Jayhawks and their coaches a tour of the Oval Office.

"He gave us - I don't know if you'd call it a speech," Self said, "but some words of wisdom. : I thought it was incredible that we were able to see a side of the man very few people are able to see."

He wasn't alone. KU senior Sasha Kaun - who, all signs indicate, likely won't be tapped in the NBA Draft but who nonetheless likely will strike it rich in the Russian pro leagues - was front-and-center for the ceremony, during which Bush was presented with a championship hat, a KU jersey and autographed basketball.

"I was very impressed with him," Kaun said. "It's an honor to be here."

"The president was very down-to-earth," added senior Russell Robinson. "I'm really impressed and happy to be here."

The trip to the White House was the main event in a whirlwind two-day tour of the nation's capital.

Monday, the Jayhawks visited the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where they toured the facilities and visited with wounded servicemen and their families.

Monday evening, they took a two-hour bus tour of several D.C. sites, including the Vietnam War Memorial and the Washington Monument.

After the White House tour and Rose Garden ceremony, they headed off to the Supreme Court and the Capitol, where they were to eat lunch, tour and meet with the Kansas delegation, including senators Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts and congressmen Jerry Moran and Dennis Moore.

Those four - along with former Senator/former Presidential hopeful/Viagra pitchman Bob Dole - were on hand at the Rose Garden, too.

They heard the President wax complimentary, and not just about the Jayhawks' athletic achievements.

"The greatest testament to this team is the character it showed, not only on the court but off," Bush said. "I often say this when I welcome championship teams to the White House, but character means a lot in order to become a champion. This is a team, when teammates lost loved ones, they held players-only meeting to help rally their friends through a difficult time. It's a team that reached out to others in need. Coach Self set the example by launching a foundation to help the children in Lawrence build healthier and more wholesome lives.

"During holidays, the players bought presents for needy families and signed hundred of balls for charity auctions. They ran free basketball clinics for children."

Bush singled out Self - "One of the finest coaches in the land," the President said - and Brandon Rush for his 25-point outing against North Carolina in the national semifinals.

He gave a shout out to the Jayhawks from Texas: "By the way, fellow Texans on the team, nice to see you."

He gave a nod to Mario Chalmers, who hit the miraculous three-point shot that forced overtime in the championship, and he welcomed back Danny Manning, who visited the White House as a member of the 1988 national-championship team and again 20 years later as an assistant coach for another titlist.

But Bush stressed the Jayhawks' greatest strength came not from one individual.

"More than any one player, Americans will remember the way you played as a team," Bush said. "They'll remember stifling defense. They'll remember the way seven different players led your team in scoring during the course of the season. Teamwork is a testament to the leadership of six seniors. It's a testament as well to a coach."

And Self was quick to toss the bouquet right back.

"We tell our players often winners get rewards," Self said afterward. "Winning the championship was incredible. But to be able to come here and do this, and to be able to visit the Walter Reed Medical Center : this is more than we thought it would be."


dec11 11 years ago

ditto on the spelling comment.

I was lucky enough to attend the ceremony--it was great! and Michael Lee was there too! These celebrations are not about politics or policies--the focus is on the team! The players and coaches signed autographs and posed for fans' picstures with good-natured patience, and were uniformly polite and accomodating.

So let's get off politics and get the focus back on our fabulous team and coaching staff!

KEITHMILES05 11 years ago

Going back just a few years ago we had a man in the Oval Office who desacrated that office by having his wee wee wacked. His high comedy of course "what the meaning of the word"

NH_JHawk 11 years ago

ameraidi - Embarrassed to be a Jayhawk? Seriously? Let it go man and feel blessed that we live in a country that's fortunate enough to have a system of democracy where we don't have to endure the same politicians for life. I couldn't be more proud to be a Jayhawk right now or anytime.

midhawktx 11 years ago

We solute the rank; not the man.

Seth Peattie 11 years ago

ameraidi is 'embarressed' to be a Jayhawk but is ameraidi too 'embarressed' to SUCK IT!?!?!?!?!!?!?!

brilljayhawk 11 years ago

Where was Jackson? He was either the one taking the pictures or he wasn't there?

