Monday, February 28, 2005

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Did we forget any memorable fieldhouse memories? That's the question we asked, and vistors to answered. Here are just a few of the responses:

"The MU game when Johnson missed a dunk and fell on his rear end." -- J.L Foster

"Archie Marshall, fresh off his second knee surgery, is inserted into the game against Oklahoma State in 1988 with little time left on the clock. OSU coach Leonard Hamilton tells his players to back off, thus allowing Marshall one final shot to cap off his college career. Unfortunately, he missed." -- Alan Abrogast

"With three seconds left, Fred Boslivac steals an inbound pass at halfcourt from a Kansas State player and lays it in as the buzzer goes off, giving KU a one-point victory. This game happened in the late 60s or early 70s." -- Craig Kidwell

"The 24-point, 23-rebound game Nick Collison displayed against Texas in January, 2003. He left 100 percent of his energy on the court that day, too tired to celebrate the 90-87 victory." -- Dan

"Wilt's tip-in shot with five seconds to go gave the Warriors a 104-103 victory over the Hawks in a professional exhibition basketball game in Allen Fieldhouse. With 20 seconds left in the game, Clyde Lovellette had given the Hawks a 103-102 lead with a long set shot." -- Bryan Reaves

"Holding Bryant Reeves scoreless, but Randy Rutherford scored 43 as KU won the conference championship." -- Mike Miller

"Poor free-throw shooter Aubrey Nash's apparent injury in the final moments of a KU-K-State game allows a good shooter, Mathews, to come off the bench and shoot in Nash's free throw to secure the win." -- Steve Rauch

"Robert Kennedy's March 18, 1968, speech to an overflow crowd in Allen Fieldhouse, two days after announcing his candidacy for the presidency." -- Kevin Lanigan

"I have two moments to add: First, every time the team runs onto the floor, the sound of the trumpets hitting the fanfare to start "I'm a Jayhawk" gives me goosebumps. Second, when Missouri's Norm Stewart was presented with a rocking chair in honor of his retirement from coaching. The fieldhouse rang with the familiar "Sit Down Norm," and he did so with a huge smile. That was a great gesture, which added class to the great rivalry between the two universities." -- Sarah Neely

"Two nationally televised home games during the 84-85 season: KU v. Memphis State and Keith Lee, and the KU v. OU game. What I recall most about those games is their intensity, as well as the crowd and Ron Kellogg dropping long-range bombs in both games." -- Chris Morrison

"One of the most anticipated games I can recall is the OU game in 1985, a year after Tubbs and thugs cut down the nets to clinch the Big Eight title. Everyone was pumped, and Biller Buster T-shirts were being worn by most of the students. The thunderous booing that greeted the OU team the first time they took the court long before the tipoff was unbelievable. USSR game, too." -- Mark Heidebrecht

"Jeff Boschee hits a last-second three-point shot to hold off the Colorado Buffaloes, 1998." -- Lon Ihry

"Senior Night against OSU, highlighted by OSU guard Doug Gottlieb playing the first part of the game with his shorts on backwards, prompting the KU students to let him know with an informative chant." -- Brian Long

"I feel you are missing a few recent fieldhouse memories: January 1, 2005. Miles passes the all-time assists record, Valentine is retired and KU beats Georgia Tech in an all-out OT barnburner; Nick Collison scores 20 points and grabs 23 rebounds against Texas on ESPN Big Monday; KU/Arizona matchup -- the preseason No. 1 and No. 2 teams meet up and play two separate games (KU was up by 20 at the half and then lost the game by 20; very odd but energetic game); KU/Colorado 1999. Jeff Boschee sinks a three to win the game." -- Brad Weiner

"You didn't include Jacque Vaughn's jersey being retired and also didn't mention that in the last game of Manning, Piper and Marshall that Marshall was not mobile because of a brace on his leg, but was inserted by Larry Brown and a special play run for him. Also, mention the return of the regional champs after beating Arkansas, with Adonis Jordan giving his "40 minutes of hell" speech." -- Sharon Murry

"1975-76 season. Very highly ranked and eventual undefeated Indiana team defeats KU in double overtime. The team was led by many stars and, of course, Bobby Knight as HC. You included Norm Stewart's 20-point game, but not his?" -- David Bowline

"KU coming from behind to beat UCLA and Vaughn hitting a last-second shot as a freshman to beat Indiana." -- troy

"Senior Night 1997 was really touching. The UCLA game in 1996 was amazing, though. It was snowy day in early February. Kentucky was ranked No. 1, and we were ranked No. 2. Kentucky had just lost that day, and we had a chance to go to No. 1. We started out real slowing against UCLA in the first half and were down 19 or 20 points in the first half. The fieldhouse crowd was really quiet by halftime. That's part of what made it so incredible in the second half. The second half was the most amazing half I'd ever been to. We ended up beating UCLA by 15 points." -- Randy

"Early 1980s. Missouri's Steve Stipanovich claims he was shot in the leg by some crazy person who came running into his house. Later, he admits he shot himself by accident while cleaning his gun. At the next KU-MU game, when Stipanovich goes to shoot a free throw, students unfurl a "Who Shot SS" banner (this was around the same time as "Who shot J.R."). Seemed like everyone in the student section also had a cap gun that they shot off everytime Stipanovic shot a free throw." -- Dennis Kuyper

"How about the chilling chant of "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" after every victory in the fieldhouse. That brings chills to the spine when you are there." -- Scott Lindemeyer

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