Rob Keeney 11 years ago

ameraidi, I'm "embarressed" that you are a Jayhawk, too.

jayhawkinATL 11 years ago

Yeah, seriously...keep the political chatter out of these blogs!!!!

justanotherfan 11 years ago

I thought this was a message board for KU sports? Am I in the wrong place or something?

tis4tim 11 years ago

Hartsock wrote: "Though such remarks come as much from Bush's speechwriters as from his heart, KU coach Bill Self couldn't help but be impressed to meet the president on a more personal level."How does one expect to keep political rhetoric out of this forum when the writers themselves inject their own thinly veiled jabs at Mr. Bush?

soapboxstew 11 years ago

And hey sevenyearhawk, don't make fun of my lack of ENTER use...Just because I rock doesn't mean that I'm made of stone.

Benjamin Clay Jones 11 years ago

The "real horror," huh? Would that be operating under a constitutional government again, for the first time in eight years?

tis4tim 11 years ago

Speakeasy,I actually possess a pretty thick skin. My point was simply that it's easy to get caught up in politics on a sports board when the writer of an article doesn't shy away from editorializing even just a bit. I read the author's comment as a jab, albeit slight, at Bush's intelligence level. Just because Presidents have speechwriters it doesn't mean that the speech doesn't convey Bush's actual thoughts, ideas, sincerity, knowledge, etc. The author seemed to imply that Bush was perhaps incapable of knowing Rush scored 25 in the UNC game or that the '88 team was called Danny and the Miracles without having someone prompting him. Why is it so unfathomable that our President, as backwoods as he sounds at times, might actually know something about what he speaks?What is interesting to me is that some on this board, as much as they claim he had speechwriters feed him KU lore, would actually turn around and villify the man if it turned out he actually followed KU, because they would say he should have been fixing the economy or the war or something else instead of watching the games.

actorman 11 years ago

I brought this up earlier and received plenty of nasty comments but not one actual RESPONSE, so I'll ask it again.IF you knew for a FACT that "President" Bush had stolen both elections, would you still say we should honor the office regardless of who's in power? Note this is not an actual comment about WHETHER the elections were stolen. I'm simply wondering whether that would make a difference. So many people blindly say support the office, regardless of what type of person is there. Well unlike them (and despite the vitriolic, mean-spirited comments of someone like soapbox), I don't MINDLESSLY say that someone deserves to be honored no matter what his "morals" are like.One more hypothetical: regardless of whether the elections were stolen, what if you knew for a FACT that Bush had sanctioned torture, in violation of everything that our constitution and the Geneva convention stands for? Would that make a difference as to whether people should be "honored" to go to the White House? Again, note that this is not a specific argument about what has been done. I'm simply asking all of those who say that politics should stay out of it: does it not make a SINGLE difference what type of person is in office? I asked in the other thread (which again wasn't answered), what if it was someone like Hitler or Stalin in office? If that type of person happened to be president, should people still be honored to be there just because he happened to be president? I challenge all of the people who will be firing off inevitably nasty responses to answer these hypotheticals.

tis4tim 11 years ago

actorman,1. Terrorism in and of itself violates the Geneva conventions and International Humanitarian Law. It also does not neatly fall into the "armed conflict" status necessary to recognize rights under the Geneva convention. What do you suggest we do? Say "please" enough times to get information from these cannibals?2. The wire taps were done on an international basis for calls originating from terrorist states outside of this country made into this country. Nobody snooped on you during your calls to grandma.3. If Hitler or Stalin were in office, you would have to honor them or you'd be killed. 4. Read up on your friend Bill Clinton regarding signing statements. He signed more than any other president in our history...or did that slip your mind?

bigjay83 11 years ago

soapbox- I'm pretty sure flipborder02's comment above falls exactly in line with the mindless, irrational hate-speech you spoke of earlier..."You people are like emotional robots. By that I mean that you can't think for yourself... Blame, anger, pointless arguments, name-calling, etc. are the tools of tools."Yep, that fit's flipborders comments exactly. I guess "emotional robots" exist on both sides of the aisle now don't they?

100 11 years ago

Politics have nothing to do with this: this is a celebration. For those of you having trouble swallowing this, just pretend they saw Will Ferrel. Sounded like a classy event, well done by all. Great manners by ku's students, and great to see ku in suits, just like the old Phog Allen teams. I still remember Reagan taking the letter jacket from Danny. I think on the pocket it said Gipper. Seemed like he put it on right then and there.

Brandon Snook 11 years ago

He still didn't need to say that. WTFC.

sevenyearhawk 11 years ago

Yeah ... Bush is a "uniter, not a divider" alright, just look at all of these comments.Both political parties are wretched and corrupt, and our "democracy" is crumbling around us, I pity anyone too blind to see that!Sadly like most things in life, money talks ... we live in a Syndicracy today.

soapboxstew 11 years ago

I can't imagine what these teachers are teaching these kids in school. They (these kids) actually believe that the "Prez" is solely responsible for the economy.ECON 101/ GOV 101:Congress is in charge of the budget and government spending. The Legislative branch of government has MUCH more power regarding the Economy (compared to the Executive). The economy was better than it has EVER been 2 years ago (with the highest closing numbers the Market has ever seen in the history of this country, and higher growth rates than we've seen in more than half-a-century). Can anybody remember what happened 2 years ago to the branch of government that is (mostly) in charge of the Economy? The Legislative branch changed the guard from R to D. This "recession" happened when the D's took the house. So if your looking for a scape-goat, look no furthur than your D owned house.But don't seek out scape-goats as the media would want (so you keep watching them), seek out accountability and understanding. If your life sucks, don't blame Bush; blame yourself (you probably suck). Find a way to stop sucking, and keep doing what it is that keeps you from sucking. Elementary. Lastly, in a Global Capitalist Economy, supply & demand is determined by the consumer and the producer. To think that Bush can control supply & demand in the Oil & Gas Market is to think that Bill Self can control the scoring average for all teams in College BB. It's bigger than 1 man.BTW- I am an Oil & Gas man, and we get AT MOST 4% of our national Oil and Gas consumption from the Middle East. That's a drop in a bucket. If we went to war for Oil we would be at war with Mexico. NAFTA only allows TRADE to be free; REVENUE still goes to Mexico, and that revenue is worth 100X what the Middle East has (to this country). Opec has the most to gain by this war (and Middle East Oil & Gas), and they are a British based company. We collect no taxes from them. Bush has no ties to Opec.Let's not forget, Oil & Gas has a lot to do with the success of KU. Buildings are built and money is donated because of Oil & Gas donors. Our most successful alum, Phil Anschutz, is an Oil & Gas man. You may have been to his library while @ KU. The family farms that honor the state of Kansas are not bought by giant corporations because of the independent Oil & Gas industry (Bush family industry). The royalties that they collect keep farms within families. The state of Kansas needs O&G revenue taxes, I'm sure that the O&G industry is one of the top 3 sources of money for this state (if not #1 overall).Bottom line,bangaranggerg,if you don't like Bush,if you don't like the Oil & Gas industry,You can eat sh*t.

actorman 11 years ago

"jhawk 1986--you've got to be kidding right??'at least bush isn't like clinton, he has morals'that is the funniest post i have read......EVER"Thanks, digitalkookie. It's nice to know there's someone else out there who actually lives in the real world. I was going to say the same thing."We solute the rank; not the man."Close, Midhawktx. I "solute" the fact that the man is rank."What a bunch of non-substantiated, hear-speak, CNN-laden jargon."Soapboxstew, let me ask you, is it "non-substantiated" that Bush authorized wiretapping without a warrant, even when he could have gotten the warrant AFTER the fact, and that he said he would continue to violate the constitution even when he was called on it? Is it "non-substantiated" that even when our Bush signs a bill, he then adds (unconstitutional) signing statements declaring which parts of the law he's going to choose to follow? Is it "non-substantiated" that under Bush we have sent our political prisoners to other countries (via "rendition") where we knew they would be tortured?We know so much about Bush; the scariest thing is what we DON'T know.

Benjamin Clay Jones 11 years ago

Which prompts the question: isn't hate a form of immaturity? Put another way, is it immature to say "I hate your immaturity?"

Benjamin Clay Jones 11 years ago

Actually I wouldn't be surprised if Bush has had his wee wee whacked once or twice in the Oval Office. (It wouldn't make him the first Republican to have done so.) You'll recall rumors were flying a year or two ago when Laura moved out of the White House and into the Mayflower Hotel, reportedly in a huff about Condeelicious.

sevenyearhawk 11 years ago

hey soapbox,next time try mixing in the [enter key] ...MmmK?

bangaranggerg 11 years ago

you probably have to lean over really far to get Bush's balls in your mouth from on top of a soapbox huh?

bangaranggerg 11 years ago

Oh, Bush definately won't have to ask an ex-KU basketball player for money, I'm sure if he needs any the oil companies will give him the more than $10 billion dollars they owe him for his help in ensuring their profits.

Marcia Parsons 11 years ago

Jackson had personal business in Oklahoma (nothing serious, according to Self, just necessary).

digitalkookie 11 years ago

jhawk 1986--you've got to be kidding right??"at least bush isn't like clinton, he has morals"that is the funniest post i have read......EVER

Benjamin Clay Jones 11 years ago

tis4tim--How is that a "thinly veiled jab at Bush"? Don't be so sensitive. It is a fact that the remarks came from Bush's speechwriters. He was not speaking extemporaneously (i.e., from the heart). Can you dispute that? If not, then Hartsock's statement is an accurate and objective one, not a "thinly veiled jab."

westernkshawk 11 years ago

I was never more proud to be a Jayhawk than when I listened to that video of questions given to the Hawks as they boarded for DC. They were asked how visiting the White House compared to winning the National Championship and to a man, they all said that both were very high honors and they were proud to be a part of both! Shows our guys are head and shoulders above so many who post on these boards and worthy of whatever good comes to them in life.

sevenyearhawk 11 years ago

KUSports ... where Red and Blue don't make purple!

Benjamin Clay Jones 11 years ago

Hey, it's not immoral to start a war that results in the death of 600,000 Iraqis--as long as the TV cameras don't show it, they don't really exist! Anyway, they're infidels.I'm sure the grieving relatives of all those dead Iraqis would gladly exchange the morals of the current president for the morals of the previous one.

Dan Harris 11 years ago

soapbox- I couldn't agree with you more. All the CNN zombies are going to realize the real horror after Hussain gets elected. Anyways congrats Hawks and thanks again for the last year!

flipborder02 11 years ago

God I am so sick of people constanly nagging on bush. You just wait and see if Obama gets elected then we are in even worse trouble he is a much bigger liar then bush.

walkdog262 11 years ago

It's hilarious that Bush makes a crack about being "out of work soon" when he's rolling in personal wealth as the economy crumbles under his pathetic watch. What a douche. But luckily KU has a classy coach and classy players who wouldn't turn the big White House day political. It doesn't matter who's prez - it's still sweet to go to the White House. Way to go, guys!

Lindsey Buscher 11 years ago

"Viagra pitchman Bob Dole"Was it really necessary to include that? He hasn't done those ads in years and he will go down in history as one of the most well-known and fascinating Kansas politicians/KU students in history. Clearly the author must have some bone to pick (pun intended) with Senator Dole.

kansaspike 11 years ago

How about that "where's Barney" comment when Bush was talking about our mascot....what a bad joke.Typical Texas!!

soapboxstew 11 years ago

Here are some of my favorite pearls of wisdom being spewed out on this site:1. I think that this is the only day that I've felt embarressed to be a Jayhawk....2. it's hilarious that Bush makes a crack about being "out of work soon" when he's rolling in personal wealth as the economy crumbles under his pathetic watch. What a douche.3. Oh, Bush definately won't have to ask an ex-KU basketball player for money, I'm sure if he needs any the oil companies will give him the more than $10 billion dollars they owe him for his help in ensuring their profits.4. And I don't blame Bush for not following KU basketball--he's far too busy sawing logs on his Texas ranch.5. To me, the part about the presidential pooch pooping was the best part of the story. The only thing that would have made it better is if he had pooped on Bush's shoe.6. Because this president is a d-bag, man, and generally regarded as a liar by those of us that don't work for Fox News.What a bunch of non-substantiated, hear-speak, CNN-laden jargon. You people are like emotional robots. By that I mean that you can't think for yourself, you can't create something original, and everything that you hear that registers on an emotional level (that you've seen on CNN, i.e., Bush sucks) is then computed and regurgitated into flawed logic.Blame, anger, pointless arguments, name-calling, etc. are the tools of tools.

FortWorthJayhawk 11 years ago

ameraidi:Would you rather the school turn down the invitation to the White House? This was about the Jayhawks and not a political agenda! If you have trouble understanding what an honor it is for these hardworking kids to be invited to the White House, maybe you should try rooting for another team. Like the one across the border...dec11:If you're going to make fun of someone for their spelling, make sure you won't make a mistake too... fans' picstures

Sparko 11 years ago

It is nice to see the Jayhawks honored. Bush would have done well to stick with sports; his commentary was more eloquent on this championship than about anything else I have heard him say in quite a while. This will be a great segue into next year's ceremony there. Maybe Obama can play some hoops with them.

100 11 years ago

Interesting to see what happens when one Jayhawk (see the first backhanded political slap) makes a comment, and then fans who are not part of the Jayhawk nation (Missouri, Duke etc) get on here and pretend to be Jayhawks. Don't let these message boards get you going. The last eight years in this world are what they are. We can only hope we've all learned. If you wanna debate politics go to CNN -- if you've been baited by a Duke ("Jayhawk") poster into yelling at each other on this site, so be it. It's nothing more than silly. The country is always split 50-50 on this topic ever since the parties were split, so big deal. All I know is, politics aside, in the last 8 years, we were one Michael Lee three from winning 2 of these things, and one free throw (GT OT game) from being in the final four 4 out of the last 8 years. It's so sweet that Michael Lee not only gets a ring this year after a five year wait (that 2003 game was ours!!!), but also gets to be part of the White House celebration, even after signing his first asst coaching contract in... North Carolina.... Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

ameraidi 11 years ago

Hey guys, some of these comments are hilarious, "At least Bush has morals" lmao I guess that your definition of morals is " A person who lies about a war and gets 4000 of our young brave soldiers killed.....Invade a sovereign nation and get a million people killed....start a civil war and rob a nation of its natural resources.....start a recession in the US and leave thousands of Americans unemployed...."some morals eh?OBAMA in 2009

Mike Crosbie 11 years ago

Hey Speakeasy, sure bush didn't follow KU basketball, but remember he was at a KU football game in person at College Station, and got to see KU football Kick his Texas teams butt, maybe the Pres is more familiar with the Orange Bowl Champions, lolRock Chalk ChampionHawk !!!!!

Benjamin Clay Jones 11 years ago

I should add, too, that most athletes are pretty savvy about speaking to the press. But I'm glad that gives you the warm fuzzies, western.

KU 11 years ago

Why don't the liberal pinheads go to if you want to bash the President of the United States? It has no place on a sports page.Let us unite behind the one thing we can all agree on: Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Benjamin Clay Jones 11 years ago

Quote: "4. Read up on your friend Bill Clinton regarding signing statements. He signed more than any other president in our history...or did that slip your mind?"That's only about half the story, tis4tim. For the rest, go here: might pay particular attention to the following:Q: Didn't the American Bar Association declare that Bush's use of signing statements was unconstitutional?A: In July 2006, an ABA "Blue Ribbon Task Force"-not "The ABA"-found that these presidential assertions of constitutional authority "undermine the rule of law and our constitutional system of separation of powers." The report of the bipartisan commission, which relied on the American Presidency Project database, can be found here:

Benjamin Clay Jones 11 years ago

Personally, I thought my dog poop post displayed impeccable logic. You might even say "unimpeachable" logic.

Benjamin Clay Jones 11 years ago

tis4tim, we'll have to agree to disagree. That "punchline" just has to do with the way writers structure stories--I know, because I have been a newspaper writer. Again, in this case it was handled a bit clumsily, and Hartsock probably IS a little too fascinated by the fact that President Bush has writers who come up with material for him (as does David Letterman or Garrison Keillor), but I don't discern any ill intent. He may have belabored the point by bringing it up in both stories, but from the transcript of the event it sounds as though the writers poured it on pretty thick, and I think the cumulative cheesiness of the manufactured KU references the writers had the POTUS spout probably made Hartsock want to gag after awhile.

bringheatwavewheat 11 years ago

Hey blowhards....shut the hell up. Your team was impressed by Bush...if 18 year olds can be respectful and polite, so can you. Man, I hate your immaturity.

Benjamin Clay Jones 11 years ago

tis4tim, it wasn't the best-written article, but I think you're reading WAY too much into a writer's off-handed remark. Actually, I think what Bush said about "looking for loans" probably WAS from the heart. He's made no secret of the fact that he plans to start filling his coffers as soon as he leaves office. And I don't blame Bush for not following KU basketball--he's far too busy sawing logs on his Texas ranch.

bigjay83 11 years ago

Let's hope so, Sparko, because John McCain would undoubtedly break a hip....

Kit Duncan 11 years ago

Congratulations everyone for taking a great event honoring a great team and turning it into a petty, political rant. I would urge all here to take the opportunity to educate themselves about the candidates and vote in November. If you plan to vote based on sound bites or what Fox and CNN tell you, please don't vote.For the 2007/08 Men's Basketball team, we salute you and thank you for making this a super season!It's a Great year to be a Jayhawk!!!

rcaltrider 11 years ago

actorman's brain has apparently been relieved of duty! How's the weather on your planet actorman? Must be better than on this crazy earth where we have that darn global warming thing going on. I'm kind of glad there are people out there like you because any time I'm feeling down I can read comments like yours and realize how much worse off I could be. Thanks for the pick me up buddy!

tis4tim 11 years ago

Speakeasy,I agree my interpretation of the comment might be different than what Hartsock intended. However, I wrote my originial comment on this thread after reading the other current LJW article posted today by the same author. In that article, he again pointed out the speechwriting thing. And he even separated the part about the speechwriters from the rest of the paragraph as if to make it a punchline. So, I don't think my point was completely unjustified when the author belabored the same statement in two separate articles...kind of like what I'm doing now :DIn a completely unrelated comment: Rock Chalk!

ameraidi 11 years ago

I think that this is the only day that I've felt embarressed to be a Jayhawk....

Benjamin Clay Jones 11 years ago

I think most athletes are pretty apolitical. If that makes them head and shoulders above me, and me unworthy of whatever good comes to me in life, then so be it.

Chicago_JHawk 11 years ago

I guess we can expect another day of political bickering on this thread? Say what you want about his leadership (I am not a Bush supporter, either), but it an honor nonetheless to be invited to the White House, regardless of who sits behind the desk.

jhawk1986 11 years ago

At least Bush isn't like Clinton, he has morals.

fundamental 11 years ago

ameraidi,I'd be more "embarressed" about your ability to spell.Government-monopolized education strikes again. Yikes!All kidding aside, this is a great honor, regardless of who is in the White House. How often does the leader of the free world have an opportunity to lead the country in the Rock Chalk Chant? Very cool deal, here. Very cool.

soapboxstew 11 years ago

On a side note,Way to go Hawks!What an honor!You deserve it. You gave your fans the greatest moment in their sports (viewing) lives.For that I than you.

100 11 years ago

Yes, Dole played for Phog, just before WWII. Like so many others he took a break from school to help the US. He had his severely damaged by a grenade, so when he came back he didnt play again.

Benjamin Clay Jones 11 years ago

I agree completely with what you say about torture, actorman. But try telling that to Bill Self during the week of Boot Camp.

KUbsee69 11 years ago

Those who mention the Pres's "loan" remark may not remember, but Coach Self made the very same remark at the Senior Awards Banquet a few year's ago (his first or second year).Also, why isn't Sen. Dole listed as a KU student athelete? I believe that Bob Dole played BBall for KU, pre-WWII.One more thought, in Pres. Jimmy Carter's own words, KU has the nation's only "almost presidential" library in the nation on the campus ... the Dole Institute.All Jayhawk Nation should be very proud of "almost president" Dole.

actorman 11 years ago

"If that type of person happened to be president, should people still be honored to be there just because he happened to be president? I challenge all of the people who will be firing off inevitably nasty responses to answer these hypotheticals."Quite interesting that no one has responded. As usual, just a flurry of insults, but not one person has actually answered the question. The closest was the comment about being forced to honor Hitler or Stalin, but that still doesn't answer the question about whether someone should FEEL HONORED to be in the presence of them simply because they were the "leader" of the country.I won't get into the specifics again because we can go on and on forever. But I will say that there is NO justification for torture. Aside from the fact that it goes against everything that America supposedly stands for, it has not even proven to be effective! So it's not even useful for the purpose intended--but of course that's still not the main point. The point is, that is not what America is supposed to be about. We are supposed to have principles, we are supposed to be morally superior to terrorists, not to lower ourselves to their level. Otherwise, if we abandon our constitution and everything we are supposed to be about, what exactly are we fighting for???

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